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The Meaning of Minor Arcana Tarot Cards The Minor Arcana is made up of 56 suit-cards, which are further divided

into four suits with 14 cards each. The cards commonly have the Italian-Spanish suits -- the pentacles, swords, cups and wands. Before we introduce some of the cards in the deck, the four suits has its own set of symbolism. The pentacles stand for merchants; swords for nobility and military; cups for clergy; and wands for peasantry. Here are some of the cards in the Minor Arcana deck with their corresponding meanings: Ace of Wands The first in the wand suits, the card depicts a large wand held by a hand from a cloud. The key meanings of this card are birth, commencement, creativity, inventiveness and new beginnings. Knights of Wands Here, the card portrays a knight in battle gear riding a horse while holding a wand. The basic interpretations of this card are the person is challenging, determined, has an inclination for foreign travel, can be a leader and is unpredictable. Three of Pentacles Also called The Three of Coins, it can portray positive and negative traits. The former shows good attitudes such as perfection, having an artistic ability and having a mastery of skill. On the other side, it shows sloppiness, lack of skill, having an unexciting idea and getting preoccupied from chores and tasks. The card depicts a church-like arch with three people. The first man in the left side stands on a platform and working. The other two a priest and a merchant are looking at the worker. Page of Pentacles This is suitable for younger people especially students. This card can only mean two things -- changing the line of your current work, or the necessity to have more responsibilities. The cards image shows a young man wearing a red headdress, green clothes and yellow hand and feet stockings. The man faces the left and holds a circle with a star on it. Seven of Cups The seventh card on the suit of Cups has an overwhelming image. The person wearing a black dress faces seven chalices filled with different offerings. The chalices are suspended in the clouds. The seven different chalices seem to have an offer together with its meaning. Take note that these interpretations are not usually found in the common Horoscopo diario or Daily Horoscope. Snake - it represents passion and desire as well as knowledge.

Treasure hoard wealth and abundance. Human head represents a potential relationship. Castle/tower portrays stability, power or someones home land. Laurel wreath describes status symbol, honor and victory and even deadly sins like pride and vanity. Dragon originally depicts calamity, evil and anger. Nowadays, it represents magic and fantasy. A glowing, shrouded figure it shows a desire for the self-illumination of a person.

Four of Swords This is one of the disturbing cards in La Tarot (called The Tarot in English). The card depicts an effigy of a knight that is praying, on the top of his own tomb. This card mainly means solitude, retreat, vigilance and exile. On the lighter side, it also means circumspection, proper administration, precaution and economy. King of Swords The last card on the suit of Swords shows a king sitting on a chair wearing a crown alongside his robe. He holds an upward-pointed sword on his right hand. This card characterizes someone who has intellectually-oriented, strong and decisive personality. It can also portray a brutally-judgmental attitude, which can be detrimental to other people.