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Technical Datasheet


Segment of application Flat roof


Thermal insulating slab for multilayered flat roof insulation
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Standard high density step proof mineral wool slab. Water repellant across full section APPLICATIONS Rockwool Roofrock slabs are mostly suitable for thermal insulation of multilayered, singleslab flat roofs. Mainly its being used for thermal, sound and fire insulation of flat roofs with a standard load capacity. It is generally recommended for double layer installations, but often also combined with stiffer products on top layer, if higher loads on the roof are expected. Roofrock can also be used for floor insulation, particularly where high loads on floating floors are anticipated. This is often the case in public buildings. PROPERTIES OF ROCKWOOL MINERAL WOOL Rockwool Roofrock is an excellent thermal insulator. It is not flamable when exposed to open flame and does not generate smoke nor burning droplets. Roofrock helps to prevent the spread of fire. It has very good acoustic properties and helps to reduce the noise transmission from outdoor environment into the building. Roofrock slabs are water repellant through the whole section and at the same time diffusion open for the vapour transmission. PACKAGING We deliver Rockwool Roofrock slabs only in a big format, stacked on a wooden pallet. Pallets are covered with PE cover hood to protect the product from rain.

DIMENSIONS, PRODUCT RANGE AND PACKAGING Thickness (mm) pcs / pack m / pallet

50 24 57.6

60 20 48.0

80 14 33.6

100 12 28.8

120 10 24.0

140 8 19.2

160 16 38.4

Length x width (mm) 2000 x 1200 or (2400 x 1000)

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Property Reaction to fire Declared coefficient of thermal conductivity Water vapour transmission Nominal bulk density Thickness tolerance Compressive stress at 10% deformation Water absorption at short time immersing in water Water absorption at long time immersing at water Point load-bearing capacity Melting point CE - certificate number Symbol - lD m r T5 CS(10)50 WS WL(P) PL(5)500 Tt Value A1 0.040 1.4 145 -1 +3 50 1,0 3,0 500 > 1000 Unit - W/mK - kg/m

Standard EN 13501 - 1 EN 12667 EN 12086 EN 1602 EN 823 EN 826 EN 1609 EN 12087 EN 12430 DIN 4102

mm kPa kg/m
2 2

kg/m kPa C

ACERMI EC - certificate of conformity 1163 - CPD - 0185

Rockwool products are made of biosoluble stone fibres, are biologically benign and safe for use according to all the latest EU health standards.

Any information contained in this document describes the product properties applicable as at the time of issue. Please require from your supplier allways the most recent issue of this Technical datasheet, because with respect to continous product development, we retain the right to change some values without prior notice.

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