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Oliver Twist script

Narrator: NAR O: Oliver Orphans: Nancy: N/Tom L Bill Sykes: BS Fagin (Michael ackson!: M Fagin"s #oys Mr B$m#le%%% Mr& T ('ho appears every'here!: T Mr& Bro'nlo': MB Art($l )o*ger: A) +,tras Bookseller: B -ook: .olice / , 0

T: 1 pity the (ool2 Other Boys , 3

The Scene: A long ta#le 'ith #oys stan*ing aro$n*4 they are *ra'ing stra's as the narrator talks&

Narrator: 5o$ng Oliver4 a(ter 'atching his parents *ie a(ter #eing gore* #y a 'il* elephant4 one on each t$sk4 is sent to the Orphanage 'here he is taken in #y the #oys there&

Boy 6: Shame4 Oliver *re' the short stra'& (7ith pompo$s accent!& Other boys all cheer and mock Oliver. Oliver bows his head, then slowly walks up to the fat cook. Oliver: .lease sir4 can 1 have some more& Cook looks stunned, chins roll, and flap around.Chases Oliver around the room. Circussy theme music plays. Mr Bumble comes out from side as song ends and drags Oliver away. NAR: 8e r$ns a'ay (rom the 'orkho$se an* 'alks 9 *ays to Lon*on& 8e slept in a hay#ail an* in Mr T"s 8o$se4 (T: 1 pity the (ool2!4 on the 'ay& Finally he arrives at the city o( Lon*on& Meets the )o*ger& The pink panther music plays A): 7ot choo *oin *o'n *air% My genero$s $ncle Fagin (co$gh: Michael ackson!"s got some goo* 'ee* (or ya& 1t"ll *o ya some goo* to have a smoke& Nar: An* so he 'as taken in #y Fagin (co$gh: Michael ackson! an* 'ent to live 'ith him an* his #oys in their ahh4 lovely (sarcastic co$gh! ho$se& Bill Sykes, dog and Nancy enter lovely house.

M : Bill4 it"s goo* ta see ya& Oliver4 this is Bill Sykes& 8e"s a goo* (rien* o( mine& 5o$ pay him some respect an* he might not let the *og on ya& Bill: )on"t (orget me lovely escort4 Nancy& Nancy enters. pose. Sits down ne!t to Oliver and puts arm around him. N: 8ey #oys& :::S-+N+ +N)S::: New scene. "agin is standing by a #mirror$% and oliver is with him. O :So sir4 'hen can 'e start ro##ing those #ig 'igs% M : Mo$ahahahahahahaha222 1 71LLL B+ rich!!!!!!!! [SONG] O: 1 sai* 'hen can 'e start pickin" pockets% M : 'ell no'; MO<A8A8A8A8A8A8A822 1 71LL B+ RIC !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh sorry; NAR: An* so a(ter a 'hile Oliver 'as (inally allo'e* to go o$t an* pick pocket han*kerchie(s (or Fagin (-o$gh: Michael ackson!& (M : MO<A8A8A8A8A8A8A822 1 71LL B+ RIC !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh sorry;! B$t alas he 'as ca$ght in the act2&&& BS: Oy22 #&eard but not seen% Chased by the 'raps. (ot punched and knocked out by Mr ' T: 1 pity the (ool& olf whistling. Oliver stares& (Sexy music) Nancy strikes a

'aken to )udge. *udge says you are guilty. Brownlow speaks. *udge says you are not guilty. "ound not guilty by )udge. Mr Brownlow decides to take O in. B: Okay4 1"ll call a ca#& MB: )on"t 'orry4 1"ve got ; T8+ BRO7NLO7MOB1L+& A'ay2222222 #Strikes Batman pose.%(!atman music)

AT MR Bro'nlo'"s 8O<S+ #Mr. Brownlow is sitting in a chair, with slippers a smoking suit and a bubble pipe. +t,s a nice looking house%

NAR: Mr Bro'nlo'4 #eing the kin* man that he 'as4 took Oliver into his heart an* his home& The peace4 ho'ever4 co$l* not last; Oliver enters

O: 8ello sir& MB: 8ello me #oy4 please call me Sir&

O: 7ho"s sir% MB: Me4 (ool2 O: This is a nice place sir MB: Thank yo$

O=+R =O1-+: -wkward moment& MB: Oliver me #oy4 ho' 'o$l* yo$ like to take these #ooks *o'n to the #ook shop% #&ands him books% MB: an* also this > po$n* note #&ands him note% MB: Make haste my #oy22

Brownlow goes to window. MB: R$n Oliver4 r$n2 Oliver is walking through town (Suspense music), looking for the bookshop, when Bill and dog, sneak up behind him ("usic climax) and stick a pad of chloroform over his mouth, then drag him off stage. "usic #ies #$%n.

