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1. Describe the Ken Vaughn as an employee of Tide Water Corporation. What were his
strengths and weaknesses?
Ken Vaughn is a designer at Tidewater Corporation, a manufacturer of luxury power boats. He
is a very talented and smart person. Ken Vaughn most valuable employee, he was one of the
best and the brightestand everyone recognized his value to the company .bob the CEO of the
company had personally recruited him to the head of their design department. Vaughn is
critical to the company's future growth and profitability. Tough, aggressive, smart, that was ken
he had a unique ability to handle complex design problems and create innovative solutions. Ken
is most favorite employee of bob. They are not just colleagues, good friends also.
Tidewater Corporation has been experience some changes recently. Ken, a talented member of
the company, is burning out because he is not getting the recognition, social support and
resources he expects and he start to become most destructive employee. He also may be
experiencing some personal problems and he is becoming more and more uncooperative with
his colleagues and other departments. Last time he refused to discuss his latest project with
anyone. He had a temper and before some days when all the employees gone to picnic that
time a ken drunk more and insulted the several people from other department. His actively
expressed feeling of dislike toward Tidewater's recent reorganization is causing disruptions all
over the company, and Vaughn has become increasingly violent. He thrown chair at his
CAD/CAM monitor, overturned his desk, and swept everything off his office bookshelves. He
is becoming moody loosing the grip from his emotions and acting like whatever comes in his
mind, without caring anything. Because of the reorganization the work load is becoming more
and he is badly affected by stress of work load that affected his emotions and moods. Ken’s
behavior at work is worsened. He had missed a number of important meetings. He had fallen
way behind schedule on his new design.

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Strengths of the Ken Vaughn are:

• He is tough, aggressive, and smart while doing his work.

• He had unique ability to handle the complex design problems and create the innovative
solutions. So he became the favorite of the CEO of the company also.
• Ken is giving verbal support and doing everything in his power to scuttle it.
• He’s been especially hard to deal with ever since we decided to fold his design division
into product development.
• Nobody can design like ken and his team

Weaknesses of the Ken Vaughn are:

• Because of his stress he becoming moody

• He had temper
• Due to stress he cannot control his emotions
• He is not satisfied by the reorganization
• He is not cooperating with the other department
• He refused to discuss his latest project with anyone
• He had fallen away behind the scheduled
• He had missed important meetings
• He becoming rational person
• He had some personal problems
• He cannot able resist change (reorganization).
• He engaged himself in aberrant behavior when they are under intense pressure

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2. Analyze the Organizational and person specific issues which brought Ken Vaughn to this
current state of Emotional distress. Is he experiencing burn out?
Emotional distress: Extreme personal suffering caused by the intentional or negligent actions of
another. When arguments, disagreements, and conflicts cause changes in your personal life -
that is Emotional stress
Stress affects the emotions and moods.
Organizational issues:
Ken is becoming much stressed and he behaving rudely with everybody in the organization.
The reasons behind this stress are:
The main factor is the reorganization plan Ken was not ready to accept this plan.
Reorganization slashed over head, eliminated some long lasting jobs, and collapses certain
departments, such as Ken’s department, into new divisions.
Because this work load become more and he is not got the good position in company. Morris
become his new boss, ken consider him as his enemy.
And his personal life was shaky.
A stressful day event starts to affect negatively on Ken, so that his behavior at work had
worsened. He missed number of important meetings.
Stress began to take its toll on his mood means day by day his works are start to keep pending
so he can’t able to overcome so that he become rude with everyone.

Person specific issues:

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Some of the people are badly affecting on Ken’s emotions and making him stressed.
The reasons behind stress are:
The first person Morris, Due to the reorganization ken’s department collapse into new
department and Morris is Boss of that department, so Ken had to work under the Morris and
Ken start to feel like he lost his independence in company. So he starts behaving as he wishes.
The second person Bob Salinger, Ken would not hear about the employee assistance program,
so Bob recommend him to see a therapist. At that time the Ken was really felt ashamed. After
that he felt that he was under stress from Bob to do something. But before completion only he
stops to attending the sessions.
Because of all these issues Ken Vaughn Emotionally distressed.
Due to all these reasons the Ken Vaughn experiencing burn out very badly
Because his rudeness his working efficiency came down and he start to face the problems, with
every event that is occurring with him.
He forgot to wear formal in company he starts to wearing motorcycle outfit and roaring around
on his Harley.
As in case Morris said that.”The fact is they have to adjust”. To stay in competitive world the
reorganization is necessary so that Ken must have to accept that, but all this is causing the stress
on Ken. He is really burned out. Due to the reorganization his work load is more. So he is
refusing it. But because of that he is facing terrible outcomes and his emotions were becoming
uncontrollable. He is started to misbehave in the office. Start to insult other staffs. And once he
break his computer and thrown all books. His performance level is very badly decreasing.
These all are because Emotional Distress.

