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MGAC70 Management Information Systems Fall, 2013

Instructor Contact Information: Name: "ffice: #mail: 'ele()one: Class Sections*'ime*+ocation: Course 1e2site: Course escri(tion: Information systems began as automated office systems, and have gro n into systems that assist managers to ma!e decisions, systems that mode" successfu" business #ractices, and systems that transform the modern business into a !no "edge-based enter#rise$ %his course i"" introduce some !ey issues about the ay in hich information systems affect management$ &"though the course considers information techno"ogy, it focuses on management strategies, not technica" issues$ %he course i"" #rovide' a summary of ne techno"ogies that are transforming businesses, and i"" increasing"y do so in the near future a revie of information systems that assist management decision, the assum#tions bui"t into them, the "imits they im#ose and the #ossibi"ities for ne management strategies they #rovide a revie of the changing ro"e of information systems in businesses and the attem#t to create !no "edge-based businesses an introduction to the use of com#uter mode"ing and simu"ation and its ro"e in transforming management sty"es ouglas !ong IC 362 $ong%utsc&utoronto&ca 416-208-2694 +01 , Mon-ay .11 am , 1 (m/ , IC120 +02 , ')urs-ay .103 (m/ , IC 120 3'SC 4lac$2oar- 5ortal

MGAB03H3/(MGTB03H3) and MGHB02H3 or [MGTB23H3 and MGTB29H3 or MGTB27Y3]

(anagement, 126) (i"itary %rai", %oronto, *+, (1C 1&4, Canada $utsc$utoronto$ca,mgmt 1

'e7t2oo$*8e6uire- Course Materials: -e.uired %e/t' 0a"t1an, 2et"or, 3e"sh, 0usiness 2riven Information 4ystems, 3rd Canadian 5dition ith Connect &ccess Card, co#yright 6 2012 7(c8ra 9i"":, I40+ 12)9018199 &"ternative e0oo! o#tion' +o ;re#ay Connect &ccess Codes can be #urchased at the <%4C 0oo!store$ Connect can a"so be #urchased on"ine hen you register at your Course 3eb &ddress$ Connect contains the on"ine interactive e0oo! for 0a"t1an, 0usiness 2riven Information 4ystems 3rd Cdn edition, ;ractice &ssignments, 4tudent 4e"f-4tudy =ui11es and other resources$ Ivey Cases > Ivey cases can be bought on "ine via htt#s',, $iveycases$com$ ?ou i"" need to first register ith Ivey ;ub"ishing and you can search by .uoting the case number and the case name "isted on ;age @ of the course out"ine$ ;"ease bring a co#y of this case to c"ass on the date of discussion$ *ther reference materia"s > &ny other reference materia"s i"" be #osted on' )tt(:**gui-es&li2rary&utoronto&ca*mgtc11 +ecture Notes an- "t)er Announcements' Aecture notes and other materia"s i"" be #osted on the <%4C 0"ac!board ;orta"$ #9aluation an- Gra-ing: Com(onent Case Assignment 1 Case Assignment 2 5artici(ation Grou( 5ro=ect Final #7am 'otal :eig)t*;alue 12< 13< 10< 20< @>< 100< ue ate See Sc)e-ule on 5age 7 See Sc)e-ule on 5age 7
See Sc)e-ule on 5age 7

Grou( of 2 In-i9i-ual
In-i9i-ual Grou( of >0?


Final #7am 5erio-

Note : The final exam date, time and location will be announced once they are determined. Participation:
%he c"ass #artici#ation mar! re#resents 10B of the overa"" grade$ Coming to c"ass #re#ared and offering insights in the case and other course materia" to assist the c"ass in understanding the course materia" is an im#ortant com#onent of the course$ I encourage each member of the c"ass to #artici#ate in c"ass as much as #ossib"e and share your thoughts and o#inion to the c"ass$ It is not a" ays the fre.uency of #artici#ation, but the .ua"ity that counts$ ?ou i"" "earn much more by #artici#ating$

(anagement, 126) (i"itary %rai", %oronto, *+, (1C 1&4, Canada $utsc$utoronto$ca,mgmt 2

