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SAP Data Services 4.

1 February 2013 English

X00: ISMW Configuration

SAP AG Dietmar- !""-Allee 1# #$1$0 %all&!r' Germany

(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

- 2013 SAP AG !r an SAP a''iliate c!m"any. All rights reserve&. .! "art !' this "ublicati!n may be re"r!&uce& !r transmitte& in any '!rm !r '!r any "ur"!se /ith!ut the e0"ress "ermissi!n !' SAP AG. 1he in'!rmati!n c!ntaine& herein may be change& /ith!ut "ri!r n!tice.

S!me s!'t/are "r!&ucts mar2ete& by SAP AG an& its &istribut!rs c!ntain "r!"rietary s!'t/are c!m"!nents !' !ther s!'t/are ven&!rs. .ati!nal "r!&uct s"eci'icati!ns may vary.

1hese materials are "r!vi&e& by SAP AG an& its a''iliate& c!m"anies 34SAP Gr!u"45 '!r in'!rmati!nal "ur"!ses !nly6 /ith!ut re"resentati!n !r /arranty !' any 2in&6 an& SAP Gr!u" shall n!t be liable '!r err!rs !r !missi!ns /ith res"ect t! the materials. 1he !nly /arranties '!r SAP Gr!u" "r!&ucts an& services are th!se that are set '!rth in the e0"ress /arranty statements acc!m"anying such "r!&ucts an& services6 i' any. .!thing herein sh!ul& be c!nstrue& as c!nstituting an a&&iti!nal /arranty.

SAP an& !ther SAP "r!&ucts an& services menti!ne& herein as /ell as their res"ective l!g!s are tra&emar2s !r registere& tra&emar2s !' SAP AG in Germany an& !ther c!untries. Please see htt")77///.sa".c!m7c!r"!rate-en7legal7c!"yright7in&e0.e"08tra&emar2 '!r a&&iti!nal tra&emar2 in'!rmati!n an& n!tices.


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

Icon Meaning ,auti!n E0am"le .!te 9ec!mmen&ati!n Synta0

Typographic Conventions
Type Style Description Example text %!r&s !r characters that a""ear !n the screen. 1hese inclu&e 'iel& names6 screen titles6 "ushbutt!ns as /ell as menu names6 "aths an& !"ti!ns. ,r!ss-re'erences t! !ther &!cumentati!n. Example text E(A+P;E 1E(1 Em"hasi:e& /!r&s !r "hrases in b!&y te0t6 titles !' gra"hics an& tables. .ames !' elements in the system. 1hese inclu&e re"!rt names6 "r!gram names6 transacti!n c!&es6 table names6 an& in&ivi&ual 2ey /!r&s !' a "r!gramming language6 /hen surr!un&e& by b!&y te0t6 '!r e0am"le6 SE;E,1 an& *.,;<DE. Screen !ut"ut. 1his inclu&es 'ile an& &irect!ry names an& their "aths6 messages6 s!urce c!&e6 names !' variables an& "arameters as /ell as names !' installati!n6 u"gra&e an& &atabase t!!ls. =eys !n the 2eyb!ar&6 '!r e0am"le6 'uncti!n 2eys 3such as F25 !r the ENTER 2ey. E0act user entry. 1hese are /!r&s !r characters that y!u enter in the system e0actly as they a""ear in the &!cumentati!n. >ariable user entry. P!inte& brac2ets in&icate that y!u re"lace these /!r&s an& characters /ith a""r!"riate entries.

Example text EXAMPLE TEXT Example text <Example text>


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

*S+% ,!n'igurati!n..................................................................................................................... ? 1 Pur"!se...................................................................................................................................... ? 2 Set <" SAP Envir!nment 3*S+%5..............................................................................................? 2.1 ,reate Devel!"ment ,lass.................................................................................................. ? 2.2 ,reate +igrati!n ,!m"any an& @bAect................................................................................# 2.3 <"l!a& *S+% c!n'igurati!n int! SAP..................................................................................$ 3 *S+% +igrati!n @bAects ,!nsi&erati!n....................................................................................12


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

ISMW Configuration 1 Purpose

As the migrati!n target system6 the SAP system reBuires c!n'igurati!n6 such as migrati!n !bAect *S+% c!n'igurati!n.

