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Central Electric 2

Central Electric 2 in Volkswagens. Covers 89-99 Golf and Jetta, 90-97 Passat, all Cabrios, Corrados, and EuroVans.

A2Resource > Electrical Systems > Fuse Box Information > Central Electric 2 Fuse Box: Connector Outside Fusebox Inside Fusebox Color Main Fusebox -30 30B, for fuel pump power Red Battery Power Fuel Pump Relay -30B 30, for fuel pump power Red Input Red/Black or Injector Power (1990+ 8v), Glow Plug Fuel Pump/Glow Red/Yellow (gas), -Z1 Fuse (diesel), inlet manifold pre-heat Plug Relay Output Red/White (diesel (carb) and carb) Main Fusebox -Z2 Battery Ground Brown Ground A1 Front Wiring Harness, Left Yellow Headlight, Left, A1/01 Headlight, Left Yellow/Black Fuse 1 Turn Signal A1/02 Turn Signal Light, Left Front Black/White Switch Main Fusebox A1/03 Ground Parking Lights, A1/04 Parking Light, Left Front Gray/Black Left, Fuse 8 Battery Power, A1/05 Radiator Cooling Fan Thermoswitch Red Fuse 19 High Beam A1/06 High Beam Headlight, Left Headlight, Left, White/Black Fuse 11 Horns, Radiator Cooling Fan AfterMain Fusebox A1/07 Black/Yellow Run Control Unit Start/Run Power,

A1/08 A2 A2/01 A2/02 A2/03 A2/04 A2/05 A2/06 A2/07 A2/08 B B/01


Fuse 13 Horn Relay Output

Brown/Black Yellow Blue Gray/Red Yellow Black/Green Brown Red/Black (diesel only)

Front Wiring Harness, Right Alternator (Exciter Wire) (Mk2, others Battery Light 1990 only) Parking Lights, Parking Light, Right Front Right, Fuse 7 Headlight, Right, Headlight, Right Fuse 2 Turn Signal Turn Signal Light, Right Front Switch Main Fusebox Ground for Lights, Right Front Ground Alternator (W Terminal, Diesel only) Tachometer


B/03 B/04 B/05 B/06 C C/01 C/02 C/03

High Beam High Beam Headlight, Right Headlight, Right, White Fuse 12 Fog Lights Fog Light Switch White/Yellow Headlight Washer Wiring Harness Green Headlight Washer To B/2 (Washer Pump Power) Green/Red Relay Power Washer Pump Power To B/1 Green/Red (front)/Ground (rear) To D/4 (Headlight power) or direct to Headlight Switch White/Black Headlight Switch Low Beam Power Headlight Washer To C/3 (Ground) or direct to Ground Brown Relay Headlight Washer To Y/2 (Battery Power) Red Relay Input Headlight Washer Headlight Washer Pump Red Relay Output Engine Wiring Harness, Basic Yellow Accessories Brake Warning Brake Fluid Level Switch Blue/Brown Light Wiper Switch Washer Pump Power (front)/Ground Washer Pump Green/Red (rear) switch From B/4 Main Fusebox Brown

C/04 C/05 C/06

Radiator Cooling Fan After-Run Control Unit (Corrado) Low Coolant Level Sender Low Coolant Level Sender (1989 only) Washer Pump Ground (front)/Power (rear) Low Coolant Level Sender (1990+) Miscellaneous Equipment -

C/07 C/08 D D/01 D/02 D/03 D/04 D/05 D/06 D/07

Ground Main Fusebox Ground Main Fusebox Ground Low Coolant Level Control Unit Wiper Switch Washer Pump switch Gauge Cluster

