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TCS helps Nets transform its business requirements gathering process and improve project delivery Nets, a leading

provider of payment, cards and information solutions based in th e Nordics, wanted to strengthen its business requirements gathering process for application development and delivery. TCS solution helped Nets reduce the time sp ent on the business requirements gathering process and improve the quality and c omprehensiveness of the documentation, resulting in improved efficiency. The Customer: Denmark-based Nets is one of the largest companies in northern Eur ope providing payment cards and payment solutions. A key partner to banks, busin esses and retailers throughout the Nordic region, the company handles 30-35% of all Nordic card transactions and provides the digital network for the secure exc hange of payments and information between consumers, banks and businesses. Quote: I am very pleased with the finalized real-life tests of the new process. T he working relations with the TCS team has been very satisfying. The TCS team ha s done an excellent job. - Nets, Jan Hayden-Jensen, Senior Vice President, ADAM Cards & Teller Business Scenario: Nets was facing challenges in consistently delivering high qu ality business requirements, which resulted in prolonged projects, increased cos ts, and, at times, unsatisfactory quality of end product or solution. These chal lenges were applicable to internal deliveries as well as external customer order s for products and services. There were over 20 variations of the process, resulting in lack of clarity in de fining exact end-user business needs. Moreover, the lack of resources often prov ed to be a bottleneck in planning and prioritizing projects. Nets realized that it was getting increasingly difficult to meet the expectations of its demanding customers, especially in a competitive environment. To overcome this, it sought to develop an organization-wide standardized and eff icient business requirements collection process for application development and delivery. It also required a robust training program to address the skill gaps r elated to both the process and business analysis. TCS Solution: We worked in collaboration with Nets to create a robust business re quirements gathering process, integrated with the preferred Nets tools: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for requirements management Scrum for iterative software development This included the following: Procedures, artefacts and templates Agreed quality measures Clearly-defined roles and responsibilities A training strategy, approach and documentation We collaborated with Nets on all levels and provided insights on how to further integrate the process into its environment, through effective requirements reuse and tool-based requirements capture. Additionally, our in-depth knowledge of Sc rum helped us address the concerns raised by Nets Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on how the process would support the drive toward a more iterative development a pproach. Our tailored approach has contributed to an improved and effective project deliv ery capability at Nets. The new process was piloted for both the cards and teller organizations to ensur e it worked within the Nets environment.

Results: The results indicated an improvement in the following: The time required to complete the requirement gathering process, leading to impr oved delivery timescales The quality and comprehensiveness of the requirements documentation The effective use of scarce resources through advanced planning An accuracy of estimation (first-time right)