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Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen


First of all we bow ourselves before almighty ALLAH, the merciful &
beneficent for empowering us to start & complete this assignment.

I wish to express my gratefulness to Abdur Rob, Senior Executive,

Product Management Department for his constant guidance during the

It is a great privilege to us to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Abul

Kalam, PMD & Export Manager, cooperation and material support during
our study.

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

Table of content

1. Navana Pharmaceuticals at a glance

2. Introduction

2. Objective of the study

3. Methodology of the study

4. Strength & weakness of the Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd

5. Strenght & weakness of the Pizofen (product)

6. Segmenting, Targeting & positioning of Pizofen

6.1. Segmentation

6.2. Targeting

6.3. Positioning

6.4. Marketing mix

6.4.1. Product

6.4.2. Price

6.4.3. Place

6.4.4. Promotion

7. Recommendation

8. Conclusion

9. Source

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

1. NAVANA Pharmaceuticals at a Glance

Navana Pharmaceuticals is one of the reputed and leading companies; Navana

commenced their business activities on a larger scale by setting up their factory in

Rupshi, Narayangong, in the year of 1990. Operating its activities for over the last 19

years, the company is trying to significantly contribute towards the augmentation of the

standard of living by bringing high quality medicine at the door step of their customers.

The commercial production started in April 1992 with 8 (eight) antibiotic products

Right now Navana has more than 150 products with different dosage form like Tablet,

Capsule, Syrup, Suspension, Injectable preparation

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

2. Introduction

Navana Pharmaceuticals is a reputed medicinal product manufacturing in Bangladesh.

Navans’s one of the most popular brand is Pizofen. They segments Pizofen’s market
according to doctor potentiality. Navana targets the specialized practitioner.
Tactical marketing tools, 4P’s, are extensively used by the company to market Pizofen.
The product is available in two different strength under tablet form. The price is
affordable by most of the people. Navana Pharmaceuticals has well established
distribution channels to distribute Pizifen in massive bulks amount. It undertakes the
largest promotional activities in the Pharmaceutical industry.

The anti-migraine has a few major producers of which Navana holds market share of
slightly less than 35 %. Other competing brands like Avidro, Pizo-A, Migranil,
Navana, with the aid of its heavy promotional activities, has been able to penetrate the
market. But the other producers in the industry are posing a threat towards Navana’s
market share as they have moved towards the general promotion to all doctors.
Therefore, Navana Pharmaceuticals should undertake further steps such as moving
towards the general practitioners segment with innovative promotional activities to its
command in the industry.

3. Objective of this report

This report is an outcome of an analysis of marketing strategies used by Navana

Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The main purpose of the report is to find what strategies the

company uses to market its successful brand Pizofen, in Bangladesh.. The report

discusses the process of using market segmentation, target marketing, positioning, the

product, pricing, place, promotional and distribution strategies and a competitive


Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

4. Methodology of this report

For accessibility and availability of information we have chosen to work on the

strategies of Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd... As the company operates in the market with

a huge number of products, we have decided to focus on one of successful brands,

Pizofen. Most of the information used in this report is from primary sources. The main

source of information was the focus group discussion.

5. Strength & weakness of Navana


 Good relation with doctors through skilled Medical Promotion Officer (MPO) &

Medical Service department

 Strong distribution network through the country.

 Innovation in Product Packaging & product promotion.

 Sate of the art equipments

 ISO 9001:2000 certification & maintaining Current Good Manufacturing

Practice (cGMP).

 Navana Pharmaceuticals is the sister concern of Islam group which is the one of

the largest group in Bangladesh.

 A large field force for wide coverage of area.

• Customer lists not tested.

• Some gaps in certain therapeutic groups

• Need more sales people.

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

6. Strength & weakness of Pizofen


• Patient compliance: The price of Pizifen is affordable to maintain long term

treatment & it is offered in two strength which offers wide range of treatment


• Safety profile: Pizifen is safer than any other indirect competitors brand

available in the market.

