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Maschen Knitted Wire Mesh Factory

Maschen Knitted Wire Mesh Factory is the knitted wire mesh specialists. Maschen produces all kinds of knitted mesh and compressed knitted wire products. These products include Knitted Mesh Fabric, Knitted Wire Mesh Gaskets, knitted Mesh Filter, Knitted Mesh Engine reathers, Knitted Wire Mufflers, Knitted Wire !emister "ad, Knitted Mesh Mist Eliminator, and Knitted Wire Mesh #hielding. These knitted meshes mainly ser$e the following industries% cleaning of the filter, plastic and die, mufflers, shock absorber mounts, soundproof generator pad, air conditioning humidifier pad, to capture the flame of the wireless signal shielding, sealing in harsh en$ironments. Maschen Knitted Wire Mesh Factory produces knitted wire mesh with a $ariety of materials. The a$ailable material include #tainless steel, gal$ani&ed steel, aluminium, copper, nickel and copper nickel alloys, polypropylene, glass wool and Teflon, which are mainly used stainless steel knitted mesh, copper knitted wire and knitted copper cleaning mesh. We can also made knitted mesh into all shapes, such as% knitted wire mesh tapes, knitted wire mesh rolls and ginning knitted the mesh. We can compress knitted wire mesh into $arious forms, for e'ample% cylindrical, round disc, ring, o$al, rectangle, bottle(shaped, as well as $arious other special shapes. We focus on product de$elopment and production of knitted mesh. )ur product *uality is guaranteed. We pro$ide knitted mesh with $ariety materials, $ariety diameter si&es and $arious shapes. Meeting customers all knitted wire mesh pro+ect needs is our primary goal.

Add: Anping County, Hebei, China. Tel: +8 !"#8!" $%&'$$ Fa(: +8 !"#8!" $%&'$$ )*+: http:,,---..nitted!/ 0!/ail: in1o2.nitted!/

Compressed Knitted Mesh-Various Forms, Disc, Ring, Images and Application.

We can compress knitted wire mesh into $arious forms. For e'ample% cylindrical, round disc, ring, o$al, rectangle, bottle(shaped, as well as $arious other special shapes. Knitted wire mesh use different materials, different diameter, and different pressure in the compression, so the final compressed knitted meshes will be a great difference. Maschen Knitted Wire Mesh Factory can produce a wide range of compressed knitted wire mesh. ,ompressed knitted mesh can be produced in a wide range of materials including -./, -01, -20, -0., and -0.# stainless steel, gal$ani&ed steel, 3luminium, copper, nickel and copper nickel alloys. ,ompressed knitted mesh can be used in high temperature applications. ,ompressed knitted mesh has e'cellent filtering capabilities. Therefore, it can be used as air and li*uid filtration materials. 4t has a high resistance to corrosion and temperature resistance. ,ompressed knitted meshs typical use% 3irbag slag filter. Gas turbine and the compressor air inlet 5 outlet filter.

For the automoti$e, agricultural and marine engine air intake filters. The separation layer or element of the bag dust remo$al system. ,oarse dust pre(filter in the heating and $entilation systems. !iesel particulate filters. Engine crankcase $ents elements. "aint factory outlet filter. 4n+ector filter. )il filter abo$e the kitchen sto$e, cooking utensils, and charcoal grill. The air compressor intake filter. The lint filter on the washing machine outlet pipe. 6oise attenuation filter in pneumatic tools. The oil fills cap breathing. "ermanent spray the coal mine 5 *uarry dust filter. "re(filter and retain 5 strengthen the core composite filter. Engines e'haust muffler packing. The following lists some images of the compressed knitted wire mesh% ,ompressed Knitted Mesh !iscs ,ompressed Knitted Mesh 7ings

#pecial ,ompressed knitted Mesh

Copper Knitted Mesh Used For Cleaning, Filtration and Garden Copper nitted !ire
,opper and tinned copper materials are a$ailable for knitted wire mesh. The biggest ad$antage of copper knitted wire mesh is its uni*ue construction. Knitting produces an interlocking(loop pattern. 4n this configuration, each loop is an integral part of its neighbors with each supporting the other. When a mesh or mesh element is compressed, stretched or bent, and pro$ided that e'ertion is not past the materials yield point, this integrity allows the element to spring back to its original form. ,opper knitted mesh can be used for industrial, for e'ample, copper knitted wire mesh filters is used for cleaning and filtration. )ur copper knitted mesh is widely used as air filters, breathers and separators made for cars, trucks and farm e*uipment. ,opper knitted mesh can also be used as garden copper mesh. The Garden ,opper knitted wire consists of knitted copper wire mesh rolls. 4f you do not want slugs and snails into your garden,

you can use copper garden mesh co$er ground, plant pots, plant stems and any area. 3s they attempt to cross the copper mesh their mucous trail causes a tiny electrical charge which repels them. This is a humane way of controlling molluscs in your garden, and it is completely harmless to children, pets, and wildlife.







