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Methods of Self and World knowledge

Konstanza Komaja Summerschool 2011

Few words about the term REALITY general Thesis: by knowing thyself you get to know the world Gradual approach to SELF

Dualistic and non-dualistic philosophies, systems, religions The concept of Maya

Samkya and Yoga


If Buddha is watching, all are Buddhas. If the unenglightened is watching, no one is Buddha.

Do we project ourselves in the outer world? Or: Is it about our perception? Somehow or other: we have to investigate our SELF.

When we look in the World we see ourselves, as our basic identity spans the entire spectrum of consciousness: from matter to body to mind to soul to spirit and thus in the deepest or highest parts of us, we embrace the ALL.

Drawing a mental line or boundary across the whole field of our experience

Spectrum of Consciousness

An individual refuses to touch aspects of his own ego Inaccurate self-image: all unacceptable aspects of the ego appear as external, foreign, not-self they are projected as the shadow

Confronting with our own opposites Psychoanalysis Komajas Polytherapy Komajas Theatre of Truth

Polytherapy is a spiritual, manifold

therapeutic method.
offers deep insights into the subconscious and unconscious layers of ones psyche helps the transformation of conscious blocks, complexes and other disorders into positive and creative manifestations of life.

Persona + shadow = ego A healthy ego integrates all various aspects of the organism

Integrating body and mind The integration of body and the ego is a deeper reality than either alone

Gestalt Therapy

Komajas Hatha Yoga

First part of the basic Komaja

meditation technique for beginners

Collective unconscious within us contains the collective motifs of the entire human race (C.G.Jung)

Using this powerful forces!

Inner I-ness, transpersonal witness, transpersonal self

C.G. Jungs psychotherapy Assagiolis psychosynthesis Second part of the Basic Komaja

Meditation technique for beginners Togetherness: Komajas Community


There is no path to unity consciousness Grand paradox of unity consciousness

Our practice does not lead to unity consciousness, our practice is unity consciousness.

Man, know thyself and thou shall know the universe and the gods. (temple of Dehli)
Different levels of consciousness different perception of the world