Brown Brown Blue/Red (1989 only) Brown/Blue Blue/Red (1990+) Green


D/09 D/10



Alternator (Exciter Wire) Headlight, Left, Fuse 1 Main Fusebox Heated Outside Mirrors (models with Run Power, Fuse Yellow/Green "always on" mirrors) 4 Headlight Switch To B/3 White/Black Low Beam Output Main Fusebox Glove Compartment Light, Power Run Power, Fuse Black/Red Sunroof Switch 4 Tachometer Main Fusebox ABS Hydraulic Pump Relay Black/Yellow Run Power Auto. Trans. Shift Lock Control Module, Interlock Relay, Malfunction Main Fusebox Black Indicator Switch, E/2 (cluster power Start/Run Power for A3) Main Fusebox Heated Washer Nozzles, Heated Seats, Start/Run Power, Black Power Window Relay Fuse 14 Seatbelt Warning White/Violet or Seatbelt Warning Light Light from Relay Green Cruise Control Switch (manual Main Fusebox transmission only), Power Mirror Start/Run Power, Black Switch, E/2 (Cluster Power, 1991+ Fuse 14 Corrado, Passat, all other models) Cigarette Lighter, Auto. Trans. Console Light, Heated Seat Switch Dash Lights Gray/Blue Light, Aux. Heater (EuroVan), Power

E E/01 E/02 E/03 E/04

Top Switch (Cabrio) Instrument Wiring Harness D/11 or D/8 (Start/Run Power for cluster, 1991+ Corrado, Passat, all other models), Immobilizer Module Brake Light Switch Brake Light Switch Fresh Air Control Lever Light, Cassette Storage Light, Ashtray Light, Glove Compartment Light (some models), Radio (some models), Diagnostic Connector (some models) Engine Compartment/Management, Right Side Starter, or Starting Interlock Relay, or Clutch Position Switch, or Auto. Trans. Controller Alternator Exciter Wire (all cars 1991+ except Mk2) Engine Block, or Fuel Pump AfterRun Relay (G60), or Ground for brake pad wear sensors Digifant ECU Pin 1, Thermotime Switch (CIS-E) Back-Up Light Switch, Auto. Trans. PNP Switch Back-Up Light Switch, Auto. Trans. PNP Switch Crankcase Ventilation Heating Element (G60) Auto. Trans. Control Module Engine Compartment/Management, Right Side Brake Warning Light U2/1 Brake Lights Main Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 20 Main Fusebox Ground

Green Black Red/Black Red/Yellow



F F/01 F/02 F/03 F/04

White Main Fusebox Starter Power G1/1 Battery Light Main Fusebox Ground Main Fusebox Starter Power Red/Black Blue Brown Red/Black (CIS-), Brown/Red (1989) or Red/Green (1990+) (Digifant)


F/06 F/07 F/08 F/09 F/10 G1

Main Fusebox Start/Run Power, Black/Red Fuse 14 Back-Up Lights Main Fusebox Ground Tachometer Signal (no pin) Black/Blue Brown Red/Black White

G1/01 G1/02

Outside Air Temp Sender Ground

F/2 Gauge Cluster (MFA)

Brown/White Red/Yellow (gas), Blue/White (diesel) Black (gas), Red/Black and Black/Red (diesel), Violet/White (carb) Brown/White Brown/Red



G1/05 G1/06 G1/07 G1/08 G1/09 G1/10 G1/11 G1/12 G2 G2/01 G2/02 G2/03

ECU- Fuel Pump Relay Turn-On (gas), Engine Temp Sender (Pre-heat, Fuel Pump Relay diesel), thermoswitch for preheat Power (carb) Ignition Coil Pin 15 (Digifant and CIS-E), Motronic ECU Pin 14 and coil Main Fusebox power stage Pin 1(Motronic), Altitude Start/Run Power Correction and Fuel Cut-Off Valves (diesel) Ground (for Ground on Cylinder Head gauges/warning lights) Motronic ECU Pin 34, Vehicle Speed Main Fusebox Sensor Ground Overrun Cutoff Valve, G60 Difigant ECU Power Heated Oxygen Sensor Power MIL Lamp from ECU (TDI) Digifant/Digijet ECU Power, Injector Power (1989 only), ISV Power (G60 only) Vehicle Speed Sensor Ignition Coil Pin 1 (all Mk2, most others '90 only), ECU tach signal (all 91+ except Mk2) Engine Compartment/Management, Right Side Oil Temperature Sender Outside Air Temp Sender

