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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

Leadership Orientation Packet

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

Vision Statement
Pender United Methodist Church will be a tree of life in the community rooted in Gods living ord with branches growing and moving by the !pirit and spreading the love of "esus for all#

Mission Statement
$o make disciples for "esus Christ %ow do we do that& 'y

Loving God and Loving (eighbor

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

What are Penders Core Spiritual Objecti es!

Core Spiritual Objectives are those things that Pender must absolutely do to accomplish its mission and to serve its members and the world at large. Pender has five Core Spiritual Objectives as follows Know God: Foster understanding of GO as !ord " Savior and support personal intimate relationships with #$%. Offer multiple worship styles& biblically based& in order to connect and relate all persons with 'esus Christ. Provide opportunities for people to praise God through music programs and education. #elp everyone to (now 'esus Christ at each step of their wal(. Love God and others: !ove the !ord )our God with all your heart& your mind& your soul& and spirit. !ove others as yourself. *e an open and friendly church without prejudice so that each person feels li(e they are an important part of our church family. $nvite all members and visitors to be open and friendly without prejudice. !ead by e+ample at home& wor(& and church to educate others on how to love thy neighbor. Provide physical& financial& emotional& educational& and spiritual support to those in need. Grow in God: ,ssist all people in e+periencing GO and e+panding their personal relationships with 'esus Christ through the #oly Spirit. $dentify and support opportunities for all age ranges to (now and e+perience Christ in their daily lives. Provide smaller& more intimate gatherings to foster deeper relationships with 'esus Christ and the e+panded Pender family. -ducate all people of all ages of the teachings of 'esus Christ and the *ible. $dentify and support opportunities for adults to (now and e+perience Christ in their daily lives. Provide a spiritual and physical environment that welcomes and allows the see(er as well as the brand new Christian to (now 'esus Christ. Serve God: Serve GO through worship& prayers& presence& gifts& and service to ourselves and others. -ducate the leadership on how to involve members and attendees. %a(e members and attendees aware of the needs of the church.s ministries. Call members and attendees to serve the !ord. /eward volunteers. %otivate a broader base of people to volunteer. Organi0e& develop& manage& and encourage volunteers. Share God: Proclaim the good news of 'esus Christ to others through our actions and words. $dentify and participate in metropolitan area opportunities to provide physical&
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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

manpower& financial& and spiritual resources. $nclude organi0ations supported by other Pender ministries& not just those supported by !ocal Outreach. 1hrough the Faith Promise %issions *udget and apportionments from the conference& Pender 2%C provides financial support for missionaries and organi0ations whose primary purpose is to spread the Gospel of 'esus Christ. Our support is not limited to gifts of money and material& but also includes faithful prayer support and encouragement. 3e develop personal interaction between missionaries and the church family through correspondence and personal visits. 3e encourage and support members of Pender 2%C serving in short4term mission opportunities. $nvite others 5now 'esus Christ& and to participate in services and ministry opportunities. Communicate Christ.s call with every person that attends and with the community as a whole.

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

What is Penders go ernance structure!

1he 2nited %ethodist Church 62%C7 is a connectional church. ,s part of the 2nited %ethodist Church& Pender 2%C is governed by 81he *oo( of iscipline of the 2nited %ethodist Church. 1he following paragraphs describe how Pender 2%C implements the governance re9uirements of 1he *oo( of iscipline. The Charge Conference is the e+ecutive body of the local church. 1he Charge Conference& the istrict Superintendent& and the Pastor organi0e and administer Pender in accordance with the *oo( of iscipline of the 2nited %ethodist Church. 1he Charge Conference is the connecting lin( between Pender and the :irginia Conference and has general oversight of the Church Council. 1he Charge Conference meets annually 6or more often if needed7 to review and evaluate the total mission and ministry of Pender& receive reports& and adopt objectives and goals that are in (eeping with the objectives of the 2nited %ethodist Church. 1he Charge Conference also elects the officers of the church. The Church Council is the policy and governing body of the local church. 1he authority and responsibilities of the Church Council can be found in 1he *oo( of iscipline of the 2nited %ethodist Church. Specifically& the Church Council sets policy for Pender 2nited %ethodist Church. ,ll standing committees and all ministry areas report to the Church Council. *roadly stated& the Church Council is charged with planning and implementing a program of nurture& outreach& witness& and provision of resources in the church and for the administration on the church;s organi0ational and temporal life. $n addition to conducting the business of the church& Church Council members carry the essence of the meeting bac( into the congregation so that others might understand the actions ta(en. /e9uired members: 1he discipline of the 2%C provides direction as to the minimum re9uired Church Council members. Pender implements this as follows: Church Council chairperson Church !ay !eader *oard of 1rustees Chairperson Staff Parish /elations Chairperson Finance Committee Chairperson

