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Written by Andrew Roberts These stories are based on characters and settings by Pinnacle Entertainment and Great White


London, 1933 You bloody Americans are all the same; always spoiling for a fight. Buck Savage and Doc Gold were sitting in a holding area in Snow Hill Police Station, nursing bruises from their last adventure. Buck was to accompany Doc Gold to trade several artefacts with a local gangster at an East End pub. After a dispute, the exchange turned ugly and escalated into a brawl soon afterwards. The pair had taken a beating while trying to escape, only to be arrested by the police shortly afterwards. I was just defending myself. Buck argued. You were still the one who angered Mr Lonsdale! Doc Gold hissed, You should never claim that youre underpaid. His offerings were as phony as a three dollar bill. Their argument was interrupted by a rattling sound. A constable was hitting his truncheon against the bars while a sergeant opened the gate to the holding area. Break it up, boys. He ordered, Your bails here. Buck and Doc Gold stood up and were escorted out of the holding area where a welldressed lady was waiting for them, cigarette holder in hand Doc Golds main financier, Lady Valentine. I see you boys landed yourself in a spot of bother. She said. You got that right, Duchess. Buck replied as she led them to a Rolls Royce waiting outside. Well discuss that some other time. Lady Valentine stated, Right now, I have another matter to discuss with the pair of you. The pair climbed into the back of the Rolls Royce and sat back on the comfortable seats. Lady Valentine was sitting facing them. Grant, take us home. She instructed the chauffer. At once, my lady.

The Rolls Royce bobbed and weaved through the London traffic until it finally arrived at a mansion on the outskirts of town. Buck and Doc Gold were led inside to a fine study, where they were shown a Jean Fouquet painting depicting the Battle of Jericho. I brought you both here because I have come across a project which should interest the pair of you. Lady Valentine explained, What do you know about the Battle of Jericho? Well, I didnt exactly pay much attention in Sunday school, but I recall something about the Israelites laying siege to the city during their conquest of Canaan. Buck pondered, However, I was mentored in Archaeology by Professor Burton Sawyer who told me another legend. He talked about how Joshuas forces encircled the city for six days. On

the seventh day, his priests blew rams horns which levelled the walls. They entered the city and razed it to the ground. Did you believe that was true? Doc Gold asked. Doc, I dont much care for ghost stories. Whatever expedition we mount will be a search for facts. Im sure you could comprehend that. Thats all well and good, but I dont know how I fit into that. Perhaps you could help determine the nature of the horns used. Lady Valentine interrupted, turning back to the picture. The painting utilised Medieval European-style architecture, while the priests were depicted as carrying brass horns rather than the more traditional rams horns. As they stared at the painting, Buck was focusing on a golden chest the priests were carrying. What has caught your eye? Doc Gold asked. Im looking at the chest. Buck replied, If Burtons theories serve us well, that could be the Ark of the Covenant. Thats very perceptive, Mr Savage. Lady Valentine remarked, However, I believe that the doctors interest lies in the horns used. If the horns were capable of levelling a city, then perhaps there is a way to harness their power. Doc suggested, Im aware that there have been some new regime changes in Europe which I am not comfortable with. What do you say about this? Lady Valentine asked Buck. I think it could lead to some new possibilities. If Joshuas horns do have that power, we need to make sure it doesnt fall into the wrong hands. Buck commented, So, we are heading for Palestine? Find the remains of the city, locate Joshuas Horns. Lady Valentine instructed, I have influence within the British Museum. They are willing to provide any aid you require.

The following morning, Grant drove Buck and Doc Gold to Croydon Airport, where a flight to Palestine was waiting. Lady Valentine smiled as they stepped out of the Rolls Royce. Gentlemen, I wish you the best of luck. She said warmly.

After a series of interconnecting flights, Buck and Doc Gold had managed to obtain a truck and were driving towards Jericho with a guide and a group of locally-hired diggers. Buck had now switched to his work clothes, with his leather jacket and fedora hat. Doc Gold was wearing loose-fitting summer clothes and a pith helmet. Their guide was sitting in the cab with them, studying a map of the area. Your best lead is Charles Warrens site. The guide told them, He conducted a sitesurvey in 1868, but didnt take it anywhere. Keep following this road and well meet John Garstang. Hes conducting the dig at the moment.

