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NC-Cong alliance to continue: Omar

it is better to get betrayed than to betray anyone. "I know NC-Congress alliance is much to the discomfiture of certain political entities who want to create confusion", he added. "There is no question of making any compromise with the principles and have any relationship with BJP-NDA", the Chief Minister said while addressing a huge rally of NC workers at a reception held at Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan here to mark the reopening of bi-ennial Durbar Move in the winter capital. Mr Omar Abdullah expressed surprise over the misrepresentation of his press interaction on the opening of Civil Secretariat and said that he had made it very clear in his reply to a question that there was no Modi wave in the country. "I 8Contd p2

President, PM laud ISRO for successful launch of Mars mission

NEW DELHI,NOV 05: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday congratulated ISRO for the successful launch of "Mangalyan", Mars Orbiter Spacecraft, and said it was a significant milestone that will inspire more scientists to make greater strides in achieving goals. In his message to Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Dr K Radhakrishnan, the President said, "This launch of Indias first dedicated Mars Orbiter Spacecraft is a significant milestone in the progress of our space programme and space applications. "This day shall go down as a landmark in our space programme, a day which will inspire our scientists to make even greater strides in achieving our national goals in the field of space." He congratulated Radhakrishnan and asked him to convey his greetings to the members 8Contd p2

Nehru had called Sardar Patel a 'total communalist': Advani

NEW DELHI, NOV 05: Bharatiya Janata Party patriarch LK Advani today raked up another controversy over Sardar Patel, quoting a book to allege India's first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru called his home minister a "total communalist" for suggesting army be sent to take over a defiant Hyderabad after Independence. In his latest blog posting, Advani has referred to extracts of a book, "The Story of an Era Told without

India's orbiter begins long voyage to Mars

SRIHARIKOTA, NOV 5: India's prestigious mission to send a spacecraft to Mars got off to a flying start on Tuesday when the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV C-25) lifted off at 2.38 p.m. from the spaceport at Sriharikota and put the Mars Orbiter into a precise elliptical orbit around the earth. The precision achieved was such that the spacecraft went into an orbit with the perigee of 246.9 km and 8Contd p2

Ill Will" by MKK Nair, which deals with the "sharp exchange" between Nehru

and Patel in a Cabinet meeting before "police action" against 8Contd p2

JAMMU, NOV 05: J&K Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who is also Working President of National Conference Tuesday asserted that National Conference will continue to remain an ally of United Progressive Alliance and never join National Democratic Alliance-BJP.

"We are not the people who change horses' midstream", he said, adding that it is better to remain out of power than compromising with the ideals nurtured by towering party leadership. He recalled the cherished observations of Sheikh Sahib on being steadfast to the chosen path and said he would always say that

PDP to script new chapter of peace in J&K history; Mufti

JAMMU, NOV 05: Reaffirming commitment of his party to make Jammu and to script a new chapter peace and equitable development in the history of J&K. "PDP, with just 16 MLAs in its kitty, had proved during its tenure how to implement the agenda of peace and reconciliation", he said and recalled that it was result of PDP's pro-peace agenda that the then Prime Minister Atal announced cease-fire on the borders and that initiative had brought positive chances in the lives of common people. Addressing a function to welcome Congress leader Swami Raj Sharma, who along with hundreds of his supporters joined PDP today, Mufti mentioned towards recent unpleasant incidents on the International Border (IB) and Line of 8Contd p2

BhaiDooj celebrated with fervour in Bhadarwah

BHADARWAH NOV 5: BhaiDooj festival, which comes two days after Diwali, was celebrated with gaiety and fervour in Bhadarwah. Marking the end of the Diwali celebrations, BhaiDoojtilak is a symbol of auspiciousness. Since early morning dressed up for the day, sisters and brothers get together amid family and friends. The ritual on BhaiDooj is that the sisters put teeka on brothers' forehead. The teeka is the sacred mark for the Hindus, and the basic idea of applying it by the sister is to pray for the protection of the brother from the evil effects existing in the world. A puja thali is prepared before the start of the ritual. Using sandal wood paste, red vermilion or a roli, the teeka is put with a few grains of rice added in it. If the sister is elder, then the brother touches her feet and she blesses him with rice grains and 'dubya' (green grass). Sweets are served to the brother and then the whole family engages into singing songs, playing games, etc. On the other hand, if the sister is younger, the brother blesses her and showers her with gifts. 8Contd p2

Bangladesh: Strike for neutral govt enters 2nd day, 4 dead in violence
DHAKA, NOV 05: The 60hour nationwide opposition strike, demanding a neutral caretaker government to oversee the coming general elections in Bangladesh, entered into its second day on Tuesday, even as the death toll in accompanying violence rose to four. TV reports said nine people were injured as activists of main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) attacked a passenger train in northwestern Bogra, forcing police to use batons, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the mob. In Dhaka, the pro-




testers exploded at least nine crude bombs at Karwan Bazar area where main offices of most of the private TV channels are located. So far four persons have been

killed and nearly 50 injured in the violence. The casualties were reported from northwestern Lalmonirhat and Natore, southeastern Chittagong 8Contd p2

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ROHIT SINGH RANA It is an uneven battle .Thousands of terrorists and Jihadis against one little girl. At sixteen years, Malala Yusufzai has shown the world a way to fight heavily armed Talibans with pluck and conviction reminding us of Gandhi. In a war of moral conviction and humanism, history has oftentimes given us heroes who fought single handedly without arms the enemies of peace. They have lit hopes in others too. Tehrik-e -Taliban of Pakistan represents a brood of ill minded men with an evil ideology to preach hate and enforce their brand of Islam. Treating woman as second class citizens, burn their schools and shut them up in homes is the brand of Islam, Taliban preaches. In their scheme, the fate of non Muslims is already sealed. They have no right to live with only one redeeming condition. Turn to their brand of Islam, nothing less will ever satisfy them. It pinches hard to see a little girl of sixteen years age from Mingora in Swat, born in 1997 shooting to fame internationally by openly defying the downgrade and repressive dictates of Taliban. The story of Malala is incredible in the extreme. In a land, where everybody dreads Taliban she took upon herself to tell to the world about her life under their stinking ideology. It is one thing to fight on principles and other to fight on crazy ideology which preaches hate and perpetual war. Shot point blank in a school bus in the head, Malala exhibited immense qualities of survival instinct. At last the critical care of Western medical science finally gave her new life in England where she has been living in exile in Birmingham. The assassination attempt sparked a national and international outpouring of support for Yousafzai. Deutsche Welle wrote in January 2013 that Malala may have become "the most famous teenager in the world." United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown launched a UN petition in Yousafzai's name, using the slogan "I am Malala" and demanding that all children worldwide be in school by the end of 2015 - a petition which helped lead to the ratification of Pakistan's first Right to Education Bill. In 29 April 2013 issue of Time magazine, featured her on the magazine's front cover and as one of "The 100 Most Influential People in the World". She was the winner of Pakistan's first National Youth Peace Prize and was nominated for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. On 12 July 2013, she spoke at the UN to call for worldwide access to education, and in September 2013 she officially opened the Library of Birmingham. She is the recipient of the prestigious Sakharov Prize for 2013. Till yesterday, she was a front ranking contender for Nobel Peace Prize. Continuously haunted by the Taliban, the little girl has expressed a wish that some day she would like to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. While Malala is busy with her universally appealing agenda of education for girls in Pakistan and similarly situated countries, the Tekreek-e Taliban under its new commander Hakimullah Mehshud has denounced her for preaching against Islam. Threateningly they have given yet another call to kill her. Now on, thousands of battle hardened shabbily dressed motley groups of Islamic warriors are on a hunting mission for a sixteen year old girl. Battle of such type has never been seen or heard in history, where a horde of religious fanatics are out to hunt down a girl because she challenged their ideology and way of life. Undeterred she has taken the fight to their camps, with whole world lending support to her ideas. She has said in the light of Talibani threats that, I think of it often and imagine the scene clearly. Even if they come to kill me, I will tell them what they are trying to do is wrong, that education is our basic right. Unfortunately not alone in their war with Malala, the Taliban are deriving support from other hate factories of Al-Qaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, Lashkar-e Jhangvi, Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami, Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi etc. What a tragic denouement that these battle hardened criminals are running their terror cafes without any opposition from the Pakistani State. They are being propped up as its strategic assets in its sinister campaign against Afghanistan and even India. As today Pakistan is standing on a powder keg of hate, Jihad and export of terror, it is a question for all people across the world to ponder why a particular religion is sought to be protected by gun wielding Jihadis who have lost sense of history, change and humanity. In this squalid situation, the words of brave girl are like a wisp of fresh air. ---"The Taliban can shoot my body, but they cannot shoot my dreams," she said, adding that the Taliban made their "biggest mistake" by trying to kill and silence her."This cause is never going to die. A day will come when every child, girl or boy, black or white, Christian and Muslim, he or she will be going to school." "They shot me, they made the biggest mistake, and they ensured that even death is supporting me. Even death does not want to kill me and now I am not afraid of death. First I might have been (afraid of death) but now I am totally not afraid of death. Malala spells the will of whole humanity to take on the terror merchants with fortitude and spirit. Cowards have joined in thousands with arms to take on a girl signals already defeat of their ideology.


Recent communal overtones emanating from the sensitive region of Rajouri point to a new development in Jammu province. Previously, known to be a place of peace and amity, Rajouri is critically sitting on a communal time bomb which may burst any time. Another Kishtwar like situation is being created by the anti- national and antisocial elements. Intolerance of rouge elements towards the observance of traditional festivals of minority community is pointer to a sinister plan getting slowly unfolded, to the peril of the peace and amity in Rajouri. Reports of lax attitude of the district administration in not arresting these antisocial and communal elements, has caused resentment among the minority community. This antipathy may eventually, in absence of credible government intervention result into insecurity, which ultimately will impinge upon the peace of the entire area. A tailor made script is being written for Rajouri and the administration has to show exemplary acumen in sensing the dangerous contours of a wave of intolerance in the entire region which borders Pakistan on one end and Kashmir on the other . Soon Mughal Road will get ready and the movement of terrorists, hate preachers and Jihadi groups will have another way to move from Kashmir to the region. If minorities are not allowed to observe their religious functions then it is a grave situation something which is seen Pakistan. Will government act and address the fears of minorities, remains to be seen; otherwise preaching secularism in theory will not impress anybody. RANASAHIB

2.qxd 11/5/2013 8:33 PM Page 1


India's orbiter ...
an apogee of 23,560 km against the predicted perigee of 250 km and an apogee of 23,500 km. This signalled the long voyage of the Mars Orbiter for the next 300 days before the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) would attempt to put the spacecraft into mars orbit on September 24, 2014. K. Radhakrishnan, ISRO chairman, said the PSLV in its 25th launch, has precisely put the Mars Orbiter into an elliptical orbit around the earth. He called it a new and complex mission, which has been so far successfully achieved. PTI adds Dr. Radhakrishnan said: "I am extremely happy to announce PSLV-C25 placed Mars orbiter space craft very precisely in elliptical orbit around earth. "This is 25th PSLV flight. Now it will be a complex mission to take the Mars orbiter from earth's orbit to Mars orbit. "I salute the ISRO team." India on Tuesday embarked on its maiden Mars odyssey with its polar rocket carrying Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) successfully lifting off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre here in its first-ever inter-planetary expedition in a bid to join a select band of nations. The textbook lift-off of ISRO's workhorse launch vehicle PSLV C25 was witnessed among others by Minister of State in PMO, V. Narayanasamy, U.S. Ambassador to India Nancy Powell, Mr. Radhakrishnan and a host of other officials. The XL version of PSLV C 25 had carried Chandrayaan 1, the country's maiden moon mission, in 2008. After going around Earth for 20-25 days in an elliptical orbit (perigee of 250 km and apogee of 23,500 km), the Rs. 450-crore orbiter would begin a ninemonth long voyage to Mars around 12.42 am on December 1. It is expected to reach the red planet's orbit by September 24, 2014 and go around in an elliptical orbit (periapsis of 366 km and apo-apsis of 80,000 km). The Mars mission of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is aimed at establishing the country's capability to reach the red planet and focus on looking for the presence of methane, an indicator of life in Mars. The Mars Orbiter has five scientific instruments Lyman Alpha Photometer (LAP), Methane Sensor for Mars (MSM), Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyser (MENCA), Mars Colour Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (TIS). European Space Agency (ESA) of the European consortium, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US and Roscosmos of Russia are the three agencies which have successfully sent their missions to the Red Planet. Patel to Rashtrapati Bhawan to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, the army was kept battleready. During his meeting with Nehru and Patel, Rajaji used a letter from the British High Commissioner protesting against the rape of 70-yearold nuns of a convent two days earlier by Razakars of Hyderabad. VP Menon, a bureaucrat and close aide of Patel, had given this letter to Rajaji before the meeting. "Rajaji in his typical style described the situation in Hyderabad. He felt that, to safeguard India's reputation, a decision should not be delayed any longer," Nehru was concerned about international repercussions. Rajaji then played his trump card---the letter from the British High Commissioner. "Nehru read it. His face turned red...Anger choked his words. He shot out of his chair, slammed his fist on the table and cried out, 'Let's not waste a moment. We'll teach them a lesson'". "Rajaji immediately told Menon to inform the Commander in-Chief to proceed according to the plan," Advani said, quoting from the book. Mr Sayeed that PDP had scripted a new chapter of peace and development in the State. He said that formation PDP was landmark in the political history of Jammu and Kashmir because this party has revived peoples' faith in the democratic institutions. "Unlike other parts of the country, people of Jammu and Kashmir, for decades together, were not allowed to get the taste of democracy because NC had never allowed democracy to flourished here", he said and added that it was PDP that has challenged the hegemony of NC and allowed the democracy to flourish here. "The way people of the state has been supporting our party is a clear indication that that there is no alternative of PDP in the state and this party is going to change destiny of the people by implementing its progressive and visionary agenda", he said, adding, "change is imminent in Jammu and Kashmir because people have faith on the policies and programmes of PDP". He further said that PDP led regime had set an example of equitable and balanced development in Jammu and Kashmir. "Credit goes to the PDP led regime that first time after 1947, in the year 2002 all regions were treated equally in developmental and other activities", he maintained and added that it was after 2002, serious efforts were made to empower all regions to remove the sense of inequality and discrimination. "Jammu and Ladakh regions were also involved in the decision making process" he said. He mentioned that it was only during the PDP led regime that governance consciousness was generated in the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the common masses had a taste of good governance. He added that PDP led regime had brought transparency and accountability in the governance by strengthening democratic institutions in the state. He especially mentioned that during PDP led regime more than 70,000 youth were appointed as teachers under Rebar-e-Talim (ReT) scheme and more than 30,000 Anganwari workers were also appointed in transparent manner. Speaking on the occasion, Swami Raj Sharma said that he has decided to join PDP due to the policies and programmes of the party. Rangil Singh, Trilok Singh Bajwa, Ved Mahajan, Shanti Devi, Daman Bhasin, Yash Pal Sharma, Choudhary Hamid, Mehboob Iqbal, Hussain Ali Wafa, Fallail Singh, R K Bali, Deepinder Kour, Surjeet Kour, Arshad Malik, Kuljeet Singh Jamwal, Vikram Singh, Rafiq Malik, Pritam Kotwal, Chaman Angral, H S Rana, Arshad and others also spoke on the occasion. Prominent among those who joined PDP included S R Dutta, A H Wani, Jai Lal Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Muzaffar, Sandeep Sharma, Mohammad Aslam, Nek Chand, Muzaffar, Ajit Sharma, Sarwasherwar, Pritam Sharma, Sadam Hussain, Vasu Sharma, Sukul Sharma, Sarmad, Mudassar, Kesar Ahmed, Yasir Hussain, Mohammad Yasin, Manoj, Amarjeet, Dinesh, Ali Baba, Umar Chand and others.

prices of sweets in the market," said sangeeta, a resident. Interestingly, with the passage of time as new gift items are attracting buyers. BhaiDooj festival has no doubt been changing its form. Over the years, the usage of e-mails, e-greetings, mobile phones, chocolates and beverage hampers are becoming popular and particularly benefiting those who are staying in far-off lands. But the basic significance of BhaiDooj and the feeling and emotion behind celebrating this wonderful festival is still the same revealing and rejuvenating the eternal love of brother and sister.