Case Assignments: Case ana"ysis deve"o#s your critica" thin!ing and #rob"em so"ving s!i""s$ &n im#ortant as#ect of #rob"em so"ving is the necessity of se"ecting an ans er in the face of uncertainty about the facts or re.uirements in the #rob"em$ %here are a tota" of 2 case assignments due for this course$ %he first assignment i"" be done in grou#s of 2 and is orth 12B of the overa"" grade$ 9o ever, each #air must com#"ete the assignments on an inde#endent basis, ithout co""aboration ith other #airs$ 8rou#s of more than t o i"" not be a""o ed$ 5ach student in a #air i"" receive the same mar! for the assignment, so it is strong"y recommended that you study together ith your #artner, and that both students contribute to each so"ution$ If you do not have a #artner for the first hand in assignment, #"ease notify the instructor immediate"y and at "east one ee! from the due date of the assignment$ %he secon- assignment i"" be done individua""y and is orth 13B of the overa"" grade$ %he cases and due dates for the case ana"ysis are noted on #age @ of the course out"ine$ %he .uestions for the case ana"ysis i"" be #osted on the course #orta" via 0"ac!board$ 4tudents are encouraged to get together to discuss and understand the assignments, and "earn from each other$ 2iscussion of the assigned cases i"" contribute to your understanding of the materia" in the course and he"# to deve"o# your ana"ytica" s!i""s$ 9o ever, it is critica" that each grou# 7Case 1:,student 7Case 2: hand in a com#"ete"y inde#endent rite-u# of the cases assignment$ &ny undue simi"arity in ritten submissions i"" be considered #"agiarism$ 0ased on #ast e/#erience, you are advised not to share e"ectronic co#ies of any #art of your assignment, since #rob"ems of Co nershi#D of the or! may arise$ &ny undue simi"arity to so"utions for simi"ar #rob"ems in the te/tboo! i"" a"so be considered #"agiarism$ %he format of the case ana"ysis i"" be discussed in c"ass by the instructor$ 5ach case shou"d be ty#ed, 1E s#aced on "etter-si1e #a#er using one-inch margins, ma7imum lengt) is A (ages for t)e first case assignment an- ? (ages for t)e secon- assignment e/c"usive of tab"es, a##endices and references and 12-#oint %imes +e -oman font or e.uiva"ent$ & cover sheet shou"d be inc"uded and the fo""o ing information needs to be inc"uded' Case %it"eF 2ateF Course +umberF +ame of 4tudent7s: ho or!ed on the #a#er$ *n the due date, a hard co#y of the assignment needs to be submitted to the instructor at the beginning of c"ass$ &n e"ectronic co#y a"so needs to be submitted to %urnitin$ +orma""y, students i"" be re.uired to submit their course essays to %urnitin$com for a revie of te/tua" simi"arity and detection of #ossib"e #"agiarism$ In doing so, students i"" a""o their essays to be inc"uded as source documents in the %urnitin$com reference database, here they i"" be used so"e"y for the #ur#ose of detecting #"agiarism$ %he terms that a##"y to the <niversityGs use of the %urnitin$com service are described on the %urnitin$com eb site

(anagement, 126) (i"itary %rai", %oronto, *+, (1C 1&4, Canada $utsc$utoronto$ca,mgmt 3

%o sign u# for %urnitin, #"ease go to $turnitin$com and set u# the account$ %he fo""o ing information i"" be re.uired for you to "og onto %urnitin$ 4ection +umber A01 A02 C"ass I2 6@01648 6@01649 5nro""ment ;ass ord (8&C@0H&11 (8&C@0H&112 i"" be

5/ce#t for any unusua" circumstances #re-a##roved by the instructor, no "ate assignment acce#ted$

*utside sources 7artic"es, boo!s, etc$: are encouraged but not re.uired$ &ny reference shou"d be "isted in a bib"iogra#hy at the end of the #a#er$ It is recommended that you !ee# the rough draft or #hotoco#y of your assignment to minimi1e the #rob"ems caused by "ost or missing assignments$ Group Pro ect: %he research #roIect is a significant com#onent of this course and is %he obIective of this #roIect is to give students the chance to see ho this course a##"y,are #ut into #ractice in rea" "ife$ orth 20B of the overa"" grade$ the conce#ts you "earned from

3or!ing in grou#s of ) 7no more than 6 students:, this grou# #roIect re"ates to doing some research of certain information system too"s and techni.ues you may have "earned in this course and ho that a##"ies in #ractice$ It invo"ves a ritten re#ort at a ma/imum of 10 #ages 7e/c"uding a 1 #age e/ecutive summary, a##endices, 12-#oint %imes +e -oman font or e.uiva"ent, 1E s#aced: as e"" as a 10 minute grou# #resentation ith 2-) minute .uestion and ans er #eriod 7de#ending on c"ass si1e:$ 0oth are due in ee! 11$ 8rou#s are advised to #re#are the #resentation in a #rofessiona" manner ith overheads, #o er#oint #resentations and other techno"ogies you see fit in advance$ %he ritten #a#er and #resentation each eighs )0B of the tota" #roIect$ %he ritten #a#er i"" be graded for .ua"ity ana"ysis, #resentation, organi1ation of thought, understanding of conte/t and origina"ity of ideas$ %he #resentation i"" be graded for organi1ation, #resentation of !ey ideas, understandabi"ity, creativity and origina"ity$ %he fo""o ing is the bac!ground information for your grou# #roIect' You have recently bought a family restaurant, Eddys Cuisine, which is conveniently located in downtown Toronto. The restaurant offers many different kinds of specialized coffees, teas, a full service bakery, and a variety of fushion cuisine on the menu. The restaurant was first opened in !"# and it was a local hotspot for many years.