Gal$ani%ed, Copper &amp' Its Use

Ginning knitted mesh is the knitted mesh rolling into a $ariety of corrugated shape by machine with gears. Ginning knitted mesh is ginned by the special technology. 4t is widely used in $arious industries, such as automobile, electronic, a$iation, military, commercial, industrial consumer goods, telecommunications, medical, test e*uipment and accessories industry etc. The ginning knitted wire main material can be stainless steel wire, gal$ani&ed wire, copper wire, nickel wire, alloy wire. We can produce gas(li*uid filter knitted mesh of a $ariety of materials and specifications according to the different needs of customers.

Knitted Copper Cleaning Mesh Is Used (or Cleaning Application, and Its Features &amp' )ene(its
Knitted copper cleaning mesh is made from a highly fle'ible scouring material. 4t has been designed for a wide range of hea$y(duty cleaning applications. Knitted cleaning copper wire mesh is knitted as a continuous flat stocking that is appro'imately 028mm wide. The flatness of knitted copper mesh pro$ides superb scouring capabilities, while the softness of the copper remo$es the risk of scratching precision steel work surfaces during cleaning. ,opper gau&e pro$ides two cleaning grades in one. 4t can be used for normal cleaning or inside( out for superior scouring. 4t is supplied in 2 ' 8.m rolls of appro'imately 008 ( 0/.mm wide

90..m per pack:. Knitted copper cleaning mesh is also the ideal material for cleaning the e'trusion dies, screws and barrels used in the plastics industry, along with mould in+ection machines and other surfaces. 4t is used for screw compressors on ammonia refrigeration systems. Features ; enefits <ow cost ( knitted cleaning copper mesh is probably the most effecti$e cleaning tool a$ailable, it cleans machines in less time, meaning far shorter down time #afe ( copper gau&e is made from single copper filament, meaning it will not rust or contaminate end product. 4t will not burn, smoke or fume on hot e*uipment Fle'ible ( knitted copper cleaning mesh is used in many industries for many cleaning roles. =sed with a stripper it will remo$e paint or $arnish ( as well as hea$y staining.

#tainless #teel Knitted Mesh !ith $arious si%es (or engineering

Knitted mesh is a nonwo$en wire mesh or cloth product. Knitted wire mesh or cloth is manufactured using a knitting process where the mesh is formed from a series of interlocking loops. The loop structure gi$es knitted wire fabric greater in plane springiness or two(dimensional fle'ibility compared to wo$en mesh or fabrics. Knitted mesh can be crimped or compressed to alter characteristics for specific applications. #tainless steel knitted wire mesh offers e'cellent property such as corrosion resistance, alkali and acid resistance, long ser$ice life, rust resistance and heat resistance. 3s a result of these features, it finds popular uses in auto parts and other engineering applications. #tainless #teel Knitted Mesh #pecification% 3 , ! F G 1. 1. 88 -1 2'/ 8/.2/ 02. 08 0.. -/ /.8'/> 2.8'/ 18.8/ 0/. 08. 02. /. /.8'8.8> 2.8'8.8 18 2.. 2.8 0?. 81 /'-.8> 2.8'-.8 0.8./ 28. 21. 2/. 18 /'/> -'/ 02-.22 /0. /2. -?. @/ 8.2'-.8> -'-.8 0@? 81. 818 /@. 0.2 A.8'8> 8B8 0@8.01 81. 81. /A. 02? 8'/> 2.8'/ 2A.




3reathers, 7teel,




Applications Features 8a/p9 3ene1its

Typical efficiencies of @@C remo$al of all oil droplets between - and 0. microns are achie$able, coupled to a low pressure drop of often less than 8 millibar. Knitted wire mesh breather materials reather elements are normally manufactured from high *uality gal$ani&ed steel, stainless steel. 4t enhances corrosion and temperature resistance. Knitted mesh breathers and filters are designed for operating en$ironments where other media fail. Made fromwire types chosen specifically for their resistance to hostile agents such as temperature e'tremes and corrosi$es, these compressed mesh elements can be tailored to meet a wide range of filtration or flow targets. Features ; enefits Dighly efficient moisture remo$al with low or negligible pressure drop. 3$ailable die(compressed, layered or spiral wound to accommodate any si&e or ca$ity shape. Will operate effecti$ely o$er a wide temperature range depending on material choice. !ensity and surface area easily $aried to suit efficiency re*uirements. Easy installation into housings or engine ca$ities.