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This is the University of Strathclyde's fan page.

We hope that our community wil l use it to find out more about Strathclyde and its people and look forward to t he many conversations there will be. Similar to other social media websites and tools (like our Twitter account @UniStrathclyde - website/twitter/), we have a few notes users of this page should read. This page is managed by the Media & Corporate Communications team. A number of s taff are Administrators and can post as 'University of Strathclyde'. We will use this page to post : - responses to your queries if we know the answer. We will also post links in re sponse to queries to parts of our website where we think you will find more info rmation. - anything we think might interest you from around the campus - news stories and press releases - our latest videos on Youtube - photos on our Flickr

We will add other University of Strathclyde pages to our favourites. We will add other fan pages we think might interest the community to our page's fa vourites. This fan page is not intended to be used by press / media to contact us - rather , please get in touch with our Communications Team - ss/. This is a page for the Strathclyde community please help us keep it harmonious. We will take appropriate action to make sure the page and its members are not di srupted, abused or compromised in any way. This means we will delete:

- Posts which deliberately set out to be inflammatory - Posts which don't add to the conversation or help the page's fans - SPAM of any kind - Any form of advertising

We may delete : Posts not covered explicitly above, but which are inappropriate. In the process of deleting inappropriate content, we may also choose to ban the posting user or page from posting on this fan page.

We hope these notes help this page flourish and look forward to being involved i n the many conversations which may start here.

Welcome to The Star Online Facebook Page! This page is primarily created for us to highlight key stories which we cover on a daily basis. It also serves to inform our valued readers of our events, activities and promotions. We encourage our r eaders to share feedback and comments; however do also note that this is a postmoderated online discussion site and not a public forum. The Star Online does not monitor every Facebook posting on the Facebook Page but expects that users will not post material that falls into the following categories and reserves the righ t to delete comments, images or links at its absolute discretion, which shall in clude but not limited to comments, images or links that are: Vulgar/offensive/obscene in nature; Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading; Off topic; Spam (such as the same comment posted repeatedly on a profile) or include ce rtain links to other sites; Impliedly or expressly attacks and/or defames any third party; Offensive towards any gender, ethnic, religion, race or culture; Advocating any illegal activity; Promoting particular services, products, or political organizations; Infringing the copyrights or trademarks of any party; Illegal and/or breaches any regulations or laws currently in force; Any other comments that The Star Online Social Media Team deems inappropriate

Users are to note that violations of The Star Online Facebook Page policy may caus e the mentioned user to be blocked from The Star Online Facebook Page. All comment s left on the The Star Online Facebook Page are the responsibility of the user. By submitting a comment on our page users agree that the comment content is their own, and to hold The Star Online harmless and to indemnify and keep The Star Online fully indemnified from any and all repercussions, damages, costs, or liability. Users participate at their own risk, taking personal responsibility for their co mments, username and any information provided.

If users choose to provide information to Facebook through registration or other interaction with the Facebook website, such actions are strictly between users and Facebook and The Star Online shall not be held responsible or liable in any wa y whatsoever for such actions of the users. If users choose to register with Fac ebook, any information that users provide is voluntarily contributed by users an d is not maintained by The Star Group. Although users may voluntarily contribute to Facebook with the intent to share the information with others on the The Star Online Facebook Page, to protect users' privacy, users are reminded not to disclos e personally identifiable information about themselves or others.

Please note that the comments expressed on this Fan Page do not reflect the opin ions and position of The Star Online and its employees. However enquiries can be d irected to the following contact details according to the following topics: