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UNIT % I&trodu'tio& to Or(a&i)atio&al Be*a+iour% Definition, Importance, Scope, Fundamental Concepts of OB, Different models of OB autocratic, custodial, supportive, collegial and SOBC. UNIT ,% Perso&ality # Attitudes% Meaning of personalit , attitude Development of personalit ! Attri"utes of personalit - #ransactional Anal sis ! $go states ! %o&ari 'indo' - (ature and dimensions of attitude ! Developing t&e rig&t attitude Moti+atio&% Definition, Importance, Motives ! C&aracteristics, Classification of motives - )rimar * Secondar motives. #&eories of Motivation - Maslo'+s #&eor of need &ierarc& - ,er-"erg.s t&eor . Morale - Definition and relations&ip 'it& productivit - Morale Indicators. UNIT -% $rou. Dy&a/i's a&d Tea/ buildi&( / Concept of 0roup * #eam. #&eories of 0roup Formation - Formal and Informal 0roups. Importance of #eam "uilding. Co&0li't Ma&a(e/e&t% Definition. #raditional vis-1-vis Modern vie' of conflict ! # pes of conflict ! Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Organi-ational. Constructive and Destructive Conflict. Conflict Management.Stress /a&a(e/e&t/ Definition, Causes, Managing stress, Stress as a motivator, 2or3 life "alance. C*a&(e /a&a(e/e&t% Concept of c&ange, c&ange as a natural process, Importance * Causes of c&ange ! social, economic, tec&nological, organi-ational. 4earning ! unlearning, Concept of learning organi-ations. UNIT 1% Basi' 'o&'e.ts o0 /a&a(e/e&t% Definition ! (eed and Scope ! Different sc&ools of management t&oug&t ! Be&avioural, Scientific, S stems, and Contingenc , Contri"ution of Management #&in3ers/ #a lor, Fa ol, $lton Ma o UNIT 2% Fu&'tio&s o0 Ma&a(e/e&t ! Pla&&i&( ! Concept, (ature, Importance, Steps, 4imitations, Management " o"5ectives Or(a&i)i&( - Concept, (ature, Importance, )rinciples, Centrali-ation, Decentrali-ation, Organi-ation Structures- 4ine and Staff Aut&orit , Functional, )roduct, Matri6, 0eograp&ical, Customer, (e' Forms of Organi-ation ! 7irtual, Organi-ations as (et'or3s - # pes of (et'or3 Organi-ations8Clusters - Self-Organi-ing S stems. Organi-ational Designs for C&ange and Innovation, Designing )rinciples for (e' Forms of Organi-ations Sta00i&( - Concept, (ature, Importance, Steps. Concept of 3no'ledge 'or3er. 9:; Dire'ti&( ! Concept, (ature, Importance. Co&trolli&( - Concept, (ature, Importance, )rocess of controlling, Control #ec&ni<ues.

"eaders*i.% Concept, (ature, Importance, Attri"utes of a leader, developing leaders across t&e organi-ation, 4eaders&ip 0rid. De'isio& /a3i&(% Concept, (ature, Importance, and )rocess. # pes of decisions, pro"lems in decision ma3ing Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Organi-ational Be&aviour, =t& $d. - Step&en >o""ins ,uman Be&aviour at 'or3 - Davis and (e'storm Organi-ational Be&aviour - ?ma Se3aran Organi-ational Be&aviour - Fred 4ut&ans Organi-ational Be&aviour - @.As'at&appa ,uman Be&aviour at 2or3 - @eit& Davis Organi-ational Be&aviour - %it S.C&andran ,uman >elations * Organi-ational Be&aviour - >.S.D'ivedi Organi-ational Be&aviour - McS&ane Organi-ational Be&aviour - S&arma $ssentials of Management ! @oont- ! #M0, )rinciples * )ractices of Management - Sa6ena )rinciples and )ractices of Management - S&e5'al3ar and 0&ane3ar Management Concepts * )ractices - ,annagan


UNIT % Meaning and Definition of Accounting )arties or ?sers interested in Accounting, Branc&es of Accounting, Meaning and Definition of Management Accounting, Distinction "et'een Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. Accounting Concepts and Conventions. UNIT ,/ Basic Accounting terminologies, Classification of Accounts, Meaning of %ournal, 2riting of %ournal $ntries. UNIT -/ Secondar Boo3s of Accounting, )reparation of #rial Balance, Final Accounts of Sole #raders. UNIT 1/ $lements of Costs Materials Costs/ - Materials purc&asing, receiving, storing and issuing including pricing of issues. 4a"our Costs and 4a"our #urnover. Over&eads- Identif ing t&e over&eads 'it& cost centre. Allocation, Apportionment and A"sorption ! Accounting treatment of ?nder and Over A"sorption. )reparation of Cost S&eet, items to "e e6cluded '&ile preparing cost s&eet. UNIT 2/ Managerial Decision Ma3ing #ec&ni<ues

Marginal costing ! Cost volume profit anal sis, B$) Budgetar control, Operating and Financial Budgets, Fle6i"le Budgets. Standard Costing ! Materials Cost and 4a"our cost variances onl .

Boo3s Re'o//e&ded Introduction to Management Accounting - ,orngreen and Sundlem )rinciples of Management Accounting - Manmo&an * 0o al Management Accounting - Dr. $.B. @&ed3ar, Dr. D.B. B&arati and Dr. A. B. @&arpas. Cost and Management Accounting - S.M.Inamdar Management Accounting - Dr. Ma&es& @ul3arni Dou"le $ntr Boo3 @eeping - #.S.0re'al )rinciples and )ractice of Cost Accounting ! As&is& @. B&attac&ar a Management Accounting Ard $d. - @&an * %ain #&eor * )ro"lems in Management * Cost Accounting - @&an * %ain Cost Accounting ! %a'a&arlal Management Accounting - Dr. A. ). >ao


UNIT % Definition, (ature and Scope of Managerial $conomics, Managerial $conomics and Microeconomic and Macroeconomics. Managerial $conomics and decision-ma3ing Definitions of "asic concepts/ a; )ositive and normative approac& "; Optimi-ation c; Marginal anal sis d; Opportunit Cost. e; $conomic Model. f; Static and D namics. UNIT ,% Meaning and Determinants of demand Demand Function. 4a' of Demand, Mar3et Demand $lasticit of demand. # pes of elasticit . Measurement of elasticit , Significance and uses of t&e elasticit . Met&ods of Demand estimation. Demand forecasting. Forecasting of an esta"lis&ed product, Forecasting of a ne' product UNIT -/ )roduction Function, 4a' of 7aria"le )roportions, 4a' of suppl , $lasticit of suppl Measurement of elasticit , Significance and uses of t&e concept of elasticit UNIT 1/ Costs of production. )rivate costs and Social Costs. Accounting Costs and $conomic costs, S&ort run and 4ong >un costs. $conomies of scale. Cost estimation. Met&ods of cost estimation and cost forecasting. Cost reduction and cost control. )ricing under various mar3ets including/

)erfect Competition, Monopol , Monopolistic competition, oligopol . Cartels. )rice discrimination. Measurement of Monopol )o'er. UNIT 2/ )ricing Strategies and Met&ods ! Cost plus pricing. Marginal cost pricing. C clical pricing. )enetration )ricing. )rice 4eaders&ip. )rice S3imming. #ransfer pricing. )rofit )olic / Brea3 $ven anal sis. )rofit Forecasting. Capital Budgeting ! steps involved in pro5ect evaluation. Concept of time value of mone . Met&ods of investment Appraisal/ Discounted Cas& flo'. (et )resent 7alue. Internal >ate of >eturns(eed for 0overnment Intervention in Mar3ets. )rice Controls. Support )rice. )reventions and Control of Monopolies. S stem of Dual )rice. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Managerial $conomics ! Anal sis5 )ro"lems and Cases - ).4. Me&ta, Managerial $conomics ! 7ars&ne and Ma&es&'ari, Managerial $conomics ! D. Salvatore, Managerial $conomics ! )earson and 4e'is Managerial $conomics ! 0.S. 0upta,Managerial $conomics ! Mote, )aul and 0upta


UNIT % Arra&(i&( data to 'o&+ey /ea&i&( - #a"les, 0rap&s and Fre<uenc Distri"ution UNIT ,% Measures o0 Ce&tral Te&de&'y Arit&metic Mean, Median, Mode. Measures of Dispersion ! >ange, Cuartile, Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of 7ariation. Correlatio& @arl )earson coefficient * >an3 correlation ! )artial * Multiple correlation. Simple and Multiple >egression 94inear; ! $<uation and prediction UNIT -% Asso'iatio& o0 Attributes% Dule+s coefficient * Coefficient of colligation. Probability Concept, Ba es+ t&eorem. )ro"a"ilit Distri"utions - Binomial, )oisson and (ormal UNIT 1% "i&ear Pro(ra//i&( ! Formulation. 0rap&ical solution, #ransportation * Assignment )ro"lems ! all met&ods6ueui&( T*eory Single Server 9 M8M8I , Infinite, FIFO; and Multi Server 9M8M8C , Infinite, FIFO;Mar3o+ C*ai&s # si/ulatio& te'*&i8ues. Monte Carlo Simulation UNIT 2% $a/es T*eory - :6: -ero sum game 'it& dominance - )ure Strateg and Mi6ed Strateg . UNIT 9 % De'isio& T*eory 4 Decision ma3ing under ris3 9$M7 criteria; and Decision ma3ing under uncertaint

Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Statistical and Cuantitative Met&ods ! B >an5it C&itale Statistical Met&ods - S.).0upta Statistics for Management - 4evin and >u"in Cuantitative #ec&ni<ues 7ol. 1 and : - 4.C.%&am" Statistics and Cuantitative #ec&ni<ues - M.0.D&a gude Cuantitative #ec&ni<ues - (.D.7o&ra


UNIT %I&trodu'tio& to /a&a(erial 'o//u&i'atio&% Meaning, Importance * o"5ectives )rinciples of Communication, forms of communication, Communication )rocess, Barriers of effective communication, #ec&ni<ues of effective communication. UNIT , %No&+erbal 'o//u&i'atio&% Bod 4anguage, 0estures, )ostures, Facial $6pressions, Dress codes. #&e Cross Cultural Dimensions of Business Communication. 4istening * Spea3ing, tec&ni<ues of electing response, pro"ing <uestions, O"servation. Business and social eti<uettes. UNIT - %Ma&a(erial'*es% )rinciples of $ffective Speec& * )resentations. #ec&nical * (on-tec&nical presentations. Speec& of introduction - speec& of t&an3s -occasional speec& - t&eme speec&. ?se of audio visual aids. UNIT 1 %I&ter+ie: Te'*&i8ues% Mastering t&e art of conducting and giving intervie's, )lacement intervie's - discipline intervie's - appraisal intervie's ! e6it intervie's. UNIT 2 %$rou. 'o//u&i'atio&% Importance, Meetings - group discussions. 7ideoconferencing. UNIT 9 %I&trodu'tio& to /a&a(erial :riti&(% Business letters/ In<uiries, Circulars, Cuotations, Orders, Ac3no'ledgments $6ecutions, Complaints, Claims * ad5ustments, Collection letter, Ban3ing correspondence, Agenc correspondence, Bad ne's and persuading letters, Sales letters, %o" application letters - Bio-data, Covering 4etter, Intervie' 4etters, 4etter of >eference. Memos, minutes, Circulars * notices. Re.orts/ # pes of Business >eports - Format, C&oice of voca"ular , co&erence and co&esion, paragrap& 'riting, organi-ation reports " individual, >eport " committee. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 4esi3ar, >.7. * Flatle , M.$. 9:FFE;. Basic Business Communication S3ills for $mpo'ering t&e Internet 0eneration. #ata Mc0ra' ,ill )u"lis&ing Compan 4td. (e' Del&i.

4udlo', >. * )anton, F. 91==H;. #&e $ssence of $ffective Communications. )rentice ,all of India )vt. 4td. Adair, %. 9:FFA;. $ffective Communication. )an Mcmillan. #&ill, %. 7. * Bovee, 0. 4. 91==A;. $6cellence in Business Communication. Mc0ra' ,ill, (e' Dor3. Bo'man, %.). * Branc&a', ).). 91=HI;. Business Communications/ From )rocess to )roduct. Dr den )ress, C&icago.


UNIT I % Et*i's # Busi&ess; 2&at is $t&ics, (ature and scope of $t&ics, Facts and value, $t&ical su"5ectivism and >elativism, Moral Development 9@o&l"erg+s G stages of Moral Development;, $t&ics and Business, M t& of a moral "usiness. >ole of Business in Societ - $conomic >ole and Social Impact of Business ! $ntrepreneur+s >ole-Bac3ground * C&aracteristics-4eaders&ip and Self A'areness - 4eaders&ip St les ! $ssential Components of 4eaders&ip ! ?nderstanding #eam 2or3 and 4eaders&ip ! ,o' Culture Constrains or $n&ance 4eaders ! $ssential 4eaders&ip S3ills ! )ro"lem Solving and Decision Ma3ing ! 7isionar 4eaders&ip ! )rofile of 4eaders UNIT II % U&it%- Cor.orate Res.o&sibility% A ,istorical )erspectives from Industrial >evolution to social Activism ! #&e (ature of $t&ics in Management ! $t&ical )ro"lem as Managerial Dilemmas ! conflict Bet'een $conomic * Social )erformance ! Comple6it of $t&ical issues ! # pical )ro"lems in Business $t&ics ! )ricing ! Advertising ! )roduct )romotion ! 2or3ing conditions ! Consumer Service ! Do'nsi-ing 2or3force ! $nvironmental )ollution * Supplier >elations. Anal -ing $t&ical )ro"lems ! $conomic, $t&ical and 4egal Aspects ! Managerial $t&ics and Individual Decisions ! $t&ical Anal sis-$t&ical Dilemmas * )ersonal Career UNIT III% De'isio& /a3i&( <Nor/al Dile//as a&d Proble/s= Application of $t&ical t&eories in Business/ I; ?tilitarianism 9%.Bent&am and %.S. Mill;, ii; Deontolog 9I. @ant; 7irtue $t&ics 9Aristotle;. $conomic %ustice/ Distri"utive %ustice, %o&n >a'ls 4i"ertarian %ustice 9>o"est (o-ic3;- $t&ical Issues in Functional Areas of Business. Mar3eting/ C&aracteristics of Free and )erfect competitive mar3et, Monopol oligopol , $t&ics in Advertising 9#rut& in Advertising;. Finance/ Fairness and $fficienc in Financial Mar3et, Insider #rading, 0reen Mail, 0olden parc&ate.

,>/ 2or3ers >ig&t and Duties/ 2or3 place safeties, se6ual &arassment, '&istle "lo'ing. U&it IV Cor.orate $o+er&a&'e; Origin and Development of Corporate governance, #&eories underl ing Corporate 0overnance 9Sta3e &older+s t&eor and Ste'ards&ip t&eor , Agenc t&eor , Separation of o'ners&ip and control, (ature and $valuation of corporate 0overnance ! 0lo"al and (ational )rospective Business $t&ics and Corporate 0overnance, 2& 0overnanceJ-Claims of 7arious Sta3e ,olders ! O'ners, $mplo ees, Customers, Creditors, Suppliers, Communit , 0overnment Business Standards and 7alues ! Anticipating * Avoiding unet&ical Conse<uences Selecting $t&ical 0oals ! 7alue Orientation of t&e Firm. UNIT V 4 Cor.orate $o+er&a&'e Me'*a&is/% AngloKAmerican Model, 0erman Model, %apanese Model, Indian Model, O$CD, emp&asis on Corporate governance, $t&ics and 0overnance, )rocess and Corporate 0overnance 9#ransparenc Accounta"ilit and $mpo'erment;. >ole )la ers./ >ole of Board of Directors and Board Structure, >ole of Board of Directors, >ole of t&e (one6ecutive Director, >ole of Auditors, S$BI 0ro't& of Corporate 0overnance. >ole of 0overnment, Corporate governance in India, @umaramangalam Birla Committee, CII, >eport, Cad"ur Committee. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1;S.S. I er - Managing for 7alue 9(e' Age International )u"lis&ers, :FF:; :; 4aura ) ,artman A"&a C&atter5ee - Business $t&ics 9#ata Mc0ra' ,ill, :FFI; A; S.@. B&atia - Business $t&ics and Managerial 7alues 9Deep * Deep )u"lications )vt.4td ,:FFF; B;7elas<ue- ! Business $t&ics ! Concepts and Cases 9)rentice ,all, Gt& $d.; E; >eed Darr l ! Corporate 0overnance, $conomic >eforms * Development 9O6ford;. G; Mat&ur ?C ! Corporate 0overnance * Business $t&ics 9Mc Millan;.


UNIT % T*e Co&tra't A't5 ?> (ature and classification of contracts - $ssential elements of a valid contract- Offer and Acceptance - Consideration - Capacities of )arties -)rovisions relating to free consent, void agreements- )rovisions relating to performance and disc&arge of contract Breac& of contract - Meaning and remedies UNIT ,% Co&tra't A't5 ?>,

Contracts of Indemnit - Meaning, nature - >ig&t of Indemnit ,older and Indemnifier Contracts of 0uarantee - Meaning, (ature and Features - # pes of 0uarantee ! )rovisions relating to various t pes of 0uarantee - Suret and Co-suret - >ig&ts and 4ia"ilities - Disc&arge of suret from &is lia"ilit Agenc - Agent and )rincipal - Creation of Agenc - Classification of Agents - >elations&ip "et'een )rincipal and Agent - Agent.s aut&orit >evocation and >enunciation - >ig&ts, Duties and 4ia"ilities of Agent and )rincipal ! #ermination of Agenc UNIT -% Sales o0 $oods A't5 @-! Contract for Sale of 0oods - Meaning - $ssentials of a Contract of Sale -Formalities of a Contract of Sale- )rovisions relating to conditions and 2arranties - )rovisions relating to transfer of propert or o'ners&ip)rovisions relating to performance of Contract of Sale - >ig&ts of ?npaid Seller ! >ules as to deliver of goods. UNIT 1 %T*e Ne(otiable I&stru/e&ts A't5 ?? (egotia"le Instruments - Meaning, C&aracteristics, # pes, )arties ! ,older and &older in Due Course- (egotiation and # pes of $ndorsementsDis&onour of (egotia"le Instrument - (oting and )rotest- 4ia"ilit of parties on (egotia"le Instrument UNIT 2% T*e Co/.a&ies A't5 @29 Compan - Definition, Meaning, Features and # pes of companiesIncorporation of a compan - Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and )rospectus-S&are Capital UNIT 9 %T*e Co&su/er Prote'tio& A't5 @?9 a; Definitions of Consumer, Complainant, 0oods, Service - Meaning of Consumer Dispute, Complaint - ?nfair #rade )ractices - >estrictive #rade )ractices "; >ig&ts of Consumers c; Consumer Disputes >edressal Agencies UNIT > %T*e I&0or/atio& Te'*&olo(y A't5 ,!!! a; Digital Signature - Digital Signature Certificate "; $lectronic 0overnance c; $lectronic >ecords d; Certif ing Aut&orities e; )enalt * Ad5udication UNIT ?% Pate&ts A't 4 Conceptual understanding of patents, cop rig&ts, trademar3s and designs. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Business 4a's - Balc&andani Business 4a's - S.D.0eet and M.S.)atil

Business 4a's - 0uls&an @apoor

UNIT 4 INTRODUCTION% Concept, nature, scope and importance of mar3etingL Mar3eting concept and its evolutionL Mar3eting mi6L Strategic mar3eting planning ! an overvie'. Mar3et Anal sis and Selection/ Mar3eting environment ! macro and micro components and t&eir impact on mar3eting decisionsL Mar3et segmentation and positioningL Bu er "e&aviorL consumer versus organi-ational "u ersL Consumer decision ma3ing process. UNIT , % PRODUCT% )roduct ! Meaning, 0oods * Services, )roduct Mi6, 4evels of )roduct, )roduct 4ife C cle - Managing t&e product in )roduct 4ife C cle. UNIT - % NEB PRODUCT DEVE"OPMENT4 # pes of ne' products - #est Mar3eting a ne' product ! )ortfolio anal sis, Branding - Definition, )urpose and Significance, Branding decisions - )ac3aging * 4a"eling - )urpose, # pes and ne' trends in pac3aging. UNIT 1 % PRICE% Meaning, Importance, )ricing o"5ectives, Factors influencing pricing decision - Approac&es to pricing ! )rice * (on-price competition, Setting t&e price and managing t&e price c&anges. UNIT 2% P"ACE% Importance, functions of distri"ution c&annels Introduction to t&e various c&annels of distri"ution ! Designing mar3eting c&annels ! Introduction to 2&olesaling, >etailing, Franc&ising, Direct Mar3eting, Impact of tec&nolog * Internet on distri"ution. UNIT 9% PROMOTION% Concept and role in mar3eting, )romotional Mi6 Advertising, Sales )romotion, )ersonal Selling, )u"lic >elations. Impact of tec&nolog * Internet on )romotion UNIT >% ECte&ded PDs o0 Mar3eti&( )eople, )rocess * )& sical $vidence Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Mar3eting Management - )&ilip @otler Fundamentals of Mar3eting - Stanton Mar3eting Management - 7.S.>amas'am and S.(ama3umari )rinciples of Mar3eting 1:t& $dition - )&ilip @otler and 0ar Armstrong Mar3eting Models - 4ilien * @otler * Moort& Case Studies in Mar3eting - Indian conte6t - >.Srinivas Case stud solutions - ,.@aus&al


Mar3eting Management ! >a5an Sa6ena Mar3eting ! 0and&i


UNIT / Concept of Finance, Corporate Finance, Finance Functions and ot&er functions. Structures of t&e Financial S stem. UNIT4, / Financial Management ! Meaning and O"5ectives, A+s of Financial Management, Scope and Functions of Financial Management, Financial )lanning and Forecasting. UNIT4- / Capitali-ation ! ?nder and Over Capitali-ation, Capital Structures ! Computation of cost of capital, #rading on $<uit , 4everages ! # pe and Significance Capital Budgeting ! (ature and Significance, #ime value of mone - Discounting and Compounding ! Met&ods of evaluating Capital $6penditure proposals UNIT 2 / Financial statements of Corporate organi-ations, Introduction to Sc&edule- 7I, )rovisions of Companies Act 1=EG. Anal sis and interpretation of Financial Statements using t&e tec&ni<ues of >atio Anal sis and Fund Flo' anal sis. UNIT 9 / 2or3ing Capital Management ! (ature of 2or3ing Capital Management, (eed for 'or3ing capital ! operating c cle, estimation of 'or3ing capital re<uirement ! Management of Cas& and >eceiva"les, Cas& Budget. Management of )rofits-Dividend )olic , )rocedural and 4egal formalities involved in t&e pa ment of dividend-Bonus S&ares. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. Financial Management ! I.M.)ande :. Financial Management ! @&an * %ain A. Financial Management ! S.M.Inamdar B. Financial Management ! (.M.2ec&le3ar E. Financial Management ! S.C.@uc&al G. Financial Management * )olic ! >.M.S&rivastava I. Financial Management ! )rasanna C&andra H. Financial Management- ).7. @ul3arni


UNIT % 7u/a& resour'es Ma&a(e/e&t4 Introduction and Importance$volution ! difference "et'een )ersonnel Management and ,>MStrategic ,>M- role of a ,> Manager.
11 MBA

UNIT ,% 7u/a& Resour'es Pla&&i&(4O"5ectives-Importance-,>) )rocessManpo'er $stimation-%o" anal sis-%o" Description-%o" Specification. >ecruitment-Sources of >ecruitment-Selection )rocess)lacement and Induction->etention of $mplo ees. UNIT - % Trai&i&( a&d De+elo./e&t4 O"5ectives and (eeds-#raining )rocess-Met&ods of #raining !#ools and Aids-$valuation of #raining )rograms. UNIT 1 % Career Pla&&i&(4 Succession )lanning. UNIT 2 % Per0or/a&'e Ma&a(e/e&t Syste/4 Definition, Concepts and $t&ics-Different met&ods of )erformance Appraisal- >ating $rrorsCompetenc management. UNIT 9 % Co/.e&satio& Ma&a(e/e&t Concepts and Components-%o" $valuation- Incentives and Benefits. UNIT > Circles % Produ'ti+ity Ma&a(e/e&t4 Concepts-#CM-@ai-en-Cualit

UNIT ? % I&dustrial relatio&s4 0rievance )rocedure-collective Bargaining-Settlement of Disputes. >etirement8Separation4 Superannuation-7oluntar >etirement Sc&emes- >esignation-Disc&argeDismissal-Suspension-4a off. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 ,uman >esources Management- 0ar Dessler )ersonnel Management ! C.B Mamoria Managing ,uman >esources - >.S. D'i'edi ,uman >esources Management-7.).Mic&ael ,uman >esources Management ! Dr.).C.)ardes&i ,uman >esources Management ! Mir-a * Mai adin ,uman >esources Management ! 4.M.)rasad ,uman >esources Management - As&'at&appa Managing ,uman >esources - Arun Monppa


UNIT % I&trodu'tio& to O.eratio&s Ma&a(e/e&t 4 (ature, Scope, Importance and Functions- $volution from manufacturing to operations management - $volution of t&e factor s stem - manufacturing s stems ! <ualit ! mass customi-ation. Contri"ution of ,enr Ford, Deming, Cross" , #aguc&i, UNIT , % o0 I&dustries 7ariet of Businesses ! Integration of Manufacturing * Services ! Scale of Operations. Met&ods of Manufacturing
1: MBA

- )ro5ect 8 %o""ing, Batc& )roduction, Flo'8Continuous )roduction, )rocess )roduction -C&aracteristics of eac& met&od UNIT - %Fa'ilities "o'atio& # "ayout Strategic importance - Factors affecting location * la out - Installation of facilities ! Single location, multilocation decisions. )rinciples and # pes of Facilities 4a out UNIT 1 %I/.orta&'e a&d Fu&'tio&s o0 Produ'tio& Pla&&i&( # Co&trol. Introduction to )$># 8 C)M - (et'or3 Cras&ing 9(umericals e6pected for )$>#8C)M; UNIT 2 %Mai&te&a&'e Ma&a(e/e&t 4 Importance and t pes of maintenance ! Maintenance )lanning - Spare )arts Management ! Concept of #)M. UNIT 9 %I&s.e'tio& 4 Cent percent Inspection, Sample Inspection, Operation C&aracteristics Curves, Statistical Cualit Control ! Construction * Interpretation of Control C&arts !9N->, n, p, c, np; Introduction to Si6 Sigma, 9(umericals e6pected for Control C&arts;. 0ap anal sis for service <ualit assessment. UNIT > %Produ'ti+ity 4 2or3 Stud - O"5ectives, Scope and ?ses Met&ods Stud ! Flo' process c&art, Flo' diagram * )rocess mapping 2or3 Measurement - $lements - )erformance >ating - Allo'ances Standard #ime - S nt&etic #ime Standards ! 2or3 Sampling 9(umericals e6pected for Standard #ime; 91F; UNIT ? %"ea& Produ'tio& Syste/s ! #ODO#A s stem ! %I# - @A(BA( #&eor of Constraints 9 Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Operations Management - @ra5e's3i Operations Management - Ma&adevan )roduction * Operations Management - C&ar )roduction * Operations Management - C&ase )roduction * Operations Management - Adam * $"ert Manufacturing * Operations Management - 4.C.%&am" #&e Mac&ine t&at C&anged t&e 2orld ! %ames 2omac3 9>eference; #&e 0oal ! $li a&oo 0oldaratt 9>eference;


UNIT % I&trodu'tio&% Materials Ma&a(e/e&t 4 $volution, Importance, Scope and O"5ectives- Interface 'it& ot&er functions. Concept of 4ogistics and Suppl C&ain Management and evolution to B)4


UNIT , % "o(isti's 4 O"5ectives, Components, Significance. Suppl C&ain Management ! O"5ectives, Components, Significance, #rade off Customer Service * Cost. UNIT - % I&+e&tory 4 (eed of Inventor - Costs associated 'it& Inventor - # pes of Inventor - Basic $OC Model - $OC 'it& discounts - Classification of material - ABC Anal sis - 7$D, ,M4, FS(, 0O4F, SOS 9(umericals e6pected on Basic $OC, $OC 'it& discounts * ABC; UNIT 1 % Material Re8uire/e&t Pla&&i&( 4 Advantages over conventional planning 9Order )oint Met&od; ! Input and output of M>) s stem - Forecasting ! Overvie' of <uantitative and <ualitative met&ods of forecasting - Master )roduction Sc&edule - Bill of Materials ! BOM $6plosion - Material flo' in M>). M>) II. Concept of $>). 9(umericals e6pected on BOM $6plosion, estimating (et re<uirements; UNIT 2 % Pur'*asi&( Ma&a(e/e&t 4 >esponsi"ilities of )urc&ase Department - )urc&ase C cle! (egotiation * Bargaining ! 7endor relations - )urc&asing Met&ods - 0lo"al sourcing UNIT 9 %Stores Functions, Importance, Organi-ation of stores * Stores la out. Stores procedure documentation I&+e&tory 'o&trol # Cost Redu'tio& te'*&i8ues% Inventor turns ratios - Standardi-ation ! need and importance. Codification ! concept, "enefits. 7alue $ngineering and 7alue Anal sis ! concept and process. Materials 7a&dli&( 4 )rinciples of Materials ,andling s stem - Materials ,andling $<uipments ! Safet issues. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 )urc&asing and Suppl Management - Do"ler and Burt Materials Management - Dutta )urc&asing and Materials Management - @ S Menon ,and"oo3 of Materials Management - 0opal3ris&nan Materials * 4ogistics Management - 4.C.%&am" Introduction to Materials Management ! Arnold 4ogistics * Suppl C&ain Management ! Martin C&ristop&er


UNIT %Ma&a(e/e&t I&0or/atio& Syste/s - (eed, )urpose and O"5ectives ! Contemporar Approac&es to MIS - Information as a strategic resource - ?se of information for competitive advantage - MIS as an instrument for t&e organi-ational c&ange UNIT , %I&0or/atio&5 Ma&a(e/e&t a&d De'isio& Ma3i&( - Models of Decision Ma3ing -Classical, Administrative and ,er"ert Simon.s Models 1B MBA

Attri"utes of information and its relevance to Decision Ma3ing - # pes of information UNIT - %I&0or/atio& Te'*&olo(y 4 Definition, I# Capa"ilities and t&eir organi-ational impact -#elecommunication and (et'or3s - # pes and #opologies of (et'or3s - I# ena"led services suc& as Call Centers, 0eograp&ical Information S stems etc. UNIT 1 %Data Base Ma&a(e/e&t Syste/s 4 Data 2are&ousing and Data Mining UNIT 2 % Syste/s A&alysis a&d Desi(& 4 S stems Development 4ife C cle ! Alternative S stem Building Approac&es - )rotot ping - >apid Development #ools ! CAS$ #ools ! O"5ect Oriented S stems 9Onl introduction to t&ese tools * tec&ni<ues; UNIT 9 %De'isio& Su..ort Syste/s 4 0roup Decision Support S stems ! $6ecutive Information S stems - $6ecutive Support S stems - $6pert S stems and @no'ledge Based $6pert S stems - Artificial Intelligence Ma&a(e/e&t Issues i& MIS 4 Information Securit and Control ! Cualit Assurance -$t&ical and Social Dimensions - Intellectual )ropert >ig&ts as related to I# Services 8 I# )roducts - Managing 0lo"al Information S stems Applications of MIS in functional areas as 'ell as in t&e service sector s&ould "e covered 'it& t&e &elp of minimum E case studies. 9H; $mp&asis s&ould "e given on management oriented pro"lems and cases as compared to tec&nical pro"lems e6pected from computer science8 computer management students. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. Management Information )earson $ducation Asia :. Management Information A. Management Information B. Management Information E. Management Information G. Management Information S stems, 4audon and 4audon, It& $dition, S S S S S stems, %a'ade3ar, #ata Mc0ra' ,ill stems, Davis and Olson, #ata Mc0ra' ,ill stems, Sc&ult&esis, #ata Mc0ra' ,ill stems - Sadagopan, )rentice ,all stems - %a ant O3e


UNIT % Fou&datio&s o0 Resear'*% Meaning, O"5ectives, Motivation, ?tilit . Concept of t&eor , empiricism, deductive and inductive t&eor .

C&aracteristics of scientific met&od - ?nderstanding t&e language of researc& - Concept, Construct, Definition, 7aria"le. >esearc& )rocess UNIT , %Proble/ Ide&ti0i'atio& # For/ulatio& ! Management Cuestion ! >esearc& Cuestion ! Investigation Cuestion ! Measurement Issues - , pot&esis ! Cualities of a good , pot&esis !(ull , pot&esis * Alternative , pot&esis. , pot&esis #esting - 4ogic * Importance 9B; UNIT - % Resear'* Desi(&/ Concept and Importance in >esearc& Features of a good researc& design ! $6plorator >esearc& Design ! concept, t pes and uses, Descriptive >esearc& Designs - concept, t pes and uses. $6perimental Design/ Causal relations&ips, Concept of Independent * Dependent varia"les, concomitant varia"le, e6traneous varia"le, #reatment, Control group. UNIT 1 % 6ualitati+e a&d 8ua&titati+e resear'*% Cualitative researc& ! Cuantitative researc& ! Concept of measurement, causalit , generali-ation, replication. Merging t&e t'o approac&es. UNIT 1 % Measure/e&t% Concept of measurement! '&at is measuredJ )ro"lems in measurement in management researc& - 7alidit and >elia"ilit . 4evels of measurement - (ominal, Ordinal, Interval, >atio. UNIT 2 % Attitude S'ali&( Te'*&i8ues% Concept of Scale ! >ating Scales vi-. 4i3ert Scales, Semantic Differential Scales, Constant Sum Scales, 0rap&ic >ating Scales! >an3ing Scales ! )aired Comparison * Forced >an3ing. UNIT 9 % o0 Data% Secondar Data - Definition, Sources, C&aracteristics. )rimar Data - Definition, Advantages and disadvantages over secondar data, O"servation met&od, Cuestionnaire Construction, )ersonal Intervie's, #elep&onic Intervie', Mail Surve , $mail8Internet surve . UNIT > % Sa/.li&(% Concepts of Statistical )opulation, Sample, Sampling Frame, Sampling $rror, Sample Si-e, (on >esponse. C&aracteristics of a good sample. )ro"a"ilit Sample ! Simple >andom Sample, S stematic Sample, Stratified >andom Sample * Multi-stage sampling. (on )ro"a"ilit Sample ! %udgment, Convenience, Cuota * Sno'"alling met&ods. Determining si-e of t&e sample - )ractical considerations in sampling and sample si-e. 9A; UNIT ? %Data A&alysis% Data )reparation ! ?nivariate anal sis 9fre<uenc ta"les, "arc&arts, pie c&arts, percentages;, Bivariate anal sis ! Cross ta"ulations and C&i-s<uare test including testing & pot&esis of association. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4

1. Business >esearc& Met&ods - Donald Cooper * )amela Sc&indler, #M0,, =t& edition. :. Business >esearc& Met&ods ! Alan Br man * $mma Bell, O6ford ?niversit )ress.


U&it Computer ! An Introduction Introduction - 2&at is a ComputerJ -Importance of Computers 9Man vs. Mac&ine; -Classification of Computers - )opularit of )ersonal Computers 9IBM )C vs. Apple Mac )C; - Arc&itecture of a Computer S stem Computers in Business ! Facilities Availa"le in Computerised S stem - Indian Computing $nvironment - Office Automation - Components of a Computer S stem ,ard'are Components of Micro Computer - Classification of Soft'are -0eneration of Computers - Computer 4anguages - 4anguage #ranslators U&it , )C-Soft'are )ac3ages Introduction -Dis3 Operating S stem 9DOS; ! 2indo's - 2ord )rocessor Starting 2ord :FFF - $diting Documents in 2ord :FFF - Formatting Documents - Clip 0aller - )age Setting - Application of a 2ord )rocessor in Corporate Sector - Data"ase Management )ac3ages - Starting Access :FFF - 2or3ing 'it& #a"les - 2or3ing 'it& Forms - 2or3ing 'it& >eports Spreads&eet )ac3ages - Starting $6cel :FFF - 2or3ing 'it& Documents Data $ntr and $diting ! # pes of Cell $ntries - Commonl ?sed Functions -A"solute and >elative Cell >eferencing - (um"er Format - C&arting 'it& $6cel ! Macros Importing and $6porting Files - )rinting a 2or3"oo3 - Application of a Spreads&eet in Corporate Sector U&it Data )rocessing and )resentations Introduction - Modes of Data )rocessing - Basic of Data )rocessing - Data ,ierarc& - Data Structure - Application )ortfolio Development Management of Data )rocessing S stems in Business Organi-ations ! Computerised Financial Accounting S stem 9FAS; - Computerised Inventor Control S stem - Computerised )a roll S stem - Computerised Invoicing S stem

Introduction to )resentations - Creating a )resentation on )C - Creating a (e' )resentation - )o'er)oint 7ie's - Creating a )resentation ?sing a #emplate - Creating a Blan3 )resentation - Opening an $6isting )resentation - Displa ing t&e Slides - Saving a )resentation - Closing a )resentation

U&it 1 File S stem and Data Base Introduction - 7arious # pes of Files - Files Organi-ation - Master File #ransaction File- File Design - Designing >eports - >elevance of Data"ase Management S stems - Integration of Application - Introduction to a Micro Data"ase Manager U&it 2 )rogram and Development Introduction - )rogram Definition - Steps in )rogram Development C&aracteristics of a 0ood )rogram - Data ,andling and Declaration Introduction to Flo' C&arts - Input )rocess Output Anal sis - )rogram Design #ec&ni<ues - )rogramming #ec&ni<ues -Modular Design of )rograms -Module Design >e<uirements >eferences 1. Fundamentals of Computers " 7 >a5a >aman. )rentice ,all of India )vt. 4td., (e' Del&i. :. Computer Fundamentals " ) @ Sin&a. B)B )u"lications., (e' Del&i. A. Computer Fundamentals " B >am. (e' Age International. B. Introduction to Computers " 4eon and 4eon. 7i3as )u"lis&ing ,ouse., (e' Del&i. E. 0ill, (.S., O$ssentials of Computer FundamentalsP, @&anna Boo3 )u"lis&ing Co.9);4td.


UNIT % ENTREPRENEURS7IP DEVE"OPMENT Fou&datio&s o0 E&*i. De+elo./e&t% Concept and (eed of $ntrepreneurs&ip Development Definition of $ntrepreneur, $ntrepreneurs&ip, Innovation, Invention, Creativit , Business Idea, Opportunities t&roug& c&ange. Concepts of $ntrepreneur, Manager,

Intrapreneur 8 Corporate $ntrepreneur ! comparative stud - >oles, >esponsi"ilities, Career opportunities. $ntrepreneurs&ip as a career, $ntrepreneurs&ip as a st le of management, #&e c&anging role of t&e entrepreneur/ mid career dilemmas ! Closing t&e 'indo'/ Sustaining Competitiveness - Maintaining competitive advantage. UNIT , % T*eories o0 E&*i. / Innovation #&eor " Sc&umpeter * Imitating #&eor of ,ig& Ac&ievement " McClelland N-$fficienc #&eor " 4ei"enstein #&eor of )rofit " @nig&t t&eor of Social c&ange " $verett ,agen

UNIT - % I&0lue&'es o& E&*i. De+elo./e&t% $ntrepreneurial #raits $6ternal Influences on $ntrepreneurs&ip Development/ Socio-Cultural, )olitical, $conomical, )ersonal. $ntrepreneurial culture 'it& special reference to Intrapreneurs&ip 8 Corporate $ntrepreneurs&ip. $ntrepreneurial Success and Failure/ >easons and >emedies. UNIT 1 % Bo/e& E& C&allenges to 2oman $ntrepreneurs, Ac&ievements of 2oman $ntrepreneurs, >ole Models of 2oman $ntrepreneurs. Creating $ntrepreneurial 7enture - $ntrepreneurs&ip Development C cle Business )lanning )rocess - #&e "usiness plan as an entrepreneurial tool $lements of Business )lan, O"5ectives, Mar3et Anal sis, Development of product 8 idea, Mar3eting, Finance, Organi-ation * Management, O'ners&ip, Critical ris3 contingencies of t&e proposal, Sc&eduling and milestones. UNIT 2 4 E&*i. De+elo./e&t a&d $o+er&/e&t - >ole of Central 0overnment and State 0overnment in promoting $ntrepreneurs&ip 'it& various incentives, su"sidies, grants etc. ! 'it& special reference to Q$6port oriented units+ >ole of t&e follo'ing agencies in t&e $ntrepreneurs&ip Development DIC ! District Industrial Center SISI ! Small Industries Services Institute $DII ! $ntrepreneurs&ip Development Institute of India (I$SB?D ! (ational Institute of $ntrepreneurs&ip and Small Business Development ($DB ! (ational $ntrepreneurs&ip Development Board UNIT 9 4 PROEECT MANA$EMENT )ro5ect Management - #ec&nical, Financial, Mar3eting )ersonnel and Management feasi"ilit >eports, Financial sc&emes offered " various
1= MBA

financial institutions li3e Commercial Ban3s, IDBI, ICICI, SIDBI, SFCs, 7enture Capital Funding, Angle Capitalist Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. D namics of $ntrepreneurs&ip Development ! 7asant Desai. :. $ntrepreneurs&ip/ (e' 7enture Creation ! David ,. ,olt A. $ntrepreneurs&ip Development (e' 7enture Creation ! Satis& #ane5a, S.4.0upta B. )ro5ect management ! @. (agara5an. E. $ntrepreneurs&ip/ Strategies and >esources ! Marc %. Dollinger G. #&e Culture of $ntrepreneurs&ip ! Brigitte Berger. I. Innovation and $ntrepreneurs&ip ! )eter F. Druc3er H. $ntrepreneurs&ip ! >o"ert D. ,isric&, Mic&ael ). )eters, Dean A. S&ep&erd =. $ntrepreneurs&ip As Strateg ! 0. Dale Me er, @urt A. ,eppard 1F. (e' 7istas of $ntrepreneurs&ip/ C&allenges * Opportunities ! A. Sa&a , M.S.C&&i3ara 11. $ntrepreneurs&ip and Small Business Management ! Siropolis 1:. #&e $ntrepreneurial Connection - 0urmeet (aroola 1A. #&oug&t 4eaders ! Steven Brandt. 1B. Corporate $ntrepreneurs&ip ! 7i5a Sat&e 1E. Corporate $ntrepreneurs&ip/ $ntrepreneurial Development Inside Organi-ations ! Mic&ael ,.Morris, Donald F.@urat3o 1G. Intrapreneurs&ip/ 0ifford )inc&ot III 1I. 4ead li3e an $ntrepreneur ! (eal #&orn"err 1H. Dou #oo Can Become an $ntrepreneur ! (alina3s&a Mutsuddi 1=. Ma3e #&e Move/ Dem stif ing $ntrepreneurs&ip ! Is&an 0upta, >a5at @&are


?(I# I CO(C$)# OF C?A4I#D MA(A0$M$(# ?nit 1/ Concept, )rinciples and >ole of #CM Implementation. ?nit :/ Cualit Control #ec&ni<ues ?nit A/ Cost of Cualit ?nit B/ @ai-en and Continuous Improvement ?(I# II )>I(CI)4$S OF #CM ?nit 1/ Customer Specification and )erception ?nit :/ $mplo ee Involvement and >etention ?nit A/ Supplier >elations&ip Movement ?nit B/ Service Cualit ?(I# III C?A4I#D A(A4DS$S ?nit 1/ Introduction to Statistics ?nit :/ Statistical Control C&arts ?nit A/ )ro"a"ilit $stimation ?nit B/ Measurement of >elia"ilit and Sampling

?nit E/ $6perimental Designs ?(I# I7 C?A4I#D SDS#$MS ?nit 1/ ISO =FFF ?nit :/ Si6 Sigma ?nit A/ Certification >e<uirements ?nit B/ Standards for Cualit ?(I# 7 B$(C,MA>@I(0 A(D C?A4I#D CI>C4$ ?nit B/ Introduction to Benc&mar3ing ?nit :/ Cualit function Deplo ment ?nit A/ Cualit Circle ?nit B/ Cualit A'ards >$F$>$(C$ BOO@S/ 1. %ames $vans and 2illiam M 4idsa , #&e Management and Control of Cualit , #&omson 4earning, :FF: :. (ara ana 7 and ( S Sreenivasan, Cualit Management-Concepts and #as3s, (e' Age International, 1==G. A. S&ailendra (igam, #otal Cualit Management, $6cel Boo3s, (e' Del&i. B. %ames >.$vans * 2illiam M.4idsa , #&e Management and Control of Cualit , 9Et& $dition;, Sout&-2estern 9#&omson 4earning;, :FF: 9ISB( F-A:B-FGGHF-E;. E. Feigen"aum.A.7. O#otal Cualit Management, Mc0ra'-,ill, 1==1.

UNIT % International Business $nvironment ! 0lo"ali-ation ! Forces, Meaning, dimensions and stages in 0lo"ali-ation ! Introduction to t&eories of International #rade " Adam Smit&, >icardo and O&lin * ,ec3ler ! #rading $nvironment of International #rade ! #ariff and (on-tariff Barriers ! #rade Bloc3s ! >ise of ne' economies li3e %apan, Sout& $ast Asia and C&ina as compared to India. UNIT , % Countr >is3 Anal sis ! )olitical, Social and $conomic ! Cultural and $t&ical practices ! ,alsteade model - >esponsi"ilities of International Business UNIT - % Managing Multinational $nterprises ! )ro"lems and )otential ! Multinational Service Organi-ations ! Indian companies "ecoming Multinationals ! )otential, (eed and )ro"lems
:1 MBA

UNIT 1 % Introduction to International Financial Management ! Balance of #rade and 91F; Balance of )a ment ! International Monetar Fund, Asian Development Ban3 and 2orld Ban3 ! Financial Mar3ets and Instruments ! Introduction to $6port and Import Finance ! Met&ods of pa ment in International #rade ! Introduction to current $NIM polic . UNIT 2 % Bilateral and Multilateral #rade 4a's ! 0eneral Agreement on #rade and #ariffs 90A##; 2orld #rade Organi-ation ! I)>, #>I)S, #>IMS, 0A#S ! Ministerial Conferences. UNIT 9 % International Mar3eting ! $ntr strategies ! Mar3et selection ! Barriers 0lo"al sourcing and its impact on Indian Industr ! 0lo"ali-ation and internal reform process ! India+s competitive advantage in industries li3e I#, #e6tiles, 0ems * %e'eller etc. ! )otential and t&reats Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. International Business $nvironment ! Sundaram and Blac3 :. International Business $nvironment ! B&alla and >a5u A. International Financial Management ! ).0.Apte B. International Business ! Francis C&erulinam E. International Business ! >ao and >angac&ari G. $6port Management ! >at&od I. International Business ! >ao and >angac&ari H. 0lo"al Business #oda ! C&arles ,ill =. International Business ! C&arles ,ill 1F. International Business $nvironment * Operations ! %o&n D.Daniels


UNIT %Strate(y a&d t*e 6uest 0or Co/.etiti+e Ad+a&ta(e% Militar origins of strateg ! $volution - Concept and C&aracteristics of strategic management ! Defining strateg ! Mint-er"g+s E)s of strateg ! Corporate, Business and Functional 4evels of strateg - Strategic Management )rocess. UNIT , %Strate(i' I&te&t # Strate(y For/ulatio&% 7ision, mission and purpose ! Business definition, o"5ectives and goals ! Sta3e&olders in "usiness and t&eir roles in strategic management - Corporate Social >esponsi"ilit , $t&ical and Social Considerations in Strateg Development. UNIT - %Strate(i' a&alysis% Anal -ing Compan +s >esources and Competitive )osition - Organi-ational Capa"ilit )rofile ! Strategic Advantage )rofile ! Core Competence - Distinctive competitiveness. UNIT 1 %A&aly)i&( Co/.a&yDs ECter&al E&+iro&/e&t% $nvironmental appraisal ! Scenario planning ! )reparing an $nvironmental #&reat and
:: MBA

Opportunit )rofile 9$#O); ! Industr Anal sis - )orter+s Five Forces Model of competition. UNIT 2 % Cor.orate Port0olio A&alysis% Business )ortfolio Anal sis S nerg and D serg - BC0 Matri6 0$ = Cell Model - Concept of Stretc&, 4everage and fit UNIT 9 %$e&eri' Co/.etiti+e Strate(ies% 4o' cost, Differentiation, Focus. $ra&d Strate(ies/ Sta"ilit , 0ro't& 9Diversification Strategies, 7ertical Integration Strategies, Mergers, Ac<uisition * #a3eover Strategies, Strategic Alliances * Colla"orative )artners&ips;, >etrenc&ment, Outsourcing Strategies. Tailori&( strate(y to 0it s.e'i0i' i&dustry ! 4ife C cle Anal sis $merging, 0ro'ing, Mature * Declining Industries. Ne: Busi&ess Models a&d strate(ies 0or I&ter&et E'o&o/y% S&aping c&aracteristics of $-Commerce environment ! $-Commerce Business Model and Strategies ! Internet Strategies for #raditional Business ! @e success factors in $-Commerce ! 7irtual 7alue C&ain. Strate(y i/.le/e&tatio& - )ro5ect implementation ! )rocedural implementation! >esource Allocation ! Organi-ation Structure ! Matc&ing structure and strateg . Be*a+ioural issues i& i/.le/e&tatio& ! Corporate culture ! Mc @inse +s Is Frame'or3 - Concepts of 4earning Organi-ation Fu&'tio&al issues ! Functional plans and policies ! Financial, Mar3eting, Operations, )ersonnel, I#. UNIT >% Strate(y E+aluatio& ! Operations Control and Strategic Control - S mptoms of malfunctioning of strateg !! Balanced Scorecard Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 A A #&ompson %r., A % Stric3land III, % $ 0am"le, Crafting * $6ecuting Strateg #&e Cuest for Competitive Advantage >an5an Das, Crafting t&e Strateg / Concepts and Cases in Strategic Management, ,enr , Mint-"erg, Bruce, A&lstrand and %osep&, 4ampel 91==H;. 0ar , ,amel and )ra&alad, C. @. 91===;. Competing for t&e Future. ,BS )ress. $d. C.A. Montgomer , M.$. )orter, Strateg ! See3ing and Securing Competitive Advantage, ,arvard Business >evie' )u"lications, 1==1 )eter F. Druc3er, Managing in a #ime of 0reat C&ange



UNIT % Mar3eti&( Resear'* Definition, Scope, Significance, 4imitations, O"stacles in acceptance. $t&ics in mar3eting researc&. Mar3eting Intelligence s stem Resear'* .ro'ess Management dilemma 9pro"lem; ! decision pro"lem ! researc& pro"lem ! & pot&esis statement ! c&aracteristics of a good & pot&esis ! drafting t&e researc& proposal. UNIT , % Various sour'es o0 /ar3et I&0or/atio& Met&ods of collecting Mar3et Information - Secondar data ! sources ! pro"lems of fit and accurac . S ndicated services. Mar3eti&( resear'* te'*&i8ues% Mar3et development researc&/ Cool &unting ! socio cultural trends, Demand $stimation researc&, #est mar3eting, Segmentation >esearc& Cluster anal sis, Discriminant anal sis. Sales forecasting ! o"5ective and su"5ective met&ods UNIT - % Mar3eti&( MiC Resear'*% Concept testing, Brand $<uit >esearc&, Brand name testing, Commercial e e trac3ing ! pac3age designs, Con5oint anal sis, Multidimensional scaling - positioning researc&, )ricing >esearc&, S&op and retail audits, Advertising >esearc& ! Cop #esting, >eaders&ip surve s and vie'er s&ip surve s, Ad trac3ing, viral mar3eting researc&. Mar3eting effectiveness and anal tics researc&/ Customer Satisfaction Measurement, m ster s&opping, Mar3et and Sales Anal sis UNIT 1 % EC.loratory desi(&s Descriptive designs - 4ongitudinal and cross-sectional anal sis 9:; 6ualitati+e resear'* te'*&i8ues a; Based on <uestioning/ Focus groups, Dept& intervie's, )ro5ective tec&ni<ues. "; Based on o"servations/ et&nograp& , grounded t&eor , participant o"servation Causal resear'* Basic e6perimental designs ! internal and e6ternal validit of e6periments. Pri/ary data Cuestionnaire design - Administration and anal sis considerations in design - Attitude measurement ! scaling tec&ni<ues. O"servation met&od of primar data collection. 2e" "ased primar data collection ! issues of reac&, anal sis, accurac , time and efficienc . UNIT 2 % Sa/.li&( sampling met&ods ! sampling and non sampling errors ! sample si-e calculation 9(umericals e6pected; ! population and sample si-e - large and small samples - practical considerations in determining sample si-e.

Data a&alysis ?nivariate anal sis ! Bivariate anal sis ! Multivariate anal sis. Simple and cross ta"ulation, simple and multiple regression, Factor anal sis. UNIT 9 % 7y.ot*esis testi&( # pes of tests and test selection, One sample test, #'o- Independent Sample tests, #'o-related sample tests. C&i-s<uare test, tests for large and small samples. 9(umericals e6pected; Re.ort :riti&( forms of report ! fundamentals of a good report Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. Mar3eting >esearc&, Concept * Cases ! Cooper Sc&indler. :. >esearc& for Mar3eting Decisions ! )aul 0reen, Donald #ull, 0erald Al"aurn A. Mar3eting >esearc& ! (argund3ar. B. Mar3eting >esearc& ! Beri E. Mar3eting >esearc& ! Measurement * Met&ods ! Donald S.#ull, Del I.,a'3ins G. Mar3eting >esearc& !Aa3ar, @umar, Da


UNIT % Co&'e.t a&d Pro'ess o0 I&te(rated Mar3eti&( Co//u&i'atio&s <IMC=% $lements of IMC * Developing respective communication campaign a; Advertising ! Classification of advertising, t pes, advertising appropriation, advertising campaigns "; Sales )romotion ! Different t pes of Sales )romotion, relations&ip "et'een Sales promotion and advertising c; )u"licit ! # pes of )u"licit , relations&ip "et'een advertising and pu"licit d; )ersonal Selling e; Direct mar3eting and direct response met&ods f; $vent Management g; $-Commerce &; Corporate Communication i; )u"lic >elations ! # pes of )> 5; Media relations 3; Communit relations l; Industrial relations and m; 0overnment relations n; $mplo ee relations 9,ouse %ournals 8 (e'sletter; o; Crisis Management p; #rade Fairs and $6&i"itions UNIT ,% IMC Messa(e Desi(&% AIDA model Considerations for creative idea 7isuali-ation

UNIT -% Media Ma&a(e/e&t 4 Media )rocess - Media %argons - Media Bu ing -Strategies and e6ecution UNIT 1% Su..liers i& IMC% ,oarding Contractors8)rinters etc., Ad. Agenc !Departments of Ad. Agenc , Client Servicing-client Agenc relations&ip, account )lanning UNIT 2% Et*i's a&d so'ial res.o&sibility i& IMC 'a/.ai(&s UNIT 9% E+aluati&( Mar3eti&( Co//u&i'atio& Pro(ra/s Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Integrated Mar3eting Communications - @ennet& Clo'n* Donald Bac& Advertising and )romotions - Belc& * Belc&, #ata Mc0ra' ,ill Advertising Management - >a5eev Batra, %o&n 0.M ers * David A Aa3er-),I Otto @leepner+s advertising )rocedure - ), International $dition - Contemporar Advertising Ir'in8Mc0ra' !,ill Integrated Mar3eting Communications - Duncon- #M, Foundations of Advertising #&eor * )ractice- S.A.C&una'alla * @.C.Set&ia- ,imala a )u"lis&ing


UNIT % Co&su/er Be*a+iour/ Concept, "e&aviour, C&aracteristics of Indian Consumers. diversit of consumer

UNIT ,% I&0lue&'es o& t*e Co&su/er% Consumer needs, motives positive and negative motivation - rational versus emotional motives. Consumer relevant reference groups -opinion leaders - famil decisions ma3ing and consumption related roles - famil lifec cle - social class and consumer "e&aviour - influence of culture on consumer "e&aviour- cross cultural conte6t. Diffusion of innovations/ t&e diffusion process ! t&e adoption process - consumer innovativeness and personalit traits. UNIT -% Co&su/er de'isio& /a3i&(/ Models of consumer decision ma3ing - $ngleAH @ollatt-Blac3'ell model, ,o'ard-S&et& Model, Bettman+s Model, ,CB Model. Concept of involvement * e6tensive pro"lem solving - limited pro"lem solving ! routini-ed responsive B$,A7IO?> UNIT 1% Post .ur'*ase be*a+iour/ Consumer satisfaction concept * Models ! $6pectanc Disconfirmation, Desires Congruenc Model, $<uit #&eor , Attri"ution #&eor , Cognitive dissonance, Consumer delig&t, consumer complaint "e&aviour.

UNIT 2% Co&su/eris/% $volution of consumer societ . Definition of consumerism, "u ers * sellers rig&ts, effects of consumerism. Or(a&i)atio&al Buyi&(% Concept * comparison 'it& Consumer "u ing, $conomic InfluenceL )olitical InfluenceL 4egal InfluenceL Supplier+s InfluenceL #ec&nolog InfluenceL Customer InfluenceL 0overnment InfluenceL 4a"our Influence, Anal -ing Bu ers+ strengt&s * (egotiation Capa"ilities UNIT 9% Or(a&i)atio&al I&0lue&'es o& Buyi&( be*a+iour% Bu ing >olesL Mar3et >esponse/ #&e Bu 0rid ModelL #&e Organi-ational Bu ing Decision )rocessL Bu ing #as3sL Interpersonal Influencing in Organi-ational Bu ing Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Consumer "e&aviour ! 4eon Sc&iffman, 4eslie 4a-ar @anu3 Consumer "e&aviour ! ,a'3ins, Best, Cone Customer "e&aviour ! A Managerial )erspective ! S&et&, Mittal ! #&omson, Conceptual Issues In Consumer B$,A7IO?> Indian Conte6t ! S >ames& @umar !)earson, Consumer Mar3et demograp&ics in India ! $dited " S.4.>ao ?nderstanding Dour Customer - >.2oodruff and S.F.0ardial Consumer "e&aviour - 4ouden, Dele"eta Industrial Mar3eting ! ,ill, Ale6ander, Cross Industrial Mar3eting ! Anal sis, )lanning and Control ! >eeder, Briert , >eeder


UNIT % Mar3eti&( C*a&&els% Definition * Importance, Functions of Mar3etingC&annels ! Intensive, Selective * $6clusive distri"ution strategies, Decisions in C&annel ManagementB*olesali&(/ Concept, Importance, Functions !2&olesaler Mar3eting Decisions ! #rends in 2&olesalingRetaili&(/ Concept, Importance, Functions - Indian 7s. 0lo"al Scenario Retail 0or/ats% Store * (on Store >etailing !-Franc&ising?nconventional c&annels UNIT ,% Retail "o'atio&/ Factors affecting location decision ! Site Selection !4ocation "ased retail Strategies. Store Desi(&% Interiors and $6teriors - Store la out ! # pes of la outs !Factors affecting store la out ! Store image mi6 ! Store FaRade ! #&e Internet Store. UNIT -%Store Ad/i&istratio&% Floor space management!Managing store inventories and displa Mer'*a&disi&(% Concept, Importance, Functions ! Steps in merc&andising planning ! Categor management/ Definition and process !Introduction to )rivate la"el "rands

UNIT 1% Retail Co//u&i'atio& MiC% )lanning retail communication ! Managing in-store promotions and eventsI&te(rated Mar3eti&( C*a&&els/ C&annels for Consumer goods, Industrial goods * Services ! ,ori-ontal, 7ertical, Multic&annel Mar3eting S stems UNIT2% I&trodu'tio& to C*ai& Ma&a(e/e&t% Concept ! significance !components. C*a&&el Ma&a(e/e&t/ C&annel selection - C&annel Conflicts * its >esolution- C&annel )erformance $valuation Te'*&olo(y i& distributio&% Bar-coding ! >FID ! $lectronic pa ment s stems Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 C&annel Management !Stern ! $l- Ansar >etailing Management ! S'apna )rad&an >etail Management ! 0i"son 7edamani )& sical Distri"ution * 4ogistics Management ! Dr. Su"&as& B&ave C&annel Management * >etail Management ! Meenal D&otre


UNIT % I&trodu'tio& to Ser+i'es% (ature of ServicesL C&aracteristics of Services ! Intangi"ilit , Inconsistenc , Insepara"ilit and Inventor L Searc&, e6perience and credence attri"utes, Classification of ServicesL Consumer versus Industrial Services. UNIT,% $lobal a&d I&dia& S'e&ario i& ser+i'es se'tor / Importance of Services Mar3etingL $ver "usiness a service "usinessL Service as 3e differentiator for manufacturing industries. UNIT -% Ser+i'es Mar3eti&( MiC% Introduction to t&e I )s of Services Mar3eting Mi6L )roduct Service ContinuumL Standalone service productsL Service products "undled 'it& tangi"le productsL Service 4ife C cle. Distributio&% )lace ! Distri"ution Strategies for ServicesL C&allenges in distri"ution of ServicesL >ole of Internet in distri"ution of Services. UNIT 1% Pro/otio&% )romotion o"5ective for ServicesL )ersonnel Selling, Advertising and Sales )romotionL >ole of >elations&ip Mar3eting in promoting services. Pri'i&(% Factors involved in pricing a service productL demand variation and capacit constraintsL Capacit )lanning, Measures to respond to c&anges in demandL >es&aping demand using effective pricing. Peo.le% #&e 3e role of service emplo ees in a service "usinessL Services mar3eting triangleL Service profit c&ain, Concept of Service

encounter ! Moment of #rut&L #raining and development of emplo eesL Motivation and empo'erment UNIT 2% P*ysi'al e+ide&'e% (ature of p& sical evidenceL Importance of p& sical evidence in servicesL #angi"ilising t&roug& p& sical evidenceL Service scapes Pro'ess% Service as a process * as a s stem - Different process aspects and managerial c&allenges - Strategies for managing inconsistenc ! Customer role in services - Customers as Qco-producers+L Self Service #ec&nologies, ! Customer Service in Service Mar3eting UNIT 9% Custo/er Satis0a'tio& # Ser+i'e 6uality% Monitoring and Measuring customer satisfaction, Order ta3ing and fulfillmentL Service 0uarantee - ,andling complaints effectivel L Defects, Failures and >ecover . Concept and Importance of <ualit in ServicesL ,o' customers evaluate service performance, Service Cualit Models )arsuramanMeit&amal-Bitner 9)MB; 0aps Model, S$>7C?A4, and S$>7)$>F !0ronroos model UNIT >% Te'*&olo(y # Ser+i'e Strate(y% Appl ing tec&nolog to service settings, e-services. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Services Mar3eting - Meit&aml, Bitner, 0remler * )andit, #M0,, Bt& ed. Services Mar3eting - C&ristop&er 4oveloc3 Services Mar3eting - >ampal * 0upta $ssence of Services Mar3eting - Ardian )a ne Services Mar3eting - ,elen 2oodruff


UNIT % Produ't Ma&a(e/e&t% )roduct Development, )roduct focused organi-ationL Mar3et focused organi-ation, Factors influencing design of t&e product, C&anges affecting product management UNIT ,% De+elo.i&( Produ't Strate(y% Setting o"5ectives * alternatives, )roduct strateg over t&e life-c cle, Customer anal sis, Competitor anal sis, Design of manufacture, (e' product development UNIT -% Mar3et Pote&tial # Sales Fore'asti&(% Forecasting target mar3et potential and sales, Met&ods of estimating mar3et and sales potential, Sales forecasting, planning for involvement in international mar3et UNIT 1% Bra&d # Bra&d Ma&a(e/e&t% Commodities 7s Brands, #&e role of "rands, #&e "rand e<uit concept, Brand $<uit Models ! Brand
:= MBA

Asset 7aluation, Aa3er Model, B>A(DM, Brand >esonance. Building Brand $<uit , Brand Identit and Brand image UNIT 2% Bra&d "e+era(i&( # Bra&d Per0or/a&'e% $sta"lis&ing "rand e<uit management s stem, measuring sources of "rand e<uit and consumer mindset, Co-"randing, cele"rit endorsement UNIT 9% Bra&d Positio&i&( # Bra&d Buildi&( / Brand 3no'ledge, Brand portfolios and mar3et segmentation, Steps of "rand "uilding, Identif ing and esta"lis&ing "rand positioning, Defining and esta"lis&ing "rand values. UNIT >% Desi(&i&( # Sustai&i&( Bra&di&( Strate(ies / Brand &ierarc& , Branding strateg , Brand e6tension and "rand transfer, Managing "rand over time. UNIT ?% Measuri&( Bra&d E8uity / Brand 7alue c&ain, Brand Audits, Brand #rac3ing, Brand 7aluation UNIT @% Ma&a(i&( Bra&d >evitali-ation, Brand Crisis. E8uity/ Brand >einforcement, Brand

Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 )roduct management - Donal >. 4e&mann, >ussel S. 2iner Strategic Brand Management - @evin 4ane @eller Branding Concepts * )rocess - De"as&is& )ati Mar3eting Management - )&ilip @otler Successful Branding - )ran @ C&oud&ar Brand )ositioning Strategies for Competitive Advantage -Su"rato Sen 0upta Strategic Brand Management -Caperer Be&ind )o'erful Brands - %ones


UNIT % I&ter&atio&al Mar3eti&( / Concept, scope * O"5ectives. C&allenges and opportunities in International Mar3eting, ?nderl ing forces of International Mar3eting UNIT ,% EC.ort Mar3eti&(/ >ecent Import $6port )olic and )rocedures, as on A1st Marc&. 0eneral 7arious $6port )romotion sc&emes, as on A1st Marc& of t&e last financial Dear. UNIT -% Fa'ilities a&d i&'e&ti+es relati&( to eC.ort busi&ess / >ules for successful e6porting. )reliminaries for starting $6port Business, >egistration of $6porters, Sending 8 $6porting samples, Appointing Overseas Agents O"taining a 4icense 9$6port 4icense;

UNIT 1% I&ter&atio&al Pri'i&( De'isio&s% Factors influencing international pricing decisions- ?niform pricing 78s Mar3et " mar3et pricing UNIT 2% Arra&(i&( Fi&a&'e 0or eC.orts/ Financial and fiscal incentives provided " t&e 0overnment and foreign e6c&ange facilities " t&e >.B.I. and $NIM Ban3. Institutional support from 0overnment, Semi-0overnment and Autonomous Organi-ations for $6porters. O"taining e6port credit Insurance. $6c&ange rates, ?nderstanding foreign e6c&ange rates and protection against t&eir adverse movement UNIT 9% EC.ort Do'u/e&tatio&% Su"mitting Documents to Ban3 for purc&ase 8Collection 8 (egotiation under 48C. $6port Credit 4imit. )reparing $6port Document S&ipping and Customs Clearance of t&e goods. )rocessing 8 Manufacturing goods for $6port and t&eir inspection " 0overnment Aut&orities. Compulsor Cualit Control and )re-s&ipment Inspection, $6cise Clearance, Insuring goods against marine ris3s, Marine Insurance. UNIT >% "abeli&(5 Pa'3a(i&(5 Pa'3i&( A&d Mar3eti&( $oods For Orientation to 0A## and functions of 2.#.O. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 (a"&i+s ,o' #o $6port ! (a"&i )u"lication International Mar3eting $6port Mar3eting ! S. S&iva >amu $6port ! 2&at, 2&ere * ,o' ! )arasram 0lo"al Mar3eting Strateg ! Douglas * Craig. $6port Mar3eting ! B. B&attac&ar a. 2inning #&e 2orld Mar3eting ! B&attac&ar a $6port Mar3eting ! Francis C&erunilam.


UNIT % I&trodu'tio& to Sales Ma&a(e/e&t/ Concept, (ature, >ole of Sales Management in Mar3eting, Salesmans&ip, Specific C&aracteristics of a successful salesman, #&e $volving Face of )ersonal Selling UNIT ,% Sales Fore'asti&(/ Concept of Forecasting, Sales Forecasting met&ods, Cuantitative and Cualitative met&ods. UNIT -% Sales Or(a&i)atio&% (eed for Sales Organi-ations, t&eir structure, Sales Managers Functions and responsi"ilities, )lanning for ma5or customers and sales Budget. UNIT 1% Perso&al Selli&( Pro'ess a&d A..roa'*es% )ersonal Selling and >elations&ip Management - Selling to individuals * Institutions,

Basics, Sales leads, )lanning sales calls - # pes of calls, ! Building long term partners&ip " selling ! Sales presentations, tools for personal selling, Sales Aids ! ?se of tec&nolog in sales effective selling tec&ni<ues, #ele Mar3eting. UNIT 2% Ma&a(i&( t*e Sales For'e/ a= Re'ruiti&(5 Sele'tio& a&d Trai&i&( o0 Sales 0or'e/ )rocedures and criteria e6tensivel used as selection tools for recruiting and testing sales a"ilit . Sales Force %o" Anal sis and Description b= Areas o0 sales Trai&i&(/ Compan Specific @no'ledge, product 3no'ledge Industr and Mar3et #rend @no'ledge, customers and tec&nolog ! >elations&ip Selling )rocess and Customer education. 7alue added selling '= Moti+ati&( t*e Sales Tea/% Motivation )rograms - Sales Meetings, Sales Contests, Sales Compensating, 9Monetar compensation, incentive programs as motivators, (on-Monetar compensation ! fine tuning of compensation pac3age, Supervising, d= E+aluati&( Sales For'e Per0or/a&'e a&d Co&trolli&( Sales a'ti+ities% Sales >ecords and >eporting S stems, Improving Sales )roductivit , $t&ical and 4egal Issues in Sales Management Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Sales Management - >ic&ard >still, $d'ard 2. Cundiff Strategies for selling-0erald A.Mic&aelson Sales Management ,and"oo3 ! Fors t& )atric3 7alue added selling-#om >eill Building a 2inning Sales #eam ! 0ini 0ra&am * Scott )rofessional Sales Management ! Anderson, ,air and Bus& Motivation and %o" Satisfaction ! M. D. )eston5ee


UNIT a) b) c) d) % A''ou&ti&( Sta&dards% >ole of Accounting Standard "oard. Introduction to International Accounting Standards. Disclosure of Accounting )olicies-Inventor , Depreciation, Investment, Fi6ed Assets, Amalgamation, $)S.

UNIT ,% Ca.ital Stru'ture T*eories% a; (et income approac&.


"; c;

(et operating income approac&. Modiglliani and Miller t&eor 9MM approac&;.

UNIT -% Di+ide&d Distributio& T*eories% a; # pe of dividend "; Important consideration in dividend polic . c; #&eories of dividend a. 0ordon gro't& model ". 2alter+s valuation model c. MM-Irrelevance t&eor UNIT 1% Bor3i&( Ca.ital Ma&a(e/e&t% a; Overtrading "; S mptoms of poor 2. C. management c; 2.C. management Strategies d; #andon committee 8C&ore Committee >ecommendations e; 4atest trend in 2.C. finance f; >.B.I guidelines on 2.C. finance UNIT 2% Ca.ital Bud(eti&(% a; I>> and ()7 met&od comparative stud "; Capital rationing c; Capital "udgeting during inflation d; #ec&ni<ues of decision ma3ing under ris3 and uncertaint e; )rofita"ilit and e6pected values, standard deviation, value of information, Optimistic pessimistic estimates, ris3 ad5usted discounted rate, certaint e<uivalent approac&, simulation decision tree, sensitivit anal sis, capital asset pricing model. UNIT 9% E'o&o/i' Value Added <EVA= a; Concept of $7A "; Calculating $7A c; Ad5ustments for calculation of $7A d; Superiorit of $7A

UNIT >% Fi&a&'ial A&alysis% a; ?sing tools suc& as Cas& Flo' and Fund Flo' Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Financial Management Financial Management Financial Management Financial Management Financial Management-

I. M. )ande )rassana C&andra 7an ,orne >.). >ustagi >avi M. @is&ore.


UNIT % A''essibility Criteria Definitions, Basic concept, person, Assessment earL previous ear, assesses, >esidential statusL Incidence of ta6, income e6empt from ta6. UNIT ,% Co/.utatio& o0 I&'o/e U&der Various 7eads a= I&'o/e u&der *ead salary/ Meaning of salar , Basis of c&arge of salar income, different forms of salar , different forms of allo'ances, per<uisites, permissi"le deductions from salar income, ta6 treatment of provident fund * approved superannuation fund, special ta6 treatment of salar income of non resident tec&nicians, deduction under section-HFC, FB#. b= I&'o/e 0ro/ *ouse .ro.erty/ Basis of c&arge, propert income not c&arge to ta6, "asis of computing income from let out &ouse propert , computing income from self occupied propert . '= Pro0its a&d (ai&s o0 busi&ess or .ro0essio&% c&argea"le incomesL e6penses e6pressl allo'ed as deductionL general deductionsL e6penses specificall disallo'edL compulsor maintenance of accounts, compulsor audit, assessment in special cases, 9retail, transport, e6ploration of mineral oil; Computation of ta6a"le income as profit and gain from "usiness or profession. d= Ca.ital (ai&s% Meaning of capital asset, valuation of capital assetL transfer, considered to "e transfer, c&argea"ilit L computation of capital gain/ s&ort term and long termL computation of ta6 on capital gains. $6emption from capital gains. e= I&'o/e 0ro/ ot*er sour'es% "asis of c&argeL c&argea"le incomesL specific deductionsL amount not deducti"leL computation of ta6a"le income from ot&er sources. 0= Co/.utatio& o0 &et taCable i&'o/e% computation of total income, carr for'ard and set-off of losses and deductions under sec HF and net ta6a"le income and ta6 t&ereof. Cases of Indian as 'ell as foreign companies, provision of minimum alternate ta6 and declaration and pa ment of dividend, #a6 provision in case of mergers, ac<uisition or amalgamation of compan . UNIT -% I&'o/e taC Pay/e&t a&d Assess/e&t -#a6 deduction at sourceL advance ta6L self-assessment ta6L assessment procedure regular and "est 5udgment assess revision, rectification and appeal, provision relating to interest and refund of ta6 UNIT 1% TaC Pla&&i&( - #a6 planning in capital "udgeting decision, leasing, &ire purc&ase or "u decision raising of capital/ e<uit , de"t or preference s&are, transfer pricing and its impact.

UNIT 2% Co/.a&ies - Computation of ta6a"le income, residential status of compan , ta6a"le income and ta6 lia"ilit , ta6 on income received from venture capital companies and venture capital funds Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Direct #a6es ! 4a' and )ractice ! 7inod Sing&nia :. Direct #a6es ! >avi @is&ore A. Direct #a6es ! %. ). %a3&oti a B. Direct #a6es- A&u5a E. Bare Acts and rules of t&e relevant ta6es


UNIT % De+elo./e&ts si&'e @@ ->ecent #rends->ole of Financial Intermediaries in a financial s stem-7arious financial intermediaries -Introduction to "an3ing s stem -# pes of "an3 Instruments, #erms li3e ()As UNIT,% Study o0 +arious i&terest rates4 S&ort #erm-$mergence of >epose rate as t&e "enc&mar3s rate in t&e s&ort term-Floating and fi6ed rates of interest-4IBO>, MIBO> and MIBID UNIT -% RBI->ole pla ed " t&em-Salient features of status governed " t&em- Monetar )olic , Fiscal )olic , ?nion 90overnment; Budget and its Implications UNIT 1% Co//er'ial Ba&3i&( -Management of assets and lia"ilities$ffect of >BI policies on t&e operations commercial "an3s->ecent reforms in Ban3ing sector->ecover of de"ts-Calculation of $MIs $merging trends in "an3ing li3e e "an3ing, mo"ile "an3ing, credit "an3ing UNIT 2% No&4Ba&3i&( Fi&a&'ial Co/.a&ies - Functions of (BFCs # pes and >BI 0uidelines. )ricing of products and services in financial service sector. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Financial Institutions * Mar3ets- 4.M. B&ole Indian Financial S stem- M.D.@&an Indian Financial S stem- ,.>. Mac&ira5u


?(I# I

Investment - Meaning and process of Investment Management Speculation Investment Avenues in India.

?(I# II >is3 and >eturn ! ,istorical and $6pected return ! Measurement ! >is3 and its measurement ! S stematic and ?ns stematic ris3 ! # pes ! Measurement and significance of Beta. ?(I# III Securit 7aluation ! Bond, $<uit and preference s&are valuation ! Dield to maturit - Bond value t&eorems. ?(I# I7 Fundamental and #ec&nical Anal sis ! $conom , Industr anal sis ! #ools for tec&nical anal sis. and Compan

?(I# 7 )ortfolio Anal sis ! Selection and $valuation ! Meaning of portfolio ! >easons to &old portfolio ! Diversification anal sis ! Mar3o'it-+s Model ! Assumptions ! Specific model ! >is3 and return optimi-ation ! $fficient frontier ! $fficient portfolios ! 4everaged portfolios ! Corner portfolios ! S&arpe+s Single Inde6 model ! )ortfolio evaluation measures ! S&arpe+s )erformance Inde6 ! #re nor+s )erformance Inde6 ! %ensen+s )erformance Inde6. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 )ortfolio Management- @evin )ortfolio Management- )rasanna C&andra )ortfolio Management- Barua Stoc3 $6c&anges and Investments- >ag&unat&an Securit Anal sis and )ortfolio Management- Fis&er and %ordon )ortfolio Management ! 7. @. B&alla


UNIT % Co&'e.tual Fra/e:or3 a= Meaning of SFM b= $valuation of costs and "enefits '= >easons for managing "usiness financiall

d= Strateg * strategist e= =-s model for SFM UNIT a= b= '= d= e= 0= ,% Co/.e&satio& Ma&a(e/e&t; (eed of compensation management. # pes of emplo ees * compensation strateg . Design of 'age polic . (egotiations. Design and implementation of 7>S Implications of FB#.

UNIT -% Fi&a&'ial As.e'ts o0 C*ai& Ma&a(e/e&t strate(y :it* res.e't to 0ollo:i&( areas a= 7endor management b= )urc&asing '= Inventor control and its tec&ni<ues d= Distri"ution Management e= >elations&ip 'it& dealers 0= )roduct pricing (= Mar3eting cost anal sis UNIT 1% Cor.orate Valuatio& a= >easons for valuation of "usiness enterprise. b= Different Approac&es to enterprise valuation Mar3et >elated 7aluation-At replacement cost and reali-a"le value. Ffuture cas& flo's. Mar3et Capitali-ation. $conomic value added approac&. UNIT a= b= '= 2% O+er+ie: o0 0i&a&'ial e&(i&eeri&(; Meaning Benc&mar3ing practices. Innovative sources of Finance. Off "alance s&eet financing. 7ersatile "onds. %un3 Bonds. 7endor Finance. Co operative federation d= Funding strategies, monitoring and assessment. e= )rograms and policies to re'ard various sta3e &olders. 9% Fi&a&'ial Restru'turi&(; (eed for financial restructuring >estructuring t&roug& privati-ation. >estructuring of sic3 companies.


UNIT >% Et*i'al As.e'ts;


a= b= '= UNIT

$t&ical Dilemma faced " Financial Managers. (eed for corporate social responsi"ilit . Corporate governance. >ecommendations of @umar Mangalam Birla Committee. >ecommendations of (ara anan Murt&i Committee. ?% Fi&a&'ial Restru'turi&( (eed for financial restructuring >estructuring t&roug& privati-ation. >estructuring of sic3 companies.

UNIT % Ce&tral EC'ise% 91H; a; (ature and Contemporar 4egislation for t&e same. "; 4ia"ilit for t&e central e6cise. c; Definitions. 0oods, Manufacture, $6cisa"le goods. d; %o" 'or3ers. e; Classification of 0oods. f; Determination of #ariff ,eadings g; 7aluation of 0oods &; #ransaction 7alue i; Administrative Structure of $6cise Departments 5; 7arious )rocedures/4egislation, Self >emova"le under Invoice, Manner and )a ment of Dut and letter of ?nderta3ing, S&o' Cause (otice, Ad5udication, Interest, )enalt , Confiscation, Sei-ure, Dut )a ment under protest, >efunds, Appeals, $6cise Audit, Concessions for SSI ?nits. UNIT ,% Ser+i'e TaC <C*a.ter V o0 t*e Fi&a&'e A't; @@1 as a/e&ded i& a Fi&a&'e Bill by $o+er&/e&t o0 I&dia i& ,!!2=% 91:; a; $6tent. "; Commencement and Application. c; Definitions d; C&arge of Service #a6 e; 7aluation of #a6a"le Services for Service #a6 f; 7aluation of #a6a"le Services for C&anging #a6. g; )a ment of Service #a6. &; >egistration i; Furnis&ing of >eturns UNIT -% Value Added TaC <VAT=% a. Definition


Agriculture Business Capital asset Dealer (on-resident dealer 0oods )lace of "usiness )urc&ase price Sale price >esale #urnover of purc&ase and turnover of sales. ". Incidence of #a6 #a6 lia"ilit >ate of ta6 on goods specified in sc&edule. c. >egistration >egistration procedure Fres& registration Information to "e furnis&ed regarding c&ange of "usiness Declaration of name of manager and )A( d. >eturns >eturns and self assessments Audit of registered dealer. e. )a ment of #a6 Deduction of ta6 at source )a ment of ta6 Ad5ustment of an pa ment Special provisions regarding lia"ilit to pa ta6 in certain cases 4ia"ilit of firms and partners f. #a6 audit under 7A# Imposition and rate of 7A# Ac<uisition of goods from mem"er states Importation of goods from outside mem"er states 0oods su"5ect to a 'are&ousing regime g. Determination of value &. )a ment of 7A# ta6a"le persons i. >elief, $6emptions and >epa ments 5. Administration, Collection, $nforcement 9provisions; 3. Assessment of 7A# and ot&er pa ments due l. C&ange in rates of 7A# and disclosure of information m. Appeals etc. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. Indirect #a6es- 4a' * )ractices- 7.S. Date :. Indirect #a6es- %a3oti a A. Indirect #a6es- >avi @is&ore B. Indirect #a6es- Dr. San5eev @umar

E. G. I. H.

Indirect #a6es- Dogendra Banagar * 7andana Bangar Indirect #a6es-Sno''&ite )u"lications. 7A# >ead >eacnor- Sa6ena Income #a6 ! Dr. 7inod Sing&ania


UNIT % O+er+ie: o0 i&ter&atio&al busi&ess a. 0lo"ali-ation and its impact. ". 2#O and its impact. c. >ole of 2orld Ban3, IMF, SD>. d. (ature, scope and significance of international finance. e. ?se of I# in international finance. UNIT ,% ForeC Mar3ets a; Definition of foreign currenc and foreign transactions- trade and non trade. "; Fore6 Mar3ets- spot for'ard, future options * s'aps. c; >ole of participants of Fore6 mar3et. d; $6c&ange >ate determination- Mat&ematical models. e; Impact of $uro currenc , C&inese Duan, %apanese Den and ?S Dollar. f; $merging importance of Indian rupee. UNIT -% Re(ulatory Fra/e:or3 o0 i&ter&atio&al 0i&a&'e a; Indian perspective-F$MA, foreign trade polic , role of >BI, rupee converti"ilit , $O?8S#)I, S$M, $)M. "; International perspective-federal "an3, $uropean Central Ban3, ICC guidelines. UNIT 1% Sour'es o0 i&ter&atio&al 0i&a&'e a; #rade settlement met&ods. "; $6port Finance. c; C. Bu ers credit and supplier+s credit. d; International receiva"les and cas& management. e; $CB, FCCB, AD>, 0D>, FDI. f; S ndication. UNIT 2% ForeC Ris3 Ma&a(e/e&t a. >is3 definition and measurement. ". ,edging tools and tec&ni<ues- internal and e6ternal. UNIT 9% I&ter&atio&al A''ou&ti&( Sta&dards o& 0orei(& tra&sa'tio&s Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. International Finance- A.7. >a5'ade :. International Finance- ).0. Apte

A. B. E. G.

International Finance- S&apior International $conomics- D.M. Mit&ani $ssence of International Mone - Adrian Buc3le $6c&ange Control >egulations- (a"&i


UNIT % O+er+ie: o0 I&dia& Fi&a&'ial Syste/4 Development Since 1==1- >ole of Financial Intermediaries- 7arious Financial Intermediaries UNIT ,% Ca.ital Mar3et Instruments-#raditional and $merging 9$CB, AD>, 0D>; Capital Mar3eting in India- Operations in )rimar Mar3ets-Instruments involved->ole of S$BI. UNIT -% Se'o&dary Mar3ets4 Stoc3s $6c&anges in India-(ational Stoc3 $6c&ange9(S$;SStoc3 ,olding Corporation of India 9S,CI4;-S&are #rading- Introduction to Derivatives and Commodities-Scrip less #rading !$-#rading-Inde68Futures #rading !S&are 4ending Sc&eme-Boo3 Building ! Bu "ac3 of s&ares-Mergers * Ac<uisition !>egulations. UNIT 1% Mo&ey Mar3et (ature and role of Mone mar3et in India ! Instruments in Mone Mar3et vi-, C)s, CDs, Bill of e6c&ange, ICDs, #reasur Bill ! >ole of DF,I8S#CI in Mone Mar3et ! $CBs UNIT 2% Fi&a&'ial Ser+i'es Credit rating ! Factoring and forfeiting ! leasing and &ire purc&asingSecuriti-ation of de"ts-,ousing finance ! Merc&ant Ban3ing services and functions, Mutual Funds. All SEBI (uideli&es related to to.i's 'o+ered abo+e Curre&t de+elo./e&t are eC.e'ted to be 'o+ered5 I&ter&atio&al o.eratio&s i& sto'3 /ar3et; Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 Indian Financial Services- M.D. @&an Mar3eting of Financial Services- 7. A. Avd&ani Advance Financial Management- @o&a3 >elevant #e6t of S$BI 0uidelines.



INDUSTRIA" RE"ATIONS PAPER UNIT % I&dustrial Relatio& %4Origin, Definition, Scope, Determinant, Socio-$conomic, #ec&nical, )olitical factors affecting I> in c&anging $nvironment, Approac&es to t&e stud of I> !)s c&ological, ,uman >elation, Socio, 0and&inian approac& * It+s $ffect on Management Trade U&io&/ - Function of #rade ?nion, # pes * structure of #rade ?nion, Impact of glo"ali-ation on #rade union movement. UNIT ,% I&dustrial Dis.ute-Meaning, Causes. UNIT -% I&dustrial Relatio& Ma'*i&ery to sol+e I&dustrial Dis.ute / (egotiation, Mediator. Ar"itration- 2or3 Committees, Conciliation, Board of Conciliation, Court of en<uir , 4a"our Court, Industrial #ri"unal, (ational #ri"unal, >ole of %udiciar * its impact on industrial relation. UNIT 1% Colle'ti+e Bar(ai&i&(4Meaning, C&aracteristics, (eed, Importance, $ssential Conditions for Success of Collective Bargaining, )rocess of Collective Bargaining, Causes for Failure of Collective Bargaining, Options in Case of Collective Bargaining. UNIT 2% Bor3ers Parti'i.atio& i& Ma&a(e/e&t4 Concept, )re>e<uisites, 4evels Of )articipation, Benefits of )articipation Impact of 0lo"ali-ation *Information #ec&nolog on I>. >ole of ,uman >esource Development in Developing Industrial >elation- Industrial >elation Democrac , Industrial peace Salient features of Industrial $mplo ment 9Standing order; Act1=BG. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 D namic )ersonnel Administration - )rof. M.(.>udra"asavra5. )ersonnel Management and Industrial >elations !).C.S&e5'al3ar and S.B.Malegaon3ar 4a"our Management >elations in India ! @.M.Su"ramanian #rade ?nionism. M t& and >ealit , (e' Del&i, O6ford ?niversit )ress, 1=H:. Management of Industrial >elations ! )ramod 7erma #&e Future of Industrial >elations. (e' Del&i Sage, 1==B. (iland %>. Collective Bargaining and Industrial. -@oc&an, #.A. * @at- ,enr . :nd ed.,ome'ood, Illinois, >ic&ard D Iris&, 1=HH. Industrial >elations ! Arun Monappa ,uman Developments !Diane $.)apalia, Sall 2end3os Olds. Industrial * 4a"our 4a'- S.). %ainD&anpat rai * Co. $lements Of Mercantile 4a'- (.D.@apoor




UNIT % Perso&&el Ad/i&istratio& Definition, (ature, O"5ectives, )rinciples UNIT,% Perso&&el Poli'y Definition, Scope, )rocess, O"5ectives, Contents of )ersonnel file * )ersonnel audit, )ersonnel Department Structure, proper $nvironment around factor . UNIT -% $e&eral Co//u&i'atio& Drafting of appointment orders, Intervie' 4etters, )romotion, #ransfer * Appreciation 4etters, (otices * Circulars 9All # pes; UNIT 1% Ba(e # Salary Ad/i&istratio& 0eneral consideration in 'age * Salar administration ! O"5ectives * principles, #ime 3eeping, Attendance, Statutor >eturns ! #DS, )rofessional #a6, Form 1G 9A; )F * $SI >eturns. UNIT 2% Dis' A'tio& Co//u&i'atio& Suspension Orders, s&o' cause, (otices, memo, c&arge s&eet, 'arning, letter of termination * dismissal. UNIT 9% Cal'ulatio&s Calculation for superannuation, gratuit * "onus, C&allenges of modern personnel manager. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 0uide on 4a"our Management forms and precedents 94a', )ractice * )rocedure; " S.D. )uri 9Sno' '&ite pu"lications; )ersonnel Management " $d'in Flippo )ersonnel Management " C.B. Mamoria D namics of personnel Administration " >udra"as'ara5.

TRAININ$ # DEVE"OPMENT PAPER - UNIT % Introduction #o #raining Concept/ Definition, Meaning, (eed For #raining, Importance Of #raining, O"5ectives Of #raining, Concepts Of $ducation, #raining And Development, Overvie' Of #raining Functions, # pes Of #raining UNIT ,% )rocess Of #raining/ Steps In #raining, Identification Of %o" Competencies, Criteria For Identif ing #raining (eeds 9)erson Anal sis, #as3 Anal sis, Organi-ation Anal sis;, Assessment Of #raining (eeds, Met&ods And )rocess Of (eeds Assessment. UNIT -%Designing And Implementing A #raining )rogram/ #rainer Identification, Met&ods And #ec&ni<ues Of #raining, Designing A #raining Module 9Cross Cultural, 4eaders&ip, #raining #&e #rainer, C&ange;, Management Development )rogram, Budgeting Of #raining.

UNIT 1% $valuation Of #raining )rogram/ @ir3patric3 Model Of $valuation, CI>O Model, Cost-Benefit Anal sis, >OI Of #raining. UNIT 2%4earning/ )rinciples Of 4earning, #&eories Of 4earning, >einforcement #&eor , Social 4earning #&eor , Andragog , >esistance #o #raining. UNIT 9/#ec&nolog In #raining/ CB#, 4earning8Online 4earning, Distance 4earning. Multimedia #raining, $-

Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 $mplo ee #raining And Development - >a mond (oe $ver #rainers ,and"oo3- Devendra Agoc&ia AGF Degree Feed"ac3, Competenc Mapping And Assessment Centre>ad&a S&arma #raining And Development- S.@. B&atia ,>M-Bis'a5eet )attana a3


UNIT %T*e Fa'tories A't5 @1? Approval, 4icensing and >egistration- Inspecting Staff ! ,ealt& ! 2elfare, 2or3ing ,ours - Annual 4eave 'it& 'ages - )eriodical >eturns->egisters and >ecords UNIT , % T*e Mi&i/u/ Ba(es A't5 @1? Fi6ing of Minimum >ates of 2ages !Minimum >ates of 2ages !)rocedure for Fi6ing and >evising Minimum 2ages ! Advisor Boards and Committees ! 2ages in @ind !2ages for 'or3er '&o 'or3s for less t&an normal 'or3ing da ! 2ages for t'o or more classes of 'or3 !Minimum time rate 'ages for piece rate 'or3 ! Maintenance of >egisters and >ecords UNIT - %T*e Pay/e&t o0 Ba(es A't5 @-9 Fi6ation of 2age )eriods ! #ime of )a ment of 2ages ! Deductions '&ic& ma "e made from 'ages !Maintenance of >egisters and >ecords. UNIT 1 % T*e Pay/e&t o0 Bo&us A't5 @92 Computation of 0ross )rofit and Availa"le Surplus ! $ligi"ilit and Dis<ualification for Bonus ! )a ment of Minimum and Ma6imum Bonus ! Calculation of Bonus 'it& respect to certain emplo ees ! )roportionate deduction in "onus in certain cases ! Computation of num"er of 'or3ing da s ! Set on and Set off of alloca"le surplus ! Special provisions 'it& respect to certain esta"lis&ments ! Deduction of certain amounts from "onus pa a"le ! #ime limit for pa ment of "onus ! )resumption a"out accurac of "alance s&eet and profit and loss account ! Maintenance of >egisters and >ecords. T*e Pay/e&t o0 $ratuity A't5 @>, $ntire Act

UNIT 2 %T*e I&dustrial Dis.utes A't5 @1> Definitions of Industr , 2or3man and Industrial Dispute - Aut&orities under t&e Act !)rocedure, )o'ers and Duties of Aut&orities ! Stri3es and 4oc3 outs ! 4a off and >etrenc&ment ! Special )rovisions relating to 4a off, >etrenc&ment and Closure in certain esta"lis&ments T*e I&dustrial E/.loy/e&t <Sta&di&( Orders= A't5 @19 4 $ntire Act ! )rinciples of (atural %ustice UNIT 9 % T*e E/.loyeesD Pro+ide&t Fu&ds a&d Mis'ella&eous Pro+isio&s A't5 @2, 4 $ntire Act T*e E/.loyeesD State I&sura&'e A't5 @1? Corporation, Standing Committee and Medical Benefit Council! Contri"utions ! Benefits ! 0eneral T*e Bor3/e&Ds Co/.e&satio& A't5 @,- 4 $ntire Act T*e Mater&ity Be&e0it A't5 @9 4$ntire Act Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. Bare Acts :. Industrial 4a' ! ) 4 Mali3 A. 4a"our 4a's for managers ! B D Sing&


UNIT ,uman >esource Development ! )urpose ! Definition ! #raining * Development for (e' #ec&nolog ! Organi-ation Development ! Origins of ,>D - ,uman >esource Management - Concepts and )erspectives ! ,>M in C&anging $nvironment - ,uman >esource Management S stem $mplo ee $mpo'erment ! Connections "et'een ,>M ,>D I> ! Conceptual Frame'or3 ! ?nif ing Concepts UNIT , Strategic ,>M ! ,uman as >esource - ,> strategies - Developing and implementing ,> strategies - ,>M policies - Competenc -"ased ,>M @no'ledge Management - #&e role of t&e ,> practitioner - >ole of t&e front-line Manager - International ,>M UNIT 2or3 Force )lanning ! Definition ! Important Aspect ! )lanning Approac&es ! >A(D 2or3force )lanning Model ! Organi-ation Individual >elations and >etention ! %o"s and %o" Anal sis ! Selection and #raining of ,uman >esource ! Managing $<ual $mplo ment and Diversit UNIT 1 #raining Function ! )ractical and S stematic Approac& ! #raining C cle ! )rogramme Design - )ractical Aspects ! #raining O"5ectives ! 4earning

St les ! Managing #raining ! Delivering #raining ! Audio 7isual Aids Course $valuation ! ?sing $valuation Data UNIT 2 #ec&nolog and ,uman >esource Development ! Introduction ! #ec&nolog 'it&in ,>D ! Information #ec&nolog and ,>D ! IC# in ,>D ! 7irtual Organi-ation ! Organi-ational Development ! )erformance Improvement ! e4earning in ,>D Re0ere&'es ; 7u/a& Resour'e ,; 7u/a& Resour'e :FFI. -; 7u/a& Resour'e ?niversit )ress - :FF=. 1; 7u/a& Resour'e ?niversit )ress 2; 7u/a& Resour'e :FF. 9; 7u/a& Resour'e De+elo./e&t 4 Sud&ir Da'ra - >a5at - :FFA. De+elo./e&t 4 (aga >a5u Battu - A), De+elo./e&t 4 David Man3in - O6ford De+elo./e&t 4 ?da @umar ,aldar - O6ford Ma&a(e/e&t 4 %ai (arain S&arma - Mittal Ma&a(e/e&t 4 S&eenu >a5 - Iv - :FF:.


UNIT %I&trodu'tio& To Strate(i' 7RM Definition, need and importanceL Introduction to "usiness and corporate strategiesL Integrating ,> strategies 'it& "usiness strategiesL Developing ,> plans and policies UNIT , % 7u/a& Resour'e E&+iro&/e&t #ec&nolog and structureL 2or3force diversit L Demograp&ic c&anges #emporar and contract la"ourL 0lo"al environmentL 0lo"al competition 0lo"al sourcing of la"ourL 2#O and la"our standards UNIT - % RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION STRATE$IES Online recruitmentL $mplo ee referralsL >ecruitment process outsourcing ,ead &untingL $6ecutive educationL Fle6i timingL #elecommuting Cualit of 'or3 lifeL 2or3 - life "alanceL $mplo ee empo'erment $mplo ee involvementL Autonomous 'or3 teams UNIT 1 %TRAININ$ AND DEVE"OPMENT STRATE$IES Creating a learning organi-ationL Competenc mappingL Multi-S3illing Succession planningL Cross cultural training UNIT 1 %PERFORMANCE MANA$EMENT STRATE$IES Defining 3e result areas 9@>A;L >esult "ased performance 4in3ing performance to pa L Merit "ased promotions

UNIT 2 %REBARD AND COMPENSATION STRATE$IES )erformance "ased pa L S3ill "ased pa L #eam "ased pa Broad "andingL )rofit s&aringL $6ecutive CompensationL 7aria"le pa UNIT 9 % RETRENC7MENT STRATE$IES Do'nsi-ingL 7oluntar retirement sc&emes 97>S; ,> outsourcingL $arl retirement plansL )ro5ect "ased emplo ment UNIT > %7UMAN ASPECTS OF STRATE$Y IMP"EMENTATION Be&avioral issues in strateg implementationL Matc&ing culture 'it& strateg ,uman side of mergers and ac<uisitionsL 4eaders&ip, po'er and politicsL $mplo ee moraleL )ersonal values and "usiness et&ics $"OBA" 7R STRATE$IES Introduction to glo"al ,> strategiesL Developing ,> as a value added function Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1. Strategic ,>M ! %effer Mello, #&ompson pu"lication, (e' Del&i : .Strategic ,>M ! C&arles 0reer, )earson education Asia, (e' Del&i A .Strategic ,>M - Mic&ael Armstrong, @ogan page, 4ondon B .Strategic ,>M ! Agar'al, O6ford universit press, (e' Del&i E. ,uman resource management ! 0arr Dessler, ),I, (e' Del&i


UNIT % Definition, 7alues and Assumptions, Importance, $volution/ @urt 4e'in, >o"ert #anen"aum, Mc0regor, ,er"ert S&epard, >o"ert Bla3e. UNIT , %Foundations Of OD/ Action >esearc&, Surve Feed"ac3, S stems #&eor , #eams And #eam'or3, )articipation And $mpo'erment, Applied Be&avioural Science, )arallel 4earning Structures. UNIT -% )rocess Of OD !Model Of C&ange, Si6 Bo6 Model. UNIT 1 % OD Intervention/ Meaning, Importance, #eam Intervention/ >ole Anal sis, Interdependenc , Appreciation and Concern Inter group/ 2alton, )rincipled (egotiation Structural/ Sts, 2or3 >edesign, Self-Managed #eams. Individual/ #-0roup, Be&aviour Modeling UNIT 2 % Client And Consultant >elations&ip Caselets/ Action >esearc& Intervention $6ercises Boo3s Re'o//e&ded%4 1; Organisational Development B S >amnara an, # 7 >ao. :; Organisational Development And C&ange B Cummings And 2orle 9It& $dition; A; Organisational Development B Frenc& And Bell 9Gt& $dition;


PAPER 1 UNIT Compensating ,uman >esources ! #otal >e'ards and Compensation ! 7aria"le )a and $6ecutive Compensation ! Managing $mplo ee Benefits 7oluntar 2elfare Sc&emes - Social Securit Measures ! >is3 Management and 2or3er )rotection ! $mplo ee >ig&ts and >esponsi"ilities ! ?nion Management >elations&ips UNIT , 4oo3ing at >e'ards ,olisticall - 7aria"le )a )rograms - )a for >esults )erformance Management - Mapping out t&e )rocess - Competenc -Based >e'ard Design Approac&es - Managing #alent to Ma6imi-e )erformance 0etting t&e Most from Dour Sales Compensation )lan UNIT Compensation "ased on #&eories ! #&eor of $6pectanc and >einforcement ! #&e Surplus 7alue #&eor of 2ages ! 2age Fund #&eor ! >esidual Claimant #&eor - #&eor of Marginal )roductivit ! #&e Bargaining #&eor of 2ages ! Compensation "ased on Strategies ! Compensation )erformance >elated or Competence >elated UNIT 1 )a for )erformance in (ot-for-)rofit Organi-ations 4 Designing t&e Annual Management Incentive )lan - Designing Incentive Compensation )rograms to Support 7alue-Based Management UNIT 2 >e'ard S stem ! Overvie' ! Strategies ! )olicies ! Motivation ! Factors Affecting 4evels of )a ! >e'ard )rocess - $valuation * Development ! %o" ! >ole Anal sis ! %o" $valuation ! >e'ard Management )rocedures ! Developing >e'ard Management )rocess UNIT 9 Managing $mplo ee Benefits/ Benefits- meaning, strategic perspectives on "enefits-goals or "enefits, "enefits need anal sis, funding "enefits, "enc&mar3ing "enefit sc&emes, nature and t pes of "enefits, $mplo ee "enefits programs- securit "enefits, retirement securit "enefits, &ealt& care "enefits, time-off "enefits, "enefits administration, emplo ee "enefits re<uired " la', discretionar ma5or emplo ee "enefits, creating a 'or3 life setting, emplo ee services- designing a "enefits pac3age. Boo3s Re'o//e&ded% Compensation Management - Dipa3 @umar B&attac&ar a - O6ford ?niversit )ress Compensation Management - >e'arding )erformance - S.S. ?pad& a - 0lo"al India (e' Compensation Management in C&anging $nvironment Managerial >emuneration and 2age and Salar Administration a )rofessional Manual - S.@. B&atia - Deep and Deep - :FFA

Innovative >e'ard S stems for t&e C&anging 2or3place - :8e 2I4SO( - #ata Mc0ra'-,ill - :FFB