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YEAR 2010 2020

LOCAL Educational media employs 3D technology. A Filipino finally made a step in the moon. There will be general overhaul and revision to the Penal Code of the Philippines. A Filipino wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Minor restructuring in the governments offices are being implemented.

INTERNATIONAL Virtual Reality becomes a trend in Education and communication. Smaller, thinner phones are widely sold in the market made from graphene. A human community is being established in Mars. Scientists again build natural environment prototypes for mimicking natural vegetation and atmosphere. Scientists deal extensively with microbial engineering wherein known microorganisms are being reengineered against known disease. A vaccine against AIDS and HIV is available. Mass energy fluctuations occur worldwide due to the scarcity in energy sources.






More territorial disputes are faced by the Philippines. Perennial problems such as education, poverty and employment are being addressed strategically and effectively by the new administration. Philippines perform satisfactorily in TIMMS. It is included in the Top 15. Nuclear power plant is introduced in the Philippines and accepted. Effective flood and drainage system is now available in the country. Cases of HIV positive Filipinos decrease dramatically. Disputes in Mindanao are still evident. Economy of the Philippines is stable and

Commonwealth nations attained their independence.

Terrorism ventures extensively in biological



comparable to other nations. A Filipino is again elected as the UN Secretary General. Genetic-Modified Organisms (GMO) plants are being sold as an alternative food source in the country. Many Filipinos become entrepreneur in the Philippines. Less number of Filipinos becomes OFW. Philippines has its own satellite orbiting the Earth.

warfare. Medicine that will slow down ageing is widely available in the market.

New diseases that arise from World Wide Web that attack nervous system are widespread. Scientists and physicists proved teleportation. Scientists and astronomers found a nearby planet similar to Earth. Hologram-type of communication is in mode. Second set of MDG will be released for the New Millennium.


Philippines will be one of the pioneer movement in the realization of the New Millennium MDG