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Lead in p45

Suggested answers
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 mane: horse, lion flipper: dolphin, turtle fin: shark, goldfish wing: any bird, bee scale: any fish, snake antenna: butterfly, moth claw: cat, lion, tiger shell: snail, tortoise beak: any bird hoof: cow, horse horn : bull, goat hide: elephant, rhinoceros tusk: elephant, walrus paw: dog, rabbit

Unit 4

Reading p46
Suggested answer
People have long believed that dolphins are more intelligent and possibly kinder than other animals, and there are a number of stories of them helping humans. However, some scientists believe that, like all species, they may only have been acting out of self-interest. After students have done the exercise check the meaning of any difficult vocabulary, e.g. kinship (l.35), altruism (l.61).

3 4 5

The first missing paragraph will describe what led up to this situation (c). a C b A c G 1 G 2 E 3 C 4 B 5 A 6 D Paragraph F is not needed.

Suggested answers
a b c d spider, snake, shark, scorpion cockroach, toad, slug monkey, gorilla domesticated animals such as cats, dogs and those kept as pets, e.g. hamsters, rabbits, etc. and possibly animals such as donkeys, horses, etc. used for work e shark, black widow spider (the female eats the male), scorpion, bat f tiger, tropical fish g great white shark, Asian elephant, tiger

Suggested answers
2 great white shark (l. 12) is a fearsome predator (l. 65) 3 believed (l. 18) links to Such a belief (l. 57). 4 Such questions (l. 27) picks up on the questions asked in paragraph B. 5 biologists have argued for years (l. 28) is picked up by The modern version of this debate (l. 47) 6 The theory in lines 3739 is picked up in This may explain altruism (l. 61), and the questions in paragraph D relate to Whatever the answer (l.40).

a primates, e.g. monkey, baboon agile means flexible, supple, fast; sociable means friendly and living in groups; grooming means cleaning b dolphin intelligent means clever c giraffe graceful means elegant d cheetah fierce means cruel and vicious stalk their prey means hunt their victims

Vocabulary p48
a time b dinner c bag d water e grass f work

CAE Result Oxford University Press 12

Suggested answers
a b c d e cant stand it! will be doing the exam. hes hardly eaten a thing today. spilt coffee all over their new carpet. shes serious about getting married.

7 8

a had been crying b killed c was repairing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

d landed/was landing e was sitting f hadnt plugged it in!

Grammar p48
a b c d e f g h i past simple past perfect continuous present perfect simple past continuous present perfect simple present perfect simple past continuous past perfect simple present perfect continuous e past continuous f present perfect

have seen have ever observed have been fascinated was got accompanied had attacked cut followed found had been feeding/had fed caught were sitting were playing stared scratched yawned

2 3

b present perfect simple c past perfect simple d past perfect continuous a b c d

Listening p50
Suggested answers
Wildlife photographers film creatures, normally in the wild. They would need to be patient, have quick reactions, an understanding of the animals behaviour, perhaps need to be physically fit and adventurous, have respect for the environment, etc.

I studied (until) have tasted (first time) excelled (as a child) Ive twisted (the exclamation Ouch! indicates the action is very recent) e dared (before) f Ive resisted (for the past six weeks) g produced (Shakespeare is dead) a b c d e has played have been working have phoned have read has been travelling

Suggested answers
1 a The policeman saw the motorist and arrested him at that moment. b The motorist had broken the law before he was stopped. Arrested is the more recent of the two events. 2 a The fire bell interrupted the exam. b Most students had finished the exam when the fire bell rang.

1 A  mazon (South Africa wrong because not the most recent trip) 2 school leavers (only some comes from schoolchildren) 3 amateurs (really good quality pictures is too long and doesnt fit with operating) 4 teacher (teaching doesnt fit the grammatical context) 5 B/biology (Biography is a similar word but incorrect) 6 conservationist (conversationist is probably a spelling mistake) 7 enough money (compensation doesnt make sense and changes the form of the word you should write what you hear) 8 B/business (the text says forget about creative subjects so this is a distractor)

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Speaking p50
1 2
1 important 2 animals 3 people a 5 b 1 c 3 d 2 e 4 4 situations 5 two 6 best illustrate

Suggested answers
a to patrol places like parks or green areas instead of using cars and are sometimes used to break up riots. b find it comforting because its said cats have a very calming effect on peoples lives. c to feed it and take care of it. Owning a pet can also be a good way of teaching young children about illness and death. d you might not be able to get around so easily, and the dog can also become a much-loved friend. e its interesting to see them in a fairly natural habitat, and to be able to get so close to them.

1 h  as (be around means exist. Been indicates the tense is present perfect simple.) 2 according 3 If 4 off 5 with 6 of 7 such 8 out 9 more 10 like 11 at 12 where 13 the 14 is 15 no

Writing p54
1 2 3
wild boar, hedgehog, otter (p 54 clockwise from top), squirrel, bear, tortoise (p 55 left to right) one wild animal, your country, visitors interested to see, details about the animal, advice on how to observe a t o clearly separate the two areas of information asked for b appearance of body, diet, character/behaviour, habitat c when: at night or early in the day if they live by the sea where: by rivers or on the coast in Britain. how: drive along the coast and sit quietly on thebeach a b c d These attractive creatures live near rivers As well as being skilful swimmers Their homes are made from piles of branches Catching sight of an otter is quite a challenge e Those that live by rivers are mostly nocturnal f The best place to see an otter in this country is on the west coast. d playful e solitary f secretive g nocturnal

Suggested answers
a She starts with the second part of the task first rather than talking about all the pictures first. b He redirects the task at the beginning and tries to expand on his ideas as much as possible. c He interrupts his partner constantly and dominates the conversation.

Use of English p52

a b c d 1 2 3 4 Snowstalker (picture 3) The Megasquid (picture 1) The Toraton (picture 4) The Ocean Flish (picture 2) of under for through 5 by 6 from 7 at 8 with 9 out 10 into

a adapted b on a c fond

CAE Result Oxford University Press 14

a b c d

Finding an eagles nest Its easy to Seeing a lion at close quarters Wearing bright colours

Review p56
1 2 3 4 5
a 7, 9 b 2, 8, 10 c 3, 5 d 6, 11, 12 e 4 f 1 1 hen party 2 had butterflies 3 in the doghouse 4 rabbiting on 5 like a horse

a fish b donkey c whale d dogs e cat 1 out 2 with 3 off 4 of 5 at 6 for 7 to 8 at

Suggested answer
Toucans can be found in South and Central America. Despite the fact that there are no wild specimens in the UK, you can see large numbers of them in zoos. These creatures are easily recognised by their sizeable, brightly coloured beaks, which are about half the size of their body. Particularly fond of fruit, seeds and insects, they are sociable creatures, given to staying in groups.

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