Brown/White (Carb Overrun Cutoff only) or Black/White Relay, ECU Relay (G60 only) Fuel Pump Relay Red/White Output, Fuse 18 Gauge Cluster Yellow/White MIL Light Digifant ECU Relay Output Gauge Cluster Tachometer Black/Yellow White/Blue Red/Black (coil) or Green/Black (ECU) White Gauge Cluster (MFA) Gauge Cluster (MFA) Coolant Gauge Green/Black White/Red


Coolant Temperature Sending Unit Yellow/Red Knock Control Unit, Oxygen Control Unit, and Throttle Switches (CIS-E), Main Fusebox automatic choke and overrun cutoff White (carb), Black Start/Run Power, valve (carb), Heated O2 Sensor (all others) Fuse 15 (Digijet), Fuel Pump After-Run Control Unit and Crankcase

G2/05 G2/06 G2/07 G2/08 G2/09 G2/10 G2/11 G2/12 H1 H1/01 H1/02 H1/03 H1/04 H1/05 H1/06 H1/07

Ventilation Heater (G60) MIL Light from Motronic ECU (Passat VR6)


H1/09 H1/10 H2 H2/01

Glow Plug Relay Yellow/White Pin 9 Fuel Pump Relay Pin 5 Fuel Pump Relay Door Switches (Cabrio A3.5) Brown/White Pin 7, T1 Secondary Air Injection Pump Power, Fuel Pump Relay Red/Blue EVAP Canister Valve Power (VR6) Output VR6/ABA Motronic ECU (Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Relay Red Input) Input Oil Pressure High Oil Pressure Switch Yellow Warning Unit Oil Pressure Low Oil Pressure Switch Blue/Black Warning Unit (no pin) Steering Column Wiring Harness Red Ignition Switch Starter Run, or from Main Fusebox Red/Black Starter Interlock Relay Starter Power Ignition Switch Battery Power Battery Power Red Load Reduction Ignition Switch Run Power Black/Yellow Relay Power Main Fusebox Ignition Switch Start/Run Power Black Start/Run Power Main Fusebox Emergency Flasher Switch (Turn Start/Run Power, Black/Blue Signal power) Fuse 17 Horn Button, Emergency Flasher Main Fusebox Brown Switch, Turn Signal Switch Ground Ignition Switch Key-in Power for Seatbelt Warning Seatbelt Relay, Automatic Shoulder Brown/Red Relay Pin 5 Belt Control Module, Radio Washer Pump Power Wiper Switch Washer Pump switch Green/Red (front)/Ground (rear) Washer Pump Ground Wiper Switch Washer Pump switch Green/White (front)/Power (rear) Ignition Switch Power When Off H2/05 Green Steering Column Wiring Harness Red Horn Button Horn Relay Power Brown/Blue