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

Church 1reasurer 2nited %ethodist 3omen 62%37 /epresentative 2nited %ethodist %en 62%%7 /epresentative 1urning Point )outh %inistry /epresentative )oung ,dult /epresentative !ay !eader of the ,nnual Conference

iscretionary members: $n (eeping with the goal of reinforcing Pender.s mission to 8%a(e disciples for 'esus Christ<& Pender has added si+ discretionary members to the Church Council structure as follows: Pender #ill School /epresentative 5now God Cluster !eader !ove God and Others Cluster !eader Grow in God Cluster !eader Serve God Cluster !eader Share God Cluster !eader

1he last five of these members are responsible for shepherding a major area of Pender.s core spiritual objectives. 1he list of Church Council members elected by the Charge Conference for the current year is posted on the Pender website.

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

&o' is Pender organi(ed!

1he following are the leadership positions& standing committees& and ministry clusters that comprise Pender 2%C. Figure = provides a graphical representation of Pender.s organi0ational structure. , detailed list of all ministry areas within Pender is contained in Pender.s 8, Servant.s Guide<& found at The Lay Leader is the primary representative of the laity at Pender 2%C. !ay !eader responsibilities include: meeting regularly with the pastors to discuss the needs of the church> assisting and advising the church council of ministry needs and opportunities in order to increase the effectiveness of Pender.s ministries> continually studying and participating in training opportunities to grow in understanding of the mission of Pender and the church as a whole> and ensuring that the laity of Pender is aware of training opportunities available to them. 1he !ay !eader position is mandated by the 2%C *oo( of iscipline. Pender has chosen to supplement the !ay !eader position with four ,ssociate !ay !eaders. 1he !ay !eader wor(s with the four associates to fulfill the responsibilities of the !ay !eader position. 1he !ay !eader ? ,ssociate !ay !eaders sit as members of the Committee on @ominations and !eadership evelopment& the Finance Committee& the Staff?Parrish /elations Committee& the *oard of 1rustees& and the Church Council. Staff/Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) functions as the human resources organi0ation of the church. $t serves as the interface between the pastoral and lay staffs and the congregation as well as presenting the local church to the ,rlington istrict for staffing and compensation matters. 1he SP/C is composed of si+ members appointed by Charge Conference& each with staggered A4year appointments. 1he !ay !eader& the lay representative to the annual conference and the Senior Pastor round out committee membership. One of the si+ members must represent the )oung ,dult population of the church. 1he SP/C meets monthly or more fre9uently as needed for specific activities. @ormal business for the committee consists of planning& budgeting& employee performance evaluation& and recruiting as necessary. $t also provides resources for employee training& travel& and related activities. Perhaps as important as what the SP/C does is what it doesn.t do. 1he SP/C does not supervise the church staff on a day4to4day basis> that is the responsibility of the Senior Pastor. $t does not run any of the church.s various programs& missions& or outreach> and it relies on the *oard of 1rustees for facility and e9uipage. 1he establishment of an SP/C is mandated by the 2%C *oo( of iscipline and meets monthly. The Finance Committee is responsible to the congregation for financial leadership and oversight by: providing planning and monitoring of financial stewardship& providing an
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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

annual funding program through a dynamic stewardship drive& developing and securing approval of annual operating budgets& communicating financial matters to the congregation& providing financial reports and substantiation to contributors. 1he establishment of a Finance committee is mandated by the 2%C *oo( of iscipline and meets monthly. 1he Stewardship committee reports to the Finance Committee and is responsible for the education of the congregation on stewardship matters and the planning and e+ecution of stewardship activities. The Board of Trustees manages the church and parsonage properties& vehicles& and Pender.s infrastructure. 1hey maintain and enhance real and 8personal< property owned by Pender. Safety and security& with respect to church property& is also their responsibility. 1he 1rustees consist of a board of eight plus the chair. 1hey meet monthly. 1he establishment of the 1rustees is mandated by the 2%C *oo( of iscipline and meets monthly. 1he Parsonage committee reports to the 1rustees and has specific responsibility for the parsonage. The Communications Committee provides guidance& training& and tools to the pastors& staff and laity for effective& cohesive messaging& mar(eting& branding& and other communications activities. The Hang Together Team (HTT) wor(s to support a cohesive and integrated vision& mission& and strategy for Pender through activities such as facilitating and monitoring church4wide initiatives& recommending processes to improve church4wide initiatives& and developing related communications. The Committee on ominations and Leadershi! "e#elo!ment wor(s to ensure that Pender.s many volunteer needs are met. 1he Committee on @ominations and !eadership evelopment is charged with matching the gifts and talents of Pender members to the volunteer positions necessary to run the church.s administrative and ministry activities. 1he Committee on @ominations and !eadership evelopment reports to the Senior Pastor and is mandated by the 2%C *oo( of iscipline. The Church Treasurer is responsible for the disbursement of all funds contributed to causes represented in Pender.s budget and for ma(ing regular and detailed reports of all funds received and e+pended. One or more Church 1reasurers are mandated by the 2%C *oo( of iscipline. The $nited %ethodist %en ($%%) are a group of Christian men with a heart for serving Pender& as well as the local and worldwide community. 1he 2%% conducts monthly dinner meetings& wee(ly *ible Studies& supports our Cub Scout Pac( and *oy Scout troop& our Pender /egift 1hrift Store& and many other community outreach as well as internal Pender activities. 1he 2%% reports to the church council through it.s own e+ecutive board.
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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

The $nited %ethodist &omen ($%&) are a group of Christian women with a heart for serving Pender& as well as the local and worldwide community. 1he 2%3 offers many opportunities for fellowship through its circles& *ible studies& retreats& teas& and brunches. 1he 2%3 also supports many community outreach and Pender internal activities. 1he 2%3 reports to the church council through it.s own e+ecutive board. Turning Point 'outh %inistry provides an opportunity for 'unior and Senior #igh youth to meet wee(ly to share and support each other& engaging in fun spiritual retreats& s(i trips& meaningful worship& short4term mission trips& and service activities. The Lay %em(er of the )nnual Conference serves as the interpreter of the actions of the annual conference of the 2%C to Pender. 1his position is mandated by the 2%C *oo( of iscipline. Pender Regift Thrift Store (PRTS) is an outreach ministry of Pender. 1he P/1S mission is the distribution of material goods to the poor& locally& nationally& and internationally. P/1S wor(s with for4profit& nonprofit& and government partners to ma+imi0e its potential. P/1S is located at BBBCC *roo(field Corp r. Chantilly& :,. 1he P/1S reports through the P/1S -+ecutive *oard to the 2%% and then to the church council. Pender Hill School (PHS) is an outreach ministry of Pender that provides %other.s ay out and Pre4school classes for the community. 1he goal of P#S is to stimulate each child.s growth spiritually& emotionally& socially& cognitively& and physically in an atmosphere reflective of Pender.s Christian values. 1he P#S reports to the church council through its own e+ecutive board. The Share *od Cluster is a cluster of ministries that share a common purpose of proclaiming the good news of 'esus Christ to others through actions and words. See Pender.s 8, Servant.s Guide<& found at for details of the ministries included in this cluster. The *ro+ in *od Cluster is a cluster of ministries that share a common purpose of assisting all people in e+periencing GO and e+panding their personal relationships with 'esus Christ through the #oly Spirit. See Pender.s 8, Servant.s Guide<& found at for details of the ministries included in this cluster. The Lo#e *od Cluster is a cluster of ministries that share a common purpose of encouraging Pender members based on the command 8!ove the !ord )our God with all your heart& your mind& your soul& and spirit. !ove others as yourself<. See Pender.s 8,