2 Set p S!P "nviron#ent $ISMW%

2&1 Create Develop#ent Class
Ensure that y!u have auth!rity t! access ACAP Devel!"ment %!r2bench.

1. Access the activity thr!ugh the '!ll!/ing navigati!n !"ti!ns) S!P "CC #enu Transaction co(e 2. ,h!!se Edit Object. 3. ,h!!se the evelopment !oordination tab. 4. *n the Package Name 'iel&6 enter ZMIGRATION an& ch!!se !reate. ?. *n the Package B"ilder# !reate Package &ial!g b!06 in the $hort Data Mig ati!" an& save y!ur entries. escription 'iel&6 enter Tools ABAP Workbench Overview Object Navigator SE80

#. *n the Prompt %or transportable Workbench re&"est &ial!g b!06 ch!!se !reate 'e&"ests.

D!u can use !ne reBuest /hich e0ists in system alrea&y '!r Data +igrati!n. E. *n the !reate 'e&"est &ial!g b!06 in the $hort escription 'iel&6 enter Data Mig ati!" an& save y!ur entries. F. *n the Prompt %or transportable Workbench re&"est &ial!g b!06 ch!!se !ontin"e. $. Save y!ur entries.

1he Devel!"ment ,lass G+*G9A1*@. is success'ully create&.


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

2&2 Create Migration Co#pany an( *+,ect

Ensure that y!u have auth!rity t! access *S-< +igrati!n %!r2bench.

1. Access the activity thr!ugh the '!ll!/ing navigati!n !"ti!ns) Transaction co(e EMIGALL

2. *n the !hoose compan( &ial!g b!06 ma2e the '!ll!/ing entries) Co#pany Co##ent $AP 1he initial settings are &elivere& /ith s"eci'icati!n !' the c!m"any as $AP. 1hese settings can be c!"ie& t! !ther c!m"anies '!r each migrati!n !bAect.

3. ,h!!se Enter !r !ontin"e. 4. Fr!m the menu6 ch!!se )$*+ ,igration !ompan( maintenance-

Ce'!re y!u ch!!se !op( 3#t l$F%5& ensure that !ompan( 'iel& is $AP. ?. @n the )$*+ ,igration# ispla( !ompan( Parameters screen6 ch!!se !op( 3#t l$F%5. #. *n the !op( !ompan( Parameters &ial!g b!06 in the Target !ompan( 'iel&6 enter ZDM' an& ch!!se !op(E. @n the )$*+ ,igration# -iel( !ompan( name ev- class F. Save y!ur entries. ispla( !ompan( Parameters screen6 ma2e the '!ll!/ing entries) ser !ction or .alues Data Mig ati!" ZMIGRATION ,hange EE+* t! G+*G9A1*@. Co##ents

D!u can 'ill the !ther 'iel&s as nee&e&. *' the $tat"s 'iel& &is"lays $aved6 the ne/ migrati!n c!m"any . ,+ is success'ully create&. $. ,h!!se Back 3F(5. 10. @n the )$*+ ,igration# Workbench / screen6 &!uble-clic2 the migrati!n !bAect 3such as the e0am"le !bAect PA'TNE'5 t! l!c2 it11. @n the same screen6 ch!!se !op( migration object 3#t l$F)5. 12. *n the !op( migration object PA'TNE' %rom compan( $AP &ial!g b!06 in the Target object area6 in the !ompan( 'iel&6 enter ZDM' an& change PA'TNE' t! ,ig-Object.

