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Writing (formal letter) In Part IV you may be asked to write a formal letter.

There are many different types of formal letter and the exam question will give you an outline of the situation. It is very important to spend time on your planning and organization, to reate a letter whi h is appropriate in style and ontent for the purpose outlined in the exam question. Exam strategy: !hile writing the letter you should pay attention to" who the reader is and what information is needed all the points mentioned in the rubri the planning of your writing, namely" the purpose, ontent and order of paragraphs, main points and supporting ideas in ea h paragraph typi al letter writing fun tional phrases register dis rimination proper vo abulary and stru ture orre t spelling dis ourse management and readability letter layout and onventions, in luding appropriate salutations and endings

Task 1 #ituation" The university you work for needs to hire an automation offi e spe ialist urgently. $s %anager of the &uman 'esour es (epartment you have to write a letter to the 'egional )mployment $gen y, asking them to find the right person for this va an y. Task" In no more than *++,*-+ words, write a formal letter of request to the 'egional )mployment $gen y asking them to provide the best andidate for the .ob. /our letter should in lude information about" , distinguishing hara teristi s of the .ob , example of duties , knowledge, skills and abilities the andidate should possess , minimum qualifi ation needed , salary and benefits offered

Task 2 #ituation" $s an employer you are asked to write a letter of re ommendation for one of your employees, one of your ex top managers in the &uman 'esour es (epartment. Task" !rite a three paragraph letter spe ifying" 01 In what apa ity and for how long you have known the person whom you are re ommending2 indi ate the term of employment, the responsibilities of the position, and any signifi ant pro.e ts undertaken by the individual. *1 $ more detailed evaluation of the person as an employee2 des ribe his or her performan e on spe ifi assignments and list any important a omplishments2 enumerate the individual3s strengths or short omings in the workpla e2 what it was like to intera t with him or her. 41 Indi ate the degree to whi h you re ommend the individual for the position she or he is seeking" without reservation, strongly, with some reservation, or not at all. Task 3 Model letter: F. Lynch & Co. Ltd. 5&ead 6ffi e1, 7esson &ouse, 7ewell #treet, 8irmingham 84 4)9 Telephone 7o." +*0*4::-;0 <ax" +*0*4: =->* Telex" 4?0:?0 Satex S.p.A Your ref: Via di Pietra Papa Our ref: Inq. C351 00146 Ro a I!A"Y

6 #e$ruar% &000' (ear Sir)* +e ,ere i pre))ed $% t-e )e.e/tion of ),eater) t-at ,ere di)p.a%ed on %our )tand at t-e 01en),ear 2x-i$ition0 t-at ,a) -e.d in 3a $ur4 .a)t ont-. +e are a .ar4e /-ain of and are .oo5in4 for a anufa/turer ,-o /ou.d )upp.% u) ,it- a ,ide ran4e of ),eater) for t-e teena4e ar5et. As ,e u)ua..% p.a/e 6er% .ar4e order)* ,e ,ou.d expe/t a quantit% di)/ount in addition to a &07 trade di)/ount off net .i)t pri/e)* and our ter ) of pa% ent are nor a..% 308da% bill of ex/-an4e* do/u ent) a4ain)t a//eptan/e. If t-e)e /ondition) intere)t %ou* and %ou /an eet order) of o6er 500 4ar ent) at one ti e* p.ea)e )end u) %our /urrent /ata.o4ue and pri/e.i)t. +e -ope to -ear fro %ou )oon. Your) fait-fu..%* ". Crane C-ief 9u%er1 1. Use the following outline to plan your reply to the model letter above. , onfirm that you an supply the sweaters , agree@disagree to all %r. Arane has requested , suggest a hange in the method of payment in the future 5payment by sight draft, for example1 , mention the atalogue you are sending 5as an en losure1 , suggest the fa t that the firm deals internationally and that the firm sells different lothes in different styles 2. The following lexical structures and courtesy expressions may help you: Verb Adjective !ide &)$(!6'( Verb sele tion of garments Phrases

$ &andbook of Aommer ial Aorresponden e, $. $shley, p. 40

quantity make deal on establish firm, trading summer

dis ount orders allowan e payment ash asso iation atalogue pri e,list agreement

of -B of net pri es over C*,+++ for a trade dis ount is 0-B by sight draft against do uments with sb quoting pri es .i.f. 9ondon on terms quoted

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o!rtes" e#$ressions !e are pleased toD There would be no trouble to D !e an offer you D !e are sure you will D

!e hope we an rea h an agreement Thank you for your interest !e look forward to hearing from you soon