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Test for Advancement to Theoricus 2=9
1. Perform or describe the Theoricus Grade Sign.
2. What mythos does the Theoricus Grade Sign allude to?
3. Have you done regular meditations with Raphael?
4. What is the Grand Word or Divine name of the Theoricus grade?
5. What is the Mystic number?
6. What is the Password for the Theoricus grade?
7. What sephira does the Theoricus grade allude to?
8. What is the entrance badge of the Theoricus grade?
9. How many squares are on the Cubical Cross?
10. What do the squares allude to?
11. Explain in brief the Caduceus of Hermes.
12. What are the three secret Enochian names of God borne on the Banner of the
East ?
13. What is the title given to you in this grade?
14. You were given a special Kamea in this grade. Which planet is it of?
15. Name the key phrase for the twelve zodiacal signs.
16. Describe the basic nature of each zodiacal sign, or the key words.
17. According to Mathers, what is Qabalah defined as?
18. The Qabalah is classified under four headings. What are they?
19. What is Temurah?
20. What is Aiq Bekar?
21. Name five of ten problems the Qabalah is designed to solve.
22. What are the Three Veils of Negative Existence?
23. What does each veil translate as?
24. Explain Tzim Tzum.
25. Have you made your Air Dagger?
26. What is the Divine name on your Air Dagger?
27. Who is the Archangel on the Air Dagger?
28. Have you practiced the Body of Light?
29. What is the Body of Light?
30. What are the dangers of the Body of Light?
31. Explain the Fylfot Cross.
32. Give the meanings of Luna on the Tree of Life.
33. Give the basic meaning of the twelve houses.
34. What is the planetary ruler of each sign? Example: Aries is Mars.
35. What is the color of each zodiacal sign?
36. What are the Fixed zodiacal signs?
37. What are the Common zodiacal signs?
38. What are the Cardinal zodiacal signs?
39. Give the basic meanings of the sixteen geomantic figures.
40. Identify the sixteen geomantic figures.
41. What is the element of each geomantic figure?
42. Who is the ruler of each geomantic figure?
43. What is the zodiacal sign for each geomantic figure?

44. What is the Tarot card that corresponds to each Hebrew letter?
45. What is the Heaven of Assiah for each Tarot card or Hebrew Letter?
46. Explain how to perform the Moon Breath.
47. What affects have you achieved with the Moon Breath?
48. Have you worked with the god form of Aroueris?
49. Give the Briatic colors of the seven ancients planets.
50. Name the five basic Tattwas and describe them.
51. Which Tattwas have you pathworked?
52. Are you pathworking daily?
53. Describe the path of t.
54. What are the dangers associated with dwsy.
55. What are the Olympic Planetary Spirits for the planets?
56. Have you established a temple in dwsy? Describe it.