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Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ

Transcribed from The Book of Gods Remembrance (Akashic Records) B !e"i #$ %o&lin' (()**+(,(()

This book was originally published in 19 ! in "os Angeles, California# $n the title page of the 199% edition, published by Ad&entures 'nli(ited )ress, it is stated* +This book is in the publi, do(ain and no per(ission is ne,essary for any reprodu,tion of (aterials ,ontained within#-

-.B/ 0+,12)(1+*(+0 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . .3CT-4/ $A!35# Birth and 3arl !ife of 6ar , 6other of Jesus C#A5T3R ( Palestine. Birth of Mary, Joachim's feast. Mary is blessed by the priests. A priests prophecy. Mary abides in the temple. Is betrothed to Joseph. A7G7.T7. Caesar rei'ned and #erod Antipas &as ruler of Jerusalem$ 2) Three pro"inces comprised the land of 5alestine8 Judea, .amaria and Galilee$ 1) Joachim &as a master of the Je&ish la&, a man of &ealth9 he li"ed in /a:areth of Galilee9 and Anna, of the tribe of Judah, &as his &ife$ *) To them &as born a child, a 'oodl female child, and the &ere 'lad9 and 6ar &as the name the 'a"e the child$ ;) Joachim made a feast in honor of the child9 but he in"ited not the rich, the honored and the 'reat9 he called the poor, the halt, the lame, the blind, and to each one he 'a"e a 'ift of raiment, food or other needful thin'$ <) #e said, The !ord has 'i"en me this &ealth9 - am his ste&ard b his 'race, and if - 'i"e not to his children &hen in need, then he &ill make this &ealth a curse$

=) /o&, &hen the child &as three ears old her parents took her to Jerusalem, and in the temple she recei"ed the blessin's of the priests$ )) The hi'h priest &as a prophet and a seer, and &hen he sa& the child he said, ,) Behold, this child &ill be the mother of an honored prophet and a master of the la&9 she shall abide &ithin this hol temple of the !ord$ (0) And 6ar did abide &ithin the temple of the !ord9 and #illel, chief of the .anhedrin, tau'ht her all the precepts of the Je&s, and she deli'hted in the la& of God$ (() >hen 6ar reached the a'e of &omanhood she &as betrothed to Joseph, son of Jacob, and a carpenter of /a:areth$ (2) And Joseph &as an upri'ht man, and a de"oted 3ssene$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / .3CT-4/ -B3T# Birth and -nfanc of John, the #arbin'er, and of Jesus C#A5T3R 2 Zacharias and Elizabeth. Prophetic messa es of !abriel to Zacharias, Elizabeth and Mary. Birth of John. Prophecy of Zacharias. /3AR #ebron in the hills of Judah, ?acharias and 3li:abeth abode$ 2) The &ere de"out and @ust, and e"er da the read the !a&, the 5rophets and the 5salms &hich told of one to come, stron' to redeem9 and the &ere &aitin' for the kin'$ 1) /o&, ?acharias &as a priest, and in his turn he led the temple ser"ice in Jerusalem$ *) -t came to pass as ?acharias stood before the !ord and burned the incense in the #ol 5lace, that Gabriel came and stood before his face$ ;) And ?acharias &as afraid9 he thou'ht that some 'reat e"il &as about to come upon the Je&s$ <) But Gabriel said, 4 man of God, fear not9 - brin' to ou and all the &orld, a messa'e of 'ood &ill, and peace on earth$ =) Behold, the 5rince of 5eace, the kin' ou seek, &ill quickl come$ )) Aour &ife &ill bear to ou a son, a hol son, of &hom the prophet &rote, ,) Behold, - send 3li@ah unto ou a'ain before the comin' of the !ord9 and he &ill le"el do&n the hills and fill the "alle s up, and pa"e the &a for him &ho shall redeem$ (0) Brom the be'innin' of the a'e our son has borne the name of John, the merc of the !ord9 his name is John$ (() #e &ill be honored in the si'ht of God, and he &ill drink no &ine, and from his birth he &ill be filled &ith #ol Breath$ (2) And Gabriel stood before 3li:abeth as she &as in the silence of her home, and told her all the &ords that he had said to ?acharias in Jerusalem$ (1) >hen he had done the ser"ice of his course, the priest &ent home, and &ith 3li:abeth re@oiced$ (*) Bi"e months passed b and Gabriel came to 6ar in her home in /a:areth and said, (;) #ail 6ar , hailC 4nce blessed in the name of God9 t&ice blessed in the name

of #ol Breath9 thrice blessed in the name of Christ9 for ou are &orth , and &ill bear a son &ho shall be called -mmanuel$ (<) #is name is Jesus, for he sa"es his people from their sins$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 0 (=) >hen JosephDs dail task &as done he came, and 6ar told him all the &ords that Gabriel spoke to her, and the re@oiced9 for the belie"ed that he, the man of God, had spoken &ords of truth$ ()) And 6ar &ent &ith haste to tell 3li:abeth about the promises of Gabriel9 to'ether the re@oiced$ (,) And in the home of ?acharias and 3li:abeth did 6ar tarr ninet da s9 then she returned to /a:areth$ 20) To ?acharias and 3li:abeth a son &as born, and ?acharias said, 2() 6ost blessed be the name of God, for he has opened up the fount of blessin's for his people, -srael$ 22) #is promises are "erified9 for he has brou'ht to pass the &ords &hich hol prophets spoke in olden times$ 21) And ?acharias looked upon infant John, and said, 2*) Aou &ill be called the prophet of the #ol 4ne9 and ou &ill 'o before his face, and &ill prepare his &a $ 2;) And ou &ill 'i"e a kno&led'e of sal"ation unto -srael9 and ou &ill preach the 'ospel of repentance and the blottin' out of sins$ 2<) Behold, for soon the %a .tar from on hi'h &ill "isit us, to li'ht the &a for those &ho sit &ithin the darkness of the shado&+land, and 'uide our feet unto the &a s of peace$ C#A5T3R 1 Birth of Jes"s. Masters honor the child. #he shepherds re$oice. Zacharias and Elizabeth %isit Mary. Jes"s is circ"mcised. T#3 time &as nearl due for Jesus to be born, and 6ar lon'ed to see 3li:abeth, and she and Joseph turned their faces to&ard the Judean hills$ 2) And &hen, upon their &a , the came to Bethlehem, the da &as done, and the must tarr for the ni'ht$ 1) But Bethlehem &as thron'ed &ith people 'oin' to Jerusalem9 the inns and homes &ere filled &ith 'uests, and Joseph and his &ife could find no place to rest but in a ca"e &here animals &ere kept9 and there the slept$ *) At midni'ht came a cr , A child is born in onder ca"e amon' the beasts$ And lo, the promised son of man &as born$ ;) And stran'ers took the little one and &rapped him in the daint robes that 6ar had prepared and laid him in a trou'h from &hich the beasts of burden fed$ <) Three persons clad in sno&+&hite robes came in and stood before the child and said, =) All stren'th, all &isdom and all lo"e be ours, -mmanuel$ )) /o&, on the hills of Bethlehem &ere man flocks of sheep &ith shepherds 'uardin' them$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 ,) The shepherds &ere de"out, &ere men of pra er, and the &ere &aitin' for a

stron' deli"erer to come$ (0) And &hen the child of promise came, a man in sno&+&hite robe appeared to them, and the fell back in fear$ The man stood forth and said, (() Bear notC behold - brin' ou @o ful ne&s$ At midni'ht in a ca"e in Bethlehem &as born the prophet and the kin' that ou ha"e lon' been &aitin' for$ (2) And then the shepherds all &ere 'lad9 the felt that all the hills &ere filled &ith messen'ers of li'ht, &ho said, (1) All 'lor be to God on hi'h9 peace, peace on earth, 'ood &ill to men$ (*) And then the shepherds came &ith haste to Bethlehem and to the ca"e, that the mi'ht see and honor him &hom men had called -mmanuel$ (;) /o&, &hen the mornin' came, a shepherdess &hose home &as near, prepared a room for 6ar , Joseph and the child9 and here the tarried man da s$ (<) And Joseph sent a messen'er in haste to ?acharias and 3li:abeth to sa , The child is born in Bethlehem$ (=) And ?acharias and 3li:abeth took John and came to Bethlehem &ith &ords of cheer$ ()) And 6ar and 3li:abeth recounted all the &ondrous thin's that had transpired$ The people @oined &ith them in praisin' God$ (,) Accordin' to the custom of the Je&s, the child &as circumcised9 and &hen the asked, >hat &ill ou call the childE the mother said, #is name is Jesus, as the man of God declared$ C#A5T3R * &onsecration of Jes"s. Mary offers sacrifices. 'imeon and Anna prophesy. Anna is reb"(ed for )orshippin the child. #he family ret"rns to Bethlehem. /4>, 6ar took her son, &hen he &as fort da s of a'e, up to the temple in Jerusalem, and he &as consecrated b the priest$ 2) And then she offered purif in' sacrifices for herself, accordin' to the custom of the Je&s9 a lamb and t&o oun' turtle do"es$ 1) A pious Je& named .imeon &as in the temple ser"in' God$ *) Brom earl outh he had been lookin' for -mmanuel to come, and he had pra ed to God that he mi'ht not depart until his e es had seen 6essiah in the flesh$ ;) And &hen he sa& the infant Jesus he re@oiced and said, - no& am read to depart in peace, for - ha"e seen the kin'$ <) And then he took the infant in his arms and said, Behold, this child &ill brin' a s&ord upon m people, -srael, and all the &orld9 but he &ill break the s&ord and then the nations &ill learn &ar no more$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling % =) The masterDs cross - see upon the forehead of this child, and he &ill conquer b this si'n$ )) And in the temple &as a &ido&, four and ei'ht ears of a'e, and she departed not, but ni'ht and da she &orshipped God$ ,) And &hen she sa& the infant Jesus she eFclaimed, Behold -mmanuelC Behold the si'net cross of the 6essiah on his bro&C (0) And then the &oman knelt to &orship him, as God &ith us, -mmanuel9 but

one, a master, clothed in &hite, appeared and said, (() Good &oman, sta 9 take heed to &hat ou do9 ou ma not &orship man9 this is idolatr $ (2) This child is man, the son of man, and &orth of all praise$ Aou shall adore and &orship God9 him onl shall ou ser"e$ (1) The &oman rose and bo&ed her head in thankfulness and &orshipped God$ (*) And 6ar took the infant Jesus and returned to Bethlehem$ C#A5T3R ; #hree ma ian priests honor Jes"s. *erod is alarmed. &alls a co"ncil of the Je)s. Is told that prophets had foretold the comin of a (in . *erod resol%es to (ill the child. Mary and Joseph ta(e Jes"s and flee into E ypt. B3A4/% the ri"er 3uphrates the ma'ians li"ed9 and the &ere &ise, could read the lan'ua'e of the stars, and the di"ined that one, a master soul, &as born9 the sa& his star abo"e Jerusalem$ 2) And there &ere three amon' the ma'ian priests &ho lon'ed to see the master of the comin' a'e9 and the took costl 'ifts and hastened to the >est in search of him, the ne&born kin', that the mi'ht honor him$ 1) And one took 'old, the s mbol of nobilit 9 another m rrh, the s mbol of dominion and of po&er9 'um+thus the other took, the s mbol of the &isdom of the sa'e$ *) /o& &hen the ma'ians reached Jerusalem the people &ere ama:ed, and &ondered &ho the &ere and &h the came$ ;) And &hen the asked, >here is the child that has been born a kin'E the "er throne of #erod seemed to shake$ <) And #erod sent a courtier forth to brin' the ma'ians to his court$ =) And &hen the came the asked a'ain, >here is the ne&born kin'E And then the said, >hile et be ond the 3uphrates &e sa& his star arise, and &e ha"e come to honor him$ )) And #erod blanched &ith fear$ #e thou'ht, perhaps, the priests &ere plottin' to restore the kin'dom of the Je&s, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 2 and so he said &ithin himself, - &ill kno& more about this child that has been born a kin'$ ,) And so he told the ma'ian priests to tarr in the cit for a &hile and he &ould tell them all about the kin'$ (0) #e called in council all the Je&ish masters of the la& and asked, >hat ha"e the Je&ish prophets said concernin' such a oneE (() The Je&ish masters ans&ered him and said, The prophets lon' a'o foretold that one &ould come to rule the tribes of -srael9 that this 6essiah &ould be born in Bethlehem$ (2) The said, The prophet 6icah &rote, 4 Bethlehem Judea, a little place amon' the Judean hills, et out of ou &ill one come forth to rule m people, -srael9 ea, one &ho li"ed in olden times, in "er

ancient da s$ (1) Then #erod called the ma'ian priests a'ain and told them &hat the masters of the Je&ish la& had said9 and then he sent them on the &a to Bethlehem$ (*) #e said, Go search, and if ou find the child that has been born a kin', return and tell me all, that - ma 'o and honor him$ (;) The ma'ians &ent their &a and found the child &ith 6ar in the shepherdDs home$ (<) The honored him9 besto&ed upon him precious 'ifts and 'a"e him 'old, 'um+thus and m rrh$ (=) These ma'ian priests could read the hearts of men9 the read the &ickedness of #erodDs heart, and kne& that he had s&orn to kill the ne& born kin'$ ()) And so the told the secret to the parents of the child, and bid them flee be ond the reach of harm$ (,) And then the priests &ent on their home&ard &a 9 the &ent not throu'h Jerusalem$ 20) And Joseph took the infant Jesus and his mother in the ni'ht and fled to 3' pt land, and &ith 3lihu and .alome in ancient ?oan the abode$ C#A5T3R < *erod learns of the mission of John. #he infants of Bethlehem are massacred by *erod's order. Elizabeth escapes )ith John. Beca"se Zacharias cannot tell )here his son is hidden, he is m"rdered. *erod dies. /4>, &hen the ma'ian priests did not return to tell him of the child that had been born a kin', Gin' #erod &as enra'ed$ 2) And then his courtiers told him of another child in Bethlehem, one born to 'o before and to prepare the people to recei"e the kin'$ 1) This an'ered more and more the kin'9 he called his 'uards and bid them 'o to Bethlehem and sla the infant John, as &ell as Jesus &ho &as born to be a kin'$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ! *) #e said, !et no mistake be made, and that ou ma be sure to sla these claimants to m throne, sla all the male children in the to&n not et t&o ears of a'e$ ;) The 'uards &ent forth and did as #erod bade them do$ <) 3li:abeth kne& not that #erod sou'ht to sla her son, and she and John &ere et in Bethlehem9 but &hen she kne&, she took the infant John and hastened to the hills$ =) The murderous 'uards &ere near9 the pressed upon her hard9 but then she kne& the secret ca"es in all the hills, and into one she ran and hid herself and John until the 'uards &ere 'one$ )) Their cruel task &as done9 the 'uards returned and told the stor to the kin'$ ,) The said, >e kno& that &e ha"e slain the infant kin'9 but John his harbin'er, &e could not find$ (0) The kin' &as an'r &ith his 'uards because the failed to sla the infant John9 #e sent them to the to&er in chains$ (() And other 'uards &ere sent to ?acharias, father of the harbin'er, &hile he &as ser"in' in the #ol 5lace, to sa , The kin' demands that ou shall tell &here is our son$

(2) But ?acharias did not kno&, and he replied, - am a minister of God, a ser"ant in the #ol 5lace9 ho& could - kno& &here the ha"e taken himE (1) And &hen the 'uards returned and told the kin' &hat ?acharias said, he &as enra'ed and said, (*) 6 'uards, 'o back and tell that &il priest that he is in m hands9 that if he does not tell the truth, does not re"eal the hidin' place of John, his son, then he shall die$ (;) The 'uards &ent back and told the priest @ust &hat the kin' had said$ (<) And ?acharias said, - can but 'i"e m life for truth9 and if the kin' does shed m blood the !ord &ill sa"e m soul$ (=) The 'uards a'ain returned and told the kin' &hat ?acharias said$ ()) /o&, ?acharias stood before the altar in the #ol 5lace en'a'ed in pra er$ (,) A 'uard approached and &ith a da''er thrust him throu'h9 he fell and died before the curtain of the sanctuar of the !ord$ 20) And &hen the hour of salutation came, for ?acharias dail blessed the priests, he did not come$ 2() And after &aitin' lon' the priests &ent to the #ol 5lace and found the bod of the dead$ 22) And there &as 'rief, deep 'rief, in all the land$ 21) /o& #erod sat upon his throne9 he did not seem to mo"e9 his courtiers came9 the kin' &as dead$ #is sons rei'ned in his stead$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 9 .3CT-4/ --G-63! 3ducation of 6ar and 3li:abeth in ?oan C#A5T3R = Archela"s rei ns. Mary and Elizabeth )ith their sons are in Zoan and are ta" ht by Elih" and 'alome. Elih"'s introd"ctory lesson. #ells of a transcriber. T#3 son of #erod, Archelaus, rei'ned in Jerusalem$ #e &as a selfish, cruel kin'9 he put to death all those &ho did not honor him$ 2) #e called in council all the &isest men and asked about the infant claimant to his throne$ 1) The council said that John and Jesus both &ere dead9 then he &as satisfied$ *) /o& Joseph, 6ar and their son &ere do&n in 3' pt in ?oan, and John &as &ith his mother in the Judean #ills$ ;) 3lihu and .alome sent messen'ers in haste to find 3li:abeth and John$ The found them and the brou'ht them to ?oan$ <) /o&, 6ar and 3li:abeth &ere mar"elin' much because of their deli"erance$ =) 3lihu said, -t is not stran'e9 there are no (random) happenin's9 la& 'o"erns all e"ents$ )) Brom olden times it &as ordained that ou should be &ith us, and in this sacred school be tau'ht$ ,) 3lihu and .alome took 6ar and 3li:abeth out to the sacred 'ro"e nearb &here the &ere &ont to teach$ (0) 3lihu said to 6ar and 3li:abeth, Aou ma esteem oursel"es thrice blest, for ou are chosen mothers of lon'

promised sons, (() >ho are ordained to la in solid rock a sure foundation stone on &hich the temple of the perfect man shall rest H a temple that shall ne"er be destro ed$ (2) >e measure time b c cle a'es, and the 'ate to e"er a'e &e deem a milestone in the @ourne of the (human) race$ (1) An a'e has passed9 the 'ate unto another a'e flies open at the touch of time$ This is the preparation a'e of soul, the kin'dom of -mmanuel, of God in man9 (*) And these, our sons, &ill be the first to tell the ne&s, and preach the 'ospel of 'ood &ill to men, and peace on earth$ (;) A mi'ht &ork is theirs9 for carnal men &ant not the li'ht, the lo"e the dark, and &hen the li'ht shines in the dark the comprehend it not$ (<) >e call these sons Re"ealers of the !i'ht9 but the must ha"e the li'ht before the can re"eal the li'ht$ (=) And ou must teach our sons, and set their souls on fire &ith lo"e and hol :eal, and make them conscious of their missions to the sons of men$ ()) Teach them that God and man &ere one9 but that throu'h carnal thou'hts Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 and &ords and deeds, man tore himself a&a from God9 debased himself$ (,) Teach that the #ol Breath &ould make them one a'ain, restorin' harmon and peace9 20) That nau'ht can make them one but !o"e9 that God so lo"ed the &orld that he has clothed his son in flesh that man ma comprehend$ 2() The onl .a"ior of the &orld is lo"e, and Jesus, son of 6ar , comes to manifest that lo"e to men$ 22) /o&, lo"e cannot manifest until its &a has been prepared, and nau'ht can rend the rocks and brin' do&n loft hills and fill the "alle s up, and thus prepare the &a , but purit $ 21) But purit in life, men do not comprehend9 and so, it too, must come in flesh$ 2*) And ou, 3li:abeth, are blest because our son is purit made flesh, and he shall pa"e the &a for lo"e$ 2;) This a'e &ill comprehend but little of the &orks of 5urit and !o"e9 but

not a &ord is lost, for in the Book of GodDs Remembrance a re'istr is made of e"er thou'ht, and &ord, and deed9 2<) And &hen the &orld is read to recei"e, lo, God &ill send a messen'er to open up the book, and cop from its sacred pa'es all the messa'es of 5urit and !o"e$ 2=) Then e"er man of earth &ill read the &ords of life in lan'ua'e of his nati"e land, and men &ill see the li'ht, &alk in the li'ht and be the li'ht$ 2)) And man a'ain &ill be at one &ith God$
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11 C#A5T3R ) Elih"'s lessons. #he "nity of life. #he t)o selfs. #he de%il. +o%e , the sa%ior of men. #he -a%id of the li ht. !oliath of the dar(. AGA-/ 3lihu met his pupils in the sacred 'ro"e and said,

2) /o man li"es unto himself9 for e"er li"in' thin' is bound b cords to e"er other li"in' thin'$ 1) Blest are the pure in heart9 for the &ill lo"e and not demand lo"e in return$ *) The &ill not do to other men &hat the &ould not ha"e other men do unto them$ ;) There are t&o selfs9 the hi'her and the lo&er self$ <) The hi'her self is human spirit clothed &ith soul, made in the form of God$ =) The lo&er self, the carnal self, the bod of desires, is a reflection of the hi'her self, distorted b the murk ethers of the flesh$ )) The lo&er self is an illusion, and &ill pass a&a 9 the hi'her self is God in man, and &ill not pass a&a $ ,) The hi'her self is the embodiment of truth9 the lo&er self is truth re"ersed, and so is falsehood manifest$ (0) The hi'her self is @ustice, merc , lo"e and ri'ht9 the lo&er self is &hat the hi'her self is not$ (() The lo&er self breeds hatred, slander, le&dness, murders, theft, and e"er thin' that harms9 the hi'her self is mother of the "irtues and the harmonies of life$ (2) The lo&er self is rich in promises, but poor in blessedness and peace9 it offers pleasure, @o and satisf in' 'ains9 but 'i"es unrest and miser and death$ (1) -t 'i"es men apples that are lo"el to the e e and pleasant to the smell9 their cores are full of bitterness and 'all$ (*) -f ou &ould ask me &hat to stud - &ould sa , our selfs9 and &hen ou &ell had studied them, and then &ould ask me &hat to stud neFt, - &ould repl , our selfs$ (;) #e &ho kno&s &ell his lo&er self, kno&s the illusions of the &orld, kno&s of the thin's that pass a&a 9 and he &ho kno&s his hi'her self, kno&s God9 kno&s &ell the thin's that cannot pass a&a $ (<) Thrice blessed is the man &ho has made purit and lo"e his "er o&n9 he has been ransomed from the perils of the lo&er self and is himself his hi'her self$ (=) 6en seek sal"ation from an e"il that the deem a li"in' monster of the nether &orld9 and the ha"e 'ods that are but demons in dis'uise9 all po&erful, et full of @ealous and hate and lust9 ()) >hose fa"ors must be bou'ht &ith costl sacrifice of fruits, and of the li"es of birds, and animals, and human kind$ (,) And et these 'ods possess no ears to hear, no e es to see, no heart to s mpathi:e, no po&er to sa"e$ 20) This e"il is m th9 these 'ods are made of air, and clothed &ith shado&s of a thou'ht$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1. 2() The onl de"il from &hich men must be redeemed is self, the lo&er self$ -f man &ould find his de"il he must look &ithin9 his name is self$ 22) -f man &ould find his sa"ior he must look &ithin9 and &hen the demon self has been dethroned the sa"ior, !o"e, &ill be eFulted to the throne of po&er$ 21) The %a"id of the li'ht is 5urit , &ho sla s the stron' Goliath of the dark, and seats the sa"ior, !o"e, upon the throne$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/ C#A5T3R ,

'alome's lessons. #he man and the )oman. Philosophy of h"man moods. #he tri"ne !od. #he 'eptonate. #he !od #ao. .A!463 tau'ht the lesson of the da $ .he said, All times are not alike$ Toda the &ords of man ma ha"e the 'reatest po&er9 tomorro& &oman teaches best$ 2) -n all the &a s of life the man and &oman should &alk hand in hand9 the one &ithout the other is but half9 each has a &ork to do$ 1) But all thin's teach9 each has a time and a season for its o&n$ The sun, the moon ha"e lessons of their o&n for men9 but each one teaches at the appointed time$ *) The lessons of the sun fall do&n on human hearts like &ithered lea"es upon a stream, if 'i"en in the season of the moon9 and so &ith lessons of the moon and all the stars$ ;) Toda one &alks in 'loom, do&nhearted and oppressed9 tomorro& that same one is filled &ith @o $ <) Toda the hea"ens seem full of blessedness and hope9 tomorro& hope has fled, and e"er plan and purpose comes to nau'ht$ =) Toda one &ants to curse the "er 'round on &hich he treads9 tomorro& he is full of lo"e and praise$ )) Toda one hates and scorns and en"ies and is @ealous of the child he lo"es9 tomorro& he has risen abo"e his carnal self, and breathes forth 'ladness and 'ood &ill$ ,) A thousand times men &onder &h these hei'hts and depths, these li'ht hearts and these sad, are found in e"er life$ (0) The do not kno& that there are teachers e"er &here, each bus &ith a God+ appointed task, and dri"in' home to human hearts the truth$ (() But this is true, and e"er one recei"es the lessons that he needs$ (2) And 6ar said, Toda - am in eFaltation 'reat9 m thou'hts and all m life seem lifted up9 &h am - thus inspiredE (1) .alome replied, This is a da of eFaltation9 da of &orship and of praise9 a da &hen, in a measure, &e ma comprehend our Bather+God$ (*) Then let us stud God, the 4ne, the Three, the .e"en$ (;) Before the &orlds &ere formed all thin's &ere 4ne9 @ust .pirit, 7ni"ersal Breath$ (<) And .pirit breathed, and that &hich &as not manifest became the Bire and Thou'ht of #ea"en, the Bather+God, the 6other+God$ (=) And &hen the Bire and Thou'ht of hea"en in union breathed, their son, their onl son, &as born$ This son is !o"e &hom men ha"e called the Christ$ ()) 6en call the Thou'ht of hea"en the #ol Breath$ (,) And &hen the Triune God breathed forth, lo, se"en .pirits stood before the throne$ These are the 3lohim, creati"e spirits of the uni"erse$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 10 20) And these are the &ho said, !et us make man9 and in their ima'e man &as made$ 2() -n earl a'es of the &orld the d&ellers in the farther 3ast said, Tao is the name of 7ni"ersal Breath9 and in the ancient books &e read, 22) /o manifestin' form has Tao Great, and et he made and keeps the hea"ens

and earth$ 21) /o passion has our Tao Great, and et he causes sun and moon and all the stars to rise and set$ 2*) /o name has Tao Great, and et he makes all thin's to 'ro&9 he brin's in season both the seed time and the har"est time$ 2;) And Tao Great &as 4ne9 the 4ne became the T&o9 the T&o became the Three, the Three e"ol"ed the .e"en, &hich filled the uni"erse &ith manifests$ 2<) And Tao Great 'i"es unto all, the e"il and the 'ood, the rain, the de&, the sunshine and the flo&ers9 from his rich stores he feeds them all$ 2=) And in the same old book &e read of man8 #e has a spirit knit to Tao Great9 a soul &hich li"es &ithin the se"en Breaths of Tao Great9 a bod of desires that sprin's up from the soil of flesh$ 2)) /o& spirit lo"es the pure, the 'ood, the true9 the bod of desires eFtols the selfish self9 the soul becomes the battle 'round bet&een the t&o$ 2,) And blessed is the man &hose spirit is triumphant and &hose lo&er self is purified9 &hose soul is cleansed, becomin' fit to be the council chamber of the manifests of Tao Great$ 10) Thus closed the lesson of .alome$ C#A5T3R (0 Elih"'s lessons. #he Brahmic reli ion. +ife of Abram. Je)ish sacred boo(s. #he Persian reli ion. 3!-#7 tau'ht9 he said, -n ancient times a people in the 3ast &ere &orshippers of God, the 4ne, &hom the called Brahm$ 2) Their la&s &ere @ust9 the li"ed in peace9 the sa& the li'ht &ithin9 the &alked in &isdomDs &a s$ 1) But priests &ith carnal aims arose, &ho chan'ed the la&s to suit the carnal mind9 bound hea" burdens on the poor, and scorned the rules of ri'ht9 and so the Brahms became corrupt$ *) But in the darkness of the a'e a fe& 'reat masters stood unmo"ed9 the lo"ed the name of Brahm9 the &ere 'reat beacon li'hts before the &orld$ ;) And the preser"ed in"iolate the &isdom of their hol Brahm, and ou ma read this &isdom in their sacred books$ <) And in Chaldea, Brahm &as kno&n$ A pious Brahm named Terah li"ed in 7r9 his son &as so de"oted to the Brahmic faith that he &as called A+Brahm9 and he &as set apart to be the father of the #ebre& race$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11 =) /o&, Terah took his &ife and sons and all his flocks and herds to #aran in the >est9 here Terah died$ )) And Abram took the flocks and herds, and &ith his kindred @ourne ed farther &est9 ,) And &hen he reached the 4aks of 6orah in the land of Canaan, he pitched his tents and there abode$ (0) A famine s&ept the land and Abram took his kindred and his flocks and herds and came to 3' pt, and in these fertile plains of ?oan pitched his tent, and here abode$ (() And men still mark the place &here Abram li"ed H across the plain$ (2) Aou ask &h Abram came to 3' pt landE This is the cradle+land of the

initiate9 all secret thin's belon' to 3' pt land9 and this is &h the masters come$ (1) -n ?oan Abram tau'ht his science of the stars, and in that sacred temple o"er there he learned the &isdom of the &ise$ (*) And &hen his lessons all &ere learned, he took his kindred and his flocks and herds and @ourne ed back to Canaan, and in the plains of 6amre pitched his tent, and there he li"ed, and there he died$ (;) And records of his life and &orks and of his sons, and of the tribes of -srael, are &ell preser"ed in Je&ish sacred books$ (<) -n 5ersia Brahm &as kno&n, and feared$ 6en sa& him as the 4ne, the causeless Cause of all that is, and he &as sacred unto them, as Tao to the d&ellers of the farther 3ast$ (=) The people li"ed in peace, and @ustice ruled$ ()) But, as in other lands, in 5ersia priests arose imbued &ith self and self desires, &ho outra'ed Borce, -ntelli'ence and !o"e9 (,) Reli'ion 're& corrupt, and birds and beasts and creepin' thin's &ere set apart as 'ods$ 20) -n course of time a loft soul, &hom men called ?arathustra, came in flesh$ 2() #e sa& the causeless .pirit, hi'h and lifted up9 he sa& the &eakness of all man+appointed 'ods$ 22) #e spoke and all of 5ersia heard9 and &hen he said, 4ne God, one people and one shrine, the altars of the idols fell, and 5ersia &as redeemed$ 21) But men must see their Gods &ith human e es, and ?arathustra said, 2*) The 'reatest of the .pirits standin' near the throne is the Ahura 6a:da, &ho manifests in bri'htness of the sun$ 2;) And all the people sa& Ahura 6a:da in the sun, and the fell do&n and &orshipped him in temples of the sun$ 2<) And 5ersia is the ma'ian land &here li"e the priests &ho sa& the star arise to mark the place &here 6ar Ds son &as born, and &ere the first to 'reet him as the 5rince of 5eace$ 2=) The precepts and the la&s of ?arathustra are preser"ed in the A"esta &hich ou can read and make our o&n$ 2)) But ou must kno& that &ords are nau'ht till the are made ali"e9 until the lessons the contain become a part of head and heart$ 2,) /o& truth is one9 but no one kno&s the truth until he is the truth$ -t is recorded in an ancient book$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1% 10) Truth is the lea"enin' po&er of God9 it can transmute the all of life into itself9 and &hen the all of life is truth, then man is truth$ C#A5T3R (( Elih"'s lessons. B"ddhism and the precepts of B"ddha. #he mysteries of E ypt. AGA-/ 3lihu tau'ht9 he said, The -ndian priests became corrupt9 Brahm &as for'otten in the streets9 the ri'hts of men &ere trampled in the dust$ 2) And then a mi'ht master came, a Buddha of enli'htenment, &ho turned a&a from &ealth and all the honors of the &orld, and found the .ilence in the quiet 'ro"es and ca"es9 and he &as blest$ 1) #e preached a 'ospel of the hi'her life, and tau'ht man ho& to honor man$ *) #e had no doctrine of the 'ods to teach9 he @ust kne& man, and so his creed

&as @ustice, lo"e and ri'hteousness$ ;) - quote for ou a fe& of man of the helpful &ords &hich Buddha spoke8 <) #ate is a cruel &ord$ -f men hate ou re'ard it not9 and ou can turn the hate of men to lo"e and merc and 'ood&ill, and merc is as lar'e as all the hea"ens$ =) And there is 'ood enou'h for all$ >ith 'ood destro the bad9 &ith 'enerous deeds make a"arice ashamed9 &ith truth make strai'ht the crooked lines that error dra&s, for error is but truth distorted, 'one astra $ )) And pain &ill follo& him &ho speaks or acts &ith e"il thou'hts, as does the &heel the foot of him &ho dra&s the cart$ ,) #e is a 'reater man &ho conquers self than he &ho kills a thousand men in &ar$ (0) #e is the noble man &ho is himself &hat he belie"es &hat other men should be$ (() Return to him &ho does ou &ron' our purest lo"e, and he &ill cease from doin' &ron'9 for lo"e &ill purif the heart of him &ho is belo"ed as trul as it purifies the heart of him &ho lo"es$ (2) The &ords of Buddha are recorded in the -ndian sacred books9 attend to them, for the are part of the instructions of the #ol Breath$ (1) The land of 3' pt is the land of secret thin's$ (*) The m steries of the a'es lie lock+bound in our temples and our shines$ (;) The masters of all times and climes come here to learn9 and &hen our sons ha"e 'ro&n to manhood the &ill finish all their studies in 3' ptian schools$ (<) But - ha"e said enou'h$ Tomorro& at the risin' of the sun &e meet a'ain$ C#A5T3R (2 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 12 'alome's lessons. Prayer . Elih"'s concl"din lessons. '"ms "p the three years' co"rse of st"dy. #he p"pils ret"rn to their homes. 345, when the (orning sun arose the (asters and their pupils all were in the sa,red gro&e# .6 7alo(e was the first to speak8 she said, 9ehold the sun: $t (anifests the power of God who speaks to us through sun and (oon and stars8 /6 Through (ountain, hill and &ale8 through flower, and plant and tree# 06 God sings for us through bird, and harpsi,hord, and hu(an &oi,e8 he speaks to us through wind and rain and thunder roll8 why should we not bow down and worship at his feet; 16 God speaks to hearts apart8 and hearts apart (ust speak to hi(8 and this is prayer# %6 $t is not prayer to shout at God, to stand, or sit, or kneel and tell hi( all about the sins of (en# 26 $t is not prayer to tell the <oly 4ne how great he is, how good he is, how strong and how ,o(passionate# !6 God is not (an to be bought up by praise of (an# 96 )rayer is the ardent wish that e&ery way of life be light8 that e&ery a,t be ,rowned with good8 that e&ery li&ing thing be prospered by our (inistry# 1 6 A noble deed, a helpful word is prayer8 a fer&ent, an effe,tual prayer# 116 The fount of prayer is in the heart8 by thought, not words, the heart is ,arried up to God, where it is blest, Then let us pray#

1.6 They prayed, but not a word was said8 but in that holy 7ilen,e e&ery heart was blest# 1/6 And then =lihu spoke# <e said to >ary and =li?abeth, 4ur words are said8 you need not tarry longer here8 the ,all has ,o(e8 the way is ,lear, you (ay return unto your nati&e land# 106 A (ighty work is gi&en you to do8 you shall dire,t the (inds that will dire,t the world# 116 @our sons are set apart to lead (en up to righteous thoughts, and words, and deeds8 1%6 To (ake (en know the sinfulness of sin8 to lead the( fro( the adoration of the lower self, and all illusi&e things, and (ake the( ,ons,ious of the self that li&es with Christ in God# 126 $n preparation for their work your sons (ust walk in (any thorny paths# 1!6 Aier,e trials and te(ptations they will (eet, like other (en8 their loads will not be light, and they will weary be, and faint# 196 And they will know the pangs of hunger and of thirst8 and without ,ause they will be (o,ked, i(prisoned, s,ourged# . 6 To (any ,ountries they will go, and at the feet of (any (asters they will sit, for they (ust learn like other (en# .16 9ut we ha&e said enough# The blessings of the Three and of the 7e&en, who stand before the throne, will surely rest upon you e&er(ore# ..6 Thus ,losed the lessons of =lihu and 7alo(e# Three years they taught their pupils Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1! in the sa,red gro&e, and if their lessons all were written in a book, lo, it would be a (ighty book8 of what they said we ha&e the su(# ./6 3ow, >ary, Joseph and =li?abeth with Jesus and his harbinger, set forth upon their ho(eward way# They went not by Jerusale(, for Ar,helaus reigned# .06 They Bourneyed by the 9itter 7ea, and when they rea,hed =ngedi hills they rested in the ho(e of Joshua, a near of kin8 and here =li?abeth and John abode# .16 9ut Joseph, >ary and their son went by the Jordan way, and after ,ertain days they rea,hed their ho(e in 3a?areth# Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 19 .3CT-4/ -I %A!3T# Childhood and 3arl 3ducation of John, the #arbin'er C#A5T3R (1 Elizabeth in En edi. #eaches her son. John becomes the p"pil of Matheno, )ho re%eals to him the meanin of sin and the la) of for i%eness. 3!-?AB3T# &as blest9 she spent her time &ith John, and 'a"e to him the lessons that 3lihu and .alome had 'i"en her$ 2) And John deli'hted in the &ildness of his home and in the lessons that he learned$ 1) /o& in the hills &ere man ca"es$ The ca"e of %a"id &as a+near in &hich the #ermit of 3n'edi li"ed$ *) This hermit &as 6atheno, priest of 3' pt, master from the temple of .akara$ ;) >hen John &as se"en ears of a'e 6atheno took him to the &ilderness and in the ca"e of %a"id the abode$

<) 6atheno tau'ht, and John &as thrilled &ith &hat the master said, and da b da 6atheno opened up to him the m steries of life$ =) John lo"ed the &ilderness9 he lo"ed his master and his simple fare$ Their food &as fruits, and nuts, &ild hone and the carob bread$ )) 6atheno &as an -sraelite, and he attended all the Je&ish feasts$ ,) >hen John &as nine ears old 6atheno took him to a 'reat feast in Jerusalem$ (0) The &icked Archelaus had been deposed and eFiled to a distant land because of selfishness and cruelt , and John &as not afraid$ (() John &as deli'hted &ith his "isit to Jerusalem$ 6atheno told him all about the ser"ice of the Je&s9 the meanin' of their sacrifices and their rites$ (2) John could not understand ho& sin could be for'i"en b killin' animals and birds and burnin' them before the !ord$ (1) 6atheno said, The God of hea"en and earth does not require sacrifice$ This custom, &ith its cruel rites, &as borro&ed from the idol &orshippers of other lands$ (*) /o sin &as e"er blotted out b sacrifice of animal, of bird, or man$ (;) .in is the rushin' forth of man into fens of &ickedness$ -f one &ould 'et a&a from sin he must retrace his steps, and find his &a out of the fens of &ickedness$ (<) Return and purif our hearts b lo"e and ri'hteousness and ou shall be for'i"en$ (=) This is the burden of the messa'e that the harbin'er shall brin' to men$ ()) >hat is for'i"enessE John inquired$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . (,) 6atheno said, -t is the pa in' up of debts$ A man &ho &ron's another man can ne"er be for'i"en until he ri'hts the &ron'$ 20) The Iedas sa s that none can ri'ht the &ron' but him &ho does the &ron'$ 2() John said, -f this be true &here is the po&er to for'i"e eFcept the po&er that rests in man himselfE Can man for'i"e himselfE 22) 6atheno said, The door is &ide a@ar9 ou see the &a of manDs return to ri'ht, and the for'i"eness of his sins$ C#A5T3R (* Matheno's lessons. #he doctrine of "ni%ersal la). #he po)er of man to choose and to attain. #he benefits of anta onisms. Ancient sacred boo(s. #he place of John and Jes"s in the )orld's history. 6AT#3/4 and his pupil, John, &ere talkin' of the sacred books of olden times, and of the 'olden precepts the contained, and John eFclaimed, 2) These 'olden precepts are sublime9 &hat need ha"e &e of other sacred booksE 1) 6atheno said, The .pirits of the #ol 4ne cause e"er thin' to come and 'o in proper time$ *) The sun has his o&n time to set, the moon to rise, to &aF and &ane, the stars to come and 'o, the rain to fall, the &inds to blo&9 ;) The seed times and the har"est times to come9 man to be born and man to die$

<) These mi'ht .pirits cause the nations to be born9 the rock them in their cradles, nurture them to 'reatest po&er, and &hen their tasks are done the &rap them in their &indin' sheets and la them in their tombs$ =) 3"ents are man in a nationDs life, and in the life of man, that are not pleasant for the time9 but in the end the truth appears8 &hate"er comes is for the best$ )) 6an &as created for a noble part9 but he could not be made a free man filled &ith &isdom, truth and mi'ht, ,) -f he &ere hed'ed about, confined in straits from &hich he could not pass, then he &ould be a to , a mere machine$ (0) Creati"e spirits 'a"e to man a &ill9 and so he has the po&er to choose$ (() #e ma attain the 'reatest hei'hts, or sink to deepest depths9 for &hat he &ills to 'ain he has the po&er to 'ain$ (2) -f he desires stren'th he has the po&er to 'ain that stren'th9 but he must o"ercome resistances to reach the 'oal9 no stren'th is e"er 'ained in idleness$ (1) .o, in the &hirl of man +sided conflicts man is placed &here he must stri"e to eFtricate himself$ (*) -n e"er conflict man 'ains stren'th9 &ith e"er conquest he attains to 'reater hei'hts$ >ith e"er da he finds ne& duties and ne& cares$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1 (;) 6an is not carried o"er dan'erous pits, nor helped to o"ercome his foes$ #e is himself his arm , and his s&ord and shield9 and he is captain of his hosts$ (<) The #ol 4nes @ust li'ht his &a $ 6an ne"er has been left &ithout a beacon li'ht to 'uide$ (=) And he has e"er had a li'hted lamp in hand that he ma see the dan'erous rocks, the turbid streams and treacherous pits$ ()) And so the #ol 4nes ha"e @ud'ed9 &hen men ha"e needed added li'ht a master soul has come to earth to 'i"e the li'ht$ (,) Before the Iedic da s the &orld had man sacred books to li'ht the &a 9 and &hen man needed 'reater li'ht the Iedas, the A"esta and the books of Tao Great appeared to sho& the &a to 'reater hei'hts$ 20) And in the proper place the #ebre& Bible, &ith its !a&, its 5rophets and its 5salms, appeared for manDs enli'htenment$ 2() But ears ha"e passed and men ha"e need of 'reater li'ht$ 22) And no& the %a .tar from on hi'h be'ins to shine9 and Jesus is the flesh+ made messen'er to sho& that li'ht to men$ 21) And ou, m pupil, ou ha"e been ordained to harbin'er the comin' da $ 2*) But ou must keep that purit of heart ou no& possess9 and ou must li'ht our lamp directl from the coals that burn upon the altar of the #ol 4nes$ 2;) And then our lamp &ill be transmuted to a boundless flame, and ou &ill be a li"in' torch &hose li'ht &ill shine &here"er man abides$ 2<) But in the a'es et to come, man &ill attain to 'reater hei'hts, and li'hts still more intense &ill come$ 2= And then, at last, a mi'ht master soul &ill come to earth to li'ht the &a up to the throne of perfect man$ C#A5T3R (; -eath and b"rial of Elizabeth. Matheno's lessons. #he ministry of death. #he mission of John. Instit"tion of the rite of baptism. Matheno ta(es John to E ypt, and places him in the temple at 'a(ara,

)here he remains ei hteen years. >#3/ John &as t&el"e ears old his mother died, and nei'hbors laid her bod in a tomb amon' her kindred in the #ebron bur in' 'round, and near to ?achariasD tomb$ 2) And John &as deepl 'rie"ed9 he &ept$ 6atheno said, -t is not &ell to &eep because of death$ 1) %eath is no enem of man9 it is a friend &ho, &hen the &ork of life is done, @ust cuts the cord that binds the human boat to earth, that it ma sail on smoother seas$ *) /o lan'ua'e can describe a motherDs &orth, and ours &as tried and true$ But she &as not called hence until her tasks &ere done$ ;) The calls of death are al&a s for the best, for &e are sol"in' problems there as Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .. &ell as here9 and one is sure to find himself &here he can sol"e his problems best$ <) -t is but selfishness that makes one &ish to call a'ain to earth departed souls$ =) Then let our mother rest in peace$ Just let her noble life be stren'th and inspiration unto ou$ )) A crisis in our life has come, and ou must ha"e a clear conception of the &ork that ou are called to do$ ,) The sa'es of the a'es call ou harbin'er$ The prophets look to ou and sa , #e is 3li@ah come a'ain$ (0) Aour mission here is that of harbin'er9 for ou &ill 'o before 6essiahDs face to pa"e his &a , and make the people read to recei"e their kin'$ (() This readiness is purit of heart9 none but the pure in heart can reco'ni:e the kin'$ (2) To teach men to be pure in heart, ou must ourself be pure in heart, and &ord, and deed$ (1) -n infanc the "o& for ou &as made and ou became a /a:arite$ The ra:or shall not touch our face nor head, and ou shall taste not &ine nor fier drinks$ (*) 6en need a pattern for their li"es9 the lo"e to follo&, not to lead$ (;) The man &ho stands upon the corners of the paths and points the &a , but does not 'o, is @ust a pointer9 and a block of &ood can do the same$ (<) The teacher treads the &a 9 on e"er span of 'round he lea"es his footprints clearl cut, &hich all can see and be assured that he, their master &ent that &a $ (=) 6en comprehend the inner life b &hat the see and do$ The come to God throu'h ceremonies and forms$ ()) And so &hen ou &ould make men kno& that sins are &ashed a&a b purit in life, a rite s mbolic ma be introduced$ (,) -n &ater &ash the bodies of the people &ho &ould turn a&a from sin and stri"e for purit in life$ 20) This rite of cleansin' is a preparation rite and the &ho thus are cleansed comprise the Church of 5urit $ 2() And ou shall sa , Aou men of -srael, hear9 Reform and &ash9 become the sons of purit , and ou shall be for'i"en 22) This rite of cleansin' and this church are but s mbolic of the cleansin' of the soul b purit in life, and of the kin'dom of the soul, &hich does not come &ith out&ard sho&, but is the church &ithin$ 21) /o&, ou ma ne"er point the &a and tell the multitudes to do &hat ou

ha"e ne"er done9 but ou must 'o before and sho& the &a $ 2*) Aou are to teach that men must &ash9 so ou must lead the &a , our bod must be &ashed, s mbolic of the cleansin' of the soul$ 2;) John said, >h need - &aitE 6a - not 'o at once and &ashE 2<) 6atheno said, DTis &ell, and then the &ent do&n to the Jordan ford, and east of Jericho, @ust &here the hosts of -srael crossed &hen first the entered Canaan, the tarried for a time$ 2=) 6atheno tau'ht the harbin'er, and he eFplained to him the inner meanin' of Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./ the cleansin' rite and ho& to &ash himself and ho& to &ash the multitude$ 2)) And in the ri"er Jordan John &as &ashed9 then the returned unto the &ilderness$ 2,) /o& in 3n'ediDs hills 6athenoDs &ork &as done and he and John &ent do&n to 3' pt$ The rested not until the reached the temple of .akara in the "alle of the /ile$ 10) Bor man ears 6atheno &as a master in this temple of the Brotherhood, and &hen he told about the life of John and of his mission to the sons of men, the hierophant &ith @o recei"ed the harbin'er and he &as called the Brother /a:arite$ 1() Bor ei'hteen ears John li"ed and &rou'ht &ithin these temple 'ates9 and here he conquered self, became a master mind and learned the duties of the harbin'er$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .0 .3CT-4/ I #3 Childhood and 3arl 3ducation of Jesus C#A5T3R (< #he home of Joseph. Mary teaches her son. Jes"s' se%enth birthday. Jes"s tells abo"t his dream. his randmother's interpretation. *is birthday ift. T#3 home of Joseph &as on 6armion >a in /a:areth9 here 6ar tau'ht her son the lessons of 3lihu and .alome$ 2) And Jesus 'reatl lo"ed the Iedic h mns and the A"esta9 but more than all he lo"ed to read the 5salms of %a"id and the pun'ent &ords of .olomon$ 1) The Je&ish books of prophec &ere his deli'ht9 and &hen he reached his se"enth ear he needed not the books to read, for he had fiFed in memor e"er &ord$ *) Joachim and his &ife, 'randparents of child Jesus, made a feast in honor of the child, and all their near of kin &ere 'uests$ ;) And Jesus stood before the 'uests and said, - had a dream, and in m dream - stood before a sea, upon a sand beach$ <) The &a"es upon the sea &ere hi'h9 a storm &as ra'in' on the deep$ =) .omeone abo"e 'a"e me a &and$ - took the &and and touched the sand, and e"er 'rain of sand became a li"in' thin'9 the beach &as all a mass of beaut and of son'$

)) - touched the &aters at m feet, and the &ere chan'ed to trees, and flo&ers, and sin'in' birds, and e"er thin' &as praisin' God$ ,) And someone spoke, - did not see the one &ho spoke, - heard the "oice, &hich said, #here is no death$ (0) Grandmother Anna lo"ed the child9 she laid her hand on JesusD head and said, - sa& ou stand beside the sea9 - sa& ou touch the sand and &a"es9 - sa& them turn to li"in' thin's and then - kne& the meanin' of the dream$ (() The sea of life rolls hi'h9 the storms are 'reat$ The multitude of men are idle, listless, &aitin', like dead sand upon the beach$ (2) Aour &and is truth$ >ith this ou touch the multitudes, and e"er man becomes a messen'er of hol li'ht and life$ (1) Aou touch the &a"es upon the sea of life9 their turmoils cease9 the "er &inds become a son' of praise$ (*) There is no death, because the &and of truth can chan'e the driest bones to li"in' thin's, and brin' the lo"eliest flo&ers from sta'nant ponds, and turn the most discordant notes to harmon and praise$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1 (;) Joachim said, 6 son, toda ou pass the se"enth milestone of our &a of life, for ou are se"en ears of a'e, and &e &ill 'i"e to ou, as a remembrance of this da , &hate"er ou desire9 choose that &hich &ill afford ou most deli'ht$ (<) And Jesus said, - do not &ant a 'ift, for - am satisfied$ -f - could make a multitude of children 'lad upon this da - &ould be 'reatl pleased$ (=) /o&, there are man hun'r bo s and 'irls in /a:areth &ho &ould be pleased to eat &ith us this feast and share &ith us the pleasures of this da $ ()) The richest 'ift that ou can 'i"e to me is our permission to 'o out and find these need ones and brin' them here that the ma feast &ith us$ (,) Joachim said, DTis &ell9 'o out and find the need bo s and 'irls and brin' them here9 &e &ill prepare enou'h for all$ 20) And Jesus did not &ait9 he ran9 he entered e"er din' hut and cabin of the to&n9 he did not &aste his &ords9 he told his mission e"er &here$ 2() And in a little time one hundred and three+score of happ , ra''ed bo s and 'irls &ere follo&in' him up 6armion >a $ 22) The 'uests made &a 9 the banquet hall &as filled &ith JesusD 'uests, and Jesus and his mother helped to ser"e$ 21) And there &as food enou'h for all, and all &ere 'lad9 and so the birthda 'ift of Jesus &as a cro&n of ri'hteousness$ C#A5T3R (= Jes"s tal(s )ith the rabbi of the syna o "e of /azareth. *e criticizes the narro)ness of Je)ish tho" ht. /4>, Rabbi Barachia of the s na'o'ue of /a:areth, &as aid to 6ar in the teachin' of her son$ 2) 4ne mornin' after ser"ice in the s na'o'ue the rabbi said to Jesus as he sat in silent thou'ht,

>hich is the 'reatest of the Ten CommandsE 1) And Jesus said, - do not see a 'reatest of the Ten Commands$ - see a 'olden cord that runs throu'h all the Ten Commands that binds them fast and makes them one$ *) This cord is lo"e, and it belon's to e"er &ord of all the Ten Commands$ ;) -f one is full of lo"e he can do nothin' else than &orship God9 for God is lo"e$ <) -f one is full of lo"e, he cannot kill9 he cannot falsel testif 9 he cannot co"et9 can do nau'ht but honor God and man$ =) -f one is full of lo"e he does not need commands of an kind$ )) And Rabbi Barachia said, Aour &ords are seasoned &ith the salt of &isdom that is from abo"e$ >ho is the teacher &ho has opened up this truth to ouE Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .% ,) And Jesus said, - do not kno& that an teacher opened up this truth for me$ -t seems to me that truth &as ne"er shut9 that it &as al&a s opened up, for truth is one and it is e"er &here$ (0) And if &e open up the &indo&s of our minds the truth &ill enter in and make herself at home9 for truth can find her &a throu'h an cre"ice, an &indo&, an open door$ (() The rabbi said, >hat hand is stron' enou'h to open up the &indo&s and the doors of mind so truth can enter inE (2) And Jesus said, -t seems to me that lo"e, the 'olden cord that binds the Ten Commands in one, is stron' enou'h to open an human door so that the truth can enter in and cause the heart to understand$ (1) /o&, in the e"enin' Jesus and his mother sat alone, and Jesus said, (*) The rabbi seems to think that God is partial in his treatment of the sons of men9 that Je&s are fa"ored and are blest abo"e all other men$ (;) - do not see ho& God can ha"e his fa"orites and be @ust$ (<) Are not .amaritans and Greeks and Romans @ust as much the children of the #ol 4ne as are the Je&sE (=) - think the Je&s ha"e built a &all about themsel"es, and the see nothin' on the other side of it$ ()) The do not kno& that flo&ers are bloomin' o"er there9 that so&in' times and reapin' times belon' to an bod , as &ell as Je&s$ (,) -t surel &ould be &ell if &e could break these barriers do&n so that the Je&s mi'ht see that God has other children that are @ust as 'reatl blest$ 20) - &ant to 'o from Je&r land and meet m kin in other countries of m Batherland$ C#A5T3R () Jes"s at a feast in Jer"salem. Is rie%ed by the cr"elties of the sacrificers. Appeals to *illel, )ho sympathizes )ith him. *e remains in the temple a year. T#3 'reat feast of the Je&s &as on, and Joseph, 6ar and their son, and man of their kin, &ent to Jerusalem$ The child &as ten ears old$ 2) And Jesus &atched the butchers kill the lambs and birds and burn them on the altar in the name of God$