(anagement, 126) (i"itary %rai", %oronto, *+, (1C 1&4, Canada $utsc$utoronto$ca,mgmt 4

$nfortunately, business has been steadily declining over the last five years. The business was partially affected by the poor economy but mostly due to the fact that the operation has been outdated. There are no computers in the store and all ordering takes place manually. The previous owner had a terrific memory and knew all of their customers by name, but unfortunately, none of this information is located anywhere in the restaurant. The recipes for most of the items on the menu are also stored in your chefs memory. $nfortunately the chef is getting old and he is ready to retire. %nventory is tracked in a note pad, along with employee payroll, and marketing coupons. The restaurant uses very little marketing e&cept word of mouth, and essentially still operates the same as it did in !"#. You see a lot of opportunities in this business and have an ambitious goal. You would like to get your return in ' years and would also want to turn this restaurant into a successful national franchise operation in the near future. Hor the #roIect, each grou# is re.uired to #re#are a case study as to ho you can turn the hard are store around based on the techno"ogies and materia"s you "earned from this course$ ?ou shou"d do a thorough research on 4 different techno"ogies from this course and you be"ieve that these techno"ogies i"" he"# you enhance the business$ %hese techno"ogies shou"d be embedded into a forma" business plan you are #re#aring to turn around the business$ ?our fina" re#ort shou"d inc"ude 71: an e/ecutive summary 72: & .uic! revie of industry,strategic ana"ysis 73: discussion of goa"s, mission and #ro#osed strategies 74: a thorough discussion of #ro#osed techno"ogies based on your research and ho that "in!s into your strategies 7): any financia" Iustification 76: an im#"ementation #"an$ !inal "xam:
5ach student i"" rite the fina" e/amination, hich i"" be a case$ %he case i"" be #rovided to you 24 hours before the fina" e/amination so you i"" have time to read it and consider it carefu""y$ ?ou may bring the case to the e/amination$ ?ou may a"so bring to the e/amination one #age of notes 78 E / 11, both sides, ty#ed or hand ritten: and your te/tboo! or #o er#oint s"ides$ %he .uestions for the e/amination i"" be handed out at the e/amination$ %he e/amination i"" be orth 4)B of the overa"" grade$

Hor the fina" e/am, i$ 4tudents ho re.uire s#ecia" accommodations and arrangements for riting the e/amination shou"d be in contact ith the &ccessibi"ity 4#ecia" 4ervices *ffice to ensure that arrangements can be made on a time"y basis$ ii$ &ccording to the &cademic -egu"ations of <%4C 7#"ease refer to htt#',, $utsc$utoronto$ca,courses,ca"endar02,&cademicJ-egu"ationsJ7;artJIII:$htm":, if students are schedu"ed to rite t o final e7aminations at the same time, they shou"d re#ort their conf"icts to the &ssistant -egistrar 74chedu"ing: 7-oom 4416&, 416-28@-@)40:$ &rrangements i"" norma""y be made for students to rite both e/aminations on the same day, ith a su#ervised brea!$ 3here the conf"ict invo"ves a 4t$ 8eorge Cam#us course,
(anagement, 126) (i"itary %rai", %oronto, *+, (1C 1&4, Canada $utsc$utoronto$ca,mgmt )

