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NL 090401-1

ATEX CertificatE updating

Coelbo announces the completion of its program for updating the certificates relevant to our explosion-proof product lines according to the new releases of the harmonized applicable norms EN 60079-x and EN 61241-x More than such a norms the new certificates comply and respond to the most recent market requirements as follows Extended ambient temperature ranges up to the limits of -50C and +80C (where possible), featuring an optimized diversification of temperature classes Drilling lay-outs more articulated and compatible with the use of cable-glands Possibility of using CCF series enclosures within sites featuring gases belonging to group IIB+H2 only with a few marginal limitation Possibility of using intrinsically safe circuits in enclosures suitable for any group of gas

New lighting fittings featuring LED technologies The following table are clearly shown the correspondences between the current certificates and the previous ones:
Item Empty boxes series S.. / SO.. / EMH Boxes series S.. / SO.. / EMH Empty S.S. boxes series S..I / SO..I S.S. Boxes series S..I / SO..I Empty enclosures series CCA / CPS Enclosures series CCA / CPS Empty enclosures series CCF / CCV Enclosures series CCF / CCV Lighting fittings series EVO / EVS Limit switches series PS Limit switches series LS Flexible conduit fittings Proximity switches series IM Switches series EFS Grounding plug type PTA10 Pushbuttons series EFD Thermostats series T.. Command and signalling units New Certificate BVI 07 ATEX 0020U BVI 07 ATEX 0022 INERIS 04 ATEX 9002U Ext.01 INERIS 05 ATEX 0010X Ext.01 BVI 07 ATEX 0021U BVI 07 ATEX 0023 Rev.A INERIS 03 ATEX 9021U Ext.01 INERIS 03 ATEX 0210 Ext.02 BVI 07 ATEX 0024 BVI 07 ATEX 0007 BVI 07 ATEX 0006 BVI 07 ATEX 0008U BVI 07 ATEX 0005X BVI 07 ATEX 0028 BVI 07 ATEX 0004X BVI 09 ATEX 0004 INERIS 02 ATEX 0094X Ext.01 INERIS 03 ATEX 9023U Ext.01 Previous Certificate CESI 03 ATEX 120U CESI 02 ATEX 137 INERIS 04 ATEX 9002U INERIS 05 ATEX 0010X CESI 03 ATEX 117U CESI 03 ATEX 147 INERIS 03 ATEX 9021U INERIS 03 ATEX 0210 CESI 03 ATEX 077 CESI 01 ATEX 065 CESI 01 ATEX 023 CESI 03 ATEX 049U CESI 03 ATEX 033X CESI 02 ATEX 140 CESI 04 ATEX 064X CESI 03 ATEX 050 INERIS 02 ATEX 0094X INERIS 03 ATEX 9023U

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