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Gabriela A. Korzus, M.S.

La Jolla, CA 92037 Telephone: 858-775-2545 E-mail:




15 years experience in biotechnology industry

Extensive experience in immunological, biochemical and multiplex assay development (Luminex and MesoScale platforms)

Expertise in protein biochemistry: protein purification, characterization and conjugation, antibody biotinylation, optimization of antibody conjugation with biotin

Proposed and introduced novel assays, immunocapture activity assays, to Calbiochem product line, which become the best selling in-house produced kits

Multiplex assay development; led all steps in assay development including proposal, design, experiments, analysis, documentation and tech transfer

Proficiency in test optimization, validation and troubleshooting, SOPs and report validation writing

Initialized and successfully executed internal and external cooperation

Highly organized, goal-oriented and navigate effectively in multitask environment

Professional Experience

Aviir Diagnostics Inc.

Sr. Research Scientist, R&D Product Development, Proteomics


Feb 2012-October 2013

Designed, performed and presented Biological Variability study of MIRisk TM test in healthy donors Performed cardiovascular biomarker assay on Luminex and presented Biological Variability study of MIRisk TM TM and MesoScale assay platforms Assessed new immuno TM and MesoScale assay platforms Assessed new immuno assay platform from BioScale Clinical validation of MIRISK VP, 7-plex cardiovascular assay in Quansys technology, writing report validation Improved procedure in antibody conjugation Lead in evaluation of Atreleuton (5-LO inhibitor) Phase 2 study with MIRISK VP test

EMD Millipore (EMD Chemicals)

Senior Scientist, R&D Immuno Assay Department

San Diego

2002-Dec 2011

Proposed and presented targets for assay development on R&D/PM/Marketing meetings Designed, developed and placed in NPI immuno, functional and multiplex (Luminex technology) assays Introduced novel immunocapture activity assays with colorimetric, fluorometric or luminescence read-out Promoted newly introduced products on scientific meeting Successfully collaborated with other biotech companies in custom made substrates or application data Provided support for Production, Tech Support and PM/Marketing Departments Certified ISO auditor; member of ISO implementation and internal auditor teamR&D Immuno Assay Department San Diego 2002-Dec 2011 Assays successfully developed : 1. Biochemical: calpain,

Assays successfully developed:

1. Biochemical: calpain, proteasome, cathepsin B, Cathepsin L, DPPIV

2. ELISA: calpain, 20S proteasome, MMP-1

3. Immunocapture activity: Myeloperoxidase (MPO), TACE/ADAM17, DPPIV, Granzyme B, HN elastase, cathepsin D, PR3, cathepsin G

4. Multiplex: Human OXPHOS panel, 6-plex, Luminex XMAP technology, MicroPlex and MagPlex beads

5. Partially developed: human and rat cardiac injury panels, Luminex Technology, MagPlex beads

Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corporation Product Line Supervisor, Protein Department

San Diego


Championed new biological reagents for Calbiochem, Intracellular Proteinase portfolio Responsible for target proposal, purification design, product characterization, formulation and final specification Developed QC standards and test methods and managed documentation for NPI Successfully managed production and R&D projects Provided support for QC, PM/Marketing and Tech Support Supervised researchers assigned to new reagent R&D

Products successfully introduced:

Porcine calpain I and II, human calpain I, recombinant calpain II, human calpastatin, human and bovine cathepsin B, D, H, L, and bovine cathepsin S, DNP conjugated KLH, albumin and globulin, human vitronectin

Additional Experience Jagiellonian University Medical Academy (Krakow, Poland) Research Biochemist, Department of Metabolic Diseases Involved in clinical trials of the drug Belcobrate administered to groups of patients with different conditions of hyperlipoproteinemia. Conducted testing included assays of free and total cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids, apolipoproteins B, A1 and A2 in the plasma, and ultracentrifuged VLDL, LDL, and HDL particles. Participated in study of the etiology of atherosclerosis examined in the rabbit model. Developed method for phospholipid separation and identification by HPLC as well as monitored triglycerides in the aorta wall in the rabbit model of the diet-dependent atherosclerosis. Validated Apolipoprotein B immunoassay monitored by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. Participated in population study sponsored by World Health Organization conducted on rural populations of southeast Poland including the influences of eating/exercise habits and family history on lipid component levels of the plasma and lipoprotein fractions.


Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland) M.S. Biochemistry B.S. Biology

University (Krakow, Poland) M.S. Biochemistry B.S. Biology Additional Education & Training Clinical Biochemistry
University (Krakow, Poland) M.S. Biochemistry B.S. Biology Additional Education & Training Clinical Biochemistry
University (Krakow, Poland) M.S. Biochemistry B.S. Biology Additional Education & Training Clinical Biochemistry
University (Krakow, Poland) M.S. Biochemistry B.S. Biology Additional Education & Training Clinical Biochemistry

Additional Education & Training

Clinical Biochemistry Course, Medical Academy, (Krakow, Poland) ISO: 9001 Certified Member of the Internal Audit Team, EMD Chemicals Biostatistics, UC San Diego (In Progress)

Poster Presentations

1. Nolan, N., Passion, J., Korzus, G., Tee, L., Teigiser, L., Covic, S., Tyler, A., Lyman, C., Tirupsur, A., Hytopoulos, E., Beggs, M., and Harrington, D. Analytical Validation and Method Comparison of a Multi-Analyte Serum Protein Based Test for Assessing Coronary Heart Disease Risk 2013 Dubai

2. Korzus, G.A, Zhang, T., and Saedi M. 20S Proteasome: new ELISA and Activity Assays to Measure Its Expression and Activity in Biological Samples 2009 AACR meeting

3. Gabriela A. Korzus and Mo Saedi Novel Bioassays for Biomarkers of Inflammation: Serine Proteases 2008 Experimental Biology meeting

4. Korzus G.A., Goretzki L., Khan A., Canady M., and Saedi M. Proteases in Cancer and Inflammation: Novel Bioassays to Measure Their Activities in Complex Biological Samples 2007 AACR meeting

5. Korzus G., White P., and Saedi M. Functional assay for Insulysin (IDE) a key enzyme in clearing beta-Amyloid 2007 Society for Neuroscience meeting

6. Korzus G. and Saedi M Cathepsins: Sensitive and Convenient Assays to Measure Their Activity in Biological Samples 2006 ISFP meeting

7. Korzus G.A., Canady M., and Saedi M. Sensitive and convenient methods to accurately measure the activity of human proteases in biological samples 2006 Protein Society meeting

8. Korzus G.A., Wang J., and Saedi M. A novel and specific assay for MPO activity in biological samples 2005 Experimental Biology (ASBMB) meeting

9. Korzus G.A., Verheijen J., van Lent N., Khan A., Goretzki L., Hughes K.A. and Saedi M. InnoZymeTM Granzyme B assay, A Novel Assay for the Measurement of Granzyme B Activity in cell lines and Biological Samples 2005 FASEB meeting