NC-Cong alliance ...
had only said that Modi may have an effect over his party's rank and file but there is no Modi wave in the country", he said, adding that this statement of fact was unfortunately presented with a different slant. Making a difference between 'wave' and 'effect' , he cited the enthusiasm in public across the country when Mr Rajiv Gandhi contested 1984 elections as also the similar wave witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir when Dr Farooq Abdullah swept 1996 Assembly elections with National Conference getting more than two-third majority. The Chief Minister said the National Conference alliance with NDA in 1999 was mere an arrangement with a liberal leader like Atal Behari Vajpayee. Mr Omar said that National Conference inherits a glorious heritage of amity and brotherhood, bequeathed by Sher-eKashmir Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, and there was no question of deviation from this path. Omar Abdullah wondered over the jugglery of PDP for taking out so called peace procession in Srinagar after the borders have turned silent. "Where were they for all these days when our people were getting bullets alongside the IB and LoC", he questioned the PDP leadership and added that this party attempts to thrives on playing politics over the miseries of masses. Without naming Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, the Working President of National Conference said that PDP Patron is fashioned to pretend that he is not power hungry. "It's sheer hypocrisy and a blatant lie", he said and added "I am in politics and wants power to serve the people to mitigate their difficulties; satiating their developmental needs, wiping out tears from their eyes and ensuring them to enjoy the fruit of prosperous life". The Chief Minister said that PDP has developed a trait of escaping the responsibilities when in power and crying hoarse over the solution of Kashmir issue and repealing of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act when out of power. Taking a dig at Mufti Mohammed Sayeed's claim over solving the Kashmir issue once getting 40 Assembly seats, Mr Omar said that he had offered Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in the support of his 28 MLA's to show it happned on ground. He advised PDP against indulging in double speaksaying something in Srinagar, something different in Jammu and totally a different language in Delhi. "The people are sagacious enough to read between the lines", he said adding that the time has gone when innocent public used to get swayed by slogans. "They want performance and good governance", he maintained. He said National Conference does not believe in populism as it prefers to remain out of power rather than showing dreams to the people. "Most of the time our party has remained out of power and we don't scream, like others do, when out of power", he asserted. The Chief Minister spelt

out in detail the achievements of his government during the past almost five years and said that performance of his government has been extraordinary. He asked his party's rank and file to disseminate the performance of their government at the ground level. He described the workers as real strength of power and urged them to realize their crucial role in making the people aware about the policies and programmes of the government and the good work done during the past five years. He said National Conference is the only party having its presence in every nook and corner of the State. Mr Omar Abdullah said his government has completed almost five years and the next over a year is a big challenge to carry forward the mission of transforming the socio-economic scenario in all the three regions with added enthusiasm. He sought the cooperation of people in this gigantic effort. He also cautioned the people against the machinations of peace inimical elements and referred to the unfortunate situation erupting in Kishtwar. "There are people who want to disturb peace and harmony by creating wedge between different segments of the society and we have to maintain vigil against them", he said while referring to the post Kishtwar reaction in Rajouri, Kathua, Samba and Jammu. He vowed that his government will alienate such forces and not allow them to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere. Welcoming the Chief Minister and the members of his Council of Ministers in the winter capital, Provincial President Mr Devender Singh Rana hoped that the government will get engaged in carrying forward the mission of development and empowerment of people. He described the Panchayat elections as one of the remarkable achievements of the present dispensation, saying this has involved the people at grass roots level in decision making. Mr Rana also dwelt on the revolutionary measures like Right to Information and Public Services Guarantee Acts, saying these are the measures aiming at empowering he people and making the administration responsive. The Provincial President exuded confidence that the people friendly government will continue to devote itself towards mitigating the problems of the people. Various Ministers, Legislators, ex-Member of Parliament and senior party leaders were present on the occasion. On reaching Sher-e-Kashmir Bhawan the enthusiastic crowd raised slogans in favour of Omar Abdullah and his government, showered flowers and garlanded the young leader.

Nehru had ...

Hyderabad. The Nizam, who wanted to accede to Pakistan, had sent an emissary to the neighbouring country and transferred a huge sum of money to the government there, it says. The Nizam's officials were reportedly heaping atrocities on locals. "At a cabinet meeting, Patel had described these things and demanded that army be sent to end the terror-regime in Hyderabad. Nehru who usually spoke calmly, peacefully and with international etiquette, spoke losing his composure, 'You are a total communalist. I will never accept your recommendation...Patel remained unperturbed but left the room with his papers," Advani says, quoting from Nair's book. BJP has of late been trying to appropriate Sardar Patel as a leader close to the Hindutva ideology. Advani and BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi recently laid foundation stone of a 182-metre-tall statue of Patel, which will be the world's tallest, in Gujarat. Modi told a public meeting recently that the country's "fate and face" would have been different if Patel had been its first Prime Minister. At the foundation laying ceremony he said India needed "Patel's secularism" not "vote-bank secularism". Both Advani and Modi have sought to fashion themselves as inheritors of Patel's legacy. The BJP has also alleged that Sardar Patel contribution was never hailed by the Congress and that it only eulogised the NehruGandhi family. In his blog, Advani says then governor general Rajaji prevailed over Nehru to send the army to Hyderabad. As the situation continued to worsen,

Bangladesh: Strike ...

and suburban Savar. Two of the victims were ordinary people - a truck driver and a factory worker while the rest two were reported to be opposition activists. The opposition enforced the strike defying a government request to postpone it to allow students to appear in the examinations and accept the offer for dialogue to devise ways to settle dispute over the electoral system. BNP yesterday said that it would not go to elections under the proposed "all party government" while Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the interim allparty government was expected to be formed in next weeks. "The existing cabinet members will resign first to pave ways for constituting the all-party government in next 15 days,"a premier's spokesman quoted her telling a cabinet meeting late Monday. The Election Commission, meanwhile, said it planned to announce a schedule for the elections without fixing a definite date as it preferred to wait for the "maximum possible time" allowing the two major parties to settle their disputes over the electoral system. "But the polls will have to be conducted within January 24, so not much time is available," chief election commissioner Kazi Rakibuddin told newsmen two days ago.

PDP to ..
Control (LoC) and asserted that PDP preached the message peace and reconciliation from nook and corner of the State to deescalate tensions on the borders. Recalling that PDP earlier too had played similar role when tension was high on border after Parliament attack, Mufti said that credit goes to his party to take both NDA and UPA on the board to initiate bold steps for restoring lasting peace in this subcontinent. "Foundation to take such bold initiatives for strengthening relations between India and Pakistan was laid only during PDP led regime after 2002", he said, adding, "Although we had only 16 members but it was result of our convictions that we had convinced successive regimes at Delhi to take some bold decisions to restore peace in this region especially to improve rela-

BhaiDooj celebrated ...

"My sister is younger to me. So I gave her packs of chocolates and cookies on this occasion. In return she applied teeka and offered me sweets," said Ishan, a student of 6th class. However, as this festival marks the end to the fiveday-long festivities, which starts from Danteras, people in a large number throng market to purchase variety of gift items for their loved one's. From jewellery to watches and sweets, for a fun-filled shopping extravaganza, the markets of Bhadarwah were beautifully decked up. Apart from dry fruit packs and sweets, this season there were a variety of gift packs available in the market. "For BhaiDooj, I purchased Haldiram'sladoo, as the packing is attractive and is economical as compared to the increasing


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President, PM ..
of the team of scientists and others involved in "greater mission" of successful launch of the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft powered by PSLVC25 rocket. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called up ISRO Chief K Radhakrishnan to congratulate his team on successful launch of Mars mission. Meanwhile Congress President Sonia Gandhi also lauded Indian space scientists for successful launch of Mars mission.

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Rajaji called Nehru and

tions with Pakistan".

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Sagar inaugurates PIC at Ganderbal Socio-economic dev. of far-flung

Urges for wide awareness about schemes launched for development
fits of the various schemes run by the Central and State governments. He appreciated the efforts of PIB and the district authorities and expressed the desire to organise more such campaigns regularly in the future. The Minister said that information about government sponsored schemes can act as a potent tool which can help in bringing transparency and accountability into the process of governance. This will also help the masses in knowing their rights and making good use of the benefits that they are eligible for. Talking about the benefits of information, Mr. Sagar said that schemes like MGNREGA could not have been a success if the people did not know about them. He said that the scheme has progressed to a stage where 10.5 lakh families have been brought under its ambit and 6.5 lakh bank accounts have been created for transfer of funds to eligible beneficiaries. The Minister said that any initiative of the government requires full and whole-hearted public cooperation and PICs serve as a means towards that goal. The function was also attended by other district functionaries including District Development Commissioner Ganderbal Sarmad Hafeez, Director Rural Development Mir Altaf, ADDC Ganderbal M R Gasi, ACR Ganderbal Ashiq Hussain and CPO Ganderbal Mukhtar Ahmad Bazaz. Mr. Sagar also released PIB Srinagar publication titled "District Development Profile of Ganderbal", on the occasion. In his welcome address, Additional Director General PIB Srinagar Mr. Obaidur Rahman said that programmes like PICs are different from other awareness drives as they cover the entire gamut of government schemes and are not limited to one or two schemes. ANANTNAG, NOV 05: Socio-economic development of far-flung areas is the prime and foremost priority of the present Government and every possible step is being taken for achieving this purpose. Government is also committed for improving and upgrading the existing infrastructure with regard to road connectivity, water supply and power projects. This was stated by Minister by Hajj, Auqaf, Floriculture and Public Enterprises, Peerzada Mohammad Syed at a Public rally at Kokernag today. Earlier, Peerzada inaugurated budgeted accommodation constructed by KDA at a cost of Rs. 385.73 lakhs and Tourist Reception Centre at Kokernag constructed at a cost of 109.60 lakhs. The budgeted accommodation is equipped with every modern facility having 26 rooms with

areas on priority: Peerzada Sayeed

to doorsteps of the needy. The Minister added that Sub District Hospital Kokernag has been equipped with latest techniques besides establishing a modern multi facility blood bank. The Minster also said that various villages have been provided road connectivity through PMGSY and R&B besides macadamization and block topping of various roads, adding that 20 new road projects have been approved for the constituency. He said that the work on several water supply schemes is also going on in full swing besides upgrading LT/HT transmission lines so that power loss is minimized. With regard to tourist infrastructure, Peerzada said that inaugurated budgeted accommodation and TRC is aimed for attracting more and more tourists and providing better facilities for them.

Inaugurates Rs. 495.30 lakhs tourism projects at Kokernag

GANDERBAL, NOV 05: Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar Tuesday stressed upon evolving effective mechanism for dissemination of information about central & state government schemes at the grass root level. Inaugurating the three day Bharat Nirman Public

Information Campaign here being organised by Press Information Bureau, Srinagar in coordination with DFP, DAVP, S&DD, DD, AIR & district administration, at Qamariya Stadium here, Mr. Sagar said that such programmes help in taking the message of development to the masses and also helps them to know about the bene-

attached necessities. TRC is also fully high tech having a reception lobby besides four multi facility rooms. The Minister further said that a huge network of educational and health institution have been set up in the state especially in far-flung areas so

that the people of these areas can avail the benefits of development in a better way. Besides establishment of two Degree Colleges in Breng constituency various secondary and middle schools have been upgraded to higher levels so that education is taken


Describes Saulah Baigh protector of heritage handicrafts
JAMMU, NOV 05: Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Tuesday expressed deep grief over the sad and sudden demise of known papier-mache maestro Haji Mohammad Saulah Baigh of Alamgiri Bazaar Srinagar describing his death a great loss to the handicraft sector. He said in the demise of Mr. Saulah the society has lost a great state awardee artist who has been the art guru of thousands of artisans and has introduced wide ranging papier-mache designs besides imparting training to hundreds. In his condolence message to the bereaved family, the Chief Minister has convened his sympathy and prayed for peace to the departed soul.

