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Transmission and Distribution


UNIT I - INTRODUCTION Introduction of electrical engineering system, Structure of electric power system, Basic elements: Generator, power transformer, transmission line, bus bar, circuit breaker, isolator, Types of distribution systems, HVDC and EHV AC transmission, Single line diagram, per unit system, complex power UNIT II - TRANSMISSION LINE PARAMETERS Configuration and types of conductors (solid, stranded and bundled), Resistance of line, Skin and Proximity effect, Inductance and capacitance of single phase and three phase lines for single and double circuit, symmetrical and unsymmetrical spacing and transposition, self and mutual GMD, Interference of transmission line with neighbouring communication circuits UNIT III - MODELLING AND PERFORMANCE OF TRANSMISSION LINES Classification of lines: Short line, medium line and long line and their equivalent circuits, attenuation constant, phase constant, surge impedance; transmission efficiency and voltage regulation; Power flow in transmission lines; Power-angle diagram; surge impedance loading, shunt and series compensation; Ferranti effect UNIT IV - INSULATORS AND CABLES Insulators: Types, voltage distribution in insulator string and grading, improvement of string efficiency. Cables: Introduction-Types of cables, Capacitance of Single-core cable, Grading of cables, Power factor and heating of cables, Capacitance of 3- core belted cable, D.C cables UNIT V - CORONA, MECHANICAL DESIGN OF LINES AND GROUNDING Phenomenon of corona, formation and losses, potential gradient, factors effecting corona, methods to reduce corona, Mechanical design of transmission line sag and tension calculations for different weather conditions Methods of grounding, Substation layoutTower Spotting TEXT BOOKS: 1. C.L.Wadhwa, Electrical Power Systems, New Age International Pvt., Ltd., 2. D.P.Kothari , I.J. Nagarath, Power System Engineering,Tata McGraw-Hill

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