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Republic of the Philippines Province of Laguna Municipality of Kalayaan

LGU-KALAYAAN, LAGUNA Complainant, -VersusAdministrative Case : 0001 FOR : Grave misconduct and Conduct prejudicial to the best interest of service

MELISSA M. MADRAZO Respondent x------------------------------------------------------------x FORMAL OFFER OF DOCUMENTARY EXHIBITS (FOR THE COMPLAINANT) Comes now the PROSECUTION through the undersigned , and unto this Honorable Committee, respectfully offers in evidence the following documentary exhibits for the above entitled case to wit: EXHIBIT A After operation report by the Provincial Intelligence Branch of Laguna Provincial Police A-1 Spot Report A-2 Photocopy of arrested person A-3 Inventory of Confiscated Evidence A-4 Progress Report A-5 Investigation Data Form Purpose: To establish the fact that the respondent was apprehended commiting the act in violation of R.A. 3019 and Robbery Extortion during the entrapment conducted by the PIBLPP last 27 June 2013. EXHIBIT B Affidavit of Mrs. Adelaida Acupan Purpose: To establish the fact that the respondent committed the act complained of against the herein affiant, Adelaida Acupan, and in support to the facts alleged in EXH. A. EXHIBIT C Joint Affidavit of 2 PNP Personnel Purpose: To corroborate the fact alleged in EXH. A and EXH. B. EXHIBIT D Memo to explain Purpose: To prove the fact that the respondent was accorded an opportunity to explain and to be informed.

EXHIBIT E Counter-affidavit of the respondent Purpose: To prove the fact that the respondent was given an opportunity to be heard and to present evidence in her behalf EXHIBIT F Formal Charge and Order of Preventive Suspension Purpose: To prove that after preliminary investigation was conducted , the disciplining authority found a prima facie evidence to formally charge and preventively suspend the respondent and that the latter was given the opportunity to submit her answer and evidence. EXHIBIT G Answer to formal charge Purpose: To prove that the respondent submitted her Answer. EXHIBIT H Affidavit of Nirma F. Segura Purpose: To corroborate the testimony of Mrs. Adelaida Acupan in EXH. B. EXHIBIT I Affidavit of Guadalupe P. Iglesia EXHIBIT J Affidavit of Hiyasmin Fontanares EXHIBIT K Joint affidavit of Sps. Efren and Nenita Buenaventura and Sps. Rizal and Evelyn Buenaventura EXHIBIT L Affidavit of Agripino Iwarat Purpose: Exhibits I to L seek to establish the fact that aside from Mrs. Acupan, respondent commited similar acts against the herein affiants. The aforesaid exhibits are being offered to prove that the respondent is guilty as charged in the present case. WHEREFORE, premises considered it is most respectfully prayed to this Honorable Committee, that the foregoing documentary exhibits be admitted for all purposes to which they are being offered. December _____, 2013, Kalayaan, Laguna.

Prosecution Panel: