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Bishops Committee Meeting September 8, 2013 Johnnette Shane, Kevin Minch, Steve Reiser, Ju ie Sei!

er, Karen "enness, Sa # $est, Krista Ba%er Ca to &r!er at 12'20 &pening (ra#er Minutes approve! unanimous # )icars Report' Kathr#n Spicer *i be Canterbur# C ub spo%esperson+ ,he# *i be using a *ebbase! curricu um .ocusing aroun! current events+ Meetings *i be ever# other *ee%+ /i the /or! *ent *e + 0ver#one is e1cite! to hear about Krista an! ,ims trip to 2ui+ ,he# *i !o a presentation on September 23+ ,he stu!ent events *ent *e , both 4ctivities /air an! the 4,S5 *e come on the s6uare+ ,he atter event *as not too *e atten!e!, though+ Bishops $ar!ens report is inc u!e! in the business be o*+ Junior $ar!ens Ju ie ma!e a start on trimming he!ges+ ,o be continue!+ ,reasurers Report Ba ance in the bui !ing .un! is *here it nee!s to be at this stage+ 7uestions about the genera .un!' *here shou ! *e put the egg mone# an! the 829,000 C:; Kevin urge! that *e !o not put this mone# into the bui !ing .un!, because i. *e have overri!es, or nee! to !o regu ar maintenance, *e can !ra* on that reserve+ $e *ere pro<ecte! to have a !e.icit o. over 83000 .or the #ear+ $e are !oing s ight # better than that so .ar+ Johnnette an! the *ho e committee than%e! Krista .or !e ivering a report at the en! o. church to!a# about our pro<ecte! !e.icit over the ne1t .e* #ears+ & ! Business' Bui !ing Committee' ,im is optimistic that he *i be ab e to spea% *ith someone .rom the cit# about par%ing space this coming *ee%+ $e shou ! be ab e to go to bi!!ers in the nottoo-!istant .uture+ ,im has a coup e o. companies in min! to re6uest bi!s .rom+

Bu!get an! ( e!ge :rive Kevin has ha! a itt e ! t# ining up the spea%ers .or the p e!ge !rive+ Kevin an! =an are con.irme! so .ar+ $e p an to aunch the !rive on September 23 th, han!ing out etters an! car!s+ Kevin is ma%ing Cornish pasties in the church %itchen the Satur!a# be.ore .or the unch on Sun!a#+ "ouse socia s .or the p e!ge !rive are ta%ing shape+ Sa # *i host a tea on Sun!a#, &ctober 13 at 3'30 p+m+ Ju ia an! (ete *i host an =ta ian supper on Satur!a#, &ctober 2>+ Chi !rens /ormation 2a:onna has o..ere! to teach Sun!a# schoo , so *e <ust nee! one more person to have a viab e program+ ?urser# /orrest is *i ing to continue !oing nurser# !uring the schoo #ear+ $e nee! one more person so that there are t*o peop e at a time+ 0vents to 0ngage an! $e come Stu!ents See above+ ?e* Business' Canterbur# C ub $e nee! vo unteers to ma%e !inner .or the c ub+ Kathr#n has announce! a signup sheet+ ?ominations to :iocesan & =. an#one is intereste! in stan!ing .or these bo!ies, ,rinit# members are e igib e as nominees @e+g+, !iscip inar# boar!, stan!ing committee, genera convention !e egateA+ 0cumenica (ra#er Brea%.ast Coming up in &ctober here in Kir%svi e, i. *e *ant to atten!+ Bishops )isit &ctober 2Bth+ Shou ! *e arrange the groun!brea%ing ceremon# .or that !a#; ,he bishop cou ! put in the .irst shove C $e *i put out a sign-up sheet .or a pot uc% unch+ Krista *i organiDe this+ $e have a c ean-up sche!u e! .or Satur!a# &ctober 13th+ Bishops Committee ?ominations Kevin an! Sa # *i get together to come up *ith nominees+ ,aiDE $e *i have a ,aiDE service on Sun!a#, September 23th+ ,his is the same !a# as Canterbur# c ub, but the# .inish b# >'30+ ?e1t bishops committee meetings &ctober > at church ?ovember 1B at church :ecember 8 at church

Krista, on beha . o. the outreach committee, as%e! that *e shou ! !o a p ate o..ering .or the Bishops .un! on September 22n!+ B essing o. the 4nima s *i be &ctober > at 3 p+m+ Sa # *i contact the "umane She ter to see i. the# *ant specia !onations .or that service+ $e *i as% Maria to !esign a . #er+ $e *i a so put up the pet *aste station b# that !a#+ Steve, Sa #, Krista, an! Karen nee! to coor!inate this+ $e nee! to ca the M& :ig number to ma%e sure *e can !ig a ho e on Mu ani1+ (ra#er 4!<ourne! at 1'3B p+m+