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SlobbaKnockin XIII: Week 7 Wrap Up

Yer a Wizard Harry!!: R-G3PJOERevenge of the Smith (195.3) def Kaeptain Crunchtime (128.8) Beyond the Matt!!: medlock 1585 (222) def Dirty Randy (146.3) My Gronkys Back!!: Gronk IfU Luv BigTeeDees (171.5) def Cam Newton World Order (144.3) Chandler BING!!: From Worst To First (164.5) def Ahh Phuck (130.8) The King has Returned!!: Powell! Right In the Kisser! (167.5) def Team 1,2,3,.5 (135.3)

***Game of the Week***

Hit the Deck!!: (212) Wubbzy ! (153.5) def The Fricken Hell Yeahs (141.3)
With Drew Brees and his 4 other Saints players on BYE Richie sure had his work cut out for him against Wong. Going into MNF down by 38 points it was Eli Manning (18.3) and Rueben Randle (14) against Adrian Peterson (6.5). However, even with the poor effort from AD and the miserable Vikings offense Richie could not close the gap and is once again a tough luck loser. Wong got another stellar effort from Frank Gore (28) and Charles ClayFACE (9) who has now scored TDs in 3 straight games. My Man of the Match is Eric Decker (33) he was by far the best receiver for the Broncos this week in their losing effort th th th against the Colts. Wong is now in 7 and on the brink of a playoff spot. Richie is in 8 place but ranks 4 in total points (1274.5).

Best Player: Finally, Calvin Johnson (42), Has Come BACK, to fantasy relevance. (Figured were all
burned out on Lion King references by now.) As you can see Voege is heavily dependent on Calvin and AJ Green (31) and when they both perform the way they did this Sunday hes pretty tough to beat. Still plenty of time to climb back into this thang.

Most Surprising Performance: I think its safe to say of all the players who needed to step up for
their teams this week Harry Douglas (31) was the most impressive. The Falcons played their best game of the season this week even without 3 offensive starters in Julio Jones, Roddy White and Steven Jackson. His 7/149/1 line is the definition of the next guy stepping up. The Bucs have been bad this year but they still have Darelle Revis and Dashon Goldson and neither was a match for Harry this week. As long as Tony Gonzalez draws bracket coverage every week there should be plenty of room for my boy to operate. Thats waiver wire gold right there.

SlobbaKnockin XIII: Week 7 Wrap Up

Guttsiest Play of the Week: Ryan Matthews (21) has been a real Loser so far this season. Hes had
injuries (hamstring/concussion), Hes been losing snaps to Danny Woodhead (on passing downs and surprisingly enough on the goal line) and someone in there called him a FAG!! However, over the past two weeks hes finally received his due in the Chargers offense. He now has two 100 yard rushing performances in a row going into the bye week. He will still not be too involved in the passing game which limits his PPR value but the Chargers seems to have recommitted to him giving him 43 carries over the past two weeks. I think Medlock sees this trend and its why he was started over Stevie Johnson (13.5) and Eddie Royal (18) this past week. Hard to argue with the highest scoring team in the league.


Me: The loss of Arian Foster (1), however inevitable it may have seemed, hurts a lot. Im severely being tested by the Fantasy Gods this year. Luckily for me I still have a couple starting RBs rostered in LeVeon Bell (10) and Zac Stacy (20). The Steelers are playing much better so hopefully Bell will come into his own as the lead back. Sam Bradfords injury will mean a heavy dose of Stacy with Kellen Clemens at the helm for the Rams (WTF). Just gotta stay vigilant on the waiver wire and keep this thing going. Being dead last in points allowed also helps (1083). Dan M: Kendall Wright (18) > Brandon LaFell (6) Its hard to bench a guy after he has the kind of week LaFell had last week (24.5). The thing is Cam Newton (18.3) is one of the most inconsistent players in the league (ask Frank). This obviously affects the Panthers entire offense. Also, the Rams D is also a lot better than people realize. The Panthers lucked out in this game. They got an early pick 6 from Captain Munnerlyn (Gotta love that name) and knocked Sam Bradford out for the season. I see this 30 point output as a fluke and until Cam Newton starts playing better week to week I would avoid his receivers at all costs. Gus: CJ?K (22.5) > Nate Washington (9) These are two guys Id never want to own. Chris Johnson is a tough read week to week. He really only made one play in this game on a 66 yard TD reception. Thats always been his style though. Plod at the line of scrimmage for the entire game then randomly break a huge run. The thing is hes had less and less of those types of plays in recent years. He now has 2 total TDs this year. On the other hand you have Nate Washington who always breaks out for a 2 or 3 game span then disappears again into fantasy purgatory. Maybe they will both be saved by the return of Jake Locker. All this being said I definitely start CJ?K over Nasty Nate any week regardless of the matchup. Sean: Jacquizz Rodgers (32) > Andre Ellington (3) This one I just dont get. I could maybe understand if MundaneHall (10) was hurt but they were still playing the stout Seahawks Defense. Ellingtons season and value has really come down to that one TD he vultured against the 49ers. He will continue to be used on passing downs but I really dont see him being all that good in the Cardinals offense. Even when Steven Jackson comes back I still think Jacquizz Rodgers will outperform him.