1) #is tender heart &as shocked at this displa of cruelt 9 he asked the ser"in' priests, >hat is the purpose of this slau'hter of the beasts and birdsE >h do ou burn their flesh before the !ordE *) The priest replied, This is our sacrifice for sin$ God has commanded us to do these thin's, and said Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .2 that in these sacrifices all our sins are blotted out$ ;) And Jesus said, >ill ou be kind enou'h to tell &hen God proclaimed that sins are blotted out b sacrifice of an kindE <) %id not %a"id sa that God requires not a sacrifice for sinE that it is a sin itself to brin' before his face burnt offerin's, as offerin's for sinE %id not -saiah sa the sameE =) The priest replied, 6 child ou are beside ourself$ %o ou kno& more about the la&s of God than all the priests of -sraelE This is no place for bo s to sho& their &it$ )) But Jesus heeded not his taunts9 he &ent to #illel, chief of the .anhedrin, and he said to him, ,) Rabboni, - &ould like to talk &ith ou9 - am disturbed about this ser"ice of the pascal feast$ - thou'ht the temple &as the house of God &here lo"e and kindness d&ell$ (0) %o ou not hear the bleatin' of those lambs, the pleadin' of those do"es that men are killin' o"er thereE %o ou not smell that a&ful stench that comes from burnin' fleshE (() Can man be kind and @ust, and still be filled &ith cruelt E (2) A God that takes deli'ht in sacrifice, in blood and burnin' flesh, is not m Bather+God$ (1) - &ant to find a God of lo"e, and ou, m master, ou are &ise, and surel ou can tell me &here to find the God of lo"e$ (*) But #illel could not 'i"e an ans&er to the child$ #is heart &as stirred &ith s mpath $ #e called the child to him9 he laid his hand upon his head and &ept$ (;) #e said, There is a God of lo"e, and ou shall come &ith me9 and hand in hand &e &ill 'o forth and find the God of lo"e$ (<) And Jesus said, >h need &e 'oE - thou'ht that God is e"er &here$ Can &e not purif our hearts and dri"e out cruelt , and e"er &icked thou'ht, and make &ithin, a temple &here the God of lo"e can d&ellE (=) The master of the 'reat .anhedrin felt as thou'h he &as himself the child, and that before him stood Rabboni, master of the hi'her la&$ ()) #e said &ithin himself, This child is surel a prophet sent from God$ (,) Then #illel sou'ht the parents of the child, and asked that Jesus mi'ht abide &ith them, and learn the precepts of the la&, and all the lessons of the temple priests$ 20) #is parents 'a"e consent, and Jesus did abide &ithin the hol temple in Jerusalem, and #illel tau'ht him e"er da $ 2() And e"er da the master learned from Jesus man lessons of the hi'her life$

22) The child remained &ith #illel in the temple for a ear, and then returned unto his home in /a:areth9 and there he &rou'ht &ith Joseph as a carpenter$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .! C#A5T3R (, Jes"s at the a e of t)el%e in the temple. -isp"tes )ith the doctors of the la). 0eads from a boo( of prophecy. By re1"est of *illel he interprets the prophecies. AGA-/ the 'reat feast in Jerusalem &as on, and Joseph, 6ar and their son &ere there$ The child &as t&el"e ears old$ 2) And there &ere Je&s and prosel tes from man countries in Jerusalem$ 1) And Jesus sat amon' the priests and doctors in the temple hall$ *) And Jesus opened up a book of prophec and read8 ;) >oe, &oe to Ariel, the to&n &here %a"id d&eltC - &ill dismantle Ariel, and she shall 'roan and &eep8 <) And - &ill camp a'ainst her round about &ith hostile posts9 =) And - &ill brin' her lo& and she shall speak out of the earth9 &ith muffled "oice like a familiar spirit shall she speak9 ea she shall onl &hisper forth her speech9 )) And foes unnumbered, like the 'rains of dust, shall come upon her suddenl $ ,) The !ord of #osts &ill "isit her &ith thunder and &ith tempest, and &ith storm9 &ith earthquake, and &ith de"ourin' flames$ (0) !o, all these people ha"e deserted me$ The dra& to me &ith speech, and &ith their lips the honor me9 their hearts are far remo"ed from me9 their fear for me is that inspired b man$ (() And - &ill breathe an ad"erse breath upon m people, -srael9 the &isdom of their &ise men shall be lost9 the understandin' of their prudent men shall not be found$ (2) 6 people seek to hide their counsel from the !ord, so that their &orks ma not be seen$ The fain &ould co"er up their &orks &ith darkness of the ni'ht, and sa , 2ho sees "s no)3 2ho (no)s "s no)3 (1) 5oor, foolish menC shall that &hich has been made sa of its maker, *e is na" ht, I made myselfE (*) 4r shall the pot speak out and sa to him &ho made the pot, 4o" ha%e no s(ill. yo" do not (no)E (;) But this &ill not fore"er be9 the time &ill come &hen !ebanon &ill be a fruitful field, and fruitful fields &ill be transformed to 'ro"es$ (<) And on that da the deaf &ill hear the &ords of God9 the blind &ill read the Book of GodDs Remembrance$ (=) And sufferin' ones &ill be relie"ed, and the &ill ha"e abundant @o 9 and e"er one that needs &ill be supplied9 and it &ill come to pass that all the foolish &ill be &ise$ ()) The people &ill return and sanctif the #ol 4ne, and in their heart of hearts, lo, the &ill re"erence him$ (,) >hen Jesus had thus read he put aside the book and said, Aou masters of the la&, &ill ou make plain for us the prophetDs &ordsE 20) /o&, #illel sat amon' the masters of the la&, and he stood forth and said, 5erhaps our oun' rabboni &ho has read the &ord &ill be interpreter$ 2() And Jesus said,

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .9 The Ariel of the prophet is our o&n Jerusalem$ 22) B selfishness and cruelt this people has become a stench unto the 3lohim$ 21) The prophet sa& these da s from far, and of these times he &rote$ 2*) 4ur doctors, la& ers, priests and scribes oppress the poor, &hile the themsel"es in luFur li"e$ 2;) The sacrifices and the offerin's of -srael are but abomination unto God$ The onl sacrifice that God requires is self$ 2<) Because of this in@ustice and this cruelt of man to man, the #ol 4ne has spoken of this common&ealth8 2=) !o, - &ill o"erturn, es, - &ill o"erturn, it shall be o"erturned, and it shall be no more until he comes &hose ri'ht it is and - &ill 'i"e it unto him$ 2)) -n all the &orld there is one la& of ri'ht, and he &ho breaks that la& &ill suffer 'rief9 for God is @ust$ 2,) And -srael has 'one far astra 9 has not re'arded @ustice, nor the ri'hts of man, and God demands that -srael shall reform, and turn a'ain to &a s of holiness$ 10) And if our people &ill not hear the "oice of God, lo, nations from afar &ill come and sack Jerusalem, and tear our temple do&n, and take our people capti"e into forei'n lands$ 1() But this &ill not fore"er be9 thou'h the be scattered far and &ide, and &ander here and there amon' the nations of the earth, like sheep that ha"e no shepherd 'uide$ 12) The time &ill come &hen God &ill brin' a'ain the capti"e hosts9 for -srael shall return and d&ell in peace$ 11) And after man ears our temple shall be built a'ain, and one &hom God &ill honor, one in &hom the pure in heart deli'hts &ill come and 'lorif the house of God, and rei'n in ri'hteousness$ 1*) >hen Jesus had thus said, he stepped aside, and all the people &ere ama:ed and said, This surel is the Christ$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / C#A5T3R 20 After the feast. #he home)ard $o"rney. #he missin Jes"s. #he search for him. *is parents find him in the temple. *e oes )ith them to /azareth. 'ymbolic meanin of carpenter's tools. T#3 'reat feast of the pasch &as ended and the /a:arenes &ere @ourne in' to&ards their homes$ 2) And the &ere in .amaria, and 6ar said, >here is m sonE /o one had seen the bo $ 1) And Joseph sou'ht amon' their kindred &ho &ere on their &a to Galilee9 but the had seen him not$ *) Then Joseph, 6ar , and a son of ?ebedee returned and sou'ht throu'h all Jerusalem, but the could find him not$ ;) And then the &ent up to the temple courts and asked the 'uards, #a"e ou seen Jesus, a fair+haired bo , &ith deep blue e es, t&el"e ears of a'e, about these courtsE <) The 'uards replied,

Aes, he is in the temple no& disputin' &ith the doctors of the la&$ =) And the &ent in, and found him as the 'uards had said$ )) And 6ar said, >h Jesus, &h do ou treat our parents thusE !o, &e ha"e sou'ht t&o da s for ou$ >e feared that some 'reat harm had o"ertaken ou$ ,) And Jesus said, %o ou not kno& that - must be about m BatherDs &orkE (0) But he &ent round and pressed the hand of e"er doctor of the la& and said, - trust that &e ma meet a'ain$ (() And then he &ent forth &ith his parents on their &a to /a:areth9 and &hen the reached their home he &rou'ht &ith Joseph as a carpenter$ (2) 4ne da as he &as brin'in' forth the tools for &ork he said, (1) These tools remind me of the ones &e handle in the &orkshop of the mind &here thin's are made of thou'ht and &here &e build up character$ (*) >e use the square to measure all our lines, to strai'hten out the crooked places of the &a , and make the corners of our conduct square$ (;) >e use the compass to dra& circles round our passions and desires to keep them in the bounds of ri'hteousness$ (<) >e use the aFe to cut a&a the knott , useless and un'ainl parts and make the character s mmetrical$ (=) >e use the hammer to dri"e home the truth, and pound it in until it is a part of e"er part$ ()) >e use the plane to smooth the rou'h, une"en surfaces of @oint, and block, and board that 'o to build the temple for the truth$ (,) The chisel, line, the plummet and the sa& all ha"e their uses in the &orkshop of the mind$ 20) And then this ladder &ith its trinit of steps, faith, hope and lo"e9 on it &e Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling /1 climb up to the dome of purit in life$ 2() And on the t&el"e+step ladder &e ascend until &e reach the pinnacle of that &hich life is spent to build H the Temple of 5erfected 6an$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling /. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling // .3CT-4/ IIA7 !ife and >orks of Jesus in -ndia C#A5T3R 2( 0a%anna sees Jes"s in the temple and is capti%ated. *illel tells him abo"t the boy. 0a%anna finds Jes"s in /azareth and i%es a feast in his honor. 0a%anna becomes patron of Jes"s, and ta(es him to India to st"dy the Brahmic reli ion. A R4AA! prince of -ndia, Ra"anna of 4rissa in the south, &as at the Je&ish feast$ 2) Ra"anna &as a man of &ealth9 and he &as @ust, and &ith a band of Brahmic priests, sou'ht &isdom in the >est$

1) >hen Jesus stood amon' the Je&ish priests and read and spoke, Ra"anna heard and &as ama:ed$ *) And &hen he asked &ho Jesus &as, from &hence he came and &hat he &as, chief #illel said, ;) >e call this child the %a .tar from on hi'h, for he has come to brin' to men a li'ht, the li'ht of life9 to li'hten up the &a of men and to redeem his people, -srael$ <) And #illel told Ra"anna all about the child9 about the prophecies concernin' him9 about the &onders of the ni'ht &hen he &as born9 about the "isit of the ma'ian priests9 =) About the &a in &hich he &as protected from the &rath of e"il men9 about his fli'ht to 3' pt+land, and ho& he then &as ser"in' &ith his father as a carpenter in /a:areth$ )) Ra"anna &as entranced, and asked to kno& the &a to /a:areth, that he mi'ht 'o and honor such a one as son of God$ ,) And &ith his 'or'eous train he @ourne ed on the &a and came to /a:areth of Galilee$ (0) #e found the ob@ect of his search en'a'ed in buildin' d&ellin's for the sons of men$ (() And &hen he first sa& Jesus he &as climbin' up a t&el"e+step ladder, and he carried in his hands a compass, square and aFe$ (2) Ra"anna said, All hail, most fa"ored son of hea"enC (1) And at the inn Ra"anna made a feast for all the people of the to&n9 and Jesus and his parents &ere the honored 'uests$ (*) Bor certain da s Ra"anna &as a 'uest in JosephDs home on 6armion >a 9 he sou'ht to learn the secret of the &isdom of the son9 but it &as all to 'reat for Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling /0 him$ (;) And then he asked that he mi'ht be the patron of the child9 mi'ht take him to the 3ast &here he could learn the &isdom of the Brahms$ (<) And Jesus lon'ed to 'o that he mi'ht learn9 and after man da s his parents 'a"e consent$ (=) Then, &ith proud heart, Ra"anna &ith his train, be'an the @ourne to&ards the risin' sun9 and after man da s the crossed the .ind, and reached the pro"ince of 4rissa, and the palace of the prince$ ()) The Brahmic priests &ere 'lad to &elcome home the prince9 &ith fa"or the recei"ed the Je&ish bo $ (,) And Jesus &as accepted as a pupil in the temple Ja'annath9 and here learned the Iedas and the 6anic la&s$ 20) The Brahmic masters &ondered at the clear conceptions of the child, and often &ere ama:ed &hen he eFplained to them the meanin' of the la&s$ C#A5T3R 22 #he friendship of Jes"s and +amaas. Jes"s e5plains to +amaas the meanin of tr"th, man, po)er, "nderstandin , )isdom, sal%ation and faith. A64/G the priests of Ja'annath &as one &ho lo"ed the Je&ish bo $ !amaas Bramas &as the name b &hich the priest &as kno&n$ 2) 4ne da as Jesus and !amaas &alked alone in pla:a Ja'annath, !amaas said,

6 Je&ish master, &hat is truthE 1) And Jesus said, Truth is the onl thin' that chan'es not$ *) -n all the &orld there are t&o thin's9 the one is truth9 the other falsehood is9 and truth is that &hich is, and falsehood that &hich seems to be$ ;) /o& truth is au'ht, and has no cause, and et it is the cause of e"er thin'$ <) Balsehood is nau'ht, and et it is the manifest of au'ht$ =) >hate"er has been made &ill be unmade9 that &hich be'ins must end$ )) All thin's that can be seen b human e es are manifests of au'ht, are nau'ht, and so must pass a&a $ ,) The thin's &e see are but refleFes @ust appearin', &hile the ethers "ibrate so and so, and &hen conditions chan'e the disappear$ (0) The #ol Breath is truth9 is that &hich &as, and is, and e"ermore shall be9 it cannot chan'e nor pass a&a $ (() !amaas said, Aou ans&er &ell9 no&, &hat is manE (2) And Jesus said, 6an is the truth and falsehood stran'el miFed$ (1) 6an is the Breath made flesh9 so truth and falsehood are con@oined in him9 and the stri"e, and nau'ht 'oes do&n and man as truth abides$ (*) A'ain !amaas asked, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling /1 >hat do ou sa of po&erE (;) And Jesus said, -t is a manifest9 is the result of force9 it is but nau'ht9 it is illusion, nothin' more$ Borce chan'es not, but po&er chan'es as the ethers chan'e$ (<) Borce is the &ill of God and is omnipotent, and po&er is that &ill in manifest, directed b the Breath$ (=) There is po&er in the &inds, a po&er in the &a"es, a po&er in the li'htnin'Ds stroke, a po&er in the human arm, a po&er in the e e$ ()) The ethers cause these po&ers to be, and thou'ht of 3lohim, of an'el, man, or other thinkin' thin', directs the force9 &hen it has done its &ork the po&er is no more$ (,) A'ain !amaas asked, 4f understandin' &hat ha"e ou to sa E 20) And Jesus said, -t is the rock on &hich man builds himself9 it is the 'nosis of the au'ht and of the nau'ht, of falsehood and of truth$ 2() -t is the kno&led'e of the lo&er self9 the sensin' of the po&ers of man himself$ 22) A'ain !amaas asked, 4f &isdom &hat ha"e ou to sa E 21) And Jesus said, -t is the consciousness that man is au'ht9 that God and man are one9 2*) That nau'ht is nau'ht9 that po&er is but illusion9 that hea"en and earth and hell are not abo"e, around, belo&, but in9 &hich in the li'ht of au'ht becomes the nau'ht, and God is all$ 2;) !amaas asked, 5ra , &hat is faithE

2<) And Jesus said, Baith is the suret of the omnipotence of God and man9 the certaint that man &ill reach the deific life$ 2=) .al"ation is a ladder reachin' from the heart of man to heart of God$ 2)) -t has three steps9 Belief is first, and this is &hat man thinks, perhaps, is truth$ 2,) And faith is neFt, and this is &hat man kno&s is truth$ 10) Bruition is the last, and this is man himself, the truth$ 1() Belief is lost in faith9 and in fruition is lost9 and man is sa"ed &hen he has reached deific life9 &hen he and God are one$ C#A5T3R 21 Jes"s and +amaas amon the s"dras and %isyas. In Benares, Jes"s becomes a p"pil of 6dra(a. #he lessons of 6dra(a. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling /% /4>, Jesus &ith his friend !amaas &ent throu'h all the re'ions of 4rissa, and the "alle of the Gan'es, seekin' &isdom from the sudras and the "is as and the masters$ 2) Benares of the Gan'es &as a cit rich in culture and in learnin'9 here the t&o rabbonis tarried man da s$ 1) And Jesus sou'ht to learn the #indu art of healin', and became the pupil of 7draka, 'reatest of the #indu healers$ *) 7draka tau'ht the uses of the &aters, plants and earths9 of heat and cold9 sunshine and shade9 of li'ht and dark$ ;) #e said, The la&s of nature are the la&s of health, and he &ho li"es accordin' to these la&s is ne"er sick$ <) Trans'ression of these la&s is sin, and he &ho sins is sick$ =) #e &ho obe s the la&s, maintains an equilibrium in all his parts, and thus insures true harmon 9 and harmon is health, &hile discord is disease$ )) That &hich produces harmon in all the parts of man is medicine, insurin' health$ ,) The bod is a harpsichord, and &hen its strin's are too relaFed, or are too tense, the instrument is out of tune, the man is sick$ (0) /o&, e"er thin' in nature has been made to meet the &ants of man9 so e"er thin' is found in medical arcanes$ (() And &hen the harpsichord of man is out of tune the "ast eFpanse of nature ma be searched for remed 9 there is a cure for e"er ailment of the flesh$ (2) 4f course the &ill of man is remed supreme9 and b the "i'orous eFercise of &ill, man &a make tense a chord that is relaFed, or ma relaF one that is too tense, and thus ma heal himself$ (1) >hen man has reached the place &here he has faith in God, in nature and himself, he kno&s the >ord of po&er9 his &ord is balm for e"er &ound, is cure for all the ills of life$ (*) The healer is the man &ho can inspire faith$ The ton'ue ma speak to human ears, but souls are reached b souls that speak to souls$ (;) #e is the forceful man &hose soul is lar'e, and &ho can enter into souls, inspirin' hope in those &ho ha"e no hope, and faith in those &ho ha"e no faith in God, in nature, nor in man$

(<) There is no uni"ersal balm for those &ho tread the common &alks of life$ (=) A thousand thin's produce inharmon and make men sick9 a thousand thin's ma tune the harpsichord, and make men &ell$ ()) That &hich is medicine for one is poison for another one9 so one is healed b &hat &ould kill another one$ (,) An herb ma heal the one9 a drink of &ater ma restore another one9 a mountain bree:e ma brin' to life one seemin' past all help9 20) A coal of fire, or bit of earth, ma cure another one9 and one ma &ash in certain streams, or pools, and be made &hole$ 2() The "irtue from the hand or breath ma heal a thousand more9 but lo"e is queen$ Thou'ht, reinforced b lo"e, is GodDs 'reat so"erei'n balm$ 22) But man of the broken chords in life, and discords that so "eF the soul, are Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling /2 caused b e"il spirits of the air that men see not9 that lead men on throu'h i'norance to break the la&s of nature and of God$ 21) These po&ers act like demons, and the speak9 the rend the man9 the dri"e him to despair$ 2*) But he &ho is a healer, true, is master of the soul, and can, b force of &ill, control these e"il ones$ 2;) .ome spirits of the air are master spirits and are stron', too stron' for human po&er alone9 but man has helpers in the hi'her realms that ma be importuned, and the &ill help to dri"e the demons out$ 2<) 4f &hat this 'reat ph sician said, this is the sum$ And Jesus bo&ed his head in reco'nition of the &isdom of this master soul, and &ent his &a $ C#A5T3R 2* #he Brahmic doctrine of castes. Jes"s rep"diates it and teaches h"man e1"ality. #he priests are offended and dri%e him from the temple. *e abides )ith the s"dras and teaches them. B47R ears the Je&ish bo abode in temple Ja'annath$ 2) 4ne da he sat amon' the priests and said to them, 5ra , tell me all about our "ie&s of castes9 &h do ou sa that all men are not equal in the si'ht of GodE 1) A master of their la&s stood forth and said, The #ol 4ne &hom &e call Brahm, made men to suit himself, and men should not complain$ *) -n the be'innin' da s of human life Brahm spoke, and four men stood before his face$ ;) /o&, from the mouth of 5arabrahm the first man came9 and he &as &hite, &as like the Brahm himself9 a brahman he &as called$ <) And he &as hi'h and lifted up9 abo"e all &ant he stood9 he had no need of toil$ =) And he &as called the priest of Brahm, the hol one to act for Brahm in all affairs of earth$ )) The second man &as red, and from the hand of 5arabrahm he came9 and he &as called shatri a$ ,) And he &as made to be the kin', the ruler and the &arrior, &hose hi'hest ordained dut &as protection of the priest$ (0) And from the inner parts of 5arabrahm the third man came9 and he &as called a "is a$

(() #e &as a ello& man, and his it &as to till the soil, and keep the flocks and herds$ (2) And from the feet of 5arabrahm the fourth man came9 and he &as black9 and he &as called the sudras, one of lo& estate$ (1) The sudras is the ser"ant of the race of men9 he has no ri'hts that others need respect9 he ma not hear the Iedas read, and it means death to him to look Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling /! into the face of priest, or kin', and nau'ht but death can free him from his state of ser"itude$ (*) And Jesus said, Then 5arabrahm is not a God of @ustice and of ri'ht9 for &ith his o&n stron' hand he has eFalted one and brou'ht another lo&$ (;) And Jesus said no more to them, but lookin' up to hea"en he said, (<) 6 Bather+God, &ho &as, and is, and e"ermore shall be9 &ho holds &ithin th hands the scales of @ustice and of ri'ht9 (=) >ho in the boundlessness of lo"e has made all men to equal be$ The &hite, the black, the ello&, and the red can look up in th face and sa , 4ur Bather+ God$ ()) Thou Bather of the human race, - praise th name$ (,) And all the priests &ere an'ered b the &ords &hich Jesus spoke9 the rushed upon him, sei:ed him, and &ould ha"e done him harm$ 20) But then !amaas raised his hand and said, Aou priests of Brahm, be&areC ou kno& not &hat ou do9 &ait till ou kno& the God this outh adores$ 2() - ha"e beheld this bo at pra er &hen li'ht abo"e the li'ht of the sun surrounded him$ Be&areC his God ma be more po&erful than Brahm$ 22) -f Jesus speaks the truth, if he is ri'ht, ou cannot force him to desist9 if he is &ron' and ou are ri'ht, his &ords come to nau'ht, for ri'ht is mi'ht, and in the end it &ill pre"ail$ 21) And then the priests refrained from doin' Jesus harm9 but one spoke out and said, 2*) >ithin this hol place has not this reckless outh done "iolence to 5arabrahmE The la& is plain9 it sa s, #e &ho re"iles the name of Brahm shall die$ 2;) !amaas pled for JesusD life9 and then the priests @ust sei:ed a scour'e of cords and dro"e him from the place$ 2<) And Jesus &ent his &a and found shelter &ith the black and ello& men, the ser"ants and the tillers of the soil$ 2=) To them he first made kno&n the 'ospel of equalit 9 he told them of the Brotherhood of 6an, the Batherhood of God$ 2)) The common people heard him &ith deli'ht, and learned to pra , 4ur Bather+God &ho art in hea"en$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling /9 C#A5T3R 2; Jes"s teaches the s"dras and farmers. 0elates a parable of a nobleman and his "n$"st sons. Ma(es (no)n the possibilities of all men. >#3/ Jesus sa& the sudras and the farmers in such multitudes dra& near to

hear his &ords, he spoke a parable to them9 he said8 2) A nobleman possessed a 'reat estate9 he had four sons, and he &ould ha"e them all 'ro& stron' b standin' forth and makin' use of all the talents the possess$ 1) And so he 'a"e to each a share of his 'reat &ealth, and bade them 'o their &a $ *) The eldest son &as full of self9 he &as ambitious, shre&d and quick of thou'ht$ ;) #e said &ithin himself, - am the oldest son, and these, m brothers, must be ser"ants at m feet$ <) And then he called his brothers forth9 and one he made a puppet kin'9 'a"e him a s&ord and char'ed him to defend the &hole estate$ =) To one he 'a"e the use of lands and flo&in' &ells, and flocks and herds, and bade him till the soil, and tend the flocks and herds and brin' to him the choicest of his 'ains$ )) And to the other one he said, Aou are the oun'est son9 the broad estate has been assi'ned9 ou ha"e no part nor lot in an thin' that is$ ,) And he took a chain and bound his brother to a naked rock upon a desert plain, and said to him, (0) Aou ha"e been born a sla"e9 ou ha"e no ri'hts, and ou must be contented &ith our lot, for there is no release for ou until ou die and 'o from hence$ (() /o&, after certain ears the da of reckonin' came9 the nobleman called up his sons to render their accounts$ (2) And &hen he kne& that one, his eldest son, had sei:ed the &hole estate and made his brothers sla"es, (1) #e sei:ed him, tore his priestl robes a&a and put him in a prison cell, &here he &as forced to sta until he had atoned for all the &ron's that he had done$ (*) And then, as thou'h the &ere but to s, he thre& in air the throne and armor of the puppet kin'9 he broke his s&ord, and put him in a prison cell$ (;) And then he called his farmer son and asked him &h he had not rescued from his 'allin' chains his brother on the desert plains$ (<) And &hen the son made ans&er not, the father took unto himself the flocks and herds, the fields and flo&in' &ells, (=) And sent his farmer son to li"e out on the desert sands, until he had atoned for all the &ron's that he had done$ ()) And then the father &ent and found his oun'est son in cruel chains9 &ith his o&n hands he broke the chains and bade his son to 'o in peace$ (,) /o&, &hen the sons had all paid up their debts the came a'ain and stood before the bar of ri'ht$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 0 20) The all had learned their lessons, learned them &ell9 and then the father once a'ain di"ided the estate$ 2() #e 'a"e to each an equal share, and bade them reco'ni:e the la& of equit and ri'ht, and li"e in peace$ 22) And one, a sudra, spoke and said, 6a &e &ho are but sla"es, &ho are cut do&n like beasts to satisf the &hims of priests + ma &e ha"e hope that one &ill come to break our chains and set us freeE 21) And Jesus said,

The #ol 4ne has said that all his children shall be free9 and e"er soul is child of God$ 2*) The sudras shall be free as priest9 the farmer shall &alk hand in hand &ith kin'9 for all the &orld &ill o&n the brotherhood of man$ 2;) 4 men, ariseC be conscious of our po&ers, for he &ho &ills need not remain a sla"e$ 2<) Just li"e as ou &ould ha"e our brother li"e9 unfold each da as does the flo&er9 for earth is ours, and hea"en is ours, and God &ill brin' ou to our o&n$ 2=) And all the people cried, .ho& us the &a that like the flo&er &e ma unfold and come unto our o&n$ C#A5T3R 2< Jes"s at 7ata(. #he car of Ja annath. Jes"s re%eals to the people the emptiness of Brahmic rites, and ho) to see !od in man. #eaches them the di%ine la) of sacrifice. -/ all the cities of 4rissa Jesus tau'ht$ At Gatak, b the ri"er side, he tau'ht, and thousands of the people follo&ed him$ 2) 4ne da a car of Ja'annath &as hauled alon' b scores of fren:ied men, and Jesus said, 1) Behold, a form &ithout a spirit passes b 9 a bod &ith no soul9 a temple &ith no altar fires$ *) This car of Grishna is an empt thin', for Grishna is not there$ ;) This car is but an idol of a people drunk on &ine of carnal thin's$ <) God li"es not in the noise of ton'ues9 there is no &a to him from an idol shrine$ =) Gods meetin' place &ith man is in the heart, and in a still small "oice he speaks9 and he &ho hears is still$ )) And all the people said, Teach us to kno& the #ol 4ne &ho speaks &ithin the heart, God of the still small "oice$ ,) And Jesus said, The #ol Breath cannot be seen &ith mortal e es9 nor can men see the .pirits of Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 01 the #ol 9 (0) But in their ima'e man &as made, and he &ho looks into the face of man, looks at the ima'e of the God &ho speaks &ithin$ (() And &hen man honors man he honors God, and &hat man does for man, he does for God$ (2) And ou must bear in mind that &hen man harms in thou'ht, or &ord or deed another man, he does a &ron' to God$ (1) -f ou &ould ser"e the God &ho speaks &ithin the heart, @ust ser"e our near of kin, and those that are no kin, the stran'er at our 'ates, the foe &ho seeks to do ou harm9 (*) Assist the poor, and help the &eak9 do harm to none, and co"et not &hat is not ours9 (;) Then, &ith our ton'ue the #ol 4ne &ill speak9 and he &ill smile behind our tears, &ill li'ht our countenance &ith @o , and fill our hearts &ith peace$ (<) And then the people asked$

To &hom shall &e brin' 'iftsE >here shall &e offer sacrificeE (=) And Jesus said, 4ur Bather+God asks not for needless &aste of plant, of 'rain, of do"e, of lamb$ ()) That &hich ou burn on an shrine ou thro& a&a $ /o blessin's can attend the one &ho takes the food from hun'r mouths to be destro ed b fire$ (,) >hen ou &ould offer sacrifice unto our God, @ust take our 'ift of 'rain, or meat and la it on the table of the poor$ 20) Brom it an incense &ill arise to hea"en, &hich &ill return to ou &ith blessedness$ 2() Tear do&n our idols9 the can hear ou not9 turn all our sacrificial altars into fuel for the flames$ 22) 6ake human hearts our altars, and burn our sacrifices &ith the fire of lo"e$ 21) And all the people &ere entranced, and &ould ha"e &orshiped Jesus as a God9 but Jesus said, 2*) - am our brother man @ust come to sho& the &a to God9 ou shall not &orship man9 praise God, the #ol 4ne$ C#A5T3R 2= Jes"s attends a feast in Behar. Preaches a re%ol"tionary sermon on h"man e1"ality. 0elates the parable of the bro(en blades. T#3 fame of Jesus as a teacher spread throu'h all the land, and people came from near and far to hear his &ords of truth$ 2) At Behar, on the sacred ri"er of the Brahms, he tau'ht for man da s$ 1) And Ach, a &ealth man of Behar, made a feast in honor of his 'uest, and he in"ited e"er one to come$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 0. *) And man came9 amon' them thie"es, eFtortioners, and courtesans$ And Jesus sat &ith them and tau'ht9 but the &ho follo&ed him &ere much a''rie"ed because he sat &ith thie"es and courtesans$ ;) And the upbraided him9 the said, Rabboni, master of the &ise, this da &ill be an e"il da for ou$ <) The ne&s &ill spread that ou consort &ith courtesans and thie"es, and men &ill shun ou as the shun an asp$ =) And Jesus ans&ered them and said, A master ne"er screens himself for sake of reputation or of fame$ )) These are but &orthless baubles of the da 9 the rise and sink, like empt bottles on a stream9 the are illusions and &ill pass a&a 9 ,) The are the indices to &hat the thou'htless think9 the are the noise that people make9 and shallo& men @ud'e merit b noise$ (0) God and all master men @ud'e men b &hat the are and not b &hat the seem to be9 not b their reputation and their fame$ (() These courtesans and thie"es are children of m Bather+God9 their soul are @ust as precious in his si'ht as ours, or of the Brahmic priests$ (2) And the are &orkin' out the same life sums that ou, &ho pride oursel"es on our respectabilit and moral &orth, are &orkin' out$ (1) And some of them ha"e sol"ed much harder sums than ou ha"e sol"ed, ou men &ho look at them &ith scorn$

(*) Aes, the are sinners, and confess their 'uilt, &hile ou are 'uilt , but are shre&d enou'h to ha"e polished coat to co"er up our 'uilt$ (;) .uppose ou men &ho scorn these courtesans, these drunkards and these thie"es, &ho kno& that ou are pure in heart and life, that ou are better far than the , stand forth that men ma kno& @ust &ho ou are$ (<) The sin lies in the &ish, in the desire, not in the act$ (=) Aou co"et other peopleDs &ealth9 ou look at charmin' forms, and deep &ithin our hearts ou lust for them$ ()) %eceit ou practice e"er da , and &ish for 'old, for honor and for fame, @ust for our selfish sel"es$ (,) The man &ho co"ets is a thief, and she &ho lusts is courtesan$ Aou &ho are none of these speak out$ 20) /obod spoke9 the accusers held their peace$ 2() And Jesus said, The proof this da is all a'ainst those &ho ha"e accused$ 22) The pure in heart do not accuse$ The "ile in heart &ho &ant to co"er up their 'uilt &ith hol smoke of piet are e"er loathin' drunkard, thief and courtesan$ 21) This loathin' and this scorn is mocker , for if the tinseled coat of reputation could be torn a&a , the loud professor &ould be found to re"el in his lust, deceit and man forms of secret sin$ 2*) The man &ho spends his time in pullin' other peopleDs &eeds can ha"e no time to pull his o&n, and all the choicest flo&ers of life &ill soon be choked and die, and nothin' &ill remain but darnel, thistles, burs$ 2;) And Jesus spoke a parable8 he said, Behold, a farmer had 'reat fields of ripened 'rain, and &hen he looked he sa& Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 0/ that blades of man stalks of &heat &ere bent and broken do&n$ 2<) And &hen he sent his reapers forth he said, >e &ill not sa"e the stalks of &heat that ha"e the broken blades$ 2=) Go forth and cut and burn the stalks &ith broken blades$ 2)) And after man da s he &ent to measure up his 'rain, but not a kernel could he find$ 2,) And then he called the har"esters and said to them, >here is m 'rainE 10) The ans&ered him and said, >e did accordin' to our &ord9 &e 'athered up and burned the stalks &ith broken blades, and not a stalk &as left to carr to the barn$ 1() And Jesus said, -f God sa"es onl those &ho ha"e no broken blades, &ho ha"e been perfect in his si'ht, &ho &ill be sa"edE 12) And the accusers hun' their heads in shame9 and Jesus &ent his &a $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 00 C#A5T3R 2) 6dra(a i%es a feast in Jes"s' honor. Jes"s spea(s on the "nity of !od and the brotherhood of life. &riticizes the priesthood. Becomes the "est of a farmer. B3/AR3. is the sacred cit of the Brahms, and in Benares Jesus tau'ht9 7draka &as his host$ 2) 7draka made a feast in honor of his 'uest, and man hi'h born #indu priests

and scribes &ere there$ 1) And Jesus said to them, >ith much deli'ht - speak to ou concernin' life H the brotherhood of life$ *) The uni"ersal God is one, et he is more than one9 all thin's are God9 all thin's are one$ ;) B the s&eet breaths of God all life is bound in one9 so if ou touch a fiber of a li"in' thin' ou send a thrill from the center to the outer bounds of life$ <) And &hen ou crush beneath our foot the meanest &orm, ou shake the throne of God, and cause the s&ord of ri'ht to tremble in its sheath$ =) The bird sin's out its son' for men, and men "ibrate in unison to help it sin'$ )) The ant constructs her home, the bee its shelterin' comb, the spider &ea"es her &eb, and flo&ers breath to them a spirit in their s&eet perfumes that 'i"es them stren'th to toil$ ,) /o&, men and birds and beasts and creepin' thin's are deities, made flesh9 and ho& dare men kill an thin'E (0) DTis cruelt that makes the &orld a&r $ >hen men ha"e learned that &hen the harm a li"in' thin' the harm themsel"es, the surel &ill not kill, nor cause a thin' that God has made to suffer pain$ (() A la& er said, - pra ou, Jesus, tell &ho is this God ou speak about9 &here are his priests, his temples and his shrinesE (2) And Jesus said, The God - speak about is e"er &here9 he cannot be compassed &ith &alls, nor hed'ed about &ith bounds of an kind$ (1) All people &orship God, the 4ne9 but all the people see him not alike$ (*) This uni"ersal God is &isdom, &ill and lo"e$ (;) All men see not the Triune God$ 4ne sees him as the God of mi'ht9 another as the God of thou'ht9 another as the God of lo"e$ (<) A manDs ideal is his God, and so, as man unfolds$ 6anDs God toda , tomorro& is not God$ (=) The nations of the earth see God from different points of "ie&, and so he does not seem the same to e"er one$ ()) 6an names the part of God he sees, and this to him is all of God9 and e"er nation sees a part of God, and e"er nation has a name for God$ (,) Aou Brahmans call him 5arabrahm9 in 3' pt he is Thoth9 and ?eus is his name in Greece9 Jeho"ah is his #ebre& name9 but e"er &here he is the causeless Cause, the rootless Root from &hich all thin's ha"e 'ro&n$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 01 20) >hen men become afraid of God, and take him for a foe, the dress up other men in fanc 'arbs and call them priests$ 2() And char'e them to restrain the &rath of God b pra ers9 and &hen the fail to &in his fa"or b their pra ers, to bu him off &ith sacrifice of animal, or bird$ 22) >hen man sees God as one &ith him, as Bather+God, he needs no middle man, no priest to intercede9 21) #e 'oes strai'ht up to him and sa s, 6 Bather+GodC and then he la s his hand in GodDs o&n hand, and all is &ell$ 2*) And this is God$ Aou are, each one, a priest, @ust for ourself9 and sacrifice of blood God does not &ant$

2;) Just 'i"e our life in sacrificial ser"ice to the all of life, and God is pleased$ 2<) >hen Jesus had thus said he stood aside9 the people &ere ama:ed, but stro"e amon' themsel"es$ 2=) .ome said, #e is inspired b #ol Brahm9 and others said, #e is insane9 and others said, #e is obsessed9 he speaks as de"ils speak$ 2)) But Jesus tarried not$ Amon' the 'uests &as one, a tiller of the soil, a 'enerous soul, a seeker after truth, &ho lo"ed the &ords that Jesus spoke, and Jesus &ent &ith him, and in his home abode$ C#A5T3R 2, A$ainin, a priest from +ahore, comes to Benares to see Jes"s, and abides in the temple. Jes"s ref"ses an in%itation to %isit the temple. A$ainin %isits him at ni ht in the farmer's home, and accepts his philosophy. A64/G BenaresD temple priests &as one, a 'uest, A@ainin, from !ahore$ 2) B merchantmen A@ainin heard about the Je&ish bo , about his &ords of &isdom, and he 'irt himself and @ourne ed from !ahore that he mi'ht see the bo , and hear him speak$ 1) The Brahmic priests did not accept the truth that Jesus brou'ht, and the &ere an'ered much b &hat he said at the 7draka feast$ *) But the had ne"er seen the bo , and the desired much to hear him speak, and the in"ited him to be a temple 'uest$ ;) But Jesus said to them, The li'ht is most abundant, and it shines for all9 if ou &ould see the li'ht come to the li'ht$ <) -f ou &ould hear the messa'e that the #ol 4ne has 'i"en me to 'i"e to men, come unto me$ =) /o&, &hen the priests &ere told &hat Jesus said the &ere enra'ed$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 0% )) A@ainin did not share their &rath, and he sent forth another messen'er &ith costl 'ifts to Jesus at the farmerDs home9 he sent this messa'e &ith the 'ifts8 ,) - pra ou master, listen to m &ords9 The Brahmic la& forbids that an priest shall 'o into the home of an one of lo& estate9 but ou can come to us9 (0) And - am sure these priests &ill 'ladl hear ou speak$ - pra that ou &ill come and dine &ith us this da $ (() And Jesus said, The #ol 4ne re'ards all men alike9 the d&ellin' of m host is 'ood enou'h for an council of the sons of men$ (2) -f pride of cast keeps ou a&a , ou are not &orth of the li'ht$ 6 Bather+ God does not re'ard the la&s of man$ (1) Aour presents - return9 ou cannot bu the kno&led'e of the !ord &ith 'old, or precious 'ifts$ (*) These &ords of Jesus an'ered more and more the priests, and the be'an to plot and plan ho& the mi'ht dri"e him from the land$ (;) A@ainin did not @oin &ith them in plot and plan9 he left the temple in the ni'ht, and sou'ht the home &here Jesus d&elt$

(<) And Jesus said, There is no ni'ht &here shines the sun9 - ha"e no secret messa'es to 'i"e9 in li'ht all secrets are re"ealed$ (=) A@ainin said, - came from far+a&a !ahore, that - mi'ht learn about this ancient &isdom, and this kin'dom of the #ol 4ne of &hich ou speak$ ()) >here is the kin'domE &here the kin'E >ho are the sub@ectsE &hat its la&sE (,) And Jesus said, This kin'dom is not far a&a , but man &ith mortal e es can see it not9 it is &ithin the heart$ 20) Aou need not seek the kin' in earth, or sea, or sk 9 he is not there, and et is e"er &here$ #e is the Christ of God9 is uni"ersal lo"e$ 2() The 'ate of this dominion is not hi'h, and he &ho enters it must fall do&n on his knees$ -t is not &ide, and none can carr carnal bundles throu'h$ 22) The lo&er self must be transmuted into spirit+self9 the bod must be &ashed in li"in' streams of purit $ 21) A@ainin asked, Can - become a sub@ect of this kin'E 2*) And Jesus said, Aou are ourself a kin', and ou ma enter throu'h the 'ate and be a sub@ect of the Gin' of kin's$ 2;) But ou must la aside our priestl robes9 must cease to ser"e the #ol 4ne for 'old9 must 'i"e our life, and all ou ha"e, in &illin' ser"ice to the sons of men$ 2<) And Jesus said no more9 A@ainin &ent his &a 9 and &hile he could not comprehend the truth that Jesus spoke, he sa& &hat he had ne"er seen before$ 2=) The realm of faith he ne"er had eFplored9 but in his heart the seeds of faith and uni"ersal brotherhood had found 'ood soil$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 02 2)) And as he @ourne ed to his home he seemed to sleep, to pass throu'h darkest ni'ht, and &hen he &oke the .un of Ri'hteousness had arisen9 he had found the kin'$ 2,) /o&, in Benares Jesus tarried man da s and tau'ht$ C#A5T3R 10 Jes"s recei%es ne)s of the death of his father. *e )rites a letter to his mother. #he letter. *e sends it on its )ay by a merchant. 4/3 da as Jesus stood beside the Gan'es bus &ith his &ork, a cara"an, returnin' from the >est, dre& near$ 2) And one, approachin' Jesus, said, >e come to ou @ust from our nati"e land and brin' un&elcome ne&s$ 1) Aour father is no more on earth9 our mother 'rie"es9 and none can comfort her$ .he &onders &hether ou are still ali"e or not9 she lon's to see ou once a'ain$ *) And Jesus bo&ed his head in silent thou'ht9 and then he &rote$ 4f &hat he &rote this is the sum8 ;) 6 mother, noblest of &omankind9 A man @ust from m nati"e land has brou'ht me &ord that father is no more in flesh, and that ou 'rie"e, and are

disconsolate$ <) 6 mother, all is &ell9 is &ell for father and is &ell for ou$ =) #is &ork in this earth+round is done, and it is nobl done$ )) -n all the &alks of life men cannot char'e him &ith deceit, dishonest , nor &ron' intent$ ,) #ere in this round he finished man hea" tasks, and he has 'one from hence prepared to sol"e the problems of the round of soul$ (0) 4ur Bather+God is &ith him there, as he &as &ith him here9 and there his an'el 'uards his footsteps lest he 'oes astra $ (() >h should ou &eepE Tears cannot conquer 'rief$ There is no po&er in 'rief to mend a broken heart$ (2) The plane of 'rief is idleness9 the bus soul can ne"er 'rie"e9 it has no time for 'rief$ (1) >hen 'rief come troopin' throu'h the heart, @ust lose ourself9 plun'e deep into the ministr of lo"e, and 'rief is not$ (*) Aours is a ministr of lo"e, and all the &orld is callin' out for lo"e$ (;) Then let the past 'o &ith the past9 rise from the cares of carnal thin's and 'i"e our life for those &ho li"e$ (<) And if ou lose our life in ser"in' life ou are sure to find in it the mornin' sun, the e"enin' de&s, in son' of bird, in flo&ers, and in the stars of ni'ht$ (=) -n @ust a little &hile our problems of this earth+round &ill be sol"ed9 and &hen our sums are all &orked out it &ill be pleasure unallo ed for ou to enter &ider fields of usefulness, to sol"e the 'reater problems of the soul$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 0! ()) .tri"e, then, to be content, and - &ill come to ou some da and brin' ou richer 'ifts than 'old or precious stones$ (,) -Dm sure that John &ill care for ou, suppl in' all our needs9 and - am &ith ou all the &a , Jehoshua$ 20) And b the hand of one, a merchant, 'oin' to Jerusalem, he sent this letter on its &a $ C#A5T3R 1( Brahmic priests are enra ed beca"se of Jes"s' teachin and resol%e to dri%e him from India. +amaas pleads for him. Priests employ a m"rderer to (ill him. +amaas )arns him and he flees to /epal. T#3 &ords and &orks of Jesus caused unrest throu'h all the land$ 2) The common people &ere his friends, belie"ed in him and follo&ed him in thon's$ 1) The priests and rulers &ere afraid of him, his "er name sent terror to their hearts$ *) #e preached the brotherhood of life, the ri'hteousness of equal ri'hts, and tau'ht the uselessness of priests, and sacrificial rites$ ;) #e shook the "er sand on &hich the Brahmic s stem stood9 he made the Brahmic idols seem so small, and sacrifice so frau'ht &ith sin, that shrines and &heels of pra er &ere all for'ot$ <) The priests declared that if this Je&ish bo should tarr lon'er in the land a re"olution &ould occur9 the common people &ould arise and kill the priests, and tear the temples do&n$

=) And so the sent a call abroad, and priests from e"er pro"ince came$ Benares &as on fire &ith Brahmic :eal$ )) !amaas from the temple Ja'annath, &ho kne& the inner life of Jesus &ell, &as in their midst, and heard the rantin's of the priests, ,) And he stood forth and said, 6 brother priests, take heed, be careful &hat ou do9 this is a record+makin' da $ (0) The &orld is lookin' on9 the "er life of Brahmic thou'ht is no& on trial$ (() -f &e are reason+blind9 if pre@udice be kin' toda 9 if &e resort to beastl force, and d e our hands in blood that ma , in si'ht of Brahm, be innocent and pure, (2) #is "en'eance ma fall do&n on us9 the "er rock on &hich &e stand ma burst beneath our feet9 and our belo"ed priesthood, and our la&s and shrines &ill 'o into deca $ (1) But the &ould let him speak no more$ The &rathful priests rushed up and beat him, spit upon him, called him traitor, thre& him, bleedin', to the street$ (*) And then confusion rei'ned9 the priests became a mob9 the si'ht of human Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 09 blood led on to fiendish acts and called for more$ (;) The rulers, fearin' &ar, sou'ht Jesus, and the found him calml teachin' in the market place$ (<) The ur'ed him to depart, that he mi'ht sa"e his life9 but he refused to 'o$ (=) And then the priests sou'ht cause for his arrest9 but he had done no crime$ ()) And then false char'es &ere preferred9 but &hen the soldiers &ent to brin' him to the @ud'ement hall the &ere afraid, because the people stood in his defense$ (,) The priests &ere baffled, and the resol"ed to take his life b stealth$ 20) The found a man &ho &as a murderer b trade, and sent him out b ni'ht to sla the ob@ect of their &rath$ 2() !amaas heard about their plottin' and their plans, and sent a messen'er to &arn his friend9 and Jesus hastened to depart$ 22) B ni'ht he left Benares, and &ith haste he @ourne ed to the north9 and e"er &here, the farmers, merchants and sudras helped him on his &a $ 21) And after man da s he reached the mi'ht #imala as, and in the cit of Gapi"astu he abode$ 2*) The priests of Buddha opened &ide their temple doors for him$ C#A5T3R 12 Jes"s and Barata. #o ether they read the sacred boo(s. Jes"s ta(es e5ception to the B"ddhist doctrine of e%ol"tion and re%eals the tr"e ori in of man. Meets 8idyapati, )ho becomes his co,laborer. A64/G the Buddhist priests &as one &ho sa& a loft &isdom in the &ords that Jesus spoke$ -t &as Barata Arabo$ 2) To'ether Jesus and Barata read the Je&ish 5salms and 5rophets9 read the Iedas, the A"esta and the &isdom of Gautama$ 1) And as the read and talked about the possibilities of man, Barata said, *) 6an is the mar"el of the uni"erse$ #e is part of e"er thin' for he has been a li"in' thin' on e"er plane of life$ ;) Time &as &hen man &as not9 and he &as a bit of formless substance in the

moulds of time9 and then a protoplast$ <) B uni"ersal la& all thin's tend up&ard to a state of perfectness$ The protoplast e"ol"ed, becomin' &orm, then reptile, bird and beast, and then at last it reached the form of man$ =) /o&, man himself is mind, and mind is here to 'ain perfection b eFperience9 and mind is often manifest in flesh form, and in the form best suited to its 'ro&th$ .o mind ma manifest as &orm, or bird, or beast, or man$ )) The time &ill come &hen e"er thin' of life &ill be e"ol"ed unto the state of perfect man$ ,) And after man is man in perfectness, he &ill e"ol"e to hi'her forms of life$ (0) And Jesus said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 Barata Arabo, &ho tau'ht ou this, that mind, &hich is the man, ma manifest in flesh of beast, or bird, or creepin' thin'E (() Barata said, Brom times &hich man remembers not our priests ha"e told us so, and so &e kno&$ (2) And Jesus said, 3nli'htened Arabo, are ou a master mind and do not kno& that man kno&s nau'ht b bein' toldE (1) 6an ma belie"e &hat others sa 9 but thus he ne"er kno&s$ -f man &ould kno&, he must himself be &hat he kno&s$ (*) %o ou remember, Arabo, &hen ou &ere ape, or bird, or &ormE (;) /o&, if ou ha"e no better pro"in' of our plea than that the priests ha"e told ou so, ou do not kno&9 ou simpl 'uess$ (<) Re'ard not, then, &hat an man has said9 let us for'et the flesh, and 'o &ith mind into the land of fleshless thin's9 mind ne"er does for'et$ (=) And back&ard throu'h the a'es master minds can trace themsel"es9 and thus the kno&$ ()) Time ne"er &as &hen man &as not$ (,) That &hich be'ins &ill ha"e an end$ -f man &as not, the time &ill come &hen he &ill not eFist$ 20) Brom GodDs o&n Record Book &e read8 The Triune God breathed forth, and se"en .pirits stood before his face$ (The #ebre&s call these se"en .pirits, 3lohim$) 2() And these are the &ho, in their boundless po&er, created e"er thin' that is, or &as$ 22) These .pirits of the Triune God mo"ed on the face of boundless space and se"en ethers &ere, and e"er ether had its form of life$ 21) These forms of life &ere but the thou'hts of God, clothed in the substance of their ether planes$ 2*) (6en call these ether planes the planes of protoplast, of earth, of plant, of beast, of man, of an'el and of cherubim$) 2;) These planes &ith all their teemin' thou'hts of God, are ne"er seen b e es of man in flesh9 the are composed of substance far too fine for fleshl e es to see, and still the constitute the soul of thin's9 2<) And &ith the e es of soul all creatures see these ether planes, and all the forms of life$ 2=) Because all forms of life on e"er plane are thou'hts of God, all creatures

think, and e"er creature is possessed of &ill, and, in its measure, has the po&er to choose, 2)) And in their nati"e planes all creatures are supplied &ith nourishment from the ethers of their planes$ 2,) And so it &as &ith e"er li"in' thin' until the &ill became a slu''ish &ill, and then the ethers of the protoplast, the earth, the plant, the beast, the man, be'an to "ibrate "er slo&$ 10) The ethers all became more dense, and all the creatures of these planes &ere clothed &ith coarser 'arbs, the 'arbs of flesh, &hich men can see9 and thus this Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11 coarser manifest, &hich men call ph sical, appeared$ 1() And this is &hat is called the fall of man9 but man fell not alone, for protoplast, and earth, and plant and beast &ere all included in the fall$ 12) The an'els and the cherubim fell not9 their &ills &ere e"er stron', and so the held the ethers of their planes in harmon &ith God$ 11) /o&, &hen the ethers reached the rate of atmosphere, and all the creatures of these planes must 'et their food from atmosphere, the conflict came9 and then that &hich the finite man has called sur"i"al of the best, became a la&, 1*) The stron'er ate the bodies of the &eaker manifests9 and here is &here the carnal la& of e"olution had its rise$ 1;) And no& man, in his utter shamelessness, strikes do&n and eats the beasts, the beast consumes the plant, the plant thri"es on the earth, the earth absorbs the protoplast$ 1<) -n onder kin'dom of the soul this carnal e"olution is not kno&n, and the 'reat &ork of master minds is to restore the herita'e of man, to brin' him back to his estate that he has lost, &hen he a'ain &ill li"e upon the ethers of his nati"e plane$ 1=) The thou'hts of God chan'e not9 the manifests of life on e"er plane unfold into perfection of their kind9 and as the thou'hts of God can ne"er die, there is no death to an bein' of the se"en ethers of the se"en .pirits of the Triune God$ 1)) And so an earth is ne"er plant9 a beast, or bird, or creepin' thin' is ne"er man, and man is not, and cannot be, a beast, or bird, or creepin' thin'$ 1,) The time &ill come &hen all these se"en manifests &ill be absorbed, and man, and beast, and plant, and earth and protoplast &ill be redeemed$ *0) Barata &as ama:ed9 the &isdom of the Je&ish sa'e &as a re"elation unto him$ *() /o&, Iid apati, &isest of the -ndian sa'es, chief of temple Gapi"astu, heard Barata speak to Jesus of the ori'in of man, and heard the ans&er of the #ebre& prophet, and he said, *2) Aou priests of Gapi"astu, hear me speak8 >e stand toda upon a crest of time$ .iF times a'o a master soul &as born &ho 'a"e a 'lor li'ht to man, and no& a master sa'e stands here in temple Gapi"astu$ *1) This #ebre& prophet is the risin' star of &isdom, deified$ #e brin's to us a kno&led'e of the secret thin's of God9 and all the &orld &ill hear his &ords, &ill heed his &ords, and 'lorif his name$ **) Aou priests of temple Gapi"astu, sta C be still and listen &hen he speaks9 he is the !i"in' 4racle of God$ *; And all the priests 'a"e thanks, and praised the Buddha of enli'htenment$

