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TEST 1 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. My dear Dorian, it is quite true. I 1) a ana!ysin" #ana!

yse) $o en at %resent, so I kno$. The sub&ect is not so intricate as I ') thou"ht.. #think) it $as. I () have )ound. #)ind) that, u!ti ate!y there *) are.. #be) on!y t$o kinds o) $o en, the %!ain and the co!oured. +nd no$ you ,) are te!!in" #te!!) e about a $o an $ho is a "enius. -o$ !on" have you .) kno$n. #kno$) her/0 I 1) a te!!in". #te!!) you, -arry. +)ter a!!, it 2) $ou!d have never ha%%ened #never3ha%%en) i) I 2) haven4t et .. #not eet) you. 5ne evenin", about seven o6c!ock I 7) re e bered.. #re e ber) $hat you 18) had said.. #say) to e on that $onder)u! evenin" $hen $e 11) dined.. #dine) to"ether. I 1') didn9t kno$ #not kno$) $hat I 1() $as e:%ectin" #e:%ect) but I 1*) $ent out.. #"o out) and, $hi!e I 1,) $as %assin". #%ass) by those hideous !itt!e theaters I 1.) sa$ #see) a !itt!e ;e$ $ho 11) $as !ookin". #!ook) at e as i) he 12) had been standin". #stand) there )or ever 17) s okin".. #s oke) a vi!e ci"ar. <ou '8) $i!! !au"h #!au"h) at e, -arry, but I '1) %aid. #%ay) )or the ticket and '') entered.. #enter). I '() $i!! not !au"h #not !au"h), Dorian, at !east I '*) . #not !au"h) at you. <ou a!$ays ',) have !au"hed #!ove) and a!$ays '.) . #be) in !ove $ith !ove, even i) there are any thin"s you '1) . #thro$) a$ay i) you '2) #not be) a)raid that others i"ht %ick the u%. '. =i!! in a oda! or a synony ous e:%ression and the a%%ro%riate )or o) the verb in brackets. 1) There6s no re%!y $hen I rin" hi . -e ust have !e)t. #!eave) the o))ice. ') Don6t "ive u% so easi!y. <ou cou!d do. #do) it i) you tried a !itt!e harder. () That6s no e:cuse> <ou kno$ you shou!d have )inished #)inish) this re%ort by today. *) -e ay have entioned # ention) his %!ans on the %hone !ast ni"ht but I rea!!y can6t re e ber. ,) Since she crashed the car, she has to $a!k.. #$a!k) to $ork every day. .) I) you )ind so ethin" va!uab!e, you shou!d take.. #take) it to the nearest %o!ice station. 1) Passen"ers ustn4t $a!k . #not $a!k) across the !ines. They shou!d use the )ootbrid"e. 2) <ou shou!d have kno$n.. #kno$) better than to te!! her a!! your secrets. 7) <ou ust destroy #destroy) the !etter as soon as you receive it. 18) <ou ay enter #enter) the bui!din" i) you have a s%ecia! %ass. (. =i!! in the b!anks $ith the correct )or o) the in)initive or the I?@ )or . Mind the tenses. 1) +nn $ou!d !ove to be !yin".. #!ie) on the beach no$, instead o) ty%in" re%orts. ') -e is not !ike!y to return #return) be)ore )ive. () Man is said to have invented. #invent) the $hee! ten thousand years a"o. *) <ou ust have been starvin". #starve) to have eaten such a bi" dinner !ast ni"ht. ,) They ho%e to ake. # ake) a !ot o) oney in their ne$ business. .) She6s too tired to concentrate #concentrate) on her $ork today. 1) <ou shou!d have seen.. #see) his )ace $hen she to!d hi the ne$s. 2) There6s no %oint in "ettin".. #"et) there ear!y, because the "ates don6t o%en ti!! 18 a . 7) ;i doesn6t have enou"h %atience to be. #be) a teacher. 18) I a"ine !ivin" #!ive) in a bi" house !ike that> *. Put into the %assive. 1) -is "rand)ather !e)t hi about A18 888. . ') The hoo!i"ans set u%on the o!d an and beat hi u%. () I "ave hi a cheque )or the a ount required. . *) She doesn6t !ike it i) %eo%!e criticiBe her. ,) So eone "ave e this %en )or Christ as. .) I hate it $hen %eo%!e ake )un o) e. . 1) Everyone $as !istenin" to the ne$s bu!!etin $ith avid interest. . 2) The a"istrate !et hi o)) $ith a severe re%ri and. . 7) I do not think the %o!ice are doin" anythin" about it. 18) So e %eo%!e ob&ect i) others ake the $ork hard. .. ,. Drite the sentences in re%orted s%eech usin" the ost suitab!e re%ortin" verb. 1) @et out o) the roo no$>0 .. ') I6!! brin" y ho e$ork to orro$.0 () Dou!d you !ike to "o out $ith us/0 *) Don6t cross the road $ithout !ookin" both $ays.0 ,) @ive e the oney>0 .) I6ve crossed the +t!antic sin"!eEhanded.0