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

Servant.s Guide<& found at page_id=102614 for details of the ministries included in this cluster. The ,no+ *od Cluster is a cluster of ministries that share a common purpose of fostering understanding of God as !ord " Savior and supporting personal intimate relationships with #im. See Pender.s 8, Servant.s Guide<& found at for details of the ministries included in this cluster. The Ser#e *od Cluster is a cluster of ministries that share a common purpose of motivating and assisting Pender members to serve GO through worship& prayers& presence& gifts& and service to themselves and others. See Pender.s 8, Servant.s Guide<& found at page_id=102614 for details of the ministries included in this cluster.

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Sr1 Pastor


Parson age Ste'a rdship

Church 4reasu rer

4ruste es 8inanc e

/ssoc iate Pasto La2 r 9omina tions : Leader ship 0e elo pment Commi ttee

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Church Council

P34S : P34S ;oard -MM -M78 La2 Leader to /nnual Con.1 6no' 5od Lo e 5od 5ro' in 5od Share 5od Ser e 5od

Co mm unic atio ns Sec reta r2

Pender -MC Charge Con.erence -MC /rlington 0istrict Superintendent

Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

Fi ure !: Pender"s Or ani#ational Structure

&ang 4ogeth er 4eam

/ssoci ate La2 Leade /ssoc r iate La2 /ssoc Lead iate er La2 Lead /ssoc er iate La2 Lead er
P&S P&S ;oard

La2 Leader

Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

What is the role o. a committee chair or cluster leader!

, Committee Chair or Cluster !eader is responsible for achieving the overarching responsibilities and mission of the respective committee or ministry cluster. Specific activities may be delegated as necessary. 1he responsibilities include& but are not limited to the following: Forging and implementing a strategy to achieve the mission that fits within the overall Pender 2%C mission and strategy. Facilitating communication within the committee or cluster Facilitating communication between Pender 2%C members& committees& and clusters with respect to the activities and needs of the committee or cluster -nsuring that the committee or cluster is ade9uately resourced from a s(ills and volunteer perspective. Overseeing the responsible e+ecution of e+penditures per the approved budget for the committee or cluster. Overseeing the preparation of an estimated budget for the upcoming year for the activities of the committee or cluster /eporting activities and needs to the Church Council -nsuring that Church Council decisions and guidance is communicated to the committee or cluster members.

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

&o' do 'e make decisions!

Prayer and Consensus %odel: 1he Church Council ma(es decisions using a prayer and consensus model based on the recommendations of author @. Graham Standish. ,ll decisions are preceded by a short time of reflective prayer when each council member is as(ed to re9uest guidance from the #oly Spirit with respect to the decision at hand. ,pproval re9uires either unanimity or unity of all council members as defined below: Unanimity: 2nanimous belief that an affirmative decision is God.s will Unity: 1he person or persons dissenting is?are comfortable with the discernment of the group 1he first month an issue comes before council that does not have unanimity& there will be a delay for a month of prayer. 1he second month& if there is still no unanimity& the council will try for unity. $f no unity is achieved& there will be another month.s delay for prayer. 1he third month& if neither unanimity nor unity can be achieved on the issue& the council has the option of using a majority vote. #owever& this should only be used after much prayer and soul searching. 1he Church Council strongly recommends that all other clusters or committees adopt the prayer and consensus model. Per the 2%C *oo( of iscipline& any number of members present and voting at any duly announced meeting constitutes a 9uorum for the vote. &hat must (e decided (y the Church Conference- Per the 2%C *oo( of iscipline& certain decisions must by made by the Church Conference. 1his list of decisions is not the entire list of responsibilities of the Church Conference& but rather of list of decisions that cannot be finali0ed by the Church Council or any other organi0ations of Pender. D. Compensation of the Pastor and any other staff appointed by the 2%C Conference *ishop. =. -lection of the following leadership positions a. Chairperson of church council b. Committee on !ay !eadership c. SP/C members and chairperson d. Finance committee members and chairperson e. !ay member of the annual conference f. !ay leader6s7 g. Church conference recording secretary &hat is decided at the Church Council le#el E 1he Church Council is responsible for approving any changes to the church wide budget and any policy changes. Committee