• Has no habit forming effect compare to other anti-migraine drug

• First time in Market: Introduced first time in Bangladesh

• Fewer side effects which convey the doctor to prescribe confidently for his


• 5Suitable for long term use to manage migraine

• Suitable for young children

1. Weight gaining for long term use

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

7. Market Segmentation, Target Marketing and 7.1

Market Segmentation:
The company claims that Pizofen is the highest selling Anti-migraine brand in

Bangladesh. Moreover some survey reports also reveal the same result.

Though Pizofen is the highest selling Anti-migraine product in Bangladesh, it does not

go for traditional mass marketing as an OTC (over the count) drug. As Doctors are the

first customer of Pharmaceuticals products/medicine & what they are prescribing for his

patients, they just purchase according to prescription. So, the company segmented the

market of this product into four types

Rural practitioner (doctor cum chemist, LMAF): In village area poor people

come to this type of practitioner with different minor case like fever, headache,

and pain etc but they are not skilled enough to diagnose any severe or critical


General practitioner: This group is having MBBS degree but they are not

specialized on a particular therapy. Patients with mild to moderate type of

diseases visit them. They actually treat all type of disease without complexity

but they are large in number of all type of doctors.

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

Specialized practitioner: Specialized doctors are handling more complicated &

where others are failed to diagnose the disease pattern. More over here higher

middle class & higher class people visit very frequently for their health care.

7.2 Target Market:

Specialized doctors are most potential & influential .Higher & medium patients classes

as well as patients who are not satisfied with treatment of general practitioner coming to

the specialized doctor .The prescription of these doctors are followed by rural & general

practitioner. Among the specialized doctor particular for migraine treatment, the target

doctor will be

• Neurologist

• Medicine specialist

• Ophthalmologist

General Practitioner

Rural practitioner

7.3 Product Positioning:

Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd obtained a good position in the buyers’ mind through

better product attributes, price and quality, offering the product in a different way than

the competitors do. The company offers improved safety & quality of products in the

industry at an affordable price with high branding, But in case of Pizofen it is offered as

Safe & effective migraine prophylaxis.

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

The market share of the company in the preventive treatment for migraine is around


The positioning of Pizofen is given below & strictly maintained in all promotional
Pizofen-Brings Migraine Patients to Light
 Common migraine
 Classical migraine
 Retinal migraine
 Basilar migraine
 Menstrual migraine

7.4. Marketing Mix

7.4.1 Product:

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

Pizofen is a renowned anti-migraine brand of Navana & maintains an international

quality for the product. The brand name is coined in a very logical way that indicates

the generic name of the product. The Formula of Pizofen given by Research and

Development departments, Pizofen is produced from imported raw materials. It is

mentionable that Pizofen is being exported in different counties like Singapore,

Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Pizifen is offered in Market in tablet form with 2 strength (0.5 & 1.5 mg) according to

doctor concern to treat migraine. According to patient’s condition doctors can choose

the strength (0.5 & 1.5 mg) which can vary according to patient’s ages & severity.

It is very important to create the right packaging and brand image in order to catch the

attention of the customer. We also strive to catch the salesperson’s (Medical Promotion

Officer) attention too because they have to be convinced of the idea before they will sell

it confidently.

7.4.2. Price:

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

Markets of Pizofen are primarily specialized practitioners & patients come to this type

of doctor when general practitioner can not satisfy them with therapy. Price does not

matter to patients at that case but in case of medicine there is price constraint to set

because Pharmaceuticals Company has to get price approval from drug administration.

So price can not be too high to purchase. But if a doctor prescribes this product one has

to continue the therapy for a long time (at least six month), so opportunity here to

generate more prescription to sale the product .Consequently price is fixed on the basis

of consumer buying capability .Navana wants to attract customers and gain their loyalty

by charging a reasonable price while offering a high-quality, and high-value product.