The road from Jerusalem passed through hilly country with numerous rocky defiles. As the truck rumbled along, Buck was expecting some kind of ambush perhaps thieves hiding behind the rocky defiles. He wasnt the only one; their diggers were bickering uncontrollably in the back of the truck. Eventually, they arrived at Jericho, a mere village close to the site of the original city. Bucks team parked the truck and began to unload when they were met by a bespectacled man in a suit. Excuse me, He said in an English accent, Are you Buck Savage? Thats right. Buck replied suspiciously. Im John Garstang. The man introduced as he extended his hand, Lady Valentine told me to expect you. Im Dr Laurence Goldsmith. Doc Gold replied, Were conducting an investigation on the Walls of Jericho. Well, I could always use some more help. Come with me.

Garstang led Bucks party to the site of the old city a large excavation site. Im a Professor of Archaeology at the University of Liverpool. Garstang told the pair during the journey, I used to serve as Director of the Department of Antiquities in Palestine, and as the Head of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem. What have you found out about the city from the dig? Buck asked. Garstang produced several stone fragments from his pocket. These were believed to have been part of the wall. They seem to have been from an extensive network. Have you managed to date the find? Doc Gold queried. I believe the walls to have been built around 1400 BC. That would be the generally accepted time in which the invasion of Canaan took place. I also believe that the walls had come down in a dramatic fashion rather than natural weathering. So, the stories about Joshuas Horns are true? Buck asked. Its possible. However, another idea is that the horns were part of a simple conjuring trick. Maybe the Israelites were secretly digging under the foundations of the walls over the course of seven days perhaps the horns were used to give a signal. That seems like an interesting notion. Doc Gold remarked, Sappers were digging tunnels and building their own supports under the walls foundations. When the horns sounded, that would have been a signal to release the supports, causing the walls to crumble.

After completing the tour of the excavation, Garstang turned to face Buck and Doc Gold. I have to return to Liverpool, and Ill be gone for some time. He told them, Until I come back, you have free reign over the site. Thank you for your assistance. Buck replied.

Days passed as Buck and Doc Gold tended to the site. The walls continued to be unearthed, while very little remained of the old city. Finally, Buck was summoned from his tent by a few of the workers one afternoon to examine a new find. A small group of workers had been digging outside of the walls and unearthed a collection of rams horns. Doc Gold followed and examined them with interest. I think we have found them. He remarked, These could be Joshuas Horns. What do you think? Buck asked. About what? Do you think they could have the ability to destroy?

I dont really believe that, but I still wonder if the Israelites did truly utilise a method of destruction through the power of sound. While it was pro bably a conjurors faade, it would still be an incredible discovery. Well, we should try and raise Lady Valentine and head back in the morning.

As night fell, Buck was resting in his tent when Doc Gold rushed inside. Savage! He hissed, You have to come quickly! We have trouble brewing! Buck chambered his revolver and followed Doc Gold outside. What happened? He asked. Doc Gold led him to the camps radio tent. Inside, the operator was slumped over in his chair, while his radio set had been smashed up. Buck felt the operators pulse while Doc examined the damaged equipment. Hes dead. Buck reported. And the radio isnt functional. Doc added, It will take some time to repair that. We need to get out of here. Buck said quickly, running ba ck to his tent. The chest carrying the horns was still there. He grabbed them and ran to where the truck was parked. Doc was waiting for him morosely. Whats happened? He asked. The truck has been disabled. Doc stated. Buck peered inside the bonnet to find himself looking at a wrecked engine with a missing battery. They also wrecked the fuel line. Doc added, Theres no petrol. As they pondered, Buck noticed several figures in the shadows. One of the diggers emerged, armed with a knife. As he thrust forward, Buck grabbed his arm and wrestled the knife away before delivering several jabs to the face and throwing his attacker against the truck. More thugs emerged, swarming the pair. Buck turned to face one armed with a club, who delivered a wild swing. It was a clumsy move, which Buck dodged with relative ease, resulting in the thug knocking one of his allies to the ground. Buck leapt into action, kneeing the thug in the stomach to wind him, and floored him with an uppercut. At the same time, Doc Gold had been grabbed by another thug, but managed to wriggle free and knock him out with a wrench he had been carrying. Another thug emerged, carrying a shovel. Before Doc could react, Buck tossed him out of the way and delivered a straight punch to the charging thug, sending him flying. The pair quickly made a run for it when to more thugs dropped down on them. Pinned, all they could do was cover their faces as the thugs crowded around and beat them. Enough! A voice said with a German accent, Take them to the professor. It was the last thing the pair heard.