C#A5T3R 11 Jes"s teaches the common people at a sprin . #ells them ho) to attain "nto happiness. 0elates the parable of the roc(y field and the hidden treas"re. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1. -/ silent meditation Jesus sat beside a flo&in' sprin'$ -t &as a hol da , and man people of the ser"ant caste &ere near the place$ 2) And Jesus sa& the hard dra&n lines of toil on e"er bro&, in e"er hand$ There &as no look of @o in an face$ /ot one of all the 'roup could think of an thin' but toil$ 1) And Jesus spoke to one and said, >h are ou all so sadE #a"e ou no happiness in lifeE *) The man replied, >e scarcel kno& the meanin' of that &ord$ >e toil to li"e, and hope for nothin' else but toil, and bless the da &hen &e can cease our toil and la us do&n to rest in BuddhaDs cit of the dead$ ;) And JesusD heart &as stirred &ith pit and &ith lo"e for these poor toilers, and he said, <) Toil should not make a person sad9 men should be happiest &hen the toil$ >hen hope and lo"e are back of toil, then all of life is filled &ith @o and peace, and this is hea"en$ %o ou not kno& that such a hea"en is for ouE =) The man replied, 4f hea"en &e ha"e heard9 but then it is so far a&a , and &e must li"e so man li"es before &e can reach that placeC )) And Jesus said, 6 brother, man, our thou'hts are &ron'9 our hea"en is not far a&a 9 and it is not a place of metes and bounds, is not a countr to be reached9 it is a state of mind$ ,) God ne"er made a hea"en for man9 he ne"er made a hell9 &e are creators and &e make our o&n$ (0) /o&, cease to seek for hea"en in the sk 9 @ust open up the &indo&s of our hearts, and, like a flood of li'ht, a hea"en &ill come and brin' a boundless @o 9 then toil &ill be no cruel task$ (() The people &ere ama:ed, and 'athered close to hear this stran'e oun' master speak, (2) -mplorin' him to tell them more about the Bather+God9 about the hea"en that men can make on earth9 about the boundless @o $ (1) And Jesus spoke a parable9 he said, A certain man possessed a field9 the soil &as hard and poor$ (*) B constant toil he scarcel could pro"ide enou'h of food to keep his famil from &ant$ (;) 4ne da a miner &ho could see beneath the soil, in passin' on his &a , sa& this poor man and his unfruitful field$ (<) #e called the &ear toiler and he said, 6 brother, kno& ou not that @ust belo& the surface of our barren field rich treasures lie concealedE (=) Aou plou'h and so& and reap in scant &a , and da b da ou tread upon a mine of 'old and precious stones$ ()) This &ealth lies not upon the surface of the 'round9 but if ou &ill di' a&a

the rock soil, and del"e do&n deep into the earth, ou need no lon'er till the soil for nau'ht$ (,) The man belie"ed$ The miner surel kno&s9 he said, and - &ill find the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/ treasures hidden in m field$ 20) And then he du' a&a the rock soil, and deep do&n in the earth he found a mine of 'old$ 2() And Jesus said, The sons of men are toilin' hard on desert plains, and burnin' sands and rock soils9 are doin' &hat there fathers did, not dreamin' the can do au'ht else$ 22) Behold, a master comes, and tells them of a hidden &ealth9 that "nderneath the roc(y soil of carnal thin s are treas"res that no man can co"nt. 21) That in the heart the richest 'ems abound9 that he &ho &ills ma open the door and find them all$ 2*) And then the people said, 6ake kno&n to us the &a that &e ma find the &ealth that la s &ithin the heart$ 2;) And Jesus opened up the &a 9 the toilers sa& another side of life, and toil became a @o $ C#A5T3R 1* #he J"bilee in 7api%ast". Jes"s teaches in the plaza and the people are astonished. *e relates the parable of the "n(ept %ineyard and the %ine dresser. #he priests are an ered by his )ords. -T &as a 'ala da in sacred Gapi"astu9 a thron' of Buddhist &orshippers had met to celebrate a Jubilee$ 2) And priests and masters from all parts of -ndia &ere there9 the tau'ht9 but the embellished little truth &ith man &ords$ 1) And Jesus &ent into an ancient pla:a and tau'ht9 he spoke of Bather+6other+ God9 he told about the brotherhood of life$ *) The priests and all the people &ere astounded at his &ords and said, -s this not Buddha come a'ain in fleshE /o other one could speak &ith such simplicit and po&er$ ;) And Jesus spoke a parable9 he said, There &as a "ine ard all unkept9 the "ines &ere hi'h, the 'ro&th of lea"es and branches 'reat$ <) The lea"es &ere broad and shut the sunli'ht from the "ines9 the 'rapes &ere sour, and fe&, and small$ =) The pruner came9 &ith his sharp knife he cut off e"er branch, and not a leaf remained9 @ust root and stalk, and nothin' more$ )) The bus nei'hbors came &ith one accord and &ere ama:ed, and said to him &ho pruned, Aou foolish manC the "ine ard is despoiled$ ,) .uch desolationC There is no beaut left, and &hen the har"est time shall come the 'athers &ill find no fruit$ (0) The pruner said, Content oursel"es &ith &hat ou think, and come a'ain at har"est time and see$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 10 (() And &hen the har"est time came on the bus nei'hbors came a'ain9 the

&ere surprised$ (2) The naked stalks had put forth branch and leaf, and hea" clusters of delicious 'rapes &ei'hed e"er branch to earth$ (1) The 'atherers re@oiced as, da b da , the carried the rich fruita'e to the press$ (*) Behold the "ine ard of the !ordC the earth is spread &ith human "ines$ (;) The 'or'eous forms and rites of men are branches, and their &ords are lea"es9 and these ha"e 'ro&n so 'reat that sunli'ht can no lon'er reach the heart9 there is no fruit$ (<) Behold, the pruner comes, and &ith a t&o+ed'ed knife he cuts a&a the branches and the lea"es of &ords, (=) And nau'ht is left but unclothed stalks of human life$ ()) The priests and the of pompous sho&, rebuke the pruner, and &ould sta him in his &ork$ (,) The see no beaut in the stalks of human life9 no promises of fruit$ 20) The har"est time &ill come and the &ho scorned the pruner &ill look on a'ain and be ama:ed, for the &ill see the human stalks that seemed so lifeless, bendin' lo& &ith precious fruit$ 2() And the &ill hear the har"esters re@oice, because the har"est is so 'reat$ 22) The priests &ere not &ell pleased &ith JesusD &ords9 but the rebuked him not9 the feared the multitude$ C#A5T3R 1; Jes"s and 8idyapati consider the needs of the incomin a e of the )orld. T#3 -ndian sa'e and Jesus often met and talked about the needs of nations and of men9 about the sacred doctrines, forms and rites best suited to the comin' a'e$ 2) 4ne da the sat to'ether in a mountain pass, and Jesus said, The comin' a'e &ill surel not require priests, and shrines, and sacrifice of life$ 1) There is no po&er in sacrifice of beast, or bird, to help a man to hol life$ *) And Iid apati said, All forms and rites are s mbols of the thin's that men must do &ithin the temple of the soul$ ;) The #ol 4ne requires man to 'i"e his life in &illin' sacrifice for men, and all the so+called offerin's on altars and on shrines that ha"e been made since time be'an, &ere made to teach man ho& to 'i"e himself to sa"e his brother man9 for man can ne"er sa"e himself eFcept he lose his life in sa"in' other men$ <) The perfect a'e &ill not require forms and rites and carnal sacrifice$ The comin' a'e is not the perfect a'e, and men &ill call for ob@ect lessons and s mbolic rites$ =) And in the 'reat reli'ion ou shall introduce to men, some simple rites of Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11 &ashin's and remembrances &ill be required9 but cruel sacrifice of animals, and birds the 'ods require not$ )) And Jesus said, 4ur God must loathe the tinseled sho& of priests and priestl thin's$ ,) >hen men arra themsel"es in sho& 'arbs to indicate that the are ser"ants of the 'ods, and strut about like 'aud birds to be admired b men, because of piet or an other thin', the #ol 4ne must surel turn a&a in sheer dis'ust$

(0) All people are alike the ser"ants of our Bather+God, are kin's and priests$ (() >ill not the comin' a'e demand complete destruction of the priestl caste, as &ell as e"er other caste, and inequalit amon' the sons of menE (2) And Iid apati said, The comin' a'e is not the a'e of spirit life and men &ill pride themsel"es in &earin' priestl robes, and chantin' pious chants to ad"ertise themsel"es as saints$ (1) The simple rites that ou &ill introduce &ill be eFtolled b those &ho follo& ou, until the sacred ser"ice of the a'e &ill far outshine in 'or'eousness the priestl ser"ice of the Brahmic a'e$ (*) This is a problem men must sol"e$ (;) The perfect a'e &ill come &hen e"er man &ill be a priest and men &ill not arra themsel"es in special 'arb to ad"ertise their piet $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1% .3CT-4/ I-?A-/ !ife and >orks of Jesus in Tibet and >estern -ndia C#A5T3R 1< Jes"s in +assa. *e meets Men ,tse )ho aids him in readin the ancient man"scripts. *e oes to +ada(. *eals a child. 0elates the parable of the (in 's son. -/ !assa of Tibet there &as a masterDs temple, rich in manuscripts of ancient lore$ 2) The -ndian sa'e had read these manuscripts, and he re"ealed to Jesus man of the secret lessons the contained9 but Jesus &ished to read them for himself$ 1) /o&, 6en'+tse, 'reatest sa'e of all the farther 3ast, &as in this temple of Tibet$ *) The path across 3modus hei'hts &as difficult9 but Jesus started on his &a , and Iid apati sent &ith him a trusted 'uide$ ;) And Iid apati sent a messa'e to 6en'+tse, in &hich he told about the #ebre& sa'e, and spoke for him a &elcome b the temple priests$ <) /o&, after man da s, and perils 'reat, the 'uide and Jesus reached the !assa temple in Tibet$ =) And 6en'+tse opened &ide the temple doors, and all the priests and masters 'a"e a &elcome to the #ebre& sa'e$ )) And Jesus had access to all the sacred manuscripts, and, &ith the help of 6en'+tse, read them all$ ,) And 6en'+tse often talked &ith Jesus of the comin' a'e, and of the sacred ser"ice best adapted to the people of the a'e$ (0) -n !assa Jesus did not teach$ >hen he finished all his studies in the temple schools he @ourne ed to&ard the >est$ -n man "illa'es he tarried for a time and tau'ht$ (() At last he reached the pass, and in the !adak cit , !eh, he &as recei"ed &ith fa"or b the monks, the merchants, and the men of lo& estate$ (2) And in the monaster he abode, and tau'ht9 and then he sou'ht the common people in the marts of trade9 and there he tau'ht$ (1) /ot far a&a a &oman li"ed, &hose infant son &as sick ni'h unto death$ The

doctors had declared, There is no hope9 the child must die$ (*) The &oman heard that Jesus &as a teacher sent from God, and she belie"ed that he had po&er to heal her son$ (;) And so she clasped the d in' infant in her arms and ran &ith haste and Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 12 asked to see the man of God$ (<) >hen Jesus sa& her faith he lifted up his e es to hea"en and said, (=) 6 Bather+God, let po&er di"ine oDershado& me, and let the #ol Breath fill full this child that it ma li"e$ ()) And in the presence of the multitude he laid his hand upon the child and said, (,) Good &oman ou are blest9 our faith has sa"ed our son$ And then the child &as &ell$ 20) The people &ere astonished and the said, This surel is the #ol 4ne made flesh, for man alone cannot rebuke a fe"er thus and sa"e a child from death$ 2() Then man of the people brou'ht their sick, and Jesus spoke the >ord, and the &ere healed$ 22) Amon' the !adaks Jesus tarried man da s9 he tau'ht them ho& to heal9 ho& sins are blotted out, and ho& to make on earth a hea"en of @o $ 21) The people lo"ed him for his &ords and &orks, and &hen he must depart the 'rie"ed as children 'rie"e &hen mother 'oes a&a $ 2*) And on the mornin' &hen he started on his &a the multitudes &ere there to press his hand 2;) To them he spoke a parable9 he said, A certain kin' so lo"ed the people of his land that he sent forth his onl son &ith precious 'ifts for all$ 2<) The son &ent e"er &here and scattered forth the 'ifts &ith la"ish hand$ 2=) But there &ere priests &ho ministered at shrines of forei'n 'ods, &ho &ere not pleased because the kin' did not throu'h them besto& the 'ifts$ 2)) And so the sou'ht to cause the people all to hate the son$ The said, These 'ifts are not of an &orth9 the are but counterfeits$ 2,) And so the people thre& the precious 'ems, and 'old and sil"er in the streets$ The cau'ht the son and beat him, spit upon him, dro"e him from their midst$ 10) The son resented not their insults and their cruelties9 but thus he pra ed, 6 Bather+God, for'i"e these creatures of th hand9 the are but sla"es9 the kno& not &hat the do$ 1() And &hile the et &ere beatin' him he 'a"e them food, and blest them &ith a boundless lo"e$ 12) -n certain cities &as the son recei"ed &ith @o , and he &ould 'ladl ha"e remained to bless the homes9 but he could tarr not, for he must carr 'ifts to e"er one in all the kin'Ds domain$ 11) And Jesus said, 6 Bather+God is kin' of all mankind, and he has sent me forth &ith all the bounties of his matchless lo"e and boundless &ealth$ 1*) To all the people of all lands, lo, - must bear these 'ifts++this &ater and this bread of life$ 1;) - 'o m &a , but &e &ill meet a'ain9 for in m Batherland is room for all9 &ill prepare a place for ou$

1<) And Jesus raised his hand in silent benediction9 then he &ent his &a $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1! C#A5T3R 1= Jes"s is presented )ith a camel. *e oes to +ahore )here he abides )ith A$ainin, )hom he teaches. +esson of the )anderin m"sicians. Jes"s res"mes his $o"rney. A CARAIA/ of merchantmen &ere @ourne in' throu'h the Gashmir "ale as Jesus passed that &a , and the &ere 'oin' to !ahore, a cit of the #and, the fi"e+stream land$ 2) The merchantmen had heard the prophet speak, had seen his mi'ht &orks in !eh, and the &ere 'lad to see him once a'ain$ 1) And &hen the kne& that he &as 'oin' to !ahore and then across the .ind, throu'h 5ersia and the farther >est, and that he had no beast on &hich to ride, *) The freel 'a"e to him a noble bactrian beast, &ell saddled and equipped, and Jesus @ourne ed &ith the cara"an$ ;) And &hen he reached !ahore, A@ainin and some other Brahmic priests, recei"ed him &ith deli'ht$ <) A@ainin &as the priest &ho came to Jesus in the ni'ht time in Benares man months before, and heard his &ords of truth$ =) And Jesus &as A@aininDs 'uest9 he tau'ht A@ainin man thin's9 re"ealed to him the secrets of the healin' art$ )) #e tau'ht him ho& he could control the spirits of the air, the fire, the &ater and the earth9 and he eFplained to him the secret doctrine of for'i"eness, and the blottin' out of sins$ ,) 4ne da A@ainin sat &ith Jesus in the temple porch9 a band of &anderin' sin'ers and musicians paused before the court to sin' and pla $ (0) Their music &as most rich and delicate, and Jesus said, Amon' the hi'h+bred people of the land &e hear no s&eeter music than that these uncouth children of the &ilderness brin' here to us$ (() Brom &hence this talent and this po&erE -n one short life the surel could not 'ain such 'race of "oice, such kno&led'e of the la&s of harmon and tone$ (2) 6en call them prodi'ies$ There are no prodi'ies$ All thin's result from natural la&$ (1) These people are not oun'$ A thousand ears &ould not suffice to 'i"e them such di"ine eFpressi"eness, and such purit of "oice and touch$ (*) Ten thousand ears a'o these people mastered harmon $ -n da s of old the trod the bus thorou'hfares of life, and cau'ht the melod of birds, and pla ed on harps of perfect form$ (;) And the ha"e come a'ain to learn still other lessons from the "aried notes of manifests$ (<) These &anderin' people form a part of hea"enDs orchestra, and in the land of perfect thin's the "er an'els &ill deli'ht to hear them pla and sin'$ (=) And Jesus tau'ht the common people of !ahore9 he healed their sick, and sho&ed to them the &a to rise to better thin's b helpfulness$ ()) #e said, >e are not rich b &hat &e 'et and hold9 the onl thin's &e keep are those &e 'i"e a&a $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 19

(,) -f ou &ould li"e the perfect life, 'i"e forth our life in ser"ice for our kind, and for the forms of life that men esteem the lo&er forms of life$ 20) But Jesus could not tarr lon'er in !ahore9 he bade the priests and other friends fare&ell9 and then he took his camel and he &ent his &a to&ard the .ind$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling % .3CT-4/ I--C#3T# !ife and >orks of Jesus in 5ersia C#A5T3R 1) Jes"s crosses Persia. #eaches and heals in many places. #hree ma ian priests meet him as he nears Persepolis. 7aspar and t)o other Persian masters meet him in Persepolis. #he se%en masters sit in silence se%en days. B47R+A/%+T>3/TA ears of a'e &as Jesus &hen he entered 5ersia on his home&ard &a $ 2) -n man a hamlet, to&n and nei'hborhood he paused a &hile and tau'ht and healed$ 1) The priests and rulin' classes did not &elcome him, because he censured them for cruelt to those of lo& estate$ *) The common people follo&ed him in thron's$ ;) At times the chiefs made bold to tr to hinder him, forbiddin' him to teach or heal the sick$ But he re'arded not their an'r threats9 he tau'ht, and healed the sick$ <) -n time he reached 5ersepolis, the cit &here the kin's of 5ersia &ere entombed9 the cit of the learned ma'i, #or, and !un, and 6er, the three &ise men$ =) >ho, four+and+t&ent ears before, had seen the star of promise rise abo"e Jerusalem, and &ho had @ourne ed to the >est to find the ne&+born kin'9 )) And &ere the first to honor Jesus as the master of the a'e, and 'a"e him 'ifts of 'old, 'um+thus and m rrh$ ,) These ma'i kne&, b &a s that masters al&a s kno&, &hen Jesus neared 5ersepolis9 and then the 'irt themsel"es, and &ent to meet him on the &a $ (0) And &hen the met, a li'ht much bri'hter than the li'ht of da surrounded them, and men &ho sa& the four stand in the &a declared the &ere transfi'ured9 seemin' more like 'ods than men$ (() /o&, #or and !un &ere a'ed men, and Jesus placed them on his beast to ride into 5ersepolis9 &hilst he and 6er led on the &a $ (2) And &hen the reached the ma'iDs home the all re@oiced$ And Jesus told the thrillin' stor of his life, and #or and !un and 6er spoke not9 the onl looked to hea"en, and in their hearts praised God$ (1) Three &ise men from the /orth &ere in 5ersepolis9 and the &ere Gaspar, ?ara and 6el:one9 and Gaspar &as the &isest master of the 6a'ian land$ These three &ere at the home of #or and !un and 6er &hen Jesus came$ (*) Bor se"en da s these se"en men spoke not9 the sat in silence in the council Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %1 hall in close communion &ith the .ilent Brotherhood$

(;) The sou'ht for li'ht, for re"elation and for po&er$ The la&s and precepts of the comin' a'e required all the &isdom of the masters of the &orld$ C#A5T3R 1, Jes"s attends a feast in Persepolis. 'pea(s to the people, re%ie)in the ma ian philosophy. E5plains the ori in of e%il. 'pends the ni ht in prayer. A B3A.T in honor of the ma'ian God &as bein' held, and man men &ere 'athered in 5ersepolis$ 2) And on the 'reat da of the feast the rulin' ma'ian master said, >ithin these sacred &alls is libert 9 &hoe"er &ills to speak ma speak$ 1) And Jesus, standin' in the midst of all the people, said, 6 brothers, sisters, children of our Bather+God8 *) 6ost blest are ou amon' the sons of men toda , because ou ha"e such @ust conceptions of the #ol 4ne and man$ ;) Aour purit in &orship and in life is pleasin' unto God9 and to our master, ?arathustra, praise is due$ <) >ell sa ou all, There is one God from &hose 'reat bein' there came forth the se"en .pirits that created hea"en and earth9 and manifest unto the sons of men are these 'reat .pirits in the sun, and moon, and stars$ =) But in our sacred books &e read that t&o amon' these se"en are of superior stren'th9 that one of these created all the 'ood9 the other one created all that e"il is$ )) - pra ou, honored masters, tell me ho& that e"il can be born of that &hich is all 'oodE ,) A ma'us rose and said, -f ou &ill ans&er me, our problem &ill be sol"ed$ (0) >e all do reco'ni:e the fact that e"il is$ >hate"er is, must ha"e a cause, -f God, the 4ne, made not this e"il, then, &here is the God &ho didE (() And Jesus said, >hate"er God, the 4ne, has made is 'ood, and like the 'reat first Cause, the se"en .pirits all are 'ood, and e"er thin' that comes from their creati"e hands is 'ood$ (2) /o&, all created thin's ha"e colors, tones and forms their o&n9 but certain tones, thou'h 'ood and pure themsel"es, &hen miFed, produce inharmonies, discordant tones$ (1) And certain thin's, thou'h 'ood and pure, &hen miFed, produce discordant thin's, ea, poisonous thin's, that men call e"il thin's$ (*) .o e"il is the inharmonious blendin' of the colors, tones, or forms of 'ood$ (;) /o&, man is not all+&ise, and et has &ill his o&n$ #e has the po&er, and he uses it, to miF GodDs 'ood thin's in a multitude of &a s, and e"er da he makes Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %. discordant sounds, and e"il thin's$ (<) And e"er tone and form, be it of 'ood, or ill, becomes a li"in' thin', a demon, sprite, or spirit of a 'ood or "icious kind$ (=) 6an makes his e"il thus9 and then becomes afraid of him and flees9 his de"il is emboldened, follo&s him a&a and casts him into torturin' fires$ ()) The de"il and the burnin' fires are both the &orks of man, and none can put the fires out and dissipate the e"il one, but man &ho made them both$

(,) Then Jesus stood aside, and not a ma'us ans&ered him$ 20) And he departed from the thron' and &ent into a secret place to pra $ C#A5T3R *0 Jes"s teaches the ma ians. E5plains the 'ilence and ho) to enter it. 7aspar e5tols the )isdom of Jes"s. Jes"s teaches in the ro%es of &yr"s. /4>, in the earl mornin' Jesus came a'ain to teach and heal$ A li'ht not comprehended sho&n about, as thou'h some mi'ht spirit o"ershado&ed him$ 2) A ma'us noted this and asked him pri"atel to tell from &hence his &isdom came, and &hat the meanin' of the li'ht$ 1) And Jesus said,

There is a .ilence &here the soul ma meet its God, and there the fount of &isdom is, and all &ho enter are immersed in li'ht, and filled &ith &isdom, lo"e and po&er$
*) The ma'us said, Tell me about this .ilence and this li'ht, that - ma 'o and there abide$ ;)And Jesus said,

The .ilence is not circumscribed9 is not a place closed in &ith &all, or rock steeps, nor 'uarded b the s&ord of man$ <) 6en carr &ith them all the time the secret place &here the mi'ht meet their God$ =) -t matters not &here men abide, on mountain top, in deepest "ale, in marts of trade, or in the quiet home9 the ma at once, at an time, flin' &ide the door, and find the .ilence, find the house of God9 it is &ithin the soul$ )) 4ne ma not be so much disturbed b noise of business, and the &ords and thou'hts of men if he 'oes all alone into the "alle or the mountain pass$ ,) And &hen lifeDs hea" load is pressin' hard, it is far better to 'o out and seek a quiet place to pra and meditate$ (0) The .ilence is the kin'dom of the soul, &hich is not seen b human e es$
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %/

(() >hen in the .ilence, phantom forms mat flit before the mind9 but the are all subser"ient to the &ill9 the master soul ma speak and the are 'one$ (2) -f ou &ould find this .ilence of the soul ou must ourself prepare the &a $ /one but the pure in heart ma enter here$ (1) And ou must la aside all tenseness of the mind, all business cares, all fears, all doubts and troubled thou'hts$ (*) Aour human &ill must be absorbed b the di"ine9 then ou &ill come into a consciousness of holiness$ (;) Aou are in the #ol 5lace, and ou &ill see upon a li"in' shrine the candle of the !ord aflame$

(<) And &hen ou see it burnin' there, look deep into the temple of our brain, and ou &ill see it all a'lo&$ (=) -n e"er part, from head to foot, are candles all in place, @ust &aitin' to be li'hted b the flamin' torch of lo"e$ ()) And &hen ou see the candles all aflame, @ust look, and ou &ill see, &ith e es of soul, the &aters of the fount of &isdom rushin' on9 and ou ma drink, and there abide$ (,) And then the curtains part, and ou are in the #oliest of All, &here rests the Ark of God, &hose co"erin' is the 6erc .eat$ 20) Bear not to lift the sacred board9 the Tables of the !a& are in the Ark concealed$ 2() Take them and read them &ell9 for the contain all precepts and commands that men &ill e"er need$ 22) And in the Ark, the ma'ic &and of prophec lies &aitin' for our hand9 it is the ke to all the hidden meanin's of the present, future, past$ 21) And then, behold the manna there, the hidden bread of life9 and he &ho eats shall ne"er die$ 2*) The cherubim ha"e 'uarded &ell for e"er soul this treasure boF, and &hosoe"er &ill ma enter in and find his o&n$
2;) /o& Gaspar heard the #ebre& master speak and he eFclaimed, Behold, the &isdom of the 'ods has come to menC 2<) And Jesus &ent his &a , and in the sacred 'ro"es of C rus, &here the multitudes &ere met, he tau'ht and healed the sick$ C#A5T3R *( Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %0 Jes"s stands by a healin fo"ntain. 0e%eals the fact that faith is the potent factor in healin and many are healed by faith. A little child teaches a reat lesson of faith. A B!4>-/G sprin' that people called the #ealin' Bount &as near 5ersepolis$ 2) And all the people thou'ht that at a certain time of the ear their deit came do&n and 'a"e a "irtue to the &aters of the fount, and that the sick &ho then &ould plun'e into the fount and &ash &ould be made &hole$ 1) About the fount a multitude of people &ere in &aitin' for the #ol 4ne to come and potentise the &aters of the fount$ *) The blind, the lame, the deaf, the dumb, and those obsessed &ere there$ ;) And Jesus, standin' in the midst of them, eFclaimed, Behold the sprin' of lifeC These &aters that &ill fail are honored as the special blessin' of our God$ <) Brom &hence do healin' "irtues comeE >h is our God so partial &ith his 'iftsE >h does he bless this sprin' toda , and then tomorro& take his blessin's all a&a E =) A deit of po&er could fill these &aters full of healin' "irtue e"er da $ )) #ear me, ou sick, disconsolate8 The "irtue of this fount is not a special 'ift of God$

,) Baith is the healin' po&er of e"er drop of all the &aters of this sprin'$ (0) #e &ho belie"es &ith all his heart that he &ill be made &hole b &ashin' in this fount &ill be made &hole &hen he has &ashed9 and he ma &ash at an time$ (() !et e"er one &ho has this faith in God and in himself plun'e in these &aters no& and &ash$ (2) And man of the people plun'ed into the cr stal fount9 and the &ere healed$ (1) And then there &as a rush, for all the people &ere inspired &ith faith, and each one stro"e to be amon' the first to &ash, lest all the "irtue be absorbed$ (*) And Jesus sa& a little child, &eak, faint and helpless, sittin' all alone be ond the sur'in' cro&d9 and there &as none to help her to the fount$ (;) And Jesus said, 6 little one, &h do ou sit and &aitE >h not arise and hasten to the fount and &ash, and be made &ellE (<) The child replied, - need not haste9 the blessin's of m Bather in the sk are measured not in tin cups9 the ne"er fail9 their "irtues are the same for e"ermore$ (=) >hen these &hose faith is &eak and must haste to &ash for fear their faith &ill fail, ha"e all been cured, these &aters &ill be @ust as po&erful for me$ ()) Then - can 'o and sta a lon', lon' time &ithin the blessed &aters of the sprin'$ (,) And Jesus said, Behold a master soulC .he came to earth to teach to men the po&er of faith$ 20) And then he lifted up the child and said, >h &ait for an thin'E The "er air &e breathe is filled &ith balm of life$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %1 Breathe in this balm of life in faith and be made &hole$ 2() The child breathed in the balm of life in faith, and she &as &ell$ 22) The people mar"eled much at &hat the heard and sa&9 the said, This man must surel be the 'od of health made flesh$ 21) And Jesus said, The fount of life is not a little pool9 it is as &ide as are the spaces of the hea"ens$ 2*) The &aters of the fount are lo"e9 the potenc is faith, and he &ho plun'es deep into the li"in' sprin's, in li"in' faith, ma &ash a&a his 'uilt and be made &hole, and freed from sin$

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %% .3CT-4/ -J T3T# !ife and >orks of Jesus in Ass ria C#A5T3R *2 Jes"s bids the ma ians fare)ell. !oes to Assyria. #eaches the people in 6r of &haldea. Meets Ashbina, )ith )hom he %isits many to)ns and cities, teachin and healin the sic(.

-/ 5ersia JesusD &ork &as done and he resumed his @ourne to&ards his nati"e land$ 2) The 5ersian sa'e &ent &ith him to the 3uphrates9 then &ith a pled'e that the &ould meet a'ain in 3' pt land the masters said, Bare&ell$ 1) And Gaspar &ent his &a unto his home beside the Caspian .ea9 and Jesus soon &as in Chaldea, cradle land of -srael$ *) -n 7r, &here Abraham &as born, he tarried for a time9 and &hen he told the people &ho he &as, and &h he came, the came from near and far to speak to him$ ;) #e said to them, >e all are kin$ T&o thousand ears and more a'o, our Bather Abraham li"ed here in 7r, and then he &orshipped God the 4ne, and tau'ht the people in these sacred 'ro"es$ <) And he &as 'reatl blessed9 becomin' father of the mi'ht hosts of -srael$ =) Althou'h so man ears ha"e passed since Abraham and .arah &alked these &a s, a remnant of their kindred still abides in 7r$ )) And in there hearts the God of Abraham is still adored, and faith and @ustice are the rocks on &hich the build$ ,) Behold this landC -t is no more the fruitful land that Abraham lo"ed so &ell9 the rains come not as in the former times9 the "ine is not producti"e no&, and &ithered are the fi's$ (0) But this shall not fore"er be9 the time &ill come &hen all our deserts &ill re@oice9 &hen flo&ers &ill bloom9 &hen all our "ines &ill bend their heads &ith luscious fruit9 our shepherds &ill a'ain be 'lad$ (() And Jesus preached to them the 'ospel of 'ood&ill, and peace on earth$ #e told them of the brotherhood of life, and of the inborn po&ers of man, and of the kin'dom of the soul$ (2) And as he spoke, Ashbina, 'reatest sa'e of all Ass ria, stood before his face$ (1) The people kne& the sa'e, for he had often tau'ht them in their sacred halls Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %2 and 'ro"es, and the re@oiced to see his face$ (*) Ashbina said, 6 children of Chaldea, hearC Behold, for ou are 'reatl blest toda , because a prophet of the li"in' God has come to ou$ (;) Take heed to &hat this master sa s, for he 'i"es forth the &ords that God has 'i"en him$ (<) And Jesus and the sa'e &ent throu'h the to&ns and cities of Chaldea and of the lands bet&een the Ti'ris and the 3uphrates9 (=) And Jesus healed a multitude of people &ho &ere sick$ C#A5T3R *1 Jes"s and Ashbina %isit Babylon and remar( its desolation. #he t)o masters remain in company se%en days. then Jes"s res"mes his home)ard $o"rney. Arri%es in /azareth. *is mother i%es a feast in his honor. *is brothers are displeased. Jes"s tells his mother and a"nt the story of his $o"rneys. T<= ruined 9abylon was near, and Jesus and the sage went through her gates and

walked a(ong her fallen pala,es# .6 They trod the streets where $srael on,e was held in base ,apti&ity# /6 They saw where JudahCs sons and daughters hung their harps upon the willows, and refused to sing# 06 They saw where Daniel and the <ebrew ,hildren stood as li&ing witnesses of faith# 16 And Jesus lifted up his hands and said, 9ehold the grandeur of the works of (an: %6 The king of 9abylon destroyed the te(ple of the "ord in old Jerusale(8 he burned the holy ,ity, bound in ,hains (y people and (y kin, and brought the( here as sla&es# 26 9ut retribution ,o(es8 for whatsoe&er (en shall do to other (en the righteous Judge will do to the(# !6 The sun of 9abylon has gone down8 the songs of pleasure will be heard no (ore within her walls# 96 And e&ery kind of ,reeping thing and un,lean bird will, in these ruins, find their ho(es# 1 6 And in the te(ple 9elus, Jesus and Ashbina stood in silent thought# 116 Then Jesus spoke and said, 9ehold this (onu(ent of folly and of sha(e# 1.6 >an tried to shake the &ery throne of God, and he assayed to build a tower to rea,h to hea&en, when, lo, his &ery spee,h was snat,hed away, be,ause in lofty words he boasted of his power# 1/6 And on these heights the heathen 9aal stood - the god wrought out by hands of (an# Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %! 106 'pon yon altar, birds, and beasts, and (en, yea ,hildren ha&e been burned in awful sa,rifi,e to 9aal# 116 9ut now the gory priests are dead8 the &ery ro,ks ha&e shuddered and ha&e fallen down8 the pla,e is desolate# 1%6 3ow, in the plains of 7hinar Jesus tarried yet for se&en days, and, with Ashbina, (editated long upon the needs of (en, and how the sages ,ould best ser&e the ,o(ing age# 126 Then Jesus went his way, and after (any days he ,rossed the Jordan to his nati&e land# At on,e he sought his ho(e in 3a?areth# 1!6 <is (otherCs heart was filled with Boy8 she (ade a feast for hi(, in&iting all her kindred and her friends# 196 9ut JesusC brothers were not pleased that su,h attention should be paid to one they dee(ed a sheer ad&enturer, and they went not in to the feast# . 6 They laughed their brotherCs ,lai(s to s,orn8 they ,alled hi( indolent, a(bitious, &ain8 a worthless fortune hunter8 sear,her of the world for fa(e, who, after (any years returns to (otherCs ho(e with neither gold, nor any other wealth# .16 And Jesus ,alled aside his (other and her sister, >iria(, and told the( of his Bourney to the =ast# ..6 <e told the( of the lessons he had learned, and of the works that he had done# To others he told not the story of his life# Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling %9 .3CT-4/ J J4%

!ife and >orks of Jesus in Greece C#A5T3R ** Jes"s %isits !reece and is )elcomed by the Athenians. Meets Apollo. Addresses the !recian masters in the Amphitheatre. #he address. T#3 Greek philosoph &as full of pun'ent truth, and Jesus lon'ed to stud &ith the masters in the schools of Greece$ 2) And so he left his home in /a:areth and crossed the Carmel hills, and at the port took ship, and soon &as in the Grecian capital$ 1) /o&, the Athenians had heard of him as teacher and philosopher, and the &ere 'lad to ha"e him come to them that the mi'ht hear his &ords of truth$ *) Amon' the masters of the Greeks &as one, Apollo, &ho &as called, %efender of the 4racle, and reco'ni:ed in man lands as Grecian sa'e$ ;) Apollo opened up for Jesus all the doors of Grecian lore, and in the Areopa'us he heard the &isest masters speak$ <) But Jesus brou'ht to them a &isdom 'reater far than theirs9 and so he tau'ht$ =) 4nce in the Amphitheatre he stood, and &hen Apollo bade him speak he said, )) Athenian masters, hearC -n a'es lon' a'o, men, &ise in natureDs la&s, sou'ht out and found the place on &hich our cit stands$ ,) Bull &ell ou kno& that there are parts of earth &here its 'reat beatin' heart thro&s hea"en&ard etheric &a"es that meet the ethers from abo"e8 (0) >here spirit+li'ht and understandin', like the stars of ni'ht, shine forth$ (() 4f all the parts of earth there is no place more sensiti:ed, more trul spirit+ blest, than that &here Athens stands$ (2) Aea, all of Greece is blest$ /o other land has been the homeland of such mi'ht men of thou'ht as 'race our scrolls of fame$ (1) A host of sturd 'iants of philosoph , of poetr , of science, and of art, &ere born upon the soil of Greece, and rocked to manhood in our cradle of pure thou'ht$ (*) - come not here to speak of science, of philosoph , or art9 of these ou are the &orldDs best masters no&$ (;) But all our hi'h accomplishments are but steppin' stones to &orlds be ond the realm of sense9 are but illusi"e shado&s flittin' on the &alls of time$ (<) But - &ould tell ou of a life be ond, &ithin9 a real life that cannot pass a&a $ (=) -n science and philosoph there is no po&er stron' enou'h to fit a soul to reco'ni:e itself, or to commune &ith God$ ()) - &ould not sta the flo& of our 'reat streams of thou'ht9 but - &ould turn Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 2 them to the channels of the soul$ (,) 7naided b the .pirit+breath, the &ork of intellection tends to sol"e the problems of the thin's &e see, and nothin' more$ 20) The senses &ere ordained to brin' into the mind mere pictures of the thin's that pass a&a 9 the do not deal &ith real thin's9 the do not comprehend eternal la&$ 2() But man has somethin' in his soul, a somethin' that &ill tear the "eil apart that he ma see the &orld of real thin's$ 22) >e call this somethin', spirit consciousness9 it sleeps in e"er soul, and cannot be a&akened till the #ol Breath becomes a &elcome 'uest$

21) This #ol Breath knocks at the door of e"er soul, but cannot enter in until the &ill of man thro&s &ide the door$ 2*) There is no po&er in intellect to turn the ke 9 philosoph and science both ha"e toiled to 'et a 'limpse behind the "eil9 but the ha"e failed$ 2;) The secret sprin' that thro&s a@ar the door of soul is touched b nothin' else than purit in life, b pra er and hol thou'ht$ 2<) Return, 4 m stic stream of Grecian thou'ht, and min'le our clear &aters &ith the flood of .pirit+life9 and then the spirit consciousness &ill sleep no more, and man &ill kno&, and God &ill bless$ 2=) >hen Jesus had thus said he stepped aside$ The Grecian masters &ere astonished at the &isdom of his &ords9 the ans&ered not$ C#A5T3R *; Jes"s teaches the !ree( masters. !oes )ith Apollo to -elphi and hears the 9racle spea(. It testifies for him. *e abides )ith Apollo, and is reco nized as the li%in 9racle of !od. E5plains to Apollo the phenomenon of oracl"lar speech. B4R man da s the Grecian masters listened to the clear incisi"e &ords that Jesus spoke, and &hile the could not full comprehend the thin's he said, the &ere deli'hted and accepted his philosoph $ 2) 4ne da as Jesus and Apollo &alked beside the sea, a %elphic courier came in haste and said, Apollo, master, come9 the 4racle &ould speak to ou$ 1) Apollo said to Jesus, .ir, if ou &ould see the %elphic 4racle, and hear it speak, ou ma accompan me$ And Jesus did accompan him$ *) The masters &ent in haste9 and &hen the came to %elphi, 'reat eFcitement rei'ned$ ;) And &hen Apollo stood before the 4racle it spoke and said8 <) Apollo, sa'e of Greece, the bell strikes t&el"e9 the midni'ht of the a'es no& has come$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 21 =) >ithin the &omb of nature a'es are concei"ed9 the 'estate and are born in 'lor &ith the risin' sun, and &hen the a'ic sun 'oes do&n the a'e disinte'rates and dies$ )) The %elphic a'e has been an a'e of 'lor and reno&n9 the 'ods ha"e spoken to the sons of men throu'h oracles of &ood, and 'old, and precious stone$ ,) The %elphic sun has set9 the 4racle &ill 'o into decline9 the time is near &hen men &ill hear its "oice no more$ (0) The 'ods &ill speak to man b man$ The li"in' 4racle no& stands &ithin these sacred 'ro"es9 the !o'os from on hi'h has come$ (() Brom henceforth &ill decrease m &isdom and m po&er9 from henceforth &ill increase the &isdom and the po&er of him, -mmanuel$ (2) !et all the masters sta 9 let e"er creature hear and honor him, -mmanuel$ (1) And then the 4racle spoke not a'ain for fort da s, and priests and people &ere ama:ed$ The came from near and far to hear the !i"in' 4racle speak forth the &isdom of the 'ods$ (*) And Jesus and the Grecian sa'e returned, and in ApolloDs home the !i"in'

4racle spoke forth for fort da s$ (;) 4ne da Apollo said to Jesus as the sat alone, This sacred %elphic 4racle has spoken man a helpful &ord for Greece$ (<) 5ra tell me &hat it is that speaks$ -s it an an'el, man, or li"in' 'odE (=) And Jesus said, -t is not an'el, man, nor 'od that speaks$ -t is the matchless &isdom of the master minds of Greece, united in a master mind$ ()) This 'iant mind has taken to itself the substances of soul, and thinks, and hears, and speaks$ (,) -t &ill remain a li"in' soul &hile master minds feed it &ith thou'ht, &ith &isdom and &ith faith and hope$ 20) But &hen the master minds of Greece shall perish from the land, this 'iant master mind &ill cease to be, and then the %elphic 4racle &ill speak no more$ C#A5T3R *< A storm on the sea. Jes"s resc"es many dro)nin men. #he Athenians pray to idols. Jes"s reb"(es their idolatry and tells ho) !od helps. *is last meetin )ith the !ree(s. 'ails on the %essel Mars. $T was a holy day and Jesus walked upon the Athens bea,h# .6 A stor( was on and ships were being tossed about like toys upon the boso( of the sea# /6 The sailors and the fisher(en were going down to watery gra&es8 the shores were strewn with bodies of the dead# 06 And Jesus halted not, but with a (ighty power he res,ued (any a helpless one, oft bringing ba,k to life the see(ing dead# 16 3ow, on these shores were altars sa,red to the gods supposed to rule the seas# Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 2. %6 And (en and wo(en, heedless of the ,ries of drowning (en were ,rowding all about these altars ,alling on their gods for help# 26 At length the stor( was done, and all the sea was ,al(, and (en ,ould think again8 and Jesus said, !6 @ou worshippers of wooden gods, how has the fury of this stor( been lessened by your franti, prayers; 96 5here is the strength of these poor, weather-beaten gods with painted swords and ,rowns; 1 6 A god that ,ould abide in su,h a little house ,ould hardly hold a franti, fly, and who ,ould hope that he ,ould hold at bay the "ords of winds and wa&es; 116 The (ighty powers of worlds unseen do not gi&e forth their help till (en ha&e done their best8 they only help when (en ,an do no (ore# 1.6 And you ha&e agoni?ed and prayed around these shrines, and let (en sink to death who (ight ha&e been, by your assistan,e, sa&ed# 1/6 The God that sa&es dwells in your souls, and (anifests by (aking use of your own feet, and legs, and ar(s, and hands# 106 7trength ne&er ,o(es through idleness8 nor through a waiting for another one to bear your loads, or do the work that you are ,alled to do# 116 9ut when you do your best to bear your loads, and do your work, you offer unto God a sa,rifi,e well pleasing in his sight# 1%6 And then the <oly 4ne breathes deep upon your glowing sa,rifi,ial ,oals, and (akes the( bla?e aloft to fill your souls with light, and strength and helpfulness#

126 The (ost effi,ient prayer that (en ,an offer to a god of any kind is helpfulness to those in need of help8 for what you do for other (en the <oly 4ne will do for you# 1!6 And thus God helps# 196 <is work in Gree,e was done, and Jesus (ust go on his way to =gypt in the 7outh# Apollo, with the highest (asters of the land and (any people fro( the &aried walks of life, stood on the shore to see the <ebrew sage depart8 and Jesus said, . 6 The son of (an has been in (any lands8 has stood in te(ples of a (ultitude of foreign gods8 has prea,hed the gospel of good will and pea,e on earth to (any people, tribes and tongues8 .16 <as been re,ei&ed with fa&or in a (ultitude of ho(es8 but Gree,e is, of the( all, the royal host# ..6 The breadth of Gre,ian thought8 the depth of her philosophy8 the height of her unselfish aspirations ha&e well fitted her to be the ,ha(pion of the ,ause of hu(an liberty and right# ./6 The fates of war ha&e subBugated Gree,e, be,ause she trusted in the strength of flesh, and bone and intelle,t, forgetful of the spirit-life that binds a nation to its sour,e of power# .06 9ut Gree,e will not fore&er sit within the darkness of the shadow land as &assal of a foreign king# .16 "ift up your heads, you (en of Gree,e8 the ti(e will ,o(e when Gree,e will breathe the ethers of the <oly 9reath, and be a (ainspring of the spirit power of earth# .%6 9ut God (ust be your shield, your bu,kler, and your tower of strength# .26 And then he said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 2/ Aarewell# Apollo raised his hand in silent benedi,tion, and the people wept# .!6 'pon the Cretan &essel, >ars, the <ebrew sage sailed fro( the Gre,ian port# Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 20 .3CT-4/ JCA5# !ife and >orks of Jesus in 3' pt C#A5T3R *= Jes"s )ith Elih" and 'alome in E ypt. #ells the story of his $o"rneys. Elih" and 'alome praise !od. Jes"s oes to the temple in *eliopolis and is recei%ed as a p"pil. A/% Jesus came to 3' pt land and all &as &ell$ #e tarried not upon the coast9 he &ent at once to ?oan, home of 3lihu and .alome, &ho fi"e and t&ent ears before had tau'ht his mother in their sacred school$ 2) And there &as @o &hen met these three$ >hen last the son of 6ar sa& these sacred 'ro"es he &as a babe9 1) And no& a man 'ro&n stron' b buffetin's of e"er kind9 a teacher &ho had stirred the multitudes in man lands$ *) And Jesus told the a'ed teachers all about his life9 about his @ourne in's in forei'n lands9 about the meetin's &ith the masters and about his kind receptions b the multitudes$ ;) 3lihu and .alome heard his stor &ith deli'ht9 the lifted up their e es to

hea"en and said, <) 4ur Bather+God, let no& th ser"ants 'o in peace, for &e ha"e seen the 'lor of the !ord9 =) And &e ha"e talked &ith him, the messen'er of lo"e, and of the co"enant of peace on earth, 'ood &ill to men$ )) Throu'h him shall all the nations of the earth be blest9 throu'h him, -mmanuel$ ,) And Jesus sta ed in ?oan man da s9 and then &ent forth unto the cit of the sun, that men call #eliopolis, and sou'ht admission to the temple of the sacred brotherhood$ (0) The council of the brotherhood con"ened, and Jesus stood before the hierophant9 he ans&ered all the questions that &ere asked &ith clearness and &ith po&er$ (() The hierophant eFclaimed, Rabboni of the rabbinate, &h come ou hereE Aour &isdom is the &isdom of the 'ods9 &h seek for &isdom in the halls of menE (2) And Jesus said, -n e"er &a of earth+life - &ould &alk9 in e"er hall of learnin' - &ould sit9 the hei'hts that an man has 'ained, these - &ould 'ain9 (1) >hat an man has suffered - &ould meet, that - ma kno& the 'riefs, the disappointments and the sore temptations of m brother man9 that - ma kno& Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 21 @ust ho& to succor those in need$ (*) - pra ou, brothers, let me 'o into our dismal cr pts9 and - &ould pass the hardest of our tests$ (;) The master said, Take then the "o& of secret brotherhood$ And Jesus took the "o& of secret brotherhood$ (<) A'ain the master spoke9 he said, The 'reatest hei'hts are 'ained b those &ho reach the 'reatest depths9 and ou shall reach the 'reatest depths$ (=) The 'uide then led the &a and in the fountain Jesus bathed9 and &hen he had been clothed in proper 'arb he stood a'ain before the hierophant$ C#A5T3R *) Jes"s recei%es from the hierophant his mystic name and n"mber. Passes the first brotherhood test, and recei%es his first de ree, 'I/&E0I#4. T#3 master took do&n from the &all a scroll on &hich &as &ritten do&n the number and the name of e"er attribute and character$ #e said, 2) The circle is the s mbol of the perfect man, and se"en is the number of the perfect man9 1) The !o'os is the perfect &ord9 that &hich creates9 that &hich destro s, and that &hich sa"es$ *) This #ebre& master is the !o'os of the #ol 4ne, the Circle of the human race, the .e"en of time$ ;) And in the record book the scribe &rote do&n, The !o'os+Circle+.e"en9 and thus &as Jesus kno&n$

<) The master said, The !o'os &ill 'i"e heed to &hat - sa 8 /o man can enter into li'ht till he has found himself$ Go forth and search till ou ha"e found our soul and then return$ =) The 'uide led Jesus to a room in &hich the li'ht &as faint and mello&, like the li'ht of earl da&n$ )) The chamber &alls &ere marked &ith m stic si'ns, &ith hiero'l phs and sacred teFts9 and in this chamber Jesus found himself alone &here he remained for man da s$ ,) #e read the sacred teFts9 thou'ht out the meanin' of the hiero'l phs and sou'ht the import of the masterDs char'e to find himself$ (0) A re"elation came9 he 'ot acquainted &ith his soul9 he found himself9 then he &as not alone$ (() 4ne ni'ht he slept and at the midni'ht hour, a door that he had not obser"ed, &as opened, and a priest in somber 'arb came in and said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 2% (2) 6 brother, pardon me for comin' in at this unseeml hour9 but - ha"e come to sa"e our life$ (1) Aou are the "ictim of a cruel plot$ The priests of #eliopolis are @ealous of our fame, and the ha"e said that ou shall ne"er lea"e these 'loom cr pts ali"e$ (*) The hi'her priests do not 'o forth to teach the &orld, and ou are doomed to temple ser"itude$ (;) /o&, if ou &ould be free, ou must decei"e these priests9 must tell them ou are here to sta for life9 (<) And then, &hen ou ha"e 'ained all that ou &ish to 'ain, - &ill return, and b a secret &a &ill lead ou forth that ou ma 'o in peace$ (=) And Jesus said, 6 brother man, &ould ou come here to teach deceitE Am - &ithin these hol &alls to learn the &iles of "ile h pocris E ()) /a , man, m Bather scorns deceit, and - am here to do his &ill$ (,) %ecei"e these priestsC /ot &hile the sun shall shine$ >hat - ha"e said, that ha"e said9 - &ill be true to them, to God, and to m self$ 20) And then the tempter left, and Jesus &as a'ain alone9 but in a little time a &hite+robed priest appeared and said, 2() >ell doneC The !o'os has pre"ailed$ This is the trial chamber of h pocris $ And then he led the &a , and Jesus stood before the @ud'ment seat$ 22) And all the brothers stood9 the hierophant came forth and laid his hand on JesusD head, and placed &ithin his hands a scroll, on &hich &as &ritten @ust one &ord, .-/C3R-TA9 and not a &ord &as said$ 21) The 'uide a'ain appeared, and led the &a , and in a spacious room replete &ith e"er thin' a student cra"es &as Jesus bade to rest and &ait$ C#A5T3R *, Jes"s passes the second brotherhood test, and recei%es the second de ree, J6'#I&E. T#3 !o'os did not care to rest9 he said, >h &ait in this luFurious roomE - need not rest9 m BatherDs &ork upon me presses hard$

2) - &ould 'o on and learn m lessons all$ -f there are trials, let them come, for e"er "ictor o"er self 'i"es added stren'th$ 1) And then the 'uide led on, and in a chamber, dark as ni'ht, &as Jesus placed and left alone9 and da s &ere spent in this deep solitude$ *) And Jesus slept, and in the dead of ni'ht a secret door &as opened, and, in priestDs attire, t&o men came in9 each carried in his hand a little flickerin' lamp$ ;) Approachin' Jesus, one spoke out and said, Aoun' man, our hearts are 'rie"ed because of &hat ou suffer in these fearful dens, and &e ha"e come as friends to brin' ou li'ht, and sho& the &a to Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 22 libert $ <) >e once, like ou, &ere in these dens confined, and thou'ht that throu'h these &eird, uncann &a s &e could attain to blessedness and po&er9 =) But in a luckful moment &e &ere undecei"ed, and, makin' use of all our stren'th, &e broke our chains, and then &e learned that all this ser"ice is corruption in dis'uise$ These priests are criminals @ust hid a&a $ )) The boast in sacrificial rites9 the offer to their 'ods, and burn them &hile ali"e poor birds, and beasts9 ea, children, &omen, men$ ,) And no& the keep ou here, and, at a certain time, ma offer ou in sacrifice$ (0) >e pra ou, brother, break our chains9 come, 'o &ith us9 accept of freedom &hile ou ma $ (() And Jesus said, Aour little tapers sho& the li'ht ou brin'$ 5ra , &ho are ouE The &ords of man are &orth no more than is the man himself$ (2) These temple &alls are stron' and hi'h9 ho& 'ained ou entrance to this placeE (1) The men replied, Beneath these &alls are man hidden &a s, and &e &ho ha"e been priests, spent months and ears &ithin these dens, kno& all of them$ (*) Then ou are traitors, Jesus said$ A traitor is a fiend9 he &ho betra s another man is ne"er man to trust$ (;) -f one has onl reached the plane of treacher , he is a lo"er of deceit, and &ill betra a friend to ser"e his selfish self$ (<) Behold, ou men, or &hatsoeDer ou be, our &ords fall li'htl on m ears, (=) Could - pre@ud'e these hundred priests, turn traitor to m self and them, because of &hat ou sa &hen ou confess our treacher E ()) /o man can @ud'e for me9 and if - @ud'e till testimon all is in - mi'ht not @ud'e ari'ht$ (,) /a , men9 b &hatsoe"er &a ou came, return$ 6 soul prefers the darkness of the 'ra"e to little flickerin' li'hts like these ou brin'$ 20) 6 conscience rules9 &hat these, m brothers, ha"e to sa -Dll hear, and &hen the testimon all is in - &ill decide$ Aou cannot @ud'e for me, nor - for ou, 2() Be 'one, ou men, be 'one, and lea"e me to this charmin' li'ht9 for &hile the sun shines not, &ithin m soul there is a li'ht surpassin' that of sun or moon$ 22) Then, &ith an an'r threat that the &ould do him harm, the &il tempters left, and Jesus &as a'ain alone$ 21) A'ain the &hite+robed priest appeared, and led the &a , and Jesus stood a'ain before the hierophant9