:::S-+N+ +N)S:::

NAR: Nancy4 (earing (or the sa(ety o( her (rien* Oliver4 *eci*es to nark on Fagin (co$gh: Michael ackson&! She arranges to meet 'ith him on Lon*on #ri*ge at mi*night / ho' typical&

Night at .ondon Bridge, Nancy confesses to Mr Brownlow N& -ome *o'n here4 1 may have #een (ollo'e*& MB: O?& N& F$rther MB& No4 here is (ar eno$gh

/odger sneaks onto stage, nervous. N: 1 have in(ormation a#o$t the #oy4 Oliver T'ist& MB: 7here is he% 1s he O? N 7ith Fagin (co$gh: Michel ackson! @et police to rai* his hi*eo$t tonight& MB: -an yo$ take me there% N: 1"ll not say any more as 1"ve sai* to m$ch alrea*y& /odger runs off, terrified. Nancy e!its, Mr Brownlow on stage alone. Curtain /own.

:::S-+N+ +N)S:::

Curtain up. "agan and Bill on stage, huddled together. /odger runs onto stage, nervous. A): Fagan4 1 nee* to talk to yo$ alone& M & 5o$ can talk in (ront o( Bill& A): No4 1 can"t BS: 7hat"s this all a#o$t% M : 8e *i* a #it o( 'ork (or me& 1 ha* him *o*ge Nancy& 7hat *i* yo$ (in*

o$t% A)& 1 (ollo'e* her to Lon*on Bri*ge she met a ol* rich (ool& T: 1 pity the (ool& A)A 8e"s on his 'ay to the traps right no'2 B1LL:S8+ 71LL .A5 T8+ -ON=+RSAT1ONS4 1 mean the contemplations 1 mean the ; oh never min*& S8+ 71LL .A52

Bill runs down stairs. M : )ON"T B+ TOOO =1OL+NT B1111LLLLL22222 An* remem#er (or ne,t time4 it"s the conseB$ences&

Curtain down.

:::S-+N+ +N)S:::

-t Bill,s house, Nancy in bed, on stage alone. Curtain up. Bill enters. N& 7hat% BS: 7hy% N: 7hat are yo$ talking a#o$t% BS: 5o$ 'as (ollo'e* last night& 1 kno's every(ink& N: B$t 1 never mentione* yo$4 Bill& 1 'o$l*n"t *o that& The only person the traps is a(ter is Fagin (co$gh: Michael ackson!& 8e"s the one in tro$#le& BS: 1 *on"t #elieve yo$& Bill,s anger rises and he raises his stick. N: 1 s'ear Bill4 1 never2 BS: 5o$ 'ill s$((er the&&& the; the; conseB$ences22222222 5es22 1 got it right this time222 No' )1+222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

Bill beats Nancy off stage with his stick. Screaming heard, then silence. Curtain /own. Scene change.

:::S-+N+ +N)FS::: NAR: So at the moment4 things look (airly #leak& .oor Nancy has (allen victim to the rash actions o( ol* Bill Sykes& B$t *o not *espair (or let $s not (orget that Mr Bro'nlo' is right at the present time seeing the traps;

Curtain up. "agan,s Crew are hastily packing bags to get ready to go. Oliver sleeping on side of stage. M : 8$rry $p2 FL++2 FL++222 FL++++++++222 One by one "agan,s Crew run off stage carrying rucksacks0backpacks. "agan gets )ewels whilst murmuring to himself. 'hen he goes as well. 1ushes back in almost immediately. 2icks up sleeping Oliver by scruff if neck and drags Oliver off stage. NAR: Realising that the police are onto him4 Bill Sykes gra#s Oliver an* e,its thro$gh the 'in*o'& Bill stands on window sill and holds Oliver in front of him. Bill: 1( yo$ 'ant to get to me4 yo$ 'ill have to go thro$gh the #oy (irst22 2olice hold their fire. Bill, being careful to keep Oliver in front of him, disappears over the rooftop. Bro'nlo': A(ter him2 'raps chase Sykes through the city. 'hey arrive at the river. Sykes is up high. Oliver swings across the gap on a rope. 2olice shoot at Sykes. Sykes wraps a rope around him and swings across. Misses footing and ends up hanging. .olice: Shoot him22

2olice put 34 bullets in Bill Sykes, dead body and shoot 3 innocent bystanders for good measure including 2ushpaka and Cameron. Brownlow stands ne!t to Oliver. MB: 1tCs over no'& O: 5es& O=+R =O1-+: - 5 -1/ MOM6N'.

T: 1 .1T5 T8+ FOOL2222222222 T8+ +N)