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City University London

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Engineering Drawing and Design, ME1110

Exercise code: DrE-4b Exercise Title: Orthogonal Projections and Dimensioning

Exercise Assignment:

Figure Generate and task 1. 2 This detailed in the is two second drawing week week exercise. of the of exercise guide Perform for DrE-4, woodworking task as 1 in follows: week machine 1 of this shown exercise in 1) Prepare overleaf. drawing in 3 rd angle projection of the component shown Do by your not proceed tutor and to any task necessary (2) until your amendments drawings have have been been approved made. 2) Add required apply. all tolerances essential dimensions and surface finish to your where drawings, you think including these would any

Exercise Tips:

Study the component and attached notes carefully. to Choose partial show section a all suitable important through scale details. the and centre use You as of should the many threaded views include as hole at you least C. think one are section required or Your using drawings drawing instruments should be and to scale pencils and (NOT made freehand carefully sketching). and accurately When between added completing later views in task to allow task (2). (1) for dimensions remember to and leave other plenty drawing space elements (eg 80mm) to be

Ensure drawings, dimensions, screw threads, and all other details are Submit drawn in accordance the exercise with the solution conventions in A3 of BS8888. to U/G Mechanical & Please is Aeronautical approved NOTE: and office, Dimensioning confirmed C108, by should in the week tutor not signature. 8 start (check before the the deadline layout of on drawing web).

      Figure 1 The guide of a woodworking machine
Figure 1 The guide of a woodworking machine

The It has isometric overall dimensions: drawing in Figure 1 shows a guide of a woodworking machine.

- Length 183 mm

- Width 32 mm,

- Height 66 mm.

Use is cast. these Only to determine the underside dimensions of the of guide other and features both on side the faces object. to The be guide finish

machined by grinding. Slots and holes are machined. Note also:

- on Slots (B), the (A) base are of 7 the mm guide wide. does All slots not finish run into with cylindrical a round ends. seats The of holes slot

- Holes These centres (B) are and are a the close tolerance 8 mm fit on diameter of fixed the hole bars and are so important. go distance all the between way through. hole

- Threaded holes (C) are to take locking nut of threads M4.

- Stud threaded (D) is with 6 mm M6 thread diameter, with 20 the mm normal long, pitch. final 10 mm of its length