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K.K. Foods Pvt Ltd


Submitted By: Aun Ali Shamsi 101018

Introduction Established in early 2013, , KK Foods (PVT) Ltd. endeavors the best qualitative methods to provide its customers with an astounding appetite. The enterprise work on implementing the latest methods and practices with high vigilance on quality control provides KK a distinctive edge to satisfy its esteemed consumers with no compromise on hygiene factors. With a growing distribution network across Pakistan, the brand Kitchens King captures a great deal in the global export market. The extra-ordinary rich taste of the recipes being the core reason for its thriving popularity, Kitchen King has a potential of becoming the most famous readymade recipe mix of Pakistan. Significant participation of Kitchens King in the top notch events of food technologies and innovations suggest diverse prospects to excel and formulate the best practices to serve our consumers. Kitchens King is made in accordance with maintaining international standards of quality management and controls.

IT OPERATIONS PTCs head office is located in Islamabad whereas its two factories are in Jhelum and Akora Khattak. Different functions of PTC are tied together with SAP based ERP.

Demand forecasting is the most important element of PTC sales operations. Distributors submit a monthly and semi-annually schedule of shipments based on their sales history and this collectively becomes the basis of production planning at the factory level. They also send a complete record of daily operations in a batch format online which includes sales and inventory level of every outlet covered by the sales force. Distributors purchase stock from PTC by depositing amount in the PTC head office account online which instantly sends the information to the area office/warehouse which generates the invoice and then distributors are asked to lift their stocks. PTCs warehouses are connected with each other and have centralized controlled from head office.



Automation of sales force by providing them hand-held devices for greater information visibility along the chain. Collaborating with major retailers and wholesalers by installing POS systems to monitor real-time off-take of their brands. Distributors should be given access to the ERP system of the company through companys extranet or by enabling distributor ERP to integrate with PTCs ERP by means of Electronic Data Interchange.