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Process Audit Checklist

Process Audited: Process Owner:

Total Audit Points: Audit Summary: 101 Total Possible Points: 108

Date: Auditor: Audit Summary and Corrective Action

Percent: 94%

Overall result of the process audit for Grinding was good. In some places, improvement may be done while some parts required immediate attention and improvement. The document control section and the adherence of process to the control plan etc was the strongest portion of the audit whereas improvement is required quickly at some places.
Major / Minor NC, Objective Evidence & Corrective Action Required (if any):

1) Statement of Non Conformity: The Process of calibration was not effective in sampled case. 2) Objective Evidence: Calibration report of outside micrometer MC-198 was not evidenced in sample case.

GENERAL SCORING CRITERIA Rating Does Not Apply Does Not Comply 2 Needs Improvement 3 Score NA 1 Ability to meet requirement in question: Requirement is not applicable. Requirement is not met or partially met. There is no evidence of implementation or documentation, or major inconsistencies in implementation or documentation (major non-conformance). Requirement is met but there are minor inconsistencies in implementation or documentation, or is in the early phases and only preliminary evidence of implementation effectiveness exists. Requirement is met, effectively implemented, and fully documented. Corrective Action No action required Requires Corrective Action (CA)

Opportunity for Improvement.


No action required

Process Verification Audit Checklist

Part Number: Machine Number:

Sr. No.
1 2 a 3 b 4 5

Document Control
Is the part print to the current Revision Level? Are the Control Plan documents being used up-to-date? Do the process control documents adequately address all process parameters? Are the Process Key Characteristics known, visible, and is there a documented control plan to continuously monitor the process control and capability? Are the Process flow diagrams, PFMEAs, Control Plan are controlled and up-to-date? Are other pertinent process control documents up-to-date? (Examples: process sheets, inspection and test instructions, standard operating procedures) 3 3 3 3 3 3

3 3 3 3 3 3

a 6 b

Process Control
Is the Control Plan applied at each operation and being followed? Is the frequency of inspection being performed as described in the Control Plan? 3 2 2 3

6 c 7 8 Plan?

Process Audit Checklist

Are the inspection method and equipment being used as described in the Control Process Audited: Is inspection data retained and stored appropriately? Are operators properly trained to perform their operations?

Date: 3
3 2

3 3 2

9 10 11 12 13

Is there an understanding of which tools/gages are needed for each operation, and are the needed tools/gages at the work station? Does the operator understand the proper use of the tools/gages and is he using them properly? Is equipment, including tooling, properly maintained? Are all the gages calibrated and records retained? Do Gage R&R studies have acceptable results? 3 3 2 3 3 3 3 3 1 3

14 15

Corrective Action
Is the Reaction Plan listed on the Control Plan effective & being followed? Is there an adequate process for isolation & control of non-conforming material & is it being followed? 3 3 3 3


Scoring Summary Total Points 108 Maximum Points Possible 51 94% 50 93%

Percent of Total Points Available (NA questions are excluded.)