Main Altaf for holistic development of forest wealth 'Stresses for 100% coverage under plantation drive'
JAMMU, NOV 05: Underscoring the need for close monitoring of ongoing developmental projects taken up for holistic development and protection of States rich Forests, its fauna and flora, the Minister for Forests, Ecology and Environment, Mian Altaf AhmadTuesday stressed upon the concerned Heads of various Wings to monitor the projects through frequent field visits to the developmental sites. Chairing a high level meeting of the Officers of Forest Department convened to review the physical and financial achievements of current fiscal action plans implemented under the State and Centre Plans in Jammu Division held here today, the forest Minister directed concerned authorities to book expenditure on the implementation of different action plans well in for well-timed distribution of timber to the needy customers and ordered that seized timber should be also disposed of among genuine customers. "The fixed targets for extraction and distribution of timber to customers in both the Divisions should be ensured well in time'', he directed and warned that any negligence in this regard will be viewed seriously for stern action against defaulting officials. The Forest Minister instructed for nomination of Liaison officers of each wing of the Department to pursue and sought out the pending issues with the Administrative and Finance Departments. He instructed concerned authorities for projecting enhancement of the man-animal conflict victim's compensation fund in revised budget allocation so that the funds would be granted to disburse the same to the affected families. "Physical and financial achievements registered under different plans for forest development should be uploaded on website of the Planning Department before 10th of this month and submission of Utilization certificates of each project by all Wings be ensured before 25th of this month", Forest Minister instructed. He also directed the concerned Heads of various Wings for timely submission of next fiscal plan. Principal Chief Conservator Forests, Director Forest Protection, Managing Director SFC, Chief Conservator Forests, Jammu, Director Ecology and Environment, Director Social Forestry, Director Soil Conservation, Director, SFRI, Additional Secretary Forests besides other senior Officers of Concerned wings attended the meeting.

Speaker for proper residential accommodation to darbar move employees

JAMMU, NOV 05: The Speaker, Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, Mr. Mubarak Gul today directed Director Estates to ensure proper residential accommodation to all Darbar move employees. He also asked for ensuring proper maintenance of all Government assets. This direction was given by the Speaker in a meeting of officers of Estates Department held here to discuss the problems faced by the moving employees who have not been provided residential accommodation at Jammu. Threadbare discussion was held on various issues including repairs and renovation of Government residential quarters. The meeting was attended by Director Estates, Deputy Director Estates Jammu and other officers. Mr. Gul also convened a meeting with the officers of SICOP and discussed various issues related to the artisans. The Speaker directed the Managing Director SICOP to provide free rooms to the artisans. Meanwhile, several deputations across the Jammu division including Poonch and Rajouri met the Speaker and apprised him about their individual and collective problems. These included construction of protection bunds, upgradation of roads, repairs and renovation of link roads, replacement of damaged transformers and conductors, early sanctioning of IAY schemes, quick disposal of job cards and upgradation of schools. The Speaker gave them a patient hearing and assured them that their genuine demands will be looked into. He, moreover, in some cases gave on the spot directions to the concerned for immediate redressal.

time and submit utilization certificates for release of next instalments of the funds especially under CAMPA and 13th Finance commission. This will ensure timely completion of the projects besides carrying out other forest developmental activities in both the Divisions of the State, he added Mian Altaf urged for

achieving 100% targets under plantation drive especially on degraded and vacant forest land with priority in winter zone in the State. He emphasised, that work in this regard should be visible on ground and directed for third party monitoring and inspection in this regard. The Minister strictly issued instructions to the concerned

Awareness camp for Artisans held at Srinagar

SRINAGAR, NOV 05: The district office Srinagar of Handicrafts Department organized daylong awareness camp for the handicraft artisans of Hazratbal and Harwan Srinagar. Assistant Director Handicrafts Srinagar, concerned Handicrafts Department and other district Coordinators were present on the occasion. During an interactive session with the Artisans, Assistant Director called on the artisans to avail benefits from various state and centrally sponsored schemes especially health insurance schemes Rajiv Gandhi Bima and Yojana and Jan Shri Bima Scheme. The speakers on the occasion urged the artisans to get themselves registered with the Handicrafts Department which would enable them to take benefit from various centrally and state sponsored schemes. It was given out that during the year 2012-13, hundreds of artisans were registered in district and scores of cases were forwarded to different banks under micro enterprise scheme. The officer said that the Handicrafts Sector is one of the vital components of employment in the State. He advised the artisan community to avail all such schemes that have been programmed for their welfare.

Daylong training Vikar inaugurates 2 footbridges in Banihal workshop on Civil Registration System
Workshop on motivational skills held at Shopian
PULWAMA, NOV 05: A daylong training workshop on civil registration system in collaboration with Directorate of Economics and Statistics was organized in Town Hall Pulwama today, which was attended by the concerned officers. Highlighting the significance of Registration of Births & Deaths, Joint Director Planning emphasized that registration authority to ensure cent percent registration of births and deaths for ensuring better planning of health sector. Highlighting the significance of Registration of Births & Deaths, Joint Director Planning emphasized that registration authority to ensure cent percent registration of births and deaths for ensuring better planning of health sector. Meanwhile, a workshop regarding positive thinking key to success and motivational skills was held at Shopian today. The workshop was aimed at building psychological and motivational skills among the youth of the district. Among others Deputy Commissioner Shopian, Principal Govt. Degree College, Shopian, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner Revenue besides Supreme Court Advocate Mr. Ashok Arora participated.

Sadhotra reviews development projects for Marh Constituency

JAMMU, NOV 05: Minister for Planning and Development, Mr. Ajay Sadhotra today directed the officers and engineers of Roads and Buildings to gear up their field functionaries and speed up the pace of work on all on-going construction work of roads, bridges and other projects in Marh Constituency and complete them in a time bound manner. This direction was given by the Minister during a meeting with the officers and engineers of R&B Department convened to review and discuss the pace of progress of all projects sanctioned under R&B sector for Marh Constituency. The Minister directed the officers to complete the Mishrewala, Kanachak and Phallian roads on priority. He also directed the officers to speed up the work of stadium at Halqun, Sangrampura-Chounachak road, Bridge at Klasey Chak and Dhataryial, halls at Talimata and Sarora.

JAMMU, NOV 05: Minister of State for Technical Education, Power and Information, Mr. Vikar Rasool Wani inaugurated two footbridges constructed at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.5 crore at Dulgam and Hanjal in Banihal area. The bridges have been constructed by R&B Department and would go a long way in connecting a number of villages, besides providing the necessary connectivity to the people living in these areas. The Minister was accompanied by officers of district administration and various other departments. While interacting with the people of the areas, the Minister said that the government is committed to accelerate the pace of development of rural and far-flung areas by providing them with the necessary facilities. He said that by connecting various remote and inaccessible villages with the main land, the necessary connectivity is being provided to these which would ensure their socio-economic development, besides ensuring that the pace of development in other spheres of life is also accelerated. Mr. Vikar further appealed the people to come forward and avail maximum benefit of various developmental schemes launched by the State and Centre. He said these schemes have been instrumental in changing the socio-economic profile of the people living in various states of the country, besides our own. "Schemes like MGNREGA have been largely responsible for accelerating the development of rural and far-flung areas by ensuring the creation of assets, developmental activities, besides providing the much needed employment to the people at their doorsteps", he said. The Minister said that the Centre has been quiet liberal in extending that the benefit of various centrally sponsored schemes is also extended to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that necessary instructions have been passed to the officers to ensure that these are implemented in such a way, so that the benefit percolates to the genuine beneficiaries.

Contingency plan meeting at Kulgam

KULGAM, NOV 05: In order to ensure timely snow clearance during the coming winter and ensuring all facilities to the people, and avert an eventuality during the coming winter in the district, a Contingency Plan meeting of Sectoral officers and Engineers was chaired by Additional Deputy Commissioner Kulgam here in Kulgam. It was decided in the meeting that 587 Km long shall be cleared mechanically where as 1287km long manually coming under Public Works Divisions of Kulgam and Qazigund in the district in coming winter. To ensure availability of adequate essentials and to control black marketing, hoarding and over charging, five Market Checking Squads have been constituted comprising of representatives of different departments including, CAPD, Local bodies, and Revenue and Police. It was said in the meeting that advance dumping of ration is being done at 48 ration centers of which 1672 quintals of floor,1171 quintals of rice,1404 quintals of sugar and 2.34 kl of kerosene oil are to be dumped in D.H Pora and Kund area of the district soon. Likewise 50 domestic LPG cylinders at these places have also been stocked in advance. It was given out in the meeting that the Mechanical Engineering Department had kept eight (8) snow clearance machines available along with required man power at its control room at Chawalgam Kulgam which shall start its function as the situation demands. The department has also made available the snow cats for the clearance of snow from interior and narrow roads. It was also given out in the meeting that a Disaster Management Cell has been established in the district to meet the crisis in case in of any eventuality. It was impressed upon the officers to keep close coordination and communication so that people won't face any hardships in the coming winter.

Bhim calls on Border Residents to oppose, expose & depose Congress-NC rule
JAMMU, NOVEMBER 05: Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party accompanied by Panthers Party MLA Yashpaul Kundal, President, Border Defence Committee, Faqir Nath, ex-MLA, Convenor, Anita Thakur, H.C. Jalmeria, General Secretaries, Partap Singh Jamwal, NPSU President, Jagdev Singh, Coordination Secretary and others today started five-day extensive tour of the International Border areas in Jammu Pradesh to assess the situation. Entire International Border and LOC in J&K have been under a terror caused by shelling from the Pakistani side resulting into migration of thousands of people from the border. Addressing a meeting at Palanwala in Chhamb Sector, Prof. Bhim Singh accused both the BJP and the Congress as working to promote the political interest of the National Conference least realizing the dangers hidden within the NC agenda. Prof. Bhim Singh accused BJP for selling the people of Jammu in retail whereas he accused the Congress for the sale of the people en-block. He accused the Congress and the NC for the betrayal of the agreement they had signed with the Panthers Party to provide housing land in safe zone so that the people shall have some shelter of their own during the attack from Pakistani side. Bhim also said that the Congress had signed agreement to provide RBA status to the residents along the International Border which they have disregarded. The five-day extensive tour has been organized Border Defence Committee

Power shutdown on Nov 05, 06, 19 & 20

SRINAGAR, NOV 05: According to Power Controller, Power Development Department, Kashmir, in order to carry out some work on PLCC outdoor equipment, power supply from the 132 KV BeminaZainakote Ckt Ist line from 09 a.m. to 01 p.m. and BeminaZainakote Ckt 2nd shall be affected from 01 a.m. to 05 p.m. onNovember 05, 2013. While 132 KV lines of Habak-USHP-II Ckt Ist and Habak-USHP-II Ckt2nd from 09 a.m. to 01 p.m. and from 01 a.m. to 05 p.m. respectively shall be affected on November 06, 2013. Meanwhile the power supply from 132 KV Bemina-Zainakote Ckt Ist and Bemina-Zainakote Ckt 2nd shall be affected from 09 a.m. to 01 p.m. and from 01 p.m to 05 p.m respectively on November 19, 2013. While the Habak-USHP-II Ckt Ist and Habak-USHP-II Ckt 2nd shall be affected from 09 a.m. to 01 p.m and from 01 p.m to 5 p.m respectively on November 20, 2013.

Ministers available for grievance redressal

SRINAGAR, NOV 05: To redress public grievances during winter months, the Government has set up Winter Secretariat in Civil Secretariat, Srinagar, in which various Ministers would be available for the redressal of public grievances on rotation basis. According to the schedule fixed for the purpose, Minister for Public Enterprises, Hajj and Auqaf and Floriculture will be available for public from November 04 to 08, 2013, Minister for CA&PD and Transport, Choudhary Mohammad Ramzan from November 11 to 15, 2013, Minister for Forests, Ecology and Environment, Mian Altaf Ahmad from November 18 to 22, 2013, Minister for Medical Education, Sports and Youth Services, Mr. Taj Mohi-ud-Din, Minister for Urban Development and Urban Local Bodies, Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora from December 02 to 06, 2013, Minister for Agriculture Production, Mr. Ghulam Hassan Mir from December 09 to 13, 2013, Minister for Social Welfare, Ms. Sakina Itoo from December 16 to 20, 2013, Minister for Housing and Horticulture, Mr. Raman Bhalla from December 23 to 27, 2013, Minister for Higher Education, Mr. Mohammad Akbar Loan from December 30, 2013 to January 03, 2014, Minister for Planning and Development, Mr. Ajay Sadhotra from January 06 to 10, 2014, Minister of State for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation, Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Khan from January 13 to 17, 2014, Minister of State for Fisheries, Cooperatives, Dr. Manohar Lal Sharma fromJanuary 20 to 24, 2014 and Minister of State for Health Services, Mr. Shabir Khan from January 27 to 31, 2014.

Taj inaugurates Colour Doppler, Digital Radiography at GMC, visWinter Secretariat set up at Srinagar its Super Specialty Hosp
JAMMU, NOV 05: Minister for Medical Education, Youth Services & Sports, Mr. Taj Mohi ud Din today inaugurated the Colour Doppler & Digital Radiography System at Government Medical College hospital, Jammu. With this facility, the disease investigation at the hospital has got a boost. Later, the Minister visited Super Specialty Hospital, Jammu and had a detailed interaction with the staff and faculty there. He reviewed the functioning of the hospital ever since the six super specialties were transferred to it. He also took a review of availability of medicine, equipment and doctors at the hospital.During the meeting, the requirement of funds was felt to take care of the availability of equipment and machines at the hospital.

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We will have to find someone to do the job. Its always good to have a plan B or C... At the moment we dont have too many who can do the job, Dhoni said. India are in a quandary over the bowling line-up and they are not sure whether to play with a five-men attack or give inform Rohit Sharma the Test cap while using him as a part-time offspinner. Asked whether Ajinkya Rahane or Rohit Sharma would get the No 6 spot, the skipper said: Well the thing is whether we want to go with four bowlers or have a fifth to the attack, or someone who can bowl a bit if needed. Thats one major decision. Though the decision is one, its divided into three different aspects. If we go with five bowlers, both of them may not play. If we need someone who can bowl a bit of off-spin then Rohit plays. Thirdly, if we go with four specialist bowlers, Ajinkya stays, he said. Calibre and consistency stand out as the common factors in the careers of World champion Viswanathan Anand (43) and World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen (22). If the Indians presence in the Worlds top-10 rankings since July 1991 is a testimony of his longevity as a top performer, the Norwegian youngster underscores his presence in the chess elite by remaining the undisputed numero uno since July 2011. A look at their careers reflects how they have gone through the mill and overcome all challenges to reach the top. When Anand first made the World rating list with 2285 points in January 1984, he was ranked joint-1,752 among 4,151 players. In contrast, Magnus maiden rating of 2064 in April 2001 made him joint-26,381 among 29,655 active players. In numbers, the career-graphs of these inspirational and path-breaking champions make for a fascinating study. A comparison In December 1987, Anand

KOLKATA, NOV 5: Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Tuesday said the lack of a genuine all-rounder is a concern and the team needs to find someone like Ravindra Jadeja who has been rested for the two-match Test series against the West Indies due to a shoulder strain. India will begin Sachin Tendulkars farewell series

in international cricket with the first Test beginning at the Eden Gardens here on Wednesday. The absence of Jadeja has tilted the balance of the side. It has been a bit of a concern. Ive always said that we need good seam bowler or a frontline spinner who can bat a bit. At times you dont realise the importance of a particular play-

er. People criticise so much. Now that we dont have Jadeja we are thinking whether to have a fifth bowler or maybe another spinner who can bat a bit. Is it that the batting will become thin, Dhoni told reporters at the pre-match press conference. The skipper said there are not enough options at the moment.

became a Grandmaster. Magnus was not born. On 30 November, 1990, Magnus was born. Anand was ranked joint-14 in the world. On 1 July, 1991, Anand first broke into the World top-10 rankings. Magnus was seven months old. In December, 2000, Anand became the World champion. Magnus was unrated. In April 2007, Anand became World No. 1. Magnus was ranked 22 in the world. In September 2007, Anand regained the World title. Magnus was ranked 17th. In October 2008, Anand

retained the World title. Magnus was ranked fourth. In May 2010 and again in May 2012, Anand kept the World title. Magnus stayed at World No. 1! In April 2008, Anand became World No. 1 with a rating of 2802. In January 2010, Magnus held the top spot armed with a rating of 2801. In terms of published rating points, from 2201 to 2300, Anand took six months. Magnus took nine. From 2301 to 2400, Anand took 18 months. Magnus six. From 2401 to 2500, Anand took 12 months. Magnus six.

