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SAMPLE CV (name)


Date of Birth 10th March 1968

Marital status Married
Children Two
Address 65 Glendsborough Road, Watford, WD4 8SY
Telephone 01561 727228 (Mobile 07976 431831)


Strong ASP Developer

Excellent developer knowledge of
• Visual Basic
Excellent working knowledge of .NET framework
Deep experience of Windows 2000 Server
ProClarity expert

Further Education

Computer Science 2:1 (hons), Leeds (1991)

Professional Courses Attended

.NET Framework
ASP for advanced developers
Three day Project Management course (Parity Training)
Visual Basic 6
Server Tools – advanced


Web Design
Middleware Technologies
HTML table design – advanced
Perl & Server Side programming
Career History

June 1999 to February 2002

Job 3 Limited
Senior Developer

Reporting to the Head of Development and responsible for:

• Re-design and coding of existing sales system using SQL and PERL
• Designing new corporate templates in HTML with ASP functionality
• Using Visual Basic (Version 6) and DTS to migrate large volumes of
data on a nightly basis from the production database to data

Substantial achievements included:

• Writing a complex series of VB modules to allow continuous

communication across multiple VPNs. This sourced multiple data sets
from the branch network and output the main sales reports each
• Wrote from scratch, a complete appointment system to capture
numbers of visits per salesman, orders per visit and profit per week /
month on a per salesman basis

Major challenges included

• Being part of the change management team to roll out the new
corporate desktop UK wide.

January 1997 to May 1999

Orange Tree World Enterprise UK Plc
VB Developer

Reporting to the Orange Tree UK IS director, responsible for designing

and implementing a large-scale recruitment system in VB (subsequently
re-written with ASP browser targets).

A large database already existing which needed importing to the new

system. I was responsible for data collection and cleansing, supplier and
business owner workshops, analysis of current market conditions,
agreeing future solution, writing the system and documenting complete
solution together with contingency plans.

• Visual Basic
• Excel
• ProClarity
• SQL Server

December 1994 to December 1996

North South East West Plc
Junior Developer (promoted to Developer)

I worked on a number of internal system including:

• HTML template designs for the corporate website

• Designing HTML forms with embedded JavaScript for form checking
at the browser level
• Writing various CGI scripts to capture data from customers
• I wrote a number of programs in FoxPro to allow the viewing and
manipulation of legacy data using a data transformation tool


1994 Part time waiter

1993 Full time ski instructor
1991 Worked part time at a dairy farm


• Cycling
• Skiing
• Internet