H2/02 H2/03 H2/04 H2/05 H2/06 H2/07 H2/08 J J/01 J/02

From Parking Light Switch, Right From Parking Light Switch, Left


J/04 J/05 J/06 J/07 J/08


J/10 K

Emergency Flasher Switch, Turn Black/Green Signal Switch (right output) Power To Parking Light Switch Green Emergency Flasher Switch, Turn Black/White Signal Switch (left output) Emergency Flasher Switch, Turn Black/White/Green Signal Switch Input Steering Column Wiring Harness Red High Beam Headlight Switch, Low Beam Daytime Running Lights Relay (Golf White Headlight Fuses only) Headlight Switch High Beam Headlight Switch White/Black Low Beam Output High Beam Headlight Switch, Daytime Running Lights Resistance High Beam Yellow (Jetta only), Dim Driving Lights (pin Headlight Fuses 56D with resistor, UK only) High Beam Headlight Switch, Main Fusebox Red/Yellow Emergency Flasher Switch Battery Power Wiper Switch Low/Park Output Washer/Wiper (positive when low/moving, ground Relay (low/park Green when parked/off) input) Washer/Wiper Wiper Switch Intermittent Output Brown/Black Relay Main Fusebox Wiper Switch Run Power, Fuse Black/Gray 5 Emergency Flasher Switch (Flasher Flasher Relay White/Yellow Relay Power) Power/Input Windshield Wiper Motor Park Switch (positive Wiper Switch Green/Black when moving, grounded when parked) Windshield Wiper Wiper Switch High Output Green/Yellow Motor (High) Rear Wiring Harness Black

Parking Lights, Right Parking Lights, Left Turn Signal Lights, Right H1/10 Turn Signal Lights, Left (no pin) Flasher Relay Output

Green/Red Green/Black

K/01 K/02 K/03 K/04 K/05 K/06

Turn Signal, Left Rear Parking Light, Right Rear Parking Light, Left Rear Brake Lights License Plate Lights Rear Window Wiper Park Switch


Turn Signal, Right Rear Back-Up Lights, Automatic Belt Control Module, Right (Corrado/Passat) Rear Window Wiper Motor Rear Fog Light Fuel Gauge Ground (1990-92 A2 only), Rear Spoiler Control Unit Ground (Corrado), Rear Ashtray Light Ground (Passat, A3), Interior Lights (A3), Sunroof (some models), Rear Ashtray Light, Chassis Ground Rear Window Defogger, Heated Mirrors (models with switched mirror heating) Interior Wiring Harness Parking Brake Switch, Interior Lights (some models), Diagnostic Connector (some models)

Turn Signal Switch (left output) Parking Lights, Right, Fuse 7 Parking Lights, Left, Fuse 8 Brake Light Switch Plate Lights, Fuse 3 Main Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 4 Turn Signal Switch (right output) Back-Up Light Switch

Black/White Gray/Red Gray/Black Black/Red Gray/Green Black/Yellow


K/08 K/09 K/10


Rear Window Green/Black Wiper Relay Fog Light Switch Green/White Brown/Blue (A2), Brown/White (Corrado)


Main Fusebox Ground

K/12 L L/01

Rear Window White Defogger Switch Black Main Fusebox Ground Brown Gray/Red, Black/White (Automatic Belts)



Seatbelt Warning Driver's Door Switch, Seatbelt Switch Relay Pin 3/86 (models without Automatic Belts) (Door Open) Seatbelt Warning Automatic Shoulder Belt System B Relay Pin 7/GB Pillar Switch (Corrado/Passat), or (Passenger Belt Parking Lights (models with Parking Not Ready), Pin Light Buzzer) 7/58 (Parking


Light Buzzer) L/04 Seatbelt Switch, Starter Interlock Relay, Driver Side B Pillar Magnetic Switch (Automatic Belts/Driver Belt Not Buckled) Black/Green, Seatbelt Warning Brown/Yellow Relay Pin 2/GF and/or Brown/Blue, or Gray/Red Main Fusebox Luggage Compartment Light Battery Power, Red Fuse 21 Brake Warning Parking Brake Switch Brown/Yellow Light Interior Lights, Diagnostic Connector, Main Fusebox Central Locking, Power Sunroof Battery Power, Red Motor (1993+) Fuse 21 (no pin) Fuel Tank Wiring Harness Black Main Fusebox Fuel Pumps Ground Brown Ground Fuel Pump Relay Fuel Pumps Power Red/Yellow Output, Fuse 18 Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Fuel Gauge Violet/Black Glow Plug Relay Water Separator Sender (diesel) Pin 9, Glow Plug Blue/Green Light Water Separator Power (diesel), Main Fusebox Black, Black/Yellow Cassette Storage Light (some models), Start/Run Power, (diesel), Black/Blue Rear Spoiler Control Unit (Corrado), Fuse 16 (Corrado) Power Sunroof Switch (1993+) Ground (for Fuel Gauge Sending Unit (1989 A2, gauges/warning Brown/Blue All Other Models) lights) Air Conditioning Wiring Harness Green A/C Relay High Fresh Air Fan, Climatronic Unit Black Speed Fan Output A/C Relay Radiator Cooling Fan Low Speed Cooling Fan On" Red/White Output Main Heater Fuse, From Battery A/C Relay Pin 4 Red A/C Relay A/C compressor (via thermostat and Compressor Green/Yellow pressure switches) Output A/C Relay A/C A/C Switch Red/Black "On" Switch Fan Speed 4, Climatronic Unit A/C Relay High Yellow/Red

