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Sandvik AutoMine

The Future of Automation The new era of mining

Pieter Prinsloo Automation Manager

Sandvik Environmental, Health & Safety

Our EHS Vision Zero Harm to our people, the environment we work in, our customers and our suppliers Our strong EHS culture Arises from our values and is fully integrated into the way we do business and design our products Relies on everyone being committed to our vision and taking personal responsibility, our people are our Greatest Asset

Sandvik Mining

The Future of Automation

Key Principles
Industry: Safe mining, Safety is Paramount Mines are getting deeper and more complex and dangerous to mine People are the most Critical link to the success of Automation, they need to accept the changes in the way we will mine in the future, and embrace the technology Need to invest in personnel to enable them to manage, operate and maintain autonomous equipment and Systems in the future Geek Friendly Mines Need to find ways to mine Low Grade mines more cost effective Sandvik: Close collaboration with Customers, Suppliers, and Industry Legislators Aim to have the most comprehensive portfolio of mining automation products Objective: full automation of the mining process yet realizing that the journey requires several steps and fit-for-purpose solutions, it is not Plug and Play Focus on equipment autonomy, and on mining process automation and data management



Common Control System platforms across all product offerings are very important - SICA

AutoMine Control Room

Equipment Monitoring Remote Control Fleet management Process management Proximity Detection

AutoMine Equipment

Sandvik AutoMine
AutoMine Loading AutoMine Hauling AutoMine Drilling AutoMine Crushing and Screening AutoMine Process Management AutoMine Draw Control AutoMine Lite The Most Comprehensive Automation Offering available in the market today
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True Benefits
Measure, Control and Optimise
Safety: No personnel in the Production Area - zero LTIs, zero fatalities Continuous Production and greater Utilization of equipment longer operating hours = more tons, more ore, 16.7% increased utilization Real Time Production Reporting allows accurate Draw Control Management Real Time Condition Monitoring of equipment prevent equipment damage Full Real Time Visibility of Asset location and performance Fully automated traffic control no collisions Since the introduction of AutoMine in 2004, NO LTIs has been recorded associated with the Systems Operations Production Execution and Management from remote Hubs possible Operators dont need to fly in People with disabilities will be able to operate equipment People on light duties will be able to operate equipment Less Damage to equipment vs Tele-remote Systems

Sandvik Mining

Sandvik Fleet Automation Case Study Brief

Northparkes Mine NSW
Please show video Project Initiated in 2007 6 Semi-Autonomous Loaders 4 Production Zones 24/7 Operation Realtime Production Recording and Reporting Realtime Condition Monitoring and Reporting Automation allows for Production over shift change Production also during blasting clearance System Complies with Supplier Obligations under the AS61508 Standard for Functional Safety of Machinery Control Systems

Sandvik Mining

Success Factors
Northparkes Mine NSW
Customer has Very Strong Safety Culture Operators Acceptance Good Change Management Processes Mine Operations Acceptance Change Management Mine Layout was designed to fit Automation Fully Concreted Roadways Detailed System Roll-out Plan to meet Production Requirements for Automation Persisting with the technology throughout the ramp up stages, even during underperformance System Reports are visible and easy to enterpret First Female Loader Operator in Northparkes Sandvik Maintenance Team on site Continuous Optimisation Strategy roll out Collaboration with Sandvik to develop future Products
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Off Earth Mining: Transformation To Automation

Challenges for OEM Transformation? Cultural Change Fully Understanding the application Understand and prove the capability of the technology It is not a plug and play process Different Product Different Environment Different Culture Rate of Technology Evolution affect integration Implementation Readiness Operational Readiness Support Readiness Perception Management Change Management Need to Persist with the Technology Operations need to take ownership early

The Automation Broth

AutoMine Operating sites

LKAB Kiruna Mine (2010) Boliden Garpenberg Mine (2010) IAMGOLD Westwood Mine (2011) Dundee PM (OM) Chelopech Mine (2010-2011) Rio Tinto Argyle Diamonds (2013 Roll Out) Inmet Mining Pyhsalmi mine (Jan 2005) Sandvik Tampere Plant Test mine (1999)

Barrick Williams Mine (Jun 2007)

Rio Tinto Northparkes E48 (2011) Codelco El Teniente Pipa Norte (Jun 2004) Petra Finsch Mine Block 4 (Aug 2005) Newcrest Cadia and Ridgeway Deeps (2011)

11 Sandvik Mining El Teniente

Diablo Regimiento (April 2005)

Codelco El Teniente Pilar Norte (Dec 2009)

Xstrata (OM) Elands Mine (2011)

Rio Tinto Northparkes Mines Newcrest Ridgeway Deeps and Cadia Gold Mines Rio Tinto Argyle Diamonds


Sandvik Mining

Thank You
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Sandvik Mining