2*) And not a &ord &as said, but in his hands the master placed a scroll on &hich the &ord su''esti"e, J7.T-C3, &as inscribed$ 2;) And Jesus &as the master of the phantom forms of pre@udice and of treacher $ $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 2! C#A5T3R ;0 Jes"s passes the third brotherhood test, and recei%es the third de ree, :AI#*. T#3 !o'os &aited se"en da s, and then &as taken to the #all of Bame, a chamber rich in furnishin's, and li'hted up &ith 'old and sil"er lamps$ 2) The colors of its ceilin's, decorations, furnishin's and &alls &ere blue and 'old$ 1) -ts shel"es &ere filled &ith books of master minds9 the paintin's and the statues &ere the &orks of hi'hest art$ *) And Jesus &as entranced &ith all this ele'ance and these manifests of thou'ht$ #e read the sacred books, and sou'ht the meanin's of the s mbols and the hiero'l phs$ ;) And &hen he &as absorbed in deepest thou'ht, a priest approached and said, <) Behold the 'lor of this placeC m brother, ou are hi'hl blest$ Be& men of earth, so oun', ha"e reached such hei'hts of fame$ =) /o&, if ou do not &aste our life in search for hidden thin's that men can ne"er comprehend, ou ma be founder of a school of thou'ht that &ill insure ou endless fame9 )) Bor our philosoph is deeper far than that of 5lato, and our teachin's please the common people more than those of .ocrates$ ,) >h seek for m stic li'ht &ithin these antiquated densE Go forth and &alk &ith men, and think &ith men, and the &ill honor ou$ (0) And, after all, these &eird initiations ma be m ths, and our 6essiah hopes but base illusions of the hour$ (() - &ould ad"ise ou to renounce uncertain thin's and choose the course that leads to certain fame$ (2) And thus the priest, a demon in dis'uise, sun' siren son's of unbelief9 and Jesus meditated lon' and &ell on &hat he said$ (1) The conflict &as a bitter one, for kin' Ambition is a sturd foe to fi'ht$ (*) Bor fort da s the hi'her &restled &ith the lo&er self, and then the fi'ht &as &on$ (;) Baith rose triumphant9 unbelief &as not$ Ambition co"ered up his face and fled a&a , and Jesus said, (<) The &ealth, the honor, and the fame of earth are but the baubles of an hour$ (=) >hen this short span of earthl life has all been measured out, manDs burstin' baubles &ill be buried &ith his bones, ()) Aea, &hat a man does for his selfish self &ill make no markin's on the credit side of life$ (,) The 'ood that men for other men shall do becomes a ladder stron' on &hich the soul ma climb to &ealth, and po&er and fame of GodDs o&n kind, that cannot pass a&a $ 20) Gi"e me the po"ert of men, the consciousness of dut done in lo"e, the approbation of m God, and - &ill be content$ 2() And then he lifted up his e es to hea"en and said,

22) 6 Bather+God, - thank thee for this hour$ - ask not for the 'lor of m self9 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 29 - fain &ould be a keeper of th temple 'ates, and ser"e m brother man$ 21) A'ain &as Jesus called to stand before the hierophant9 a'ain no &ord &as said, but in his hands the master placed a scroll on &hich &as &ritten, BA-T#$ 2*) And Jesus bo&ed his head in humble thanks9 then &ent his &a $ $ C#A5T3R ;( Jes"s passes the fo"rth brotherhood test, and recei%es the fo"rth de ree, P*I+A/#*09P*4. >#3/ other certain da s had passed, the 'uide led Jesus to the #all of 6irth, a hall most richl furnished, and replete &ith e"er thin' a carnal heart could &ish$ 2) The choicest "iands and the most delicious &ines &ere on the boards9 and maids, in 'a attire, ser"ed all &ith 'race and cheerfulness$ 1) And men and &omen, richl clad, &ere there9 and the &ere &ild &ith @o 9 the sipped from e"er cup of mirth$ *) And Jesus &atched the happ thron' in silence for a time, and then a man in 'arb of sa'e came up and said, 6ost happ is the man &ho, like the bee, can 'ather s&eets from e"er flo&er$ ;) The &ise man is the one &ho seeks for pleasure, and can find it e"er &here$ <) At best, manDs span of life on earth is short, and then he dies and 'oes, he kno&s not &here$ =) Then let us eat, and drink, and dance, and sin', and 'et the @o s of life, for death comes on apace$ )) -t is but foolishness to spend a life for other men$ Behold, all die and lie to'ether in the 'ra"e, &here none can kno& and none can sho& forth 'ratitude$ ,) But Jesus ans&ered not9 upon the tinseled 'uests in all their rounds of mirth he 'a:ed in silent thou'ht$ (0) And then amon' the 'uests he sa& a man &hose clothes &ere coarse9 &ho sho&ed in face and hands the lines of toil and &ant$ (() The 'idd thron' found pleasure in abusin' him9 the @ostled him a'ainst the &all, and lau'hed at his discomfiture$ (2) And then a poor, frail &oman came, &ho carried in her face and form the marks of sin and shame9 and &ithout merc she &as spit upon, and @eered, and dri"en from the hall$ (1) And then a little child, &ith timid &a s and hun'r mien, came in and asked for @ust a morsel of their food$ (*) But she &as dri"en out uncared for and unlo"ed9 and still the merr dance &ent on$ (;) And &hen the pleasure seekers ur'ed that Jesus @oin them in their mirth, he said, (<) #o& could - seek for pleasure for m self &hile others are in &antE #o& can ou think that &hile the children cr for bread, &hile those in haunts of sin call Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ! out for s mpath and lo"e, that - can fill m self to full &ith the 'ood thin's of lifeE (=) - tell ou, na 9 &e all are kin, each one a part of the 'reat human heart$

()) - cannot see m self apart from that poor man that ou so scorned, and cro&ded to the &all9 (,) /or from the one in female 'arb &ho came up from the haunts of "ice to ask for s mpath and lo"e, &ho &as b ou so ruthlessl pushed back into her den of sin9 20) /or from that little child that ou dro"e from our midst to suffer in the cold, bleak &inds of ni'ht$ 2() - tell ou, men, &hat ou ha"e done to these, m kindred, ou ha"e done to me$ 22) Aou ha"e insulted me in our o&n home9 - cannot sta $ - &ill 'o forth and find that child, that &oman and that man, and 'i"e them help until m lifeDs blood all has ebbed a&a $ 21) - call it pleasure &hen - help the helpless, feed the hun'r , clothe the naked, heal the sick, and speak 'ood &ords of cheer to those unlo"ed, discoura'ed and depressed$ 2*) And this that ou call mirth is but a phantom of the ni'ht9 but flashes of the fire of passion, paintin' pictures on the &alls of time$ 2;) And &hile the !o'os spoke the &hite+robed priest came in and said to him, The council &aits for ou$ 2<) Then Jesus stood a'ain before the bar9 a'ain no &ord &as said9 the hierophant placed in his hands a scroll, on &hich &as &rit, 5#-!A/T#R45A$ 2=) And Jesus &as a "ictor o"er selfish self$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !1 C#A5T3R ;2 Jes"s spends forty days in the temple ro%es. Passes the fifth brotherhood test and recei%es the fifth de ree, *E09I'M. T#3 sacred temple 'ro"es &ere rich in statues, monuments and shrines9 here Jesus lo"ed to &alk and meditate$ 2) And after he had conquered self he talked &ith nature in these 'ro"es for fort da s$ 1) And then the 'uide took chains and bound him hand and foot9 and then cast him into a den of hun'r beasts, of unclean birds, and creepin' thin's$ *) The den &as dark as ni'ht9 the &ild beasts ho&led9 the birds in fur screamed9 the reptiles hissed$ ;) And Jesus said, >ho &as it that did bind me thusE >h did - meekl sit to be bound do&n &ith chainsE <) - tell ou, none has po&er to bind a human soul$ 4f &hat are fetters madeE =) And in his mi'ht he rose, and &hat he thou'ht &ere chains &ere onl &orthless cords that parted at his touch$ )) And then he lau'hed and said, The chains that bind men to the carcasses of earth are for'ed in fanc Ds shop9 are made of air, and &elded in illusionDs fires$ ,) -f man &ill stand erect, and use the po&er of &ill, his chains &ill fall, like &orthless ra's9 for &ill and faith are stron'er than the stoutest chains that men ha"e e"er made$ (0) And Jesus stood erect amon' the hun'r beasts, and birds, and said, >hat is this darkness that en"elops meE (() KTis but the absence of the li'ht$ And &hat is li'htE DTis but the breath of

God "ibratin' in the rh thm of rapid thou'ht$ (2) And then he said, !et there be li'ht9 and &ith a mi'ht &ill he stirred the ethers up, and their "ibrations reached the plane of li'ht9 and there &as li'ht$ (1) The darkness of that den of ni'ht became the bri'htness of a ne&born da $ (*) And then he looked to see the beasts, and birds, and creepin' thin's9 lo, the &ere not$ (;) And Jesus said, 4f &hat are souls afraidE Bear is the chariot in &hich man rides to death9 (<) And &hen he finds himself &ithin the chamber of the dead, he learns that he has been decei"ed9 his chariot &as a m th, and death a fanc child$ (=) But some da all manDs lessons &ill be learned, and from the den of unclean beasts, and birds, and creepin' thin's, he &ill arise to &alk in li'ht$ ()) And Jesus sa& a ladder made of 'old, on &hich he climbed, and at the top the &hite+robed priest a&aited him$ (,) A'ain he stood before the council bar9 a'ain no &ord &as said9 a'ain the hierophant reached forth his hand to bless$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !. 20) #e placed in JesusD hand another scroll, and on this one &as &ritten, #3R4-.6$ 2() The !o'os had encountered fear and all his phantom host, and in the conflict he achie"ed the "ictor $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !/ C#A5T3R ;1 Jes"s passes the si5th brotherhood test and recei%es the si5th de ree, +98E -I8I/E$ -/ all the land there &as no place more 'randl furnished than the Beaut 5arlors of the temple of the sun$ 2) Be& students e"er entered these rich rooms9 the priests re'arded them &ith a&e, and called them #alls of 6 steries$ 1) >hen Jesus had attained the "ictor o"er fear, he 'ained the ri'ht to enter here$ *) The 'uide led on the &a , and after passin' man richl furnished rooms the reached the #all of #armon 9 and here &as Jesus left alone$ ;) Amon' the instruments of music &as a harpsichord, and Jesus sat in thou'htful mood inspectin' it, &hen, quietl , a maiden of entrancin' beaut came into the hall$ <) .he did not seem to notice Jesus as he sat and mused, so bus &ith his thou'hts$ =) .he found her place beside the harpsichord9 she touched the chords most 'entl , and she san' the son's of -srael$ )) And Jesus &as entranced9 such beaut he had ne"er seen9 such music he had ne"er heard$ ,) The maiden sun' her son's9 she did not seem to kno& that an one &as near9 she &ent her &a $ (0) And Jesus, talkin' &ith himself, said out, >hat is the meanin' of this incidentE - did not kno& that such entrancin' beaut and such queen+like

lo"eliness &ere e"er found amon' the sons of men$ (() - did not kno& that "oice of an'el e"er 'raced a human form, or that seraphic music e"er came from human lips$ (2) Bor da s he sat entranced9 the current of his thou'hts &as chan'ed9 he thou'ht of nothin' but the sin'er and her son's$ (1) #e lon'ed to see her once a'ain9 and after certain da s she came9 she spoke and laid her hand upon his head$ (*) #er touch thrilled all his soul, and for the time, for'otten &as the &ork that he &as sent to do$ (;) Be& &ere the &ords the maiden said9 she &ent her &a 9 but then the heart of Jesus had been touched$ (<) A lo"e+flame had been kindled in his soul, and he &as brou'ht to face the sorest trial of his life$ (=) #e could not sleep nor eat$ Thou'hts of the maiden came9 the &ould not 'o$ #is carnal nature called aloud for her companionship$ ()) And then he said, !o, - ha"e conquered e"er foe that - ha"e met, and shall - no& be conquered b this carnal lo"eE (,) 6 Bather sent me here to sho& the po&er of lo"e di"ine, that lo"e that reaches e"er li"in' thin'$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !0 20) .hall this pure, uni"ersal lo"e be all absorbed b carnal lo"eE .hall - for'et all creatures else, and lose m life in this fair maiden, thou'h she is the hi'hest t pe of beaut , purit and lo"eE 2() -nto its "er depths his soul &as stirred, and lon' he &restled &ith this an'el+ idol of his heart$ 22) But &hen the da &as almost lost, his hi'her e'o rose in mi'ht9 he found himself a'ain, and then he said, 21) Althou'h m heart shall break - &ill not fail in this m hardest task9 - &ill be "ictor o"er carnal lo"e$ 2*) And &hen a'ain the maiden came, and offered him her hand and heart, he said, 2;) Bair one, our "er presence thrills me &ith deli'ht9 our "oice is benediction to m soul9 m human self &ould fl &ith ou, and be contented in our lo"e9 2<) But all the &orld is cra"in' for a lo"e that - ha"e come to manifest$ 2=) - must, then, bid ou 'o9 but &e &ill meet a'ain9 our &a s on earth &ill not be cast apart$ 2)) - see ou in the hurr in' thron's of earth as minister of lo"e9 - hear our "oice in son', that &ins the hearts of men to better thin's$ 2,) And then in sorro& and in tears the maiden &ent a&a , and Jesus &as a'ain alone$ 10) And instantl the 'reat bells of the temple ran'9 the sin'ers san' a ne&, ne& son'9 the 'rotto bla:ed &ith li'ht$ 1() The hierophant himself appeared, and said, All hailC triumphant !o'os, hailC The conqueror of carnal lo"e stands on the hei'hts$ 12) And then he placed in JesusD hands a scroll on &hich &as &ritten, !4I3 %-I-/3$ 11) To'ether the passed throu'h the 'rotto of the beautiful, and in the banquet

hall a feast &as ser"ed, and Jesus &as the honored 'uest$ C#A5T3R ;* Jes"s becomes a pri%ate p"pil of the hierophant and is ta" ht the mysteries of E ypt. In passin the se%enth test, he )or(s in the &hamber of the -ead. T#3 senior course of stud no& &as opened up and Jesus entered and became a pupil of the hierophant$ 2) #e learned the secrets of the m stic lore of 3' pt land9 the m steries of life and death and of the &orlds be ond the circle of the sun$ 1) >hen he had finished all the studies of the senior course, he &ent into the Chamber of the %ead, that he mi'ht learn the ancient methods of preser"in' from deca the bodies of the dead9 and here he &rou'ht$ *) And carriers brou'ht the bod of a &ido&Ds onl son to be embalmed9 the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !1 &eepin' mother follo&ed close9 her 'rief &as 'reat$ ;) And Jesus said, Good &oman, dr our tears9 ou follo& but an empt house9 our son is in it not$ <) Aou &eep because our son is dead$ %eath is a cruel &ord9 our son can ne"er die$ =) #e had a task assi'ned to do in 'arb of flesh9 he came9 he did his &ork, and then he laid the flesh aside9 he did not need it more$ )) Be ond our human si'ht he has another &ork to do, and he &ill do it &ell, and then pass on to other tasks, and, b and b , he &ill attain the cro&n of perfect life$ ,) And &hat our son has done, and &hat he et must do, &e all must do$ (0) /o&, if ou harbor 'rief, and 'i"e our sorro&s "ent, the &ill 'ro& 'reater e"er da $ The &ill absorb our "er life until at last ou &ill be nau'ht but 'rief, &et do&n &ith bitter tears$ (() -nstead of helpin' him, ou 'rie"e our son b our deep 'rief$ #e seeks our solace no& as he has e"er done9 is 'lad &hen ou are 'lad9 is saddened &hen ou 'rie"e$ (2) Go bur deep our &oes, and smile at 'rief, and lose ourself in helpin' others dr their tears$ (1) >ith dut done comes happiness and @o 9 and 'ladness cheers the hearts of those &ho ha"e passed on$ (*) The &eepin' &oman turned, and &ent her &a to find a happiness in helpfulness9 to bur deep her sorro&s in a ministr of @o $ (;) Then other carriers came and brou'ht the bod of a mother to the Chamber of the %ead9 and @ust one mourner follo&ed9 she a 'irl of tender ears$ (<) And as the corte'e neared the door, the child obser"ed a &ounded bird in sore distress, a cruel hunterDs dart had pierced its breast$ (=) And she left follo&in' the dead, and &ent to help the li"in' bird$ ()) >ith tenderness and lo"e she folded to her breast the &ounded bird, then hurried to her place$ (,) And Jesus said to her, >h did ou lea"e our dead to sa"e a &ounded birdE 20) The maiden said,

This lifeless bod needs no help from me9 but - can help &hile et life is9 m mother tau'ht me this$ 2() 6 mother tau'ht that 'rief and selfish lo"e, and hopes and fears are but refleFes from the lo&er self9 22) That &hat &e sense are but small &a"es upon the rollin' billo&s of a life$ 21) These all &ill pass a&a 9 the are unreal$ 2*) Tears flo& from hearts of flesh9 the spirit ne"er &eeps9 and - am lon'in' for the da &hen - &ill &alk in li'ht, &here tears are &iped a&a $ 2;) 6 mother tau'ht that all emotions are the spra s that rise from human lo"es, and hopes, and fears9 that perfect bliss cannot be ours till &e ha"e conquered these$ 2<) And in the presence of that child did Jesus bo& his head in re"erence$ #e Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !% said, 2=) Bor da s and months and ears -D"e sou'ht to learn this hi'hest truth that man can learn on earth, and here a child, fresh brou'ht to earth, has told it all in one short breath$ 2)) /o &onder %a"id said, 4 !ord, our !ord, ho& eFcellent is th name in all the earthC 2,) 4ut of the mouths of babes and sucklin's hast thou ordained stren'th$ 10) And then he laid his hand upon the maidenDs head, and said, -Dm sure the blessin's of m Bather+God &ill rest upon ou, child, fore"ermore$ C#A5T3R ;; *a%in passed the se%enth brotherhood test, Jes"s recei%es the se%enth, and hi hest de ree, #*E &*0I'#. *e lea%es the temple a con1"eror. T<= work of Jesus in the Cha(ber of the Dead was done, and in the te(ple purple roo( he stood before the hierophant, .6 And he was ,lothed in purple robes8 and all the brothers stood# The hierophant arose and said, /6 This is a royal day for all the hosts of $srael# $n honor of their ,hosen son we ,elebrate the great )asso&er Aeast# 06 And then he said to Jesus, 9rother, (an, (ost eD,ellent of (en, in all the te(ple tests you ha&e won out# 16 7iD ti(es before the bar of right you ha&e been Budged8 siD ti(es you ha&e re,ei&ed the highest honors (an ,an gi&e8 and now you stand prepared to take the last degree# %6 'pon your brow $ pla,e this diade(, and in the Great "odge of the hea&ens and earth you are T<= C<E$7T# 26 This is your )asso&er rite# @ou are a neophyte no (ore8 but now a (aster (ind# !6 3ow, (an ,an do no (ore8 but God hi(self will speak, and will ,onfir( your title and degree# 96 Go on your way, for you (ust prea,h the gospel of good will to (en and pea,e on earth8 (ust open up the prison doors and set the ,apti&es free# 1 6 And while the hierophant yet spoke the te(ple bells rang out8 a pure white do&e des,ended fro( abo&e and sat on JesusC head# 116 And then a &oi,e that shook the &ery te(ple said, T<$7 $7 T<= C<E$7T8 and e&ery li&ing ,reature said, A>=3# 1.6 The great doors of the te(ple swung aBar8 the "ogos Bourneyed on his way a

,onqueror# Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !2 .3CT-4/ J-!A63% The Council of the .e"en .a'es of the >orld C#A5T3R ;< #he se%en sa es of the )orld meet in Ale5andria. #he p"rposes of the meetin . #he openin addresses. -/ e"er a'e since time be'an ha"e se"en sa'es li"ed$ 2) At first of e"er a'e these sa'es meet to note the course of nations, peoples, tribes and ton'ues9 1) To note ho& far to&ard @ustice, lo"e and ri'hteousness the race has 'one9 *) To formulate the code of la&s, reli'ious postulates and plans of rule best suited to the comin' a'e$ ;) An a'e had passed, and lo, another a'e had come9 the sa'es must con"ene$ <) /o&, AleFandria &as the center of the &orldDs best thou'ht, and here in 5hiloDs home the sa'es met$ =) Brom China came 6en'+tse9 from -ndia Iid apati came9 from 5ersia Gaspar came9 and from Ass ria Ashbina came9 from Greece Apollo came9 6atheno &as the 3' ptian sa'e, and 5hilo &as the chief of #ebre& thou'ht$ )) The time &as due9 the council met and sat in silence se"en da s$ ,) And then 6en'+tse arose and said, The &heel of time has turned once more9 the race is on a hi'her plane of thou'ht$ (0) The 'arments that or fathers &o"e ha"e 'i"en out9 the cherubim ha"e &o"en a celestial cloth9 ha"e placed it in our hands and &e must make for men ne& 'arbs$ (() The sons of men are lookin' up for 'reater li'ht$ /o lon'er do the care for 'ods he&n out of &ood, or made of cla $ The seek a God not made &ith hands$ (2) The see the beams of comin' da , and et the comprehend them not$ (1) The time is ripe, and &e must fashion &ell these 'arments for the race$ (*) And let us make for men ne& 'arbs of @ustice, merc , ri'hteousness and lo"e, that the ma hide their nakedness &hen shines the li'ht of comin' da $ (;) And Iid apati said, 4ur priests ha"e all 'one mad9 the sa& a demon in the &ilds and at him cast their lamps and the are broken up, and not a 'leam of li'ht has an priest for men$ (<) The ni'ht is dark9 the heart of -ndia calls for li'ht$ (=) The priesthood cannot be reformed9 it is alread dead9 its 'reatest needs are 'ra"es and funeral chants$ ()) The ne& a'e calls for libert 9 the kind that makes each man a priest, enables Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !! him to 'o alone, and la his offerin's on the shrine of God$ (,) And Gaspar said, -n 5ersia people &alk in fear9 the do the 'ood for fear to do the &ron'$ 20) The de"il is the 'reatest po&er in our land, and thou'h a m th, he dandles on his knee both outh and a'e$

2() 4ur land is dark, and e"il prospers in the dark$ 22) Bear rides on e"er passin' bree:e, and lurks in e"er form of life$ 21) The fear of e"il is a m th, is an illusion and a snare9 but it &ill li"e until some mi'ht po&er shall come to raise the ethers to the plane of li'ht$ 2*) >hen this shall come to pass the ma'ian land &ill 'lor in the li'ht$ The soul of 5ersia calls for li'ht$ C#A5T3R ;= Meetin of the sa es, contin"ed. 9penin addresses. Jes"s arri%es. 'e%en days' silence. A.#B-/A said, Ass ria is the land of doubt9 the chariot of m people, that in &hich the mostl ride, is labeled %oubt$ 2) 4nce Baith &alked forth in Bab lon9 and she &as bri'ht and fair9 but she &as clothed in such &hite robes that men became afraid of her$ 1) And e"er &heel be'an to turn, and %oubt made &ar on her, and dro"e her from the land9 and she came back no more$ *) -n form men &orship God, the 4ne9 in heart the are not sure that God eFists$ ;) Baith &orships at the shrine of one not seen9 but %oubt must see her God$ <) The 'reatest need of all Ass ria is faith H a faith that seasons e"er thin' that is, &ith certaint $ =) And then Apollo said, The 'reatest needs of Greece are true concepts of God$ )) Theo'on in Greece is rudderless, for e"er thou'ht ma be a 'od, and &orshipped as a 'od$ ,) The plane of thou'ht is broad, and full of sharp anta'onists9 and so the circle of the 'ods is filled &ith enmit , &ith &ars and base intri'ues$ (0) Greece needs a master mind to stand abo"e the 'ods9 to raise the thou'hts of men a&a from man 'ods to God the 4ne$ (() >e kno& that li'ht is comin' oDer the hills$ God speed the li'ht$ (2) 6atheno said, Behold this land of m ster C This 3' pt of the deadC (1) 4ur temples lon' ha"e been the tombs of all the hidden thin's of time9 our temples, cr pts and ca"es are dark$ (*) -n li'ht there are no secret thin's$ The sun re"eals all hidden truth$ There are no m steries in God$ (;) Behold the risin' sunC #is beams are enterin' e"er door9 ea, e"er cre"ice of the m stic cr pts of 6i:raim$ (<) >e hail the li'htC All 3' pt cra"es the li'ht$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling !9 (=) And 5hilo said, The need of #ebre& thou'ht and life is libert $ ()) The #ebre& prophets, seers, and 'i"ers of the la&, &ere men of po&er, men of hol thou'ht, and the bequeathed to us a s stem of philosoph that &as ideal9 one stron' enou'h and 'ood enou'h to lead our people to the 'oal of perfectness$ (,) But carnal minds repudiated holiness9 a priesthood filled &ith selfishness arose, and purit in heart became a m th9 the people &ere ensla"ed$ 20) The priesthood is the curse of -srael9 but &hen he comes, &ho is to come, he &ill proclaim emancipation for the sla"es9 m people &ill be free$

2() Behold, for God has made incarnate &isdom, lo"e and li'ht, &hich he has called -mmanuel$ 22) To him is 'i"en the ke s to open up the da&n9 and here, as man, he &alks &ith us$ 21) And then the council chamber door &as opened and the !o'os stood amon' the sa'es of the &orld$ 2*) A'ain the sa'es sat in silence se"en da s$ C#A5T3R ;) Meetin of the sa es, contin"ed. Presentation of the se%en "ni%ersal post"lates. /4>, &hen the sa'es &ere refreshed the opened up the Book of !ife and read$ 2) The read the stor of the life of man9 of all his stru''les, losses, 'ains9 and in the li'ht of past e"ents and needs, the sa& &hat &ould be best for him in comin' ears$ 1) The kne& the kind of la&s and precepts suited best to his estate9 the sa& the hi'hest God+ideal that the race could comprehend$ *) 7pon the se"en postulates these sa'es &ere to formulate, the 'reat philosoph of life and &orship of the comin' a'e must rest$ ;) /o& 6en'+tse &as the oldest sa'e9 he took the chair of chief, and said, <) 6an is not far enou'h ad"anced to li"e b faith9 he cannot comprehend the thin's his e es see not$ =) #e et is child, and durin' all the comin' a'e he must be tau'ht b pictures, s mbols, rites and forms$ )) #is God must be a human God9 he cannot see a God b faith$ ,) And then he cannot rule himself9 the kin' must rule9 the man must ser"e$ (0) The a'e that follo&s this &ill be the a'e of man, the a'e of faith$ (() -n that blest a'e the human race &ill see &ithout the aid of carnal e es9 &ill hear the soundless sound9 &ill kno& the .pirit+God$ (2) The a'e &e enter is the 5reparation a'e, and all the schools and 'o"ernments and &orship rites must be desi'ned in simple &a that men ma comprehend$ (1) And man cannot ori'inate9 he builds b patterns that he sees9 so in this council &e must car"e out pattern for the comin' a'e$ (*) And &e must formulate the 'nosis of the 3mpire of the soul, &hich rests on se"en postulates$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 9 (;) 3ach sa'e in turn shall form a postulate9 and these shall be the basis of the creeds of men until the perfect a'e shall come$ (<) Then 6en'+tse &rote the first8 (=) All thin's are thou'ht9 all life is thou'ht acti"it $ The multitude of bein's are but phases of the one 'reat thou'ht made manifest$ !o, God is Thou'ht, and Thou'ht is God$ ()) Then Iid apati &rote the second postulate8 (,) 3ternal Thou'ht is one9 in essence it is t&o H -ntelli'ence and Borce9 and &hen the breathe a child is born9 this child is !o"e$ 20) And thus the Triune God stands forth, &hom men call Bather+6other+Child$ 2() This Triune God is one9 but like the one of li'ht, in essence he is se"en$ 22) And &hen the Triune God breathes forth, lo, se"en .pirits stand before his face9 these are creati"e attributes$ 21) 6en call them lesser 'ods, and in their ima'e the made man$ 2*) And Gaspar &rote the third8

2;) 6an &as a thou'ht of God, formed in the ima'e of the .eptonate, clothed in the substances of soul$ 2<) And his desires &ere stron'9 he sou'ht to manifest on e"er plane of life, and for himself he made a bod of the ethers of the earthl forms, and so descended to the plane of earth$ 2=) -n this descent he lost his birthri'ht9 lost his harmon &ith God, and made discordant all the notes of life$ 2)) -nharmon and e"il are the same9 so e"il is the handi&ork of man$ 2,) Ashbina &rote the fourth8 10) .eeds do not 'erminate in li'ht9 the do not 'ro& until the find the soil, and hide themsel"es a&a from li'ht$ 1() 6an &as e"ol"ed a seed of e"erlastin' life9 but in the ethers of the Triune God the li'ht &as far too 'reat for seeds to 'ro&9 12) And so man sou'ht the soil of carnal life, and in the darksomeness of earth he found a place &here he could 'erminate and 'ro&$ 11) The seed has taken root and 'ro&n full &ell$ 1*) The tree of human life is risin' from the soil of earth thin's, and, under natural la&, is reachin' up to perfect form$ 1;) There are no supernatural acts of God to lift a man from carnal life to spirit blessedness9 he 'ro&s as 'ro&s the plant, and in due time is perfected$ 1<) The qualit of soul that makes it possible for man to rise to spirit life is purit $ C#A5T3R ;, Meetin of the sa es, contin"ed. #he remainin post"lates. #he sa es bless Jes"s. 'e%en days' silence. A54!!4 &rote the fifth8 2) The soul is dra&n to perfect li'ht b four &hite steeds, and these are >ill, and Baith, and #elpfulness and !o"e$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 91 1) That &hich one &ills to do, he has the po&er to do$ *) A kno&led'e of that po&er is faith9 and &hen faith mo"es, the soul be'ins its fli'ht$ ;) A selfish faith leads not to li'ht$ There is no lonel pil'rim on the &a to li'ht$ 6en onl 'ain the hei'hts b helpin' others 'ain the hei'hts$ <) The steed that leads the &a to spirit life is !o"e9 is pure unselfish !o"e$ =) 6atheno &rote the siFth8 )) The uni"ersal !o"e of &hich Apollo speaks is child of >isdom and of >ill di"ine, and God has sent if forth to earth in flesh that man ma kno&$ ,) The uni"ersal !o"e of &hich the sa'es speak is Christ$ (0) The 'reatest m ster of all times lies in the &a that Christ li"es in the heart$ (() Christ cannot li"e in clamm dens of carnal thin's$ The se"en battles must be fou'ht, the se"en "ictories &on before the carnal thin's, like fear, and self, emotions and desire, are put a&a $ (2) >hen this is done the Christ &ill take possession of the soul9 the &ork is done, and man and God are one$ (1) And 5hilo &rote the se"enth8 (*) A perfect manC To brin' before the Triune God a bein' such as this &as nature made$ (;) This consummation is the hi'hest re"elation of the m ster of life$

(<) >hen all the essences of carnal thin's ha"e been transmuted into soul, and all the essences of soul ha"e been returned to #ol Breath, and man is made a perfect God, the drama of Creation &ill conclude$ And this is all$ (=) And all the sa'es said, Amen$ ()) Then 6en'+tse said, The #ol 4ne has sent to us a man illumined b the efforts of unnumbered ears, to lead the thou'hts of men$ (,) This man, appro"ed b all the master minds of hea"en and earth, this man from Galilee, this Jesus, chief of all the sa'es of the &orld, &e 'ladl reco'ni:e$ 20) -n reco'nition of this &isdom that he brin's to men, &e cro&n him &ith the !otus &reath$ 2() >e send him forth &ith all the blessin' of the se"en sa'es of the &orld$ 22) Then all the sa'es laid their hands on JesusD head, and said &ith one accord, 5raise GodC 21) Bor &isdom, honor, 'lor , po&er, riches, blessin', stren'th, are ours, 4 Christ, for e"ermore$ 2*) And e"er li"in' creature said, Amen$ 2; And then the sa'es sat in silence se"en da s$ C#A5T3R <0 Jes"s addresses the se%en sa es. #he address. Jes"s oes to !alilee. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 9. T#3 se"en da s of silence passed and Jesus, sittin' &ith the sa'es said8 2) The histor of life is &ell condensed in these immortal postulates$ These are the se"en hills on &hich the hol cit shall be built$ 1) These are the se"en sure foundation stones on &hich the 7ni"ersal Church shall stand$ *) -n takin' up the &ork assi'ned for me to do - am full conscious of the perils of the &a 9 the cup &ill be a bitter one to drink and human nature &ell mi'ht shrink$ ;) But - ha"e lost m &ill in that of #ol Breath, and so - 'o m &a to speak and act as - am mo"ed to speak and act b #ol Breath$ <) The &ords - speak are not m o&n9 the are the &ords of him &hose &ill - do$ =) 6an is not far enou'h ad"anced in sacred thou'ht to comprehend the 7ni"ersal Church, and so the &ork that God has 'i"en me to do is not the buildin' of that Church$ )) - am a model maker, sent to make a pattern of the Church that is to be H a pattern that the a'e ma comprehend$ ,) 6 task as model builder lies &ithin m nati"e land, and there, upon the postulate that !o"e is son of God, that - am come to manifest that !o"e, the 6odel Church &ill stand$ (0) And from the men of lo& estate - &ill select t&el"e men, &ho represent the t&el"e immortal thou'hts9 and these &ill be the 6odel Church$ (() The house of Judah, m o&n kindred in the flesh, &ill comprehend but little of m mission to the &orld$ (2) And the &ill spurn me, scorn m &ork, accuse me falsel , bind me, take me to the @ud'ment seat of carnal men &ho &ill con"ict and sla me on the cross$

(1) But men can ne"er sla the truth9 thou'h banished it &ill come a'ain in 'reater po&er9 for truth &ill sub@u'ate the &orld$ (*) The 6odel Church &ill li"e$ Thou'h carnal man &ill prostitute its sacred la&s, s mbolic rites and forms, for selfish ends, and make it but an out&ard sho&, the fe& &ill find throu'h it the kin'dom of the soul$ (;) And &hen the better a'e shall come the 7ni"ersal Church &ill stand upon the se"en postulates, and &ill be built accordin' to the pattern 'i"en$ (<) The time has come9 - 'o m &a unto Jerusalem, and b the po&er of li"in' faith, and b the stren'th that ou ha"e 'i"en$ (=) And in the name of God, our Bather+God, the kin'dom of the soul shall be established on the se"en hills$ ()) And all the peoples, tribes and ton'ues of earth shall enter in$ (,) The 5rince of 5eace &ill take his seat upon the throne of po&er9 the Triune God &ill then be All in All$ 20) And all the sa'es said, Amen$ 2() And Jesus &ent his &a , and after man da s, he reached Jerusalem9 and then he sou'ht his home in Galilee$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 9/ .3CT-4/ J--636 The 6inistr of John the #arbin'er C#A5T3R <( John, the harbin er, ret"rns to *ebron. +i%es as a hermit in the )ilds. 8isits Jer"salem and spea(s to the people. -T came to pass &hen John, the son of ?acharias and 3li:abeth, had finished all his studies in the 3' ptian schools, that he returned to #ebron, &here he abode for certain da s$ 2) And then he sou'ht the &ilderness and made his home in %a"idDs ca"e &here, man ears before, he &as instructed b the 3' ptian sa'e$ 1) .ome people called him #ermit of 3n'edi9 and others said, #e is the >ild 6an of the #ills$ *) #e clothed himself &ith skins of beasts9 his food &as carobs, hone , nuts and fruits$ ;) >hen John &as thirt ears of a'e he &ent into Jerusalem, and in the market place he sat in silence se"en da s$ <) The common people and the priests, the scribes and 5harisees came out in multitudes to see the silent hermit of the hills9 but none &ere bold enou'h to ask him &ho he &as$ =) But &hen his silent fast &as done he stood forth in the midst of all and said8 )) Behold the kin' has come9 the prophets told of him9 the &ise men lon' ha"e looked for him$ ,) 5repare, 4 -srael, prepare to meet our kin'$ (0) And that &as all he said, and then he disappeared, and no one kne& &here he had 'one$ (() And there &as 'reat unrest throu'h all Jerusalem$ The rulers heard the stor of the hermit of the hills$ (2) And the sent couriers forth to talk &ith him that the mi'ht kno& about the

comin' kin'9 but the could find him not$ (1) And after certain da s he came a'ain into the market place, and all the cit came to hear him speak9 he said8 (*) Be not disturbed, ou rulers of the state9 the comin' kin' is no anta'onist9 he seeks no place on an earthl throne$ (;) #e comes the 5rince of 5eace, the kin' of ri'hteousness and lo"e9 his kin'dom is &ithin the soul$ (<) The e es of men shall see it not and none can enter but the pure in heart$ (=) 5repare, 4 -srael, prepare to meet our kin'$ ()) A'ain the hermit disappeared9 the people stro"e to follo& him, but he had Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 90 dra&n a "eil about his form and men could see him not$ (,) A Je&ish feast da came9 Jerusalem &as filled &ith Je&s and prosel tes from e"er part of 5alestine, and John stood in the temple court and said, 20) 5repare, 4 -srael, prepare to meet our kin'$ 2() !o, ou ha"e li"ed in sin9 the poor cr in our streets, and ou re'ard them not$ 22) Aour nei'hbors, &ho are the E Aou ha"e defrauded friend and foe alike$ 21) Aou &orship God &ith "oice and lip9 our hearts are far a&a , and set on 'old$ 2*) Aour priests ha"e bound upon the people burdens far to 'reat to bear9 the li"e in ease upon the hard earned &a'es of the poor$ 2;) Aour la& ers, doctors, scribes are useless cumberers of the 'round9 the are but tumors on the bod of the state9 2<) The toil not neither do the spin, et the consume the profits of our marts of trade$ 2=) Aour rulers are adulterers, eFtortioners and thie"es, re'ardin' not the ri'hts of an man9 2)) And robbers pl their callin' in the sacred halls9 the hol temple ou ha"e sold to thie"es9 their dens are in the sacred places set apart for pra er$ 2,) #earC hearC ou people of JerusalemC Reform9 turn from our e"il &a s or God &ill turn from ou and heathen from afar &ill come, and &hat is left of all our honor and our fame &ill pass in one short hour$ 10) 5repare, Jerusalem, prepare to meet our kin'$ 1() #e said no more9 he left the court and no one sa& him 'o$ 12) The priests, the doctors and the scribes &ere all in ra'e$ The sou'ht for John intent to do him harm$ The found him not$ 11) The common people stood in his defense9 the said, The hermit speaks the truth$ 1*) And then the priests, the doctors and the scribes &ere sore afraid9 the said no more9 the hid themsel"es a&a $ C#A5T3R <2 John, the harbin er, a ain %isits Jer"salem. 'pea(s to the people. Promises to meet them at !il al in se%en days. !oes to Bethany and attends a feast. /3JT da John &ent a'ain into the temple courts and said, 2) 5repare, 4 -srael, prepare to meet our kin'$ 1) The chief priests and the scribes &ould kno& the meanin' of his &ords9 the said$

*) Bold man, &hat is the purport of this messa'e that ou brin' to -sraelE -f ou be seer and prophet tell us plainl &ho has sent ou hereE ;) And John replied, - am the "oice of one &ho cries out in the &ilderness, 5repare the &a , make strai'ht the paths, for, lo, the 5rince of 5eace &ill come to rule in lo"e$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 91 <) Aour prophet 6alachi &rote do&n the &ords of God8 =) And - &ill send 3li@ah unto ou before the retribution da shall come, to turn a'ain the hearts of men to God, and if the &ill not turn, lo, - &ill smite them &ith a curse$ )) Aou men of -srael9 ou kno& our sins$ As - passed b - sa& a &ounded bird prone in our streets, and men of e"er class &ere beatin' it &ith clubs9 and then - sa& that Justice &as its name$ ,) - looked a'ain and sa& that its companion had been killed9 the pure &hite &in's of Ri'hteousness &ere trampled in the dust$ (0) - tell ou men, our a&fulness of 'uilt has made a cesspool of iniquit that sends a fearful stench to hea"en$ (() Reform, 4 -srael, reform9 prepare to meet our kin'$ (2) And then John turned a&a and as he &ent he said, (1) -n se"en da s, lo, - &ill stand at Gil'al, b the Jordan ford, &here -srael first crossed into the promised land$ (*) And then he left the temple court to enter it no more9 but man people follo&ed him as far as Bethan , and there he tarried at the home of !a:arus, his kin$ (;) The anFious people 'athered all about the home and &ould not 'o9 then John came forth and said, (<) Reform, 4 -srael, reform9 prepare to meet our kin'$ (=) The sins of -srael do not all lie at the door of priest and scribe$ 4 think ou not that all the sinners of Judea are found amon' the rulers and the men of &ealth$ ()) -t is no si'n that man is 'ood and pure because he li"es in &ant$ (,) The listless, shiftless "a'abonds of earth are mostl poor and ha"e to be' for bread$ 20) - sa& the "er men that cheered because - told the priests and scribes of their in@ustice unto man, thro& stones and beat poor Justice in the streets$ 2() - sa& them trample on the poor dead bird of Ri'hteousness9 22) And ou &ho follo& after me, ou commoners, are not one &hit behind the scribes and priests in crime$ 21) Reform, ou men of -srael9 the kin' has come9 prepare to meet our kin'$ 2*) >ith !a:arus and his sisters, John remained for certain da s$ 2;) -n honor of the /a:arite a feast &as spread, and all the people stood about the board$ 2<) And &hen the chief men of the to&n poured out the sparklin' &ine and offered John a cup, he took it, held it hi'h in air, and said, 2=) >ine makes 'lad the carnal heart, and it makes sad the human soul9 it plun'es deep in bitterness and 'all the deathless spirit of the man$ 2)) - took the "o& of /a:ar &hen a child, and not a drop has e"er passed m lips$ 2,) And if ou &ould make 'lad the comin' kin', then shun the cup as ou

&ould shun a deadl thin'$ 10) And then he thre& the sparkin' &ine out in the street$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 9% C#A5T3R <1 John, the harbin er, %isits Jericho. Meets the people at !il al. Anno"nces his mission. Introd"ces the rite of baptism. Baptizes many people. 0et"rns to Bethany and teaches. 0et"rns to the Jordan. A/% John &ent do&n to Jericho9 there he abode &ith Alpheus$ 2) And &hen the people heard that he &as there the came in thron's to hear him speak$ 1) #e spoke to none9 but &hen the time &as due he &ent do&n to the Jordan ford, and to the multitudes he said$ *) Reform and in the fount of purit &ash all our sins a&a 9 the kin'dom is at hand$ ;) Come unto me and in the &aters of this stream be &ashed, s mbolic of the inner cleansin' of the soul$ <) And, lo, the multitudes came do&n, and in the Jordan the &ere &ashed, and e"er man confessed his sins$ =) Bor man months, in all the re'ions round about, John pled for purit and ri'hteousness, and after man da s he &ent a'ain to Bethan 9 and there he tau'ht$ )) At first fe& but the honest seekers came9 but, b and b , the selfish and the "icious came &ith no contrition9 came because the man came$ ,) And &hen John sa& the unrepentant 5harisees and .adducees come unto him, he said, (0) Aou children of the "ipers, sta 9 are ou disturbed b ne&s of comin' &rathE (() Go to, and do the thin's that pro"e repentance 'enuine$ (2) -s it enou'h for ou to sa that ou are heirs of AbrahamE - tell ou, no$ (1) The heirs of Abraham are @ust as &icked in the si'ht of God &hen the do &ron' as an heathen man$ (*) Behold the aFeC and e"er tree that bears not &holesome fruit is cut do&n at the roots and cast into the fire$ (;) And then the people asked, >hat must &e doE (<) And John replied, Accept the ministr of helpfulness for all mankind9 spend not upon our selfish sel"es all that ou ha"e$ (=) !et him &ho has t&o coats 'i"e one to him &ho has no coat9 'i"e part of all the food ou ha"e to those in need$ ()) And &hen the publicans came up and asked, >hat must &e doE John ans&ered them, (,) Be honest in our &ork9 do not increase for selfish 'ain the tribute ou collect9 take nothin' more than &hat our kin' demands$ 20) And &hen the soldiers came and asked, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 92

>hat must &e doE The harbin'er replied, 2() %o "iolence to none9 eFact no &ron'ful thin', and be contented &ith the &a'es ou recei"e$ 22) Amon' the Je&s &ere man &ho had been &aitin' for the Christ to come, and the re'arded John as Christ$ 21) But to their questions John replied, -n &ater - do cleanse, s mbolic of the cleansin' of the soul9 but &hen he comes &ho is to come, lo, he &ill cleanse in #ol Breath and purif in fire$ 2*) #is fan is in his hand, and he &ill separate the &heat and chaff9 &ill thro& the chaff a&a , but 'arner e"er 'rain of &heat$ This is the Christ$ 2;) Behold he comesC and he &ill &alk &ith ou, and ou &ill kno& him not$ 2<) #e is the kin'9 the latchet of his shoes - am not &orth to unloose$ 2=) And John left Bethan and &ent a'ain unto the Jordan ford$ C#A5T3R <* Jes"s comes to !alilee, and is baptized by John. #he *oly Breath confirms his messiahship. T#3 ne&s reached Galilee, and Jesus &ith the multitude &ent do&n to &here the harbin'er &as preachin' at the ford$ 2) >hen Jesus sa& the harbin'er he said$ Behold the man of GodC Behold the 'reatest of the seersC Behold, 3li@ah has returnedC 1) Behold the messen'er &hom God has sent to open up the &a C The kin'dom is at hand$ *) >hen John sa& Jesus standin' &ith the thron' he said, Behold the kin' &ho cometh in the name of GodC ;) And Jesus said to John, - &ould be &ashed in &ater as a s mbol of the cleansin' of the soul$ <) And John replied, Aou do not need to &ash, for ou are pure in thou'ht, and &ord, and deed$ And if ou need to &ash - am not &orth to perform the rite$ =) And Jesus said, - come to be a pattern for the sons of men, and &hat - bid them do, that - must do9 and all men must be &ashed, s mbolic of the cleansin' of the soul$ )) This &ashin' &e establish as a rite H baptism rite &e call it no&, and so it shall be called$ ,) Aour &ork, prophetic harbin'er, is to prepare the &a , and to re"eal the hidden thin's$ (0) The multitudes are read for the &ords of life, and - come to be made kno&n b ou to all the &orld, as prophet of the Triune God, and as the chosen one to manifest the Christ to men$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 9! (() Then John led Jesus do&n into the ri"er at the ford and he bapti:ed him in the sacred name of him &ho sent him forth to manifest the Christ to men$ (2) And as the came out of the stream, the #ol Breath, in form of do"e, came do&n and sat on JesusD head$ (1) A "oice from hea"en said,

This is the &ell+belo"ed son of God, the Christ, the lo"e of God made

(*) John heard the "oice, and understood the messa'e of the "oice$ (;) /o& Jesus &ent his &a , and John preached to the multitude$ (<) As man as confessed their sins, and turned from e"il &a s to &a s of ri'ht, the harbin'er bapti:ed, s mbolic of the blottin' out of sins b ri'hteousness$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 99 7=CT$43 F$G /7/ The Christine 6inistr of Jesus H -ntroductor 3poch C#A5T3R <; Jes"s oes to the )ilderness for self,e5amination, )here he remains forty days. Is s"b$ected to three temptations. *e o%ercomes. 0et"rns to the camps of John and be ins teachin . T#3 harbin'er had pa"ed the &a 9 the !o'os had been introduced to men as lo"e made manifest, and he must no& be'in his Christine ministr $ 2) And he &ent forth into the &ilderness to be alone &ith God that he mi'ht look into his inner heart, and note its stren'th and &orthiness$ 1) And &ith himself he talked9 he said, 6 lo&er self is stron'9 b man ties - am bound do&n to carnal life$ *) #a"e - the stren'th to o"ercome and 'i"e m life a &illin' sacrifice for menE ;) >hen - shall stand before the face of men, and the demand a proof of m messiahship, &hat &ill - sa E <) And then the tempter came and said, -f ou be son of God, command these stones to turn to bread$ =) And Jesus said, >ho is it that demands a testE -t is no si'n that one is son of God because he does a miracle9 the de"ils can do mi'ht thin's$ )) %id not the black ma'icians do 'reat thin's before the 5haraohsE ,) 6 &ords and deeds in all the &alks of life shall be the proof of m messiahship$ (0) And then the tempter said, -f ou &ill 'o into Jerusalem, and from the temple pinnacle cast do&n ourself to earth, the people &ill belie"e that ou are the 6essiah sent from God$ (() This ou can surel do9 for did not %a"id sa , #e 'i"es his an'els char'e concernin' ou, and &ith their hands &ill the uphold lest ou should fallE (2) And Jesus said, - ma not tempt the !ord, m God$ (1) And then the tempter said, !ook forth upon the &orld9 behold its honors and its fameC Behold its pleasures and its &ealthC (*) -f ou &ill 'i"e our life for these the shall be ours$ (;) But Jesus said, A&a from me all temptin' thou'hts$ 6 heart is fiFed9 - spurn this carnal self &ith all its "ain ambition and its pride$ (<) Bor fort da s did Jesus &restle &ith his carnal self9 his hi'her self pre"ailed$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 #e then &as hun'r , but his friends had found him and the ministered to him$

(=) Then Jesus left the &ilderness and in the consciousness of #ol breath, he came unto the camps of John and tau'ht$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 1 C#A5T3R << 'i5 of John's disciples follo) Jes"s and become his disciples. *e teaches them. #hey sit in the 'ilence. A64/G the follo&ers of John &ere man men from Galilee$ The most de"out &ere Andre&, .imon, James, and John, &ith 5hilip and his brother of Bethsaida$ 2) 4ne da as Andre&, 5hilip and a son of ?ebedee, &ere talkin' &ith the harbin'er, the !o'os came, and John eFclaimed, Behold the ChristC 1) And then the three disciples follo&ed Jesus, and he asked, >hat do ou seekE *) And the disciples asked, >here do ou li"eE And Jesus ans&ered, Come and see$ ;) And Andre& called his brother .imon, sa in', Come &ith me, for - ha"e found the Christ$ <) >hen Jesus looked in .imonDs face he said, Behold a rockC and 5eter is our name$ =) And 5hilip found /athaniel sittin' b a tree, and said, 6 brother, come &ith me, for - ha"e found the ChristC -n /a:areth he abides$ )) /athaniel said, Can an thin' of 'ood come out of /a:arethE And 5hilip ans&ered, Come and see$ ,) >hen Jesus sa& /athaniel come he said, Behold an -sraelite indeed in &hom there is no 'uileC (0) /athaniel said, #o& can ou speak about me thusE (() And Jesus said, - sa& ou as ou sat beneath the fi' tree o"er there, before our brother called$ (2) /athaniel lifted up his hands and said, This surel is the Christ, the kin', for &hom the harbin'er has often testified$ (1) And John &ent forth and found his brother James, and brou'ht him to the Christ$ (*) The siF disciples &ent &ith Jesus to the place &here he abode$ (;) And 5eter said, >e lon' ha"e sou'ht for Christ$ >e came from Galilee to John9 &e thou'ht that he &as Christ, but he confessed to us that he &as not9 (<) That he &as but the harbin'er sent forth to clear the &a , and make the path&a eas for the comin' kin'9 and &hen ou came he said, Behold the ChristC (=) And &e &ould 'ladl follo& &here ou 'o$ !ord, tell us &hat to do$ ()) And Jesus said, The foFes of the earth ha"e homes, the birds ha"e nests9 - ha"e no place to la Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 .

m head$ (,) #e &ho &ould follo& me must 'i"e up all cra"in's of the self and lose his life in sa"in' life$ 20) - come to sa"e the lost, and man is sa"ed &hen he is rescued from himself$ But men are slo& to comprehend this doctrine of the Christ$ 2() And 5eter said, - cannot speak for an other man, but for m self - speak8 - &ill lea"e all and follo& &here ou lead$ 22) And then the others spoke and said, Aou ha"e the &ords of truth9 ou came from God, and if &e follo& in our footsteps &e cannot miss the &a $ 21) Then Jesus and the siF disciples sat a lon', lon' time in silent thou'ht$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 / C#A5T3R <= Jes"s %isits John at the Jordan. -eli%ers his first &hristine address to the people. #he address. *e oes )ith his disciples to Bethany. /4>, on the morro& Jesus came a'ain and stood &ith John beside the ford9 and John pre"ailed on him to speak, and standin' forth he said$ 2) Aou men of -srael, #earC The kin'dom is at hand$ 1) Behold the 'reat ke +keeper of the a'e stands in our midst9 and &ith the spirit of 3li@ah he has come$ *) Behold, for he has turned the ke 9 the mi'ht 'ates fl &ide and all &ho &ill ma 'reet the kin'$ ;) Behold these multitudes of &omen, children, menC the thron' the a"enues, the cro&d the outer courts9 each seems to be intent to be the first to meet the kin'$ <) Behold, the censor comes and calls, >hoe"er &ill ma come9 but he &ho comes must &ill to prune himself of e"er e"il thou'ht9 =) 6ust o"ercome desire to 'ratif the lo&er self9 must 'i"e his life to sa"e the lost$ )) The nearer to the kin'dom 'ate ou come, more spacious is the room9 the multitudes ha"e 'one$ ,) -f men could come unto the kin'dom &ith their carnal thou'hts, their passions and desires, there scarcel &ould be room for all$ (0) But &hen the cannot take these throu'h the narro& 'ate the turn a&a 9 the fe& are read to 'o in and see the kin'$ (() Behold, John is a mi'ht fisher, fishin' for the souls of men$ #e thro&s his 'reat net out into the sea of human life9 he dra&s it in and it is full$ (2) But &hat a medle catchC a catch of crabs, and lobsters, sharks and creepin' thin's, &ith no& and then a fish of better kind$ (1) Behold the thousands come to hear the >ild 6an of the hills9 the come in cro&ds that he ma &ash them in the cr stal flood, and &ith their lips the do confess their sins$ (*) But &hen the morro& comes &e find them in their haunts of "ice a'ain, re"ilin' John, and cursin' God, and heapin' insults on the kin'$ (;) But blessed are the pure in heart, for the shall see the kin'$ (<) And blessed are the stron' in heart, for the shall not be cast about b e"er &ind that blo&s9 (=) But &hile the fickle and the thou'htless ha"e 'one back to 3' pt land for

leeks and carnal herbs to satisf their appetites, the pure in heart ha"e found the kin'$ ()) But e"en those &hose faith is &eak, and &ho are nau'ht but carnal manifests, &ill some da come a'ain, and enter in &ith @o to see the kin'$ (,) 4 men of -srael, take heed to &hat this prophet has to sa C Be stron' in mind9 be pure in heart9 be "i'ilant in helpfulness9 the kin'dom is at hand$ 20) >hen Jesus had thus said he &ent his &a , and &ith his siF disciples came to Bethan 9 and the abode &ith !a:arus man da s$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 0 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 1 C#A5T3R <) Jes"s spea(s to the people in Bethany. #ells them ho) to become p"re in heart. !oes to Jer"salem and in the temple reads from a prophetic boo(. !oes to /azareth. T#3 ne&s soon spread abroad that Jesus, kin' of -srael, had come to Bethan , and all the people of the to&n came forth to 'reet the kin'$ 2) And Jesus, standin' in the midst of them, eFclaimed, Behold, indeed, the kin' has come, but Jesus is not kin'$ 1) The kin'dom trul is at hand9 but men can see it not &ith carnal e es9 the cannot see the kin' upon the throne$ *) This is the kin'dom of the soul9 its throne is not an earthl throne9 its kin' is not a man$ ;) >hen human kin's found kin'doms here, the conquer other kin's b force of arms9 one kin'dom rises on the ruins of another one$ <) But &hen our Bather+God sets up the kin'dom of the soul, he pours his blessin's forth, like rain, upon the thrones of earthl kin's &ho rule in ri'hteousness$ =) -t is not rule that God &ould o"erthro&9 his s&ord is raised a'ainst in@ustice, &antonness and crime$ )) /o&, &hile the kin's of Rome do @ustice, and lo"e merc and &alk humbl &ith their God, the benediction of the Triune God &ill rest upon them all$ ,) The need not fear a messen'er &hom God sends forth to earth$ (0) - am not sent to sit upon a throne to rule as Caesar rules9 and ou ma tell the ruler of the Je&s that - am not a claimant for his throne$ (() 6en call me Christ, and God has reco'ni:ed the name9 but Christ is not a man$ The Christ is uni"ersal lo"e, and !o"e is kin'$ (2) This Jesus is but man &ho has been fitted b temptations o"ercome, b trials multiform, to be the temple throu'h &hich Christ can manifest to men$ (1) Then hear, ou men of -srael, hearC !ook not upon the flesh9 it is not kin'$ !ook to the Christ &ithin, &ho shall be formed in e"er one of ou, as he is formed in me$ (*) >hen ou ha"e purified our hearts b faith, the kin' &ill enter in, and ou &ill see his face$ (;) And then the people asked, >hat must &e do that &e ma make our bodies fit abidin' places for the kin'E (<) And Jesus said, >hate"er tends to purit in thou'ht, and &ord, and deed &ill cleanse the temple of the flesh$ (=) There are no rules that can appl to all, for men are specialists in sin9 each

has his o&n besettin' sin, ()) And each must stud for himself ho& he can best transmute his tendenc to e"il thin's to that of ri'hteousness and lo"e$ (,) 7ntil men reach the hi'her plane, and 'et a&a from selfishness, this rule &ill 'i"e the best results8 20) %o unto other men &hat ou &ould ha"e them do to ou$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 % 2() And man of the people said, >e kno& that Jesus is the Christ, the kin' &ho &as to come, and blessed be his name$ 22) /o&, Jesus and his siF disciples turned their faces to&ard Jerusalem, and man people follo&ed them$ 21) But 6atthe&, son of Alpheus, ran on before, and &hen he reached Jerusalem, he said, Behold the Christines comeC The multitudes came forth to see the kin'$ 2*) But Jesus did not speak to an one until he reached the temple court, and then he opened up a book and read8 2;) Behold, - send m messen'er, and he &ill pa"e the &a , and Christ, for &hom ou &ait, &ill come unto his temple unannounced$ Behold, for he &ill come, sa s God, the !ord of hosts$ 2<) And then he closed the book9 he said no more9 he left the temple halls, and &ith his siF disciples, &ent his &a to /a:areth, 2=) And the abode &ith 6ar , JesusD mother, and her sister, 6iriam$ C#A5T3R <, Jes"s and the r"ler of the syna o "e of /azareth. Jes"s teaches not in p"blic, and the people are amazed. /3JT da as 5eter &alked about in /a:areth, he met the ruler of the s na'o'ue &ho asked, >ho is this Jesus latel come to /a:arethE 2) And 5eter said, This Jesus is the Christ of &hom our prophets &rote9 he is the kin' of -srael$ #is mother, 6ar , li"es on 6armion >a $ 1) The ruler said, Tell him to come up to the s na'o'ue, for - &ould hear his plea$ *) And 5eter ran and told to Jesus &hat the ruler said9 but Jesus ans&ered not9 he &ent not to the s na'o'ue$ ;) Then in the e"enin' time the ruler came up 6armion >a , and in the home of 6ar found he Jesus and his mother all alone$ <) And &hen the ruler asked for proof of his messiahship, and &h he &ent not to the s na'o'ue &hen he &as bidden, Jesus said, =) - am not sla"e to an man9 - am not called unto this ministr b priest$ -t is not mine to ans&er &hen men call$ - come the Christ of God9 - ans&er unto God alone$ )) >ho 'a"e ou ri'ht to ask for proof of m messiahshipE 6 proof lies in m &ords and &orks, and so if ou &ill follo& me ou &ill not lack for proof$ ,) And then the ruler &ent his &a 9 he asked himself, >hat manner of a man is this to disre'ard the ruler of the s na'o'ueE