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

chairs and cluster leads are encouraged to bring any decisions or discussion items that need input from areas outside of their cluster or committee to the Church Council. &hat can (e decided (y the committees and clusters- 1he committees and clusters may ma(e decisions that are in (eeping with their area of ministry or support& and that are within the allocated budget and resources of the committee or cluster

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

&o' do 'e determine our budget!

Planning: 1he budget should represent the funding re9uired to e+ecute the mission of the cluster or committee. $deally& the first step in planning the budget is identifying the activities designed to fulfill the mission. 1hen the costs associated with those activities are estimated& which results in the first draft of the budget. Since available funds are not unlimited& allocation of available funds may be needed and would be based on prioriti0ation of activities. %uch of this thought process occurs simultaneously F that is& as the activity is being planned& the associated cost is considered in determining specific aspects of the plan. 1he 8so that< concept specifically applies to both the identification of activities designed to further our mission and the allocation of funding to e+ecute the activities. Guidance of the #oly Spirit is central to the formulation of goals& planning the specific activities and the associated funding. Clearly& application to each cluster and committee will differ because the activities of each differ considerably. Following is an e+ample of a fairly simple budget which contains many of the planning elements that will be encountered in the budget planning of other clusters and committees. $n the Finance Committee& activities re9uiring funding in order to meet the iscipline re9uirements are the audit and the stewardship campaign. ,dditionally& the e+penses for maintaining ban( accounts and electronic giving have been identified as the responsibility of the Finance Committee. Other responsibilities assigned to this committee do not re9uire funding. 1o determine the budget needed for the audit& the committee first determines the scope of the audit re9uirements& then wor(s with the auditor to obtain a fee 9uote acceptable to the committee& which is then the amount included in the budget. For the ban( and electronic giving charges& historical information on these fees forms the basis for projecting the e+pense for the coming year. For the stewardship campaign& after developing the stewardship plan& the costs to e+ecute the plan are calculated utili0ing historical e+penses as well as changes to fit the current plan. )dditional *uidelines: $n addition to the above comments on the planning process& some points to consider are: Proposed budget wor(sheets need to identify how proposed e+penditures coordinate with proposed ministry activities. Specific identification is very helpful in communicating both the need for the funding and& later when the funds are disbursed& in matching the actual e+penditure with the budget item.

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

For cross ministry initiatives& cluster leaders need to coordinate with one another to ensure that all aspects of the needed funding are included in a clearly identifiable manner. 1he G4A4D planning tool includes a section to note funding considerations. 3hen historical data is relevant& it should be considered as part of the e+planation in budget planning. 3hen a budgeted event includes a revenue component& for e+ample& :*S& the budget wor(sheet needs to include separately both the revenue and e+pense components. 1he estimate of tithes and offerings is compiled by the Finance Committee and Pender staff.

Budget Cycle and Schedule: Pender 2%C.s fiscal year runs from 'an. D through ec. AD. 1he Church Conference is generally held in late @ovember to ma(e the decisions necessary for the following year. $n order to have the approved budget for the following year available for distribution at the Church Conference& the Church Council must ma(e a decision for the following year.s budget at the October meeting of the current year. 1he Finance Committee is responsible for collecting budget re9uests and ma(ing a recommendation to the Church Council for an estimated budget. , rough schedule is shown in the following bullets. ,ugust Church Council meeting: *udget process and guidelines are e+plained %id ,ugust: *udget wor(sheets are provided electronically to committee chairs and cluster leads. -arly September: *udget wor(sheets are due to the Finance chairperson September Finance Committee meeting: 1he budget is reviewed in preparation for the September Council meeting September Council meeting: 1he budget recommendations are presented. $f there are no issues& the budget may be approved. $f there are issues& actions are assigned for completion prior to the October Finance meeting. October Finance meeting: Final budget submissions are reviewed and a recommended budget is put together. October Council meeting: Final budget is approved for distribution and communication to the church at the Church Conference. 'anuary D: -+ecution against the budget begins Budget Su(mission *uidelines: /e9uests for funding should be prayerfully composed with guidance from the #oly Spirit. /e9uests should be based on anticipated activities for the upcoming year. $f possible& historical data should be used to bac( up estimated e+penses.
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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

