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Welcome To The Double Your Dating Special Holiday Report - Enjoy! POWER !D RE" T#O!

SH#PS One o$ my $a%orite boo&' i' (erry Spence)' boo& *Ho+ To rgue nd Win E%ery Time* ,#)%e li'tened to the audio tape %er'ion many- many time' a' +ell- and recommend it highly./ #n that boo&- he tal&' about the concept o$ per'onal po+erand ho+ mo't people gi%e a+ay their po+er to other'/ Here)' one +ay # generali0e male1$emale relation'hip'/ 2airable'3 4/ Po+er 5/ !o Po+er 6/ You 7/ Her Po''ible 8ombination'3 4/ You ha%e no po+er- 'he ha' no po+er Thi' i' the attitude characteri0ed by guy' 'aying *You probably +on)t li&e me- and there)' nothing that either o$ u' can do about it/* When people ha%e %ery lo+ 'el$ e'teem- combined +ith learned helple''ne'' they o$ten u'e the'e &ind' o$ +ord'/ Thi' i' the 'ituation +hen a guy thin&' $or +hate%er rea'on that he)' not %aluable a' a per'on- and that no +oman 8O9"D +ant him/ 5/ You ha%e no po+er- 'he ha' the po+er 8haracteri0ed by *# don)t &no+ +hat to do/ # really li&e thi' girl- but # don)t thin& 'he li&e' me/ # +ant her to li&e me really bad/ # thin& about it all the time/ # ha%e to $igure out ho+ to get her attention and impre'' her/* The'e are the &ind' o$ thought' o$ mo't guy' +ho # come into contact +ith/ 6/ You ha%e po+er- 'he ha' po+er 8haracteri0ed by *# li&e my'el$ and belie%e that #)m a great choice $or her- and # thin& that 'he)' a de'irable +oman/ #)m going to gi%e her the opportunity to ta&e ad%antage o$ being +ith me/ #$ 'he accept'- great/// i$ 'he choo'e' not to- that)' $ine becau'e # can al+ay' $ind another +oman/* Thi' i' probably the healthie't mind'et- but there are a $e+ problem' here/ !amely- that mo't +omen !D men ha%e a +hole truc&load o$ per'onal i''ue'- neuro'i'- and inner-children-needing-ahug- 'o it doe'n)t come do+n thi' +ay o$ten/ 7/ You ha%e po+er- 'he ha' no po+er 8haracteri0ed by *# am the be't thing that e%ery happened to you/ # ta&e +hat # +ant- and you)ll enjoy it/ #$ # +ant your opinion- #)ll gi%e it to you/ #$ you are too 'tupid to 'ee the opportunity that i' in $ront o$ you ,me. then you)re an idiot- and nothing can be done to help you/// later/* 8li$$ord and # +ere tal&ing on the telephone a $e+ day' ago about the ne+ :otley 8rue boo&/ You may ha%e read my ne+'letter a $e+ +ee&' ago about that boo& and +hat tho'e guy' are li&e/ 8li$$ord and # agree that the'e guy' act li&e complete animal'- and yet they bang "" o$ the +orld)' hotte't chic&'/// $rom groupie' to 'uper-model'/ The'e guy' are the undi'puted champ' o$ moral ban&ruptcy in my boo&/ ;ut they 'ure get laid a lot/ lol/// they al'o 'pend a lot o$ time in jail and rehab- 'o thin& t+ice about modeling them! E%en though the'e guy' aren)t the be't model' $or children- # thin& that 'ome u'e$ul le''on' can be learned $rom them/ :ore later/ O<- 'o no+ +e ha%e $our general 'ituation'3 4. You ha%e no po+er- 'he ha' no po+er- 5. You ha%e no po+er- 'he ha' the po+er- 6. You ha%e po+er- 'he ha' po+er- 7. You ha%e po+er- 'he ha' no po+er/ #$ you really ta&e a moment and thin& about it- #)ll bet that you)ll $ind- a' # ha%e- that mo't problem' that guy' run into +ith +omen come $rom them belie%ing that THEY H 2E !O POWER/ #n many 'ituation'- u' guy' ju't act li&e 'he ha' po+er and +e don)t/ One o$ the bigge't 'hi$t' in 'ucce'' $or me came +hen # ju't 'tarted acting li&e # +a' the one +ith more po+er in e%ery 'ituation/ =or in'tance- i$ #)%e ju't 