%hen creating )N$T,0,T1T an& )N$T,0,T1B thr!ugh c!"ying )N$T1,0,T2 because the sh!rt &escri"ti!n '!r each !bAect must be &i''erent6 sh!rt &escri"ti!ns ),T an& ),B sh!ul& be assign t! )N$T,0,T1T an& )N$T,0,T1B13. ,h!!se !op( migration object 3F84-


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

%hen c!"ying migrati!n !bAect 5A!T$6 the system may &is"lay err!r message DA300. 1he reas!n is that the target system c!n'igurati!n is n!t c!m"lete6 but this err!r message &!es n!t a''ect c!"ying. ,h!!se !on%irm !r Enter6 an& ch!!se !lose !r !ancel t! leave the !op( migration object 5A!T$ %rom compan( $AP screen. 1he migrati!n !bAect 5A!T$ is c!"ie& success'ully. +ean/hile6 the in'!rmati!n &ial!g b!0 in ste" 14 cann!t a""ear. 14. *n the )n%ormation &ial!g b!06 ch!!se !ontin"e1?. @n the same screen6 ch!!se Other !ompan( 3F%5* 1#. @n the !hoose !ompan( &ial!g b!06 in the !ompan( 'iel&6 enter ZDM' an& ch!!se !ontin"e. 1E. @n the )$*+ ,igration# Workbench / screen6 &!uble-clic2 migrati!n !bAect6 '!r e0am"le !bAect PA'TNE'6 an& !bAect PA'TNE' is l!c2e&-

*n this ste"6 i' the migrati!n !bAect selecte& is 5A!T$ an& err!r message n! DA300 &is"lays /hen c!"ying !bAect 5A!T$ in ste" 126 ste"s 1# t! 21 can be ign!re&. 1F. Fr!m the menu6 ch!!se +tilities +!re +tilities ictionar(# total comparison 1$. @n the ,igration# !ompare 5ield ,igration $tr"ct"res with ictionar( screen6 in the ,igration Object 'iel&6 enter the migrati!n !bAect name 3'!r e0am"le6 PARTNER5. 20. *n the Exec"tion parameters sub-screen6 select the '!ll!/ing chec2 b!0es) -iel( !ompare etail 6ist Backgro"nd 21. ,h!!se Exec"te 3F85. 22. ,h!!se Back t/ice. 23. @n the )$*+ ,igration# Workbench screen6 ch!!se ,igration object !hange. 24. *n the Blocking $tat"s 'iel&6 re"lace the value 31005 /ith 000 an& save y!ur entries. 2?. ,h!!se Back. 2#. ,h!!se 0enerate 'eport 3S+i,t$F%5* 2E. @n the same screen6 ch!!se Other !ompan( 3F%5 2F. *n the !hoose !ompan( &ial!g b!06 in the !ompan( 'iel&6 enter SAP an& ch!!se !ontin"e. 2$. 9e"eat ste"s 10 t! 2F ab!ve '!r all the migrati!n !bAects6 the relati!nshi" bet/een s!urce !bAect an& target !bAect is in bel!/ table) Source Prere'uisites Source *+,ect Co#pany SAP SAP SAP PA91.E9 ,@..@CI DE>*,E Target Target *+,ect Co#pany GD+< GD+< GD+< PA91.E9 ,@..@CI DE>*,E Description ,reate) Cusiness Partner ,reate c!nnecti!n !bAect ,reate Device7EBui"ment Chec/01o2 H H Description Fiel& selecte&) u"&ate 'iel& list !' migrati!n !bAects Fiel& selecte&) &iagn!sis /ith all &i''erences s"eci'ie& Fiel& Selecte&) E0ecute ,!m"aris!n %ith!ut .!ti'icati!n


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

Source Prere'uisites Source *+,ect Co#pany SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP A,,@<.1 P9E+*SE *.S1;. +@>EJ*. C,@.1A,1 DE>;@, PA91.E9 ,@..@CI P9E+*SE *.S1;.6 A,,@<.1 PA91.E9 P9E+*SE DE>*,E6 *.S1;.6 DE>;@, SAP *.S1J+G+1

