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Unit I

Write the features of 8051 Name the various I/O ports in 8051 What is SFR? What is interrupt and ISR? What are the various timer modes in 8051? List the alternate functions of Port3 in 8051 Draw the program memory organization in 8051 Draw the structure of a pin in port 1. Why all pins of a port is loaded with value FF before using it? Draw the format of TMOD register of 8051. Big questions Draw and explain the architecture of 8051 Explain the memory organization of 8051 Explain the timers and interrupts operation in 8051 Briefly explain the I/O PORTS and interfacing I/O devices in detail. List out the different bit addressable SFRs available in 8051 Explain the function and operating modes of timer in 8051

Unit ii
What is assembly language program and write its advantages Give examples for arithmetic instructions Give examples for logical instructions. What is single bit instructions Write A program to perfom multiplication of 2 nos using 8051?

List the addressing modes of 8051? Write program to load accumulator ,DPH,&DPL using 8051? What is debugging? What is the function of SWAP? What is subroutine or procedure? Write about CALL statement in 8051? Big questions Explain the functional pin diagram of 8051 Microcontroller. Explain the arithmetic instructions with examples in detail Explain logical Instructions with examples in detail Write a program to transfer the letter YES serially in 8051 Explain how stack is implemented in 8051 Explain the different addressing modes of 8051. Give an example for each one of them

Unit iii
Write the major reasons for writing program in C What are the memory types in a C compiler for 8051? What are the data types in a C compiler for 8051? What is the advantage of declaring memory type as well as data type? What are the data types in a C compiler for 8051? What are the ways to create delay in 8051 C? Write short program that toggles all bits of P2 What is meant by data serialization in 8051 C? What is the difference between sbit and bit data types? What is the drawback of using ROM Code space for 8051 C data?

Big Questions A)Discuss the data types in 8051-C b)What are the ways to create time-delay? Discuss the factors affecting the accuracy of the time delay. Write a function in C to create a time delay. Write a C-program to toggle all bits of P0&P2 continuously with 250msec delay. Use inverting operator. June-09(8M) 4. What is data serialization? Explain different types with examples? June-09(6M) a)A door sensor is connected to the P1.1 pin and a buzzer is connected to P1.7. Write an 8051 Cprogram to monitor the door sensor and when it opens sound the buzzer. You can sound the buzzer by sending a square wave of a few hundred HZ. b)Write an APL to realize an exclusive OR gate. Assume P0.1&P1.1 as inputs and P2.0 as output bit Explain with an example, bit-wise logical operator for 8051-C. June-08(6M) Write an 8051 c-program to toggle the bit of P1 ports continuously with a 250msec delay. 6M Unit IV Write any four important characteristics of Sensors Draw the interfacing diagram of DAC0808 with 8051 Big Question; i) Write the Analog to Digital conversion program in 8051 microcontroller to convert analog data into digital.. (8 Marks) ii) Explain the JUMP instructions present in 8051 microcontroller with a mnemonic code and its operation for each. (8 Marks) Explain the registers and pins of LCD and write an ALP to display message "HELLO" as LCD Displays. Explain how ADC808 interfacing with 8051 Write a program and explain about the interfacing of Temperature sensor with 8051 Write short notes on types of sensors that can be interfaced with 8051 Unit V What is Real Time Clock? What are the methods to control DC Motor

What are the ways to monitor the temperature using 8051? What is PWM? Draw DC Motor interfacing circuit

Big Questons With a neat flow chart explain the DC motor speed control using 8051 Explain the operation of Real Time Clock(RTC) in 8051 Draw the schematic for interfacing a stepper motor with 8051 microcontroller and write 8051 ALP for changing speed and direction of motor. Explain traffic light control interfacing with 8051