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Cranberry NEWS



2/ 2013

Record Harvest
The prognosis for this year's cranberry harvest is excellent: this fall, producers will harvest more than 360,000 tons (800 million pounds) in the USA. Wisconsin is the biggest US cranberry-growing region, producing over 220,000 tons (490 million pounds) which is more than half of all berries. The second biggest producer is Massachusetts with an expected harvest of 95,000 tons (210 million pounds). The 1,200 producers in the USA can look back on a successful year's harvest. Although there was only very little rain which made irrigation costs higher, they are very satisfied. However, the harvest season will be shorter this year. The berries needed a bit longer to ripen because the nights weren't cold enough at the beginning. The record volumes will even exceed last year's harvest, thanks to the increased use of productive new breeds and the growing expansion of cultivation areas. Today, cranberries grow on over 16,000 hectares (40,000 acres). Over the past ten years, the number of exported berries increased from 12 to 30 percent. The producers in the North and Northeast of the USA also include New Jersey, Oregon and Washington. Although smaller in production cranberries are also grown in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Maine and Michigan. In the USA, the farmers already laid the foundation for today's cranberry industry in the 19th century. Today, in regions dominated by agriculture, the cranberry production still represents one of the most important branches of farming. This year alone, the cranberries harvested in Massachusetts will be worth 100 million US dollars.


Expected for 2013 Season

"Harvest Helpers" from All Over the World: Importers, Journalists and Politicians visit Cranberry Bogs and Marshes
For the Cranberry Marketing Committee the record harvest is not only a success, but also a challenge. "Our aim is to further increase people's interest in cranberries. We do so by tapping the growing interest for healthy food amongst health-conscious consumers throughout the world", explained Scott J. Soares, Executive Director, US Cranberries. Here, the Cranberry Marketing Committee supports the industry in expanding existing contacts and exploiting new sales markets. Consequently, delegations from various countries travelled to the USA for this year's harvest, not least to experience a unique spectacle. For the start of the harvest season, Soares welcomed a delegation of Russian buyers in Massachusetts. A few days later, a group of food and lifestyle journalists from South Korea turned up in Wisconsin. Top US politicians also pulled on gumboots to wade through the water in the flooded fields. For instance, Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin wanted to take a closer look on site before voting on public funding for the cranberry industry.

Although the visits are ultimately always about business, nevertheless hardly anyone can avoid being enchanted by the picturesque view of the flooded fields against the autumn backdrop. The enthusiasm of the farmers who grew up cultivating cranberries and have close ties with the land, did the rest. Hence, the cranberry harvest makes a big impression on all visitors who are left with a unique lasting impression.




When Santa Claus

Knocks on the Office Door...
The employees of three major French publishing houses could hardly believe their eyes when two female Santa Clauses suddenly appeared in front of them in September. The two women accompanied employees of the French cranberry press office on their promotion tour to almost 100 journalists. Naturally they didn't come empty handed: the food editors received press material wrapped in Christmas paper and gift hampers containing cranberry delicacies.

Taste of America

Last year the Poles bought record quantities of US food. The US economy promotes the keen interest through a series of events. For instance, in September the food & wine promotion "Taste of America" was staged in the US embassy in Warsaw. The host, ambassador Stephen D. Mull, welcomed 200 leading representatives of the Polish food industry, including F&B managers, purchasers and journalists. The Cranberry Marketing Committee was one of the representatives of the US food industry which offered its products for tasting. Three camera teams from Polish television channels reported on the event, including TVR, which is one of the country's biggest broadcasters.


With the Turkish website for US cranberries, the eleventh country recently started up under the European internet address. At Turks can now access information on the berries from the USA in their native language. The prime focus is on international dishes and drinks. Journalists also find press material and photos here. For trade and industry, there is information on sources of supplies.

Turkey is


Cranberry NEWS

Product Innovations
Yogi Tea Positive Energy
Here comes positive energy! YOGI TEA's herbal tea mixture Positive Energy Cranberry Hibiscus is a fascinating combination of exquisite herbs. Black Assam tea, green mate and fruity cranberries are combined with hibiscus, rose hips and lemon-scented tea tree to create an invigorating blend of tea. Each sip enlivens even more and revives people's spirits.


