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What is IAESTE?

IAESTE stands for Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. It is an association of National Committees to provide a platform for technical training of students, to pave way for professional development of individuals and to create cultural understanding between the employer and the employee. This programme helps students to step into International Community ensuring exchange of technical experience amongst different countries


5) More friends across the world; hence, larger social circle -Eligibility Criteria (* minimum grade requirement etc etc.To be filled after consultation with Maam Ayesha.) -Cost 1)(*travel cost? Salary paid. To be filled after consultation with Maam Ayesha.) 2)For more information refer to IAESTEISLAMABAD WEBSITE. -Details of Application/Programme Important Deadlines (*for documents/ application submissions etc. To be filled after consultation with Maam Ayesha.)


How time flies! I never knew when my amazing two month internship came to an end.I came to Pakistan and realized that Pakistan is truly good and it is better than what I expected. A country with rich culture, beautiful nature, wonderful cities, gorgeous mountains like Karakorum whose glaciers are the worlds biggest permanent mass of snow and ice outside the poles, and amazing architecture. The kindness of Pakistani people is outstanding. I strongly recommend this internship for next year.

IAESTE Pakistan has the primary purpose to endorse exchange of students for internships and training. It has two committees that exist in Karachi and Islamabad. IAESTE Islamabad is by far the most dynamic and successful exchange programme in Pakistan and is managed by NUST-SEECS. -What does IAESTE offer? 1) Paid internships in industrial organizations, research institutes, academic institutions and laboratories. 2) Technical experience in areas of applied sciences, engineering, architecture and technology 3) Visas, work permits and accommodation 4) Extensive outing activities around Pakistan for incoming students 5) Seminars


Incoming Interns
IAESTE Pakistan has given me a wonderful platform to learn and have an exchange in Technical Knowledge.I do recommend foreign students to consider Pakistan. Hope to come back one day, perhaps as a full student. It was an honor to interact with the wonderful people of Pakistan. Shukriya.

I wish, I could have made much more research in SCME and spent even more time in Pakistan to see other cities and the Northern areas. That was an unforgettable month I have spent here.


I would consider myself very lucky and I am very happy that I got a chance to visit Pakistan and stay here for a couple of months.


I was in Pakistan not for study and work only. I was here to have fun and to learn about the cultural diversity of this beautiful country. This is what we were able to achieve through IAESTE Islamabads Local Committees guidance and all-out cooperation.


Oh, Pakistan, a surprisingly magnificent and boiling hot country full of people - people who have pure hearts and are very generous. Too hard for me to say Good-bye to Pakistan! Wish to see you again one day, Pakistan!

Why should you join IAESTE?

IAESTE provides: 1) Overseas work experience 2) Development of linguistic skills 3) Personal grooming 4) Cultural exchange



I had been to Pakistan for about two months and I found nothing but kindness, generosity and hospitality by the Pakistanis. Bottom line is come to Pakistan and you wont regret it!

I came to Pakistan and this is my first experience outside my country. I would say that Pakistani people are very nice. The culture of Pakistan is different from mine, however it was very interesting. I hope and plan to come back and meet my friends in Pakistan again.


I spent two months in Islamabad, Pakistan. This provided me with a great chance to gain excellent knowledge and experience by working on the project itself and from the experience of many professionals.working with me, in addition for making personal connections and networking. I am thankful to IAESTE Pakistan for providing

Important contacts
IAESTE ISLAMABAD Email : Dr. Arshad Ali Chair IAESTE-ISLAMABAD Principal NUST-SEECS Ms. Ayesha Mushtaq Faculty Coordinator IAESTE-ISLAMABAD Mr.Mofaissir Arif President IAESTE-ISLAMABAD Mr.Junaid Naeem IT Coordinator IAESTE-ISLAMABAD Frequently Asked Questions! , wreference( companies/provide-traineeships/faq/)) 1) Why take a foreign trainee through IAESTE? 2) What kind of services does IAESTE provide? 3) What are the costs involved? 4) How are the trainees selected? 5) I want to employ an IAESTE trainee. What do I do now?

Outgoing Interns
I would really encourage my juniors to participate in such a program when their turn comes, it might well be a life changing experience!

IAESTE-Pakistan Islamabad Chapter


Visiting another country under IAESTE exchange program is not only about attaining technical experience but also meeting students from different countries and learning the traits that have helped nations develop over the year.

Year 2013-2014


My visit to Sweden is an amazing amalgamation of cross culture experiences and building a link between the professional culture that is so strong here. I have been extremely lucky to have been part of such an experience.