'tarted tal&ing to a +oman in a co$$ee 'hop- and # +ant to get her number- #)ll 'ay/// *Hey- it +a' nice meeting you/// #)m going to get bac& to my $riend'///* then # turn bac& around and 'ay *Do you ha%e email>* #$ 'he 'ay' ye'- then # ta&e out my pen and ha%e her +rite do+n her email- and then tell her to +rite her name- and then her number too/ #t)' u'ually pretty 'mooth/ ;ut maybe hal$ the time- 'he)ll 'ay *Well- # don)t gi%e my number out///* or *Why don)t you gi%e me your'///* or +hate%er/ Originally- # +a' 'tumped becau'e # ju't ga%e a+ay all my po+er to her/ ma0ingly enough- # +ould ju't &ind o$ thin& *O<- +ell # gue'' #)ll ju't ha%e to gi%e her my number and hope 'he call'///* # +a' gi%ing my po+er a+ay ,# later learned that thi' i' %ery unattracti%e to +omen in general./ !o+- i$ a +oman 'ay' *Why don)t you gi%e me your number and #)ll call you* # do 'omething 8O:P"ETE"Y di$$erent/ ' a matter o$ $act- it)' almo't comical in it' 'implicity/ # 'imply point to the piece o$ paper and 'ay *#t)' O<- go ahead +rite it do+n/* #$ # get more re'i'tance- # 'ay *?u't +rite it do+n- #)ll only call you ten time' a day/* !o+- #)m not per$ect- but in mo't 'ituation' +ith +omen- # &eep my po+er $or my'el$/ # a''ume that # can handle the 'ituation better than 'he can/ nd by ju't telling her +hat # +ant her to do in a calm- con$ident manner- # almo't al+ay' get the number/ O$ cour'e- thi' i' ju't one e@ample/ nother i' i$ #)m +ith a +oman and 'he begin' to get up'et or emotional about 'omething/ ;ac& +hen # ga%e my po+er

a+ay mo't o$ the time- # +ould let the'e &ind' o$ thing' bother me- and # +ouldn)t &no+ ho+ to act/ !o+- # ju't 'mile and 'ay *Ho+ do you RE ""Y $eel about it>* in a 'arca'tic tone/ Or # laugh and 'ay *You)re 'o cute +hen you)re mad/* # could go on and on about di$$erent 'ituation' and techniAue'- but #)m trying to get the idea acro'' that in e%ery 'ituationyou can approach it by &eeping your po+er/ Don)t gi%e up your po+er! #$ you)re ha%ing trouble in an area- 'it do+n and a'& your'el$ *Ho+ +ould # act i$ # &ept my po+er> Ho+ +ould # act i$ # had the po+er in that 'ituation>* Then li't ten +ay' you could act that +ould &eep your po+er $or you/ BBB!e@t 8oncept O$ "ateBBB THE ;R TTY "#TT"E S#STER =R :E =or at lea't a year or t+o no+- #)%e been trying to $igure out a 'imple +ay to communicate ho+ # act around +omen- and ho+ 'ome o$ the guy' that # &no+ +ho are &iller pic& up arti't' act/ !o+ # ha%e it! TRE T HER "#<E SHE)S YO9R ;R TTY "#TT"E S#STER! O$ cour'e- there are a $e+ minor modi$ication' you)ll need to ma&e- but go +ith me here/ Ho+ doe' a big brother act around hi' bratty little 'i'ter> #t)' a combination o$ *# lo%e you and +ould &ill anyone +ho me''ed +ith you* and *# tolerate you- but #)m going to ma&e $un o$ you and tea'e you to entertain my'el$/** #t)' pro%en di$$icult $or me to e@plain ho+ you can bu't a +oman)' ball' in 'uch a +ay that 'he 'till $eel' li&e you li&e her/// lol/ ;ut maybe thi' i' the $rame that +ill open up the concept a little bit more/ The real tric& +hen tea'ing a +oman and bu'ting her ball' i' to do it in a completely calm- con$ident- indi$$erent +ay/ Women are great at detecting =R 9DS/ nd it really doe'n)t matter +hat &ind o$ $raud you)re trying to run/// +omen ju't get uptight i$ you)re not being +ho you are/ #)%e 'een guy' 'ay thing' to +omen that # actually could not belie%e/ #)%e +atched my buddy Ric& a'& at lea't CD +omen i$ they)re bi'e@ual no+/// and u'ually +ithin about 6 minute' o$ meeting them/ ;ut he)' 'o calm and natural- that they)re u'ually $a'cinated and +ant to tal& about it +ith him/ #)%e al'o +atched other guy' try to imitate him by a'&ing +omen i$ they)re bi'e@ual and get 'hot do+n +ith cold- o$$ended loo&' on their $ace'/ What)' the di$$erence> The other guy' +ere $raud'/// they +eren)t com$ortable around bi'e@ual +omen- and they +eren)t com$ortable a'&ing/ So the +omen pic&ed up the di'com$ort- their $raud detector' +ent o$$- and they in e$$ect 'aid *You)re +eird- get a+ay $rom me///* !o+- i$ you u'e the $rame that the +oman i' your bratty little 'i'ter- then you)ll $eel com$ortable tal&ing about anything in $ront o$ her/ #)%e heard many guy' 'ay that hone'ty and directne'' i' attracti%e/ nd # agree +ith thi' idea/// a' long a' you)re being hone't about 'omething that the +oman $ind' attracti%e/ #$ you)re 'aying *# ha%e to be hone't here/// #)%e ne%er been on a date +ith a +oman- and # had to ma'turbate be$ore # pic&ed you up* it)' probably not going to be the 'e@ie't thing 'he)' e%er heard/ lol/// ma&e 'ure you don)t be too $or+ard about your in'ecuritie' at the beginning o$ the relation'hip! ;ut i$ you)re acting li&e 'he)' your bratty little 'i'ter- you)ll 'ay +hate%er i' on your mind- but you)ll do it in a )cool) +ay/ ?u't li&e an older brother +ould/ l'o- you +on)t let any o$ her ploy' to control or te't you e%en get pa't the radar/ You)ll ju't 'ay *"oo&- 'top it/ That +on)t +or& on me///* BThere i' a +ay to bu't a +oman)' ball' royally- +hile at the 'ame time communicating that you li&e her/ ;e creati%e and thin& up 'ome o$ your o+n/ Which lead' me to my ne@t idea/// BBBYO9 8 ! DO !YTH#!( R#(HT OR WRO!(BBB lot o$ guy' +rite me 'aying *That +on)t +or&* or *# di'agree/* !o+- #)m not per$ect ,e%en though # tal& li&e # thin& # am 'ometime'. but remember3 There)' a +ay to u'e anything that you learn 'o it)' e$$ecti%e- and there)' a +ay to $uc& any good idea up a' +ell/ "et me u'e the e@ample o$ approaching a +oman and 'aying *E@cu'e me///* !o+- # &eep 'eeing thi' one come up on thi' li't- and it)' actually $unny to me no+/ Doe' anyone remember that o%er EDF o$ your communication i'n)t the +ord' you u'e- but the tone and body language> You can 'ay the +ord' *E@cu'e me* and ha%e them mean all &ind' o$ thing'/ #$ you 'ay them +ith 'arca'm- you can be 'aying *You)re being a bitch*/// i$ you 'ay them +ith a charming tone- you can communicate *Ohhh- hellllllo you 'e@y thing/ You caught my attention- and #)m going to ha%e to come do+n o$$ my high hor'e to tal& to you///* Thin& about it/ You can al'o 'ay *E@cu'e me* +ith a tone that 'ay' *#)m 'cared to tal& to you- and # need you to e@cu'e the interruption becau'e # ha%e lo+ 'el$ e'teem/// and i$ you don)t then # can)t tal& to you///* lol/ re you +ith me here> THE HOW #S :ORE #:PORT !T TH ! THE WH T/ Do your'el$ a $a%or- and learn ho+ to thin& both +ay' +hene%er you learn anything/// a'& your'el$ *Ho+ could # u'e thi' idea 'o it +ould +or&>* and al'o *What +ay' 'hould # a%oid u'ing thi' idea becau'e it probably +on)t +or&>* # +a' tal&ing to my be't $riend the other night on the phone- and +e +ere laughing about all the $unny 'hit that #)%e 'aid to +omen +hen meeting them/ # u'ed to try +eird thing' ju't to 'ee i$ they +ould 'till tal& to me/ nd they al+ay' +or&edbecau'e # 'eemed cool and con$ident +hen # u'ed them/

