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AppIication system ExampIe of system configuration

New Arc WeIding Robot

FANUC PoboI APC MaIe 0 A is ah exIremely lighIweighI
ahd compacI roboI, speciIically desighed Ior arc weldihg
APC MaIe 0 A will work Ior a wide varieIy oI arc weldihg
applicaIiohs, ihcludihg smaller parIs IhaI are hormally dohe
wiIh mahual weldihg.
The lighIweighI ahd compacI arm desigh oI APC MaIe
0 A provides a highly reliable package IhaI is opIimized
Ior arc weldihg applicaIiohs.
The laIesI servo Iechhology provides high speed ahd
accuracy oI Ihe roboI moIioh ahd mihimizes Ihe
ihIeracIioh oI Ihe operaIor Io ihcrease Ihe eIIiciehcy oI
Ihe arc weldihg sysIem.
DigiIal commuhicaIiohs beIweeh Ihe Lihcolh laIesI arc
weldihg power supply ahd APC MaIe 0 A provides
superior cohIrol oI Ihe weld perIormahce Io creaIe a high
qualiIy weld.
Various weldihg waveIorms such as Ihih meIal
spaIIer-less weldihg or highly cohIrolled pulse weldihg
cah be applied Io almosI ahy applicaIioh Ior ah opIimized
ARC Mate 0 A ARC Mate 0 A
The FANUC ARC Mate 0+A Robot is an extremely
lightweight and compact robot, specifcally designed for arc
welding applications. The ARC Mate 0+A will work for a
wide variety of arc welding applications, including smaller
parts that are normally done with manual welding.
The lightweight and compact arm design of ARC Mate 0+A
provides a highly reliable package that is optimized for arc
welding applications.
The latest servo technology provides high-speed and
accuracy of the robot motion and minimizes the
interaction of the operator to increase the effciency of the
arc welding system.
Digital communication between the latest Lincoln Arc
Welding Power Supply and the ARC Mate 0+A provides
superior control and performance, creating (or delivering)
the highest quality weld.
Various welding waveforms such as thin metal
spatter-less welding and highly-controlled pulse welding
can be applied to almost any application for an
optimized weld.
Small part arc welding system with the ARC Mate 0+A Arc welding robot package with ARC Mate 0+A
Application system
New Arc Welding Robot
FANUC Robot ARC Mate 0+A
CohIrolled axes (NoIe 1)
Robot Specifications
MoIioh rahge
(Maximum speed)
(NoIe 2, 3)
J1 axis roIaIioh
J2 axis roIaIioh
J3 axis roIaIioh
J4 axis wrisI roIaIioh
J5 axis wrisI swihg
J6 axis wrisI roIaIioh
J4 axis
J5 axis
J6 axis
J4 axis
J5 axis
J6 axis
6 axes (J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6)
Floor, Upside-dowh, Ahgle mouhI
360(225/s) 6.28 rad ( 3.93 rad/s)
250(215/s) 4.36 rad ( 3.75 rad/s)
455(225/s) 7.94 rad ( 3.93 rad/s)
380(425/s) 6.63 rad ( 7.42 rad/s)
280(425/s) 4.89 rad ( 7.42 rad/s)
720(625/s) 12.57 rad (10.91 rad/s)
8.9 Nm
8.9 Nm
3.0 Nm
0.280 kgm
0.280 kgm
0.035 kgm
Maximum laod capaciIy aI wrisI
PoboI mass
hsIallaIioh ehvirohmehI
Allowable load
momehI aI wrisI
Allowable load
iherIia aI wrisI
Operating space
ARC Mate 0 A
AmbiehI IemperaIure : 0 45C
AmibiehI humidiIy :
Normal 75%PH or less
(No dew hor IrosI allowed)
ShorI Ierm : 95%PH or less
(wiIhih ohe mohIh)
VibraIioh : 0.5G or less
PaIed hpuI VolIage
hpuI Frequehcy
PaIed hpuI Power
OuIpuI CurrehI
OuIpuI VolIage
PaIed duIy
Weldihg power supply Mass
OuIer dimehsiohs
WeIding Power SuppIy Specifications
Power Wave P350
AC208/230/380-415/460/575V 3
50 60Hz
DC5 350A
DC14 38V
100% aI 300A
Maih uhiI: 39kg STT module: 21kg
Maih body: W356 x D630 x H518 (mm)
STT module: W353 x D645 x H292 (mm)
Drive roll
Feeder Mass
OuIer dimehsiohs
ElecIrode Wire
Wire Feeder Specifications
4 Drive Polls
W231 x D191 x H213 (mm)
SIeel, SIaihless ( 0.9, 1.0, 1.2mm)
NoIe 3) MoIioh rahge oI wrisI axis may be resIricIed by Iorch Io less Ihah Ihe values giveh.
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Model AuIoDrive 4P100
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