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1/Do you know why I didnt show up last night?

2/I tried to call you but I got a busy signal 3/ I was in a hurry so I couldnt text you. 4/ My friend came and I have to take her out for dinner. 5/I intended to call you back but I just slipped my mind afterward. 6/I had a nightmare last night and I lost sleep. 7/Now Im feeling dizzy and Ive got a terrible headache. 8/I stay in bed most of time and I dont wanna go out. 9/Please drop by sometimes tonight so we can hang out together. 10/I cant wait to go downtown with you.Its gonna be fun. 11/I sometimes stay up very late but I dont want to sleep in. 12/I have a lack of sleep but I wanna go see movie with you. 13/This is your first time to the city so I want to show you something special. 14/You have only one for relaxing before getting down to business. 15/So prepare yourself to face difficulties and hard work. 16/I wish I could speak English fluently and were working for a foreign company. 17/So now I have to work hard to get some experience under my belt. 18/I want to earn a lot of money to take care of my family and myself. 19/Im gonna apply for a foreign company when my English gets better. 20/The I will save money to start my own business. 21/I work from eight to five and currently Im up to my neck in work. 22/But I also go to the evening class to study English. 23/I love reading books and I have read all the must reads. 24/I always arrive at work early and never miss a deadline. 25/I often work overtime and give my colleagues a hand.

26/My boss paid me a compliment the other day 27/He told me to keep up the good work. 28/Guess what? I just got a promotion to be a supervisor. 29/I hope I can get a raise soon as my boss promised. 30/My girlfriend was very proud of me and we drank until we threw up that night. 31/Im really sick of waiting for a bus for so long. 32/I usually feel sick when the driver accelerate and slows down the bus. 33/people often forget all of rules of politeness and push to enter the bus 34/I often break into cold sweat when the driver sweres suddenly and narrowly misses a cyclist 35/ I only use public transportation when there are no other options. 36/What time is post office closed? 37/Stop talking non-sense and go back to work. 38/Nothing cheaper.Its a real bargain. 39/Its look like Apples .But at that price.Its a knockoff 40/I often check and reply to mail before going to bed. 41/I go to work by motorbike. 42/If I can make it to catch the bus.I wont have to walk. 43.I prefer smaller cars because they are easier for me to park. 44.No need to worry.Ill pick you up at the airport. 45.Coud you give a ride? 46.It seem that Im addicted to the internet 47/I dont play online games but I surf the net all night long. 48/Im not so sure that I can make it but I have to give it a try 49.Dont get mad at me if I dont answer your emails often. 50.I want to stay away from my computer for a while to give up.

51.I will meet you at the station when the train come along 52.Tourist should avoid traveling by cyclo when It gets dark 53.They are loading cargo onto the ship 54.The policeman took a deep breath and blew into his whistle 55.The beach is good for swimming but bad for surfing. 56.Could you tell me the way to the post office. 57.At the next crossroads, You will find a big hospital on the right. 58.Take the right fork after crossing a large wood bridge. 59.Keep driving for another 200 meter and then turn right. 60.Take this road and go straight ahead. 61.More and more people are dropping the habit of eating rice for daily meal. 62.Eating instant noodles seems to be an inevitable thing. 63.If you arent felling well, a bowl of rice porridge with green onion always helps. 64.You shoud avoid eating too much meat in your normal diet. 65.Vietnamese soup for daily meals is a whole different soup. 66.They are always the cream of the crop in my class 67.Learning and practice must go together 68.She goes above and beyond to deliver the very best education to each and every student 69.Most of the subjects are unfamiliar to me and seem to be above me 70.What year are you in and whats your area of study 71.I never used to worry about my health until recently when I started getting lots of little aches and pains 72.Even in my thirties I was very fit and always in the best of health 73.I should go to the doctor for a health check but Im too busy 74.In order to stay slim and healthy, I no longer have fast food and midnight snacks 75.Bodybuilders have really big muscles and they look so strong

76.I really like the actors in the old black and white movies 77.I have been very blessed to work with some of the most talented people 78.I like writing poems about nature and love the best 79.I wonder why artists are so talented and can create amazing pictures 80.Dont tell the architect how to design. You just need to provide requirements 81.You must be confident and make sure the interviewer knows you really want the job 82.Dont forget to smile when walking into the interview room 83.Your cover letter should clearly show you have read the job advertisement 84.An impressive resume help you get your foot in the door when looking for a job 85.Spelling errors are not acceptable in your resume 86.Mary gave birth to an adorable baby last week 87.I think I won the childrens lottery with my kids 88.I had to learn to be independent, mature and responsible in my teenage years 89.Some parents save all their lives to pay for their sons or daughters wedding 90.People want babies and children no one ever says I want a teenager 91.Its extremely important to review your notes and highlight anything you dont understand 92.The more you know about a subject the easier it is to learn the new material related to it 93.Are we really learning, or we just memorizing things 94.We learn more from our hobbies and interests than what we learn from school books 95.Self learning is a great way to enhance your knowledge 96.Their heart still in their homeland and not in the country of they new nationality 97.My main source of income come from my own business 98.I always prefer to pay by credit card than by cash 99.I dont really like putting my personal information online. 100.Lots of personal info gets stolen by fake sites pretending to be famous banks or online stores

