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Adolf Hitler - Born 20th April, 1889 18:30, Braunau, Austria

Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless
Adolf Hitler

Born under !oon in "ur#ashada $a%shatra &!oti#ation and inspiration' in the sign of (agittarius &sign of a!)ition and in#igoration' 3rd house is the house of actions, e*ternal co!!unication style and !ental acti#ity His 3rd house has +upiter %etu con+unct in pur#ashada na%shathra ,ahu in -th & litigations ', fa!e &contro#ersial issues' fro! .oon shows he has fa!e fro! litigations and contro#ersial issues

.ars as 2nd lord&speech ' in Bharani & e*tre!e energy' with !ercury &i!aginati#e' as planet of speech in Ashwini $a%shatra &courage' in -th house &litigation' results in contro#ersies and fights /upiter as 3rd lord& actions ' and 0th &fighting a)ility'lord in 3rd house &co!!unications and !ental acti#ity' in "ur#ashada& warrior,!ost in#inci)le and uncon1uered ' !ade his speech !ost powerful and )est orator of his ti!es 2nd lord in own house con+oined to sun &e*alted' and aspected )y /upiter&0th lord' !a%es hi! spea% aggressi#ely .ars in %endra as %endra lord ga#e 2,ucha%a .ahapurusha 3oga!4 which destinated hi! to go for ar!y & -th house 10th to 10th professional house ' 5enus as 8th lord & changes and separation and disasters' in -th & alliances' in )harani which is a harsh na%shatra and aspected )y 0th lord /upiter in pur#ashada na%shatra 9th lord &policies and decisions !a%ing in a group' in Ashwini na%shatra con+unct to 8th lord 5enus is placed in -th house 6ro! !oon in 7th &political power ' (un e*alted as 9th lord and aspected )y /upiter !ade hi! a ,uler &political class' ,ahu in 9th &pu)lications of )oo%s' in "unar#asu & co!e )ac% to for! fro! struggles' and /upiter %etu con+unction fro! 3rd fro! "ur#ashada &warrior and inspiring' shows his writing and pu)lications will )e inspiring He wrote .ein 8a!pf during ,ahu dasha ,ahu in 9th house in "unar#asu and in -th fro! !oon &pu)lic relations'

9agna lord in 8endra and :th lord in 8endra and 9th lord in 8endra shows the nati#e is fortunate and ruler o#er large territory .ars & fire' !ercury&s%ills' in -th &interaction to other person' through )harani & harsh ' and ahswini &straight forward and courageous' na%shatra $a#a!sa lagna lord in own house with e*alted planet with 9th lord in 8endra !a%es hi! world fa!ous sun !oon !ars in trines to each other !ade hi! a terri)le drea! for his ene!ies 2nd lord in -th & in !ars house !a%es an liar' -th &partnerships' house has 8th &seperation and wars ' lord aspected )y 0th &ene!ity and )attles ' fro! 3rd & actions' fro! pur#ashada&warrior' +upiter con+unct to %etu &functioning as !oola' Jupiter ketu conjunction functions as moola (gain of power and influence ) and then discriminate (negative functioning ) of ketu (if not controlled by Jupiter) will act as harsh in discrimination and later involve in self destruction. If aturn is not controlling this conjunction Jupiter ketu can act very hugely in blowing in both the e!tremes (positive and negative). Hitler has this con+unction in "ur#ashada $a%shatra in 3rd house of own actions &"ur#ashada is o#er esti!ation of energy' ;his is how he always o#eresti!ated his strength, used the! wrongly and finally lost in war .ercury is the planet of logical thin%ing &application' 6ailure of this &application' will pro#o%e to go for suicides ;his is )ad yoga for )ad part of dasa running <n hitler chart !ercury was in !ars &ene!y house' con+unct to !alefic !ars and 8th lord =on+unction of !ercury to different planets&siginificance' will pro#o%e to go for suicide .ars&weapons' and 5enus &cyanide' to !ercury !ade hi! use gunshots and cyanide