It took some time for Buck to come to his senses. There was a strong taste of blood in his mouth, along with a crushing pain in his ribs. The room was dimly lit, but he could make out several human shapes. Trying to nurse the bruises on his head, Buck realised that his hands were bound. Herr Savage, I presume. A German voice said, almost mockingly. Whos there? Buck asked groggily. You made a mistake with your hired help. Bucks vision was starting to clear, and he noticed a sharply dressed man standing in the room. I am Rudolph Schroeder. He introduced, And I believe that you are the famous treasure hunter, Buck Savage. What do you want, you bloody ruffian? Doc Gold asked as he came to his sense s. He and Buck were tied to chairs in the dark room. Another man in a wheelchair was also present. Its been a while mein herr. The man in the wheelchair said, his voice recognised by the pair. Von Steffen? Buck asked, I thought you were dead. Buck had first met Professor Albert von Steffen a year earlier, when he attempted to sabotage one of Doc Golds experiments. That had resulted in him being seemingly killed in a boat explosion. I had the misfortune to survive that explosion. Von Steffen growled, It left me a helpless cripple. Nonetheless, I am here to pursue an interest in what destroyed the Canaanite city. Schroeder has informed about Joshuas Horns, and I came down here with assistance of two others. Fraulein Dare has been a valuable companion as well. Buck was taken aback at his words. Two more figures were entering the room; Bucks rival Virginia Dare and her brother Danny. Its nice to see you again, Doll. Buck commented sarcastically as they entered the room. Virginia promptly slapped him. You should choose your lines wisely. She said bluntly. Those bloody ruffians are going to steal what was ours! Doc Gold shouted. Sorry, Danny commented, This happens in your line of work. As much as Id like to see your bickering, I have business to attend to. Von Steffen interrupted, I have some prospective clients who would like to see the horns. What do you want them for? Doc Gold asked, Theyre just part of a conjuring trick. They dont have any actual power.

I intend to prove they do have power, and I wish to seek employment back home. Come along, Schroeder. We have a meeting to attend. Once the Horns have been demonstrated, you can kill the inventor and his American friend. Why dont I kill them now? Schroeder asked, We have them. I suffered in that fire and I want their deaths to be painful. Danny pushed von Steffens wheelchair out of the door, followed by Schroeder and Virginia. Buck and Doc Gold watched them leave.

Your friend seems very overconfident. Buck remarked as he struggled against his bonds. He was never right in the head. Doc Gold replied, Obviously surviving that explosion hasnt exactly worked wonders for his sanity. Well, he might be heading to Berlin. We have to get out of here and stop him before that happens. Their conversation was interrupted by approaching footsteps. The door creaked open to reveal Virginia. Sorry about the show boys, but I was after the horns too. She explained as she untied the pair. Was the slap part of the act? Doc Gold asked. No. That was for being called Doll. Now hurry up before Schroeder gets back. The trio quickly left the shack they were being held in. Outside, they saw Danny riding in a car with von Steffen. Schroeder was nowhere in sight. Where are they heading? Buck asked. Theres a small airstrip not too far from here. Virginia told him. Not so fast! Schroeders voice called. Buck had managed to slip away as Schroeder trained his Luger on Virginia and Doc Gold. Unlike the professor, I am not a fool. I suspected the Fraulein would betray us. He growled. As he spoke, Buck had managed to get behind him, tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention before knocking him out with a wild haymaker. Well, if youre not a fool, why didnt you shoot them? He commented. Leave him, Doc Gold said, We have bigger fish to fry.

A search of the camp revealed another truck, this time in a more functional state. The trio climbed into the cab and started the engine. Shouts were heard. Several of the excavators

were running after them. They carried picks and shovels, but some had rifles. The truck sped away as bullets flew by. Buck watched as the wing mirror was shot out, pressing hard on the accelerator. They were chasing the horizon as their pursuers got further away.