From 2501 to 2600, Anand took 42 months. Magnus 21. From 2601 to 2700, Anand took 30 months. Magnus 18. From 2701 to 2800, Anand took 90 months. Magnus 28. Anands highest rating is 2817. Magnus best of 2872 is the highest rating in chess history. Anand first became World No. 1 at 37 years, 111 days. Magnus, at 19 years, 32 days. Anand has held the World number 1 spot for 21 months. Magnus, 41 and still counting.

Tough battle on the cards, says Sammy

However, the West Indies skipper hoped that the Indian batsmen commit mistakes Indian batsmen have been in blistering form and the West Indies skipper Darren Sammy feels that the twoTest series, starting here on Wednesday, will pose a tough challenge for his bowlers. We have respect for India. When you look at their recent one-day series (against Australia that India won 3-2) their batsmen have been in good nick. No one wicket is the prized wicket. Everybody in the top six minus Vijay has been playing really good and has been in good form. It would be a tough battle for our bowlers, said Sammy at the pre-match press conference on Tuesday. Sammy, however, said he was hoping that the Indian batsmen commit mistakes. They have been playing a lot of one-day cricket. They have been on the go. It was a run-fest in the last one-day series. So, hopefully their batsmen will come out playing a lot of shots and we will get some edges down at slip or some lbws or some bowled outs. They will be in that same frame of mind and make more mistakes early up in their innings, Sammy said on the eve of their opening Test, Sammy added. Recollecting Ravichandran Ashwins valiant 103 to draw in the Mumbai Test, Sammy said all the 20 wickets are important. Last time we were bowling against the likes of (Virender) Sehwag, (Gautam) Gambhir, (VVS) Laxman, (Rahul) Dravid, Sachin (Tendulkar) and (MS) Dhoni. And we bowled them out three times with four bowlers. We are going to be confident and look to execute our plans and look to get 20 important wickets, he said.

Anand is as much a national treasure as Tendulkar

Over the next fortnight, a nation will turn its moist eyes towards its most loved sporting hero. The Sachin Tendulkar Farewell Tour is upon us, as are the tributes, platitudes and shows of emotion that wouldnt be out of place in a soap opera. At the same time, another Indian sporting titan, three years older, will be contesting a world championship on home soil, perhaps the only time hell do so in a game generally not kind to those in their 40s. One legends last hurrah will be watched by millions, and be splashed across the front pages in a dozen languages. Unless you live in a cave, youll know what the second Test against West Indies signifies. Contrast that with the chess world championship, and the lukewarm interest from mainstream media. Viswanathan Anand, undisputed champion since 2007, takes on Magnus Carlsen, the ny in his moves music, you might say. And what of Anand, who was acknowledged as a prodigy in his field long before most had even heard of Tendulkar? How many will follow these games, which the chess world is anticipating as it once did the KarpovKasparov clashes of the 1980s? If Anand overcomes the vigour of youth, the front page might be his for a day. If he doesnt, he will continue to be an afterthought, as he has been for a quarter-century in a country besotted with its cricket team. Chess doesnt lend itself to Mexican waves, or hyperbolic commentary. Anands favourite e4 opening will never be subject to the sort of analysis that accompanies a Tendulkar back-foot punch through extra-cover. Few will know either that he has won his world titles at venues as far apart as Teheran, Mexico, Bonn, Sofia and Moscow.

Ganguly, Gavaskar join Botham on his charity walk

PINNAWALA (SRI LANKA), NOV 5: Former India captains Sourav Ganguly and Sunil Gavaskar on Tuesday joined England cricket legend Sir Ian Botham on Beefys Big Sri Lanka Walk on the fourth and toughest day yet of the fundraising trek for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation across the country. The 25-miles from Kandy to Pinnawala was twice the distance completed the previous day and the heat was approaching 45 degrees to make things even tougher. Funds raised from Sri Lanka Walk, staged with the backing of Sri Lankan Airlines and Sri Lanka Tourism, will go to help sports-based community projects, including those operated by the Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka with the support of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. The fourth stage of the Walk, from the north to the south of Sri Lanka, started in the bustling city of Kandy, where scores of cricket fans filled the streets to see the three legends of cricket, and finished at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. It was an unbelievable experience. What Ive seen Ian do is unreal, said Ganguly. Fantastic deed Gavaskar added: Its a fantastic thing to come to a completely different country and do a charity walk. The energy he brings, the pace he sets, he left all us behind, so hats off to him. The way he supports his causes is a lesson to us all. Botham has to maintain an average pace of 20 miles a day for eight days in fierce temperatures if he is to reach Seenigama in the south of the country by his target date of November 8. He has been taking part in walks for charity for almost 30 years and he admitted in Pinnawala: Today was the toughest day of walking I have ever had.

22-year-old Norwegian who wasnt even born when he became a Grandmaster at the age of 18. Carlsen isnt just the World No. 1. Last February, his Elo rating reached 2872 points, 21 more than the legendary Garry Kasparov managed. Anands highest rating was 2817, nearly three years ago. Carlsen is The Mozart of Chess, a sobriquet that The

Guardians recent in-depth profile explained thus: Its not so much to do with his mercurial gifts such as his ability to memorise thousands of games, or to beat 10 strong players simultaneously, blindfolded but his style of play. He makes his moves more by intuition than analysis, feeling for them rather than thinking them through. And there is harmo-

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ably in the middle of the global cricket pecking order, with the BCCI bullied around by colonial boards f r o m England a n d Australia. But this exciting young batsman began to change all that. India stopped rolling over in one-day matches, and even t e s t matches started to become exciting again. A winning record was to take a few m o r e years, but things stopped looking hopeless. Sachin Tendulkar also became the single-largest beneficiary of economic liberalisation. As companies entered India, the need to find clean-cut ambassadors for brands intensified. Sachin became the face of several brands in India. He had actually created a virtuous cycle. As the impact of economic growth began to be felt across the country and more televisions entered homes, it was Sachins face that was beamed into every house. As good a player as Sachin Tendulkar was, and remains, there is no doubt that his image was bolstered by the sheer volume of products he advertised. Several other cricketers from Sachins generation Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly in particular promoted products, but none of them achieved Sachin Tendulkars massive reach. To this day, the little master still promotes more products than most other Indian cricketers, with the possible exception of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who in the sense of brand-building at least, is Sachins most astute student. Sachin might have been a great player whether or not Indias economy had opened up. However he is a far richer man because the Indian economy took off in the mid-to-late 1990s. Using the popularity of players like Sachin and Indias renewed economic clout, the BCCI began to exercise its clout over global boards. As Sachin Tendulkar gets set to hang up his pads one last time; India is staring down the barrel yet again. When he started his career, India and China were for the most part on a similar footing. Today, aided by Indias indecisiveness, China has moved a few decades in front. Like the 1989-1991 period, as Tendulkar started out, India stands on the brink. A fractured mandate now could be fatal for the the countrys economy. However, there also lies hope. A clear mandate to the principal opposition party might bring fresh thinking after a decade of decay. A few weeks after Sachins last Test at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, five Indian States go to the polls. If the opinion surveys are to be believed, the ruling Congress could be booted out by the Indian populace with an anger resembling that in 1977. This will all probability reflect in next years Lok Sabha election. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkars remarkable career has been bookended by extreme turmoil in the country, whose flag he has represented with such dignity. The master blaster gave Indians hope when the country had begun to run out of the commodity. The coming few months will determine whether India will have to get hope from the cricket field yet again.


Bogus cry of protest
Kushan Mitra
More than any other individual, Sachin Tendulkar symbolised an economically resurgent India, without knowing he was the poster-child of liberalisation. Although Indian cricket steps into the future buoyant and oozing confidence, the Indian economy is stepping into the immediate postTendulkar era in a state of flux. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar first wore the star of the Board of Control for Cricket in India in 1989. There will be a significant number of people voting in 2014 who had not been born then. Then, like now, the Indian economy was teetering on the brink. A few days after Tendulkar made his debut, India voted out the last member of the Gandhi family to wield a constitutional role. But due to a fractured mandate, India was flung headlong into two years of chaos. The Indian economy is already on the brink and six months after Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar wears the BCCI cap now emblazoned with the Indian flag for the last time, India will again go to the polls. While opinion polls are predicting that the Bharatiya Janata Party will become the single-largest party, the risks of a fractured mandate hover above the nation. The risk of being unable to climb out of the economic hole that we have dug ourselves into remain; the very mention of a Third Front Government gives seasoned old bankers and industrialists who survived the 19891991-era, palpitations. The first cable TV lines were just about starting out, just as George Bush (the elder) started to lay waste to Iraq. Just like the Emergency is far too ancient a fact to register in the mind of millions of Indians, for a new generation of voters the chaos of the years between the Rajiv Gandhi and the PV Narasimha Rao Governments is a thing of the past. There was no social media those days, mainly because the Internet did not exist, Newspapers were the only source of information dissemination as landline telephones were there in far too few houses.

Islamabad's outrage over the killing of Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud in a US drone strike stems ostensibly from two arguments. First, that the unilateral attack has (yet again) violated Pakistan's territorial integrity. And second, that the terror chief's death has derailed the proposed peace talks between the Government and the Taliban even before they could begin. Both assertions are hollow and being amplified by the Pakistani political class to appease a disenchanted domestic audience. The premise of drone strikes being an attack on Pakistan's sovereignty, is nothing new. It is being regurgitated since Osama bin Laden was killed in a unilateral raid by US Navy Seals on Pakistani soil in 2011. A statement of condemnation is the Pakistani Government's routine response to drone attacks these days, even though Islamabad's protests their legitimacy notwithstanding have had no impact on the US, with the latter continuing with the strikes. Although Pakistans Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif brought up the issue with US President Barack Obama in September, it was clear that Washington, DC, was in no mood to change its anti-terrorism strategy. Now, with the killing of Mehsud to its credit, it has even lesser reason to reconsider the policy. In fact, according to some reports, Islamabad privately supports and sometimes even assists with the drone strikes. But in the open it has taken a different line because this is the easiest way to curry favour with the public. The people of Pakistan are tired of misgovernance and voted Mr Sharif to office because he promised to tackle the country's crippling power crisis, reinvigorate the economy, fight militancy and improve relations with India. None of these can be done overnight. But lambasting a foreign power and juxtaposing it within a nationalist narrative only requires good PR skills. This is a lesson that that Mr Imran Khan, whose Pakistani Tehreek-eInsaf is in power in the restive Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province, has learnt well. Possibly the loudest critic of US drone strikes, he has now sworn to block Nato supply routes that run through Pakistan into Afghanistan. Islamabad has turned that lever before with mixed results. If the sovereignty argument caters to the common man in Pakistan, the assertion that Mehsud's death disrupted peace talks is for the consumption of the average terrorist in Pakistan. It makes the Government look like it is on the same page as the militants, but the tactic is unlikely to work. The Pakistani Taliban has already vowed revenge and the state could be the target. As for the talks, Islamabad is pretending as if it was one small step away from a path-breaking peace deal, when in reality Mehsud was killed a day before negotiations could even begin. There was absolutely no indication that the talks would have led to a peaceful resolution. Finally, Hakimullah Mehsud had the blood of many innocents, primarily Pakistanis, on his hands. He had beheaded policemen and bombed hotels, killed soldiers and launched vicious attacks on political rallies. His group is still committed to overthrowing the democratically-elected civilian Government in Islamabad. That the regime is now tripping over itself to cry against and condemn his death, as if Mehsud was a national hero, is as ironic as it is tragic.

But in the aftermath of the Mandal Commission report, Delhi was seething. Protests and counterprotests were held all over the place. As a young s c ho ol b oy, this columnist had to travel to school in the bitter winter in buses that had all but the drivers w i n d ow smashed out by rioters; t h e Government was pretty much the only employer in India back then. Private enterprise was hobbled by having to t r a v e l through a c ompl ic a te maze of redtape. The disastrous VP Singh and the Chandra Shekhar Governments, the former born out of a sense of righteousness and the latter out of sheer ambition, had left the Indian economy in ruins. Twenty years ago, a much younger Manmohan Singh helped save the Indian economy, and that would have been a proud legacy for the man had he not presided over the most kleptocratic Government in Indian history. As India was being rocked on the home front, things were not that much better on the cricket field. India had settled comfort-

Sachin Tendulkar has also become the single-largest sports beneficiary of economic liberalisation. As companies entered India and the search for a clean-cut image began, he emerged as the face of several international and domestic brands


Hari Om
In the States of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Mizoram, and in Delhi, the election process is in full swing. New Governments will be in place after December 8. The crucial general election, which will undoubtedly be of the presidential type between BJPs prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Congresss undeclared prime ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi, is also round the corner. It is time for the political class to highlight the achievements and failures of the regimes in the poll-bound States and those of the Congress-led minority and minorityappeasing UPA Government at the Centre. Let us go back a bit. The Congress was founded in December 1885 by British imperialists with the help of 72 Englisheducated Indians. Most Indians who came forward to join the party believed in the British sense of (in)justice and wanted London to rule India. Retired British civil servant AO Hume, who succ e s s f ul ly took the initiative, had convinced the GovernorGeneral a n d Viceroy of India and t h e Secretary of State for India that the formation of a political party here was needed to avert the impending disaster. In fact, he had told them that India was about to witness a
al subjects giving rise to utmost subject disparity on account of the setting of a low standard question paper, can be categorized as yet another scam or at least a mere injustice. Another pertinent question remains that why JKPSC turned negligent yet again in the screening of question papers for standardization in case of a prestigious examination at the cost of career of such candidates who study for years together burning the midnight oil for indulging into the competition. There is need to push for the CSAT pattern of IAS examination where the optional paper has been replaced by the Aptitude Paper consisting four basic aptitudes viz language, Maths, Logic and Current Affairs, thus measuring the real ability of a candidate. Yours faithfully, Ahmad Kashmiri, Kashmir.