Target Target *+,ect Co#pany GD+< GD+< GD+< GD+< GD+< GD+< A,,@<.1 P9E+*SE *.S1;. +@>EJ*. C,@.1A,1 DE>;@,

Description ,reate c!ntract acc!unt ,reate) Premise ,reate <tility *nstallati!n ,reate m!vein7utility c!ntract ,reate ,ust!mer ,!ntact ,reate &evice l!cati!n Device installati!n 7 rem!val 7 re"lacement 3install. mgt.5 1echnical *nstall Device installati!n 7 rem!val 7 re"lacement 3install. mgt.5 Cilling ,reate F*-,A &!cument 3!nly !"en items5 ,reate) Security De"!sit ,reate Disc!nnecti!n D!cument ,reate &isc!nnecti!n !r&er Enter &isc!nnecti!n



DE>*,E6 *.S1;.6 DE>;@, SAP *.S1J+G+1 GD+< *.S1+G+1JC

+@>EJ*. SAP SAP SAP D@,<+E.1 SE,<9*1D D*S,JD@, +@>EJ*. GD+< GD+< D@,<+E.1 SE,<9*1D D*S,JD@,

DE>*,E6 +@>EJ*.6*.S1;. GD+< D*S,JD@,


D*S,J@9DE9 D*S,JE.1E9 D*S,J@9DE9

GD+< GD+< GD+< GD+<

D*S,J@9DE9 D*S,JE.1E9

C,@.1J.@1E C,@.1A,1 CCPJE(1 +@>EJ*.6 *.S1;. DE>;@,

C,@.1J.@1E ,reate n!tes CCPJE(1 ,reate bu&get billing "lan 'r!m *S-< sche&uling ,reate) .!tes t! Fiel& Service '!r ,!nnecti!n @bAect ,reate business "artner relati!nshi" ,reate) @/ner


.@1EJD;, PA91.E9




PA91J9E; P9@PE91D PA91.E96

GD+< GD+<

PA91J9E; P9@PE91D


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

Source Prere'uisites Source *+,ect Co#pany *.S1;. *.S1;. SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP SAP AD9,*1D SAP SAP AD9PS1,@DE 9@<1E6 AD9,*1D SAP AD9S19EE1 AD9,*1D SAP SAP SAP SAP AD9S191*S< P@D 9EF>A;<ES PAD+E.1 AD9,*1D*S< FA,1S *.S1P;A. +E1E99EAD S191J9@<1E 9@<1E D@,<+E.1 DE>*,E DE>*,E6 *.S1;.

Target Target *+,ect Co#pany

Description Assignment

GD+< GD+< GD+< GD+< GD+< GD+<

FA,1S *.S1P;A. +E1E99EAD S191J9@<1E 9@<1E AD9,*1D

,reate in&ivi&ual 'acts '!r utility installati!n ,reate installment "lan ,reate +eter 9ea&ing ,reate meter rea&ing seBuence ,reate) 9!ute +aster ,reate) ,ity '!r P!stal regi!nal structure ,reate) *S-< &ata '!r ,ity

GD+< AD9,*1D GD+<


,reate) P!stal AD9PS1,@DE ,!&e '!r P!stal regi!nal structure AD9S19EE1 ,reate) Street '!r P!stal regi!nal structure ,reate) *S-< '!r Street ,reate) P!int !' Delivery ,reate) 9e'erence >alues ,reate) Payment


GD+< AD9,*1D GD+< *.S1;.6 DE>*,E GD+< *.S1;. D@,<+E.1 GD+<

AD9S191*S< P@D 9EF>A;<ES PAD+E.1

*n acc!r&ance /ith the Prere&"isites c!lumn in ab!ve table6 be'!re creating s!me migrati!n !bAects6 !ther !bAects must be success'ully create&. F!r e0am"le6 be'!re creating migrati!n !bAect A!!O+NT6 !bAect PA'TNE' must be create&.