101.It would be good if my ID could be my driving license and medical card all rolled into one. 102.My full has four names-my family name, my given name and two middle names. 103.My nickname is Lefty because Im left-handed 104.Im just old-fashion so I think marriage is important to start a family. 105.This place has diverse mix of major religions with a large number of followers 106.Mary gave birth to an adorable baby last week. 107.I think I won the childrens lottery with my kids 108.I had to learn to be independent, mature and responsible in my teenage years 109.Some parents save all their lives to pay for their sons or daughters wedding 110.people want babys and children;no one says I want a teenager kid have brought me endless amounts of joy since the second they were born. 112.Tell you what, My children could crawl at six months of age. 113.Son, it is naughty to kick other children and dont do that again, you understand? 114.My children always fascinate me and watching them grow up is my greatest pleasure. 115.her child is so mature and independent for her age. 116.I never used to worry about my health until recently when I started getting lots of little aches and pains. 117.Even in my thirties I was very fit and always in the best of health. 118.I should go to the doctor for a health check but Im too busy 119.In order to stay slim and heathy I no longer have fast food and midnight snacks. 120.Bodybuiders have really big muscle and they look so strong. 121.people say that beauty in the eye of the beholder 122.I agree with the expression, beauty is only skin deep is in someones heart and character not only the appearance. 134.People pay lots of money to go to cosmetic surgeon and change their appearance not the best looking person in the world but I would never consider plastic surgery

136.There are laws that make sure disabled people are treated fairly 137.People who are deaf or dumb find it difficult to avail themselves of public services 138.Scientists have created products to help the blind access the internet 139.Kindness is language which the dumb can speak and the deaf can understand. 140.Many disabled people are talented and should not be discriminated against. 141.If you are rude, the other person will not want to deal with you 142.The working environment here enables you to work with dynamic people. 143.Mainting positive thinking and attitude will drive you to success and happiness 144.Positive thinking can be one of the most powerful weapons one can have. 145.Negative people always blame someone else for whatever happens. 146.I really like the actors in the old black and white movies 147.I have been very bless to work with some of the most talented people 148.I like writing poems about nature and love the best. 149.I wonder why artists are so talented and can create amazing pictures. 150.Dont tell the architect how to design, you just need to provide requirements. 151.good employees usually enjoy completing their tasks from beginning to end. 152.I study interior design and would like to start my own furniture workshop one day. 153.Every job has a certain difficulty level which one must pass through to be perfect. 154.People mustnt use force as the only way to resolve problems. 155.Milions of people fail to get necessary dental care because theyre afraid to go to the dentist. 156.You must be confident and make sure the interviewer knows you really want the job. 157.Dont forget smile when walking into the interview room. 158.Your cover letter should clearly show you have read the job advertisement 159.An impressive resume help you get your foot in the door when looking for a job. 160.Spelling errors are not acceptable in your resume

161.Its important that you recognize your own strengths before trying to convince other of them. 162.Do not be afraid to understand and talk about your weaknesses, everyone has them. 163.To me, salary is not always the primary motivator. 164.Employees will be training to develop skills 165.Most employment contract have common elements such as the employees start date, salary and benefits. 166.Many people find paying by credit card is more convenience and faster than paying in cash 167.A credit card is the safest method for the use of money when traveling abroad. 168.Most people do not like carrying coins around in their pockets. 169.Cash payment are usually consider inconvenience and more risky as cash can easily be stolen 170.Both debit and credit cards make people much less disciplined about their expenses 171.It might take thousands of failures before you get one success. 172.The company gave layoff notices to hundreds of workers. 173.In spite of the millions of mistakes we make.Our moms still love us. 174.The car industry can make a multi-billion dollar turnover every year. 175.A trillion dollars was spend on advertising last year and 60 billion on internet advertising alone. 176.Dozens of ships,planes and people have disappeared with no good explanation at Bermuda Triangle. 177.This wall has been buil from square stones. 178.Every week, we gather in circles to share stories of our lives and passions. 179.ITs very rare that cufflinks come in a unique rectangle shape and black in color as this. 180.He likes playing with the Rubiks cube during his spare time. 181.At 580-meters long and 40 meter wide,this beach used to be the largest bathing beach in Asia 182.They are planning on creating a 17-meter high waterfall in the middle of the building. 183.Because of the depth of the lake there are few weeds and plenty of fish. 184.The average height and weight of children varies by gender, age and race. 185.Scientists believe theyve worked out the dimensions of the most attractive female face.