SlobbaKnockin XIII: Week 7 Wrap Up

Frank: I cant believe I never noticed/mentioned how much you have invested in the Panthers this year. Newton, DWill, Olsen and Steve Smith. You got more felines than a crazy cat lady. Cam is a must start just based on his running ability but there will not be enough points coming out of this offense for your team to be consistent. Joes obvious statement of the week: Its a bad idea to start 4 players from the same offense. Nick W: Really no glaring mistakes this week but losing Doug Martin (5.5) and Reggie Wayne (10) in the same week is crippling. Fosters injury may have opened the door for Ben Tate (7) but it figures that he would crack four ribs in his first real opportunity as the lead back. Theres only one cure for your problems now Dr Joey Ds prescription: Time for a trade. There are enough chips in Kaepernick, Bush and Sproles for you to rebuild this into a playoff team. Id get rid of Kaep for a WR or RB and spot start free agent QBs the rest of the way. Voege: This is how you manage folks. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to secure a victory. For those of you who missed it heres what Voege did. Reeling at 1-5 he stayed vigilant and kept a keen eye on not only his roster but his opponents as well. Brandon Jacobs was downgraded to Doubtful on Saturday after having a setback with his hamstring. Right around 6 PM on Sunday night it became very apparent that A. Jacobs would not be playing on MNF and B. Kinans only hope for a victory would be to find a suitable replacement. So what does Voege do? Scoop up Peyton Hillis at 6:58 PM. I applaud this move as not only does it ensure a win this week, but after a great performance against the Vikings Peyton Hillis (20.5) is now one of this weeks top added free agents. Give this man a Gold Star!!!

Closing Comments:
The final scores might not show it but this week was a hell of a lot more competitive than it looks. We are now at the halfway point of the season and the playoff picture is starting to take shape. Jameet continued rd nd his turnaround season and is now 6-1 and is 3 in total points (1274.8) I was able to steal 2 place from Dan with my patchwork lineup. That leaves him and Sean in the 3-4 spots respectively. Despite scoring th the most points in the league so far Rich M still has a lot of room for improvement at 5 place. Franks loss to Sean leaves him clinging to the final playoff spot with Wong nipping at his heels. Carter, Voege, Kinan and Nick (2-5) are all 2 games back and Gus is bringing up the rear at 1-6. I still cannot count anyone out as there is still half a season to shake things up. The comeback trail starts this week and all of us will have big decisions to make as the dreaded Week 8 BYE from Hell has arrived. This week Chicago, Tennessee, Indianapolis, San Diego, Baltimore and Houston are all on BYE. This is by far the worst off week of the season from a Fantasy perspective and will no doubt effect every matchup as every team has at least one player sitting out.

SlobbaKnockin XIII: Week 7 Wrap Up

For the must see matchups I like Wong vs Voege. I project these two will combine for the most points this week as they seem to be the two teams least affected by the BYE from Hell. Wong will need to retool most of his defense and Voege needs a Team D. Dan M and Frank are both looking to bounce back after tough week 7 losses as they try to solidify their playoff standings. Sean is hit hard this week as he will be without Ray Rice, TY Hilton (whose value soars with Reggie Wayne out) and JJ Watt. On the other hand Jameet will be missing the always dangerous Brandon Marshall. Finally, the top 2 scoring teams in the league square off in Me (1310 #2) and Rich M (1333.8 #1). Rich has RB and TE issues with Forte, Matthews and Gates out. I will look to prevail without the services of Foster, T Smith, Woodhead and PNUT Tillman but have no problem starting Andy Luck for the second week in a row. Thats how we wrap it up feel free to post any comments, ideas for categories or trophies on the league page or facebook group. And now without further ado here are my Week 7 Predictions: Week 7 Results: 5-0 OVR: 19-16 Thats more like it!!! Dan M def Frank Carter def Gus Jameet def Sean Weber def Kinan (Upset Special) Voegenstein meets the Wongwolf: Voege def Wong * Matchup of the week candidate

>> **Prop $60: Highest Points scored in any One Week - $60.** Our current leader is: Weber (Ahh Phuck) with 269.3 in Week 1.