+igrati!n ,!m"any an& @bAects have been create& in target system6 an& all migrati!n !bAects have been c!m"are& /ith the Dicti!nary.


ploa( ISMW configuration into S!P

Ensure that y!u have c!m"lete& all ste"s s"eci'ie& in the Data +igrati!n Kuic2 Gui&e an& the *S+% c!n'igurati!n 'iles '!r each migrati!n !bAect alrea&y e0ist in the l!cal "ath)


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

,)L+igrati!nJ<1;L+iscL*S+%J,!n'igurati!n. 1hese *S+% c!n'igurati!n 'iles are base& !n the s"eci'icati!n !' the Fast 1rac2 '!r <tilities.

1. Access the activity thr!ugh the '!ll!/ing navigati!n !"ti!ns) Transaction co(e EMIGALL

2. *n the !hoose compan( &ial!g b!06 enter the migrati!n c!m"anyCo#pany . ,+ 3. ,h!!se Enter. 4. @n the )$*+ ,igration# Workbench / screen6 &!uble-clic2 a migrati!n !bAect 3such as !bAect PA'TNE'5 an& PA'TNE' /ill be l!c2e&. ?. Fr!m the menu6 ch!!se +tilities Transport ,igration Object Transport via 6ocal 5ile#. @n the )$*+ ,igration# +pload7 ownload o% ,igration !"stomi8ing screen6 select the Ph(s%ile name 'iel&6 an& ch!!se search hel" 3F-5. E. @n the 5ile name %or down7"pload screen6 ch!!se the s!urce *S+% c!n'igurati!n 'iles 3such as PA'TNE'1)$,W '!r migrati!n !bAect PA'TNE'5 via the l!cal "ath) !#9,igration1+T69,isc9)$,W1!on%ig"ration. F. ,h!!se Open. $. @n the current screen6 ch!!se Transport control. 10. +a2e the '!ll!/ing entries) Chec/ +o2 Transport control Transport %ixed val"es H Transport conv- objects H Transport !onversion :alsDescription Ensures that all 'i0e& values use& in the 'iel& rules !' a migrati!n !bAect are c!nsi&ere& &uring the trans"!rt "r!ce&ure +eans that all the c!nversi!n !bAects use& in the 'iel& rules !' a migrati!n !bAect are ta2en int! acc!unt in trans"!rt activities. +eans that the c!nversi!n values !' all the c!nversi!n !bAects use& in the 'iel& rules !' a migrati!n !bAect are ta2en int! acc!unt in trans"!rt activities. Ensures that all &!cumentati!n available '!r a migrati!n !bAect is ta2en int! c!nsi&erati!n &uring the selecte& trans"!rt "r!cess. Description )$*+ ,igration !ompan( %or 5ast Track

Transport doc"mentation H 11. ,h!!se +pload !"stomi8ing 3S+i,t$F.5.

*' $AP 0+) $ec"rit( screen a""ears /hen using SAP ;!g!n E206 ch!!se Alwa(s allow an& O;.