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 2 (0) The people of the to&n came out in thron's to see the Christ, and hear him speak9 but Jesus said, (() A prophet has no honor in his nati"e to&n, amon' his kin$ (2) - &ill not speak in /a:areth until the &ords - speak, and &orks - do in other to&ns, ha"e &on the faith of men$ (1) 7ntil men kno& that God has christed me to manifest eternal lo"e$ (*) Good &ill to ou, m kin9 - bless ou &ith a boundless lo"e, and - bespeak for ou abundant @o and happiness$ (;) #e said no more, and all the people mar"elled much because he &ould not speak in /a:areth$ C#A5T3R =0 Jes"s and his disciples at a marria e feast in &ana. Jes"s spea(s on marria e. *e t"rns )ater into )ine. #he people are amazed. -/ Cana, Galilee, there &as a marria'e feast, and 6ar and her sister 6iriam, and Jesus and his siF disciples &ere amon' the 'uests$ 2) The ruler of the feast had heard that Jesus &as a master sent from God, and he requested him to speak$ 1) And Jesus said, There is no tie more sacred than the marria'e tie$ *) The chain that binds t&o souls in lo"e is made in hea"en, and man can ne"er se"er it in t&ain$ ;) The lo&er passions of the t&ain ma cause a union of the t&ain, a union as &hen oil and &ater meet$ <) And then a priest ma for'e a chain, and bind the t&ain$ This is not marria'e 'enuine9 it is a counterfeit$ =) The t&ain are 'uilt of adulter 9 the priest is part to the crime$ And that &as all that Jesus said$ )) As Jesus stood apart in silent thou'ht his mother came and said to him, The &ine has failed9 &hat shall &e doE ,) And Jesus said, 5ra &hat is &ineE -t is but &ater &ith the fla"orin' of 'rapes$ (0) And &hat are 'rapesE The are but certain kinds of thou'ht made manifest, and - can manifest that thou'ht, and &ater &ill be &ine$ (() #e called the ser"ants, and he said to them, Brin' in siF &ater pots of stone, a pot for each of these, m follo&ers, and fill them up &ith &ater to the brims$ (2) The ser"ants brou'ht the &ater pots, and filled them to their brims$ (1) And Jesus &ith a mi'ht thou'ht stirred up the ethers till the reached the manifest, and, lo, the &ater blushed, and turned to &ine$ (*) The ser"ants took the &ine and 'a"e it to the ruler of the feast &ho called the bride'room in and said to him, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 ! (;) This &ine is best of all9 most people &hen the 'i"e a feast brin' in the best &ine at first9 but, lo, ou ha"e reser"ed the best until last$ (<) And &hen the ruler and the 'uests &ere told that Jesus, b the po&er of thou'ht, had turned the &ater into &ine, the &ere ama:ed9

(=) The said, This man is more than man9 he surel is the christed one &ho prophets of the olden times declared &ould come$ ()) And man of the 'uests belie"ed on him, and 'ladl &ould ha"e follo&ed him$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1 9 C#A5T3R =( Jes"s, his si5 disciples and his mother, o to &aperna"m. Jes"s teaches the people, re%ealin the difference bet)een the (in s of earth and the (in s of hea%en. T#3 cit of Capernaum &as b the sea of Galilee, and 5eterDs home &as there$ The homes of Andre&, John and James &ere near, 2) These men &ere fishermen, and must return to tend their nets, and the pre"ailed on Jesus and his mother to accompan them, and soon &ith 5hilip and /athaniel the &ere restin' b the sea in 5eterDs home$ 1) The ne&s spread throu'h the cit and alon' the shore that JudahDs kin' had come, and multitudes dre& near to press his hand$ *) And Jesus said, - cannot sho& the kin', unless ou see &ith e es of soul, because the kin'dom of the kin' is in the soul$ ;) And e"er soul a kin'dom is$ There is a kin' for e"er man$ <) This kin' is lo"e, and &hen this lo"e becomes the 'reatest po&er in life, it is the Christ9 so Christ is kin'$ =) And e"er one ma ha"e this Christ d&ell in his soul, as Christ d&ells in m soul$ )) The bod is the temple of the kin', and men ma call a hol man a kin'$ ,) #e &ho &ill cleanse his mortal form and make it pure, so pure that lo"e and ri'hteousness ma d&ell unsullied side b side &ithin its &alls, is kin'$ (0) The kin's of earth are clothed in ro al robes, and sit in state that men ma stand in a&e of them$ (() A kin' of hea"en ma &ear a fisherDs 'arb9 ma sit in mart of trade9 ma till the soil, or be a 'leaner in the field9 ma be a sla"e in mortal chains9 (2) 6a be ad@ud'ed a criminal b men9 ma lan'uish in a prison cell9 ma die upon a cross$ (1) 6en seldom see &hat others trul are$ The human senses sense &hat seems to be, and that &hich seems to be and that &hich is, ma be di"erse in e"er &a $ (*) The carnal man beholds the outer man, &hich is the temple of the kin', and &orships at his shrine$ (;) The man of God is pure in heart9 he sees the kin'9 he sees &ith e es of soul8 (<) And &hen he rises to the plane of Christine consciousness, he kno&s that he himself is kin', is lo"e, is Christ, and so is son of God$ (=) Aou men of Galilee, prepare to meet our kin'$ ()) And Jesus tau'ht the people man lessons as he &alked &ith them beside the sea$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11 .3CT-4/ JI .A63C# The Birst Annual 3poch of the Christine 6inistr of Jesus

C#A5T3R =2 Jes"s in Jer"salem. -ri%es the merchants o"t of the temple. #he priests resent, and he defends himself from the standpoint of a loyal Je). *e spea(s to the people. T#3 Je&ish paschal feast time came and Jesus left his mother in Capernaum and @ourne ed to Jerusalem$ 2) And he abode &ith one a .adducee, &hose name &as Jude$ 1) And &hen he reached the temple courts the multitudes &ere there to see the prophet &ho the people thou'ht had come to break the oke of Rome, restore the kin'dom of the Je&s, and rule on %a"idDs throne$ *) And &hen the people sa& him come the said, All hailC behold the kin'C ;) But Jesus ans&ered not9 he sa& the mone chan'ers in the house of God, and he &as 'rie"ed$ <) The courts had been con"erted into marts of trade, and men &ere sellin' lambs and do"es for offerin's in sacrifice$ =) And Jesus called the priests and said, Behold, for paltr 'ain ou ha"e sold out the temple of the !ord$ )) This house ordained for pra er is no& a den of thie"es$ Can 'ood and e"il d&ell to'ether in the courts of GodE - tell ou, no$ ,) And then he made a scour'e of cords and dro"e the merchants out9 he o"erturned their boards, and thre& their mone on the floor$ (0) #e opened up the ca'es of the capti"e birds, and cut the cords that bound the lambs, and set them free$ (() The priests and scribes rushed out, and &ould ha"e done him harm, but the &ere dri"en back9 the common people stood in his defense$ (2) And then the rulers said, >ho is this Jesus ou call kin'E (1) The people said, #e is the Christ of &hom our prophets &rote9 he is the (in )ho )ill deli%er Israel$ (*) The rulers said to Jesus, 6an, if ou be kin', or Christ, then sho& us si'ns$ >ho 'a"e ou ri'ht to dri"e these merchants outE (;) And Jesus said, There is no lo al Je& &ho &ould not 'i"e his life to sa"e this temple from Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 111 dis'race9 in this - acted simpl as a lo al Je&, and ou oursel"es &ill bear me &itness to this truth$ (<) The si'ns of m messiahship &ill follo& me in &ords and deeds$ (=) And ou ma tear the temple do&n (and ou &ill tear it do&n) and in three da s it &ill be built a'ain more 'lorious than before$ ()) /o& Jesus meant that the mi'ht take his life9 tear do&n his bod , temple of the #ol Breath, and he &ould rise a'ain$ (,) The Je&s kne& not the meanin' of his &ords9 the lau'hed his claims to scorn$ The said, 20) A multitude of men &ere fort and siF ears in buildin' up this house, and this oun' stran'er claims that he &ill build it up in three score hours9 his &ords are idle, and his claims are nau'ht$

2() And then the took the scour'e &ith &hich he dro"e the merchants out, and &ould ha"e dri"en him a&a 9 but 5hilo, &ho had come from 3' pt to attend the feast, stood forth and said, 22) Aou men of -srael, hearC This man is more than man9 take heed to &hat ou do$ - ha"e, m self, heard Jesus speak, and all the &inds &ere still$ 21) And - ha"e seen him touch the sick, and the &ere healed$ #e stands a sa'e abo"e the sa'es of the &orld9 2*) And ou &ill see his star arise, and it &ill 'ro& until it is the full+orbed .un of Ri'hteousness$ 2;) %o not be hast , men9 @ust &ait and ou &ill ha"e the proofs of his messiahship$ 2<) And then the priests laid do&n the scour'e, and Jesus said, 2=) 5repare, 4 -srael, prepare to meet our kin'C But ou can ne"er see the kin' &hile ou press sin as such a precious idol to our hearts$ 2)) The kin' is God9 the pure in heart alone can see the face of God and li"e$ 2,) And then the priests cried out, This fello& claims to be the God$ -s not this sacrile'eC a&a &ith himC 10) But Jesus said, /o man has e"er heard me sa , - am a kin'$ 4ur Bather+God is kin'$ >ith e"er lo al Je& - &orship God$ 1() - am the candle of the !ord aflame to li'ht the &a 9 and &hile ou ha"e the li'ht &alk in the li'ht$ C#A5T3R =1 Jes"s a ain %isits the temple, and is fa%orably recei%ed by the people. #ells the parable of a (in and his sons. -efines messiahship. /3JT da the multitudes &ere sur'in' throu'h the temple courts, intent on hearin' Jesus speak$ 2) And &hen he came the people said, All hailC behold the kin'C Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11. 1) And Jesus spoke a parable9 he said, A kin' had "ast domains9 his people all &ere kin, and li"ed in peace$ *) /o&, after man ears the kin' said to his people, Take these lands and all ha"e9 enhance their "alues9 rule oursel"es, and li"e in peace$ ;) And then the people formed their states9 selected 'o"ernors and pett kin's$ <) But pride, ambition, selfish 'reed, and base in'ratitude 're& fast, and kin's be'an to &ar$ =) The &rote in all their statute books that mi'ht is ri'ht9 and then the stron' destro ed the &eak, and chaos rei'ned throu'h all the "ast domain$ )) A lon' time passed, and then the kin' looked out on his domain$ #e sa& his people in their cruel &ars9 he sa& them sick and sore distressed9 he sa& the stron' ensla"e the &eak, ,) And then he said, >hat shall - doE .hall - send forth a scour'eE shall destro m people allE (0) And then his heart &as stirred &ith pit and he said, - &ill not send a scour'e9 - &ill send forth m onl son, heir to the throne, to teach the people lo"e, and peace, and ri'hteousness$ (() #e sent his son9 the people scorned him and maltreated him, and nailed him

to a cross$ (2) #e &as entombed9 but death &as far too &eak to hold the prince, and he arose$ (1) #e took a form man could not kill9 and then he &ent a'ain to teach the people lo"e, and peace and ri'hteousness$ (*) And thus God deals &ith men$ (;) A la& er came and asked, >hat does messiah meanE and &ho has ri'ht to make messiah of a manE (<) And Jesus said, 6essiah is one sent from God to seek and sa"e the lost$ 6essiahs are not made b men$ (=) -n first of e"er a'e 6essiah comes to li'ht the &a 9 to heal up broken hearts9 to set the prisoners free$ 6essiah and the Christ are one$ ()) Because a man claims to be Christ is not a si'n that he is Christ$ (,) A man ma cause the streams to flo& from flint rocks9 ma brin' storms at &ill9 ma sta tempestuous &inds9 ma heal the sick and raise the dead, and not be sent from God$ 20) All nature is subser"ient to the &ill of man, and e"il men, as &ell as 'ood, ha"e all the po&ers of mind, and ma control the elements$ 2() The head 'i"es not the proof of true messiahship, for man b means of intellect, can ne"er kno& of God, nor brin' himself to &alk in li'ht$ 22) 6essiah li"es not in the head, but in the heart, the seat of merc and of lo"e$ 21) 6essiah ne"er &orks for selfish 'ains9 he stands abo"e the carnal self9 his &ords and deeds are for the uni"ersal 'ood$ 2*) 6essiah ne"er tries to be a kin', to &ear a cro&n and sit upon an earthl throne$ 2;) The kin' is earth , of the earth9 6essiah is the man from hea"en$ 2<) And then the la& er asked, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11/ >h do ou pose as kin'E 2=) And Jesus said, /o man has e"er heard me sa that - am kin'$ - could not sit in CaesarDs place and be the Christ$ 2)) Gi"e unto Caesar &hat belon's to him9 'i"e unto God the treasures of our heart$ C#A5T3R =* Jes"s heals on the 'abbath, and is cens"red by the Pharisees. 0estores a dro)ned child. 0esc"es a )o"nded do . &ares for a homeless child. 'pea(s on the la) of (indness. -T &as the .abbath da , and Jesus stood amon' the sur'in' masses of the people in the temple courts and sacred halls$ 2) The blind, the deaf, the dumb, and those obsessed &ere there, and Jesus spoke the >ord, and the &ere healed$ 1) 4n some he laid his hands, and the &ere healed9 to others he @ust spoke the >ord, and the &ere full restored to health9 but others had to 'o and &ash in certain pools9 and others he anointed &ith a hol oil$ *) A doctor asked him &h he healed in di"ers &a s, and he replied,

;) %isease is discord in the human form, and discords are produced in man &a s$ <) The bod is a harpsichord9 sometimes the strin's are too relaFed, and then inharmon results$ =) .ometimes &e find the strin's too tense, and then another form of discord is induced$ )) %isease is man +formed, and there are man &a s to cure, to tune ane& the m stic harpsichord$ ,) /o& &hen the 5harisees &ere told that Jesus healed the people on the .abbath da the &ere enra'ed, and the commanded him to quit the place$ (0) But Jesus said, >as man desi'ned to fit the .abbath, or &as the .abbath da desi'ned to fit the manE (() -f ou had fallen in a pit and, lo, the .abbath da had come, and - should pass our &a , &ould ou cr out$ (2) !et me alone9 it is a sin to help me on the .abbath da 9 -Dll s&elter in this filth until another da E (1) Aou 5harisees, ou h pocritesC ou kno& ou &ould be 'lad to ha"e m help upon the .abbath da , or an other da $ (*) These people all ha"e fallen into pits, and the are callin' loud for me to help them out, and man and God &ould curse me should - pass alon' and heed them not$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 110 (;) And then the 5harisees returned to sa their pra ers, and curse the man of God because he heeded not their &ords$ (<) /o&, in the e"enin' Jesus stood beside a pool9 a pla ful child had fallen in, and it &as dro&ned, and friends &ere bearin' it a&a $ (=) But Jesus called the carriers to stop9 and then he stretched himself upon the lifeless form, and breathed into its mouth the breath of life$ ()) And then he called aloud unto the soul that had 'one out, and it returned9 the child re"i"ed and li"ed$ (,) And Jesus sa& a &ounded do'9 it could not mo"e9 it la beside the &a and 'roaned &ith pain$ #e took it in his arms and bore it to the home &here he abode$ 20) #e poured the healin' oil into the &ounds9 he cared for it as thou'h it &ere a child till it &as stron' and &ell$ 2() And Jesus sa& a little bo &ho had no home, and he &as hun'r 9 &hen he called for bread the people turned a&a $ 22) And Jesus took the child and 'a"e him bread9 he &rapped him in his o&n &arm coat, and found for him a home$ 21) To those &ho follo&ed him the master said, -f man &ould 'ain a'ain his lost estate he must respect the brotherhood of life$ 2*) >hoe"er is not kind to e"er form of life + to man, to beast, to bird, and creepin' thin' + cannot eFpect the blessin's of the #ol 4ne9 for as &e 'i"e, so God &ill 'i"e to us$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 111 C#A5T3R =; /icodem"s %isits Jes"s in the ni ht. Jes"s re%eals to him the meanin of

the ne) birth and the (in dom of hea%en$ /-C4%367. &as a ruler of the Je&s, and #e &as earnest, learned and de"out$ 2) #e sa& the masterDs si'net in the face of Jesus as he talked, but &as not bra"e enou'h to publicl confess his faith in him9 1) .o in the ni'ht he &ent to talk &ith Jesus at the home of Jude$ *) >hen Jesus sa& him come he said, Bull blessed are the pure in heart9 ;) T&ice blessed are the fearless, pure in heart9 <) Thrice blessed are the fearless, pure in heart &ho dare to make confession of their faith before the hi'hest courts$ =) And /icodemus said, #ail, master, hailC - kno& ou are a teacher come from God, for man alone could ne"er teach as ou ha"e tau'ht9 could ne"er do the &orks that ou ha"e done$ )) And Jesus said, 3Fcept a man be born a'ain he cannot see the kin'9 he cannot comprehend the &ords - speak$ ,) And /icodemus said, #o& can a man be born a'ainE Can he 'o back into the &omb and come a'ain to lifeE (0) And Jesus said, The birth of &hich - speak is not the birth of flesh$ (() 3Fcept a man be born of &ater and the #ol Breath, he cannot come into the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne$ (2) That &hich is born of flesh is child of man9 that &hich is born of #ol Breath is child of God$ (1) The &inds blo& &here the please9 men hear their "oices, and ma note results9 but the kno& not from &hence the come, nor &here the 'o9 and so is e"er one that is born of #ol Breath$ (*) The ruler said, - do not understand9 pra tell me plainl &hat ou mean$ (;) And Jesus said, The kin'dom of the #ol 4ne is in the soul9 men cannot see it &ith their carnal e es9 &ith all their reasonin' po&ers the comprehend it not$ (<) -t is a life deep hid in God9 its reco'nition is the &ork of inner consciousness$ (=) The kin'doms of the &orld are kin'doms of the si'ht9 the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne is that of faith9 its kin' is lo"e$ ()) 6en cannot see the lo"e of God unmanifest, and so our Bather+God has clothed this lo"e &ith flesh + flesh of a son of man$ (,) And that the &orld ma see and kno& this lo"e made manifest, the son of man must needs be lifted up$ 20) As 6oses in the &ilderness raised up the serpent for the healin' of the flesh, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11% the son of man must be raised up$ 2() That all men bitten b the serpent of the dust, the serpent of this carnal life, ma li"e$ 22) #e &ho belie"es in him shall ha"e eternal life$ 21) Bor God so lo"ed the &orld that he sent forth his onl son to be raised up that men ma see the lo"e of God$

2*) God did not send his son to @ud'e the &orld9 he sent him forth to sa"e the &orld9 to brin' men to the li'ht$ 2;) But men lo"e not the li'ht, for li'ht re"eals their &ickedness9 men lo"e the dark$ 2<) /o&, e"er one &ho lo"es the truth comes to the li'ht9 he does not fear to ha"e his &orks made manifest$ 2=) The li'ht had come, and /icodemus &ent his &a 9 he kne& the meanin' of the birth of #ol Breath9 he felt the presence of the .pirit in his soul$ 2)) And Jesus tarried in Jerusalem for man da s and tau'ht and healed the sick$ 2,) The common people 'ladl listened to his &ords, and man left their all of carnal thin's and follo&ed him$ C#A5T3R =< Jes"s in Bethlehem. E5plains the Empire of Peace to the shepherds. An "n"s"al li ht appears. #he shepherds reco nize Jes"s as the &hrist. T#3 !o'os &ent to Bethlehem, and man people follo&ed him$ 2) #e found the shepherdDs home &here he &as cradled &hen a babe9 here he abode$ 1) #e &ent up to the hills &here more than thirt ears before the shepherds &atched their flocks and heard the messen'er of peace eFclaim8 *) At midni ht in a ca%e in Bethlehem the Prince of Peace is born. ;) And shepherds still &ere there, and sheep still fed upon the hills$ <) And in the "alle near 'reat flocks of sno&+&hite do"es &ere fl in' to and fro$ =) And &hen the shepherds kne& that Jesus, &hom the people called the kin', had come, the came from near and far to speak to him$ )) And Jesus said to them, Behold the life of innocence and peaceC ,) >hite is the s mbol of the "irtuous and pureC the lamb of innocence9 the do"e of peace9 (0) And it &as meet that lo"e should come in human form amid such scenes as these$ (() 4ur father Abraham &alked throu'h these "ales, and on these "er hills he &atched his flocks and herds$ (2) And here it &as that one, the 5rince of 5eace, the kin' of .alim, came9 the Christ in human form9 a 'reater far than Abraham &as he$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 112 (1) And here it &as that Abraham 'a"e to this kin' of .alim, tithes of all he had$ (*) This 5rince of 5eace &ent forth in battle e"er &here$ #e had no s&ord9 no armor of defense9 no &eapons of offence9 (;) And et he conquered men, and nations trembled at his feet$ (<) The hosts of 3' pt quailed before this sturd kin' of ri'ht9 the kin's of 3' pt placed their cro&ns upon his head, (=) And 'a"e into his hands the sceptre of all 3' pt land, and not a drop of blood &as shed, and not a capti"e placed in chains9 ()) But e"er &here the conqueror thre& &ide the prison doors and set the capti"es free$ (,) And, once a'ain, the 5rince of 5eace has come, and from these blessed hills he 'oes a'ain to fi'ht$

20) And he is clothed in &hite9 his s&ord is truth, his shield is faith9 his helmet is innocence9 his breath is lo"e9 his &atch&ord peace$ 2() But this is not a carnal &ar9 it is not man at &ar &ith man9 but it is ri'ht a'ainst the &ron'$ 22) And lo"e is captain, lo"e is &arrior, lo"e is armor, lo"e is all, and lo"e shall &in$ 21) And then a'ain the hills of Bethlehem &ere clothed &ith li'ht, a'ain the messen'er eFclaimed, 2*) 5eace, peace on earth, 'ood &ill to men$ 2;) And Jesus tau'ht the people9 healed the sick9 re"ealed the m steries of the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne$ 2<) And man said, #e is the Christ9 the kin' &ho &as to come has come9 5raise God$ C#A5T3R == Jes"s in *ebron. !oes to Bethany. Ad%ises 0"th re ardin certain family tro"bles. >-T# three disciples Jesus &ent to #ebron &here he tarried se"en da s and tau'ht$ 2) And then he &ent to Bethan and in the home of !a:arus he tau'ht$ 1) The e"enin' came9 the multitudes &ere 'one, and Jesus, !a:arus, and his sisters, 6artha, Ruth and 6ar , &ere alone$ *) And Ruth &as sore distressed$ #er home &as do&n in Jericho9 her husband &as the keeper of an inn9 his name &as Asher+ben$ ;) /o&, Asher &as a 5harisee of strictest mien and thou'ht, and he re'arded Jesus &ith disdain$ <) And &hen his &ife confessed her faith in Christ, he dro"e her from his home$ =) But Ruth resisted not9 she said, -f Jesus is the Christ he kno&s the &a , and - am sure #e is the Christ$ )) 6 husband ma become enra'ed and sla m human form9 he cannot kill Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11! the soul, and in the man mansions of m Batherland - ha"e a d&ellin'+place$ ,) And Ruth told Jesus all9 and then she said, >hat shall - doE (0) And Jesus said, Aour husband is not &illin'l at fault9 he is de"out9 he pra s to God, our Bather+ God$ (() #is :eal for his reli'ion is intense9 in this he is sincere9 but it has dri"en him insane, and he belie"es it ri'ht to keep his home unsullied b the heres of Christ$ (2) #e feels assured that he has done the &ill of God in dri"in' ou a&a $ (1) -ntolerance is i'norance matured$ (*) The li'ht &ill come to him some da , and then he &ill repa for all our heartaches, 'riefs and tears$ (;) And Ruth, ou must not think that ou are free from blame$ (<) -f ou had &alked in &isdomDs &a s, and been content to hold our peace, this 'rief &ould not ha"e come to ou$ (=) -t takes a lon', lon' time for li'ht to break into the shell of pre@udice, and patience is the lesson ou ha"e need to learn$

()) The constant droppin' of the &ater &ears a&a the hardest stone$ (,) The s&eet and hol incense of a 'odl life &ill melt intolerance much quicker than the hottest flame, or hardest blo&$ 20) Just &ait a little time, and then 'o home &ith s mpath and lo"e$ Talk not of Christ, nor of the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne$ 2() Just li"e a 'odl life9 refrain from harshness in our speech, and ou &ill lead our husband to the li'ht$ 22) And it &as so$ C#A5T3R =) Jes"s in Jericho. *eals a ser%ant of Asher. !oes to the Jordan and spea(s to the people. Establishes baptism as a pled e of discipleship. Baptizes si5 disciples, )ho in t"rn baptize many people. A/% Jesus &ent to Jericho, and at the inn of Asher he abode$ 2) A ser"ant at the inn &as sick, ni'h unto death9 the healers could not cure$ 1)And Jesus came and touched the d in' 'irl, and said, 6alone, ariseC and in a moment pain &as 'one9 the fe"er ceased9 the maid &as &ell$ *) And then the people brou'ht their sick, and the &ere healed$ ;) But Jesus did not tarr lon' in Jericho9 he &ent do&n to the Jordan ford &here John &as &ont to teach$ <) The multitudes &ere there and Jesus said to them, Behold, the time has come9 the kin'dom is at hand$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 119 =) /one but the pure in heart can come into the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne9 but e"er son and dau'hter of the human race is called upon to turn from e"il and become the pure in heart$ )) The resolution to attain and enter throu'h the Christine 'ate into the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne &ill constitute discipleship, and e"er one must make a pled'e of his discipleship$ ,) John &ashed our bodies in the stream, s mbolic of the cleansin' of the soul, in preparation for the comin' of the kin', the openin' of the Christine 'ate into the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne$ (0) John did a mi'ht &ork9 but no& the Christine 'ate is opened up, and &ashin' is established as the pled'e of our discipleship$ (() 7ntil this a'e shall close this pled'e shall be a rite, and shall be called, Baptism rite9 and it shall be a si'n to men, and seal to God of menDs discipleship$ (2) Aou men of e"er nation, hearC Come unto me9 the Christine 'ate is opened up9 turn from our sins and be bapti:ed, and ou shall enter throu'h the 'ate and see the kin'$ (1) The siF disciples &ho had follo&ed Jesus stood a+near, and Jesus led them forth and in the Jordan he bapti:ed them in the name of Christ9 and then he said to them, (*) 6 friends, ou are the first to enter throu'h the Christine 'ate into the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne$ (;) As - bapti:ed ou in the name of Christ, so ou shall, in that sacred name, bapti:e all men and &omen &ho &ill confess their faith in Christ, and shall renounce their sins$

(<) And, lo, the multitudes came do&n, renounced their sins, confessed their faith in Christ, and &ere bapti:ed$ C#A5T3R =, John, the harbin er, at 'alim. A la)yer in1"ires abo"t Jes"s. John e5plains to the m"ltit"de the mission of Jes"s. /4>, John the harbin'er, &as at the .alim .prin's &here &ater &as abundant, and &ashed the bodies of the people &ho confessed their sins$ 2) A Je&ish la& er &ent to John and said, #as not this man from Galilee, he &hom ou &ashed and called the Christ, become our foeE 1) The sa that he is at the Jordan ford9 that he is buildin' up a church, or somethin' else, and that he &ashes people @ust as ou ha"e done$ *) And John replied, This Jesus is indeed the Christ &hose &a - came to pa"e$ #e is not foe of mine$ ;) The bride'room hath the bride9 his friends are near, and &hen the hear his "oice the all re@oice$ <) The kin'dom of the #ol 4ne is bride, and Christ the 'room9 and -, the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1. harbin'er, am full of @o because the prosper so abundantl $ =) - ha"e performed the &ork that - &as sent to do9 the &ork of Jesus @ust be'ins$ )) Then turnin' to the multitudes he said, Christ is the kin' of ri'hteousness9 Christ is the lo"e of God9 ea, he is God9 one of the hol persons of the Triune God$ ,) Christ li"es in e"er heart of purit $ (0) /o&, Jesus &ho is preachin' at the Jordan ford, has been sub@ected to the hardest tests of human life, and he has conquered all the appetites and passions of the carnal man, (() And b the hi'hest court of hea"en, has been declared a man of such superior purit and holiness that he can demonstrate the presence of the Christ on earth$ (2) !o, lo"e di"ine, &hich is the Christ, abides in him, and he is pattern for the race$ (1) And e"er man can see in him &hat e"er man &ill be &hen he has conquered all the passions of the selfish self$ (*) -n &ater - ha"e &ashed the bodies of the people &ho ha"e turned from sin, s mbolic of the cleansin' of the soul9 (;) But Jesus bathes for e"er in the li"in' &aters of the #ol Breath$ (<) And Jesus comes to brin' the sa"ior of the &orld to men9 !o"e is the sa"ior of the &orld$ (=) And all &ho put their trust in Christ, and follo& Jesus as a pattern and a 'uide, ha"e e"erlastin' life$ ()) But the &ho do not trust the Christ, and &ill not purif their hearts so that the Christ can d&ell &ithin, can ne"er enter life (until the learn, and chan'e their hearts, and &alk the strai'ht L narro& path of Christ)$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1.1 C#A5T3R )0

+amaas comes from India to see Jes"s. *e listens to the teachin s of John at 'alim. John tells him of the di%ine mission of Jes"s. +amaas finds Jes"s at the Jordan. #he masters reco nize each other. !A6AA., priest of Brahm, &ho &as a friend of Jesus &hen he &as in the temple of Ja'annath, had heard of Jesus and his mi'ht &orks in man lands9 and he had left his home and come to 5alestine in search of him$ 2) And as he @ourne ed to&ards Jerusalem he heard of John, the harbin'er, &ho &as esteemed a prophet of the li"in' God$ 1) !amaas found the harbin'er at .alim .prin's9 for man da s he &as a silent listener to the pun'ent truths he tau'ht$ *) And he &as present &hen the 5harisee told John of Jesus and his mi'ht &orks$ ;) #e heard the ans&er of the harbin'er9 heard him bless the name of Jesus9 &hom he called the Christ$ <) And then he spoke to John9 he said, 5ra tell me more about this Jesus &hom ou call the Christ$ =) And John replied, this Jesus is the lo"e of God made manifest$ )) !o, men are li"in' on the lo&er planes + the planes of 'reed and selfishness9 for self the fi'ht9 the conquer &ith the s&ord$ ,) -n e"er land the stron' ensla"e and kill the &eak$ All kin'doms rise b force of arms9 for force is kin'$ (0) This Jesus comes to o"erthro& this iron rule of force, and seat !o"e on the throne of po&er$ (() And Jesus fears no man$ #e preaches boldl in the courts of kin's, and e"er &here, that "ictories &on b force of arms are crimes9 (2) That e"er &orth end ma be attained b 'entleness and lo"e @ust as the 5rince of 5eace, 6elchisedec, the priest of God, &on 'allant "ictories in &ar &ithout the sheddin' of a drop of blood$ (1) Aou ask &here are the temples of the ChristE #e ministers at shrines not made &ith hands9 his temples are the hearts of hol men &ho are prepared to see the kin'$ (*) The 'ro"es of nature are his s na'o'ues9 his forum is the &orld$ (;) #e has no priests dressed up in puppet st le to be admired b men9 for e"er son of man is priest of !o"e$ (<) >hen man has purified his heart b faith, he needs no middle man to intercede$ (=) #e is on friendl terms &ith God9 is not afraid of him, and he is able, and is bold enou'h, to la his bod on the altar of the !ord$ ()) Thus e"er man is priest, and is himself a li"in' sacrifice$ (,) Aou need not seek the Christ, for &hen our heart is purified the Christ &ill come, and &ill abide &ith ou for e"ermore$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1.. 20) And then !amaas @ourne ed on9 he came to Jesus as he tau'ht beside the ford$ 2() And Jesus said, Behold the .tar of -ndiaC 22) !amaas said,

Behold the .un of Ri'hteousnessC And he confessed his faith in Christ, and follo&ed him$ C#A5T3R )( #he &hristines $o"rney to)ard !alilee. #hey tarry for a time at Jacob's )ell and Jes"s teaches a )oman of 'amaria. T#3 Christine 'ate into the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne &as opened up, and Jesus and the siF disciples and !amaas left the Jordan ford and turned their faces to&ard Galilee$ 2) Their &a la throu'h .amaria and as the @ourne ed on the came to . char, &hich &as near the plot of 'round that Jacob 'a"e to Joseph &hen a outh$ 1) And JacobDs &ell &as there, and Jesus sat beside the &ell in silent thou'ht, and his disciples &ent into the to&n to purchase bread$ *) A &oman of the to&n came out to fill her pitcher from the &ell9 and Jesus &as athirst, and &hen he asked the &oman for a drink she said, ;) - am a &oman of .amaria, and ou a Je&9 do ou not kno& that there is enmit bet&een .amaritans and Je&sE The traffic not9 then &h ask me the fa"our of a drinkE <) And Jesus said, .amaritans and Je&s are all the children of one God, our Bather+God, and the are kin$ =) -t is but pre@udice born of the carnal mind that breeds this enmit and hate$ )) >hile - &as born a Je&, - reco'nise the brotherhood of life$ .amaritans are @ust as dear to me as Je& or Greek$ ,) And then, had ou but kno&n the blessin's that our Bather+God has sent to men b me, ou &ould ha"e asked me for a drink$ (0) And - &ould 'ladl ha"e 'i"en ou a cup of &ater from the Bount of !ife, and ou &ould ne"er thirst a'ain$ (() The &oman said, This &ell is deep, and ou ha"e nau'ht &ith &hich to dra&9 ho& could ou 'et the &ater that ou speak aboutE (2) And Jesus said, The &ater that - speak about comes not from JacobDs &ell9 it flo&s from the sprin's that ne"er fail$ (1) !o, e"er one &ho drinks from JacobDs &ell &ill thirst a'ain9 but the &ho drink the &ater that - 'i"e &ill ne"er thirst a'ain9 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1./ (*) Bor the themsle"es become a &ell, and from their inner parts the sparklin' &aters bubble up into eternal life$ (;) The &oman said, .ir, - &ould drink from that rich &ell of life$ Gi"e me to drink, that - ma thirst no more$ (<) And Jesus said, Go call our husband from the to&n that he ma share &ith ou this li"in' cup$ (=) The &oman said, - ha"e no husband, sir$ ()) And Jesus ans&ered her and said, Aou scarcel kno& &hat husband means9 ou seem to be a 'ilded butterfl that

flits from flo&er to flo&er$ (,) To ou there is no sacredness in marria'e ties, and ou affintise &ith an man$ 20) And ou ha"e li"ed &ith fi"e of them &ho &ere esteemed as husbands b our friends$ 2() The &oman said, %o - not speak unto a prophet and a seerE >ill ou not condescend to tell me &ho ou areE 22) And Jesus said, - need not tell ou &ho - am, for ou ha"e read the !a&, the 5rophets and the 5salms that tell of me$ 21) - am one come to break a&a the &all that separates the sons of men$ -n #ol Breath there is no Greek, no Je&, and no .amaritan9 no bond, nor free9 for all are one$ 2*) The &oman asked, >h do ou sa that onl in Jerusalem man ou'ht to pra , and that the should not &orship in our hol mountE 2;) And Jesus said, >hat ou ha"e said, - do not sa $ 4ne place is @ust as sacred as another place$ 2<) The hour has come &hen men must &orship God &ithin the temple of the heart9 for God is not &ithin Jerusalem, nor in our hol mount in an &a that he is not in e"er heart$ 2=) 4ur God is .pirit9 the &ho &orship him must &orship him in spirit and in truth$ 2)) The &oman said, >e kno& that &hen 6essiah comes that he &ill lead us in the &a s of truth$ 2, And Jesus said, Behold the Christ has come9 6essiah speaks to ou$ C#A5T3R )2 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1.0 2hile Jes"s is teachin , his disciples come and mar%el beca"se he spea(s )ith a 'amaritan. Many people from 'ychar come to see Jes"s. *e spea(s to them. 2ith his disciples he oes to 'ychar and remains for certain days. >#-!3 Jesus et &as talkin' to the &oman at the &ell, the siF disciples came from . char &ith the food$ 2) And &hen the sa& him talkin' to a &oman of .amaria, and one the thou'ht a courtesan, the &ere ama:ed9 et no one asked him &h he spoke &ith her$ 1) The &oman &as so lost in thou'ht and so intent on &hat the master said, that she for'ot her errand to the &ell9 she left her pitcher and ran quickl to the to&n$ *) .he told the people all about the prophet she had met at JacobDs &ell9 she said, #e told me e"er thin' - e"er did$ ;) And &hen the people &ould kno& more about the man, the &oman said, Come out and see$ And multitudes &ent out to JacobDs &ell$ <) >hen Jesus sa& them come he said to those &ho follo&ed him, Aou need not sa , -t is four months before the har"est time9 =) Behold, the har"est time is no&$ !ift up our e es and look9 the fields are 'olden &ith the ripened 'rain$

)) !o, man so&ers ha"e 'one forth to so& the seeds of life9 the seed has 'ro&n9 the plants ha"e stren'thened in the summer sun9 the 'rain has ripened, and the master calls for men to reap$ ,) And ou shall 'o out in the fields and reap &hat other men ha"e so&n9 but &hen the reckonin' da shall come the so&ers and the reapers all to'ether &ill re@oice$ (0 And 5hilip said to Jesus, .ta no& our &ork a time and sit beneath this oli"e tree and eat a portion of this food9 ou must be faint for ou ha"e eaten nau'ht since earl da $ (() But Jesus said, - am not faint, for - ha"e food to eat ou kno& not of$ (2) Then the disciples said amon' themsel"es, >ho could ha"e brou'ht him au'ht to eatE (1) The did not kno& that he had po&er to turn the "er ethers into bread$ (*) And Jesus said, The master of the har"est ne"er sends his reapers forth and feeds them not$ (;) 6 Bather &ho has sent me forth into the har"est field of human life &ill ne"er suffer me to &ant9 and &hen he calls for ou to ser"e, lo, he &ill 'i"e ou food, &ill clothe and shelter ou$ (<) Then turnin' to the people of .amaria, he said, Think not it stran'e that -, a Je&, should speak to ou, for - am one &ith ou$ (=) The uni"ersal Christ &ho &as and is, and e"ermore shall be, is manifest in me9 but Christ belon's to e"er man$ ()) God scatters forth his blessin's &ith a la"ish hand, and he is not more kind to one than to another one of all the creatures of his hand$ (,) - @ust came up from JudahDs hills, and GodDs same sun &as shinin' and his flo&ers &ere bloomin', and in the ni'ht his stars &ere @ust as bri'ht as the are Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1.1 here$ 20) God cannot cast a child a&a 9 the Je&, the Greek and the .amaritan are equal in his si'ht$ 2() And &h should men and &omen fret and quarrel, like children in their pla sE 22) The lines that separate the sons of men are made of stra&, and @ust a sin'le breath of lo"e &ould blo& them all a&a $ 21) The people &ere ama:ed at &hat the stran'er said, and man said, The Christ that &as to come has surel come$ 2*) And Jesus &ent &ith them into the to&n, and tarried certain da s$ C#A5T3R )1 Jes"s teaches the people of 'ychar. &asts a )ic(ed spirit o"t of one obsessed. 'ends the spirit to its o)n place. *eals many people. #he priests are dist"rbed by the presence of Jes"s in 'ychar, b"t he spea(s to them and )ins their fa%or. -/ . char Jesus tau'ht the people in the market place$ 2) A man obsessed &as brou'ht to him$ The &icked spirit that possessed the man &as full of "iolence and lust, and often thre& his "ictim to the 'round$ 1) And Jesus spoke aloud and said, Base spirit, loose our hold upon the "itals of this man, and 'o back to our o&n$ *) And then the spirit be''ed that he mi'ht 'o into the bod of a do' that stood

near b $ ;) But Jesus said, >h harm the helpless do'E -ts life is @ust as dear to it as mine to me$ <) -t is not ours to thro& the burden of our sin on an li"in' thin'$ =) B our o&n deeds and e"il thou'hts ou ha"e brou'ht all these perils on ourself$ Aou ha"e hard problems to be sol"ed9 but ou must sol"e them for ourself$ )) B thus obsessin' man, ou make our o&n conditions doubl sad$ Go back into our o&n domain9 refrain from harmin' an thin', and b and b , ou &ill ourself be free$ ,) The &icked spirit left the man and &ent unto his o&n$ The man looked up in thankfulness and said, 5raise God$ (0) And man of the people brou'ht their sick, and Jesus spoke the >ord, and the &ere healed$ (() The ruler of the s na'o'ue and all the priests &ere much disturbed &hen told that Jesus from Jerusalem &as preachin' in the to&n$ (2) The thou'ht that he had come to prosel te and stir up strife amon' .amaritans$ (1) And so the sent an officer to brin' him to the s na'o'ue that he mi'ht 'i"e a reason for his presence in the to&n$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1.% (*) But Jesus said to him &ho came, Go back and tell the priests and ruler of the s na'o'ue that - am not en'a'ed in crime$ (;) - come to bind up broken hearts, to heal the sick, and cast the e"il spirits out of those obsessed$ (<) Tell them their prophets spoke of me9 that - come to break no la&, but to fulfill the hi'hest la&$ (=) The man returned and told the priests and ruler of the s na'o'ue &hat Jesus said$ ()) The ruler &as ama:ed, and &ith the priests &ent to the market place &here Jesus &as$ (,) And &hen he sa& them, Jesus said, Behold the honored men of all .amariaC the men ordained to lead the people in the &a of ri'ht$ 20) And - am come to help, and not to hinder in their &ork$ 2() There are t&o classes of the sons of men9 the &ho &ould build the human race upon the sure foundation stones of @ustice, truth, equalit and ri'ht, 22) And the &ho &ould destro the hol temple, &here the .pirit d&ells, and brin' their fello&s do&n to be''ar and crime$ 21) The hol brotherhood of ri'ht must stand united in the stirrin' conflicts of the hour$ 2*) /o matter &hether the be Je&s, .amaritans, Ass rians, or Greeks, the must tramp do&n beneath their feet all strife, all discord, @ealous and hate, and demonstrate the brotherhood of man$ 2;) Then to the ruler of the s na'o'ue he spoke8 he said, 7nited in the cause of ri'ht &e stand9 di"ided &e &ill fall$ 2<) And then he took the ruler b the hand9 a lo"e li'ht filled their souls9 and all

the people &ere ama:ed$ C#A5T3R )* #he &hristines res"me their $o"rney. #hey tarry a )hile in the city of 'amaria. Jes"s spea(s in the syna o "e. *eals a )oman by mental po)er. *e disappears, b"t later $oins his disciples as they $o"rney to)ards /azareth. T#3 Christines turned their faces to&ard the land of Galilee9 but &hen the reached the cit of .amaria, the multitudes pressed hard about them, be''in' them to tarr in their cit for a &hile$ 2) And then the &ent up to the s na'o'ue, and Jesus opened up the book of 6oses, and he read8 1) -n thee and in th seed shall all the nations of the earth be blest$ *) And then he closed the book and said, These &ords &ere spoken b the !ord of hosts unto our father Abraham, and -srael has been blessedness to all the &orld$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1.2 ;) >e are his seed9 but not a tithe of the 'reat &ork that &e &ere called to do has et been done$ <) The !ord of hosts has set apart the -sraelites to teach the unit of God and man9 but one can ne"er teach that &hich he does not demonstrate in life$ =) 4ur God is .pirit, and in him all &isdom, lo"e and stren'th abide$ )) -n e"er man these sacred attributes are buddin' forth, and in due time the &ill unfold9 the demonstration &ill completed be, and man &ill comprehend the fact of unit $ ,) And ou, ruler of the s na'o'ue, and ou, these priests, are honoured ser"ants of the !ord of hosts$ (0) All men are lookin' unto ou for 'uidance in the &a s of life9 eFample is another name for priest9 so &hat ou &ould that people be, that ou must be$ (() A simple 'odl life ma &in ten thousand souls to purit and ri'ht$ (2) And all the people said, Amen$ (1) Then Jesus left the s na'o'ue, and at the hour of e"enin' pra er he &ent up to the sacred 'ro"e, and all the people turned their faces to&ard their hol mount and pra ed$ (*) And Jesus pra ed$ (;) And as he sat in silent mood a "oice of soul spoke to his soul implorin' help$ (<) And Jesus sa& a &oman on a couch in sore distress9 for she &as sick ni'h unto death$ (=) .he could not speak, but she had heard that Jesus &as a man of God, and in her heart she called on him for help$ ()) And Jesus helped9 he did not speak9 but like a flash of li'ht, a mi'ht "irtue from his soul filled full the bod of the d in' one, and she arose, and @oined her kindred &hile the pra ed$ (,) #er kindred &ere astonished and the said to her, #o& &ere ou healedE And she replied, 20) - do not kno&9 - simpl asked the man of God in thou'ht for healin' po&er, and in a moment - &as &ell$ 2() The people said,

The 'ods ha"e surel come to earth9 for man has not the po&er to heal b thou'ht$ 22) But Jesus said, The 'reatest po&er in hea"en and earth is thou'ht$ 21) God made the uni"erse b thou'ht9 he paints the lil and the rose &ith thou'ht$ 2*) >h think it stran'e that - should send a healin' thou'ht and chan'e the ethers of disease and death to those of health and lifeE 2;) !o, ou shall see far 'reater thin's than this, for b the po&er of hol thou'ht, m bod &ill be chan'ed from carnal flesh to spirit form9 and so &ill ours$ 2<) >hen Jesus had thus said he disappeared, and no one sa& him 'o$ 2=) #is o&n disciples did not comprehend the chan'e9 the kne& not &here their Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1.! master &ent, and the &ent on their &a $ 2)) But as the &alked and talked about the stran'e e"ent, lo, Jesus came and &alked &ith them to /a:areth of Galilee$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1.9 C#A5T3R ); John, the harbin er, cens"res *erod for his )ic(edness. *erod sends him to prison in Machaer"s. Jes"s tells )hy !od permitted the imprisonment of John. #3R4% A/T-5A., the tetrarch of 5araca and of Galilee &as dissipated, selfish and t rannical$ 2) #e dro"e his &ife a&a from home that he mi'ht take as &ife #erodias, the &ife of one, a near of kin, a &oman, like himself, immoral and un@ust$ 1) The cit of Tiberius, upon the shores of Galilee, &as #erodDs home$ *) /o& John, the harbin'er, had left the .alim .prin's to teach the people b the sea of Galilee9 and he rebuked the &icked ruler and his stolen &ife for all their sins$ ;) #erodias &as enra'ed because the preacher dared accuse her and her husband of their crimes9 <) And she pre"ailed on #erod to arrest the harbin'er and cast him in a dun'eon in the castle of 6achaerus that stood beside the Bitter .ea$ =) And #erod did as she required9 then she li"ed in peace in all her sins, for none &ere bold enou'h to censure her a'ain$ )) The follo&ers of John &ere &arned to speak not of the trial and imprisonment of John$ ,) B order of the court, the &ere restrained from teachin' in the public halls$ (0) The could not talk about this better life that #erod called the #eres of John$ (() >hen it &as kno&n that John had been imprisoned b the tetrarch court, the friends of Jesus thou'ht it best that he should not remain in Galilee$ (2) But Jesus said, - ha"e no need of fear9 m time has not et come9 no man can sta me till m &ork is done$ (1) And &hen the asked &h God permitted #erod to imprison John, he said, (*) Behold on stalk of &heatC >hen it has brou'ht the 'rain to perfectness, it

is of no more &orth9 it falls, becomin' part of earth a'ain from &hich it came$ (;) John is a stalk of 'olden &heat9 he brou'ht unto maturit the richest 'rain of all the earth9 his &ork is done$ (<) -f he had said another &ord it mi'ht ha"e marred the s mmetr of &hat is no& a noble life$ (=) And &hen m &ork is done the rulers &ill do unto me &hat the ha"e done to John, and more$ ()) All these e"ents are part of GodDs o&n plan$ The innocent &ill suffer &hile the &icked are in po&er9 but &oe to them &ho cause the sufferin' of the innocents$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/ C#A5T3R )< #he &hristines are in /azareth. Jes"s spea(s in the syna o "e. *e offends the people and they attempt to (ill him. *e mysterio"sly disappears, and ret"rns to the syna o "e. T#3 Christines &ere in /a:areth$ -t &as the .abbath da , and Jesus &ent up to the s na'o'ue$ 2) The keeper of the books 'a"e one to Jesus and he opened it and read8 1) The .pirit of the !ord has o"ershado&ed me9 he has anointed me to preach the 'ospel to the poor9 to set the capti"es free9 to open si'htless e es9 *) To brin' relief to those oppressed and bruised, and to proclaim, The ear of @ubilee has come$ ;) >hen he had read these &ords he closed the book and said, This scripture is fulfilled before our e es this da $ The ear of @ubilee has come9 the time &hen -srael shall bless the &orld$ <) And then he told them man thin's about the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne9 about the hidden &a of life9 about for'i"eness of sins$ =) /o&, man people kne& not &ho the speaker &as8 And others said, -s not this JosephDs sonE %oes not his mother li"e on 6armion &a E )) And one spoke out and said, This is the man &ho did such mi'ht &orks in Cana, in Capernaum, and in Jerusalem$ ,) And then the people said, 5h sician heal ourself$ %o here amon' our kindred all the mi'ht &orks that ou ha"e done in other to&ns$ (0) And Jesus said, /o prophet is recei"ed &ith honor b the people of his nati"e land9 and prophets are not sent to e"er one$ (() 3li@ah &as a man of God9 he had the po&er and he closed the 'ates of hea"en, and it did not rain for fort months9 and &hen he spoke the >ord, the rain come on, the earth brou'ht forth a'ain$ (2) And there &ere man &ido&s in the land9 but this 3li@ah &ent to none but ?arephath, and she &as blessed$ (1) And &hen 3lisha li"ed, lo, man lepers &ere in -srael, but none &ere cleansed sa"e one + the . rian &ho had faith$ (*) Aou ha"e no faith9 ou seek for si'ns to satisf our curious &hims9 but ou shall see not till ou open up our e es of faith$ (;) And then the people &ere enra'ed9 the rushed upon him, bound him do&n