Here there is a price comparison given below

Competitors Brand Price (MRP)/tablet Price Pizofen (MRP)

0.5mg 1.5 mg 0.5 mg 1.5 mg
Avidro (Beximco) 3.00 7.00
Migranil (Square) 3.00 7.00
Pizo-A (Acme) 3.00 7.00 3.00 6.50

7.4.3 Place:
Place in the marketing mix, is not just about the physical location or distribution points

for products. It encompasses the management of a range of processes involved in

bringing products to the end consumer. Here we show how Navana distributes it’s

product to end-user.

Navana Pharmaceuticals
distribution model

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

Navana. has a huge distribution channel for it’s products all over the country. The

company has 18 huge warehouses, one in each division of Bangladesh, where the

product goes after they are manufactured at Rupshi factory.There is a list shows the

location of its 18 warehouses in Bangladesh.

The company use its own fleet of transport for distributing its product as well as

extarnal tranport campany.

Dhaka Mymensigh Faridpur Tangail

Chittagong Kishorgong Jessor Dinajpur
Comilla Maijdee Cox’s Bazar Bogra
Sylhet Rangpur Moulvi Bazar
Rajshahi Khulna Barisal

6.4.4 Promotion:

Navana Pharmaceuticals undertakes huge promotional activities to promote Pizofen. It

spends almost 20% to 30% of its net sales of Pizofen for promotional activities .

As doctors are the prime concern to create demand through prescription ,a motivated

team is working to promote the product all over the Bangladesh.Medical

Representatives (MR) are given different promotional tools ,sampling,printed materials

(literature,drop card) & gifts iteam to convice doctors & keep good relation.

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

12 months promotional items highlights for the year 2009

Month / Cycle New Printed New gifts or Gimmick Physician Sample(4’s)

Promotional materials items
01: January Literature 10,000
02: February Literature Gift 10,000
03: March 12,000
04: April Drop card Card 12,000
05: May Show Card Gift 14,000
06: June 14,000
08: August Drop card Gift
09: September 14,000
10: October Gift 10,000
11: November Drop Card 8,000
12.December Literature 8,000

The Medical Representative (MR) of Navana uses sales promotion, public relations and
advertising to communicate effectively. The doctor perceives it and responds to it either
to medical representative directly or in form of Rx (prescription). If the medical
representative gets the required response for his product, it shows that the perceived
value of message communicated to the doctor is equal to value created. The algorithm
given below is pre-requisite for ideal communication. Feedback is vital in this model as
it gives way for reconstruction of the message and improves its perceived value.

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen

The company relies on personal contact with retailers to establish the products in their

stores. This contact, whether in-person or by phone, helps convey the message,

demonstrate the products’ unique qualities, and build relationships. Sales

representatives visit each store three or four times a month.

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen


We would suggest some recommendations to Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd. to adopt

more successful operation in Bangladesh. Navana Pharmaceuticasl Ltd should expand
their target market also towards the general practitioners. They should also conduct
different promotional activities in hospital ,community hospital,private clinic and
awareness program for patient.Because Pizifen has different type to migrain therapy so
now if they provide different indications(use) of anti-migrain for patients the same
brand name might increase their sales.


The Pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh is rapidly growing sector. The demand for
this product is very much high in terms of disease privelence. Navana Pharmaceuticals
is providing Pizofen. at a price which is affordable to most of the patients in the
country. Pizofen is an uprising product in Bangladesh as a greater portion of the
population, both male and female, are now getting more health conscious. Navana
Pharmaceuticals with heavy promotional activities, has been able to penetrate the

With two strength, two pack size, international standard and high quality design, as a
product, Pizofen has been highly successful over the years. Its distribution process is
highly efficient. Its promotional activities, like sampling,Seminer,Gift ,Visual aid has
been a milestone in attracting a huge number of customers. Overall with its marketing
activities Pizofen has been a successful brand.

10. Source

Segmenting, targeting & positioning for Pizofen
1.Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd

2.Group discussion