*udget re9uests should be bro(en down to activity levels. For cross ministry initiatives& cluster leaders should coordinate where the funding is placed in the budget. $ncome estimates are put together by Pender staff and the Finance Committee.

)rtifacts and P.Cs: *udget preparation pac(age. ,n e+cel wor(boo( containing the template for compilation of the new year.s budget in addition to information on the current year budget and current year actual e+penditures through 'une will be provided to each cluster lead and committee chair in ,ugust. $f additional information on any aspect of this is needed& for current year e+penditure detail contact ebbie %c5amey and for budgeting 9uestions contact *ec(y *ryan.

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

&o' do 'e spend our mone2!

Cluster Lead/Committee Chair role: Cluster leads and committee chairs have the responsibility to approve e+penditures from their budget. 1his approval authority may be delegated. 1here is a chart which identifies who is authori0ed to approve e+penditures for each budget account number. 1he chart is updated as needed by the Office %anager& ebbie %c5amey. Finding a co!y of your (udget:: *oth the Office %anager& ebbie %c5amey& and the Chair of the Finance Committee& *ec(y *ryan have the final budget file and will provide a copy upon re9uest. Trac/ing e0!enditures #s1 (udget: 1he financial reports that are provided regularly at the church council meeting show the total spent by each cluster and committee compared to the budget. 1hroughout the year& upon re9uest& the church 1reasurer will provide to any Cluster !ead?Committee Chair the details of e+penditures from their budget. 3e encourage routine review of the detail reports since it adds to the integrity of the reporting process to ma(e sure that all e+penses are properly categori0ed. &hat artifacts are re2uired for e0!enditures-: ocumentation of e+penditures can ta(e several forms depending on the nature of the e+penditure. /egardless of the form of documentation& two elements are re9uired: notation of the account to be charged 6reference budget numbers7 and appropriate approval. $nvoice to be paid directly by the church: 1he original invoice with the budget account number and appropriate approval go to the church office for processing. /eimbursement to the individual ma(ing the purchase: 1he individual submits a completed e+pense form accompanied by the receipt for the purchase. @ote the form contains detailed instructions. Credit card purchases& Pender credit card: 1he individual submits a completed e+pense form which details all the charges along with the appropriate account number for the e+pense.

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

;asic 4enets .or Planning and <=ecuting our Ministries

Holy S!irit Led: Continued prayer is the single most important part of determining both which ministries Pender should e+ecute and how Pender should e+ecute those ministries. 3m!hasis on Lo#e *od/Lo#e eigh(or: *ased on 'esus. instructions for the greatest commandment& Pender is focusing on showing our neighbors love so that they might see 'esus in our ministries. 3m!hasis on .utreach and 4nreach: 3e need to meet people where they are in their spiritual wal(. 1his means that some of our ministries must be focused outward from the church to reach those people who need 'esus. love& but are unwilling to come into a church building. Other ministries should be focused on shepherding Pender.s members and attendees. 3e tend to innately move toward inwardly focused ministries. 1herefore& Pender leadership is emphasi0ing reaching outside of our walls& while continuing those necessary shepherding ministries. Cross %inistry 3m!hasis: ,ll Pender ministry participants and leaders are strongly encouraged to loo( for ways to use ministry resources from across the church. *y using the gifts and talents of all of our Pender members and attendees& we can enhance our ministry activities and ma(e them more effective. 5So That6: %inistry activities are more effective when the objective?desired outcome of the ministry is clearly understood and articulated. -+pressing a ministry.s objective in a simple sentence or set of sentences using 8so that< is a tool that will facilitate ensuring that the objectives are clearly understood& clearly articulated& and are in line with Christ.s mission for Pender. ,n e+ample process is shown below. ,s( 9uestions to assist in understanding and articulating objectives: o For whose benefit is this program ? opportunity intendedE Primarily believersE Primarily see(ersE OtherE o 3hat is the primary intended impact6s7 of this opportunityE Spiritual growth of Pender disciplesE *uilding relationships with see(ersE %eeting physical needs of the poorE Fun and fellowship with believersE OtherE 3rite the objective of the ministry activity in a 8so that< statement. o 2se a simple statement: 83e will do HHH so that HHH will happen.<

