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Iron Penis

Not for Men Only! by Gene Ching Last year in late October, an unbelievable qigong stunt caught the world's attention. Three men dragged a truck loaded with 100 passengers a meter across a Taipei parking lot. hile towing a meter isn't very !ar "even with a 10#ton load$ the si%e didn't matter as much as the method. They pulled it with their penises. That's right # read that again i! you must # three men hauled 10 tons o! truck and passengers by roping their penises to the truck !ender and pulling backwards. These men practice the most !orbidden qigong kung!u o! all # they train their genitals. The three men were students o! a renowned Taiwan master named Tu &in#'heng. (aster Tu has staged several similar stunts and is quite !amous !or doing so. ) year earlier, his *0#year#old student +uang Tian#,u made the news by putting his manhood on the line. +e li!ted 1-0 kilograms "..0 lbs.$ using only his penis. 'quatting in horse stance upon two raised pedestals, +uang wore a kilt#like skirt to cover his private parts while a massive stack o! weights dangled beneath him. +is septuagenarian !ace glowed with genuine elation instead o! the grimacing wince that appears on most men at the mere suggestion o! such a bi%arre act. /enis training is o!ten ridiculed in the martial arts, perhaps out o! envy, perhaps because it seems so absurd. 0ring it up around the most macho martial arts men, and they will be crossing their legs and giggling like schoolgirls. 0ut as Tu sees it, people train every other part o! their body e1cept their se1ual organs. +e considers his method as the only way to correct this oversight. hile most people think the only e1ercise a penis gets is e2aculation, Tu's method treats the penis like an arm, a leg or any other part o! the body. Tu comments 3/eople compete will all their !our limbs, why not this43 Throw Out That Old Viagra 5ow in his late 60's, (aster Tu has the kind o! bulging virile physique that many body builders dream about # big and bu!!ed, yet not so much to impede his !le1ibility or agility. +e can kick easily above his head, break stone slabs with a single strike, and blow out a row o! candles with one speedy leg sweep. ) veteran martial master, Tu was born into a martial !amily and began his training under his !ather in 'haolin kung!u at the young age o! si1. 7rom the beginning, he was a career#track martial artist. +e graduated !rom the prestigious Teachers /hysical 8ollege o! Taiwan with a degree in martial arts and also earned his master's in Traditional 8hinese (edicine. 9n addition, he is an accomplished acupuncturist, painter and calligrapher. Tu has dedicated his li!e's work completely to the martial arts and !ounded his own unique style o! qigong kung!u. 8alled &iu ,ang 'hen :ong, Tu now boasts over ;0,000 !ollowers worldwide with students in (alaysia, &apan, 9taly, 7rance, 8anada, and even here in the <nited 'tates. &iu ,ang 'hen :ong is Tu's unique penis qigong. &iu means nine. 5ine is special number in 8hinese numerology because it is the largest o! the single digits and a!ter counting to nine, one must return to one. 9t also re!ers to the nine ma2or ori!ices o! the

body= eyes, ears, nose, mouth, anus, and genitals. 'hen means spirit. ,ang is the same ,ang in ,in#,ang and :ong is the same :ong in >igong. This method is based on 0odhidharma's 'haolin (arrow ashing "1isuigong$ and Taoist nine#circle alchemy "dao2ia 2iu %huan wandansu.$ 9t combines 0uddhist and Taoist, as well as internal and e1ternal methods. hen Tu puts this in modern scienti!ic terms, he de!ines the e1ternal method as cultivation o! the penis while the internal method !ocuses on increasing hormone production. ?ven in our immodest modern world, penis training is seldom seen. (aster Tu believes this type o! qigong kung!u has been kept behind closed doors !or two main reasons. 7irstly, the 8hinese people are conservative by nature, so many 2udge this to be a prurient practice and avoid discussing it seriously. 'econdly and more interestingly, this kung!u !ocuses on the reproductive organs, the very base o! human li!e, so it is immensely power!ul. (asters had to !ind the right pupils to receive the teachings or they would not pass it on. 0ut today, Tu e1alts this practice as a penile panacea. +e claims it can prevent old age and diseases, increase energy and vitality, make muscles and bones stronger, reduce arterial blockage, cholesterol levels, diabetes, allergies and ear problems. )dditionally, o! course, it can greatly enhance se1ual per!ormance. )ccording to Tu, this method will increase the sperm count and boost male hormone levels in a way that is much more natural and better than taking drugs like @iagra or steroids.