Finally, revolt from within

Many Ministers are known to throw their weight around with their staff, but it is not often that they face the united ire of the suffering personnel. Heavyweight Uttar Pradesh Minister, the brash Mohammad Azam Khan, has to contend with the anger of his office people who have refused to work under him. The Minister is not known to be the most considerate man at the best of times, but he appears to have tipped his arrogance beyond the limits of tolerance. As many as eight private staff members, including two private secretaries, remained absent for days together in protest against the allegedly uncouth conduct of their Minister. There may not have been one particular incident that triggered the revolt; it is the outcome of accumulated anger over a period of time. The victimised personnel must have indicated their displeasure to the Minister in some ways over their shoddy treatment and must have received further abuse. Mr Khan's arrogance stems from the strength which he derives from the support of the senior leadership of his party, including Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav. The fact that he has got away with everything short of murder under the chief ministership of a much younger Akhilesh Yadav, has only emboldened him. It is not clear whether the Chief Minister has been able to cast a sobering influence on the senior leader. What is crystal evident is that Mr Khan does not care much for the Chief Minister. He has escaped the axe despite his name being linked, with at least some prima facie material, to the Muzaffarnagar violence. And he continues blatantly with his insulting behaviour. Mr Khan has always been like this. The shocking language he had used and the slanderous campaign he had launched against Member of Parliament and former actor Jayaprada is still fresh in memory. But the all-powerful Minister not just got away with something that the party ought to have stiffly pulled him up for, but he also managed to undercut his then rival and equally powerful member of the Samajwadi Party, Mr Amar Singh. Only a few months ago, Mr Khan threw a tantrum at an airport in the US when the authorities there insisted on thoroughly frisking him. His anger had boiled over to the extent that Mr Akhilesh Yadav, who had accompanied him, had to cancel in protest his scheduled presentation before a select gathering on the State Government's successful handling of the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad. If Mr Khan had his way, he would sack every single one of the eight-member personal staff that has revolted. Indeed, the State Government, egged on by the Minister, had planned the move. That may not happen because such high-handed action could lead the entire low-level bureaucracy to rise in support of the victimised personnel. Given the situation, a reconciliation is being hammered out. But will Mr Khan mend his ways?

History shows that Congress has often sidelined nationalist voices within the party. The treatment given to Sri Aurobindo, BC Pal, Netaji Bose and Tilak reflects the prejudice


Subject vandalization in KAS exams

Dear Editor, "Kashmir Zoology Service" is the lamenttag, that appeared on facebook the other day when KAS 2013 results were declared by JKPSC. The aspirants with Zoology as their optional subject have grabbed some 701 selections out of the total 2477 selections if the statistics are to be believed, thus Zoology as a subject eating up the lion's share that amounts to 28.30 percent of the quota, whereas the study reveals that many subjects have not even touched the double digit in the selections. Is this yet another scam on the part of JKPSC? The comments on social networking sites reveal that many aspirants with optional subject other than Zoology expected scores above 300 points when they tallied their answers with the "answer key" placed on the internet by experts after the commencement of examination but now when the results have been declared they did not find their roll numbers among the selectees wherein the cut off merit is only 288.57 points. The aspirants both, selected as well as dropped have expressed concern over the 'subject scam' of Zoology wherein the question paper had been ticklishly below standard giving facelift to the candidates who had opted it as the optional subject. The aspirants say that they had smelt the rat on the exam day itself when they learnt that the question paper of Zoology was sub standard and that it will push away the candidates with optional other than Zoology and now on the declaration of results their apprehensions have come true! Now a big question that emerges out of this new scenario is that whether this 'Subject favouritism' which as a single-yellow subject has eaten up 28.30% share of the quota and left the 71.70% for rest 22 option-

Politicians at it again!

Dear Editor, This refers to the article by Ravinder Kaur published in your esteemed daily (KT: November 2, 2013). The writer has rightly observed that as election season is round the corner, the political opponents are at it again. Counter-politics have emerged as the flavour of season. 1984-Sikh pogrom and 2002 Gujarat carnage are being raked up by the leaders of two main political parties to target each other. But the wiser electorates very well know the real face of both the parties and they are aware that for both of them the masses in general and the minorities in particular dont matter at all. The writer has rightly pointed out that this kind of counter-politics does hardly any good for minorities and in fact this reflects failure of political imagination to even speculate a future beyond two political parties i.e., Congress and BJP. Yours faithfully, Arnav, Jammu.

revolt against London which would be far more dangerous than the first war of independence the British had witnessed in India in 1857. It may appear preposterous, but it is a fact that as late as 1905 and 1906, many topranking C ongre s s leaders used to say, and say it openly and b r a z e n l y, that if London really wished to end unrest in India or neutralise the influence of freedom fighters, it had no other option but to accommodate the educated Indians in the British scheme of things. Just look at the proceedings of the 1906 Indian Budget debate and you will find top Congress leaders urging the GovernorGeneral of India to conciliate the educated classes to end the disorder in India. In his Budget speech in March 1906, Gopal Krishna Gokhale said: There is but one way in which this conciliation can be secured and that is by associating these classes more and more with the Government of their own country. Earlier in December 1905, Gokhale, the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi and president of the Benaras Session of the Indian National Congress, had, inter alia, said, For better, for worse, our destinies are now linked with those of England and the Congress freely recognises that whatever advance we (read Congress leaders) seek must be within the Empire. Remember, this was not only the part of his presidential address but this statement was delivered at a time when temper were running high across the country in the wake of the communal partition of Bengal in 1905. The Swadeshi Movement in partitioned Bengal was also in full swing. Not that there were no outstanding nationalists in the Congress. There were leaders such as Sri Aurobindo Ghose, Bipin Chandra Pal and Bal Gangadhar Tilak. They wanted to give an Indian orientation to the Congress but couldnt because those who controlled it rendered them ineffective in the party. The circumstances under which Subhas Chandra Bose had to leave the Congress in 1939 after winning the presidential election hands down at Tripuri, and form the Forward Block are wellknown. The chief factor in the Congress was London, which not only ruthlessly employed its policy of divide-and-rule to consolidate the British Empire in India but

also indoctrinated many Congress leaders who were more than willing to play games for the sake of personal power and profit. The Congress and the power-hungry, unscrupulous, casteist and communalist politicians who came out of it after 1947 continue to play the same devious game. Mr Modi makes a valid point when he says that if India is to survive as one nation, regenerate its socio-economic and political life and attain a status in the comity of the self-respecting countries, there is no alternative but for the people to liberate the country from the termite that is the Congress. The upshot of his argument is that the Congress is not really a party of India; he appears to be absolutely correct. It is the sacred duty of each and every Indian to see through the ulterior game-plan of secular fundamentalist outfits and work with single-minded devotion for a Congress-free India. The Congress is not an elixir of life as far as the Indian nation is concerned. Indeed, it has become a poison.

Just look at the proceedings of the 1906 Indian Budget debate and you will find top Congress leaders urging the GovernorGeneral of India to "conciliate the educated classes to end the disorder in India". In his Budget speech in March 1906, Gopal Krishna Gokhale said: "There is but one way in which this conciliation can be secured and that is by associating these classes more and more with the Government of their own country".

6.qxd 11/5/2013 9:24 PM Page 1

Manmohan favours reset of foreign policy

Dr. Singhs regional foreign policy agenda has also run in to resistance from West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who says a proposed river-sharing agreement with Bangladesh will hurt her State's interests. Five principles Dr. Singh said the single most important objective of Indian foreign policy has to be to create a global environment conducive to the wellbeing of our great country. He argued that the country's development had to occupy centrestage among its international concerns. He also laid out four other principles: greater integration with the world economy, stable relationships with the great powers, greater regional cooperation, and the propagation of values India stood for. Indias experiment of pursuing economic development within the framework of a plural, secular and liberal democracy has inspired people around the world and should continue to do so, he said. The UPAs foreign policy drew inspiration from freedom struggle-era leaders, who saw the link between our foreign policy and the economic aspirations of our people. Experts reaction Expert reaction to the speech was divided, with some saying it did not address major issues in the foreign policy. The former diplomat, Rajiv Sikri, told The Hindu that while he appreciated the Prime Ministers focus on economic issues, he found no mention of the security aspects. I found it odd there was no mention of the situation on our borders, he said. Former diplomat and foreign policy commentator Vivek Katju said he was disappointed that the Prime Minister was silent on the greatest threat to the physical safety of people, terrorism.



NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 5: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday told a conclave of top Indian diplomats that the United Progressive Alliance was seeking a fundamental reset in the foreign policy, pursuing what he described as India's destiny in world affairs.

The Prime Ministers speech, delivered at an annual convention of heads of diplomatic missions, comes amidst a bruising foreign policy battle within the Congress, with some Tamil Nadu leaders calling on him not to attend the coming Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Sri Lanka.

Activists of All Assam Students Union (AASU) taking out a rally protesting against the hike in the prices of onion, potato and other essential things in Guwahati.

India welcomes scrapping of UK visa bond proposal

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 5: India is happy with the withdrawal of United Kingdoms proposal to subject visitors from six high-risk Commonwealth countries to pay a surety of 3,000 for a visa. New Delhi along with the other five countries three from the subcontinent and two African had been against the introduction of this scheme and its views were conveyed by Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma and during the India-U.K. Comprehensive Dialogue on visa related issues in London in July. India is the biggest of the six countries whose citizens were to be subjected to the U.K. visa bond scheme and officials in New Delhi said it could be linked to Britains desire to push for easier investment norms for foreign investment in insurance and financial sectors. Prime Minister David Cameron might stop over in Delhi on way to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Colombo and interact with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the issue, they added. While welcoming the abandoning of the proposed bond scheme, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin mentioned the need for maintaining an adequate level of peopleto-people contacts to provide strength and durability to ties with the U.K. The bonds scheme would have been applicable on visitors visas for people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Ghana. They would have had to pay the deposit which would be forfeited if they did not return home. It was intended to deter people from overstaying the visa. The proposal aroused strong feeling among Indians living in Britain, right from the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the Indian Workers Association.

Software engineer arrested for raping minor

BANGALORE: The Hulimavu police on Tuesday arrested Kolkata-based Ashwin Tabrekar, 35, software engineer with Pronto Network in Bilakahalli, for allegedly repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl at his Omkarnagar residence. The complainant is his wife Tumpa Ashwin and the rape survivor is Tumpa's niece. Both the accused and the survivor were subjected to medical test and preliminary report confirmed the heinous crime, police said. According to the complainant Tumpa Ashwin, her husband has been continuously raping her niece for nearly two years. "I had requested my brother to send his daughter I needed help to look after my newborn girl child. Since she had discontinued studies, she agreed to stay with us," Tumpa told police "One day, I discovered something was going on between my husband and the girl. When asked, the girl wept and narrated the horrific tale. I warned my husband saying I shall complain to my brother and others," she told police. However, Ashwin was not in a mood to listen and allegedly continued to rape the survivor, police said. He even threatened his wife with dire consequences and also told her that she would be locked in the hosue. "Many times, I wanted to run away from this nasty man but I did not know where the railway station was. I didn't have any money with me as Ashwin would make all purchases and pay the bills. With a neighbour's help, I came to the police station," the woman told the police.

Minor girl gang-raped in Mumbai, assaulters absconding

MUMBAI: A 16-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped in suburban Goregaon by four of her friends, police said on Monday. According to police, six boys from Santosh Nagar area in Goregaon had on Friday asked the victim to join them for Diwali celebrations. As she knew the boys, she went with them. The boys took her to an isolated place before offering her a spiked soft drink. While she lost consciousness, four of the six boys - all of them in their 20s - took turns to rape her.