186.The apartment is about 40 square meters in area 187.Unit of measurement can vary not only from location to location but from person to person. 188.Calculating perimeter is fairly easy and its also extremely useful in various life situations. 189.Students are supposed to use formulas to calculate the perimeter of squares,rectangles,equilateral triangles,etc. 190.ITs seem like half the world is trying to lose weight right now. 191.Who breaks,pays 192.Get the hell out of here 193.Wait and see 194.i am behind you 195.i told you umpteen times. 196.Dont forget to drop me a line when you settle down. 197.This car can run at an average speed of 100 kilometers per hour. 198.You can convert inches to meters with the handy calculator. 199.In Japan people use centimeter for height. 200.The millimeter is an engineering standard unit. 201.You should drink nearly 1200 mililiters of water every day to maintain a right amount of water inside the body. 202.Length measurements are taken using a centimeter ruler. 203.Kilometer is used to convey the distance between two separate geographical locations. 204.Bedburgs are fives to sevens millimeter-long insects that suck blood out of humans 205.Drink at least two liters of water a day so your muscles dont stiffen up. 206.He created a new record in the hundred meter race which nobody could break until 1983. 207.Dont beat about the bust.Just tell me whats on your mind 208.What a pity are a dinosaur

210.could I have a favor? 211.Glass Measuring cups are used to measure liquids like milk and water. 212.Bakers use measuring cups and spoons to accurately measure wet and dry ingredients 213.Children are asked to use the ruler to draw straight lines 214.Tape measures are very important for quick and precise measuring when youre working on site 215.The thermometer should be kept in position for at least two minutes before taking a reading 216.Dont you think books are the best thing in the world? 217.Novel are great for getting to know other worlds and cultures 218.Reading comic book can be considered a smart way to relieve your days worry and tension 219.Books are really crucial for kids because they will help kids to get more knowledge. 220.Short stories remind us of simple and precious things that we sometimes forget 221.Although I like shopping here for the low prices,I hate waiting in line at the cashiers desk 222.He walked through the food aisle getting what he needed. 223.You will find tofu in the vegetable aisle of the supermarket 224.I bought several pens and notes in the stationery counter at walmart 225.when you buy comestics from the beauty counter,dont forget to ask for samples. 226.Walking down the food aisle of the pet supply store, you will see a wide variety of pet food products. 227.Bags of the colorful candy can be found in the food aisle at the dollar store 228.The vegetable aisles in the supermarkets are now being frequented by shoppers. 229.the pens are on sale at the stationery counter, with one available for testing. 230.Consumer are allowed to try on cosmetics at the beauty counter 231.Parents should always keep an eye on children when using the escalator 232.Show your membership card at exhibition entrance for free entry 233.Narrow aisles make firefighting difficult 234.Hand washing is particularly important after using supermarket trolleys.

235.Frozen and canned food is just as nutritious as fresh food but have a much longer shelf life. 236.The membership card is only valid when member has signed the back of the card. 237.You should avoid impulse buying when going to the supermarket. 238. Children get injured if they remain standing on escalator rather than stepping off. 239. During peak hour the supermarket trolleys usually run out. 240.Heating the frozen food in a microwave destroys some of the vitamin content of the food. 241.Store install cameras to catch shoplifters. 242.I never buy anything from a vending machine 243.Valuable articles or cash shoud not be kept in the cloakroom. 244.Price tag tell you everything about the product, including the price. 245.The bar code helps reduce data entry errors by the clerk. 246.There is a bar code on each and every product in the supermarket. 247. The shelves in the supermarket need to be designed so that people can reach the items safely. 248. It is a hassle to walk when the supermarket is crowded 249.Dont forget to leave your bag in the cloakroom at the entrance to the supermarket. 250.Always check the price tag before you get something, especiall before you check out. 251.Eating oranges daily can help us to stay away form hepatitis 252.Lemon is helpful for treating sore throats and colds 253.Watermelon can be used as a lower calorie, refreshing snack on a hot day 254.Children who ate one banana each day for a year has a lower chance of developing asthmatic symptoms 255.The oil extracted from the seed of avocados is used to treat and reduce wrinkle