Granini Soda
Pleasant tang with a hint of sweetness: the temperamental blend of fruity grapefruit and the slightly bitter touch of cranberry refresh the taste buds. 6 % cranberry concentrate lends the drink a unique kick. Available as 0.5 and 1 l PET.


Sade Yaban Mersini

Dried cranberries are now available as a mono product of the organic food brand Sade in Turkey. The sweetened dried fruit is grown organically and packed in 200 g transparent bags. With their delicate tangy aroma the berries are perfect for the varied Turkish cuisine.


Fans of fruity cranberry juice can now relish a new sort: fruit juice manufacturer Albi has expanded its product portfolio and now offers cranberry fruit nectar in a 1 liter soft pack. The refreshing drink tastes good neat, mixed with mineral water or in cocktails but best of all ice cold!

Albi Cranberry Fruit Drink


The GO ON protein bar is a real innovation on the Polish market. The GO ON bar was specially developed for active people and it provides a sustained supply of energy. The high protein content supports healthy bone development. Copper and vitamin B 12 help to maintain the energy supply. This makes the GO ON bar the ideal snack for athletes and people who need a power kick.

Sante GO ON Cranberry Protein Bar


Cranberry and Cherry Yoghurt

The fruity topping made of cranberries and cherries makes this yoghurt really special. With a generous 27 %, Fruzu! is one of the dairy products with a particularly high cranberry content. Thanks to the fruit processing, the berries have a light tangy flavor, which goes perfectly with the slightly sour taste of the yoghurt.


Cranberry NEWS



With Joe Cocker There Was a Boom

in Cranberry Cocktails

As a fitting craze for the summer, US Cranberries sent recipes for cranberry cocktails to food journalists in Romania. This was well received and was promptly published on several online portals. So far, so good. Then Joe Cocker came... At the beginning of August, the superstar was scheduled to give a concert in Bucharest. In advance he informed his hotel that cranberry juice should be set up in his room. Within a few days 27 society and lifestyle journalists published this report. Suddenly there was just one topic in Bucharest: cranberry cocktails. A short time later our cocktail promotion was staged. Bars and restaurants in famous holiday resorts on the Black Sea, in the mountains and in the capital participated in the campaign. A special cocktail menu and table display card animated the guests to order cranberry drinks. Within a very short time the Romanians, who are fond of celebrating, had made cocktails with cranberry juice their summer drink for 2013.

Press Review
The title of the September edition of the magazine "Vegetarisch fit" featured our recipe photo "Pasta Caponata with Cranberries". The berries go perfectly with tortiglioni, eggplants, cherry tomatoes and pine kernels. The online cooking portal devotes an extensive special feature to cranberries. Under the headline "The sweet and tangy power berry" the editorial board presented selected recipes accompanied by merchandise information with details on ingredients, cultivation and harvest as well as health benefits. In September the magazine Food & Travel reported on the cranberry harvest in New England. In addition to emotive photos and a detailed report, there were unusual cooking tips: sausage rolls or chocolate orange pavlovas with cranberries whetted the appetite for the fresh berries.

Under the motto "Unusual Taste Combinations Stimulate the Senses" the magazine Palce Lizac published three cranberry recipes. The motifs each filled a whole page and awake ned interest in experimenting with the berries.

The weekend edition of the daily newspaper Bugn dedicated a whole page to the topic cranberries. Six recipes awakened interest in the berries from the USA, for which the Turkish language has no separate word yet. Up to now, the same Turkish word is used for cranberries and blueberries.

The women's magazine Advantages recommended its readers "Filled Tomatoes with Cranberries in Foil" as an unusual starter. For 25 years the magazine has provided tips and recommendations for its readers.

The weekend edition of the newspaper Blikk Sunday presented cranberries as the most effective household remedy for preventing urinary tract infections. Cranberries and cranberry fruit drinks are very recommendable particularly for women who more frequently suffer from cystitis than men.


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