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Readymix overview

Readymix concrete

Introduction to Holcim
Holcim (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd have long been established as the leading supplier of raw materials to the building and construction industry in South Africa. Holcim products, including Cement, Aggregate and Readymix concrete, are the building blocks of society and the structures in which we live and work. Our Vision is to be the leading supplier within our industry, creating value for all shareholders, our employees and the communities in which we work. At Holcim we are proud to deliver products within a framework of sustainable development. By conducting environmental impact studies and employing environmentally friendly production processes, we endeavour to optimise the recovery of natural resources and the use of by-products to sustain natural resources.

About Holcim Readymix Concrete

Holcim Readymix products are available from over 30 Readymix plants in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape allowing builders, developers, architects and engineers to use Holcim expertise in computerised weightbatching, concrete pumping services, technical backup and quality assurance backed by 30 years experience in the Readymix concrete market. Holcim are the supplier of choice for Readymix concrete. Holcim cater for projects ranging in size from the smallest DIY home application to the largest construction projects. Holcim is committed to quality products and service excellence. Holcim have the largest range of well equipped pumps for all your pumping requirements. With 300 trucks on national roads, we have the most comprehensive lorry owner driver (LOD) eet in South Africa. Holcim have a SANAS accredited R & D laboratory. Holcim have ISO 9001 certication.

Benets of Holcim Readymix Concrete

The advantages of using Holcim Readymix concrete are:
Holcim have the resources and technical expertise to provide a wide range of mixes and to match the right mix design to the right application. Holcim are able to meet changes to the construction programme within 48 hours. Holcim Readymix Concrete can be supplied to several positions in one delivery. The speed of discharge of the Holcim Readymix concrete on site, has become a great benet in todays tight construction deadlines. Holcim Readymix Concrete is cost effective. Holcim take responsibility for the quality control of concrete production. Holcim provide technical solutions to construction problems.

Readymix overview

Holcim Readymix branded product range

Application Brands:

Post Tension Mix

Mixed Right. Delivered On Site!

Speciality Mixes:
Flowcrete, Poolmix, Hydral and Trenchcrete

Normal concrete and customised mixes

In addition to our range of branded readymixed products, Holcim Readymix produces concretes to specic mix designs, and also designs customized mixes to solve the unique problems of the designer, builder and owner. Holcim Readymix has successfully designed and delivered. 70 MPa pumped concrete for the Lost City at Sun City. Special ballast mix pumped into ships for stability. Rollcrete (RCC) for roads, parking lots and dam walls. Steel-bre-reinforced low shrinkage ooring. Heavy-weight concrete for shielding X-ray rooms. Highly owable concrete for the Nelson Mandela bridge. Holcim Readymix has a technical team which nds solutions for specic applications such as high-performance concrete for high-rise buildings, exposed aggregate for architectural nishes, porous, heavy-weight and light-weight concrete. This service includes research and development, optimisation of mixes and on-site technical advice relating to concrete technology.

Strength Gain (MPa)

The more workable or the higher the slump of the concrete mix, the easier it is to place, compact and nish. This will relate to the application or available equipment. The two slumps traditionally used are: 100mm and 125mm. All of the brands may be manufactured in any of the strength categories. However, all have an optimal mix, based on performance and economics.

Post Tension Mix

4 5 6

100mm 125mm


Workability : Slump (mm)

Readymix overview

General strength gain curve and performance matrix

Holcim performance based concrete is aimed at ensuring the best product solution, cost effectively. This is achieved by ensuring that the concrete gains strength at a suitable rate for the application. Shown below is a typical 25 MPa concrete strength gain curve depicting the three differential strength gain options which provide the basis for strength gain solutions.

Shown below is a typical 30 MPa Post Tension Mix strength gain curve showing the expected MPa achievement over the 28 day cycle. Rapid strength gains is required in order for Post Tension Mix to achieve the 3 day hurdle, and allow for tensioning of the slab.

Typical minimum 28-day strength curve for Post Tension Mix 30 25 20 18 15 10 5 0 1 3 7 14 No. of days 27 28


Readymix overview

Readymix Plant Locations

Gauteng Alrode Eikenhof Ferro Jukskei Kwagga Kya Sands Nancefield Olifantsfontein Rosslyn Scoop Spartan Technikon Vanderbijlpark Vereeniging Wadeville Wynberg Mpumalanga Evander Middelburg Witbank KwaZulu-Natal Coedmore Ladysmith Newcastle Ottawa Mgeni Western Cape Bellville City Philippi Botswana Gaborone

NorthWest Brits Marikana Rustenburg

Contact the regional office in your area for Sales or Technical Services or any other information. Gauteng: KwaZulu-Natal: Western Cape: Botswana: 0860 200 500 0800 313 151 0860 009 114 0926 73500172 (Tel) (011) 670 5777 (031) 460 9000 (021) 689 9114 0926 73500173 (Fax)

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Readymix overview