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Martin A. armstrong form er Chairman of Princeton Economlés Inter national, Lid. Armstrong Economics ” How all systems can collapse overnight. | The 3rd Century Monetary Collapse Are there lessons from the past that equal solutions for the Puture? Conyers; tahe Mert ta A. Armstre rong All Rights Reserved auly 173 * Comments Welcome: Armstrongiconomis: s@CMaii COM (Incernattoneily FS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank the maay people who nave been writing from around the world. Tt is enccuragins to know that there are so many people who are interested in uncovering the truth, T have also shocial thaaks for #9 many providing valuable insight into trends arouné the World from China, Soviet Republics, South africa, Brazil, Australian, ind Indie, 1 believe ve can survive the Zolly of governnents even if they refuse to listen, The key is underotanding the nature of events, and that allovs us to correctly make the decision: to ba om the opposite sida. : I would Ike to also thank all my. old friend end former clients for their support an to know that they have continued to gather information that corves us all in tinos of crisis, , i We are standing on the precipice of a new eza in globel-soctal-econonics. How we enter this new age is of critical importance. Government 1s incepable to dolng anything for any reform of its own abuse of power i not up for negotiation. Wo mast weather the storm, and to do Bo we need to understand its nature, aust as the 19303 Great Depression set in motion profound changes that were even manifest in geopolitical confrontations, we have nov Eeachéd such a crossroads. 4 deat ericia has its tentacles feoply embedded into every sector right into government. This is the distinction froma mevs stock market crash that never alters the economy iong-Lern, We are seriously still gver-levaraged and som= banks are still trying to be hedge funds and have to epeculate to make a profit, Thet is a key varning sign that the worse is yet to cone. Comments, Suggestions & Questions Please mail to: 7 | Martin A. Armstrong ! FCI Fort Dix Camp, #12518-050 PO Rox 2000 | Fort Dix, Nd 08640 ‘PLEASE REGISTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. FOR FOTURE UPDATED NEWS CEITECAL fo OUR SURVIVAL enstronghooncmics@@led 1. OM Gipgeight, Martin 7. Aemctrong, all rights reserved T ‘ale Repoct may be forsarded as you Like wishaut charge to fnividiale or gwvsrrmants srasrd the verld. Tz 13 provicad as 2 Public Service at tis tine uilnost cost uecause of one exfcical facts at we new faced economically. The contents and desighs of the systens are in fect ccpyzighted. At @ future date, © nex edition of tha 1985 Tha Gneatnst Aull fark In ifiatory will be released 276 a neu back will son De pubtisted on the model :teslt|~ The Geonetay of Tune. It is vital thet we ds not Farge: th any and the spkeganes thet any nation cen dictate to the uosld is just insanity. Every natinn effects all athers a0 ¢iffspant. than if one nation were tn pour all Les tee wasbe into the oceen. Everything is intarirkes; ang solutions are reyer isalata events. a a wold How all systems can collapse overnight | The 3rd Century Monetary Collapse! i Are there lessons from the past: | that equal solutions for the Future? by: Martin A, Armstrong Former Chairman of Princeton Economics Interpational, Ltd. and Foundation of the Study of j¢ycles ollapse of the global economy as ve once Isiew it coh ctake place with such speed, it will leave the vast majority frozen like 2 deer in headlights, ‘There was one recent movie built. upon Ulis realization of what T refer to a8 @ Primary One Phass-Transition, That movie was "the Day after Tomorrow." ‘his was based upon the scientific reality that things Like the sudden aid shocking advance of an ice age, happen: jalinost instantaneously, not the slow gradual movenent. Far exatple, we all know that the rorth'pole moves gradually on an antual basis. Geologists can show lus where the north pole use to be because whenever a volcano: erupts, the cooling magna becomes magnetized to vhere the north pole is at that manent. So ve can track where it has been, but it has been the speed (tining) that we have not understood. { ‘There are basic laws that ‘everything in the miverse is guided by and control~ Jed. Our social economy is no differant for at the foundation lies mother nature herself. If she:has a bad day, we ell have @ very bad day. So the rise and the fail of many civilizations has been in part also do to tho dramatic changes in our veathers Ou: social-economic system has and will again, Just collapse overnight in mary cases. Tt is Like 1989 and ve woke to a student standing down a colum of tanks in China. A few months later, the Berlin Wali fell and communism came to an and, ‘he social-econonic fabric simply implodes due to the internal weakness inherbnt within the structure of the key systehs. For exemple, the "gold standard” collapsed in 1971 because of its defect in the Ratton Woods Accord hack in 1944. The dollar was fled at $35 to one ounce of gold.| Yes the United States had 75% of the entire world gold reserves. Heres, the @ollak became the reserve currency, But the dhterral fault within the structure was they lacked any Limitation upon the ereattion of new dollars, Like a fool who just fon the lottery an@ sponds wildly, we can thank our politicians for the same hunan| stupidity. Huan nature is one key constant wa can always count on, | What we may be facing is a Prinaxy wo Phase Transition directly within our social-eccnonic-political structure that has taken place previously Uoughout our

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