L/05 L/06 L/07 L/08 M M/01 M/02 M/03 M/04


M/06 N N/01 N/02 N/03 N/04 N/05 N/06

Speed Fan Input P P/01 P/02 Defrost/Fog Light Switch Wiring Harness Fog Light Switch Front Fog Lights Power Blue Front Fog Lights White/Yellow Black/Yellow, Black (1989 only) White/Green Gray/Yellow Brown Green/White Gray/Blue Brown Gray/Blue Blue

P/03 P/04 P/05 P/06 P/07 P/08 P/09 P/10 Q






Main Fusebox Rear Window Defogger Switch, Run Power, Fuse Heated Mirrors (1989-early 1990 only) 9 Rear Window Defogger Switch, Rear Window Heated Mirrors (1982+ Corrado, Defogger Passat) Fog Light Relay, Fog Light Switch Power Fuse 10 Rear Window Defogger Switch Light Main Fusebox and Indicator Light Ground Fog Light Switch Rear Fog Light Rear Fog Light Power Rear Window Defogger Switch Light Dash Lights Fog Light Switch Light and Rear Main Fusebox Indicator Light Ground Fog Light Switch Light Dash Lights (no pin) Dashboard Misc. Wiring Harness Cigarette Lighter, Ashtray Light, Diagonostic Connector, Luggage Compartment Release Switch, Door Lock/Unlock Switch (A3), AC Switch Main Fusebox (some models), Interior Fan (some Ground models), Fresh Air Control Panel Light (some models), Glove Compartment Light (some models) Main Fusebox Fresh Air Fan/AC Switch or Run Power, Fuse Climatronic Unit 6 Main Fusebox Cigarette Lighter, Radio, Amplified Battery Power, Speaker Power Fuse 22 Cassette Storage Light (some models), Main Fusebox Glove Compartment Light (some Start/Run Power, models), Climatronic Unit, Voltmeter Fuse 16 and Oil Pressure Gauge (Corrado) Main Fusebox Power Antenna Power Battery Power, Fuse 21






Q/06 R R/01 R/02 R/03 R/04 R/05 R/06 R/07

Radio, Cigarette Lighter/Ashtray Light, Climate Control Unit, Cassette Storage Light (some models), Accessory Gauges (Corrado) Light Switch Wiring Harness Fog Light Switch Rear Fog Light Power Headlight Switch Parking Lights (Left) Output Headlight Switch Dash Light Dimmer Input Headlight Switch Dash Light Dimmer Output Headlight Switch Parking Lights Power Headlight Switch Parking Lights (Right) Output Headlight Switch Parking Lights Output Headlight Switch (Light), Defroster Switch (models with combined head/fog light switch) Headlight Switch Low Beam Output Headlight Switch Run Power Wiper Motor Wiring Harness Windshield Wiper Motor Power To Park Switch Windshield Wiper Motor Windshield Wiper Motor

Dash Lights

Gray/Blue Blue



Parking Light Gray/Black Fuse (Left) Dash Lights, Fuse Gray 3 Dash Lights Main Fusebox Battery Power Parking Light Fuse (Right) Dash Light Dimmer/Plate Light Fuse Main Fusebox Ground Headlight Fuses Load Reduction Relay Power Gray/Blue Red Gray/Red Gray/Green