Madhya Pradesh polls: Avuncular vs. Royal NIA sends team to Patna
NOVEMBER 5: The Madhya Pradesh polls on November 25 are being seen as an acid test for Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Jyotiraditya Scindia. This election could very well make or break their political careers. Pheroze L. Vincent reports The battle for control of the 230-member Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha has evolved from populist promises and trading of corruption charges to a clash of personalities. The ruling BJP has become synonymous with its Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan who is aiming for a hat trick. The main Opposition, Congress, is rallying around the head of its campaign committee Union Minister of State for Power Jyotiraditya Scindia. The competition between the two parties is symbolised by the contrasting styles and ideas of their commanders in this election. Mr. Chouhan projects himself as a doyen of the masses; the son of a peasant who is being prevented by royals like Mr. Scindia from continuing his welfare schemes. He refers to himself as Mamaji or maternal uncle in his speeches. Mr. Scindia, who is one of the few politicians untouched by any major allegations of corruption, has been cast as the voice of the youth whose aspirations, he claims, the BJP cannot fulfil. Referred to by his supporters as Maharaja or Shrimant the honorific of the Scindia royal family his bases are in the districts that formed the erstwhile Gwalior State, which extended from Mandsaur bordering Rajasthan, to Bhind in the North, bordering Uttar Pradesh. According to A.P.S. Chouhan, head of the politics department of Jiwaji NEW DELHI: A National Investigation Agency (NIA) team was on Monday dispatched to Patna to formally take over the probe into the Patna serial blasts. At least three suspects have been arrested so far in connection with the blasts. A team from the Lucknow unit, headed by an officer of Deputy Inspector-General rank, will conduct the investigations. Some officers from the NIA headquarters are also being sent to assist the team. The probe will be initiated formally once the case file is handed over to the team by the Bihar Police. The papers may be transferred to us by Tuesday, said an NIA official. The team boarded a flight to Patna on Monday evening. The agency had earlier sent a team to examine the explosion sites, hours after the blasts on October 27. The Bihar Police had earlier received the Centres order for handing over the investigation to the NIA on October 31. However, agency sources said it was yet to receive all the documents pertaining to the probe conducted so far by the Patna Police. University in Gwalior the capital of the erstwhile Scindia Kingdom it is traditional loyalty to the royal family, coupled with antiincumbency that is drawing crowds to Mr. Scindias rallies. He benefits from the goodwill generated by welfare trusts his family runs. This coupled with his record, youth, looks and oratory attracts voters. Shivraj may still maintain a good image but there is widespread resentment against corrupt ministers and BJP leaders, even from their own cadre. These people are looking for an alternative, he says But votes have eluded the Congress in the past decade of BJP rule, even in Mr. Scindias native Gwalior and his parliamentary constituency of Guna. The Congress cumulatively holds a fourth of the Assembly segments in these two Lok Sabha seats. While the Scindias be it Jyotiraditya, or his aunt Yashodhara Raje of the BJP win hands down, the performance of their parties has depended on the popularity of individual candidates and the public perception of the Shivraj regime. Shivraj, says journalist and author Shirish Khare, has built his image with great care. He has taken credit for all welfare schemes, irrespective of the individual ministers who implement them. The BJP, as a party and an ideology, has vanished to make way for Brand Shivraj. But this image of a populist son-of-the-soil has created formidable rivals for the Chief Minister within his own party the most influential of them being former Chief Minister Uma Bharti. Ms. Bharti continues to command the respect of her Lodi caste, besides the admiration of the Hindutva fundamentalists in MP, even though she is now an MLA in Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Chouhans Kirar caste has increased its clout, during his eight-year rule. The support of both the communities is critical in more than a fourth of seats. But where Mr. Chouhan gains over Mr. Scindia is experience. He has no experience of State politics, and by choosing to hold his ministry even during campaigning, he is unable to do justice to either, says Rasheed Kidwai, veteran journalist and author of two books on the Congress. The Congresss rallies have been for each administrative division, unlike Mr. Chouhans Jan Ashirwad Yatra, which is constituency wise. Mr. Scindias lack of exposure had led him to take (Union Urban Development Minister) Kamal Naths help for campaigning, he explains. Mr. Kidwai adds that while Chouhan is facing dissent from within his party, his familiarity with grassroots electoral equations give him an edge over poll management vis-a-vis Mr. Scindia. To Mr. Scindias credit, the faction-ridden Congress in MP has managed to put up a united front and attract large crowds to its rallies despite the differences between Mr. Scindia, a Maratha, and Rajput leaders like former CM Digvijaya Singh. Mr. Chouhan is seen by his admirers within and outside the BJP, including former Deputy PM L.K. Advani, as an alternative to the BJPs prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Mr. Scindia is seen as a reflection of his father, the late minister Madhavrao Scindia. A defeat for the Congress will not end Mr. Scindias political career, as much as it will decimate his party in MP. A defeat for Mr. Chouhan would cast a long shadow over his political future.

Miscreants attack man charged with attempting to murder BJP leader

MANGALORE: Four miscreants brutally attacked a person, who is facing charges of attempting to murder a BJP leader. Latheef, 38, who has been injured critically on head and legs, is recuperating in a private hospital. The miscreants, armed with sharp edged weapons, waylaid and attacked Latheef, who was walking near Bishop's House in the city, in broad daylight. While Latheef was screaming for help, his friend Abdul Nazeer, 35, managed to escape from the clutches of the miscreants. Initially, people who witnessed the crime did not go to help the victim due to fear. But, later few people took the critically injured Latheef to a nearby private hospital. atheef and Nazeer are accused in the attempt to murder case of BJP leader Chandrashekar Uchil. The incident took place when they were returning from the court after hearing of the case. According to police sources, four miscreants rounded Latheef and one of them attacked his head and legs. Quoting doctors, DCP (Law and Order) KV Jagadish told TOI that the condition of Latheef is very critical. "As of now, we have no clue about the motive of the miscreants. We will come to know about the details of the incident during the investigation," he added. Meanwhile, police sources said that they have obtained clues to the incident from CCTV footages from the nearby shops and other business establishments. "We have obtained the CCTV footages and very soon all the accused will be nabbed," sources said.

Nitaqat: Govt watching situation in Saudi

UK painter found dead in lodge

INDORE: An elderly British painter-shutterbug Harry John Holcraft was found dead on the premises of a tourist cafecum-lodge situated on the banks of river Narmada in Khargone district late Sunday night. According to Maheshwar police station in charge Santosh Mishra, body of Holcraft, who had checked in at Laghu's Cafe and Lodge on October 30, was found near the staircase of the lodge at around 9.30 pm. The 62-year-old was a resident of Sutton Coldfield (Birmingham). The management of the lodge called a doctor and took the British national to his room in the lodge, but he was declared dead. "Harry was camping in Maheshwar for writing a book. His family in the UK has been informed about the death through the British High Commission in New Delhi, late on Sunday night," Maheshwar police station in charge added. Initial investigations points towards the possibility of the Brit having slipped from the stairs of the lodge (while climbing down from his room located on the first floor) and subsequently dying of internal injuries.

NEW DELHI: With 1.34 lakh Indian workers already returning to the homeland, Government is closely watching the situation in Saudi Arabia which is targeting illegal foreigners under its new labour policy, Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi on Tuesday said. Asked about the drive in Saudi Arabia under which foreigners who have not corrected labour and residency status under its new labour policy Nitaqat are being deported, Ravi said that till now no incident of harassment of Indian nationals has been reported. The issue in Saudi Arabia has already been taken up. So far they have not entered into any house for checking. Saudi Arabian government has given specific instructions not to harass people but to check properly and not enter any house, Mr. Ravi told reporters at the sidelines of an event. He said those Indians who are coming back as they are unable to stay there, are also given assistance by the ministry. 1.34 lakh Indians have already come back from Saudi Arabia, Mr. Ravi said. He said India is closely watching the situation and in touch with various associations as well. The embassy is very actively assisting in case of any problem, he added. Saudi Arabia has launched a strict inspection campaign to target illegal foreign workers after the sevenmonth grace period ended on Sunday. The campaign is expected to continue throughout the year and there is no time limit set for it. Asked if the move will adversely effect Indias remittances, Mr. Ravi said that a delegation from the ministry has already gone to Saudi Arabia and has discussed the issue. I was in touch with them. They went in April and also gave suggestions. That is why there are no complaints of harassment to Indians being made. They are checking, listing and people are coming back. This is going on, said Mr. Ravi.He said the number of Indians there has gone up from 2.4 million to 2.8 million. But there are some people without proper documents and they will send them back. My ministry is in touch with the ambassador and we are providing all the help they want.

Huge potential for Indian industry in defence sector: DRDO chief

H Y D E R A B A D , NOVEMBER 5: The Indian industry could tap huge opportunities over the next 10-15 years with the Defence Research and Development Organisation planning to develop products worth Rs. 2 lakh crore, including missiles worth Rs. 60,000 crore, according to Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister and DRDO Director-General Avinash Chander here on Monday. Mr. Avinash was speaking at a function where Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy laid the foundation stone for the Samuha Aerospace Park at Adibatla in Ranga Reddy district. It is the countrys first such park. He said Indian defence requirements were growing steadily and greater growth was expected in the next 1015 years. He said DRDO had recently participated in a defence expo in South Korea and a lot of interest was evinced in its products. DRDO was exporting shipborne sonars to Myanmar and was ready to export many other products, he added. Mr. Reddy, who was the chief guest, asked Samuha to establish a training centre to provide jobs to locals, besides taking up CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities like establishing a school. He said investment proposals worth Rs.1.35 lakh crore for 73 projects, which were cleared by the State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB), were in different stages of implementation. Among others, he mentioned that Pepsi and Cadburys were setting up plants with an investment of Rs.1,500 crore and Rs.2,500 crore respectively in Chittoor

Fear of Maoists stalks election-bound Chhattisgarh

D A N T E W A D A , NOVEMBER 5: Chittaranjan Bakshi, the veteran Communist Party of India (CPI) leader, had a harrowing time last weekend. One of the company commanders of 111 battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), offered him a cup of sugary tea and requested him not to disembark from the elevated camp ground to the forest, apprehending serious trouble for Mr. Bakshi, once he crossed the boundaries of the camp. Sir, you are going to ask for votes in an area where a call to boycott the poll has been announced and this would mean risking your life, the officer pleaded. Mr. Bakshi tried to calm him, saying that he had entered many conflict areas in the country unharmed. It took a quarter of an hour to convince the commander that it was unlikely that anyone would waste bullets on an unarmed septuagenarian and Communist politician like him. Finally, the campaigners were allowed to enter the villages under complete control of the Maoists, but only after the officer spoke to his boss. Such is the fear in seven districts of southern Chhattisgarh, which are scheduled to go to the polls on November 11. The Central and State governments and the Election Commission of India (ECI) are working over time for a violence-free election, deploying 600 companies of central paramilitary forces phase-wise, in addition to nearly 60,000 security personnel already garrisoned in south Chhattisgarh. 108 paramilitary units in Sukma In Sukma district alone, 108 paramilitary companies are posted, in addition to the existing 45 companies. Moreover, a few thousand State forces are stationed here. While the situation is no different in the rest of the six districts, the administration has no clue to the unidentified people who are sticking red and blue posters on every other tree, outside the main cities asking people to boycott the election. After months of negotiation, the ECI decided to shift 167 of 2,562 booths in south Chhattisgarh. Interestingly, the ECI has not asked the State administration to transport the electors from their villages to the relocated booths, which are five to fifteen kilometres away from their homes. The villagers always travel those extra kilometres to pick up subsidised food or for other purposes, said Chief Electoral Officer Sunil Kujur. However, since the booths are being shifted for the first time in an Assembly election, no one has an idea if the villagers would walk several kilometres to vote.

3 Army men held for molesting minor girl

HYDERABAD: Three soldiers were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl at Mahendra Hills in Secunderabad on Sunday night. The trio chased away the girl's boyfriend and assaulted her in bushes on the hillock. Incidentally, it is the second sexual assault in less than a month. A 22-year-old techie was abducted and raped by two cab drivers near Tellapur in the early hours of October 19. The Tukaramgate police arrested Lok Bahadur Chaty, 28, a Havildar from Assam, Tapas Maity, 29, and Sulan Narzary, 23, both Sepoys hailing from West Bengal, working at the 2nd Training Battalion of the Army Ordnance Corps (AOC) Centre in Secunderabad. At about 10.45pm, the trio, who were in civil dress, claiming to be on patrol duty around AOC Centre noticed a 17-year-old girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend at an isolated place near Sai Baba Temple in Mahendra Hills. The girl is from a colony in Tukaramgate, while her friend is a BCom student from Ambedkar Nagar in Tukaramgate. After visiting the temple on Diwali night, the young couple went to the adjoining isolated area on the hillock to watch the cracker-lit sky. According to police, the three Army personnel, who were consuming liquor in the isolated area, startled the couple by suddenly approaching them. Asking the young couple what they were doing on the isolated hillock area during the night time, they chased away the boy and forcibly took the girl into nearby bushes. "In the bushes, the trio sexually assaulted her," Tukaramgate inspector B Sudarshan Reddy said.

district, while Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson were establishing units in Mahabubnagar district. Mr. Reddy agreed to a proposal for naming the area as Space City. Earlier, speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony for Integrated White Gold Spintex Park, Union Minister for Textiles Kavuri Sambasiva Rao agreed to the plea of the Chief Minister to set up cotton purchase centres to buy cotton bales damaged in the recent heavy rains and floods.

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First India-China military drill in five years to begin today Syria won't discuss power transition at Geneva
BEIJING, NOVEMBER 5: India and China will on Tuesday begin a 10-day joint military drill on counterterrorism the first such exercise held between the neighbours in five years in south-western China, as the two militaries look to boost trust and turn the page on recent tensions along the disputed border. Taking place only a week after both countries signed a Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (BDCA) to expand confidence-building measures, the drills will be formally inaugurated on Tuesday near Chengdu. Chengdu is the headquarters of one of the Peoples Liberation Armys (PLA) seven military area commands, whose responsibility includes the entire Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) as well as the middle and eastern sections of the border with India. An Indian army contingent arrived in Chengdu on Monday, officials said. The drills, analysts say, are more symbolic than substantial: the counterterrorism drills are nowhere near as comprehensive as a full-fledged exercise between two armies. The larger objective is to expand confidence and trust between the two militaries, which are often grappling with tensions along the border. The 10-day exercise is the third round of the hand-in-hand drills that the two countries initiated in 2007 in Kunming, in south-western Yunnan province. The second round was held in Belgaum, Karnataka, the following year. Defence exchanges were suspended for more than a year starting in 2010, after China refused to host the then head of the Northern Command citing sensitivities on Kashmir. The move came amid a disputed over Chinas issuing of stapled visas to Indian residents of Jammu and Kashmir. India agreed to resume defence ties after China quietly withdrew the stapled visa policy in the months following the former Premier Wen Jiabaos visit to India in December 2010, and subsequently agreed to host senior officials from the Northern Command in several delegations. Last month, both sides signed a Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (BDCA) during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to China. The agreement is aimed at expanding confidence-building measures and preventing the recurrence of face-offs, by formalising rules such as no tailing of patrols and widening direct contact between military commands. The 10-day drill has been seen in China as being particularly significant because it follows the signing of the BDCA as well as the visit by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to India in May. It is a signal to both sides that the militaries can do something to improve the bilateral relationship, said Lan Jianxue, a South Asia scholar at the China Institute for International Studies (CIIS) in Beijing, a think-tank affiliated to the Foreign Ministry. As a result of the historical background, he told The Hindu in an interview, it is good for the two militaries to communicate more with each other directly. The resumption of exercises will help to increase confidence about the other side. DAMASCUS, NOVEMBER 5: Syrias Information Minister says government officials will not discuss handing over power or forming a transitional government at peace talks planned for later this month in Switzerland. Omran al-Zoubis comments on Tuesday come hours before a Syrian envoy is to meet Russian and U.S. officials in Geneva to assess prospects for the peace conference between President Bashar Assads government and a united opposition, as the countrys civil war rages into its third year. Members of the exiled and Western-backed opposition group insist Mr. Assad be excluded from Syrias future leadership for any talks to take place.

In an interview with Syrian state TV late Monday, Mr. al-Zoubi said Geneva talks are part of a

political process, and not a handover of power or forming a transitional governing body.