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

12. *gn!re the /arning message6 an& "ress Enter. 13. *n the i%%erent migration objects &ial!g b!06 ch!!se <es14. *n the Overwrite migration object &ial!g b!06 ch!!se <es. 1?. *gn!re the /arning message6 an& "ress Enter. 1#. ,h!!se Back. 1E. @n the )$*+ ,igration# Workbench screen2 ch!!se ,igration object !hange. 1F. *n the Blocking $tat"s 'iel&6 enter 000 3re"lacing the e0isting value !'=>>5. 1$. ,h!!se $ave an& Back20. @n the )$*+ ,igration# Workbench screen6 ch!!se 0enerate 'eport 3S+i,t$F%5. 21. 9e"eat ste"s 4 t! 20 ab!ve '!r all the migrati!n !bAects6 the relati!nshi" bet/een migrati!n !bAect an& *S+% c!n'igurati!n 'ile is in bel!/ table) Migration *+,ect A,,@<.1 CCPJE(1 C,@.1A,1 C,@.1J.@1E ,@..@CI DE>*,E DE>;@, D*S,JD@, D*S,JE.1E9 D*S,J@9DE9 D@,<+E.1 FA,1S *.S1;. *.S1+G+1JC *.S1+G+1J1 *.S1P;A. +E1E99EAD +@>EJ*. .@1EJD;, PA91.E9 PA91J9E; P9E+*SE P9@PE91D ISMW Configuration -ile A,,@<.1J*S+% CCPJE(1J*S+% C,@.1A,1J*S+% C,@.1J.@1EJ*S+% ,@..@CIJ*S+% DE>*,EJ*S+% DE>;@,J*S+% D*S,JD@,J*S+% D*S,JE.1E9J*S+% D*S,J@9DE9J*S+% D@,<+E.1J*S+% FA,1SJ*S+% *.S1;.J*S+% *.S1+G+1JCJ*S+% *.S1+G+1J1J*S+% *.S1P;A.J*S+% +E1E99EADJ*S+% +@>EJ*.J*S+% .@1EJD;,J*S+% PA91.E9J*S+% PA91J9E;J*S+% P9E+*SEJ*S+% P9@PE91DJ*S+% Description ,reate c!ntract acc!unt ,reate bu&get billing "lan 'r!m *S-< sche&uling ,reate n!tes ,reate ,ust!mer ,!ntact ,reate c!nnecti!n !bAect ,reate Device7EBui"ment ,reate &evice l!cati!n ,reate Disc!nnecti!n D!cument Enter &isc!nnecti!n ,reate &isc!nnecti!n !r&er ,reate F*-,A &!cument 3!nly !"en items5 ,reate in&ivi&ual 'acts '!r utility installati!n Device installati!n7rem!val7re"lacement 3install. mgt.5 - Cilling Device installati!n7rem!val7re"lacement 3install. mgt.5 - 1echnical *nstall ,reate <tility *nstallati!n ,reate installment "lan ,reate +eter 9ea&ing ,reate m!ve-in7utility c!ntract ,reate) .!tes t! Fiel& Service '!r ,!nnecti!n @bAect ,reate) Cusiness Partner ,reate business "artner relati!nshi" ,reate) Premise ,reate) @/ner Assignment


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

Migration *+,ect

ISMW Configuration -ile


SE,<9*1D S191J9@<1E 9@<1E AD9,*1D AD9,*1D*S< AD9PS1,@DE AD9S19EE1 AD9S191*S< P@D 9EF>A;<ES PAD+E.1

SE,<9*1DJ*S+% S191J9@<1EJ*S+% 9@<1EJ*S+% AD9,*1DJ*S+% AD9,*1D*S<J*S+% AD9PS1,@DEJ*S+% AD9S19EE1J*S+% AD9S191*S<J*S+% P@DJ*S+% 9EF>A;<ESJ*S+% PAD+E.1J*S+%

,reate) Security De"!sit ,reate) meter rea&ing seBuence ,reate) 9!ute +aster ,reate) ,ity '!r P!stal regi!nal structure ,reate) *S-< &ata '!r ,ity ,reate) P!stal ,!&e '!r P!stal regi!nal structure ,reate) Street '!r P!stal regi!nal structure ,reate) *S-< '!r Street ,reate) P!int !' Delivery ,reate) 9e'erence >alues ,reate) Payment

1he *S+% migrati!n cust!mi:ing has been u"l!a&e& int! the target SAP system 'r!m the l!cal 'ile.