R/08 R/09 R/10 S S/01

Brown White/Black Black/Yellow White

S/02 S/03 S/04 S/05 T T1

Main Fusebox Run Power, Fuse Black/Gray 5 Washer/Wiper Relay (high Green output) Main Fusebox Brown Ground Green/Black Green/Yellow Green -

Windshield Wiper Motor Park Switch (positive when moving, ground when Wiper Switch parked) Wiper Switch Windshield Wiper Motor (High) High Output Engine Management, Europe Wiring Harness Fuel Pump Relay

T2 U1 U1/01 U1/02 U1/03 U1/04 U1/05 U1/06 U1/07 U1/08 U1/09 U1/10 U1/11 U1/12 U1/13 U1/14 U2 U2/01 U2/02 U2/03 U2/04 U2/05 U2/06

Instrument Cluster Wiring Harness Gauge Cluster (MFA)

Pin 7 Tachometer

Blue Black/White Violet Yellow Black Red/White Green Blue/White

Oil Temperature Sender Outside Air Temp Gauge Cluster (MFA) Sender Gauge Cluster (Oil Pressure Warning High Oil Pressure Unit) Switch Main Fusebox Gauge Cluster (warning lights/gauges) Start/Run Power, (1990 Corrado and Passat, all A2) Fuse 16 Gauge Cluster (Oil Pressure Warning Low Oil Pressure Unit) Switch Ignition Coil Pin Gauge Cluster Tachometer 1 Outside Air Temp Gauge Cluster (MFA) Sender Ground

Green/White Gauge Cluster Glow Plug Light (diesel Glow Plug Relay (diesel), only), MIL Light (Passat VR6) Pin 9 Yellow/White TDI/Motronic Gauge Cluster MIL Lamp (TDI) White ECU Main Fusebox Gauge Cluster (main ground) Brown Ground Vehicle Speed Gauge Cluster Speedometer White Sensor Fuel Gauge Gauge Cluster Fuel Gauge Blue Sending Unit Gauge Cluster Rear Fog Light Rear Fog Light White Indicator (Transporter- Europe) Switch (R/1) Gauge Cluster Dash Lights Gray Instrument Cluster Wiring Harness Blue Gauge Cluster (lights/gauges) (1991+ E/2 Black Corrado, Passat, all other models) Gauge Cluster Speed Sensor Violet Seatbelt Warning Gauge Cluster (Corrado/A3) Yellow Light from Relay MFA Switch Gauge Cluster (MFA) Black (Mode) Low Coolant Gauge Cluster (1990+) Violet (1990+) Level Sender Gauge Cluster Turn signal light Flasher Relay Green

U2/07 U2/08 U2/09 U2/10 U2/11 U2/12 U2/13 U2/14 V V/01 V/02 V/03 V/04 W W/01 W/02 W/03 W/04 W/05

Gauge Cluster High Beam Light Gauge Cluster (MFA) Gauge Cluster Coolant Gauge Gauge Cluster Brake Warning Light (A3) Gauge Cluster (clock and MFA) Gauge Cluster Battery Light Gauge Cluster (Ground for gauges/MFA) Gauge Cluster (MFA) MFA Switch Wiring Harness MFA Switch (Memory ) MFA Switch (Ground) MFA Switch (Mode) MFA Switch (Reset)

Output High Beam Headlight, Left, Fuse 11 MFA Switch (Memory 1/2) Coolant Temperature Sending Unit Brake Warning Light Main Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 21 Alternator (Exciter Wire) Ground (for gauges/warning lights) MFA Switch (Reset) Gauge Cluster (MFA) Ground (for gauges/warning lights) Gauge Cluster (MFA) Gauge Cluster (MFA)

Blue/White Green/White Yellow/Red Brown Red Blue Brown/White Gray Green Red/White Brown/White Blue/Yellow Yellow/Red Green White/Yellow Gray/Black Black/Red Brown/White

