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Holocaust Facts, Holocaust Stories, & Holocaust Denial

David Irving could lay claim to being the worlds premier historian and authority on Hitler and the Second World War, but one thing he will never lay claim to is being the most popular. He has been banned from numerous countries, imprisoned, persecuted, and people have even gone as far as smashing the windows of book stores which sell his books; all because he speaks the truth. In this video, David Irving speaks about his book Hitlers War, and the events surrounding that moment in time. He didnt write the book on fables or stories, as many of todays versions of history contain, but instead thoroughly scoured the historical archives for 30 years to write a book solely based on facts. One of these facts is that there is not one historical record linking Hitler to the Holocaust: It just didnt happen. Irving tells of the trials the modern day Jews have put him through for exposing their Holocaust lies, and also provides a detailed account of why their stories are lies, and what the truth actually is. He describes the Holocaust as a package, and the Jews want you to buy it without inspecting it, and if you want to inspect it you are branded a Holocaust Denier. Well Irving has done his inspection, and these are some of the points you will learn in this well presented, powerful, yet entertaining video: Some parts of the Holocaust story are true, while others are complete lies

The word Holocaust was only invented in 1970 The Jews produced a letter with the Chief of the SS talking to Hitler about gas chambers, but this was exposed as a fake. The gas chamber they show the tourists in Auschwitz is a fake, and was built by the Polish government after the war. There is not one single document in the German archives showing or mentioning gas chambers or killing people with gas During the war, the British were intercepting all communications from the 7 largest concentration camps, from which the records show that: 1. There were mentions of deaths by illness, shooting, hanging 2. There was not one single mention of gas chambers 3. The vast majority of deaths were from natural causes 4. The smallest number of deaths were from executions

The Jews originally claimed that 4 million people Jews died in Auschwitz and 6 million in total, but after being caught out lying, they revised the Auschwitz figure to 1 million, but somehow kept the total at 6 million. Based on the historical records, which were incredibly detailed, only about 100,000 people died at Auschwitz, of which most were natural deaths. In 1972 the Holocaust movement created the Adolf Hitler diaries, and these were later exposed as fakes. For a Canadian court case, gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter was sent to Germany to conduct tests on the gas chamber walls at Auschwitz. We now know: 1. 48 pieces of brickwork were brought back to the US for testing 2. 47 of those pieces showed no trace of cyanide whatsoever 3. The 48th piece had massive levels, and was taken from the small clothing cleaning chamber 4. He proved that it was not a gas chamber and Zyklon B was not used 5. The clothing chamber ruled out the Jews excuse of saying it wouldnt be present in the walls after all this time

Based on the dimensions and operational capacity of the claimed gas chambers, if it was running 100% of the time they could have only gassed a maximum of 70,000 people. 2,000,000 tonnes of coke would be required to cremate all the bodies for numbers they claim, yet only a minute fraction of this is visible in aerial photos or delivery records. In fact, Russian archives give the total delivery figure as just 2,188 tonnes, which also confirms a death toll at Auschwitz of under 100,000 people. Aerial photos also fail to show any lines of people waiting for gas chambers, or any mass graves. Death certificate records were kept at Auschwitz, and these also show less than 100,000 people died there. Historical records show that about 90% of these died from natural causes and disease, with only about 10,000 people being murdered. Letters from the German Chancellor to British PM Winston Churchill in 1937 show that it was actually the Jews themselves who were funding Hitler. Churchill himself had strong Jewish links and was also funded by them. The whole plan was to sacrifice some of their own to help in the creation of their state of Israel. When Churchill tried to get the US to join the war, a letter dated Sep 1941 to Churchill from Chaim Weizmann said that the he would get the US to enter the war only if Churchill grants them a Jewish state in the Middle East. Many Eastern European countries, including Hungary, Latvia and Russia were not primarily Jewish, yet Jews held most of the top positions in parliament and the secret police, and were responsible for brutal torture and persecution of the public, and this is why people rose up against the Jews and wanted them out. Under current Nuremberg Trials laws in many parts of Europe, you can be fined or jailed for speaking the truth, because they have created a law where you cant question their official story of events. A classic Nuremberg law example is that they declared that it was the Nazis who murdered 15,000 polish officers in Katyn forest. It was later shown in Russian historical documents, and admitted by Gorbachev, that it was the Russian secret police who committed this crime. But you are still forced by law to say that the Germans did it.