3 ISMW Migration *+,ects Consi(eration

1he SC@P Data Service A!bs are create& base& !n the assum"ti!n that the E9P system is set u" using the stan&ar& Fast 1rac2 c!n'igurati!ns an& cust!mi:ati!ns. *' there is any m!&i'icati!n 'r!m such settings6 y!u must m!&i'y this Data +igrati!n "ac2age be m!&i'ie& acc!r&ingly. 1he &ata trans'!rmati!n an& enrichment rules are &!cumente& '!r each *S+% migrati!n !bAect in the *S+% +a""ing tem"lates /hich are attache& t! the SAP .!te 1??21?2. 1he &ata migrati!n c!nsultant must) *&enti'y the 'uncti!nal !/ners !' each *S+% migrati!n !bAect Pr!vi&e the 'uncti!nal c!nsultants *S+% ma""ing tem"lates '!r th!se !bAects. E0"lain t! the 'uncti!nal c!nsultants that changes they ma2e t! the "r!"!se& ma""ing must be trac2e& '!r a&&e& !r rem!ve& 'iel&s an& change& !bAects *n'!rm the 'uncti!nal c!nsultants all changes ma&e t! the res"ective !bAects Determine the ne/ !rgani:ati!nal structure !' the target system s! the gl!bal "arameters !' the &ata services A!bs can be a&Auste& acc!r&ingly

1he '!ll!/ing table "r!vi&es a sam"le !' items that a migrati!n c!nsultant sh!ul& c!nsi&er t! &etermine /hether the c!ntent !' this 9a"i& Data +igrati!n s!luti!n must be m!&i'ie&) IWMW Migration *+,ects CCPJE(1 Consi(erations

9emin& 'uncti!nal c!nsultants t! c!n'irm the start m!nths nee&e& since this is !'ten an area that &!es n!t c!nvert c!rrectly. 1his &ata migrati!n !bAect &esigne& '!r the .!rth America 3.A5 an& certain Asian


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(00) *S+% ,!n'igurati!n

mar2ets. +!&i'icati!n t! this !bAect may be nee&e& '!r c!untries !ther than .A an& certain Asian c!untries. DE>*,E Functi!nal c!nsultants !/e a list !' relevant materials7&evice categ!ries as /ell as the list !' attributes t! be st!re& an& c!n'irme& /ith the &ata migrati!n team. A list !' register gr!u"s an& /in&ing gr!u"s t! be c!n'irme& as s!!n as "!ssible since the &e'ault register gr!u"s 'r!m the &evice categ!ries may n!t /!r2 '!r installe& meters that may be Buite !l&. ,!n'irm the acc!unt &eterminati!n ma""ing as s!!n as "!ssible. ,!ntract s"eci'ic 'acts nee& t! be c!nverte& a'ter the m!ve in s!me cases) c!n'irm /ith the 'uncti!nal billing c!nsultant. ,!n'irm the rule /ill be the Fast1rac2 rule '!r 13 m!nths in the "ast /ith the su""ressi!n !' the aut! m!ve in meter rea&. ,!n'irm the technical installati!n &ate /ill be "ri!r t! the billing installati!n &ate /hich is the rule '!r Fast1rac2. ,!n'irm the utilityMs ability t! "!st"!ne meter e0changes in the last billing "eri!& be'!re cut !ver !r the Data +igrati!n team /ill nee& t! &evel!" a "lan '!r meter e0changes) als! &iscuss the nee& '!r all e0changes in the last year. 9emin& the 'uncti!nal c!nsultants t! learn ab!ut c!nsum"ti!n !verri&es "er'!rme& in legacy6 h!/ estimates might have been manage& !r anything that /ill im"act the meter rea&ing i' e0"ecte& t! be use& '!r vali&ati!n an& estimati!n. 1his !bAect can cause issues /ith the billing 'act!rs. ave the 'uncti!nal c!nsultants c!n'irme& the rules '!r the m!ve in &ates '!r the ne/ acc!unts6 e0isting acc!unts an& 'uture m!ve insN Als!6 Fast 1rac2 &!esnMt e0"ect t! l!a& 'uture m!ve ins !r m!ve !uts an& /e &! n!t e0"ect t! l!a& 'uture &ate& service !r&ers as &esigne& currently '!r c!nversi!n. 1his is assume& t! be '!r security &e"!sit "ayments !nly. %e assume the "remise is the re'erence !bAect) as2 the 'uncti!nal c!nsultant /hat !bAects /ill be use& '!r the re'erence !bAects.


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