&ith cords, and took him to a precipice not far a&a , intent to cast him do&n to death9 (<) But &hen the thou'ht the held him fast, he disappeared9 unseen he passed amon' the an'r men, and &ent his &a $ (=) The people &ere confounded and the said, >hat manner of a man is thisE ()) And &hen the came a'ain to /a:areth, the found him teachin' in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/1 s na'o'ue$ (,) The troubled him no more for the &ere sore afraid$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/. C#A5T3R )= #he &hristines o to &ana. Jes"s heals a nobleman's child. #he &hristines o to &aperna"m. Jes"s pro%ides a spacio"s home for his mother. *e anno"nces his intention to choose t)el%e apostles. -/ /a:areth Jesus tau'ht no more9 he &ent &ith his disciples up to Cana, &here, at a marria'e feast, he once turned &ater into &ine$ 2) And here he met a man of noble birth &hose home &as in Capernaum, &hose son &as sick$ 1) The man had faith in JesusD po&er to heal, and &hen he learned that he had come to Galilee he &ent in haste to meet him on the &a $ *) The man met Jesus at the se"enth hour, and he entreated him to hasten to Capernaum to sa"e his son$ ;) But Jesus did not 'o9 he stood aside in silence for a time, and then he said, Aour faith has pro"ed a healin' balm9 our son is &ell$ <) The man belie"ed and &ent his &a to&ard Capernaum and as he &ent he met a ser"ant from his home &ho said, =) 6 lord, Aou need not haste9 our son is &ell$ )) The father asked, >hen did m son be'in to mendE ,) The ser"ant said, 4n esterda about the se"enth hour the fe"er left$ (0) And then the father kne& it &as the healin' balm that Jesus sent that sa"ed his son$ (() -n Cana Jesus tarried not9 he &ent his &a &ith his disciples to Capernaum, &here he secured a spacious house &here, &ith his mother, he could li"e, &here his disciples mi'ht repair to hear the >ord$ (2) #e called the men &ho had confessed their faith in him to meet him in his home, &hich his disciples called, The school of Christ9 and &hen the came he said to them, (1) This 'ospel of the Christ must be proclaimed in all the &orld$ (*) This Christine "ine &ill be a mi'ht "ine &hose branches &ill comprise the peoples, tribes and ton'ues of all the earth$ (;) - am the "ine9 t&el"e men shall be the branches of the stock, and these shall send forth branches e"er &here9 (<) And from amon' the people &ho ha"e follo&ed me, the #ol Breath &ill call the t&el"e$ (=) Go no& and do our &ork as ou ha"e done our &ork9 but listen for the

call$ ()) Then the disciples &ent unto their dail tasks, to do their &ork as the had done, and Jesus &ent alone into the #ammoth hills to pra $ (,) Three da s and ni'hts he spent communin' &ith the .ilent Brotherhood9 then, in the po&er of #ol breath he came to call the t&el"e$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1// C#A5T3R )) Jes"s )al(s by the sea. 'tands in a fishin boat and spea(s to the people. 6nder his direction the fishermen sec"re a reat catch of fish. *e selects and calls his t)el%e apostles. B3.-%3 the sea of Galilee the Christine master &alked, and multitudes of people follo&ed him$ 2) The fishin' boats had @ust come in, and 5eter and his brother &aited in their boats9 their helpers &ere ashore repairin' broken nets$ 1) And Jesus &ent into a boat and 5eter pushed it out a little &a s from shore9 and Jesus standin' in the boat spoke to the multitude$ #e said, *) -saiah, prophet of the !ord of hosts, looked for&ard and he sa& this da 9 he sa& the people standin' b the sea, and he eFclaimed, ;) The land of ?ebulon and /apthali, land be ond the Jordan and to&ard the sea, the Gentile Galilee, <) The people &ere in darkness, kno&in' not the &a 9 but, lo, the sa& the %a .tar rise9 a li'ht streamed forth9 the sa& the &a of life9 the &alked therein$ =) And ou are blest be ond all people of the earth toda , because ou first ma see the li'ht, and ma become the children of the li'ht$ )) Then Jesus said to 5eter, Brin' our nets aboard, and put out in the deep$ ,) And 5eter did as Jesus bade him do9 but in a faithless &a he said, This is a useless trip9 there are no fish upon this shore of Galilee toda 9 &ith Andre& - ha"e toiled all ni'ht, and taken nau'ht$ (0) But Jesus sa& beneath the surface of the sea9 he sa& a multitude of fish$ #e said to 5eter, (() Cast out our net upon the ri'ht side of the boat$ (2) And 5eter did as Jesus said, and, lo, the net &as filled9 it scarce &as stron' enou'h to hold the multitude of fish$ (1) And 5eter called to John and James, &ho &ere near b , for help9 and &hen the net &as hauled to boat, both boats &ere &ell ni'h filled &ith fish$ (*) >hen 5eter sa& the hea" catch, he &as ashamed of &hat he said9 ashamed because he had no faith, and he fell do&n at JesusD feet, and said, !ord, - belie"eC (;) And Jesus said, Behold the catchC from henceforth ou shall fish no more for fish9 (<) Aou shall cast forth the Christine net into the sea of human life, upon the ri'ht side of the boat9 ou shall ensnare the multitudes to holiness and peace$ (=) /o&, &hen the reached the shore the Christine master called to 5eter, Andre&, James and John and said, ()) Aou fishermen of Galilee, the masters ha"e a mi'ht &ork for us to do9 - 'o, and ou ma follo& me$ And the left all and follo&ed him$ (,) And Jesus &alked alon' the shore, and seein' 5hilip and /athaniel &alkin'

on the beach he said to them$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/0 20) Aou teachers of Bethsaida, &ho lon' ha"e tau'ht the people Greek philosoph , the masters ha"e a hi'her &ork for ou and me to do9 - 'o and ou ma follo& me9 and then the follo&ed him$ 2() A little farther on there stood a Roman tribute house, and Jesus sa& the officer in char'e9 his name &as 6atthe&, &ho once abode in Jericho9 22) The outh &ho once ran on before the !ord into Jerusalem and said, Behold the Christines come$ 21) And 6atthe& &as a man of &ealth, and learned in &isdom of the Je&s, the . rians and the Greeks$ 2*) And Jesus said to him, #ail, 6atthe&, trusted ser"ant of the Caesars, hailC the masters call us to the tribute house of souls9 - 'o and ou ma follo& me$ And 6atthe& follo&ed him$ 2;) -schariot and his son, &hose name &as Judas, &ere emplo ed b 6atthe& and &ere at the tribute house$ 2<) And Jesus said to Judas, .ta our &ork9 the masters call us to a dut in the sa"in's bank of souls9 - 'o and ou ma follo& me$ And Judas follo&ed him$ 2=) And Jesus met a la& er &ho heard about the Christine master and had come from Antioch to stud in the school of Christ$ 2)) This man &as Thomas, man of doubt, and et a Greek philosopher of culture and of po&er$ 2,) But Jesus sa& in him the lines of faith, and said to him, The masters ha"e a need of men &ho can interpret la&9 - 'o, and ou ma follo& me$ And Thomas follo&ed him$ 10) And &hen the e"enin' came and Jesus &as at home, behold, there came his kindred, James and Jude, the sons of Alpheus and 6iriam$ 1() And these &ere men of faith, and the &ere carpenters of /a:areth$ 12) And Jesus said to them, Behold, for ou ha"e toiled &ith me, and &ith m father Joseph, buildin' houses for the homes of men$ The masters call us no& to aid in buildin' homes for souls9 homes built &ithout the sound of hammer, aFe, or sa&9 11) - 'o, and ou ma follo& me$ And James and Jude eFclaimed, !ord, &e &ill follo& ou$ 1*) And on the morro& Jesus sent a messa'e unto .imon, leader of the ?elotes, a strict eFponent of the Je&ish la&$ 1; And in the messa'e Jesus said, The masters call for men to demonstrate the faith of Abraham9 - 'o, and ou ma follo& me$ And .imon follo&ed him$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/1

C#A5T3R ), #he t)el%e apostles are at Jes"s' home and are consecrated to their )or(. Jes"s instr"cts them. *e oes to the syna o "e on the 'abbath and teaches. *e casts an "nclean spirit o"t of one obsessed. *e heals Peter's mother,in,la). /4>, on the da before the .abbath da , the t&el"e disciples &ho had recei"ed the call &ere met &ith one accord in JesusD home$ 2) And Jesus said to them, This is the da to consecrate oursel"es unto the &ork of God9 so let us pra $ 1) Turn from the outer to the inner self9 close all the doors of carnal self and &ait$ *) The #ol Breath &ill fill this place, and ou &ill be bapti:ed in #ol Breath$ ;) And then the pra ed9 a li'ht more brilliant than the noonda sun filled all the room, and ton'ues of flame from e"er head rose hi'h in air$ <) The atmosphere of Galilee &as set astir9 a sound like distant thunder rolled abo"e Capernaum, and men heard son's, as thou'h ten thousand an'els @oined in full accord$ =) And then the t&el"e disciples heard a "oice, a still, small "oice, and @ust one &ord &as said, a &ord the dared not speak9 it &as the .acred name of God$ )) And Jesus said to them, B this omnific >ord ou ma control the elements, and all the po&ers of air$ ,) And &hen &ithin our souls ou speak this >ord, ou ha"e the ke s of life and death9 of thin's that are9 of thin's that &ere9 of thin's that are to be$ (0) Behold ou are the t&el"e 'reat branches of the Christine "ine9 the t&el"e foundation stones9 the t&el"e apostles of the Christ$ (() As lambs - send ou forth amon' &ild beasts9 but the omnific >ord &ill be our buckler and our shield$ (2) And then a'ain the air &as filled &ith son', and e"er li"in' creature seemed to sa , 5raise GodC AmenC (1) The neFt da &as the .abbath da 9 and Jesus &ent &ith his disciples to the s na'o'ue, and there he tau'ht$ (*) The people said, #e teaches not as do the scribes and 5harisees9 but as a man &ho kno&s, and has authorit to speak$ (;) As Jesus spoke, a man obsessed came in9 the e"il spirits that obsessed the man &ere of the baser sort9 the often thre& their "ictim to the 'round, or in the fire$ (<) And &hen the spirits sa& the Christine master in the s na'o'ue the kne& him, and the said, (=) Aou son of God, &h are ou hereE &ould ou destro us b the >ord before our timeE &e &ould ha"e nau'ht to do &ith ou9 let us alone$ ()) But Jesus said to them, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/% B the omnific >ord - speak9 Come out9 torment this man no more9 'o to our place$ (,) And then the unclean spirits thre& the man upon the floor, and, &ith a fiendish cr , the &ent a&a $

20) And Jesus lifted up the man and said to him, -f ou &ill keep our mind full occupied &ith 'ood, the e"il spirits cannot find a place to sta 9 2() The onl come to empt heads and hearts$ Go on our &a and sin no more$ 22) The people &ere astonished at the &ords that Jesus spoke, the &ork he did$ The asked amon' themsel"es, 21) >ho is this manE Brom &hence comes all this po&er that e"en unclean spirits fear, and flee a&a E 2*) The Christine master left the s na'o'ue9 &ith 5eter, Andre&, James and John, he &ent to 5eterDs house &here one, a near of kin, &as sick$ 2;) And 5eterDs &ife came in9 it &as her mother &ho &as sick$ 2<) And Jesus touched the &oman as she la upon her couch9 he spoke the >ord9 the fe"er ceased and she arose and ministered to them$ 2=) The nei'hbors heard &hat had occurred, and then brou'ht their sick, and those obsessed, and Jesus laid his hands on them, and the &ere healed$ C#A5T3R ,0 Jes"s oes alone to a mo"ntain to pray. *is disciples find him. *e calls the t)el%e and they $o"rney thro" h !alilee teachin and healin . At #iberi"s Jes"s heals a leper. #he &hristines ret"rn to &aperna"m. In his o)n home Jes"s heals a palsied man and ma(es (no)n the philosophy of healin and the for i%eness of sins. T#3 Christine master disappeared9 no one sa& him 'o, and 5eter, James and John set forth to search for him9 the found him at his tr stin'+place out on the #ammoth hills$ 2) And 5eter said, The cit of Capernaum is &ild9 the people cro&d the streets and e"er public place is filled$ 1) The men, the &omen and the children e"er &here are askin' for the man &ho heals b &ill$ *) Aour home and our homes are filled &ith people &ho are sick9 the call for Jesus &ho is called the Christ$ >hat &ill &e sa to themE ;) And Jesus said, A score of other cities call, and &e must take the bread of life to them$ Go call the other men and let us 'o$ <) And Jesus and the t&el"e &ent to Bethsaida &here 5hilip and /athaniel d&elt9 and there the tau'ht$ =) The multitudes belie"ed on Christ, confessed their sins and &ere bapti:ed, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/2 and came into the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne$ )) The Christine master and the t&el"e &ent e"er &here throu'h all the to&ns of Galilee, and tau'ht, bapti:in' all &ho came in faith, and &ho confessed their sins$ ,) The opened up blind e es, unstopped deaf ears, dro"e forth the e"il ones from those obsessed, and healed disease of e"er kind$ (0) And the &ere in Tiberius b the sea, and as the tau'ht a leper came a+near and said, !ord, - belie"e, and if ou &ill but speak the >ord - &ill be clean$ (() And Jesus said to him,

- &ill9 be clean$ And soon the lepros &as 'one9 the man &as clean$ (2) And Jesus char'ed the man, sa nau'ht to an one, but 'o and sho& ourself unto the priests and offer for our cleansin' &hat the la& demands$ (1) The man &as &ild &ith @o 9 but then he &ent not to the priests, but in the marts of trade, and e"er &here he told &hat had been done$ (*) And then the sick in thron's pressed hard upon the healer and the t&el"e, implorin' to be healed$ (;) And the &ere so importunate that little could be done, and so the Christines left the cro&ded thorou'hfares, and &ent to desert places &here the tau'ht the multitudes that follo&ed them$ (<) /o&, after man da s the Christines came back to Capernaum$ >hen it &as noised around that Jesus &as at home, the people came9 the filled the house till there &as no more room, not e"en at the door$ (=) And there &ere present scribes and 5harisees and doctors of the la& from e"er part of Galilee, and from Jerusalem, and Jesus opened up for them the &a of life$ ()) Bour men brou'ht one, a palsied man upon a cot, and &hen the could not pass the door the took the sick man to the roof, and opened up a &a , then let him do&n before the healerDs face$ (,) >hen Jesus sa& their faith, he said unto the palsied man, 6 son, be of 'ood cheer9 our sins are all for'i"en$ 20) And &hen the scribes and 5harisees heard &hat he said, the said, >h does this man speak thusE &ho can for'i"e the sins of men but GodE 2() And Jesus cau'ht their thou'ht9 he kne& the questioned thus amon' themsel"es9 he said to them, 22) >h reason thus amon' oursel"esE >hat matters it if - should sa , Aour sins are blotted out9 or sa , Arise, take up our bed and &alkE 21) But @ust to pro"e that men ma here for'i"e the sins of men, - sa , (and then he spoke unto the palsied man) 2*) Arise, take up our bed, and 'o our &a $ 2;) And in the presence of them all the man arose, took up his bed, and &ent his &a $ 2<) The people could not comprehend the thin's the heard and sa&$ The said amon' themsel"es, This is a da &e ne"er can for'et9 &e ha"e seen &ondrous thin's toda $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/! 2=) And &hen the multitudes had 'one the t&el"e remained, and Jesus said to them, 2)) The Je&ish festi"al dra&s near9 neFt &eek &e &ill 'o to Jerusalem, that &e ma meet our brethren from afar, and open up to them the &a that the ma see the kin'$ 2,) The Christines sou'ht the quiet of their homes, &here the remained in pra er for certain da s$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1/9 .3CT-4/ JIA-/ The .econd Annual 3poch of the Christine 6inistr of Jesus

C#A5T3R ,( Jes"s at the feast in Jer"salem. *eals an impotent man. !i%es a practical lesson in healin . Affirms that all men are the sons of !od. T#3 feast time came and Jesus and the t&el"e &ent to Jerusalem$ 2) 7pon the da before the .abbath da the reached 6ount 4li"es and the tarried at an inn before 6ount 4li"es on the north$ 1) And in the earl mornin' of the .abbath da the &ent in throu'h the sheep 'ate to Jerusalem$ *) The healin' fountain of Bethesda, near the 'ate, &as thron'ed about &ith people &ho &ere sick9 ;) Bor the belie"ed that at a certain time an an'el came and poured a healin' "irtue in the pool, and those &ho entered first and bathed, &ould be made &hole$ <) And Jesus and the t&el"e &ere standin' near the pool$ =) And Jesus sa& a man near b &ho had been stricken ei'ht and thirt ears9 &ithout a hand to help he could not mo"e$ )) And Jesus said to him, 6 brother, man, &ould ou be healedE ,) The man replied, - earnestl desire to be healed9 but - am helpless and &hen the an'el comes and pours the healin' "irtues in the pool, (0) Another &ho can &alk, steps in the fountain first and - am left unhealed$ (() And Jesus said, >ho sends an an'el here to potentise this pool for @ust a fa"ored fe&E (2) - kno& it is not God, for he deals @ust the same &ith e"er one$ (1) 4ne has no better chance in hea"enDs healin' fountain than another one$ (*) The fount of health is in our soul9 it has a door locked fast9 the ke is faith9 (;) And e"er one can ha"e this ke and ma unlock the door and plun'e into the healin' fount and be made &hole$ (<) And then the man looked up in hopeful mood and said, Gi"e me this ke of faith$ (=) And Jesus said, %o ou belie"e &hat - ha"e saidE Accordin' to our faith it shall be done$ Arise, take up our bed and &alk$ ()) The man at once arose and &alked a&a 9 he onl said, 5raise God$ (,) And &hen the people asked, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 10 >ho made ou &holeE the man replied, - do not kno&$ A stran'er at the pool @ust spoke a &ord and - &as &ell$ 20) The man did not see &hen Jesus healed the man, and &ith the t&el"e he &ent his &a up to the temple courts$ 2() And in the temple Jesus sa& the man and said to him, Behold ou are made &hole9 from henceforth 'uard our life ari'ht9 22) Go on our &a and sin no more, or somethin' &orse ma fall on ou$ 21) And no& the man kne& &ho it &as &ho made him &hole$ 2*) #e told the stor to the priests and the &ere much enra'ed9 the said, The la& forbids a man to heal upon the .abbath da $ 2;) But Jesus said,

6 Bather &orks on sabbath da s and ma not -E 2<) #e sends his rain, his sunshine and his de&9 he makes his 'rass to 'ro&, his flo&ers to bloom9 he speeds the har"ests @ust the same on .abbath da s as on the other da s$ 2=) -f it is la&ful for the 'rass to 'ro& and flo&ers to bloom on .abbath da s it surel is not &ron' to succour stricken men$ 2)) And then the priests &ere an'ered more and more because he claimed to be a son of God$ 2,) A leadin' priest, Abihu, said, This fello& is a menace to our nation and our la&s9 he makes himself to be a son of God9 it is not meet that he should li"e$ 10) But Jesus said, Abihu, .ir, ou are a learned man9 ou surel kno& the la& of life$ 5ra tell &ho &ere the sons of God &e read about in Genesis, &ho took to &ife the dau'hters of the sons of menE 1() 4ur father Adam9 &ho &as heE Brom &hence came heE #ad he a fatherE or did he fall from hea"en as a starE 12) >e read that 6oses said, #e came from God$ -f Adam came from God pra , &as he offsprin', &as he sonE 11) >e are the children of this son of God9 then tell me, learned priest, >ho are &e if not sons of GodE 1*) The priest had ur'ent business and he &ent his &a $ 1;) And Jesus said, All men are sons of God and if the li"e a hol life the al&a s are at home &ith God$ 1<) The see and understand the &orks of God, and in his sacred name the can perform these &orks$ 1=) The li'htnin's and the storms are messen'ers of God as &ell as the sunshine, rain and de&$ 1)) The "irtues of the hea"ens are in GodDs hands, and e"er lo al son ma use these "irtues and these po&ers$ 1,) 6an is the dele'ate of God to do his &ill on earth, and man can heal the sick, control the spirits of the air, and raise the dead$ *0) Because - ha"e the po&er to do these thin's is nothin' stran'e$ All men ma 'ain the po&er to do these thin's9 but the must conquer all the passions of the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 101 lo&er self9 and the can conquer if the &ill$ *() .o man is God on earth, and he &ho honors God must honor man9 for God and man are one, as father and the child are one$ *2) Behold, - sa , The hour has come9 the dead &ill hear the "oice of man, and li"e, because the son of man is son of God$ *1) Aou men of -srael, hearC ou li"e in death9 ou are locked up &ithin the tomb$ **) (There is no deeper death than i'norance and unbelief$) *;) But all &ill some da hear the "oice of God made plain b "oice of man, and li"e$ Aou all &ill kno& that ou are sons of God, and b the sacred >ord, ma do the &orks of God$ *<) >hen ou ha"e come to life, that is, ha"e come to reali:e that ou are sons of God, ou &ho ha"e li"ed the life of ri'ht, &ill open up our e es on fields of life$

*=) But ou &ho lo"e the &a s of sin &ill, in this resurrection, stand before a @ud'ment bar, and be condemned to pa the debts ou o&e to men and to oursel"es$ *)) Bor &hatsoe"er ou ha"e done amiss must be performed a'ain, and et a'ain, until ou reach the stature of the perfect man$ *,) But in due time the lo&est and the hi'hest &ill arise to &alk in li'ht$ ;0) .hall - accuse ou unto GodE /o, for our prophet, 6oses, has done that9 and if ou hear not 6osesD &ords ou &ill not hearken unto me, for 6oses &rote of me$ C#A5T3R ,2 #he &hristines at a feast in +azar"s' home. A fire ra es in the to)n. Jes"s resc"es a child from the flames and stays the fire by the 2ord. *e i%es a practical lesson on ho) to redeem a dr"n(en man. /4>, !a:arus &as at the feast and Jesus and the t&el"e &ent &ith him to his home in Bethan $ 2) And !a:arus and his sisters made a feast for Jesus and the t&el"e9 and Ruth and Asher came from Jericho9 for Asher &as no lon'er hostile to the Christ$ 1) And &hile the 'uests sat at the board behold a cr , The "illa'e is a+fireC and all rushed out into the streets, and, lo, the homes of man nei'hbors &ere in flames$ *) And in an upper room an infant la asleep, and none could pass the flames to sa"e$ The mother, &ild &ith 'rief, &as callin' on the men to sa"e her child$ ;) Then, &ith a "oice that made the spirits of the fire pale and tremble, Jesus said, 5eace, peace, be stillC <) And then he &alked throu'h smoke and flame, climbed up the fallin' stair, and in a moment came a'ain, and in his arms he brou'ht the child$ and not a Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 10. trace of fire &as on himself, his raiment, or the child$ =) Then Jesus raised his hand, rebuked the spirits of the fire, commandin' them to cease their a&ful &ork, and be at rest$ )) And then, as thou'h the &aters of the sea &ere all at once poured on the flames, the fire ceased to burn$ ,) And &hen the fur of the fire &as spent the multitudes &ere &ild to see the man &ho could control the fire, and Jesus said, (0) 6an &as not made for fire, but fire &as made for man$ (() >hen man comes to himself and comprehends the fact that he is son of God, and kno&s that in himself lies all the po&ers of God, he is a master mind and all the elements &ill hear his "oice and 'ladl do his &ill$ (2) T&o sturd asses bind the &ill of man9 their names are Bear and 7nbelief$ >hen these are cau'ht and turned aside, the &ill of man &ill kno& no bounds9 then man has but to speak and it is done$ (1) And then the 'uests returned and sat about the board$ A little child came in and stood b JesusD side$ (*) .he laid her hand on JesusD arm and said, 5lease, 6aster Jesus, hearC m father is a drunken man9 m mother toils from morn till ni'ht and &hen she brin's her &a'es home m father snatches them

a&a and squanders e"er cent for drink, and mother and us little ones are hun'r all the ni'ht$ (;) 5lease, 6aster Jesus, come &ith me and touch m fatherDs heart$ #e is so 'ood and kind &hen he is @ust himself9 - kno& it is the &ine that makes another man of him$ (<) And Jesus &ent out &ith the child9 he found the &retched home9 he spoke in kindness to the mother and the little ones, and then upon a bed of stra& he found the drunken man$ (=) #e took him b the hand and raised him up and said, 6 brother, man, made in the ima'e of our Bather+God, &ill ou arise and come &ith meE ()) Aour nei'hbors are in sore distress9 the ha"e lost all the had in this fierce fire, and men must build their homes a'ain and ou and - must lead the &a $ (,) And then the man arose9 the t&o &ent arm in arm to "ie& the &recks$ 20) The heard the mothers and the children cr in' in the streets9 the sa& their &retchedness$ 2() And Jesus said, 6 friend, here is &ork for ou to do$ Just lead the &a in helpfulness9 -Dm sure the men of Bethan &ill furnish ou the means and help$ 22) The spark of hope that so lon' had been smolderin' in the man &as fanned into a flame$ #e thre& his ra''ed coat aside9 he &as himself a'ain$ 21) And then he called for help9 not for himself, but for the homeless ones9 and e"er bod helped$ The ruined homes &ere built a'ain$ 2*) And then he sa& his o&n poor den9 his heart &as stirred into its depths$ 2;) The pride of manhood filled his soul9 he said, This &retched den shall be a home$ #e &orked as he had ne"er &rou'ht before, and e"er bod helped$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 10/ 2<) And in a little &hile the den became a home indeed9 the flo&ers of lo"e bloomed e"er &here$ 2=) The mother and the little ones &ere filled &ith @o 9 the father ne"er drank a'ain$ 2)) A man &as sa"ed, and no one e"er said a &ord about ne'lect or drunkenness, nor ur'ed him to reform$ C#A5T3R ,1 #he &hristines o thro" h a field of ripe )heat, and the disciples eat of the )heat Jes"s e5onerates them. #he &hristines ret"rn to &aperna"m. Jes"s heals a )ithered hand on the 'abbath, and defends his deed. A/4T#3R .abbath da had come and Jesus and the t&el"e &alked throu'h a field of ripened &heat$ 2) And the &ere hun'r and the took the heads of &heat and in their hands threshed out the 'rain and ate$ 1) Amon' the men &ho follo&ed them &ere 5harisees of strictest sect, and &hen the sa& the t&el"e thresh out the &heat and eat, the said to Jesus, *) .ir, &h do the t&el"e do that &hich is not la&ful on the .abbath da E ;) And Jesus said, #a"e ou not heard &hat %a"id did &hen he and those &ho follo&ed him had need of foodE

<) #o& he &ent to the house of God and from the table in the #ol 5lace took of the presence bread and ate, and 'a"e to those &ho follo&ed himE =) - tell ou, men, the needs of man are hi'her than the la& of rites$ )) And in our sacred books &e read ho& priests profane the .abbath da in man &a s &hile the are ser"in' in the #ol 5lace, and still are free from 'uilt$ ,) The .abbath da &as made for man9 man &as not made to fit the .abbath da $ (0) The man is son of God and under the eternal la& of ri'ht, &hich is the hi'hest la&, he ma annul the statute la&s$ (() The la& of sacrifice is but the la& of man, and in our la& &e read that God desires merc first9 and merc stands abo"e all statute la&s$ (2) The son of man is !ord of e"er la&$ %id not a prophet sum the duties of the man &hen in the book he &rote8 -n merc follo& @ustice and &alk humbl &ith our GodE (1) Then Jesus and the t&el"e returned to Galilee, and on the da before the .abbath da the reached the home of Jesus in Capernaum$ (*) And on the .abbath da the &ent up to the s na'o'ue$ The multitudes &ere there and Jesus tau'ht$ (;) Amon' the &orshippers &as one, a man &ho had a &ithered hand$ The scribes and 5harisees obser"ed that Jesus sa& the man, and then the said, (<) >hat &ill he doE >ill he attempt to heal upon the .abbath da E Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 100 (=) And Jesus kne& their thou'hts and he called to the man &ho had the &ithered hand and said, Arise, stand forth before these men$ ()) And Jesus said, Aou scribes and 5harisees, speak out and ans&er me8 -s it a crime to sa"e a life upon the .abbath da E (,) -f ou had sheep and one of them fell in a pit upon the .abbath da &ould ou do &ron' to take it outE 20) 4r &ould it please our God to let it suffer in the mire until another da E 2() But his accusers held their peace$ 22) And then he said to them, Are sheep of 'reater "alue than a manE 21) The la& of God is &ritten on the rock of Ri'ht9 and Justice &rote the la&, and 6erc &as the pen$ 2*) And then he said, 6an, raise our hand and stretch it forth$ #e raised his hand9 it &as restored$ 2;) The 5harisees &ere filled &ith ra'e$ The called in secret council the #erodians, and the be'an to plot and plan ho& the mi'ht brin' about his death$ 2<) The &ere afraid to publicl accuse, because the multitudes stood forth in his defense$ 2=) And Jesus and the t&el"e &ent do&n and &alked beside the sea, and man people follo&ed them$ C#A5T3R ,* #he 'ermon on the Mo"nt. Jes"s re%eals to the t)el%e the secret of prayer .

#he model prayer. #he la) of for i%eness. #he holy fast. #he e%il of deceit. Alms i%in . /3JT mornin' ere the sun had risen Jesus and the t&el"e &ent to a mountain near the sea to pra 9 and Jesus tau'ht the t&el"e disciples ho& to pra $ #e said, 2) 5ra er is the deep communion of the soul &ith God9 1) .o &hen ou pra do not decei"e oursel"es as do the h pocrites &ho lo"e to stand upon the streets and in the s na'o'ues and pour out man &ords to please the ears of men$ *) And the adorn themsel"es &ith pious airs that the ma ha"e the praise of men$ The seek the praise of men and their re&ard is sure$ ;) But &hen ou pra , 'o to the closet of our soul9 close all the doors, and in the hol silence, pra $ <) Aou need not speak a multitude of &ords, nor et repeat the &ords a'ain and then a'ain, as heathen do$ Just sa , =) 9"r :ather,!od )ho art in hea%en. holy is thy name. #hy (in dom Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 101

come. thy )ill be done on earth as it is done in hea%en. ;< !i%e "s this day o"r needed bread. =< *elp "s for et the debts that other people o)e to "s, that all o"r debts may be dischar ed. >?< And shield "s from the tempter's snares that are too reat for "s to bear. >>< And )hen they come, i%e "s the stren th to o%ercome.
(2) -f ou &ould be dischar'ed from all the debts ou o&e to God and man, the debts ou ha"e incurred b &ilfull trans'ressin' la&, (1) Aou must pass b the debts of e"er man9 for as ou deal &ith other men our God &ill deal &ith ou$ (*) And &hen ou fast ou ma not ad"ertise the deed$ (;) >hen fast the h pocrites the paint their faces, look demure, assume a pious pose, that the ma seem to men to fast$ (<) A fast is deed of soul, and like a pra er, it is a function of the silence of the soul$ (=) God ne"er passes b unnoticed an pra er, or fast$ #e &alks &ithin the silence, and his benedictions rest on e"er effort of the soul$ ()) %eception is h pocris , and ou shall not assume to be &hat ou are not$ (,) Aou ma not clothe oursel"es in special 'arb to ad"ertise our piet , nor et assume the tone of "oice that men concei"e to be a hol "oice$ 20) And &hen ou 'i"e to aid the need ones, blo& not a trumpet in the street, nor s na'o'ue to ad"ertise our 'ift$ 2() #e &ho does alms for praise of men has his re&ard from men9 but God re'ardeth not$ 22) -n 'i"in' alms do not let the ri'ht hand kno& the secret of the left$ C#A5T3R ,; #he 'ermon on the Mo"nt, contin"ed. Jes"s prono"nces the ei ht beatit"des and the ei ht )oes. 'pea(s )ords of enco"ra ement. Emphasizes the e5alted character of the apostolic )or(.

A/% Jesus and the t&el"e &ent to the mountain top, and Jesus said, 2) T&el"e pillars of the church, apostles of the Christ9 li'ht+bearers of the sun of life and ministers of God to men8 1) -n @ust a little &hile ou must 'o forth alone, and preach the 'ospel of the kin', first to the Je&s and then to all the &orld$ *) And ou shall 'o, not &ith a scour'e of cords to dri"e9 ou cannot dri"e men to the kin'9 ;) But ou shall 'o in lo"e and helpfulness and lead the &a to ri'ht and li'ht$ <) Go forth and sa , The kin'dom is at hand$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 10% =) >orth are the stron' in spirit9 theirs the kin'dom is$ )) >orth are the meek9 the shall possess the land$ ,) >orth the &ho hun'er and thirst for ri'ht9 the shall be satisfied$ (0) >orth are the merciful9 and merc shall be sho&n to them$ (() >orth the &ho 'ain the master of self9 the ha"e the ke of po&er$ (2) >orth are the pure in heart9 and the shall see the kin'$ (1) >orth the &ho are mali'ned and &ron'ed because the do the ri'ht9 their persecutors the shall bless$ (*) >orth is the trustful child of faith9 he shall sit in the throne of po&er$ (;) Be not discoura'ed &hen the &orld shall persecute and call ou crust9 but rather be eFceedin' 'lad$ (<) The prophets and the seers, and all the 'ood of earth, ha"e been mali'ned$ (=) -f ou are &orth of the cro&n of life ou &ill be slandered, "ilified and crust on earth$ ()) Re@oice &hen e"il men shall dri"e ou from their &a s and cause our name to be a hiss and b +&ord in the street$ (,) - sa , re@oice9 but deal in merc &ith the doers of the &ron'9 the are but children at their pla 9 the kno& not &hat the do$ 20) Re@oice not o"er fallen foes$ As ou help men rise from the depth of sin, so God &ill help ou on to 'reater hei'hts$ 2() >oe to the rich is 'old and lands9 the ha"e temptations multiform$ 22) >oe unto men &ho &alk at &ill in pleasureDs paths9 their &a s are full of snares and dan'erous pits$ 21) >oe to the proud9 the stand upon a precipice9 destruction &aits for them$ 2*) >oe to the man of 'reed9 for &hat he has is not his o&n9 and lo, another comes9 his &ealth is 'one$ 2;) >oe to the h pocrite9 his form is fair to look upon9 his heart is filled &ith carcasses and dead menDs bones$ 2<) >oe to the cruel and relentless man9 he is himself the "ictim of his deeds$ 2=) The e"il he &ould do to other men rebounds9 the scour'er is the scour'ed$ 2)) >oe to the libertine &ho pre s upon the "irtues of the &eak$ The hour comes &hen he &ill be the &eak, the "ictim of a libertine of 'reater po&er$ 2,) >oe unto ou &hen all the &orld shall speak in praise of ou$ The &orld speaks not in praise of men &ho li"e &ithin the #ol Breath9 -t speaks in praise of prophets false, and of illusions base$ 10) Aou men &ho &alk in #ol Breath are salt, the salt of earth9 but if ou lose our "irtue ou are salt in name alone, &orth nothin' more than dust$ 1() And ou are li'ht9 are called to li'ht the &orld$ 12) A cit on a hill cannot be hid9 its li'hts are seen afar9 and &hile ou stand

upon the hills of life men see our li'ht and imitate our &orks and honor God$ 11) 6en do not li'ht a lamp and hide it in a cask9 the put it on a stand that it ma li'ht the house$ 1*) Aou are the lamps of God9 must not stand in the shade of earth illusions, but in the open, hi'h upon the stand$ 1;) - am not come to nullif the la&, nor to destro 9 but to fulfil$ 1<) The !a&, the 5rophets and the 5salms &ere &ritten in the &isdom of the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 102 #ol breath and cannot fail$ 1=) The hea"ens and earth that are &ill chan'e and pass a&a 9 the &ord of God is sure9 it cannot pass until it shall accomplish that &here+unto it hath been sent$ 1)) >hoe"er disre'ards the la& of God and teaches men to do the same, becomes a debtor unto God and cannot see his face until he has returned and paid his debt b sacrifice of life$ 1,) But he &ho hearkens unto God and keeps his la& and does his &ill on earth, shall rule &ith Christ$ *0) The scribes and 5harisees re'ard the letter of the la&9 the cannot comprehend the spirit of the la&9 *() And if our ri'hteousness does not eFceed the ri'hteousness of scribe and 5harisee ou cannot come into the kin'dom of the soul$ *2) -t is not &hat man does that 'i"es him ri'ht to enter throu'h the 'ates9 his pass &ord is his character and his desire is his character$ *1) The letter of the la& deals &ith the acts of man9 the spirit of the la& takes note of his desires$ C#A5T3R ,< #he 'ermon on the Mo"nt, contin"ed. Jes"s considers the #en &ommandments. #he philosophy of &hrist. #he spirit of the &ommandments. Jes"s "nfolds the spirit"al aspects of the first fo"r &ommandments. G4% 'a"e the Ten Commandments unto men9 upon the mountain 6oses sa& the &ords of God9 he &rote them do&n on solid rock9 the cannot be destro ed$ 2) These Ten Commandments sho& the @ustice side of God9 but no& the lo"e of God made manifest brin's merc on the &in's of #ol Breath$ 1) 7pon the unit of God the la& &as built$ -n all the &orld there is one force9 Jeho"ah is Almi'ht God$ *) Jeho"ah &rote upon the hea"ens and 6oses read, ;) - am Almi'ht God and ou shall ha"e no God but me$ <) There is one force, but man phases of that force9 these phases men call po&ers$ =) All po&ers are of God9 and the are manifests of God9 the are .pirits of the God$ )) -f men could seem to find another force and &orship at its shrine, the &ould but court illusion, "ain, ,) A shado& of the 4ne, Jeho"ah, God, and the &ho &orship shado&s are but shado&s on the &all9 for men are &hat the court$ (0) And God &ould ha"e all men to be the substance, and in merc he commanded, Aou shall seek no God but me$ (() And finite men can ne"er comprehend infinite thin's$ 6an cannot make an ima'e of the -nfinite in force$

(2) And &hen men make a God of stone or &ood or cla the make an ima'e of Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 10! a shade9 and the &ho &orship at the shrine of shades are shades$ (1) .o God in merc said, Aou shall not car"e out ima'es of &ood, or cla , or stone$ (*) .uch idols are ideals, abased ideals, and men can 'ain no hi'her plane than their ideals$ (;) The God is .pirit, and in spirit men must &orship if the &ould attain a consciousness of God$ (<) But man can ne"er make a picture or an ima'e of the #ol Breath$ (=) The name of God man ma not speak &ith carnal lips9 &ith #ol Breath alone can man pronounce the name$ ()) -n "anit men think the kno& the name of God9 the speak it li'htl and irre"erentl , and thus the are accursed$ (,) -f men did kno& the sacred name and spoke it &ith unhol lips, the &ould not li"e to speak it once a'ain$ 20) But God in merc has not et un"eiled his name to those &ho cannot speak &ith #ol Breath$ 2() But the &ho speak the substitute in idle &a are 'uilt in the si'ht of God, &ho said, 22) Aou shall not take the name of God in "ain$ 21) The number of the #ol Breath is se"en, and God holds in his hands the se"ens of time$ 2*) -n formin' &orlds he rested on the se"enth da , and e"er se"enth da is set apart as .abbath da for men$ God said, 2;) The se"enth is the .abbath of the !ord th God9 remember it and keep it &holl set apart for &orks of holiness9 that is, for &orks not for the selfish self, but for the uni"ersal self$ 2<) 6en ma do &ork for self upon the siF da s of the &eek9 but on the .abbath of the !ord the must do nau'ht for self$ 2=) This da is consecrated unto God9 but man ser"es God b ser"in' man$ C#A5T3R ,= #he 'ermon on the Mo"nt, contin"ed. Jes"s "nfolds to the t)el%e the spirit"al aspects of the fifth and si5th &ommandments. G4% is not force alone9 for &isdom is his counterpart$ 2) >hen cherubim instructed man in &isdomDs &a s the said that &isdom is the 6other of the race, as force is Bather of the race$ 1) The man &ho honors the almi'ht and omniscient God is blessed, and in the tables of the la& &e read, *) 5a homa'e to our Bather and 6other of the race, that our da s ma be prolon'ed upon the land that the ha"e 'i"en ou$ ;) The letter of the la& commands9 ou shall not kill9 and he &ho kills must stand before the @ud'ement seat$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 109 <) A person ma desire to kill, et if he does not kill he is not @ud'ed b la&$ =) The spirit of the la& a"ers that he &ho shall desire to kill, or seeks re"en'e, is an'r &ith a man &ithout sufficient cause, must ans&er to the @ud'e9

)) And he &ho calls his brother soulless "a'abond shall ans&er to the council of the @ust9 ,) And he &ho calls his brother a de'enerate, a do', fans into life the burnin' fires of hell &ithin himself$ (0) /o&, in the hi'her la& &e read that if our brother is a''rie"ed b somethin' ou ha"e done, before ou offer unto God our 'ifts, 'o forth and find our brother and be reconciled to him$ (() -t is not &ell to let the sun 'o do&n upon our &rath$ (2) -f he &ill not be reconciled &hen ou ha"e laid aside all selfish pleas, ha"e &ai"ed all selfish ri'hts, ou &ill be 'uiltless in the si'ht of God9 then 'o and offer unto God our 'ifts$ (1) -f ou o&e au'ht to an man and cannot pa 9 or if a man shall claim a 'reater sum than is his due, it is not &ell that ou dispute his claims$ (*) Resistance is the sire of an'er9 there is no merc and no reason in a &rathful man$ (;) - tell ou it is better far to suffer loss than 'o to la&, or call upon the courts of men to @ud'e of ri'ht and &ron'$ (<) The la& of carnal man &ould sa , 3 e for e e and tooth for tooth9 resist encroachment on our ri'hts$ (=) But this is not the la& of God$ The #ol Breath &ould sa , Resist not him &ho &ould depri"e ou of our 'oods$ ()) #e &ho &ould take our coat b force is still a brother man and ou should 'ain his heart, &hich b resistance cannot be done9 (,) Gi"e him our coat and offer him still more and more9 in time the man &ill rise abo"e the brute9 ou &ill ha"e sa"ed him from himself$ 20) Refuse not him &ho calls for help and 'i"e to him &ho asks to borro& au'ht$ 2() And if a man shall strike ou in a fitful, or an an'r &a , it is not &ell to smite him in return$ 22) 6en call him co&ard &ho &ill not fi'ht and thus defend his ri'hts9 but he is much the 'reater man &ho is assailed, is smitten and does not smite9 21) >ho is mali'ned and ans&ers not, than he &ho smites the smiter and re"iles the one &ho slanders him$ 2*) -t has been said in olden times that man shall lo"e his friend and hate his foe9 but, lo, - sa , 2;) Be merciful unto our foes9 bless those &ho slander ou9 do 'ood to those &ho do ou harm and pra for those &ho trample on our ri'hts$ 2<) Remember, ou are children of the God &ho makes his sun to rise alike upon the e"il and the 'ood, &ho sends his rain upon the un@ust and the @ust$ 2=) -f ou do unto other men as the do unto ou, ou are but sla"es, but follo&ers in the &a to death$ 2)) But ou, as children of the li'ht, must lead the &a $ 2,) %o unto others as ou &ould ha"e them do unto ou$ 10) >hen ou do 'ood to those &ho ha"e done 'ood to ou, ou do no more than Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11 other men9 the publicans do that$ 1() -f ou salute our friends and not our foes, ou are like other men9 the publicans ha"e set the pace$ 12) Be perfect as our Bather+God in hea"en is$

C#A5T3R ,) #he 'ermon on the Mo"nt, contin"ed. Jes"s re%eals to the t)el%e the spirit"al aspects of the se%enth, ei ht and tenth &ommandments. T#3 la& forbids adulter 9 but in the e es of la& adulter is an o"ert act, the satisfaction of the sensuous self outside the marria'e bonds$ 2) /o&, marria'e in the si'ht of la& is but a promise made b man and &oman, b the sanction of a priest, to li"e for a e in harmon and lo"e$ 1) /o priest nor officer has po&er from God to bind t&o souls in &edded lo"e$ *) >hat is the marria'e tieE -s it comprised in &hat a priest or officer ma sa E ;) -s it the scroll on &hich the officer or priest has &ritten the permission for the t&o to li"e in marria'e bondsE <) -s it the promise of the t&o that the &ill lo"e each other until deathE =) -s lo"e a passion that is sub@ect to the &ill of manE )) Can man pick up his lo"e, as he &ould pick up precious 'ems, and la it do&n, or 'i"e it out to an oneE ,) Can lo"e be bou'ht and sold like sheepE (0) !o"e is the po&er of God that binds t&o souls and makes them one9 there is no po&er on earth that can dissol"e the bond$ (() The bodies ma be forced apart b man or death for @ust a little time9 but the &ill meet a'ain$ (2) /o&, in this bond of God &e find the marria'e tie9 all other unions are but bonds of stra&, and the &ho li"e in them commit adulter $ (1) The same as the &ho satisf their lust &ithout the sanction of an officer or priest$ (*) But more than this9 the man or &oman &ho indul'es lustful thou'hts commits adulter $ (;) >hom God has @oined to'ether man cannot part9 &hom man has @oined to'ether li"e in sin$ (<) 7pon a table of the la&, the 'reat la&'i"er &rote, Thou shalt not steal$ (=) Before the e es of la& a man to steal must take a thin' that can be seen &ith e es of flesh, &ithout the kno&led'e or consent of him to &hom the thin' belon's$ ()) But, lo, - sa that he &ho in his heart desires to possess that &hich is not his o&n, and &ould depri"e the o&ner of the thin' &ithout his kno&led'e or consent, is in the si'ht of God, a thief$ (,) The thin's that men see not &ith e es of flesh are of more &orth than are the thin's that man can see$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 111 20) A manDs 'ood name is &orth a thousand mines of 'old, and he &ho sa s a &ord or does a deed that in@ures or defames that name has taken &hat is not his o&n, and is a thief$ 2() 7pon a table of the la& &e also read8 Thou shalt not co"et an thin'$ 22) To co"et is an all+consumin' &ish to ha"e &hat is not ri'ht for one to ha"e$ 21) And such a &ish, &ithin the spirit of the la&, is theft$ C#A5T3R ,, #he 'ermon on the Mo"nt, contin"ed. Jes"s "nfolds to the t)el%e the spirit"al aspects of the ninth &ommandment. T#3 la& has said8 Thou shalt not lie9 but in the e es of la& a man to lie must tell

in &ords &hat is not true$ 2) /o&, in the li'ht of spirit la&, deceit in an form is nothin' but a lie$ 1) A man ma lie b look or act9 ea, e"en b his silence ma decei"e, and thus be 'uilt in the e es of #ol Breath$ *) -t has been said in olden times8 Thou shalt not s&ear b thine o&n life$ ;) But, lo, - sa , .&ear not at all9 not b the head, the heart, the e e, nor hand9 not b the sun, the moon, nor stars9 <) /ot b the name of God, nor b the name of an spirit, 'ood or bad$ =) Aou shall not s&ear b an thin'9 for in an oath there is no 'ain$ )) A man &hose &ord must be propped up b oath of an kind is not trust&orth in the si'ht of God or man$ ,) B oath ou cannot make a leaf to fall, nor turn the color of a hair$ (0) The man of &orth @ust speaks and men kno& that he speaks the truth$ (() The man &ho pours out man &ords to make men think he speaks the truth, is simpl makin' smoke to hide a lie$ (2) And there are man men &ith seemin' double hearts9 men &ho &ould ser"e t&o masters at a time + t&o masters quite ad"erse$ (1) 6en fei'n to &orship God upon the .abbath da and then pa court to Beel:ebub on e"er other da $ (*) /o man can ser"e t&o masters at a time no more than he can ride t&o asses at a time that 'o in different &a s$ (;) The man &ho fei'ns to &orship God and Beel:ebub is foe of God, a pious de"il and a curse of men$ (<) And men cannot la treasures up in hea"en and earth at once$ (=) Then, lo, - sa , !ift up our e es and see the safet "aults of hea"en, and there deposit e"er 'em$ ()) >here moth and rust cannot corrupt9 &here thie"es cannot break in and steal$ (,) There are no safet "aults on earth9 no place secure from moth, and rust and thie"es$ 20) The treasures of the earth are but illusi"e thin's that pass a&a $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11. 2() Be not decei"ed9 our treasures are the anchor of the soul, and &here our treasures are our heart &ill be$ 22) BiF not our heart upon the thin's of earth9 be anFious not about the thin's to eat, or drink or &ear$ 21) God cares for those &ho trust in him and ser"e the race$ 2*) Behold the birdsC The praise God in their son's9 the earth is made more 'lorious b their ministr of @o 9 God keeps them in the hollo& of his hand, 2;) And not a sparro& falls to earth &ithout his care9 and e"er one that falls shall rise a'ain$ 2<) Behold the flo&ers of earthC the trust in God and 'ro&9 the make the earth resplendent &ith their beaut and perfume$ 2=) !ook at the lilies of the field, the messen'ers of hol lo"e$ /o son of man, not e"en .olomon in all his eFcellence, &as e"er clothed like one of these$ 2)) And et the simpl trust in God9 the feed from out his hand9 the la their heads to rest upon his breast$ 2,) -f God so clothes and feeds the flo&ers and birds that do his &ill, &ill he not feed and clothe his children &hen the trust in himE

10) .eek first the kin'dom of the soul, the ri'hteousness of God, the 'ood of men, and murmer not9 God &ill protect, and feed, and clothe$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11/ C#A5T3R (00 The 'ermon on the Mo"nt, contin"ed. Jes"s form"lates and presents to the t)el%e a practical code of spirit"al ethics. T#3R3 is a rule that carnal man has made, and &hich he ri'idl obser"es8 2) %o unto other men as the do unto ou$ As others @ud'e, the @ud'e9 as others 'i"e, the 'i"e$ 1) /o&, &hile ou &alk &ith men as men, @ud'e not, and ou shall not be @ud'ed$ *) Bor as ou @ud'e ou shall be @ud'ed, and as ou 'i"e it shall be 'i"en to ou$ -f ou condemn, ou are condemned$ ;) >hen ou sho& merc , men are merciful to ou, and if ou lo"e in such a &a that carnal man can comprehend our lo"e, ou &ill be &ell belo"ed$ <) And so the &ise man of this &orld does unto other men as he &ould ha"e them do to him$ =) The carnal man does 'ood to other men for selfish 'ain, for he eFpects to ha"e his blessin's multiplied and then returned9 he does not stop to note the end$ )) 6an is himself the field9 his deeds are seeds, and &hat he does to others 'ro&s apace9 the har"est time is sure$ ,) Behold the ieldC -f he has so&n the &ind, he reaps the &ind9 if he has so&n the noFious seeds of scandal, theft and hate9 of sensualit and crime, (0) The har"est is assured and he must reap &hat he has so&n9 ea, more9 the seeds produce an hundred fold$ (() The fruit of ri'hteousness and peace and lo"e and @o can ne"er sprin' from noFious seeds9 the fruit is like the seed$ (2) And &hen ou so&, so& seeds of ri'ht, because it is the ri'ht, and not in the &a of trade, eFpectin' rich re&ards$ (1) The carnal man abhors the spirit la&, because it takes a&a his libert to li"e in sin9 beneath its li'ht he cannot satisf his passions and desires$ (*) #e is at enmit &ith him &ho &alks in #ol Breath$ The carnal man has killed the hol men of old, the prophets and the seers$ (;) And he &ill buffet ou9 &ill char'e ou falsel , scour'e ou and imprison ou, and think he does the &ill of God to sla ou in the streets$ (<) But ou ma not pre@ud'e nor censure him &ho does ou &ron'$ (=) 3ach one has problems to be sol"ed, and he must sol"e them for himself$ ()) The man &ho scour'es ou ma ha"e a load of sin to bear9 but ho& about our o&nE (,) A little sin in one &ho &alks in #ol Breath is 'reater in the si'ht of God than monster sins in him &ho ne"er kne& the &a $ 20) #o& can ou see the splinter in our brotherDs e e &hile ou ha"e chunks &ithin our o&nE 2() Birst take the chunks from out our e e and then ou ma behold the splinter in our brotherDs e e and help him take it out, 22) And &hile our e es are full of forei'n thin's ou cannot see the &a , for ou are blind, 21) And &hen the blind lead forth the blind, both lose the &a and fall into the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 110

slou'h$ 2*) -f ou &ould lead the &a to God ou must be clear in si'ht, as &ell as pure in heart$ C#A5T3R (0( #he 'ermon on the Mo"nt, concl"ded. #he concl"din part of the code of ethics. #he &hristines ret"rn to &aperna"m. T#3 fruita'e of the tree of life is all too fine to feed the carnal mind$ 2) -f ou &ould thro& a diamond to a hun'r do', lo, he &ould turn a&a , or else attack ou in a ra'e$ 1) The incense that is s&eet to God is quite offensi"e unto Beel:ebub9 the bread of hea"en is but chaff to men &ho cannot comprehend the spirit life$ *) The master must be &ise and feed the soul &ith &hat it can di'est$ ;) -f ou ha"e not the food for e"er man, @ust ask and ou shall ha"e9 seek earnestl and ou shall find$ <) Just speak the >ord and knock9 the door &ill fl a@ar$ =) /o one has e"er asked in faith and did not ha"e9 none e"er sou'ht in "ain9 no one &ho e"er knocked ari'ht has failed to find an open door$ )) >hen men shall ask ou for the bread of hea"en, turn not a&a , nor 'i"e to them the fruit of carnal trees$ ,) -f one, a son, &ould ask ou for a loaf, &ould ou 'i"e him a stoneE -f he &ould ask ou for a fish, &ould ou 'i"e him a serpent of the dustE (0) >hat ou &ould ha"e our God 'i"e unto ou, 'i"e unto men$ The 6easure of our &orth lies in our ser"ice unto men$ (() There is a &a that leads unto the perfect life9 fe& find it at a time$ (2) -t is a narro& &a 9 it lies amon' the rocks and pitfalls of the carnal life9 but in the &a there are no pitfalls and no rocks$ (1) There is a &a that leads to &retchedness and &ant$ -t is a spacious &a and man &alk therein$ -t lies amon' the pleasure 'ro"es of carnal life$ (*) Be&are, for man claim to &alk the &a of life &ho &alk the &a of death$ (;) But the are false in &ord and deed9 false prophets the $ The clothe themsel"es in skins of sheep, &hile the are "icious &ol"es$ (<) The cannot lon' conceal themsel"es9 men kno& them b their fruits9 (=) Aou cannot 'ather 'rapes from thorns, nor from the thistles, fi's$ ()) The fruit is dau'hter of the tree and, like the parent, so the child9 and e"er tree that bears not &holesome fruit is plucked up b the roots and cast a&a , (,) Because a man pra s lon' and loud is not a si'n that he is saint$ The pra in' men are not all in the kin'dom of the soul$ 20) The man &ho li"es the hol life, &ho does the &ill of God, abides &ithin the kin'dom of the soul$ 2() The 'ood man from the treasures of his heart sends blessedness and peace to all the &orld$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 111 22) The e"il man sends thou'hts that bli'ht and &ither hope and @o and fill the &orld &ith &retchedness and &oe$ 21) 6en think and act and speak out of the abundance of the heart$ 2*) And &hen the @ud'ement hour shall come a host of men &ill enter pleadin's for themsel"es and think to bu the fa"or of the @ud'e &ith &ords$ 2;) And the &ill sa , !o, &e ha"e &rou'ht a multitude of &orks in the 4mnific

name, 2<) #a"e &e not prophesiedE #a"e &e not cured all manner of diseaseE #a"e &e not cast the e"il spirits out of those obsessedE 2=) And then the @ud'e &ill sa , - kno& ou not$ Aou rendered ser"ice unto God in &ords &hen in our heart ou &orshipped Beel:ebub$ 2)) The e"il one ma use the po&ers of life, and do a multitude of mi'ht &orks$ %epart from me, ou &orkers of iniquit $ 2,) The man &ho hears the &ords of life and does them not is like the man &ho builds his house upon the sand, &hich &hen the floods come on, is &ashed a&a and all is lost$ 10) But he &ho hears the &ords of life and in an honest, sincere heart recei"es and treasures them and li"es the hol life, 1() -s like the man &ho builds the house upon the rock9 the floods ma come, the &inds ma blo&, the storms ma beat upon his house9 it is not mo"ed$ 12) Go forth and build our life upon the solid rock of truth, and all the po&ers of the e"il one &ill shake it not$ 11) And Jesus finished all his sa in's on the mount and then he, &ith the t&el"e, returned unto Capernaum$ C#A5T3R (02 #he &hristines at the home of Jes"s. Jes"s "nfolds to them the secret doctrine. #hey o thro" h all !alilee and teach and heal. Jes"s brin s to life the son of a )ido) at /ain. #hey ret"rn to &aperna"m. T#3 t&el"e apostles &ent &ith Jesus to his home, and there abode for certain da s$ 2) And Jesus told them man thin's about the inner life that ma not no& be &ritten in a book$ 1) /o&, in Capernaum, there li"ed a man of &ealth, a Roman captain of a hundred men, &ho lo"ed the Je&s and &ho had built for them a s na'o'ue$ *) A ser"ant of this man &as paral sed, and he &as sick ni'h unto death$ ;) The captain kne& of Jesus and had heard that b the .acred >ord he healed the sick, and he had faith in him$ <) #e sent a messa'e b the elders of the Je&s to Jesus, and he pled for help$ =) And Jesus reco'ni:ed the captainDs faith and &ent at once to heal the sick9 the captain met him on the &a and said to him, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11% )) !o, !ord, it is not &ell that ou should come unto m house9 - am not &orth of the presence of a man of God$ ,) - am a man of &ar, m life is spent &ith those &ho ofttimes take the li"es of fello& men$ (0) And surel he &ho comes to sa"e &ould be dishonored if he came beneath m roof$ (() -f ou &ill speak the >ord - kno& m ser"ant &ill be &ell$ (2) And Jesus turned and said to those &ho follo&ed him, (1) Behold the captainDs faith9 - ha"e not seen such faith, no, not in -srael$ (*) Behold, the feast is spread for ou9 but &hile ou doubt and &ait, the alien comes in faith and takes the bread of life$ (;) Then turnin' to the man he said,