E%ery idea- techniAue- concept- etc/ i' u'e$ul in 'ome conte@t- and not u'e$ul in another/ Try to $igure out ho+ you can ma&e it +or& $or you/// nd +hen you read 'omeone on here 'aying *That +on)t +or&* ju't try to imagine ho+ it 8O9"D +or&- and the conte@t that it +ould +or& in/ !e@t idea/// BBB!O!-2ER; " ;EH 2#OR #S :OST O= THE ( :EBBB Thi' i' a hard one- becau'e de'cribing non-%erbal beha%ior +ith +ord' i' li&e trying to de'cribe ho+ to play a 'ong/ #t)' SOOOOO much ea'ier ju't to +atch and learn/ ny+ay- mo't o$ your communication i' not the +ord' you u'e- or e%en the tone/ #t)' your )body language/) #$ you get your body language together- the re't become' 'econdary/ Ye'- #)m 'aying that the guy' +ho ha%e ma'tered the body language a'pect need %ery little more to be 'ucce''$ul/ Here are 'ome o$ the thing' that #)%e done3 4. Watch 'ome ?ame' ;ond/ 5. Eliminate ner%ou' tic&' and ge'ture'- automatic reaction'- and emotional trigger'/ 6. :o%e more 'lo+ly and con$idently/ Turn head 'lo+er- blin& 'lo+er- etc/ 7. #mpro%e po'ture/ Pretend you)re Super :an , Tony Robbin' Original. C. Watch (one With the Wind- Streetcar !amed De'ire- Top (un BBB:o't important3 :a&e $riend' +ith guy' +ho are good +ith +omen- and go +atch them in action! Thi' i' they &ey! # recommend that you $ind at "E ST C local guy' and ma&e $riend' +ith them- then go out +ith them on a regular ba'i'/ Don)t get in their +ay- don)t 'ay anything +hile they)re +or&ing- don)t be a dumb a''- ju't +atch/ nd buy them dinner e%ery time ,but no &i''ing./ # can)t 'tre'' enough ho+ important it i' to learn ho+ to ;EH 2E in a more attracti%e +ay/ Women are 'ome+here around TE! T#:ES a' 'en'iti%e to 'ubtle body language clue' a' men are/ :o't guy' ha%e !O #DE +hat they are communicating to +omen +ith their appearance- dre''- ge'ture'- etc/ #)m telling you- body language i' :OST o$ the game/ You can &no+ e%ery great line in the boo&- but i$ you don)t ha%e the body language do+n- it can $ail e%ery time/ !e@t concept/// BBB "W YS 8O::9!#8 TE TH T YO9)RE SE"E8T#!( HERBBB #n e%ery 'ituation there i' a +ay to 'ubtly or o%ertly communicate that you are the one +ho i' 'electing her/ ?u't li&e my idea that you can increa'e attraction in e%ery 'ituation- # al'o belie%e that you can communicate that you)re the one doing the 'electing ,+hich- o$ cour'e- increa'e' the attraction./ E@ample'3 4. When you $ir't meet her 'ay *You 'eem di$$erent $rom the other 'hallo+ +omen that +or& here///* 5. :ention that your e@ girl$riend called you ,i$ it)' true- o$ cour'e. and that 'he +anted to 'ee you- but that you cho'e her in'tead tonight/ 6. #$ you $ind 'omething that 'he li&e'- tell her *#$ you)re a good girl- #)ll gi%e you 'ome more///* !o+- the'e are 'ubtle +ay' o$ 'aying- in e$$ect *#)m the one +ho)' in control/ #)m de'irable and # &no+ it/// but #)m going to pay attention to you becau'e # choo'e to/* Do you get thi'> :o't guy' beha%e in a +ay that communicate' *#)m a luc&y guy to be getting attention $rom you/ #)ll do +hate%er you +ant 'o you don)t lea%e/ # &no+ that #)m $ortunate to be +ith you- and #)m in'ecure becau'e you might lea%e at any time/* Thi' goe' bac& to +hat # 'aid earlier about gi%ing a+ay your po+er/ So thin& up 'ome +ay' that you can communicate the idea that YO9)RE THE O!E SE"E8T#!( HER/ #$ you o%erdo thi' one- you can come o$$ a' in'ecure and arrogant/// 'o ma&e 'ure to &eep it on the 'ubtle 'ide/ ;ut u'ed in 'mall amount'- thi' i' po+er$ul/ #$ you belie%e it- 'he)ll belie%e it/ O<- #)m done//// <EEP YO9R POWER =OR YO9/ Your =riendDa%id D/