ABS Wiring Harness Motronic ECU Pin 2, Cruise Control Unit, Rear Spoiler Control Unit, Speed Sensor Radio, Climatronic Unit, Radio Buzzer ABS Control Unit, Diagnostic ABS Warning Connector Light Main Fusebox Run Power ABS Control Unit, Auto. Trans. Shift Lock Control Module, Cruise Control Brake Lights Unit ABS Pressure Switches Warning Lights

W/06 X X/01 X/02 X/03 X/04

ABS Brake Fluid Level Switch and Control Unit Extra Warning Lights Wiring Harness Warning Lights

Warning Lights

White/Blue Green Red/Black Brown Gray or White/Red (A3) Black

X/05 X/06 X/07 X/08 Y Y/01 Y/02 Y/03 Y/04

Main Fusebox Starter Power Main Fusebox Ground for warning lights Ground Brake Warning Light, ABS light (A3), Brake Warning Power Top Module (Cabrio) Light Main Fusebox Start/Run Power for warning lights, Start/Run Power, Power Top Module (Cabrio) Fuse 16 ABS Brake Fluid ABS Warning Lights Level Switch and Control Unit Trailer Towing Light Flasher Relay ABS Pressure ABS Warning Lights Switches ABS Control ABS Warning Light Unit, Diagnostic Connector Individual Circuits, Battery Power Power Seat Fuse, Automatic Shoulder Main Fusebox Belt Control Module Battery Power Starting Interlock Relay, Power Main Fusebox Window Fuse Battery Power Main Fusebox Battery Positive Battery Power Motronic ECU Pin 19, Fuel Pump Main Fusebox After-Run Control Unit (G60) Battery Power

White/Blue Brown/White Yellow/Red Red Red Red Red Red

Relays: Num. Relay Arrangement and Pinout (with control number stamped on relay) 1 A/C Relay (13 or 140) 1 A/C Switch 2 Radiator Cooling Fan 3 Fan Switch High Speed 4 Battery, Fuse 23 5 A/C Clutch (via pressure and temperature switches) 6 Main Fusebox Battery Power, Fuse 19 7 Main Fusebox Ground 8 Fresh Air Fan

2 1 2 3 4 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 6 1 2 3 4 7 1 2 3 4 5 8 1 2 3 4 5

Rear Wiper Relay (72) Main Fusebox Ground Main Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 4 Rear Wiper Motor Wipe/Wash Signal from Switch Digifant Control Unit (30 or 32), Motronic OBD1 Control Unit (109) Main Fusebox Ground Tachometer Main Fusebox Start/Run Power Main Fusebox Battery Power To ECU (relay turn-on) (1990 G60, ABA/VR6 OBD1 only) To ECU and Engine Electronics Load Reduction Relay (18) From Ignition Switch Run Power To Main Fuse Box Run Power Main Fusebox Battery Power Main Fusebox Ground Low Coolant Level Control Unit (43) Main Fusebox Start/Run Power Low Coolant Level Sensor Coolant Temperature Sensor, Gauge Main Fusebox Ground Flashers (21) Main Fusebox Ground Flasher Output Flasher Input/Power X/6 (Trailer Light) Headlight Washer (33) Main Fusebox Ground (B/4 to C/3 to Ground) Headlight Washer Pump Headlight Switch Pin 56 (headlights) (B3 to D4 to light power) Main Fusebox Battery Power (B/5 to Y/2) Windshield Washer Pump (B/1 to B/2 to washer pump power) Wash/Wipe/Intermittent Relay (19 for standard relay, 99 for variable intermittent module) Main Fusebox Ground Intermittent Switch Main Fusebox Run Power, Fuse 5 Park/Low Signal (ground when parked, positive when on low speed) Wiper Motor Low Speed Output