3. What is Emotional intelligence? Examine the relationship of emotions and job

performance in Ken’s case.
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Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to detect and to manage emotional cues and information.
People who know their own emotions and are good at reading others emotions may be more
effective in their jobs
Relationship of emotions and job performance in Ken’s case:
Ken Vaughn before going under stress of reorganization:
Ken was a one of the best and brightest employee of the tidewater corporation.
He was person who knows his social skills i.e. he had the ability to handle the emotions of his
subordinates. He was considered as one of the best employee of the company.
He was having a unique ability of self management. I.e. he had the ability to manage own
emotions and impulses. So he is ready to deal with toughest is situation that means ability to
deal with complex and not just solving, after solving coming with innovation idea’s that is Ken
Vaughn .
He was a man who has self aware of himself. He is smart employee and aware of his feelings.
He was much popular employee in office because of his problem handling methods and giving
the solution for problem. he is hard worker of the company. No can design the boat like Ken
and his crew.
He had great ability of to detect emotions in other and control their own emotions, and handle
social interaction well will and having a powerful leg up in the company. May be by reason he
is favorite employee of his CEO Bob Salinger. In term of emotional intelligence we call it as
Intuitive appeal.

The total emotional intelligence is correlated moderately with the job performance of Ken and it
was excellent.

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As everyone knows nobody is perfect in their lives. Stress it is an emotion which destroy the
ability and self respect of a person. Ken Vaughn is the person who is badly affected by the
Due to stress of his reorganization and his personal problems, he is very badly affected on his
behavior job performance.
Due to reorganization his department was merged in another department and he was the head of
old department but now Morris his colleague become head of new department and Ken was not
happy with that. So he starts to acting like a contemptibly foolish person (jerk).
The Ken had thrown a chair at his CAD/CAM monitor, turn over his desk, and swept
everything off his office bookshelves. I.e. he is completely loose his self awareness.
In a picnic he drank too much and insulted the colleagues of sales department.
Due to stress he working efficiency came down and he missed the number of important
meetings. He had fallen way behind his scheduled on his new design. I.e. his self management
of work has come down.
Ken began riding to work on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. And he replaced his sport coat and
tie with a leather jacket and T-shirt. It is like telling the people of company that I am
independent no one can stop me.
His personal life is also become shaky. His mood will be swings every time.
He became uncooperative with his colleagues. He refused to discuss his new design with
Ken loose his control on emotions and cant face the stress of work so he starts to act like as
mentioned above. His Emotional intelligence came down. He is not able to face the situation. He
wants to run away from situation

4. What would in your opinion should the company do now?

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I my opinion company will have to give a second chance to improve him and to handle his
As bob said Ken was a one of the best and brightest employee. Everyone recognize his value in
the company. He is the favorite of the Bob Salinger who is CEO of the Tidewater Corporation.
He personally recruited Ken as the head of design department.
Ken Vaughn is a man who had an ability to solve the complex design and coming with
innovative idea is helping company to come forward. And as Ken’s team design, nobody can
design like that their design are unique in nature and innovative.
Company need new product as much as need anything. They don’t have them, and then they
easily loose market shares. That means without Ken Vaughn the company have to struggle
many problem.
Company cannot stop the reorganization because intense competition from Dutch and Italians
and a declining market share compelled Tidewater to change radically.
And one more big trouble to fire him was. There are other people also who are not satisfied by
the reorganization of the company, they all are also nervous about reorganization because of
this they are getting more work load and if they fire Ken there is a possibility of getting
resignation letters from other people also.
But specifically Ken he is acting likes a contemptibly foolish person. And his past glory cannot
hide his current mistake. He should also understand the situation right now in company there is
only one man who controls him he is Bob.

Ken becoming rude to everybody he can’t control emotions and without caring the outcome he
is reacting. He is badly injured by stress of work and his personal problems.

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Bob should go and talk with Ken about his growing complaints and to mind off his personal
problems and focus on the challenges ahead. Rather than expressing his stress on computers
and table of his cabin.
If Ken accept his faults and if he tries to overcome from his mistakes then he may be get his old
value in the company. He deserves a second chance to change himself. And from first he is not
like this he is just stressed out.


• Case study on moods and emotions

• Organization behavior Stephen Robins

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