Greece begins talks with bailout lenders over fiscal gap

ATHENS, NOVEMBER 5: Greece resumed negotiations with officials representing the countrys bailout lenders on Tuesday, in an effort to settle a dispute related to the size of its 2014 fiscal gap. Talks between Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras and representatives of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will also focus on a series of reforms and privatizations, which are needed to secure the next aid tranche totalling 1 billion euros (1.34 billion dollars). Athens has spent the past several months in persistent disagreement with its international creditors about the gap in its 2014 budget. Labour Minister Yiannis Vroutsis is also scheduled to meet the envoys later on Tuesday to discuss the countrys problematic social security funds. Ballooning deficits at those have contributed to the fiscal gap. In an interview broadcast on private broadcaster Mega, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said Greece and its citizens cannot endure further across-the-board austerity measures. He said his conservative-led coalition would impose no new cuts on Greeks salaries and pensions. The resumption of talks comes one day ahead of a planned nationwide strike by public and private sector unions, which is set to cripple air, sea and land transport. Unions are protesting against tax increases and salary and pension cuts demanded by the foreign lenders. Critics say these have crippled the economy and caused unemployment to soar beyond 27 per cent.

Gunman in New Jersey mall attack found dead Gay rights bill clears
PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY, NOVEMBER 5: Authorities said a man suspected of firing multiple shots and causing a lockdown at New Jerseys largest shopping mall has been found dead of a self-inflicted wound. Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli said the body of 20-year-old Richard Shoop of Teaneck was found in a back area of the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus early on Tuesday. He said Shoop killed himself with the same weapon he used at the mall and that a note has been found. There were no other injuries. Police received reports of a man, who fired multiple shots shortly before the malls 9-30 pm closing time on Monday, sending customers and employees rushing for the exits and hiding places.

first hurdle in Senate

Violence continues in Bangladesh strike

DHAKA, NOVEMBER 5: An opposition-enforced general strike hampered public life for a second day on Tuesday in Bangladesh as violence was reported in parts of the country. The nationwide strike was meant to force the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to quit and to allow for a caretaker government with people from outside political parties to oversee upcoming elections. On Tuesday, opposition activists clashed with police in north-western district of Rajshahi, leaving at least 25 people injured, Somoy TV station reported. It said three activists were detained. Separately, ruling Awami League activists clashed with the opposition supporters in central Bangladeshs Munshiganj district, leaving scores injured, Channel 24 Station reported. On Monday, the first day of the 60-hour strike, two people died and scores of others were injured as protesters set off homemade bombs and torched cars. Security was tight across the capital, Dhaka, with extra police and paramilitary guards on the streets on Tuesday. The protest comes as a Dhaka court is set to deliver verdicts involving a 2009 mutiny at the headquarters of the countrys border guards. At least 74 people, including 57 military officials, were killed in the mutiny. Security was tight around the court.A similar oppositionbacked strike last week also turned violent, with at least 16 people killed in clashes. The violence comes at a time of deep tension in Bangladesh, a nation struggling to overcome extreme poverty, rancorous politics and a string of horrific accidents linked to the garment industry. The election, expected in January, has become a flashpoint in the decades-old rivalry between Hasina and the opposition leader, Khaleda Zia. The opposition says Hasinas government is not capable of holding a credible election, and wants a neutral caretaker administration from outside the political parties to oversee the vote.In addition to the electionrelated violence, a war crimes tribunal stemming from Bangladeshs 1971 war of independence from Pakistan has become another incendiary political issue.

Bangladesh sentences 152 to death for 2009 mutiny

DHAKA, NOVEMBER 5: A Bangladesh court sentenced 152 people to death on Tuesday for a 2009 mutiny by disgruntled border guards who killed dozens of military commanders during a brutal, two-day uprising. The sentences followed a mass trial involving 846 defendants a process criticized by a human rights group who said it was not credible and that at least 47 suspects died in custody. The border guards, known at the time of the mutiny as the Bangladesh Rifles, say they revolted over demands for salaries in line with their commanders in the army; assignments on U.N. peacekeeping missions, which come with generous perks; and better facilities. The mutiny broke out on the border guards leafy Dhaka compound, an oasis inside the city complete with its own rose garden and a small zoo. By the time the insurrection ended, 74 people were dead, including 57 military commanders. Corpses were found stuffed inside manholes and buried in mass graves. The case exposed deep tensions between the government and the military. The military was furious with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for negotiating with the mutineers instead of allowing the army to attack. In Bangladesh, a desperately poor South Asian nation with a history of catastrophe, army leaders have attempted to overthrow the government 21 times, twice successfully. Dhakas Metropolitan Sessions Court Judge Md Akhtaruzzaman announced the verdicts in a packed courtroom under tight security. Besides the death sentences, 161 people were sentenced to life in prison; 262 people received prison terms between three and 10 years; and 271 people were acquitted. Maj. Gen. Aziz Ahmed, director general of the Bangladesh Border Guards, said he was satisfied with the outcome. It was a huge massacre. We are glad that justice has been delivered, he said. The defense vowed to appeal. New York-based Human Rights Watch has criticized the legal proceedings and called for a new trial. The group said at least 47 suspects have died in custody while the suspects have had limited access to lawyers. Trying hundreds of people en masse in one giant courtroom, where the accused have little or no access to lawyers is an affront to international legal standards, said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch, in a statement on Oct. 29.

WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 5: The Senate pushed a major anti-bias gay rights bill past a first, big hurdle on Monday, a clear sign of Americans greater acceptance of homosexuality nearly two decades after the law prohibiting federal recognition of same-sex marriage. The vote of 61-30 essentially ensured that the Senate has the votes to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would prohibit workplace discrimination against gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. Final passage, possibly by weeks end, would cap a 17-year quest to secure Senate support for a similar discrimination measure that failed by one vote in 1996, the same year Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act. Reflecting the nations shifting views toward gay rights and the fast-changing political dynamic, seven Senate Republicans joined with 54 Democrats to vote to move ahead on the legislation. Rights are sometimes intangible but, boy if youve ever been discriminated against, seeking employment or seeking advancement, its bitter, Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin, the only openly gay member of the Senate, said after the vote. And its been a long, long fight, but I think its day has come. And thats just very exciting to witness.


Fuel shortage clouds Dabhol power plant Sensex ends at 20,974.79, down 265 points
MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 5: Ratnagiri Gas and Power Pvt. Ltd.s (RGPPL) Dabhol power project, once owned by Enron, is seeing history repeat itself. For the second time in 13 years, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL) has refused to buy electricity from the project, saying the price is too high, and stopped all its payments. The company has a debt of Rs.8,436 crore. Its main stakeholders are Central public sector undertakings. The Maharashtra Government, and several banks also have equity. Due to stoppage of payments by the MSEDCL, RGPPL could not meet its interest payment due in September, and risks becoming a non-performing asset by November, unless adequate affordable domestic gas is ensured, and the beneficiaries commence paying corresponding fixed costs, RGPPL spokesperson said. It has asked the Union Petroleum Ministry and Maharashtras Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to intervene. Maharashtra has been purchasing 95 per cent of the power been spent by the new stakeholders to revive the project in 2005. A major bone of contention between the State power utility and RGPPL is the payment of fixed costs worth Rs.1,900 crore. The power utility has refused to continue this payment. The viability of the project rests on procuring domestic gas. Our contract with them clearly says the gas must be sourced in consultation with us and with our approval. Now, they want to source LNG from the international market, which is much more expensive, so they need to take our permission. This does not suit us because it will push up costs. So why should we continue to pay these fixed costs? pointed out Mr. Mehta. RGPPL says that without receiving this payment, it will be difficult for it to service its debt.The approach of the State power utility is shortsighted because this project has value for the State even through the economic activity of power and LNG businesses and employment generation, said the spokesperson. MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 5: Snapping a five-day winning run, the benchmark BSE Sensex on Tuesday plunged by 265 points, its biggest drop in over a month, as investors booked profits in bluechips after the recent upsurge took the index to all-time high. The Sensex, which had ended at record closing of 21,239.36 in the special Diwali Muhurat trading on Sunday, fell sharply by 264.57 points, or 1.25 per cent, to close at 20,974.79 led by stocks of FMCG, Healthcare and IT sectors. In the previous five sessions, the 30-share Sensex rose by 669 points. Todays fall in absolute terms is the worst since September 30 when it had dropped by 347.50 points. On similar lines, the broadbased National Stock Exchange index Nifty also slipped from its record high closing level by losing 64.20 points, or 1.02 per cent to 6,253.15. On Sundays special session, it had closed at a record 6,317.35. Also, SX40 index, the flagship index of MCX-SX, closed at

Gold maintains downtrend

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 5: Gold dropped by Rs 200 to Rs 31,100 per 10 grams in the national capital Tuesday, maintaining its seven-day-long losing streak, following sluggish demand amid weakening global trend. Silver also fell by Rs 500 to Rs 48,500 per kg on reduced offtake by industrial units and coin makers. Traders said besides sluggish demand, weak trend in overseas markets mainly kept pressure on gold and silver prices. Gold in London, which normally sets price trend on the domestic front, fell by $2.20 to $1,312.40 an ounce and silver by 0.12 per cent to $21.63 an ounce. On the domestic front, gold of 99.9 and 99.5 per cent purity dropped by Rs 200 each to Rs 31,100 and Rs 30,900 per ten grams, after losing Rs 1,270 in the previous six-sessions. In line with a general weak trend, silver ready fell by Rs 500 to Rs 48,500 per kg and weeklybased delivery by Rs 700 to Rs 48,000 per kg. The white metal had lost Rs 150 in the previous session. Silver coins also tumbled by Rs 1,000 to Rs 86,000 for buying and Rs 87,000 for selling of 100 pieces.

supplied by RGPPL, which began operating in 2005. The problem arose in March when the 1,967-MW project ran out of domestic fuel supplied by the KG Basin. The alternative fuel supplies in the international market are much more expensive, pushing up the power price. When domestic gas from the KG basin was available, the power cost was Rs.3.81 per unit of kWh. But, international LNG costs are much higher. This pushes up the price of power to Rs.8-9 per unit of kWh. This is not viable for us

since we have access to much cheaper power from other sources. The rate in the open market is Rs 2.50-3.50 per unit of kWh. Why should our consumers pay more? asks MSEDCL Managing Director Ajoy Mehta. The state utility decided to stop buying power from RGPPL in August. The search is now on for new supplies of domestic gas to get the plant started again. I have written to the Union Ministry to get domestic gas supplies to run at least one of the three units of the project, said Mr. Chavan. Over 13,000 crore had

12,494.1, down 105.43 points or 0.84 per cent. Profit booking after several sessions of gains led to the fall. Global indices were also trading on a cautious note, said Rakesh Goyal, Senior Vice President, Bonanza Portfolio Ltd. Brokers said a weakening trend in Asia and lower opening in Europe on growth concerns further fuelled the selling pressure in export-oriented domestic stocks.

In the Sensex pack, 22 stocks declined while just eight gained. The major losers were Bajaj Auto, Bharti Airtel, TCS, BHEL, GAIL India, HUL, ICICI Bank, Infosys, ITC, Jindal Steel and L&T. Sectorally, the BSE FMCG sector suffered the most by losing 2.53 per cent, followed by BSE Healthcare index by 1.55 per cent, BSE IT sector index by 1.28 per cent and BSE TECK index by 1.25 per cent.

Economic crisis hits trust in governments: OECD

BRUSSELS, NOVEMBER 5: A leading international economic think-tank says the financial crisis of the past few years has severely sapped confidence in government around the world. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which represents the worlds wealthiest economies said in a report on Tuesday that confidence in institutions declined substantially in countries severely hit by the crisis, while people reported soaring stress levels. According to the report, the percentage of people that trust national government declined in the United States from 50

Confident of containing CAD below $60 bn: Chidambaram

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 5: Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday exuded confidence that Indias current account deficit (CAD) will be contained below $60 billion this financial year as against an earlier estimate of $70 billion. I am confident that we can do even slightly better than $60 billion, he told CNBC Awaaz. The CAD, the difference between the inflow and outflow of foreign exchange, had touched an all-time high of $88.2 billion, or 4.8 per cent of GDP, in the last fiscal. The deficit for April-June was at $21.8 billion or 4.9 per cent of GDP. High gold imports was one of the main reasons that pushed CAD to a record high in the previous financial year. However, various curbs put in by both RBI and the Centre had helped in containing gold imports this fiscal. On impact of the U.S. Federal Reserves gradual stimulus withdrawal, Mr Chidambaram said the tapering will happen, but both the markets as well as the government are prepared to deal with it. We now know it (tapering) will will happen perhaps in January

Renault-Nissan, Mitsubishi to partner in product development

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 5: Franco-Japanese auto alliance Renault-Nissan and Japans Mitsubishi Motors Corp plan to partner in future product development programmes, including that of a new small car. The companies said their joint intention was to explore several new projects covering shared products, technologies and manufacturing capacity among the automakers. As a consequence, it has been agreed that the strategic cooperation between Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors could be expanded across the broader Renault-Nissan Alliance, Renault-Nissan Alliance said in a statement. Between Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, it is expected that the existing NMKV joint-venture company will be extended to codevelop a new small-segment car including a specific electric version that can be sold on a global basis, it added.

per cent in 2009 to 35 per cent last year. For the OECDs euro area it sank from 49.1 to 42.8 per cent

over the same period, while in Japan it dipped from 27 per cent in 2010 to 17 per cent last year.

US dollar ends lower against Rupee

or February, today they say it will happen in March...Market and government are now prepared for this, in the sense we know it will happen... Therefore, we need to strengthen the fundamentals of the economy, what the (RBI) Governor said bullet proof balance sheet, which means we will contain CAD, we will contain fiscal deficit, improve the revenues, contain expenditure, take steps to prevent excessive speculations on the currency..., he said. The Finance Minister further said number of measures are being taken so that when tapering happens, markets wont be taken by surprise, we wont be taken by surprise and whatever impact it will be a minimal impact. MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 5: The rupee rebounded after edging close to the 62 level against the dollar and ended with a 12 paise gain at 61.62 on Tuesday as banks and exporters sold the US currency on expectations of continued capital inflows. The rupee resumed at 61.95 per dollar from the previous close of 61.74 at the interbank foreign exchange market on initial dollar demand from banks and importers. The local currency recovered to 61.6150 on fagend dollar sales by banks and exporters before ending at 61.62, a gain of 12 paise, or 0.19 per cent, snapping two days of losses. The dollar index, which tracks the performance of the greenback versus a basket of six other major currencies, is trading range bound but is slightly on the weaker side, which helped the rupee to trade strong, said Pramit Brahmbhatt, CEO of Alpari Financial Services (India). Local equities traded weak and closed down by over 1 per cent, which capped the rupees gains.

