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Sociological Analysis of Puerto Rican subjects Opinion Concerning Cultural Appreciation and Racism

AL English and Sociology Investigation





The purpose for this investigation was to gather opinions of common Puerto Ricans about the presence of racism in the island and how to diminish it, also how to augment cultural appreciation; taking in consideration the municipal sector in which they live. Firstly, two subjects that live in Bayamon were chosen for they reside from the sector chosen for the investigation. Then these where interviewed and according to their answers the analysis took place. In the end it was evident that the results were partially expected, yet these interviewers provided some excellent advice for the bettering of Puerto Rico. Overall the interviewers suggested better education from both a familiar aspect as well as a scholar aspect, so that Puerto Ricans will diminish the use of racism and for cultural appreciation to be more evident in Puerto Rican society.

El propsito de esta investigacin fue recoger las opiniones de los puertorriqueos comunes acerca de la presencia del racismo en la isla y cmo disminuirla, tambin la forma de aumentar la apreciacin cultural, teniendo en cuenta el sector municipal en el que viven. En primer lugar, dos sujetos que viven en Bayamn fueron elegidos para que residan en el sector elegido para la investigacin. Entonces estos donde entrevist y de acuerdo con sus respuestas, el anlisis se llev a cabo. Al final, era evidente que fueron parcialmente espera que los resultados, sin embargo, estos entrevistadores proporcion excelentes consejos para el mejoramiento de Puerto Rico. En general, los entrevistadores sugirieron una mejor educacin, tanto desde el aspecto familiar, as como un aspecto acadmico, por lo que los puertorriqueos disminuirn el uso del racismo y de la apreciacin cultural a ser ms evidente en la sociedad puertorriquea.



How do Puerto Ricans propose to diminish racism and promote cultural appreciation?

The purpose for this investigation to be carried on is to gather opinions of common Puerto Ricans about the presence of racism in the island and how to diminish it. This would give the tools needed to work for a more tolerant society, given the fact that the solutions are provided by society itself. Another aspect of this investigation is that it pursues to promote consciousness in the interviewees about the cultural appreciation needed in order to have this tolerant society we strive for. All of these purposes are summed up in only one premise: The purpose of this investigation is to create a better, more tolerant Puerto Rican society.

Literary Revision
Sociology is the study of human behavior when influenced by a group, this group can be as small as a couple of friends or as broad as a whole country. When studying humans it is always complicated to take in consideration all the factors that affect said person, some factors that affect humans are shared when in the same sociological group. In order to determine different groups that can be set apart or that stand out there is a change in ideologies. Ideologies are the boundaries that each group establishes, these ideologies allow each group to be distinguished from the others. Sociological groups can have can have similarities and differences, yet this doesnt mean that they can be gathered into one larger group. Each group is unique and permits a diversity in ideas throughout society and the world. Racism and cultural appreciation are topics that can determine how groups interact in sociological terms. This is due cause of the power that these topics have over the ideals of a group. Racism determines if groups of different racism can interact peacefully and constantly, also it allows groups to have members of different races creating diversity. Cultural appreciation is just that the appreciation one has for culture, let it be ones culture or other. This would, just like racism, create unity among the groups and could also permit new groups to form. Unity within the groups, as a whole and individually, is important since in creates well rounded humans that can interact freely amongst each other and with the world. This would allow Puerto Rico to grow internally, families and communities, as well as globally



The methodology of this investigation is composed of multiple steps. First Bayamon was chosen the municipal sector where the investigation would take place. Then two residents were chosen do to convenience fulfilling the requirements need to be able to participate in this investigation. Thirdly these two residents where interviewed by the five questions already established to target their opinion on racism and cultural appreciation to later compare their answers. The subtopics were: presence of cultural appreciation in Puerto Rico, factors that cause racism, and solutions for racism in certain sectors of work. Lastly the answers were tabulated and the results were analyzed. Afterwards the result were analyzed the data was gathered to redact a letter directed to the mayor of Bayamon in order for him to be informed of the municipal sectors statues regarding racism and cultural appreciation.

Result Analysis
Male Interview: Presented a good understanding of cultural appreciation and suggested that most Puerto Ricans do not it. Understood the term racism and said lack of education resulted in racism in Puerto Ricans due to the fact that Puerto Ricans have multiple races with in them. Believes education is the key for a larger degree of cultural appreciation and for a smaller population that is affected by racism.

Female Interview: Did not quite understand what cultural appreciation meant but believed it is seen in some parts of Puerto Rico more than others. Has good knowledge of the term racism and believes ignorance and bad moral education are the culprits. Is determined that a good education, familiar and scholar, would solve the issue of racism and that it would also demonstrate a much appreciated Puerto Rican culture.

Recapitulating Puerto Ricans living in the municipal sector of Bayamon have a somewhat clear understanding of racism and believe ignorance is the main cause of this world wide problem. When it came to cultural appreciation was an aspect difficult to describe and is not very present in the hearts of Puerto Ricans today. The solution for both these issues is understood to be education, both familiar and scholar.



It is projected as an alternative solution to diminish racism and promote cultural acceptance: To educate Puerto Ricans about their personal culture; one has to accept and celebrate oneself in order to accept and celebrate diversity. When the previously stated education is completed, educate Puerto Ricans about other ethnicities and cultures. As part of this education, include interaction with the cultures in subject To implement in every elementary school an international festival additional to promoting the already existing Puerto Rican Day.



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