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

o 1his helps us to focus on the ends& not just the means. Scripture references: -+odus =I:J& %atthew I:DG& /omans D=:=& D 'ohn B:K& 'ohn A:DG. o 8So thatL< changes everything. $t helps establish the reason?purpose of why we do anything. 3e will have a flea mar(et twice a year so thatL 3e will hold a %issions conference each year so thatL 3e will have a choir so that L 3e will start a new worship service so thatL 3e will have ushers so that L ,s( the 9uestion whether and how the 8so that< contributes to our ultimate objective 81o ma(e disciples of 'esus Christ<. o John 3:16 God so loved the world that He gave His only that everyone who believes in Him may not perish b t may have eternal li!e." etermine how we will (now if the ministry has succeeded in it.s objectives.

57898: Planning a!!roach for ministry acti#ities6: ,s good stewards of God.s riches& it is our responsibility to ma(e the most efficient use of our resources. ,t times& the #oly Spirit will lead us to 9uic(ly and spontaneously e+ecute ministry activities. #owever& in general& planning ahead leads to more effective ministry with more efficient use of our resources. 3e have adopted a G4A4D planning approach for Pender.s ministry activities. , Project Planning form is attached for use as a tool in planning ministry activities. 3e review G4A4D planning status and issues at each Church Council meeting. Our G4A4D planning approach is e+plained in the following bullets: Si$ %onths ahead: $dentify cross ministry participation needed &hree %onths ahead: #ave a defined plan One %onth ahead: *egin e+ecuting and handling any unanticipated issues. 1h '$a%ple: 'uly :acation *ible School 6:*S7 o %onth G44$n 'anuary& Children.s %inistry reminds leaders about the event and identifies what other ministries and cluster assistance is needed. 1he other ministries?clusters identify a point of contact. o %onth A44$n ,pril& a comprehensive plan for :*S is defined and (ey plan highlights are shared at Council as needed. Communication to the congregation can begin in %ay. o %onth D44$n 'une& any last minute issues are raised for resolution. Council can be a forum for issues resolution as needed. ()hat"s *e$t+, , plan for an event should include follow up activities. ,s( 8what.s ne+t< for every event. 3hat activities or actions follow naturallyE #ow can we build a longer4term relationship with othersE o -+ample: ,fter the K?DD event& in @ovember reach out to the first responder organi0ations who participated 6Fair Oa(s Fire Station7 and ta(e a 1han(sgiving %eal. $n ecember& ma(e a personal invitation to worship events& while ta(ing coo(ies.

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

Communications: 1elling the story of our ministry activities is very important to encourage general participation as well as volunteer participation in the ministry activities. Communication is needed before& during& and after a ministry event. ,dvertise the event and the volunteer needs for the event prior to the activity. ,fter the event is held& share the results before the ne+t event is scheduled to happen to encourage others to join in. %ultiple venues are available for communication& some of which are listed below. POC information for the Pender webmaster& the chair of the Communications committee& and the office staff are included in attachment MM 1his 3ee( at Pender& our e4mail to the congregation 6contact church office7 Pender website: Contact Pender webmaster Pender Faceboo( site& twitter feed& and blogs: contact Pender webmaster Sunday morning announcements: contact pastors
a> Church Calendar b> ;uilding -se c> /rti.acts? Planning 8orm@ ;uilding -se 8orm@ Calendar reAuest .orm Bhttp?CC'''1penderumc1orgC.orms>

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Pender Leadership Orientation Packet

Penders Policies
, list of Pender.s approved policies& along with the policies& can be found at

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