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The DoorHan sectional doors have leading

energy saving characteristics

The problem of energy saving is one of the most acute in the whole world, Russia included.
Depletion of natural fossil hydrocarbons, ineffectiveness of technical solutions of heat protection in the
Russian projects underway and in operation has compelled Russian President D.A. Medvedev to
formulate this problem in one of the first decrees (“Some measures of improving energy and ecological
effectiveness of Russian economy". The main challenge is to reduce energy consumption in GDP of the
RF by 2020 at least by 40% versus the previous year.)

A research team of the Institute of Construction Physics has realized the significance and
urgency of the problem and has conducted comprehensive tests the first in Russia and on the European
continent of the overhead gates of the leading manufactures represented at the Russian market by
DoorHan (the Russian manufacturer), a Belarusian manufacturer (type А), a German (type Н).

Two independent methods were developed and verified of testing heat engineering
characteristics of door systems at low ambient temperatures between -10 and -37ºС by simulating the
real conditions to the utmost.

For the first time the tests yielded factual temperature distribution and densities of heat fluxes
over the door inner surfaces enabling to construct the validated thermal physical model in order to
determine the reduced resistance to heat transfer, to rate the conditions of condensation and icing in
typical door surface areas, particularly in hinged panel-to-panel joints.

The results of the tests have revealed that the DoorHan sectional doors have the best heat
engineering characteristics, namely the reduced resistance to heat transfer is 1.13 m2·ºС/W; it is much
higher than that of the Belarusian (0.80 m2·ºС/W) and German (0.78 m2·ºС/W) manufacturers.

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The DoorHan sectional doors have leading
energy saving characteristics

Thus, the DoorHan sectional doors save 40% more

energy than the sectional doors of other manufacturers. It
is vividly confirmed by absence hoarfrost or icing over joints
between panels from the inner door side at the
temperatures below -20ºС. The Belarusian and German
gates manifest abundant condensate and icing over the
panel joints proving that the joints are improperly designed
resulting in large heat dissipation.

Figure 1 shows a typical panoramic thermograph of

the door design obtained with the infrared imager. The blue
color shows the typical areas of cooling (the boundary areas
of heat losses). The outdoor air temperature is -20ºС, the 2
indoor temperature is +20ºС, and the indoor relative
humidity is 45%.
Temperature Temperature
at point 1, ºС at point 2, ºС

DoorHan 13,1 19,8

5,3 14,2

4,7 15,1

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows the panel-to-panel joints from the inside of the door leaf of the three
manufacturers. The outdoor temperature is - 28ºС, the indoor temperature is +18 ºС, the indoor
relative humidity is 45%. The photographs show clearly abundant hoarfrost and icing between
the Belarusian and German panels proving excessive heat losses and incompliance with GOST
31174-2003 (Metallic Doors) and Construction Norms and Rules 23-02-2003 (Heat Protection of
Buildings). The joints between panels of the DoorHan sectional doors have absolutely no
negative factors of icing, hence they fully comply with all the norms and contemporary
requirements («… improving energy and ecological effectiveness of Russian economy …).

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The DoorHan sectional doors have leading
energy saving characteristics


no hoarfrost or icing

DoorHan panel joints Belarusian panel joints German panel joints

Figure 2

Negative temperatures are typical in Russia, the Urals and Siberia in particular. The icing of
hinged panel joints causes failure of sectional doors under nominal conditions, the joints lose their
tightness and integrity, and automatic door closing mechanisms fail to operate.

The exploration by the above research group together with

practical testing and theoretical calculation has permitted to asses
objectively the heat saving characteristics of mobile enclosing

The energy saving characteristics of the designs of leading sectional doors marketed in
Russia have been rated objectively.

It is another proof that the DoorHan sectional doors are

unique suitable for the Russian wintertime conditions that enable to
achieve outstanding energy saving while satisfying all the norms.

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