1) I6 sorry I6ve s%oi!t the sur%rise %arty.0 2) Sure, I6d be "!ad to !end a hand.0 .. 7) I6!! never !et you do$n a"ain.0 .. 18) <ou a!$ays !eave the bathroo in a ess.0 .. .. =inish each o) the sentences in such a $ay that it eans e:act!y the sa e as the one %rinted be)ore it. 1) It6s y o%inion that you shou!d take ore e:ercise. I) I ') Dithout his $i)e6s constant su%%ort he $ou!d never have achieved his a bition. I) he .. () Fut )or his %resence o) ind there i"ht have been a serious accident. I) it . *) Considerin" a!! the %rob!e s, it6s a irac!e $e succeeded. I) one ,) <ou $on6t "et a !oan $ithout bein" ab!e to o))er so e security. <ou .. un!ess . 1. =i!! in there or it. 1) is very co!d today9 has been sno$in" a!! ni"ht. ') .6s a %o!ice an at the door9 . see s that the nei"hbour has co %!ained about the noise. () is a sha e you $eren6t ab!e to co e to the %arty. $ere !ots o) %eo%!e there. *) is y %rivi!e"e to introduce our distin"uished "uest s%eaker. ,) 6s nothin" uch on TG toni"ht H 6s a %ity $e don6t have a video recorder. 2. Insert the correct artic!e, i) necessary, in the b!ank s%aces. 1. . $ea!th does not a!$ays brin" ha%%iness. '. $eather is very %ecu!iar this year. (. Iussia o) the CBars $as very di))erent )ro . Iussia o) today. *. . !on"er you stay in .. En"!and . better you shou!d understand enta!ity o) %eo%!e. ,. banks o) Seine in ..Paris are better !aid out than those o) .. Tha es in Jondon. .. She $orks as usherette in .. cine a. 1. That curtainin" ateria! cost A, yard. 2. Do you e:%ect e to "o a!! .. $ay back to . schoo! to !ook )or .. hair%in you i"ht have dro%%ed there. 7. -e %!ays .. vio!in $ith .. enthusias but $ithout . technica! ski!!s to beco e )a ous. 18. .. ;un")rau is not ha!) as hi"h as .. Everest, but is near!y .. )our ti es as hi"h as Sno$don. +)ter .. -i a!ayas, I think . +ndes are . -i"hest chain o) . ountains in .. $or!d.

. Trans!ate into Io anian.

5n!y @atsby, the an $ho "ives his na e to this book, $as e:e %t )ro y reaction H @atsby, $ho re%resented everythin" )or $hich I have an una))ected scorn. I) %ersona!ity is an unbroken series o) success)u! "estures, then there $as so ethin" "or"eous about hi , so e hi"htened sensitivity to the %ro ises o) !i)e, as i) he $ere re!ated to one o) those intricate achines that re"ister earthquakes ten thousand i!es a$ay. -e s i!ed understandin"!y H uch ore than understandin"!y. It $as one o) those rare s i!es $ith a qua!ity o) eterna! reassurance in it, that you ay co e across )our or )ive ti es in !i)e. It )aced H or see ed to )ace H the $ho!e eterna! $or!d )or an instant, and then concentrated on you $ith an irresistib!e %re&udice in your )avour.


. Trans!ate into En"!ish.

?u ai trebuie sa s%une ca sosirea iubitu!ui Costica "oneste orice "and de %!ecare acasa, si ca i ediat se co anda %atru ha!be, du%a care ince%e o ancheta in re"u!a asu%ra activitatii !ui Costica in toata vre ea inde!un"ata de o%t ani, de cand !i%seste din Ca%ita!a. Din aceasta ancheta reBu!ta deoca data ca si %aticu! a ic, du%a ce a renuntat acu o%t ani a ai sustine !icenta in dre%t, sEa hotarat a i bratisa cariera de cu!tivator de %a ant, si sEa dus sa e:%!oateBe o osie de unte in tovarasie cu un unchi a! !ui9 in tot ti %u! de o%t ani, nEa ai venit !a Fucuresti decat de doua Htrei ori, cand, desi a stat aici cate o sa%ta ana, nu a avut %!acerea sa inta!neasca %e vechii !ui %rieteni, )iindca sEa incurcat cu a!tii>0 si ca acu a e )oarte u!tu it ca iEa %utut in s)arsit revedea.