Girls Like It Too (aster Tu has been practicing his penis qigong !or over A- years. +e has published a book and videotape on the sub2ect, but at this time, they are only available in 8hinese. )s one might imagine, this is a very delicate practice, so it is o! utmost importance that a student !ollow the direction o! a quali!ied master. /enis qigong uses a variety o! special e1ercises, including massage, slapping, pulling and hitting it with a tool. The breath is concentrated in the dantian and a cloth is used to bind the penis in special ways. 9t is important to note that this method is not practiced when aroused. )lso, not everyone can learn this method. 'tudents must have strong qi to practice this. 9! a student is 60 or older, he must practice another additional !orm o! qigong to supplement the training or it will have no e!!ect. 'urprisingly, women can actually practice &iu ,ang 'hen :ong too. 7emale students can train by inserting a special ping pong#like ball in their vagina. This ball is attached to a rod, and then hung with heavy weights 2ust like a man's penis. hile a man can

begin studying this qigong at any age, a woman can only practice it be!ore she reaches menopause. ith 2ust a hal!#hour to an hour o! practice a day, (aster Tu promises quick results. )!ter only one week, your hips will loosen. 9n two weeks, you will not !eel thirsty as easily. )!ter the !irst month, your vision will become clearer. 0y two months, your comple1ion will improve and the bags under your eyes will disappear, and by three months, you will require less sleep and !eel power!ul all o! the time. ?ventually, you won't !eel the need to go the bathroom as o!ten and any plaguing maladies will vanish. )nd what about se14 (aster Tu says 3O! courseB This is really great !or se1B3 One o! his students !athered a new baby at age CA. )nother student !athered a son A0 years a!ter the birth o! his daughter. (aster's Tu's most incredible claim is that the highest masters o! penis qigong can use it to pull cars, break ice blocks and even cut coconuts. (aster Tu believes his &iu ,ang 'hen :ong is an important method !or personal well being in today's to1ic world. 5owadays, the environment is !illed with pollution that is constantly being absorbed by the human body. The only way we can strengthen ourselves is to change our personal human conditions to oppose the unnatural poisons that permeate our lands and damage us. This type o! kung!u is not man against man. 9t is man against a contaminated world. 7or Tu, this kung!u is a small step, but the most important one to reach out !or true human li!e. The Big One (aster Tu has another e1traordinary stunt in the works. +e is in the process o! getting clearance !rom the Taiwanese government to borrow a *6* 2et airplane. Tu !igures A0 to A6 o! his top students, by strapping their penises, ; to C men per wheel, can generate combined penis pulling power to move the 1C,000#kilogram ".D,*C0 lbsB$ *6*. That's over a ton and a hal! per penis. 9t promises to be an attention#getting event i! they can pull it o!! # or rather pull it !orward. /enis qigong creates a lot o! raised eyebrows, both in and out o! the martial arts. :enerally, the penis is not a suitable topic !or polite society. 'ome !ind it awkward or embarrassing 2ust to say the word 3penis.3 Others quickly descend into !raternity house bawdiness and bathroom#wall vulgarity. 0ut the warrior's way can be e1treme, and eventually this sub2ect comes up in everyone's martial research. The wise warrior discards any lascivious thoughts and care!ully e1amines this without pre2udice. Eespite the suggestiveness o! penis qigong, herein lies some power!ul and inspirational kung!u. )gain, we discover that dedicated masters can achieve the unbelievable through the discipline, commitment and practice, rea!!irming the limitless nature o! our venerated art o! kung!u. Master Tu Jin- heng!s Penis "igong Ti#s /enis qigong has some speci!ic prohibitions that can be use!ul advice !or any qigong practice. 1. atch what you eat very care!ully


hen you wake up in the morning, do not urinate. 9nstead, e1ercise to sweat it out. .. The hours !rom 11 /( to 1 )( and 11 )( to 1 /( are not good times !or e1ercise, but good only !or meditation. 6. 7or every season there is an appropriate !ocus. 'ummer= 'hen "'pirit$ )utumn= 'ui "0lood 8irculation$ inter= &ing "@ital essence$ 'pring= >i "Li!e energy$ -. 7or this type o! training you must have a teacher, otherwise you might get hurt. 8lick here !or $eature %rti&les !rom this issue and others published in A001.
ritten by :ene 8hing !or F<5:7<():)G95?.8O(