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Table of Contents
Introduction Page 8

Management & Human Resources

Authority to Debit Employee Account 9
Authority to Release Information 10
Bonus Letter to Employee 11
Client Consent Form 12
Employee Disciplinary Documentation Form 13
Excellence in Team Work 14
Formal Letter of Resignation 15
How to Develop a Mission Statement 16
Letter of Recommendation Post Resignation 17
Professional Appraisal Form 18

Business Development
Approval of Credit Account 20
Acknowledge of Receipt of Goods 21
Assessing Cash Flow Requirements for a New Business 22
Bill of Sale 24
Cheques Given with No Signature 25
Phrases commonly used in Business Emails & Letters 26
Checklist for Selecting a Business 28
Deliver of Goods on Consignment 30
Final Notice for Overdue Payment 31
Guidelines for Developing a Business Plan 32
Model for Business Plans 35
Non Disclosure Agreement Between to Firms 53
Non Disclosure Agreement 54
Notice of Approval of Credit 55
Notice of Dishonored Cheque 56
Professional Business Card Template 57
Refusal to Accept Returned Goods 58
Yearly Income Statement Re Software Package

Employment & Education

Appointment for Interview 59
Congratulations on Outstanding Achievement 60
How to write an Application Cover Letter 61
Negative Response to Interview for Position 62
Referees Recommendation Letter 63
Request for Referee’s Recommendation 64

Legal Documents
Last Will and Testament Template 65
Pre Nuptial Agreement 70
Will Preparation Template 77

Student Resume 78
Professional CV Resume 79
Executive Style Resume 86

Workplace Health & Safety

Emergency Evacuation Plan Template 87
Standard Operations Order Template 102
Health & Safety Workplace Checklist 107

List of Printable Workplace Warning & Hazards Signs


General Biohazard Sign

Biological Hazard Authorised Personnel Only
Blasting Area Keep Away
CCTV in Operation
Danger Highly Flammable
Infectious Hazard Handles Needles with Care
No Drinking Water
No Bikes
No Cars
No Food
No Phones
No Photography
Notice All Visitor Must Register at Office
Notice Loading Zone No Parking
Notice Keep This Door Closed
Notice Smoking Permitted in this Area
Notice Water Unsafe to Drink
Wear Ear Protectors
Eye Protection Must Be Worn
Protective Footwear Must Be Worn
Hard Hat Area
Wash Your Hands
Danger Chemical Storage Area
Danger Do Not Enter Authorised Personnel Only
Danger Do Not Enter
Danger Electrical Hazard Authorised Personnel Only
Danger Flammable Liquids
Danger Fuel Storage No Smoking
Danger Hazardous Chemicals
Danger High voltage Keep Away
Danger Highly Flammable
Danger No Smoking Anytime
Danger No Smoking
Danger Cylinders Must Be Secured
Danger Unauthorised Persons Keep Out

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Bonus Software Package

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Authority to Debit Account


I hereby authorise my employer to directly deposit my pay in the bank

account(s) listed below in the percentages specified. (If two accounts are
designated, deposits are to be made in whole percentages of pay to total
100%.) I have attached a voided cheque or deposit slip for each account
specified below. This authorisation is to remain in force until the company
has received written authorisation from me of its termination or change.

Also, I grant [Your Business] the right to correct any Electronic Funds
Transfer resulting from an erroneous overpayment by debiting my account to
the extent of such overpayment.

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Telephone: ( ) ________________

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________

Company Use Only: Effective Date _____________________________________


Account #1 Checking_____________ Savings___________ (Cheque only one)

Financial Institution: __________________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________________________

City, State and Post Code: _____________________________________________

Telephone: ( ) ________________

Personal Account Number: ____________________________________________

Percent of pay to be deposited into this account:


Company Use Only: Bank/BSB Number _________________________________


Account #2 Checking_____________ Savings___________ (Cheque only one)

Financial Institution: __________________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________________________

City, State and Post Code: ______________________________________________

Telephone: ( ) ________________

Personal Account Number: ____________________________________________

Percent of pay to be deposited into this account:


Company Use Only: Bank/BSB Number ________________________________

Authority to Release Information

Authority To Release Information



Give my permission for the [ORGANISTATION HERE] at

[ADDRESS HERE] to contact the agencies/services listed
below to receive information relating to me, the above
named; or to provide the named agency or service with a
report or information relating to me, the above named.

Name of agency(s) / service(s)

This document is only valid from ….../......./…… to


Name in Full

……………………………………… ……/……/………..
Signed Date

…………………………………….. ……/……/………..
Witnessed by Date


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