When the airstrip was in sight, Buck noticed a large zeppelin landing. They came to a halt and stepped off the truck. Virginia stepped into the back and grabbed a rifle, along with a pair of binoculars. It looks like Danny is still with them. She said, We need to get closer. There were several armed guards in plain clothes patrolling the area. Danny and von Steffen were meeting a man in a black leather coat near the zeppelin. Danny was carrying the chest with the Horns, and opened it to show the client. They look like Nazis. Buck muttered. They continued to observe the exchange, as the client presented a briefcase full of money. Von Steffen was nodding before he and Danny followed everybody onto the airship. Buck immediately started running as the airship took off. Whats your plan, Buck? Virginia called. I didnt have one! Buck yelled back. Cover him. Doc Gold instructed, Hell be out in the open. Virginia nodded. As several guards began to pursue Buck, she raised the rifle and fired at them.

Buck was running as quickly as he could, gripping his fedora to keep it on his head. Guards were yelling in German while several shots rang out. He had to catch the airship before it got out of reach. As it ascended higher, Buck quickly leapt forward and grabbed one of the anchor lines with seconds to spare. Another guard reached for his gun, but Buck used his momentum to swing forward and kick him. More guards were running from elsewhere, but Virginia drew their fire away. Buck gripped the rope tightly as he climbed it, struggling hard as the airship gained more altitude.

Finally reaching the airships gondola, Buck drew a breath and drew the Luger he had taken from Schroeder. He was immediately grabbed by two thugs and hauled to the bridge, where Danny was waiting along with von Steffen and his client. Savage! Von Steffen screeched. The operation was leaked? The client asked, drawing his own Luger.

Before anybody else could react, Danny threw the box containing the horns into the clients face while Buck threw one of the bodyguards over his shoulder and punched the other one out. The airship pilot turned and drew a Luger, only for Buck to quickly shoot him in the chest. As he slumped against the controls, the airship pitched violently to the right, sending everybody tumbling. One of the thugs screamed as he fell through the door and plummeted out. Von Steffens wheelchair rolled down, but he grabbed the wheel and span it back. The client had managed to grab Buck, preventing him from aiming the Luger. Several wild shots pierced the cabins windows until the gun eventually jammed. Danny was already preoccupied with fighting the other thug, quickly stunning him with his cameras flash before punching him out. He ran to Buck and wrestled the client away. Hold it! Von Steffen barked. He had managed to grab one of the horns. Now we can prove what happened at Jericho. He raised the horn to his mouth and blew. The horn emitted a loud blast which tore through the side of the gondola. Buck and Danny were both knocked off their feet, while the client had recovered his Luger and trained it on them. Christ Buck murmured as his ears rang. As the ringing subsided, he heard a loud hissing noise. Struggling to adapt to it, he then realised that it came from a ruptured hydrogen canister. Danny, I think we need to take our leave. He warned. As the client raised the Luger, Buck threw his whole body weight forwards, tackling him to the ground. At the same time, Danny had grabbed two parachutes, tossing one of them to him. The pair quickly leapt out of the wrecked gondola as von Steffen prepared to sound the horn again. As he blew, the airships hydrogen tanks ignited, causing the entire airship to explode.

Buck and Danny watched the burning airship descend as they floated back down to the ground. Breathing heavily, they both noticed a burning wheel roll past. Well, Im sure that the mad doctor wasnt lucky a second time. He said as he dusted himself off. Danny said nothing, his attention directed towards a truck heading towards them. Virginia was waving at them from the drivers seat, while Doc Gold was seated next to her and lighting up his pipe. Nice of you to show up! Buck called to them, climbing into the cab. What exactly happened? Doc Gold asked. Well, the Horns were genuine. They tore a nice big hole in the airship. Danny answered. Did you get them? Virginia inquired. Buck and Danny shook their heads.

At least the Krauts didnt get them either. Buck reminded them. Thats probably a good job. Doc Gold commented, I dont think anybody is ready for that kind of power. Buck, Im sorry. Virginia said, wanting to change the subject, Von Steffen recruited us to assist Schroeder in his investigation on the Horns. My intention was steal them at the first opportunity. When I found out that you were looking for them, things got complicated. Well, Id rather lose them to you than lose them to those Krauts. Who is Schroeder anyway? Buck replied with a grin. Hes an archaeologist from Berlin. He mentioned something about joining some paramilitary group which investigated the occult. Virginia explained, Its probably some kind of project to develop weapons from archaeological finds. Well, Im sure well be running into him again. Buck predicted, Frankly, I could use a drink right now. I agree. Doc Gold added as they drove back to the nearest city.