MISC Lone inaugurates 2nd J&K Womens Science Congress Education must for progress,
Says greater participation of women in scientific fields a must
besides ensuring their overall SocioEconomic development. Mr. Lone said, State Government supports the idea of greater presence of women in Science and Technology. He said there has been a sharp increase in the number of women Science graduates and post-graduates in the State adding that women present a great human resource and their role in every field including the field of Science will definitely and directly contribute to the advancement and progress of the State in sync with modern times. Mr. Lone while appreciating the Principal Government College for Women Dr. Hemla Aggarwal and all those associated with organizing the Womens Science Congress, wished for fruitful deliberations and successful outcome of the event. Earlier, Mr. Lone along with both the Ministers of State inaugurated the newly constructed college canteen besides inaugurating the Children Science Exhibition in which students from various schools of Jammu showcased their Science models highlighting the application of Science and Mathematics in areas related to our daily lives. The Exhibition has been hosted to encourage, popularize and inculcate scientific temper among girls and boys. Commissioner Secretary, Science and Technology, Mr. Bipul Pathak, Secretary, Higher Education, Sheikh JAMMU, NOV 05: Minister for Higher Education, Mr. Mohammad Akbar Lone, Tuesday, inaugurated the 3-day J&K Womens Science Congress here at Government College Parade Ground, Jammu. Minister of State for Science and Technology, Mr Feroz Ahmed Khan and Minister of State for Higher Education, Dr. Manohar Lal Sharma were also present during the inaugural function. The 3-day Science Congress on the focal theme Empowering Women through Science and Technology organized by Government College for women in collaboration with State Council for Science and Technology, will also showcase the contribution of women in the areas of Science and Technology. It will cover subject areas of Life Science, Environment Science, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Applied and Allied Sciences. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Lone highlighted the need to identify avenues for enhancing the involvement of women in various Science related projects. He said greater participation of women in Science education will not only secure maximum possible utilization of their potential but also ensure development of scientific approach in them, to cope up with difficulties they encounter


Restriction imposed around examination halls
UDHAMPUR, NOV 05:District Magistrate (DM) Udhampur, Mrs. Yasha Mudgal under section 144 Cr. PC has imposed restrictions around the examination Centres of Secondary School Examination (10th class) November (Annual) Session 2013 Regular (Winter Zone) of district Udhampur in Jammu province commencing from November 05, 2013 for fair and smooth conduct of the examination. According to the District Magistrate, Udhampur, the movement of general public to enter and gather within hundred meters radius and to make use of loud speaker within the radius of two hundred meters from the venue of examination centers has been banned. This order shall come into force from November 05, 2013 till conclusion of the said examination. The admission card issued by the J&K Board of School Education Jammu to the eligible students shall be treated as entry pass for examination hall/ centre.

dev of State: Gurezi

Mushtaq Ahmed, Director Colleges, Tariq Ahmed Kawoosa, Joint Director, Science and Technology Council, Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Bhat, organizing Secretary 2nd J&K Womens Science Congress, Dr. Pragya Khanna and other faculty members and students were present during the inaugural function. The participants of the Congress include scientists, researchers, academicians from University of Jammu, Kashmir Central University, SMVDU, Katra, BGSBU, Rajouri, SKUAST, Jammu, Government Medical College, Jammu, ASCOMS, Jammu, SKIMS Srinagar, Government Engineering College, Jammu, IIIM Jammu and other leading institutions of the State.

GUREZ, NOV 05: Minister of State for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Mr. Nazir Ahmad Gurezi has said that education is key to overall development of the State adding that need of the hour is to impart quality education to the students. The Minister was speaking at a function held at Degree College Dawar Gurez today. The function was organized by the Directorate of Life Learning, University of Kashmir in connection with Vocational Training and Skill Development programme. Three courses included basic computer, electrician and cutting tailoring advance course have been started in the College. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that the Government under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has taken several steps to upgrade the educational infrastructure in the State. He said number of new schools and colleges have been opened in the State with the aim to improve the education scenario. Vice Chancellor, University of Kashmir Prof. Talat Ahmad also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the importance of vocational trainings and skill development programme. He also announced that separate examination for both regular and private students will be conducted for Gurez students because of climatic conditions. Detailed discussion was also held on collection of forms for both regular and private Degree Course classes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year at Gurez. It was decided that the Forms will now be collected in Degree College Gurez.

Later, the Minister and Vice Chancellor distributed 1000 sweaters among the students under Community Development Scheme. Earlier, the Minister reviewed the stock position of essential commodities of Gurez Tehsil. Mr. Gurezi directed the Sub Divisional Magistrate Gurez to ensure dumping of stocks and its proper distribution. On the occasion, several deputations met the Minister and apprised him about their individual and collective problems. The Minister gave them a patient hearing and assured them that their genuine demands will be looked into. In some cases, the Minister gave on-the-spot directions to the concerned for immediate redressal.

Subsidised food for thought

NOVEMBER 05: With the State Government recently announcing that it is contemplating providing mid-day meals at subsidised rates to students, and teaching and non-teaching staff of all government colleges, many are of the opinion that it will be a boon for thousands of students who cannot afford regular meals at college canteens. This will also benefit those students whose colleges do not even have a canteen. When The Hindu EducationPlus spoke to principals of some government colleges, they welcomed the proposal but were apprehensive about the implementation of the scheme. They added that proper monitoring along with quality check of the food can help the proposed scheme to run effectively. We also asked some government college students the usefulness of the scheme if it is implemented. Here are the excerpts: Darshan Kev, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, third semester, S.J. Polytechnic College The scheme, if implemented, will help the student community in a big way. There are many students who come from underprivileged backgrounds and they will surely benefit if lunch is provided in college. I usually spend Rs. 20 a day on lunch and I happen to eat four times a week at the college canteen. Some students come from as far as 60 km to reach college, so the scheme will give them the required nutrition. Chaitra, B.Com final year, Government Maharani Arts, Commerce and Management College for Women The scheme will help many. The union and office-bearers in college should ask all the students about this scheme. This will open their eyes to the fact that not all can afford to buy lunch every day. There are many who cannot afford a proper meal a day and for them it will bring great respite. One has to spend at least Rs. 20 to buy lunch in the canteen which rarely is filling. I dont spend on lunch every day but twice a week. Kalaivani V., B.A. in Psychology, third year, VHD Central Institute of Home Science I appreciate the Government for proposing to extend the mid-day meal scheme to college students. It will become very easy for students if food is provided in college. Many students come from poor

NIT to offer free coaching to less-privileged students

JAMSHEDPUR NOV 05: To provide knowledge support to aspiring engineers of marginalized communities, National Institute of Technology (NIT-Adityapur) has started free coaching classes for boys and girls of surrounding villages. The Centre for Community Welfare of NIT, as part of its social responsibility programme, has introduced free coaching classes for students of Class VIII-Class XII of adjoining villages. These classes are also intended to prepare students for entrance examination to various engineering colleges. "This will give them an opportunity to study in institutes of repute such as NIT," said NIT director Ram Babu Kodali on Thursday on the objective of the educational scheme commencing November 1. Several youngsters from Asangi, Ichhapur, Krisnpur and Bergidih, which are adjacent to the government-runengineering college will benefit from the scheme. "Bright students of the college will be taking classes," said a senior college faculty who has drafted the scheme. "Actually, our director was keen on NIT serving the local community in a more meaningful manner, therefore, the preparatory classes for the underprivileged youth of the local villages," said Dr Rajiv Bhusan, professor in charge, (media relations). The college administration has announced that especial effort would be made to enroll the girl students along with the boys so that equal opportunity is available to both in shaping their future. "As per our plan, the college students will conduct the classes as of now, but if required the faculty may join them in future," said a faculty on anonymity. Sankalp, the outfit constituted by NIT students, to carry out empowerment measures in the fringe areas has a history of organizing tuition classes for the economically backward children of pre-school, primary and secondary school.

families, so spending on lunch every day is difficult. I personally know of friends who do not have a proper place to stay, hence expenditure on lunch is an added burden. I usually spend Rs. 30 for a meal in the college canteen. I eat lunch in the college canteen twice a week. Prashant H., MBA, first semester, Central College Campus, Bangalore University The scheme will largely benefit students who come from underprivileged backgrounds. I personally know of many students who come

from far-off places and do not even have breakfast. I spend around Rs. 30 six days a week on lunch. I have no option but to spend that much. I hope something concrete will take shape as far as the scheme goes. Namita, third semester, B.E. Electronics, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering The scheme wont be too useful. I am doubtful about the quality of food that will be served, going by the incidents reported in the past. This scheme will majorly benefit hostel students who

need better quality food. I spend Rs. 15 to 20 for a meal in the college canteen. I also venture out if I dont like the canteen food. I spend around Rs. 200 a week on food. Murli Naik, BBM final year, Government Arts and Science College The scheme will benefit the student community at large. Usually we carry lunch from home but in case lunch is made available by the government it will be a big boon and help the student community. I have lunch once a week at the canteen and spend Rs. 15 for a meal.

students appeared in 10th class examination showed his disappointment today's the officials of Jammu and Kashmir State Board
BHADARWAH, NOV 5: students today appeared in 10th class examination has showed his disappointment today's the officials of Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education Jammu for not extending the date of examination as the students community of Bhadarwah falling in winter zone examination has suffered badly due to continuous spat of earthquakes followed by the August 9 communal clashes at kistwar and communal clashes at Ramban. majority of the students said that due to natural calamity and communal clashes, the syllabus in majority of subjects iremains incomplete. The students said that all the schools remains mostly closed for4-5 months. "Poor students who can't effort private tuitions are worst effected students" said a student from chinta Higher secondary. He said that poor students mostly remain dependent on schooling and shows his apprehension that majority of the students appearing in 10th class examination will fail to get good percentage in the examination. The students hope that board officials will adopt lenient approach at the time of checking of answer sheets. Meanwhile the examination in majority of the exam centre located in and around Bhadarwah town ends peacefully, but there are reports of wide scale mass copying in some examination centers where teachers on duty those runs private tuition centres are helping the students her tuation centres appeared in examination. National Panthers student Union Provanchal sectory Sachin sambyal has taken a strong note on reports of mass copying or favoritism showed by the exam superintendents and added that everyone understands that students of Bhadarwah suffered due earthquakes and communal violences, but said that selective mass copying in no mean can be justified and demanded immediate curb on it.

UPSC to hold exams over seven days It's raining job offers at IIT Kharagpur
HYDERABAD, NOV, 05: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination will be held from December 2 to 8 this year. It's the first time in the last 35 years that the examination is being spread over a span of just seven days. "In the old pattern, the exams used to be spread over a period of 30 days. Peak performance in such a schedule can be achieved only by careful planning and practice," said Gopala Krishna, director, Brain Tree coaching centre. The time table is as follows: December 2 essay and English, December 3 - general studies paper I & II, December 5 - general studies paper- III and IV, December 7 - optional paper-I and II, December 8 - Modern Indian Language . KOLKATA, NOV, 05: The volatile market situation coupled with archaic government policies may have dried up opportunities on the job front, but at IIT Kharagpur, offers have started pouring in even before the placement season kicked in. At least 110 final-year students already have enviable job offers in their kitty. Global giants have recruited best brains of the oldest IIT almost a month before the placement starts on December 1. The management of the institute is particularly happy with a 100% growth in preplacement offer figures. In 2011, the number of students picked up by companies before placements stood at 54. The highest package, offered to a student by Google US, stands at around Rs 93 lakh. At least 25 global majors have made a beeline for the

Energy solutions
CHENNAI, NOVEMBER 05: The All India Student Congress 2013 was organised by the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) India Council and IEEE Madras Section at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, near Coimbatore. A student of Electrical Engineering from Delhi Technological University and a member of IEEE Delhi section, I have always been inclined towards renewable and sustainable technologies and their future prospects in India. The conference topics ranged from power electronics to renewable energy and from power systems to smart grids and SCADA. It enabled the participants to work as a team and come up with critical analysis of the projects showcased. As many as 330 select student delegates from 80 institutions across eight States attended the event. The main event was the innovative project showcase competition where 33 projects were short-listed. The most awaited event Innovative Project

Showcase Competition took place on the third day. Students presented their ideas and innovations using posters and prototypes. Prize-winning entry Samantha Sharma and I presented a poster on Mitigating Cyber Security Hazards in Smart Grids using Novel Security Management Architecture, which won us the first prize. Our research focussed on identifying various cyber threats to the energy sector and calculating their risk potential in India. We had suggested the use of the novel security management architecture that focussed on mitigating the cyber threats and hazards in smart grids. We also came up with a

mathematical technique to provide numerical values for the threats, their respective vulnerabilities and the cost to the company in case of a successful attack, to calculate their risk potential. This can be used in the industry where companies can use their security data, audit it and find out the weaknesses in their cyber armours and secure it from future cyber attacks. The student congress did not focus on ideologies alone, but on realistic and pragmatic avenues in the fields of power and energy and motivated participants to come up with out of the box ideas to use resources at our disposal for advancing technology for humanity.

campus prior to the placement season to ensure that all students are available. Among firms that vied for prospective employees are Google US, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Unilever, Transoceans and Samsung. The departments that have turned out to be favourites include electronics, computer science, IT and core engineering departments like mechanical, civil and electrical. This year, 2,418 students will be going for placements as against 1,900 last year, according to the institute's placement office. "Our students have managed to bag plum jobs even before the placement season started. This once again proved that IIT Kharagpur is on top of corporate recruiters' minds. We hope to continue the trend through the placement season," said director PP Chakraborty.

Odisha govt scraps state joint entrance examination, joins national test
BHUBANESWAR, NOV, 05: Odisha has joined the national level JEE (Main)2014 for admission in technical colleges of the state, scrapping the state-level Odisha joint entrance examination (OJEE). "As decided earlier, there will be no state-level JEE this year. Admission to engineering colleges will be on the basis of JEE (Main) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). We have asked the CBSE to allot examination centres in all districts for the convenience of aspirants," secretary, technical education, Chandra Sekhar Kumar said. "As decided earlier, there will be no state-level JEE this year. Admission to engineering colleges will be on the basis of JEE (Main) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). While the offline examination is scheduled on April 6, online mode of the test would be held on April 9, 11, 12 and 19. Admissions to NITs, IIITs, other centrally-funded technical institutions and participating state government institutions would also be held on the basis of JEE (Main).


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