6 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 11 1 2 3 4 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Wash Switch (positive for front wash) Seat Belt Warning Control Unit (4 or 29) Main Fusebox Ground Seat Belt Switch Door Switch Seatbelt Light "Key In" Power from Ignition Switch Main Fusebox Start/Run Power Automatic Shoulder Belt Controller Radio/Lights Buzzer (36) Main Fusebox Ground (not used) A1/4 (Left Parking Lights) Vehicle Speed Sensor Seatbelt Light (not used) "Key In" Power from Ignition Switch Main Fusebox Start/Run Power (not used) A2/2 (Right Parking Lights) Fog Light Relay (110 for fog lights with low beam headlights only, 53 for parking light/high beam fog lights) Parking Light Power Headlight Switch Headlight Power (Low/High) Fog Light Switch Power, Fuse 10 Main Fusebox Battery Power Main Fusebox Ground Low Beam Headlight Power Horn (53) Main Fusebox Start/Run Power To Horns Main Fusebox Ground From Horn Button Fuel Pump Relay (80, 67 or 167) Main Fusebox Starter Power (not used) Main Fusebox Start/Run Power To ECU (Fuel Pump Turn-On) To Fuse 18, Fuel Pump, Oxygen Sensor Heater G2/6 (not used) Main Fusebox Battery Power From 30B G2/7, T1 (not used) Main Fusebox Ground (not used) M/4, U1/8, G2/5 (not used)

12 Glow Plug Relay (102 or 104) 1 Main Fusebox Starter Power 2 Main Fusebox Start/Run Power 3 Engine Temp Sender (preheat) 4 Glow Plugs (Z1)To Fuse 18 (not used) 5 G2/6 (not used) 6 Main Fusebox Battery Power From 30B 7 G2/7, T1 (not used) 8 Main Fusebox Ground 9 Water Separator, Glow Plug Light Fuses: Num. Standard Fuse Arrangement 1 Low Beam Headlight, Left

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Low Beam Headlight, Right License Plate, Dash Lights Rear Window Wiper, Glove Compartment Light (some models) Windshield wiper/washer system Fresh Air Fan, A/C Right Parking Lights Left Parking Lights Rear window defogger Fog lights High Beam headlight, Left

12 13 14

High Beam Headlight, Right Horns Back-Up Lights

Power Rating Dimmer/Flasher Switch pin 56b (Low 10A Beam Headlights) Dimmer/Flasher Switch pin 56b (Low 10A Beam Headlights) Headlight pin 58 (Park. 10A Lights) Main Fusebox Run 15A Power Main Fusebox Run 15A Power Main Fusebox 20A Start/Run Power Headlight pin 58R 10A (Park. Lights) Headlight pin 58L 10A (Park. Lights) Main Fusebox Run 20A Power Fog Light Relay 15A Output Dimmer/Flasher Switch pin 56a (High 10A Beam Headlights) Dimmer/Flasher Switch pin 56a (High 10A Beam Headlights) Main Fusebox 10A Start/Run Power Main Fusebox 10A

Start/Run Power Knock Control Unit, Oxygen Control Unit, and Throttle Switches (CIS-E), automatic choke and overrun cutoff valve (carb), Heated O2 Sensor (Digijet), Fuel Pump After-Run Control Unit and Crankcase Ventilation Heater (G60) Warning Lights, Voltmeter and Oil Pressure Gauges and Rear Spoiler Power (Corrado) Turn Signals Fuel Pump, Heated O2 Sensor A/C Relay, Radiator Cooling Fan After-Run Brake lights Main Fusebox Start/Run Power Main Fusebox Start/Run Power Main Fusebox Start/Run Power Fuel Pump Relay Output Main Fusebox Battery Power Main Fusebox Battery Power



16 17 18 19 20 21 22

10A 10A 20A 30A 10A

Luggage Compartment Light, Diagnostic Connector, Main Fusebox Battery Interior Light, Instrument Cluster (MFA and Clock 15A Power memory) Main Fusebox Battery Radio, Diagnostic Connector 10A Power