Go on our &a 9 accordin' to our faith so shall it be9 our ser"ant li"es$ (<) -t came to pass that at the time that Jesus spoke the >ord the palsied man arose, and he &as &ell$ (=) And then the Christines &ent abroad to teach$ And as the came to /ain, a cit on the #ermon &a , the sa& a multitude about the 'ates$ ()) -t &as a funeral train9 a &ido&Ds son &as dead, and friends &ere bearin' out the bod to the tomb$ (,) -t &as the &ido&Ds onl son, and she &as &ild &ith 'rief$ And Jesus said to her, >eep not, - am the life9 our son shall li"e$ 20) And Jesus raised his hand9 the bearers of the dead stood still$ 2() And Jesus touched the bier and said, Aoun' man, return$ 22) The soul returned9 the bod of the dead &as filled &ith life9 the man sat up and spoke$ 21) The people &ere astonished at the scene, and e"er one eFclaimed, 5raise God$ 2*) A Je&ish priest stood forth and said, Behold a mi'ht prophet has appeared9 and all the people said, Amen$ 2;) The Christines @ourne ed on9 the tau'ht, and healed the sick in man to&ns of Galilee, and then the came a'ain unto Capernaum$ C#A5T3R (01 #he &hristines in Jes"s' home. Jes"s teaches the t)el%e and the forei n masters e%ery mornin . Jes"s recei%es messen ers from John, the harbin er, and sends him )ords of enco"ra ement. *e e"lo izes the character of John. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 112 T#3 home of Jesus &as a school &here in the earl mornin' hours the t&el"e apostles and the forei'n priests &ere tau'ht the secret thin's of God$ 2) And there &ere present priests from China, -ndia, and from Bab lon9 from 5ersia, 3' pt and from Greece, 1) >ho came to sit at JesusD feet to learn the &isdom that he brou'ht to men, that the mi'ht teach their people ho& to li"e the hol life$ *) And Jesus tau'ht them ho& to teach9 he told them of the trials of the &a , and ho& to make these trials ser"e the race$ ;) #e tau'ht them ho& to li"e the hol life that the mi'ht conquer death9 <) #e tau'ht them &hat the end of mortal life &ill be, &hen man has reached the consciousness that he and God are one$ =) The after midda hours &ere 'i"en to the multitudes &ho came to learn the &a of life and to be healed9 and man did belie"e and &ere bapti:ed$ )) /o&, in his prison b the Bitter .ea the harbin'er had heard of all the mi'ht &orks that Jesus did$ ,) #is prison life &as hard, and he &as sore distressed, and he be'an to doubt$ (0) And to himself he said, - &onder if this Jesus is the Christ of &hom the prophets &roteC (() >as - mistaken in m &orkE >as -, indeed, one sent from God to pa"e the

&a for him &ho shall redeem our people, -sraelE (2) And then he sent some of his friends, &ho came to see him in his prison cell, up to Capernaum that the mi'ht learn about this man, and brin' him &ord$ (1) The men found Jesus in his home, and said, Behold the harbin'er sent us to ask, Are ou the ChristE or is he et to comeE (*) But Jesus ans&ered not9 he simpl bade the men to tarr certain da s that the mi'ht see and hear$ (;) The sa& him heal the sick, and cause the lame to &alk, the deaf to hear, the blind to see9 (<) The sa& him cast the e"il spirits out of those obsessed9 the sa& him raise the dead$ (=) The heard him preach the 'ospel to the poor$ ()) Then Jesus said to them, Go on our &a 9 return to John and tell him all that ou ha"e seen and heard9 then he &ill kno&$ The &ent their &a $ (,) The multitudes &ere there, and Jesus said to them, 4nce ou &ere cro&din' JordanDs fords9 ou filled the &ilderness$ 20) >hat did ou 'o to seeE The trees of Juda, and the flo&ers of #ethE 4r did ou 'o to see a man in kin'l 'arbE 4r did ou 'o to see a prophet and a seerE 2() - tell ou, men, ou kno& not &hom ou sa&$ A prophetE Aea, and more9 a messen'er &hom God had sent to pa"e the &a for &hat ou see and hear this da $ 22) Amon' the men of earth a 'reater man has ne"er li"ed than John$ 21) Behold - sa , This man &hom #erod bound in chains and cast into a prison cell is GodDs 3li@ah come a'ain to earth$ 2*) 3li@ah, &ho did not pass the 'ate of death, &hose bod of this flesh &as Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 11! chan'ed, and he a&oke in 5aradise$ 2;) >hen John came forth and preached the 'ospel of repentance for the cleansin' of the soul, the common folks belie"ed and &ere bapti:ed$ 2<) The la& ers and the 5harisees accepted not the teachin's of this man9 &ere not bapti:ed$ 2=) Behold, ne'lected opportunities &ill ne"er come a'ain$ 2)) Behold, the people are unstable as the &aters of the sea9 the seek to be eFcused from ri'hteousness$ 2,) John came and ate no bread, and drank no &ine$ #e li"ed the simplest life apart from men, and people said, #e is obsessed$ 10) Another comes &ho eats and drinks and li"es in homes like other men, and people sa , #e is a 'lutton, an inebriate, a friend of publicans and those &ho sin$ 1() >oe unto ou, ou cities of the "ale of Galilee, &here all the mi'ht &orks of God are doneC >oe to Chora:an and BethsaidaC 12) -f half the mi'ht &orks that ha"e been done in ou &ere done in T re and in .idon the &ould ha"e lon' a'o repented of their sins, and sou'ht the &a of ri'ht$ 11) And &hen the @ud'ement da shall come, lo, T re and .idon &ill be called more &orth than &ill ou$ 1*) Because the sli'hted not their 'ifts, &hile ou ha"e thro&n a&a the pearl of 'reatest price$

1;) >oe unto ou CapernaumC Behold, ou are eFalted no&, but ou shall be abased9 1<) Bor if the mi'ht &orks that ha"e been done in ou had but been done &ithin the cities of the plain + of .odom and ?eboim + the &ould ha"e heard and turned to God9 &ould not ha"e been destro ed$ 1=) The perished in their i'norance9 the had no li'ht9 but ou ha"e heard9 ou ha"e the e"idence$ 1)) The li'ht of life has sho&n abo"e our hills and all the shores of Galilee ha"e been abla:e &ith li'ht9 1,) The 'lor of the !ord has sho&n in e"er street and s na'o'ue and home9 but ou ha"e spurned the li'ht$ *0) And, lo, - sa , The @ud'ment da &ill come and God &ill deal in 'reater merc &ith the cities of the plains than he &ill deal &ith ou$ C#A5T3R (0* Jes"s teaches the m"ltit"des. Attends a feast in 'imon's ho"se. A )ealthy co"rtesan anoints him )ith precio"s balm. 'imon reb"(es him and he preaches a sermon on false respectability. A/% Jesus looked upon the multitudes &ho pressed about for selfish 'ain$ 2) The men of learnin' and of &ealth, of reputation and of po&er, &ere there9 but the kne& not the Christ$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 119 1) Their e es &ere blinded b the tinseled 'litter of their selfish sel"es9 the could not see the kin'$ *) And thou'h the &alked &ithin the li'ht, the 'roped about in dark + a darkness like the ni'ht of death$ ;) And Jesus cast his e es to hea"en and said, <) - thank thee, #ol 4ne of hea"en and earth, that &hile the li'ht is hidden from the &ise and 'reat, it is re"ealed to babes$ =) Then turnin' to the multitudes he said, - come to ou not in the name of man, nor in a stren'th m o&n9 )) The &isdom and the "irtue that - brin' to ou are from abo"e9 the are the &isdom and the "irtue of the God &hom &e adore$ ,) The &ords - speak are not m &ords9 - 'i"e to ou &hat - recei"e$ (0) Come unto me all ou &ho labor and pull hea" loads and - &ill 'i"e ou aid$ (() 5ut on the oke of Christ &ith me9 it does not chafe9 it is an eas oke$ (2) To'ether &e &ill pull the load of life &ith ease9 and so re@oice$ (1) A 5harisee, &hose name &as .imon, made a feast, and Jesus &as the honored 'uest$ (*) And as the sat about the board, a coutesan &ho had been cured of her desire to sin b &hat she had recei"ed and seen in JesusD ministr , came unin"ited to the feast$ (;) .he brou'ht an alabaster boF of costl balm and as the 'uests reclined she came to Jesus in her @o , because she had been freed from sin$ (<) #er tears fell fast, she kissed his feet, and dried them &ith her hair, and she anointed them &ith balm$ (=) And .imon thou'ht, he did not speak aloud, This man is not a prophet or he &ould kno& the kind of &oman that approaches him, and &ould dri"e her a&a $

()) But Jesus kne& his thou'hts, and said to him, 6 host, - ha"e a &ord to sa to ou$ (,) And .imon said, .a on$ 20) And Jesus said, .in is a monster of iniquit 9 it ma be small9 it ma be lar'e9 it ma be somethin' left undone$ 2() Behold, one person leads a life of sin and is at last redeemed9 another, in a careless mood, for'ets to do the thin's he ou'ht to do but he reforms and is for'i"en$ /o&, &hich of these has merited the hi'her praiseE 22) And .imon said, The one &ho o"ercame the errors of a life$ 21) And Jesus said, Aou speak the truth$ 2*) Behold this &oman &ho has bathed m feet &ith tears and dried them &ith her hair and co"ered them &ith balmC 2;) Bor ears she led a life of sin, but &hen she heard the &ords of life she sou'ht for'i"eness and she found$ 2<) But &hen - came into our house as 'uest ou 'a"e me not a bo&l of &ater Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1% that - mi'ht &ash m hands and feet, &hich e"er lo al Je& must do before he feasts$ 2=) /o&, tell me, .imon, &hich of these, this &oman or ourself, is &orth of most praiseE 2)) But .imon ans&ered not$ 2,) Then to the &oman Jesus said, Aour sins are all for'i"en9 our faith has sa"ed ou9 'o in peace$ 10) And then the 'uests &ho sat around the board, be'an to sa &ithin themsel"es, >hat manner of a man is this &ho sa s, #hy sins are all for i%en3 C#A5T3R (0; 6nder the patrona e of a n"mber of )ealthy )omen, the &hristines ma(e a rand missionary to"r. In his teachin , Jes"s la"ds sincerity and reb"(es hypocrisy. *e spea(s concernin the sin a ainst the *oly Breath. /4>, man &omen &ho possessed much &ealth, and abode in other to&ns of Galilee, implored that Jesus and the t&el"e, to'ether &ith the masters from the forei'n lands, &ould thither 'o and preach and heal$ 2) Amon' these anFious ones &ere 6ar 6a'dalene, &ho &as obsessed b se"en homeless spirits of the air, &hich had been dri"en out b the 4mnific >ord &hich Jesus spoke9 1) .usanna, &ho o&ned "ast estates at Caesarea+5hilippi9 *) Johanna, &ife of Chu:a, one of #erodDs court9 ;) And Rachel from the coast of T re9 <) And others from be ond the Jordan and the sea of Galilee$ =) And the pro"ided ample means and three times se"en men &ent forth$ )) The preached the 'ospel of the Christ and the bapti:ed the multitudes &ho made confession of their faith9 the healed the sick and raised the dead$ ,) And Jesus &rou'ht and tau'ht from earl morn until the da had 'one, and

then into the ni'ht, he did not stop to eat$ (0) #is friends became alarmed lest he should fail from loss of stren'th, and the laid hold of him and &ould, b force, ha"e taken him a&a to a place of rest$ (() But he rebuked them not9 he said, #a"e ou not read that God &ill 'i"e his an'els char'e concernin' meE (2) That the &ould hold me fast and suffer not that - should come to &antE (1) - tell ou, men, &hile - am 'i"in' out m stren'th unto these anFious, &aitin' thron's - find m self at rest &ithin the arms of God, (*) >hose blessed messen'ers brin' do&n to me the bread of life$ (;) There is a tide @ust once in human life$ (<) These people no& are &illin' to recei"e the truth9 their opportunit is no&9 our opportunit is no&, (=) And if &e do not teach them &hile &e ma , the tide &ill ebb9 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%1 ()) The ma not care a'ain to hear the truth9 then tell me, >ho &ill bear the 'uiltE (,) And so he tau'ht and healed$ 20) Amon' the multitudes &ere men of e"er shade of thou'ht$ The &ere di"ided in their "ie&s concernin' e"er thin' that Jesus said$ 2() .ome sa& in him a God, and &ould ha"e &orshipped him9 and others sa& in him a de"il of the nether &orld and &ould ha"e cast him in a pit$ 22) And some &ere tr in' hard to lead a double life9 like little lions of the 'round that take upon themsel"es the color of the thin' the rest upon$ 21) These people &ithout anchora'e of an sort, are friends or foes as seemed to ser"e them best$ 2*) And Jesus said, /o man can ser"e t&o masters at a time$ /o man can be a friend and foe at once$ 2;) All men are risin' up, or sinkin' do&n9 are buildin' up, or tearin' do&n$ 2<) -f ou are 'atherin' not the precious 'rain, then ou are thro&in' it a&a $ 2=) #e is a co&ard &ho &ould fei'n to be a friend, or foe, to please another man$ 2)) Aou men, do not decei"e oursel"es in thou'ht9 our hearts are kno&n9 2,) # pocris &ill bli'ht a soul as surel as the breath of Beel:ebub$ An honest e"il man is more esteemed b 'uardians of the soul than a dishonest pious man$ 10) -f ou &ould curse the son of man, @ust curse him out aloud$ 1() A curse is poison to the inner man, and if ou hold and s&allo& do&n a curse it ne"er &ill di'est9 lo, it &ill poison e"er atom of our soul$ 12) And if ou sin a'ainst a son of man, ou ma be pardoned and our 'uilt be cleansed b acts of kindness and of lo"e9 11) But if ou sin a'ainst the #ol Breath b disre'ardin' her &hen she &ould open up the doors of life for ou9 1*) B closin' up the &indo&s of the soul &hen she &ould pour the li'ht of lo"e into our hearts, and cleanse them &ith the fires of God9 1;) Aour 'uilt shall not be blotted out in this, nor in the life to come$ 1<) An opportunit has 'one to come no more, and ou must &ait until the a'es roll a'ain$ 1=) Then &ill the #ol Breath a'ain breathe on our fires of life, and fan them to a li"in' flame$ 1)) Then she &ill open up the doors a'ain, and ou ma let her in to sup &ith ou for e"ermore, or ou ma sli'ht her once a'ain, and then a'ain$

1,) Aou men of -srael, our opportunit is no&$ *0) Aour tree of life is an illusi"e tree9 it has a 'enerous crop of lea"es9 its bou'hs han' lo& &ith fruit$ *() Behold, our &ords are lea"es9 our deeds the fruit$ *2) Behold, for men ha"e plucked the apples of our tree of life, and found them full of bitterness9 and &orms ha"e eaten to the core$ *1) Behold that fi' tree b the &a so full of lea"es and &orthless fruitC **) Then Jesus spoke a &ord that nature spirits kno&, and lo, the fi' tree stood a mass of &ithered lea"es$ *;) And then he spoke a'ain, Behold, for God &ill speak the >ord, and ou &ill stand a &ithered fi' tree in Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%. the settin' sun$ *<) Aou men of Galilee, send forth and call the pruner in before it is too late, and let him prune a&a our &orthless branches and illusi"e lea"es, and let the sunshine in$ *=) The sun is life, and it can chan'e our &orthlessness to &orth$ *)) Aour tree of life is 'ood9 but ou ha"e nurtured it so lon' &ith de&s of self, and mists of carnal thin's that ou ha"e shut the sunshine out$ *,) - tell ou, men, that ou must 'i"e account to God for e"er idle &ord ou speak and e"er e"il deed ou do$ C#A5T3R (0< #he &hristines are in Ma dala. Jes"s heals a man )ho )as blind, d"mb and obsessed. *e teaches the people. 2hile he spea(s, his mother, brothers and Miriam come to him. *e teaches a lesson on family relationships. *e introd"ces Miriam to the people and she sin s her son s of %ictory. 6AG%A!A is beside the sea, and here the teachers tau'ht$ 2) A man obsessed, and &ho &as blind and dumb, &as brou'ht, and Jesus spoke the >ord, and lo, the e"il spirits &ent a&a 9 the man spoke out, his e es &ere opened and he sa&$ 1) This &as the 'reatest &ork that men had seen the master do, and the &ere all ama:ed$ *) The 5harisees &ere there, and the &ere full of @ealous ra'e ( es, full of $ealo"s ra'e)9 the sou'ht a cause &hereb the mi'ht condemn$ ;) The said, Aes, it is true that Jesus does a multitude of mi'ht &orks9 but men should kno& that he is lea'ued &ith Beel:ebub$ <) #e is a sorcerer, a black ma'ician of the .imon Cerus t pe9 he &orks as Jannes and as Jambres did in 6osesD da $ =) Bor .atan, prince of e"il spirits, is his sta b ni'ht and da and in the name of .atan he casts the demons out, and in his name he heals the sick and raises up the dead$ )) But Jesus kne& their thou'hts9 he said to them, Aou men are masters, and ou kno& the la&9 &hate"er is arra ed a'ainst itself must fall9 a house di"ided cannot stand9 ,) A kin'dom &arrin' &ith itself is brou'ht to nau'ht$ (0) -f .atan casts the de"il out, ho& can his kin'dom standE (() -f -, b Beel:ebub, cast de"ils out, b &hom do ou cast de"ils outE

(2) But if -, in the hol name of God, cast de"ils out, and make the lame to &alk, the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the dumb to speak, has not GodDs kin'dom come to ouE (1) The 5harisees &ere dumb9 the ans&ered not$ (*) As Jesus spoke a messen'er approached and said to him, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%/ Aour mother and our brothers &ish to speak &ith ou$ (;) And Jesus said, >ho is m motherE and m brothers, &ho are the E (<) And then he spoke a &ord aside unto the forei'n masters and the t&el"e9 he said, (=) Behold, men reco'ni:e their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers here in flesh9 but &hen the "eil is rent and men &alk in the realms of soul, ()) The tender lines of lo"e that bind the 'roups of fleshl kin in families &ill fade a&a $ (,) /ot that the lo"e for an one &ill be the less9 but men &ill see in all the motherhood, the fatherhood, the sisterhood, the brotherhood of man$ 20) The famil 'roups of earth &ill all be lost in uni"ersal lo"e and fello&ship di"ine$ 2() Then to the multitudes he said, >hoe"er li"es the life and does the &ill of God is child of God and is m mother, father, sister, friend$ 22) And then he &ent aside to speak to mother and his other kindred in the flesh$ 21) But he sa& more than these$ The maiden &ho once thrilled his "er soul &ith lo"e9 a lo"e be ond the lo"e of an fleshl kin9 2*) >ho &as the sorest tempter in the temple #eliopolis beside the /ile, &ho sun' for him the sacred son's, &as there$ 2;) The reco'nition &as of kindred souls, and Jesus said, 2<) Behold, for God has brou'ht to us a po&er men cannot comprehend, a po&er of purit and lo"e9 2=) To make more li'ht the burdens of the hour, to be a balm for &ounded souls9 2)) To &in the multitude to better &a s b sacred son' and hol life$ 2,) Behold, for 6iriam &ho stood beside the sea and sun' the son' of "ictor &hen 6oses led the &a , &ill sin' a'ain$ 10) And all the choirs of hea"en &ill @oin and sin' the 'lad refrain8 1() 5eace, peace on earth9 'ood &ill to menC 12) And 6iriam stood before the &aitin' thron's and sun' a'ain the son's of "ictor , and all the people said, Amen$ C#A5T3R (0= A Pharisee demands of Jes"s si ns of his messiahship. Jes"s reb"(es him, beca"se he does not reco nize the si ns that are bein contin"ally i%en. Jes"s e5horts the people to recei%e the li ht that they may become the li ht. A 5#AR-.33 elated &ith himself stood forth amon' the multitudes and said to Jesus, 2) .ir, &e &ould ha"e ou demonstrate$ -f ou are trul Christ &ho &as to come, then ou can surel do &hat black ma'icians cannot do$ 1) !o, the can talk, and hold the multitudes &ith &ords of po&er9 and the can

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%0 heal the sick and dri"e the demons out of those obsessed9 *) The can control the storms9 and fire and earth and air &ill hear and ans&er &hen the speak$ ;) /o&, if ou &ill ascend and from that to&er fl across the sea, &e &ill belie"e that ou are sent from God$ <) And Jesus said, /o black ma'ician e"er li"ed a hol life9 ou ha"e a demonstration of the Christ+ life e"er da $ =) But lo, ou e"il and adulterous scribes and 5harisees, ou cannot see a spirit si'n, because our spirit e es are full of carnal self$ )) Aou seek a si'n to please our curiosit $ Aou &alk the "er lo&est planes of carnal life and cr , 5henomenaC sho& us a si'n and then &e &ill belie"e$ ,) - &as not sent to earth to bu up faith as men bu fish and fruit and rubbish in the streets$ (0) 6en seem to think it quite a fa"or done to me &hen the confess their faith in me and in the hol Christ$ (() >hat does it matter unto me as man if ou belie"e or disbelie"eE (2) Baith is not somethin' ou can bu &ith coin9 it is not somethin' ou can sell for 'old$ (1) 4nce 6art, a be''ar, follo&ed me and cried, Gi"e me a sil"er piece9 then &ill belie"e in ou$ (*) And ou are like this be''ar man9 ou offer to eFchan'e our faith for si'ns$ (;) But - &ill 'i"e to all the &orld one si'n as suret that the Christ abides &ith me$ (<) Aou all ha"e read the parable of Jonah and the fish, &herein it is recorded that the prophet spent three da s and ni'hts &ithin the stomach of the mi'ht fish, and then came forth$ (=) The son of man &ill spend three da s and ni'hts &ithin the heart of earth and then come forth a'ain, and men &ill see and kno&$ ()) Behold, the li'ht ma be so bri'ht that men cannot see an thin'$ (,) The .pirit li'ht has sho&n so bri'htl o"er Galilee that ou &ho hear me no& are blind$ 20) Aou ma ha"e read the &ords of prophet A:rael9 he said, The li'ht shall shine out bri'htl in the darkness of the ni'ht, and men shall comprehend it not$ 2() That time has come9 the li'ht shines forth9 ou see it not$ 22) The Mueen of .heba sat in darkest ni'ht and still she earned for li'ht$ 21) .he came to hear the &ords of &isdom from the lips of .olomon, and she belie"ed9 2*) And she became a li"in' torch, and &hen she reached her home, lo, all Arabia &as filled &ith li'ht$ 2;) A 'reater far than .olomon is here9 the Christ is here9 the %a .tar has risen, and ou re@ect the li'ht$ 2<) And ou remember /ine"eh, the &icked cit of Ass ria, &hich God had marked to be destro ed b shock and flame unless the people turned and &alked in &a s of ri'ht$ 2=) And Jonah raised his "oice and said, -n fort da s shall /ine"eh be ra:ed, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%1 and her &ealth shall be destro ed$

2)) The people heard and the belie"ed9 and the reformed and turned to &a s of ri'ht, and lo, their cit &as not ra:ed9 &as not destro ed$ 2,) Aou men of Galilee, - tell ou that Arabia and /ine"eh &ill testif a'ainst ou in the @ud'ment da $ 10) Behold, for e"er one to &hom - speak has in him all the fires of God9 but the are l in' dead$ 1() The &ill is bridled b the flesh desires, and it brin's not the ethers of the fires to "ibrate into li'ht$ 12) !ook, therefore, to our soul and note, -s not the li'ht &ithin ou dark as ni'htE 11) There is no breath but #ol Breath that eDer can fan our fires of life into a li"in' flame and make them li'ht$ 1*) And #ol Breath can raise the ethers of the fires to li'ht in none but hearts of purit and lo"e$ 1;) #ear, then, ou men of Galilee, 6ake pure the heart, admit the #ol Breath, and then our bodies &ill be full of li'ht$ 1<) And like a cit on a hill, our li'ht &ill shine afar, and thus our li'ht ma li'ht the &a for other men$ C#A5T3R (0) Jes"s reb"(es the people for selfishness. #he &hristines attend a feast, and Jes"s is cens"red by the Pharisee beca"se he )ashed not before he ate. Jes"s e5poses the hypocrisy of the r"lin classes and prono"nces "pon them many )oes. T#3 multitudes &ere &ild &ith selfish thou'ht9 none reco'ni:ed the ri'hts and needs of an other one$ 2) The stron'er pushed the &eak aside, and trampled on them in their haste to be the first to 'et a blessin' for himself$ 1) And Jesus said, Behold the ca'e of beasts untamed9 a den of stin'in' "ipers, maddened b their fiendish 'reed of selfish 'ainC *) - tell ou, men, the benefits that come to men &ho see no further than themsel"es are baubles in the mornin' li'ht9 ;) The are unreal9 the pass a&a $ The selfish soul is fed toda 9 the food does not assimilate9 the soul 'ro&s not, and then it must be fed a'ain, and then a'ain$ <) Behold, a selfish man obsessed b @ust one spirit of the air9 b the 4mnific >ord the spirit is cast out9 =) -t &anders throu'h dr places, seekin' rest and findin' none$ )) And then it comes a'ain9 the selfish man has failed to close and lock the door9 ,) The unclean spirit finds the house all s&ept and cleaned9 it enters in and takes &ith it full se"en other spirits more unclean than is itself9 and there the d&ell$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%% (0) The last state of the man is more than se"enfold more &retched than the first$ (() And so it is &ith ou &ho snatch the blessin's that belon' to other men$ (2) >hile Jesus spoke a certain &oman &ho stood near eFclaimed, 6ost blessed is the mother of this man of GodC (1) And Jesus said, Aes, blest is she9 but doubl blest are the &ho hear, recei"e and li"e the &ord of

God$ (*) A 5harisee of &ealth prepared a feast, and Jesus and the t&el"e, to'ether &ith the masters from afar, &ere 'uests$ (;) And Jesus did not &ash his hands accordin' to the strictest 5harisaic rules, before he ate9 &hen this the 5harisee obser"ed he mar"elled much$ (<) And Jesus said, 6 host, &h do ou mar"el that - did not &ash m handsE (=) The 5harisees &ash &ell their hands and feet9 the cleanse the bod e"er da &hen, lo, &ithin is e"er form of filth$ ()) Their hearts are full of &ickedness, eFtortions and deceit$ (,) %id not the God &ho made the outside of the bod make the inside, tooE 20) And then he said, >oe unto ou, ou 5hariseesC for ou tithe mint and rue, and e"er herb, and pass b @ud'ment and the lo"e of God$ 2() >oe unto ou, ou 5hariseesC ou lo"e the hi'hest seats in s na'o'ues and courts, and bid for salutations in the market place$ 22) >oe unto ou, ou tinseled 'entr of the landC no man &ould e"er think ou ser"ants of the !ord of hosts b &hat ou do$ 21) A la& er sittin' near remarked, Rabboni, our &ords are harsh, and then in &hat ou sa ou censure us9 and &h E 2*) And Jesus said, >oe unto ou, ou masters of the la&C ou heap 'reat burdens on the sons of men, ea, loads b far too 'reat for them to bear, and ou &ill ne"er help to bear a featherDs &ei'ht oursel"es$ 2;) >oe unto ouC ou build the tombs of prophets and of seers9 the &hom our fathers killed9 and ou are parties to the crimes$ 2<) And no& behold, for God has sent a'ain to ou his hol men + apostles, prophets, seers9 and ou are persecutin' them$ 2=) The time is near &hen ou &ill plead a'ainst them in the courts9 &ill spurn them on the streets9 &ill cast them into prison cells, and kill them &ith a fiendDs deli'ht$ 2)) - tell ou, men, the blood of all the hol men of God that has been shed from ri'hteous Abel do&n to that of ?acharias, father of hol John, 2,) >ho &as struck do&n beside the altar in the #ol 5lace9 10) The blood of all these hol men has made more red the hands of this un'odl 'eneration$ 1() >oe unto ou, ou masters of the la&C ou snatch the ke s of kno&led'e from the hands of men9 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%2 12) Aou close the doors9 ou enter not oursel"es, and suffer not the &illin' ones to enter in$ 11) #is &ords pro"oked the 5harisees, the la& ers and the scribes, and the , resentin', poured upon him torrents of abuse$ 1*) The truths he spoke came like a thunderbolt from hea"en9 the rulers counseled ho& the mi'ht ensnare him b his &ords9 the sou'ht a le'al &a to shed his blood$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%!

C#A5T3R (0, #he &hristines o to a place apart to pray. Jes"s )arns them a ainst the lea%en of the Pharisees and re%eals the fact that all tho" hts and deeds are recorded in !od's Boo( of 0emembrance. Man's responsibility and !od's care. /4>, &hen the feast &as finished, Jesus, &ith the forei'n masters and the t&el"e, &ith 6ar , 6iriam and a band of lo al &omen &ho belie"ed in Christ, &ent to a place apart to pra $ 2) And &hen their silence ended Jesus said, Be on our 'uard9 the lea"en of the 5harisees is bein' thro&n in e"er measure of the meal of life$ 1) -t is a poison that &ill taint &hate"er it ma touch9 and it &ill bli'ht the soul as sure as the fumes of %iabolos9 it is h pocris $ *) The 5harisees seem fair in speech, but the are diabolical in heart$ ;) And then the seem to think that thou'ht is somethin' the can lock &ithin themsel"es$ <) The do not seem to kno& that e"er thou'ht and &ish is photo'raphed and then preser"ed &ithin the Book of !ife to be re"ealed at an time the masters &ill$ =) That &hich is thou'ht, or &ished, or done in darkest ni'ht shall be proclaimed in bri'htest da 9 )) That &hich is &hispered in the ear &ithin the secret place shall be made kno&n upon the streets$ ,) And in the @ud'ment da &hen all the books are opened up, these men, and e"er other man, shall be a+@ud'ed, not b &hat the D"e said or done, (0) But b the &a s in &hich the used the thou'hts of God, and ho& the ethers of eternal lo"e &ere made to ser"e9 (() Bor men ma make these ethers ser"e the carnal self, or ser"e the hol self &ithin$ (2) Behold, these men ma kill the bod of this flesh9 but &hat of thatE the flesh is but a transitor thin', and soon, b natural la&, &ill pass9 (1) Their slau'hter onl hastens natureDs &ork a little time$ (*) And &hen the kill the flesh, the reach their bounds of po&er9 the cannot kill the soul$ (;) But nature is the keeper of the soul as of the flesh, and in the har"est time of soul, the trees of life are all inspected b the @ud'e9 (<) And e"er tree that bears no fruit of 'ood is plucked up b the roots and cast into the flames$ (=) >ho then shall ou re'ardE /ot him &ho has the po&er to kill the flesh, and nothin' more$ ()) Re'ard the mi'ht one &ho has the po&er to dissol"e both soul and bod in the flames of natureDs fire$ (,) But man is kin'9 he ma direct his thou'hts, his lo"es, his life, and 'ain the pri:e of e"erlastin' life$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1%9 20) And ou are not abandoned in our stru''le for the cro&n of life$ Aour Bather li"es, and ou shall li"e$ 2() God has a care for e"er li"in' thin'$ #e numbers stars, and suns, and moons9

22) #e numbers an'els, men and e"er thin' belo&9 the birds, the flo&ers, the trees9 21) The "er petals of the rose he kno&s b name, and e"er one is numbered in his Book of !ife9 2*) And e"er hair upon our head, and e"er drop of blood &ithin our "eins, he kno&s b number and b rh thm$ 2;) #e hears the birdlin'Ds call, the cricketDs chirp, the 'lo& &ormDs son'9 and not a sparro& falls to earth &ithout his kno&led'e and consent$ 2<) A sparro& seems a thin' of little &orth9 ea, fi"e of them are &orth t&o farthin's in the market place, and et God cares for e"er one of them$ 2=) >ill he not care much more for ou &ho bear his ima'e in our soulE 2)) Bear not to make confession of the Christ before the sons of men, and God &ill o&n ou as his sons and dau'hters in the presence of the host of hea"en$ 2,) -f ou den the Christ before the sons of men, then God &ill not recei"e ou as his o&n before the hosts of hea"en$ 10) And more - sa , Bear not &hen men shall brin' ou up before the rulers of the land to ans&er for our faith$ 1() Behold, the #ol Breath shall teach ou in our hour of need &hat ou should sa , and &hat is best left unsaid$ 12) And then the Christines &ent a'ain to teach the multitudes$ C#A5T3R ((0 Miriam sin s a son of %ictory. #he son . Jes"s re%eals the symbolic character of the $o"rney of Israel from E ypt to &anaan. A/% 6iriam stood before the sur'in' cro&d, and castin' up her e es to hea"en she sun' ane& the son' of "ictor 8 @< Brin forth the harp, the %ina and the lyre. brin forth the hi hest so"ndin cymbal, all ye choirs of hea%en. Join in the son , the ne), ne) son . A< #he +ord of hosts has stooped to hear the cries of men, and lo, the citadel of Beelzeb"b is sha(in as a leaf before the )ind. B< #he s)ord of !ideon is a ain "nsheathed. C< #he +ord, )ith his o)n hand has p"lled far bac( the c"rtains of the ni ht. the s"n of tr"th is floodin hea%en and earth. D< #he demons of the dar(, of i norance and death, are fleein fast. are disappearin as the de) beneath the mornin s"n. E< !od is o"r stren th and son . is o"r sal%ation and o"r hope, and )e )ill b"ild ane) a ho"se for him. ;< 2ill cleanse o"r hearts, and p"rify their chambers, e%ery one. 2e are the temple Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 12 of the *oly Breath. =< 2e need no more a tent )ithin the )ilderness. no more a temple b"ilt )ith hands. >?< 2e do not see( the *oly +and, nor yet Jer"salem. >>< 2e are the tent of !od. )e are his temple b"ilt )itho"t the so"nd of ed ed tools. >@< 2e are the *oly +and. )e are the /e) Jer"salem. Allel"$ah, praise the +ordF (1) And &hen the son' &as done the multitudes eFclaimed, 5raise God$ (*) And Jesus said,

Behold the &a C (;) The sons of men ha"e 'roped for a'es in the darkness of 3' ptian ni'ht$ (<) The 5haraohs of sense ha"e bound them &ith their chains$ (=) But God has &hispered throu'h the mists of time and told them of a land of libert and lo"e$ ()) And he has sent his !o'os forth to li'ht the &a $ (,) The Red .ea rolls bet&een the promised land and 3' ptDs sands$ 20) The Red .ea is the carnal mind$ 2() Behold, the !o'os reaches out his hand9 the sea di"ides9 the carnal mind is reft in t&ain9 the sons of men &alk throu'h dr shod$ 22) The 5haraohs of sense &ould sta them in their fli'ht9 the &aters of the sea return9 the 5haraohs of sense are lost and men are free$ 21) Bor @ust a little &hile men tread the &ilderness of .in9 the !o'os leads the &a 9 2*) And &hen at last men stand upon the JordanDs brink, these &aters sta , and men step forth into their o&n$ C#A5T3R ((( Jes"s teaches. A man re1"ests him to compel his brother to deal $"stly. Jes"s re%eals the di%ine la), the po)er of tr"th and the "ni%ersality of possessions. 0elates the parable of the rich man and his ab"ndant har%est. A/% Jesus tau'ht the multitudes9 and &hile he spoke a man stood forth and said, 2) Rabboni, hear m plea8 6 father died and left a lar'e estate9 m brother sei:ed it all, and no& refuses me m share$ 1) - pra that ou &ill bid him do the ri'ht, and 'i"e &hat is mine$ *) And Jesus said, - am not come to be a @ud'e in such affairs9 - am no henchman of the court$ ;) God sent me not to force a man to do the ri'ht$ <) -n e"er man there is a sense of ri'ht9 but man men re'ard it not$ =) The fumes that rise from selfishness ha"e formed a crust about their sense of ri'ht that "eils their inner li'ht, so that the cannot comprehend nor reco'ni:e Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 121 the ri'hts of other men$ )) This "eil ou cannot tear a&a b force of arms, and there is nau'ht that can dissol"e this crust but kno&led'e and lo"e of God$ ,) >hile men are in the mire, the skies seem far a&a 9 &hen men are on the mountain top, the skies are near, and the can almost touch the stars$ (0) Then Jesus turned and to the t&el"e he said, Behold the man in the mire of carnal lifeC (() The lea"en of truth &ill chan'e the mir cla to solid rock, and men can &alk and find the path that leads up to the mountain top$ (2) Aou cannot haste9 but ou can scatter forth this lea"en &ith a 'enerous hand$ (1) >hen men ha"e learned the truth that bears upon its face the la& of ri'ht, then the &ill haste to 'i"e e"er man his dues$ (*) Then to the people Jesus said, Take heed, and co"et not$ The &ealth of men does not consist in &hat the seem to ha"e + in lands, in sil"er and in 'old$ (;) These thin's are onl borro&ed &ealth$ /o man can corner up the 'ifts of

God$ (<) The thin's of nature are the thin's of God, and &hat is GodDs belon's to e"er man alike$ (=) The &ealth of soul lies in the purit of life, and in the &isdom that descends from hea"en$ ()) Behold, a rich manDs 'round brou'ht forth abundantl 9 his barns &ere far too small to hold his 'rain, and to himself he said, (,) >hat shall - doE - must not 'i"e m 'rain a&a 9 - must not let it 'o to &aste9 and then he said, 20) This &ill - do9 - &ill tear do&n these little barns and build up lar'er ones9 there - &ill store a&a m 'rain and - &ill sa , 2() 6 soul take no& our ease9 ou ha"e enou'h for man ears9 eat, drink and fill ourself and be content$ 22) But God looked do&n and sa& the man9 he sa& his selfish heart and said, 21) Aou foolish man, this ni'ht our soul &ill quit its house of flesh9 then &ho &ill ha"e our 'arnered &ealthE 2*) Aou men of Galilee, la not up treasures in the "aults of earth9 accumulated &ealth &ill bli'ht our soul$ 2;) God does not 'i"e men &ealth to hoard a&a in secret "aults$ 6en are but ste&ards of GodDs &ealth, and the must use it for the common 'ood$ 2<) To e"er ste&ard &ho is true to self, to other men, to e"er thin' that is, the !ord &ill sa , >ell done$ C#A5T3R ((2 #he &hristines in the home of Mary of Ma dala. Jes"s calls his disciples, G+ittle :loc(,G Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 12. and char es them to place their affections on di%ine thin s. *e teaches them re ardin the inner life. A/% Jesus left the multitudes and &ent &ith his disciples up to 6ar Ds home9 and as the sat about the board to dine he said, 2) 6 little flock, fear not9 it is our BatherDs &ill that ou shall rule the kin'dom of the soul$ 1) A ruler in the house of God is ser"ant of the !ord of #osts, and man cannot ser"e God eFcept b ser"in' men$ *) A ser"ant in the house of God cannot be ser"ant in the house of &ealth9 nor in the s na'o'ue of sense$ ;) -f ou are tied to lands, or bonds, or &ealth of earth, our hearts are knit to thin's of earth9 for &here our treasures are there are our hearts$ <) %ispose of all our &ealth, distribute it amon' the poor, and put our trust in God, and ou nor ours &ill e"er come to &ant$ =) This is a test of faith, and God &ill not accept the ser"ice of the faithless one$ )) The time is ripe9 our 6aster comes upon the clouds9 the eastern sk is 'lo&in' &ith his presence no&$ ,) 5ut on reception robes9 'ird up our loins9 trim up our lamps and fill them &ell &ith oil, and be prepared to meet our !ord9 &hen ou are read , he &ill come$ (0) Thrice blessed are the ser"ants &ho are read to recei"e their !ord$ (() Behold, for he &ill 'ird himself, and &ill prepare a sumptuous feast for e"er

one, and he himself &ill ser"e$ (2) -t matters not &hen he shall come9 it ma be at the second &atch9 it ma be at the third9 but blessed are the ser"ants &ho are read to recei"e$ (1) Aou cannot lea"e our door a@ar and 'o to sleep, and &ait in blissful i'norance of the fleetin' time9 (*) Bor thie"es &ill surel come and take a&a our 'oods and bind and carr ou a&a to robbersD dens$ (;) And if ou are not carried forth, the 6aster &hen he comes &ill not re'ard a sleepin' 'uard as friend, but as a foe$ (<) Belo"ed, these are times &hen e"er man must be a&ake and at his post, for none can tell the hour nor the da &hen man shall be re"ealed$ (=) And 5eter said, !ord is this parable for us, or for the multitudesE ()) And Jesus, >h need ou askE God is not a man that he should sho& respect for one and cast another off$ (,) >hoe"er &ill ma come and 'ird himself, and trim his lamp, and find a turret in the to&er of life &here he ma &atch, and be prepared to meet the !ord$ 20) But ou, as children of the li'ht, ha"e come, and ou ha"e learned the lan'ua'e of the court, and ma stand forth and lead the &a $ 2() But ou ma &ait, and think that ou are read to recei"e the !ord, and still he does not come$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 12/ 22) And ou ma 'ro& impatient and be'in to lon' for carnal &a s a'ain, and ma be'in to eFercise our rule9 21) To beat, and other&ise maltreat the ser"ants of the house, and fill oursel"es &ith &ine and meat$ 2*) And &hat &ill sa the !ord &hen he shall comeE 2;) Behold, for he &ill cast the faithless ser"ant from his house9 and man ears &ill come and 'o before he can be cleansed, and be thou'ht &orth to recei"e his !ord$ 2<) The ser"ant &ho has come into the li'ht, &ho kno&s the 6asterDs &ill and does it not9 the trusted 'uard &ho 'oes to sleep &ithin the turret of the to&er of life, 2=) .hall feel the lash of @ustice man times, &hile he &ho does not kno& his 6asterDs &ill and does it not, &ill not recei"e the 'ra"er punishment$ 2)) The man &ho comes and stands before the open door of opportunit and does not enter in, but 'oes his &a , 2,) >ill come a'ain and find the door made fast, and &hen he calls, the door &ill open not, 10) The 'uard &ill sa , ou had the pass+&ord once, but ou thre& it a&a and no& the 6aster kno&s ou not9 depart$ 1() And "eril - sa to ou, To &hom much has been 'i"en, much is required9 to &hom a little has been 'i"en, a little onl is required$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 120 C#A5T3R ((1 In ans)er to a 1"estion of +amaas, Jes"s teaches a lesson on the rei n of peace

and the )ay to it thro" h anta onisms. #he si ns of the times. !"idance of the *oly Breath. #he &hristines o to Bethsaida. /4>, after the had dined, the 'uests and Jesus all &ere in a spacious hall in 6ar Ds home$ 2) And then !amaas said, 5ra , tell us !ord, is this the da&n of peaceE 1) #a"e &e come forth unto the time &hen men &ill &ar no moreE *) Are ou, indeed, the 5rince of 5eace that hol men said &ould comeE ;) And Jesus said, 5eace rei'ns toda 9 it is the peace of death$ <) A sta'nant pool abides in peace$ >hen &aters cease to mo"e the soon are ladened &ith the seeds of death9 corruption d&ells in e"er drop$ =) The li"in' &aters al&a s leap and skip about like lambs in .prin'$ )) The nations are corrupt9 the sleep &ithin the arms of death and the must be aroused before it is too late$ ,) -n life &e find anta'onists at &ork$ God sent me here to stir unto its depths the &aters of the sea of life$ (0) 5eace follo&s strife9 - come to sla this peace of death$ The prince of peace must first be prince of strife$ (() This lea"en of truth &hich - ha"e brou'ht to men &ill stir the demons up, and nations, cities, families &ill be at &ar &ithin themsel"es$ (2) The fi"e that ha"e been d&ellin' in a home of peace &ill be di"ided no&, and t&o shall &ar &ith three9 (1) The son &ill stand a'ainst his sire9 the mother and the dau'hter &ill contend9 ea, strife &ill rei'n in e"er home$ (*) The self and 'reed and doubt &ill ra'e into a fe"er heat, and then, because of me, the earth &ill be bapti:ed in human blood$ (;) But ri'ht is kin'9 and &hen the smoke is cleared a&a the nations &ill learn &ar no more9 the 5rince of 5eace &ill come to rei'n$ (<) Behold, the si'ns of &hat - sa are in the sk 9 but men can see them not$ (=) >hen men behold a cloud rise in the &est the sa , A sho&er of rain &ill come, and so it does9 and &hen the &ind blo&s from the south the sa , The &eather &ill be hot9 and it is so$ ()) !o, men can read the si'ns of earth and sk , but the cannot discern the si'ns of #ol Breath9 but ou shall kno&$ (,) The storm of &rath comes on9 the carnal man &ill seek a cause to hale ou into court, and cast ou into prison cells$ 20) And &hen these times shall come let &isdom 'uide9 do not resent$ Resentment makes more stron' the &rath of e"il men$ 2() There is a little sense of @ustice and of merc in the "ilest men of earth$ 22) B takin' heed to &hat ou do and sa and trustin' in the 'uidance of the #ol Breath, ou ma inspire this sense to 'ro&$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 121 21) Aou thus ma make the &rath of men to praise the !ord$ 2*) The Christines &ent their &a , and came unto Bethsaida and tau'ht$ C#A5T3R ((* A reat storm on the sea destroys many li%es. Jes"s ma(es an appeal for aid, and the people i%e )ith a enero"s hand. In ans)er to a la)yer's 1"estion,

Jes"s i%es the philosophy of disasters. A. Jesus tau'ht, a man stood forth and said, Rabboni, ma - speakE 2) And Jesus said, .a on$ And then the man spoke out and said, 1) A storm upon the sea last ni'ht &recked man fishin' boats, and scores of men &ent do&n to death, and lo, their &i"es and children are in need9 *) >hat can be done to help them in their sore distressE ;) And Jesus said, A &orth plea$ Aou men of Galilee, take heed$ >e ma not brin' a'ain to life these men, but &e can succour those &ho looked to them for dail bread$ <) Aou ste&ards of the &ealth of God, an opportunit has come9 unlock our "aults9 brin' forth our hoarded 'old9 besto& it &ith a la"ish hand$ =) This &ealth &as laid aside for @ust times as these9 &hen it &as needed not, lo, it &as ours to 'uard9 )) But no& it is not ours, for it belon's to those &ho are in &ant, and if ou 'i"e it not ou simpl brin' upon our heads the &rath of God$ ,) -t is not charit to 'i"e to those &ho need9 it is but honest 9 it is but 'i"in' men their o&n$ (0) Then Jesus turned to Judas, one of the t&el"e, &ho &as the treasurer of the band, and said, (() Brin' forth our treasure boF9 the mone is not ours no&9 turn e"er farthin' to the help those in such distress$ (2) /o&, Judas did not &ish to 'i"e the mone all to those in &ant, and so he talked &ith 5eter, James and John$ (1) #e said, !o, - &ill sa"e a certain part and 'i"e the rest9 that surel is enou'h for us, for &e are stran'ers to the ones in &ant9 &e do not e"en kno& their names$ (*) But 5eter said, >h , Judas, man, ho& do ou dare to think to trifle &ith the stren'th of ri'htE (;) The !ord has spoken true9 this &ealth does not belon' to us in face of this distress, and to refuse to 'i"e it is to steal$ (<) Aou need not fear9 &e &ill not come to &ant$ (=) Then Judas opened up the treasure boF and 'a"e the mone all$ ()) And there &as 'old and sil"er, food, and raiment in abundance for the needs Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 12% of the berea"ed$ (,) A la& er said, Rabboni, if God rules the &orlds and all that in them is, did he not brin' about this stormE did he not sla these menE 20) #as he not brou'ht this sore distress upon these people hereE and &as it done to punish them for crimesE 2() And &e remember &ell &hen once a band of earnest Je&s from Galilee &ere in Jerusalem, and at a feast and &ere, for fancied crimes a'ainst the Roman la&, 22) Cut do&n &ithin the "er temple court b 5ontius 5ilate9 and their blood became their sacrifice$ 21) %id God brin' on this slau'hter all because these men &ere doubl "ileE 2*) And then &e brin' to mind that once a to&er called .iloam 'raced the

defenses of Jerusalem, and, seemin'l , &ithout a cause it tottered and it fell to earth and ei'hteen men &ere killed$ 2;) >ere these men "ileE and &ere the slain as punishment for some 'reat crimeE 2<) And Jesus said, >e cannot look upon a sin'le span of life and @ud'e of an thin'$ 2=) There is a la& that men must reco'ni:e8 Result depends on cause$ 2)) 6en are not motes to float about &ithin the air of one short life, and then be lost in nothin'ness$ 2,) The are und in' parts of the eternal &hole that come and 'o, lo, man times into the air of earth and of the 'reat be ond, @ust to unfold the God+like self$ 10) A cause ma be a part of one brief life9 results ma not be noted till another life$ 1() The cause of our results cannot be found &ithin m life, nor can the cause of m results be found in ours$ 12) - cannot reap eFcept - so& and - must reap &hateDer - so&, 11) The la& of all eternities is kno&n to master minds8 1*) >hate"er men do unto other men the @ud'e and eFecutioner &ill do to them$ 1;) >e do not note the eFecution of this la& amon' the sons of men$ 1<) >e note the &eak dishonored, trampled on and slain b those men call the stron'$ 1=) >e note that men &ith &ood+like heads are seated in the chairs of state9 1)) Are kin's and @ud'es, senators and priests, &hile men &ith 'iant intellects are sca"en'ers about the streets$ 1,) >e note that &omen &ith a moiet of common sense, and not a &hit of an other kind, are painted up and dressed as queens, *0) Becomin' ladies of the courts of puppet kin's, because the ha"e the form of somethin' beautiful9 &hile GodDs o&n dau'hters are their sla"es, or ser"e as common laborers in the field$ *() The sense of @ustice cries aloud8 This is a tra"est on ri'ht$ *2) .o &hen men see no further than one little span of life it is no &onder that the sa , There is no God, or if there is a God he is a t rant and should die$ *1) -f ou &ould @ud'e ari'ht of human life, ou must arise and stand upon the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 122 crest of time and note the thou'hts and deeds of men as the ha"e come up throu'h the a'es past9 **) Bor &e must kno& that man is not a creature made of cla to turn a'ain to cla and disappear$ *;) #e is a part of the eternal &hole$ There ne"er &as a time &hen he &as not9 a time &ill ne"er come &hen he &ill not eFist$ *<) And no& &e look9 the men &ho no& are sla"es &ere t rants once9 the men &ho no& are t rants ha"e been sla"es$ *=) The men &ho suffer no& once stood aloft and shouted &ith a fiendDs deli'ht &hile others suffered at their hands$ *)) And men are sick, and halt, and lame, and blind because the once trans'ressed the la&s of perfect life, and e"er la& of God must be fulfilled$ *,) 6an ma escape the punishment that seems but due for his mis+doin's in this life9 but e"er deed and &ord and thou'ht has its o&n metes and bounds,