arrangements i"" norma""y be made for both e/aminations to be ritten at <niversity of %oronto at 4carborough$ -e.uests for such arrangements must be made no "ater than t1o full 1ee$s before the commencement of e/aminations and i"" not be considered after that time$ iii$ 4tudents schedu"ed to rite final e7aminations in three consecutive time s"ots 7these are morning, afternoon, and evening: may re.uest s#ecia" arrangements$ -e.uests for such arrangements must be made ith the &ssistant -egistrar 74chedu"ing: no "ater than t1o full 1ee$s before the commencement of e/aminations$ -e.uests i"" not be considered after that time$ iv$ %he fina" e/amination must be ritten in in!$ 5olicy on Misse- Assignments*#7aminations: (issed assignments i"" be assigned a grade of 0$ Aca-emic Su((ort %he 2e#artment of (anagement, in co""aboration ith the <%4C "ibrary, i"" be #roviding academic research su##ort in the IC 0ui"ding$ %o refine your research s!i""s or to "earn more about various scho"ar"y resources, #"ease contact the Aibrarian for (anagement and 5conomics students$ Ao"a -udin, 4ubIect Aibrarian, (anagement and 5conomics -oom IC3@) *ffice hours' (onday K %hursday, 1'00 > 3'00#m or by a##ointment 5mai"' "rudinLutsc$utoronto$ca 3eb' htt#',,guides$"ibrary$utoronto$ca,utscJmgmt %he 5ng"ish Aanguage 2eve"o#ment Centre 75A2C: he"#s students deve"o# the critica" thin!ing, vocabu"ary and academic communication s!i""s essentia" for achieving academic and #rofessiona" success$ ;ersona"i1ed su##ort inc"udes' -35 7for academic riting:F Communication CafMs 7ora":F 2iscussion 4!i""-0ui"ding CafMsF Nocabu"ary CafMsF seminars, or!sho#sF #ersona" 5A2 consu"tationsF dro#-in sessions$ htt#',,ct"$utsc$utoronto$ca,e"d, %he 3riting Centre 7%3C: offers inva"uab"e services to students 7"earn to become a better riterO: and offers many different !inds of he"#' dro#-in sessions, individua" consu"tations, or!sho#s, c"inics, and on"ine riting handouts$ htt#',,ct"$utsc$utoronto$ca,t c,

(anagement, 126) (i"itary %rai", %oronto, *+, (1C 1&4, Canada $utsc$utoronto$ca,mgmt 6

Aca-emic Miscon-uct 4tudents shou"d note that co#ying, #"agiari1ing, or other forms of academic misconduct i"" not be to"erated$ &ny student caught engaging in such activities i"" be subIect to academic disci#"ine ranging from a mar! of 1ero on the assignment, test or e/amination to dismissa" from the university as out"ined in the academic handboo!$ &ny student abetting or other ise assisting in such misconduct i"" a"so be subIect to academic #ena"ties$

(anagement, 126) (i"itary %rai", %oronto, *+, (1C 1&4, Canada $utsc$utoronto$ca,mgmt @

etaile- Course "utline , MGAC70:

A'# 1 4e#t ),9 4e#t 12,16 4e#t 19,23 4e#t 26,30 '"5IC Cha#ter 1 > Information 4ystems K 0usiness 4trategy,Case (ethod Cha#ter 2- 2ecision (a!ing K 0usiness ;rocesses Cha#ter @ > 2atabases K 2ata 3arehouses Cha#ter 3 > %he Internet K 5-0usiness CAS# ISC3SSI"N IN C+ASS Case 2 7; 22-23: Information 4ystems 4trategy at the %oronto 4toc! 5/change 7Ivey-9000500): Case 3 7; 23)-23@: Case 1 7; 9)-96: (usicPuice$+et' %he Cha""enge of 4tarting u# a +e Internet Nenture 7Ivey-9010&013: C&& 79andout: Case 2 7; 402-403: 1-888-Pun!-Nan 7Ivey-9011502): Case &ssignment 1 2ue ASSIGNM#N'S

Cha#ter 12 > +et or!s, %e"ecommunications K (obi"e %echno"ogy Cha#ter 4 > 5nter#rise Com#uting Cha""enges K 5nter#rise -esource ;"anning Cha#ter ) > *#erations (anagement and 4u##"y Chain (anagement

*ct 3,@ *ct 10,21 (ct )* + *ct 24,28

Case 2 7; 134-13): Thanksgiving ,ay and -eading .eek / 0o Class 9a"f a Century of 4u##"y Chain (anagement at 3a"Cha#ter 6 > Customer -e"ationshi# (art (anagement 7Ivey-90122010: Case 1 7; 162: ;H( 2evices > Com#"e/ ;roIect Initiatives 7Ivey-900@5018: Case 3 7; 193: Case 1 7; 301-302: Case 2 7; 302-303: Case &ssignment 2 2ue

*ct 31, +ov 4 +ov @,11 +ov 14,18 No9 1A +ov 21,2) +ov 2@, 2ec 2

Cha#ter 10 > 4ystems 2eve"o#ment K ;roIect (anagement Cha#ter 9 > Information 5thics, ;rivacy and 4ecurity Cha#ter 8 > 9e"#ing *rgani1ations &ccess, 4hare K use Information Cha#ter 11 > 5nter#rise &rchitecture


+ast -ay to -ro( F courses 1it)out aca-emic (enalty 8rou# ;roIect ;resentation -evie 1inal E&am / To be scheduled during the final e&am period 8rou# ;roIect

11 12

(anagement, 126) (i"itary %rai", %oronto, *+, (1C 1&4, Canada $utsc$utoronto$ca,mgmt 8