;0) -s cause, and has its o&n results, and if a &ron' be done, the doer of the &ron' must make it ri'ht$ ;() And &hen the &ron's ha"e all been ri'hted then &ill man arise and be at one &ith God$ C#A5T3R ((; Jes"s teaches by the sea. *e relates the parable of the so)er. #ells )hy he teaches in parables. E5plains the parable of the so)er. 0elates the parable of the )heat and tares. A/% Jesus stood beside the sea and tau'ht9 the multitudes pressed close upon him and he &ent into a boat that &as near b and put a little &a s from shore, and then he spoke in parables9 he said, 2) Behold, a so&er took his seed and &ent into his field to so&$ 1) >ith la"ish hand he scattered forth the seed and some fell in the hardened paths that men had made, *) And soon &ere crushed beneath the feet of other men9 and birds came do&n and carried all the seeds a&a $ ;) .ome seed fell on rock 'round &here there &as little soil9 the 're& and soon the blades appeared and promised much9 <) But then there &as no depth of soil, no chance for nourishment, and in the heat of noonda sun the &ithered up and died$ =) .ome seed fell &here thistles 're&, and found no earth in &hich to 'ro& and the &ere lost9 )) But other seed found lod'ement in the rich and tender soil and 're& apace, and in the har"est it &as found that some brou'ht forth a hundred fold, some siFt fold, some thirt fold$ ,) The &ho ha"e ears to hear ma hear9 the &ho ha"e hearts to understand ma kno&$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 12! (0) /o&, his disciples &ere beside him in the boat, and Thomas asked, >h do ou speak in parablesE (() And Jesus said, 6 &ords, like e"er masterDs &ords, are dual in their sense$ (2) To ou &ho kno& the lan'ua'e of the soul, m &ords ha"e meanin's far too deep for other men to comprehend$ (1) The other sense of &hat - sa is all the multitude can understand9 these &ords are food for them9 the inner thou'hts are food for ou$ (*) !et e"er one reach forth and take the food that he is read to recei"e$ (;) And then he spoke that all mi'ht hear9 he said, #ear ou the meanin' of the parable8 (<) 6en hear m &ords and understand them not, and then the carnal self purloins the seed, and not a si'n of spirit life appears$ (=) This is the seed that fell &ithin the beaten paths of men$ ()) And others hear the &ords of life, and &ith a fier :eal recei"e them all9 the seem to comprehend the truth and promise &ell9 (,) But troubles come9 discoura'ements arise9 there is no depth of thou'ht9 their 'ood intentions &ither up and die$ 20) These are the seeds that fell in ston 'round$ 2() And others hear the &ords of truth and seem to kno& their &orth9 but lo"e

of pleasure, reputation, &ealth and fame fill all the soil9 the seeds are nourished not and the are lost$ 22) These are the seeds that fell amon' the thistles and the thorns$ 21) But others hear the &ords of truth and comprehend them &ell9 the sink do&n deep into their souls9 the li"e the hol life and all the &orld is blest$ 2*) These are the seeds that fell in fertile soil, that brou'ht forth fruit abundantl $ 2;) Aou men of Galilee, take heed to ho& ou hear and ho& ou culti"ate our fields9 for if ou sli'ht the offers of this da , the so&er ma not come to ou a'ain in this or in the a'e to come$ 2<) Then Jesus spoke another parable9 he said8 2=) The kin'dom - ma liken to a field in &hich a man so&ed precious seed9 2)) But &hile he slept an e"il one &ent forth and so&ed a measure full of darnel seed9 then &ent his &a $ 2,) The soil &as 'ood, and so the &heat and darnel 're&9 and &hen the ser"ants sa& the tares amon' the &heat, the found the o&ner of the field and said, 10) Aou surel so&ed 'ood seed9 from &hence these taresE 1() The o&ner said, .ome e"il one has so&n the seed of tares$ 12) The ser"ants said, .hall &e 'o out and pull up b the roots the tares and burn them in the fireE 11) The o&ner said, /o, that &ould not be &ell$ The &heat and tares 'ro& close to'ether in the soil, and &hile ou pull the tares ou &ould destro the &heat$ 1*) .o &e &ill let them 'ro& to'ether till the har"est time$ Then to the reapers &ill sa , 1;) Go forth and 'ather up the tares and bind them up and burn them in the fire, and 'ather all the &heat into m barns$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 129 1<) >hen he had spoken thus, he left the boat and &ent up to the house, and his disciples follo&ed him$ C#A5T3R ((< #he &hristines are in Philip's home. Jes"s interprets the parable of the )heat and tares. *e e5plains the "nfoldment of the (in dom by parablesH the ood seed. the ro)th of the tree. the lea%en. the hidden treas"re. *e oes to a mo"ntain to pray. T#3 Christines &ere in 5hilipDs home and 5eter said to Jesus, !ord, &ill ou eFplain to us the meanin' of the parables ou spoke toda E The one about the &heat and tares, especiall E 2) And Jesus said, GodDs kin'dom is a dualit 9 it has an outer and an inner form$ 1) As seen b man it is composed of men, of those &ho make confession of the name of Christ$ *) Bor "arious reasons "arious people cro&d this outer kin'dom of our God$ ;) The inner kin'dom is the kin'dom of the soul, the kin'dom of the pure in heart$ <) The outer kin'dom - ma &ell eFplain in parables$ Behold, for - ha"e seen ou cast a 'reat net out into the sea, =) And &hen ou hauled it in, lo, it &as full of e"er kind of fish, some 'ood,

some bad, some 'reat, some small9 and - ha"e seen ou sa"e the 'ood and thro& the bad a&a $ )) This outer kin'dom is the net, and e"er kind of man is cau'ht9 but in the sortin' da the bad &ill all be cast a&a , the 'ood reser"ed$ ,) #ear, then, the meanin' of the parable of the &heat and tares8 (0) The so&er is the son of man9 the field, the &orld9 the 'ood seed are the children of the li'ht9 the tares, the children of the dark9 the enem , the carnal self9 the har"est da , the closin' of the a'e9 the reapers are the messen'ers of God$ (() The reckonin' da &ill come to e"er man9 then &ill the tares be 'athered up, and cast into the fire and be burned$ (2) Then &ill the 'ood shine forth as suns in the kin'dom of the soul$ (1) And 5hilip said, 6ust men and &omen suffer in the flames because the ha"e not found the &a of lifeE (*) And Jesus said, The fire purifies$ The chemist thro&s into the fire the ores that hold all kinds of dross$ (;) The useless metal seems to be consumed9 but not a 'rain of 'old is lost$ (<) There is no man that has not in him 'old that cannot be destro ed$ The e"il Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1! thin's of men are all consumed in fire9 the 'old sur"i"es$ (=) The inner kin'dom of the soul - ma eFplain in parables8 ()) The son of man 'oes forth and scatters seeds of truth9 God &aters &ell the soil9 the seeds sho& life and 'ro&9 first comes the blade, and then the stalk, and then the ear, and then the full &heat in the ear$ (,) The har"est comes and, lo, the reapers bear the ripened shea"es into the 'arner of the !ord$ 20) A'ain, this kin'dom of the soul is like a little seed that men ma plant in fertile soil$ 2() (A thousand of these seeds &ould scarcel be a shekelDs &ei'ht$) 22) The tin seed be'ins to 'ro&9 it pushes throu'h the earth, and after ears of 'ro&th it is a mi'ht tree and birds rest in its leaf bo&ers and men find refu'e Dneath its shelterin' bou'hs from sun and storm$ 21) A'ain, the truth, the spirit of the kin'dom of the soul, is like a ball of lea"en that a &oman hid in measures, three, of flour and in a little time the &hole &as lea"ened$ 2*) A'ain, the kin'dom of the soul is like a treasure hidden in a field &hich one has found, and strai'hta&a 'oes his &a and sells all that he has and bu s the field$ 2;) >hen Jesus had thus said he &ent alone into a mountain pass near b to pra $ C#A5T3R ((= A royal feast is held in Machaer"s. John, the harbin er, is beheaded. *is body is b"ried in *ebron. *is disciples mo"rn. #he &hristines cross the sea in the ni ht. Jes"s calms a ra in storm. A R4AA! feast &as held in honor of the birthda of the tetrarch in fortified

6achaerus, east of the Bitter .ea$ 2) The tetrarch, #erod, and his &ife, #erodias, to'ether &ith .alome &ere there9 and all the men and &omen of the ro al court &ere there$ 1) And &hen the feast &as done, lo, all the 'uests and courtiers &ere drunk &ith &ine9 the danced and leaped about like children in their pla $ *) .alome, dau'hter of #erodias, came in and danced before the kin'$ The beaut of her form, her 'race and &innin' &a s entranced the sill #erod, then half drunk &ith &ine$ ;) #e called the maiden to his side and said, .alome, ou ha"e &on m heart, and ou ma ask and - &ill 'i"e ou an thin' ou &ish$ <) The maiden ran in childish 'lee and told her mother &hat the ruler said$ =) #er mother said, Go back and sa , Gi"e me the head of John, the harbin'er$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!1 )) The maiden ran and told the ruler &hat she &ished$ ,) And #erod called his trust eFecutioner and said to him, Go to the to&er and tell the keeper that b m authorit ou come to eFecute the prisoner kno&n as John$ (0) The man &ent forth and in a little &hile returned and on a platter bore the lifeless head of John, and #erod offered it unto the maiden in the presence of the 'uests$ (() The maiden stood aloof9 her innocence &as outra'ed &hen she sa& the blood 'ift, and she &ould touch it not$ (2) #er mother, steeped and hardened &ell in crime, came up and took the head and held it up before the 'uests and said, (1) This is the fate of e"er man &ho dares to scorn, or critici:e, the acts of him &ho rei'ns$ (*) The drunken rabble 'a:ed upon the 'ruesome si'ht &ith fiendish @o $ (;) The head &as taken back unto the to&er$ The bod had been 'i"en unto hol men &ho had been friends of John9 the placed it in a burial case and carried it a&a $ (<) The bore it to the Jordan, &hich the crossed @ust at the ford &here John first preached the &ord9 (=) And throu'h the passes of the Judean hills the carried it$ ()) The reached the sacred 'rounds near #ebron, &here the bodies of the parents of the harbin'er la in their tombs9 (,) And there the buried it9 and then the &ent their &a $ 20) /o&, &hen the ne&s reached Galilee that John &as dead the people met to sin' the sonnets of the dead$ 2() And Jesus and the forei'n masters and the t&el"e took ship to cross the sea of Galilee$ 22) A scribe, a faithful friend of John, stood b the sea9 he called to Jesus and he said, Rabboni, let me follo& &here ou 'o$ 21) And Jesus said, Aou seek a safe retreat from e"il men$ There is no safet for our life &ith me9 2*) Bor e"il men &ill take m life as the ha"e taken JohnDs$ 2;) The foFes of the earth ha"e safe retreats9 the birds ha"e nests secure amon'

the hidden rocks, but - ha"e not a place &here - ma la m head and rest secure$ 2<) Then an apostle said, !ord, suffer me to tarr here a &hile, that - ma take m father, &ho is dead, and la him in the tomb$ 2=) But Jesus said, The dead can care for those &ho die9 the li"in' &ait for those &ho li"e9 come, follo& me$ 2)) The e"enin' came9 three boats put out to sea and Jesus rested in the foremost boat9 he slept$ 2,) A storm came on9 the boats &ere tossed about like to s upon the sea$ 10) The &aters s&ept the decks9 the hard boatmen &ere afraid lest all be lost$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!. 1() And Thomas found the master fast asleep9 he called, and Jesus &oke$ 12) And Thomas said, Behold the stormC ha"e ou no care for usE The boats are 'oin' do&n$ 11) And Jesus stood9 he raised his hand9 he talked unto the spirits of the &inds and &a"es as men &ould talk &ith men$ 1*) And, lo, the &inds ble& not9 the &a"es came tremblin'l and kissed his feet9 the sea &as calm$ 1;) And then he said, Aou men of faith, &here is our faithE for ou can speak and &inds and &a"es &ill hear and &ill obe $ 1<) And the disciples &ere ama:ed$ The said, >ho is this man that e"en &inds and &a"es obe his "oiceE C#A5T3R (() #he &hristines are in !adara. Jes"s casts a le ion of "nclean spirits o"t of a man. #he spirits o into %icio"s animals )hich r"n into the sea, and are dro)ned. #he people are in fear and re1"est Jes"s to lea%e their coast. 2ith his disciples, he ret"rns to &aperna"m. T#3 mornin' came9 the Christines landed in the countr of the Geracenes$ 2) The &ent to Gadara, chief cit of the 5eracans, and here for certain da s the tarried and the tau'ht$ 1) /o&, le'ends hold that Gadara is sacred to the dead, and all the hills about are kno&n as hol 'round$ *) These are the burial 'rounds of all the re'ions round about9 the hills are full of tombs9 and man dead from Galilee are here entombed$ ;) /o&, spirits of the latel dead that cannot rise to hi'her planes, remain about the tombs that hold the flesh and bones of &hat &as once their mortal homes$ <) The sometimes take possession of the li"in', &hom the torture in a hundred &a s$ =) And all throu'h Gadara &ere men obsessed, and there &as no one stron' enou'h to brin' relief$ )) That the mi'ht meet these hidden foes and learn the &a to dispossess the e"il ones the master took the forei'n masters and the t&el"e into the tombs$ ,) And as the neared the 'ates the met a man obsessed$ A le'ion of the unclean ones &ere in this man, and the had made him stron'9 (0) And none could bind him do&n, no, not &ith chains9 for he could break the

stoutest chains, and 'o his &a $ (() /o&, unclean spirits cannot li"e in li'ht9 the re"el in the dark$ (2) >hen Jesus came he brou'ht the li'ht of life, and all the e"il spirits &ere disturbed$ (1) The leader of the le'ion in the man called out, Thou Jesus, thou -mmanuel, &e be' that thou &ilt not consi'n us to the depths$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!/ Torment us not before our time$ (*) And Jesus said, >hat is our number and our nameE (;) The e"il spirit said, 4ur name is le'ion, and our number is the number of the beast$ (<) And Jesus spoke9 and &ith a "oice that shook the "er hills, he said, Come forth9 possess this man no more$ (=) /o&, all the hills &ere filled &ith unclean animals that fed, and carried forth and spread the pla'ue amon' the people of the land$ ()) And &hen the e"il spirits be''ed that the mi'ht not be dri"en forth &ithout a home, the master said, (,) Go forth and take possession of the unclean quadrupeds$ 20) And the , and all the e"il spirits of the tombs &ent forth and took possession of the breeders of the pla'ue, 2() >hich, &ild &ith ra'e, ran do&n the steeps into the sea, and all &ere dro&ned$ 22) And all the land &as freed of the conta'ion, and the unclean spirits came no more$ 21) But &hen the people sa& the mi'ht &orks that Jesus did the &ere alarmed$ The said, 2*) -f he can free the countr of the pla'ue, and dri"e the unclean spirits out, he is a man of such transcendent po&er that he can de"astate our land at &ill$ 2;) And then the came and pra ed that he &ould not remain in Gadara$ 2<) And Jesus did not tarr lon'er there, and &ith the other masters and the t&el"e, he &ent aboard the boats to 'o a&a $ 2=) The man &ho had been rescued from the unclean le'ion stood upon the shore and said, !ord let me 'o &ith ou$ 2)) But Jesus said, -t is not &ell9 'o forth unto our home and tell the ne&s, that men ma kno& &hat man can do &hen he is tuned &ith God$ 2,) And then the man &ent forth throu'h all %ecapolis and told the ne&s$ 10) The Christines sailed a&a , re+crossed the sea and came a'ain into Capernaum$ C#A5T3R ((, #he people of &aperna"m )elcome Jes"s. Matthe) i%es a feast. #he Pharisees reb"(e Jes"s for eatin )ith sinners. *e tells them that he is sent to sa%e sinners. *e i%es lessons on fastin and on the philosophy of ood and e%il. T#3 ne&s soon spread throu'h all the land that Jesus &as at home and then the people came in thron's to &elcome him$ 2) And 6atthe&, one of the t&el"e, a man of &ealth, &hose home &as in Capernaum, spread forth a sumptuous feast, and Jesus and the forei'n masters

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!0 and the t&el"e, and people of all shades of thou'ht, &ere 'uests$ 1) And &hen the 5harisees obser"ed that Jesus sat and ate &ith publicans and those of ill repute the said, *) Bor shameC This man &ho claims to be man of God, consorts &ith publicans and courtesans and &ith the common herd of men$ Bor shameC ;) >hen Jesus kne& their thou'hts he said, The &ho are &ell cannot be healed9 the pure need not be sa"ed$ <) The &ho are &ell are &hole9 the &ho are pure are sa"ed$ =) The &ho lo"e @ustice and do ri'ht need not repent9 - came not unto them, but to the sinner - am come$ )) A band of JohnDs disciples &ho had heard that John &as dead &ere &earin' bad'es for their dead9 ,) >ere fastin' and &ere pra in' in their hearts, &hich &hen the 5harisees obser"ed the came to Jesus and the said, (0) >h fast the follo&ers of John and our disciples do not fastE (() And Jesus said, !o, ou are masters of the la&9 ou ou'ht to kno&9 perhaps ou &ill make kno&n our kno&led'e to these men$ (2) >hat are the benefits deri"ed from fastsE The 5harisees &ere mute9 the ans&ered not$ (1) Then Jesus said, The "ital force of men depends on &hat the eat and drink$ (*) -s spirit+life the stron'er &hen the "ital force is &eakE -s sainthood reached b star"in', self imposedE (;) A 'lutton is a sinner in the si'ht of God, and he is not a saint &ho makes himself a &eaklin' and unfitted for the hea" tasks of life b scornin' to make use of GodDs o&n means of stren'th$ (<) !o, John is dead, and his de"oted follo&ers are fastin' in their 'rief$ (=) Their lo"e for him impels them on to sho& respect, for the ha"e thou'ht, and ha"e been tau'ht that it is sin to li'htl treat the memor of the dead$ ()) To them it is a sin, and it is &ell that the should fast$ (,) >hen men def their consciences and listen not to &hat the sa , the heart is 'rie"ed and the become unfitted for the &ork of life9 and thus the sin$ 20) The conscience ma be tau'ht$ 4ne man ma do in conscience &hat another cannot do$ 2() >hat is a sin for me to do ma not be sin for ou to do$ The place ou occup upon the &a of life determines &hat is sin$ 22) There is no chan'eless la& of 'ood9 for 'ood and e"il both are @ud'ed b other thin's$ 21) 4ne man ma fast and in his deep sincerit of heart is blest$ 2*) Another man ma fast and in the faithlessness of such a task imposed is cursed$ 2;) Aou cannot make a bed to fit the form of e"er man$ -f ou can make a bed to fit ourself ou ha"e done &ell$ 2<) >h should these men &ho follo& me resort to fastin', or to an thin' that &ould impair their stren'thE The need it all to ser"e the race$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!1

2=) The time &ill come &hen God &ill let ou ha"e our &a , and ou &ill do to me &hat #erod did to John9 2)) And in the a&fulness of that sad hour these men &ill fast$ 2,) The &ho ha"e ears to hear ma hear9 the &ho ha"e hearts to feel ma understand$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!% C#A5T3R (20 /icodem"s is at the feast. *e as(s Jes"s, &annot the &hristine reli ion be introd"ced more s"ccessf"lly by reformin the Je)ish ser%ice3 Jes"s ans)ers in the ne ati%e and i%es his reasons. Jes"s heals a )oman )ith hemorrha es. *eals Jair"s' da" hter. -isappears )hen the people )o"ld )orship him. /4>, /icodemus, &ho once came to Jesus in the ni'ht to learn the &a of life, &as one amon' the 'uests$ 2) And standin' forth he said, Rabboni, it is true that Je&ish la&s and Je&ish practices do not a'ree$ 1) The priesthood needs to be reformed9 the rulers should become more merciful and kind9 the la& ers should become more @ust9 the common people should not bear such loads$ *) But could &e not 'ain these reforms and not destro the ser"ice of the Je&sE ;) Could ou not harmoni:e our mi'ht &ork &ith that of 5harisee and scribeE 6i'ht not the priesthood be a benefit to our di"ine philosoph E <) But Jesus said, Aou cannot put ne& &ine in ancient skins, for &hen it purifies itself, lo, it eFpands9 the ancient bottles cannot bear the strain9 the burst, and all the &ine is lost$ =) 6en do not mend a &orn+out 'arment &ith a piece of cloth un&orn, &hich cannot ield to suit the fabric, &eak &ith a'e, and then a 'reater rent appears$ )) 4ld &ine ma be preser"ed in ancient skins9 but ne& &ine calls for bottles ne&$ ,) This spirit+truth - brin' is to this 'eneration ne&, and if &e put it in the ancient skins of Je&ish forms, lo, it &ill all be lost$ (0) -t must eFpand9 the ancient bottles cannot ield and the &ould burst$ (() Behold the kin'dom of the ChristC it is as old as God himself, and et it is as ne& as mornin' sun9 it onl can contain the truth of God$ (2) And as he spoke a ruler of the s na'o'ue, Jairus b name, came in and bo&ed at JesusD feet and said, (1) 6 master, hear m pra erC 6 child is "er sick, - fear that she &ill die9 but this - kno& that if ou &ill but come and speak the >ord m child &ill li"e$ (*) (.he &as an onl child, a 'irl t&el"e ears of a'e$) (;) And Jesus tarried not9 he &ent out &ith the man, and man people follo&ed them$ (<) And as the &ent a &oman &ho had been pla'ued &ith hemorrha'e for man ears, had been a sub@ect of eFperiment of doctors near and far, and all had said, .he cannot li"e, rose from her bed and rushed out in the &a as Jesus passed$ (=) .he said &ithin herself, If I can to"ch his arment, then I (no) I )ill be )ell. ()) .he touched him, and at once the bleedin' ceased and she &as &ell$ (,) And Jesus felt that healin' po&er had 'one from him, and speakin' to the

multitude, he said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!2 20) >ho &as it touched m coatE 2() And 5eter said, /o one can tell9 the multitudes are pressin' ou9 a score of people ma ha"e touched our coat$ 22) But Jesus said, .ome one in faith, &ith healin' thou'ht, did touch m coat, for healin' "irtues ha"e 'one forth from me$ 21) And &hen the &oman kne& that &hat she did &as kno&n, she came and knelt at JesusD feet and told it all$ 2*) And Jesus said, Aour faith has made ou &hole, 'o on our &a in peace$ 2;) /o&, as he spoke, a ser"ant from the home of Jairus came and said, 6 master, Jairus, trouble not the !ord to come9 our child is dead$ 2<) But Jesus said, Jairus, man of faith, do not permit our faith to &a"er in this tr in' hour$ 2=) >hat is it that the ser"ant saidE The child is deadE !o, &hat is deathE 2)) -t is the passin' of the soul out of the house of flesh$ 2,) 6an is the master of the soul and of its house$ >hen man has risen up from doubt and fear, lo, he can cleanse the empt house and brin' the tenant back a'ain$ 10) Then takin' &ith him 5eter, James and John, Jairus and the mother of the child, he &ent into the chamber of the dead$ 1() And &hen the doors &ere closed a'ainst the multitude, he spoke a &ord that souls can understand, and then he took the maiden b the hand and said, 12) Talith cumi, child, ariseC The maidenDs soul returned and she arose and asked for food$ 11) And all the people of the cit &ere ama:ed, and man &ould ha"e &orshipped Jesus as a God$ 1*) But, like a phantom of the ni'ht, he disappeared and &ent his &a $ C#A5T3R (2( #he &hristines are in /azareth. Miriam sin s a &hristine son of praise. Jes"s teaches in the syna o "e. *e heals a d"mb man )ho is obsessed. #he people do not belie%e in him. #he Pharisees call him a tool of Beelzeb"b. #he &hristines o to &ana. -T &as a 'ala da in /a:areth$ The people there had met &ith one accord to celebrate some 'reat e"ent$ 2) And Jesus and the forei'n masters and the t&el"e, and 6ar , mother of the !ord, and 6iriam &ere there$ 1) And &hen the people &ere assembled in the 'reat hall of the to&n, the 'raceful sin'er, 6iriam, stood and san' a son' of praise$ *) But fe& of all the multitude kne& &ho the sin'er &as9 but instantl she &on all hearts$ ;) Bor man da s she san' the son's of -srael, and then she &ent her &a $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!! <) The .abbath came and Jesus &ent into the s na'o'ue$ #e took the book of 5salms and read8 E< Blest is the man )ho p"ts his tr"st in !od, respectin not the pro"d nor s"ch as

t"rn aside to lies. ;< 9 lord, my !od, the )or(s that tho" hast done for "s are )onderf"l. and many are thy tho" hts for "s. )e cannot co"nt them all, =< #ho" dost not call for sacrifice, nor offerin s of blood. b"rnt offerin s and offerin s for sin tho" dost not )ant. >?< And lo, I come to do thy )ill, 9 !od, thy la) is in my heart, >>< And I ha%e preached the )ord of ri hteo"sness and peace "nto the thron in m"ltit"des. I ha%e declared the co"nsel of my !od in f"ll. >@< I ha%e not hid thy ri hteo"sness )ithin my heart. I ha%e declared thy faithf"lness and race. >A< I ha%e not (ept thy lo%in (indness and thy tr"th a)ay from men. I ha%e declared them to the m"ltit"des. >B< 9 +ord, ma(e )ide my lips that I may tell thy praise. I do not brin the sacrifice of blood, nor yet b"rnt offerin s for sin. >C< #he sacrifices I )o"ld brin to thee, 9 !od, are p"rity in life, a contrite heart, a spirit f"ll of faith and lo%e, and these tho" )ilt recei%e. (<) And &hen he had thus read, he 'a"e the book back to the keeper of the books, and then he said, (=) 7pon these ends of earth these messa'es of God ha"e come$ ()) 4ur people ha"e eFalted sacrificial rites and ha"e ne'lected merc , @ustice and the ri'hts of men$ (,) Aou 5harisees, ou priests, ou scribes, our God is surfeited &ith blood9 God does not heed our pra ers9 ou stand before our burnin' "ictims9 but ou stand in "ain$ 20) Turn ou unto the testimonies of the la&9 reform and turn to God, and ou shall li"e$ 2() !et not our altars be accursed a'ain &ith smoke of innocence$ 22) Brin' unto God as sacrifice a broken and a contrite heart$ 21) !ift from our fello& men the burdens that ou ha"e imposed$ 2*) And if ou hearken not, and if ou turn not from our e"il &a s, lo, God &ill smite this nation &ith a curse$ 2;) And &hen he had thus said he stood aside, and all the people &ere astonished, and the said, 2<) >here did this man 'et all his kno&led'e and his po&erE Brom &hence did all this &isdom comeE 2=) -s not this 6ar Ds son, &hose home is out on 6armion >a E 2)) Are not his brothers, Jude and James and .imon, kno&n amon' our honored menE Are not his sisters &ith us hereE 2,) But the &ere all offended b the &ords he spoke$ 10) And Jesus said, A prophet has no honor in his nati"e land9 he is not &ell recei"ed amon' his kin9 his foes are in his home$ 1() And Jesus &rou'ht not man mi'ht &orks in /a:areth, because the people had no faith in him$ #e did not tarr lon'$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 1!9 12) But as he passed from thence t&o blind men follo&ed him and cried, Thou son of %a"id, hearC #a"e merc , !ord, and open up our e es that &e ma see$ 11) And Jesus said, %o ou belie"e that - can open up our e es and make ou seeE 1*) The said,

Aea, !ord, &e kno& that if ou speak the >ord then &e can see$ 1;) And Jesus touched their e es and spoke the >ord9 he said, Accordin' to our faith so &ill it be$ 1<) And the &ere blest9 the opened up their e es and sa&$ 1=) And Jesus said, Tell not this thin' to an one$ 1)) But the &ent forth and told the ne&s throu'h all the land$ 1,) As Jesus &alked alon' the &a a man &ho &as obsessed, and &ho &as dumb, &as brou'ht to him$ *0) And Jesus spoke the >ord9 the unclean spirit came out of the man9 his ton'ue &as loosed9 he spoke9 he said, 5raise God$ *() The people &ere ama:ed9 The said, This is a mi'ht deed9 &e ne"er sa& that done before$ *2) The 5harisees &ere also much ama:ed9 but the cried out and said, *1) Aou men of -srael, take heed9 this Jesus is a tool of Beel:ebub9 he heals the sick and casts the spirits out in .atanDs name$ **) But Jesus ans&ered not9 he &ent his &a $ *;) And &ith the forei'n masters and the t&el"e he &ent up to the to&n &here he once turned the &ater into &ine, and tarried certain da s$ C#A5T3R (22 #he &hristines spend se%en days in prayer. Jes"s i%es his char e to the t)el%e and sends them forth on their apostolic ministry, )ith instr"ctions to meet him in &aperna"m. T#3 Christines pra ed in silence se"en da s9 then Jesus called the t&el"e aside and said, 2) Behold, the multitudes ha"e thron'ed about us e"er &here9 the people are be&ildered9 the &ander here and there like sheep &ithout a fold$ 1) The need a shepherdDs care9 the &ant a lo"in' hand to lead them to the li'ht$ *) The 'rain is ripe9 the har"est is abundant, but the har"esters are fe&$ ;) The time is also ripe, and ou must 'o alone throu'h all the "illa'es and to&ns of Galilee and teach and heal$ <) And then he breathed upon the t&el"e and said, Recei"e the #ol Breath$ =) And then he 'a"e them each the >ord of po&er, and said, B this 4mnific >ord ou shall cast spirits out, shall heal the sick and brin' the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 19 dead to life a'ain$ )) And ou shall 'o not in the &a of the Ass rians, nor Greek9 ou shall not 'o into .amaria9 'o onl to our brethren of the scattered tribes$ ,) And as ou 'o proclaim, The kin'dom of Christ has come$ (0) Aou ha"e abundantl recei"ed, and freel ou shall 'i"e$ (() But ou must 'o in faith9 pro"ide oursel"es no crutch to lean upon$ (2) Gi"e all our 'old and sil"er to the poor9 take not t&o coats, nor eFtra shoes9 @ust take our &ands$ (1) Aou are GodDs husbandmen and he &ill ne"er suffer ou to &ant$ (*) -n e"er place ou 'o search out the men of faith9 &ith them abide until ou 'o from hence$

(;) Aou 'o for me9 ou act for me$ The &ho recei"e and &elcome ou, recei"e and &elcome me9 (<) And the &ho shut their doors a'ainst our face, refuse to &elcome me$ (=) -f ou are not recei"ed in kindness in a to&n, bear not a&a an e"il thou'ht9 do not resist$ ()) An e"il thou'ht of an kind &ill do ou harm9 &ill dissipate our po&er$ (,) >hen ou are not recei"ed &ith fa"or, 'o our &a , for there are multitudes of men &ho &ant the li'ht$ 20) Behold, - send ou forth as sheep amon' a pack of &ol"es9 and ou must be as &ise as serpents and as harmless as the do"es$ 2() -n all our lan'ua'e be discreet, for 5harisees and scribes &ill seek a cause for our arrest in &hat ou sa $ 22) And the &ill surel find a &a b char'es false to brin' ou into court$ 21) And @ud'es &ill declare that ou are 'uilt of some crime, and sentence ou to scour'in's and to prison cells$ 2*) But &hen ou come to stand before the @ud'e, be not afraid9 be not disturbed about the &a to act, the &ords to speak$ 2;) The #ol Breath &ill 'uide ou in that hour, and 'i"e the &ords that ou shall speak$ 2<) 4f this be full assured9 -t is not ou &ho speaks9 it is the #ol Breath that 'i"es the &ords and mo"es the lips$ 2=) The 'ospel that ou preach &ill not brin' peace, but it &ill stir the multitudes to &rath$ 2)) The carnal man abhors the truth, and he &ould 'i"e his life to crush the tender plant before the har"est time$ 2,) And this &ill brin' confusion in the homes that &ere the homes of sta'nant peace$ 10) And brother &ill 'i"e brother up to death9 the father &ill stand b and see men eFecute his child9 and in the courts the child &ill testif a'ainst the sire, and 'ladl see its mother put to death$ 1() And men &ill hate ou @ust because ou speak the name of Christ$ 12) Thrice blessed is the man &ho shall be faithful in this comin' da of &rathC 11) Go no&9 &hen ou are persecuted in a place, 'o seek another place$ 1*) And &hen ou meet a foe too 'reat for ou, behold, the son of man is at our door, and he can speak, and all the hosts of hea"en &ill stand in our defense$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 191 1;) But do not hold our present life in 'reat esteem$ 1<) The time &ill come &hen men &ill take m life9 ou need not hope to be immune, for the &ill sla ou in the name of God$ 1=) 6en call me Beel:ebub and the &ill call ou imps$ 1)) Be not afraid of &hat men sa and do9 the ha"e no po&er o"er soul9 the ma abuse and ma destro the bod of the flesh9 but that is all$ 1,) The do not kno& the God &ho holds the issues of the soul &ithin his hands, &ho can destro the soul$ *0) The Christ is kin' toda , and men must reco'ni:e his po&er$ *() #e &ho lo"es not the Christ, &hich is the lo"e of God, before all else, can ne"er 'ain the pri:e of spirit consciousness$ *2) And the &ho lo"e their parents or their children more than the lo"e the Christ can ne"er &ear the name of Christ$

*1) And he &ho lo"es his life more than he lo"es the Christ cannot please God$ **) And he &ho clin's to life shall lose his life, &hile he &ho 'i"es his life for Christ &ill sa"e his life$ *;) >hen Jesus had thus said he sent the t&el"e a&a b t&os, and bade them meet him in Capernaum$ *< And the &ent out throu'h all the to&ns of Galilee and tau'ht and healed in spirit and in po&er$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 19. C#A5T3R (21 Jes"s i%es his final char e to the forei n masters and sends them forth as apostles to the )orld. *e oes alone to #yre and abides in 0achel's home. *eals an obsessed child. !oes to 'idon and then to the mo"ntains of +ebanon. 8isits Mo"nt *ermon, &aesarea,Philippi, -ecapolis, !adara and ret"rns to &aperna"m. 0ecei%es the t)el%e, )ho i%e an acco"nt of their )or(. T#3 Christine master spent a time in pra er and then he called the forei'n masters, and he said to them, 2) Behold, - sent the t&el"e apostles unto -srael, but ou are sent to all the &orld$ 1) 4ur God is one, is .pirit, and is truth, and e"er man is dear to him$ *) #e is the God of e"er child of -ndia, and the farther east9 of 5ersia, and the farther north9 of Greece and Rome and of the farther &est9 of 3' pt and the farther south, and of the mi'ht lands across the seas, and of the islands of the seas$ ;) -f God &ould send the bread of life to one and not to all &ho ha"e arisen to the consciousness of life and can recei"e the bread of life, then he &ould be un@ust and that &ould shake the "er throne of hea"en$ <) .o he has called ou from the se"en centers of the &orld, and he has breathed the breath of &isdom and of po&er into our souls, and no& he sends ou forth as bearers of the li'ht of life, apostles of the human race$ =) Go on our &a , and as ou 'o proclaim the 'ospel of the Christ$ )) And then he breathed upon the masters and he said, Recei"e the #ol Breath9 and then he 'a"e to each the >ord of po&er$ ,) And each &ent on his &a , and e"er land &as blest$ (0) Then Jesus &ent alone across the hills of Galilee and after certain da s he reached the coast of T re, and in the home of Rachel he abode$ (() #e did not ad"ertise his comin' for he did not come to teach9 he &ould commune &ith God &here he could see the &aters of the 6i'ht .ea$ (2) But Rachel told the ne&s and multitudes of people thron'ed her home to see the !ord$ (1) A Grecian &oman of 5henecia came9 her dau'hter &as obsessed$ .he said, (*) 4 !ord, ha"e merc on m homeC 6 dau'hter is obsessed9 but this - kno&, if ou &ill speak the >ord she &ill be free$ Thou son of %a"id, hear m pra erC (;) But Rachel said, Good &oman, trouble not the !ord$ #e did not come to T re to heal9 he came to talk &ith God beside the sea$ (<) And Jesus said, !o, - &as sent not to the Greek, nor to . ro+phenicians9 - come @ust to m people, -srael$ (=) And then the &oman fell do&n at his feet and said, !ord, Jesus, - implore that ou &ill sa"e m child$

()) And Jesus said, Aou kno& the common pro"erb &ell8 -t is not meet that one should 'i"e the childrenDs bread to do's$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 19/ (,) And then the &oman said, Aea, Jesus, this - kno&, but do's ma eat the crumbs that fall do&n from their masterDs board$ 20) And Jesus said, .uch faith - ha"e not seen, no, not amon' the Je&s9 she is not serf, nor do'$ 2() And then he said to her, Accordin' to our faith so let it be$ 22) The &oman &ent her &a and &hen she came unto her child, lo, she &as healed$ 21) And Jesus tarried man da s in T re9 and then he &ent his &a and d&elt a time in .idon b the sea$ 2*) And then he @ourne ed on$ -n !ebanon hills and "ales, and in its 'ro"es he &alked in silent thou'ht$ 2;) #is earthl mission fast &as dra&in' to a close9 he sou'ht for stren'th, and &hat he sou'ht he found$ 2<) 6ount #ermon stood be ond, and Jesus fain &ould kneel beside that mountain famed in #ebre& son'$ 2=) And then he stood upon 6ount #ermonDs loft peaks, and liftin' up his e es to hea"en he talked &ith God$ 2)) And masters of the olden times re"ealed themsel"es and lon' the talked about the kin'dom of the Christ9 2,) about the mi'ht &orks that had been done9 about the comin' conquest of the cross9 about the "ictor o"er death$ 10) Then Jesus @ourne ed on9 he &ent to Caesarea+5hilippi, and in .usannaDs home he tarried certain da s$ 1() And then he &ent throu'h all %ecapolis to 'i"e encoura'ement to those &ho kne& him as the Christ, and to prepare them for the da of Cal"ar $ 12) And then he &ent to Gadara, and man friends &ere there, to &elcome him$ 11) And Chu:as, ste&ard of the house of #erod Antipas, &as there, and Jesus &ent aboard the ro al ship &ith him and crossed the sea, and came unto Capernaum$ 1*) And &hen the people kne& that Jesus &as at home the came to &elcome him$ 1;) -n @ust a little &hile the t&el"e apostles came and told the master all about their @ourne o"er Galilee$ 1<) The said that b the sacred >ord the had done man mi'ht &orks9 and Jesus said to them, >ell done$

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 190 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 191 .3CT-4/ JI-53 The Third Annual 3poch of the Christine 6inistr of Jesus C#A5T3R (2* #he &hristines cross the sea. Jes"s i%es to his disciples lessons on secret doctrines. #eaches the people. :eeds fi%e tho"sand. #he disciples start to recross the sea. A storm arises. Jes"s, )al(in on the )aters, comes to them. #rial of Peter's faith. #hey land in !ennesaret. T#3 t&el"e apostles no& had reached the sta'e of spirit consciousness, and Jesus could re"eal to them the deeper meanin's of his mission to the &orld$ 2) /eFt &eek the 'reat feast of the Je&s &ould be obser"ed, and 6atthe& said, .hall &e not 'ird oursel"es and 'o unto JerusalemE 1) But Jesus said, >e &ill not 'o up to the feast9 the time is short and - ha"e man thin's to sa to ou9 come ou apart into a desert place and rest a &hile$ *) And then the took their boats and crossed the sea, and came into a desert place near Julius Bethsaida$ ;) The people sa& them 'o, and in "ast multitudes the follo&ed them$ <) And Jesus had compassion on the anFious thron', and he stood forth and tau'ht them all the da , because the sou'ht a li'ht and &ere like sheep &ithout a fold$ =) And as the ni'ht came on the t&el"e &ere doubtin' &hat the multitudes &ould do, and Thomas said, )) !ord, &e are in a desert place9 the multitudes ha"e nau'ht to eat and the are faint from lack of food9 &hat shall &e doE ,) And Jesus said, Go to and feed the multitudes$ (0) And Judas said, .hall &e 'o do&n and bu t&o hundred penniesD &orth of bread for them to eatE (() And Jesus said, Go look into our larder and see ho& man loa"es &e ha"e$ (2) And Andre& said, >e ha"e no bread, but &e ha"e found a lad &ho has fi"e barle loa"es and t&o small fish9 but this &ould not be food enou'h for one in ten$ (1) But Jesus said, Command these people all to sit upon the 'rass in companies of t&el"e9 and the all sat do&n in companies of t&el"e$ (*) Then Jesus took the loa"es and fish, and lookin' up to hea"en he spoke the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 19% sacred >ord$ (;) And then he broke the bread and 'a"e it to the t&el"e9 he also 'a"e the fish unto the t&el"e, and said, Go to and feed the multitudes$

(<) And all the people ate and &ere refreshed$ (=) There &ere about fi"e thousand men, a compan of little ones, and &omen not a fe&$ ()) And &hen the people all &ere filled the master said, (,) !et not a crumb be lost9 Go to and 'ather up the pieces of the bread and fish for others that ma &ant$ 20) The 'athered up the fra'ments and the filled t&el"e baskets full$ 2() The people &ere be&ildered b this &ondrous act of po&er9 the said, And no& &e kno& that Jesus is the prophet that our prophets said &ould come9 and then the said, All hail the kin'C 22) >hen Jesus heard them sa , All hail the (in F he called the t&el"e and bade them take their boats and 'o before him to the other side9 21) And he &ent all alone into a mountain pass to pra $ 2*) The t&el"e &ere on the sea and hoped to reach Capernaum in @ust a little time, &hen all at once a fearful storm arose, and the &ere at the merc of the &a"es$ 2;) And in the fourth &atch of the ni'ht the &ind became a &hirlin' &ind, and the &ere filled &ith fear$ 2<) And in the blindin' storm the sa& a form mo"e on the &a"es9 it seemed to be a man, one spoke out and said, -t is a 'host, a si'n of e"il thin's$ 2=) But John discerned the form and said, -t is the !ord$ 2)) And then the &ind ble& not so hard, and 5eter, standin' in the midst, eFclaimed8 2,) 6 !ordC m !ordC -f this be trul ou, bid me to come to ou upon the &a"es$ 10) The form reached forth his hand and said, Come on$ 1() And 5eter stepped upon the &a"es and the &ere solid as a rock9 he &alked upon the &a"es$ 12) #e &alked until he thou'ht &ithin himself, 2hat if the )a%es sho"ld brea( beneath my feet3 11) And then the &a"es did break beneath his feet, and he be'an to sink, and in the fearfulness of soul he cried, 4 sa"e me, !ord, or - am lostC 1*) And Jesus took him b the hand and said, 4 ou of little faithC &h did ou doubtE And Jesus led the &a unto the boat$ 1;) The storm had spent its force9 the &inds &ere still, and the &ere near the shore, and &hen the landed the &ere in the "alle of Gennesaret$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 192 C#A5T3R (2; #he &hristines are )elcomed in !ennesaret. Many follo) Jes"s for the loa%es and fish. *e tells them of the bread of life. 'pea(s of his flesh and blood as symbols of the bread and )ater of life. #he people are offended and many of his disciples follo) him no more.

T#3 ne&s soon spread throu'h all the "alle of Gennersaret that Jesus and the t&el"e had come, and man people came to see$ 2) The brou'ht their sick and laid them at the masterDs feet, and all the da he tau'ht and healed$ 1) The multitudes upon the other side &ho had been fed the da before and other multitudes, &ent do&n to see the !ord9 but &hen the found him not the sou'ht him in Capernaum$ *) And &hen the found him not at home, the &ent on to Gennesaret$ The found him there and said, Rabboni, &hen came ou to GennesaretE ;) And Jesus said, >h are ou come across the seaE ou came not for the bread of life9 <) Aou came to 'ratif our selfish sel"es9 ou all &ere fed the other da across the sea, and ou are after more of loa"es and fish$ =) The food ou ate &as nourishment for flesh that soon must pass a&a $ )) Aou men of Galilee, seek not for food that perishes, but seek for food that feeds the soul9 and, lo, - brin' ou food from hea"en$ ,) Aou ate the flesh of fish, and ou &ere satisfied, and no& - brin' the flesh of Christ for ou to eat that ou ma li"e for e"ermore$ (0) 4ur fathers ate the manna in the &ilderness9 and then the ate the flesh of quail, and drank the &aters of a flo&in' sprin' that 6oses brou'ht out from the rock9 but all of them are dead$ (() The manna and the quail &ere s mbols of the flesh of Christ9 the &aters of the rock &ere s mbols of the blood$ (2) But, lo, the Christ has come9 he is the bread of life that God has 'i"en to the &orld$ (1) >hoe"er eats the flesh of Christ and drinks his blood shall ne"er die9 and he &ill hun'er ne"ermore9 and he &ill thirst no more$ (*) And the &ho eat this bread of hea"en, and drink these &aters from the sprin' of life cannot be lost9 these feed the soul, and purif the life$ (;) Behold, for God has said, >hen man has purified himself - &ill eFalt him to the throne of po&er$ (<) Then Jesus and the t&el"e &ent to Capernaum9 and Jesus &ent into the s na'o'ue and tau'ht$ (=) And &hen the Je&s, &ho heard him in Gennesaret, &ere come the said, ()) This fello& is beside himself$ >e heard him sa , - am the bread of life that Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 19! comes from hea"en9 and &e all kno& that he is but a man, the son of man, &ho came from /a:areth9 &e kno& his mother, and his other kin$ (,) And Jesus kne& their thou'hts9 he said to them, >h murmur ou, and reason thus amon' oursel"esE 20) The Christ is e"erlastin' life9 he came from hea"en9 he has the ke s of hea"en, and no man enters into hea"en eFcept he fills himself &ith Christ$ 2() - came in flesh to do the &ill of God, and, lo, this flesh and blood are filled &ith Christ9 and so - am the li"in' bread that comes from hea"en9 22) And &hen ou eat this flesh and drink this blood ou &ill ha"e e"erlastin' life9 and if ou &ill, ou ma become the bread of life$ 21) And man of the people &ere enra'ed9 the said, #o& can this man 'i"e us his flesh to eat, his blood to drinkE

2*) And his disciples &ere a''rie"ed because he said these thin's, and man turned a&a and follo&ed him no more$ 2;) The said, This is a fearful thin' for him to sa , -f ou eat not m flesh and drink m blood, ou cannot enter into life$ 2<) The could not comprehend the parable he spoke$ 2=) And Jesus said, Aou stumble and ou fall before the truth9 >hat &ill ou do &hen ou shall see this flesh and blood transmuted into hi'her formE 2)) >hat &ill ou sa &hen ou shall see the son of man ascendin' on the clouds of hea"enE 2,) >hat &ill ou sa &hen ou shall see the son of man sit on the throne of GodE 10) The flesh is nau'ht9 the spirit is the quickenin' po&er$ The &ords - speak are spirit9 the are life$ 1() >hen Jesus sa& the man &ho had been so loud in their professions of their faith in him, turn back and 'o a&a , he said unto the t&el"e$ 12) >ill ou desert me in this hour and 'o a&a E 11) But 5eter said, !ord, &e ha"e no place else to 'o9 ou ha"e the &ords of e"erlastin' life9 &e kno& that ou are sent to us from God$ C#A5T3R (2< 'cribes and Pharisees %isit Jes"s. #hey cens"re him for eatin )ith "n)ashed hands. *e defends his acts and teaches a lesson on hypocrisy. Pri%ately e5plains to the t)el%e his p"blic teachin s. A C465A/A of scribes and 5harisees came from Jerusalem to learn &herein the po&er of Jesus la $ 2) But &hen the learned that he and his disciples heeded not the custom of the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling 199 Je&s, re'ardin' &ashin' of the hands before the ate, the &ere ama:ed$ 1) And Jesus said, # pocris is queen amon' ou scribes and 5harisees$ 4f ou -saiah &rote8 B< #his people honor me )ith lips. their hearts are far a)ay. In %ain they )orship me. their doctrines are the do mas and the creeds of men. ;) Aou men &ho pose as men of God, and still re@ect the la&s of God and teach the la&s of men, <) .tand forth and tell &hen God 'a"e unto men the ceremonial la&s that ou obser"e9 and tell these people ho& the spirit life is sullied if one &ashes not before he eats$ =) #is critics ans&ered not, and then he said, )) #ear me, ou men of -sraelC %efilement is a creature of the heart$ The carnal mind la s hold of thou'ht, and makes a monstrous bride9 this bride is sin9 sin is a creature of the mind$ ,) That &hich defiles a man is not the food he eats$ (0) The bread and fish and other thin's &e eat, are simpl cups to carr to the cells of flesh material for the buildin' of the human house, and &hen their &ork is done as refuse the are cast a&a $

(() The life of plant and flesh that 'oes to build the human house is ne"er food for soul$ The spirit does not feed upon the carcasses of animal, or plant$ (2) God feeds the soul direct from hea"en9 the bread of life comes from abo"e$ (1) The air &e breathe is char'ed &ith #ol Breath, and he &ho &ills ma take this #ol Breath$ (*) The soul discriminates, and he &ho &ants the life of Christ ma breathe it in$ Accordin' to our faith so let it be$ (;) 6an is not a part of his abidin' place9 the house is not the man$ (<) The lo&er &orld builds up the house of flesh, and keeps it in repair9 the hi'her &orld pro"ides the bread of spirit life$ (=) The lo"eliest lilies 'ro& from sta'nant ponds and filthiest muck$ ()) The la& of flesh demands that one should keep the bod clean$ (,) The la& of spirit call for purit in thou'ht and &ord and deed$ 20) /o&, &hen the e"enin' came and the &ere in the house, the t&el"e had man thin's to sa , and man questions to propound$ 2() /athaniel asked, >as &hat ou said about the house of flesh a parableE -f so, &hat does it meanE 22) And Jesus said, Can ou not et discriminateE %o ou not et percei"e that &hat a man takes in his mouth defiles him notE 21) #is food 'oes not into his soul9 it is material for flesh and bone and bra&n$ 2*) To spirit e"er thin' is clean$ 2;) That &hich defiles a man &ells up from carnal thou'hts9 and carnal thou'hts sprin' from the heart, and 'enerate a host of e"il thin's$ 2<) Brom out the heart comes murders, thefts and foolishness$ All selfish acts and sensual deeds sprin' from the heart$ 2=) To eat &ith un&ashed hands does not defile the man$ 2)) And 5eter said, !ord, >hat ou said toda has 'rie"ousl offended scribe and 5harisee$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . 2,) And Jesus said, These scribes and 5harisees are not the scions of the tree of life9 the are not plants of God9 the are the plants of men, and e"er forei'n plant shall be plucked up$ 10) !et all these men alone9 the are blind 'uides9 the lead a multitude of people &ho are blind$ 1() The leaders and the led to'ether &alk9 to'ether the &ill fall into the a&nin' pits$ C#A5T3R (2= #he &hristines cross the sea to -ecapolis. Jes"s finds a retired place )here he pri%ately teaches the t)el%e. #hey remain three days, then o into a %illa e by the sea. /4>, Jesus took the t&el"e and &ith them crossed the sea at ni'ht and came unto the borders of %ecapolis, 2) That he mi'ht find a secret place &here, all alone, he could re"eal to them the thin's to come$ 1) The &ent into a mountain pass and spent three da s in pra er$ *) Then Jesus said, Behold, the time is near &hen - &ill &alk &ith ou in flesh no more$

;) !o, - ha"e tau'ht that he &ho counts his life of so much &orth that he &ould 'i"e it not in &illin' sacrifice to sa"e his brother man, is &orth not to enter into life$ <) !o, - am come as pattern for the sons of men, and - ha"e not refrained from helpfulness$ =) >hen - had passed the se"en tests in #eliopolis, - consecrated life and all had, to sa"e the &orld$ )) -n the Judean &ilderness - fou'ht the stron'est foes of men, and there reaffirmed m consecration to the ser"ice of m fello& man$ ,) -n troubles and in trials - ha"e &a"ered not9 &hen false accusers came, ans&ered not$ (0) God 'a"e the sa"in' >ord to me, and - ha"e often spoken it and healed the sick, dro"e unclean spirits out, and raised the dead$ (() And - ha"e sho&n ou ho& to speak the >ord9 and - ha"e 'i"en ou the >ord9 (2) -n @ust a little &hile &e turn our faces to&ard Jerusalem, and one of ou &ho hear me no& &ill then betra me into &icked hands$ (1) The scribes and 5harisees &ill brin' false char'es up and hale me into court, and, b consent of Rome, - &ill be crucified$ (*) Then 5eter said, 6 !ord, it shall not be$ The Roman soldiers &ill tread on t&el"e dead men before the reach our !ord$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . 1 (;) But Jesus said, A sa"iour of the &orld cannot resist$ (<) - came to sa"e the &orld and - ha"e taken up our names before the hi'hest courts of hea"en, and ou ha"e been confirmed as sa"iours of the &orld$ (=) And not a name, eFceptin' that of him &ho shall betra , &ill e"er be dis'raced$ ()) - 'o m &a , and thou'h m flesh shall pass, m soul &ill stand beside ou all the &a to 'uide and bless$ (,) And &icked men &ill sei:e ou in the streets, and as ou kneel in pra er9 &ill char'e ou &ith some le'al crime, and think the ser"e their God b puttin' ou to death$ 20) But falter not9 the load &ill hea" be, but &ith the consciousness of dut done, the peace of God &ill lift the load, dispel the pain and li'ht the &a $ 2() And &e &ill meet &here carnal eFecutioners come not9 there &e &ill ser"e the cruel men, &ho in their i'norance had tortured us to death$ 22) Can &e pre"ent this outra'e and this slau'hter of our li"esE -f not &e are but creatures of the ebb and flo& of carnal thin's$ -t &ould not be a sacrifice of life$ 21) But &e are masters of the thin's of time$ !o, &e can speak, and all the spirits of the fire, &ater, earth and air &ill stand in our defense$ 2*) >e can command and man le'ions of the an'el &orld &ould come and strike our enemies to earth$ 2;) But it is best that not a po&er of hea"en or earth should come to our relief$ And it is best that e"en God should "eil his face and seem to hear us not$ 2<) As - am pattern unto ou, so ou are patterns for the human race$ >e sho& b non+resistance that &e 'i"e our li"es in &illin' sacrifice for man$ 2=) But m eFample &ill not end &ith death$ 6 bod &ill be laid &ithin a tomb

in &hich no flesh has lain, s mbolic of the purit of life in death$ 2)) And in the tomb - &ill remain three da s in s&eet communion &ith the Christ, and &ith m Bather+God and 6other+God$ 2,) And then, s mbolic of the ascent of the soul to hi'her life, m flesh &ithin the tomb &ill disappear9 10) >ill be transmuted into hi'her form, and, in the presence of ou all, - &ill ascend to God$ 1() Then Jesus and the t&el"e &ent to a "illa'e b the sea$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . . C#A5T3R (2) Jes"s oes at ni ht to a mo"ntain to pray. *is disciples and the %illa ers find him and he teaches them for three days. :eeds fo"r tho"sand people. #he &hristines o to &aesarea,Philippi. #hey consider the personality of &hrist. Peter is chosen as apostolic leader. /4>, in the ni'ht &hile the disciples slept, lo, Jesus rose and &ent alone into a mountain pass, siF miles a&a , to pra $ 2) And in the mornin' &hen the t&el"e a&oke the could not find the !ord, and all the people of the "illa'e sou'ht, and &hen the sun had passed its hi'hest point the found him in the mountain pass$ 1) And multitudes of people came and brou'ht their sick, and Jesus tau'ht and healed$ *) And &hen the ni'ht came on the people &ould not 'o9 the slept upon the 'round that the mi'ht be a+near the !ord$ ;) Three da s and ni'hts the multitudes remained, and none had au'ht to eat$ <) And Jesus had compassion and he said, -f - should send the multitudes a&a the mi'ht not reach their homes, for the are faint, for some ha"e @ourne ed man miles$ =) And his disciples said, >here shall &e 'et enou'h of food to feed them allE There are four thousand men, besides the &omen and the little ones$ )) And Jesus said, #o& man loa"es ha"e ouE ,) The ans&ered, .e"en, and some little fish$ (0) And Jesus said, Go to, and seat the people as ou seated them the other da &hen all the multitudes &ere fed, in companies of t&el"e$ (() And &hen the people &ere sat do&n in companies of t&el"e the loa"es and fish &ere brou'ht$ (2) And Jesus looked to hea"en and spoke the >ord9 and then he broke the se"en loa"es in little bits, and like&ise cut the fish$ (1) And e"er bit of bread became a loaf, and e"er piece of fish became a fish$ (*) The t&el"e &ent forth and 'a"e to e"er one9 the people ate and the &ere filled9 and all the fra'ments that &ere left &ere 'athered up, and there &ere se"en baskets full$ (;) And then the people &ent their &a s, and the t&el"e took boats and came to %almanatha b the sea$ (<) #ere the remained for man da s, and Jesus told the t&el"e about the inner li'ht that cannot fail9

(=) About the kin'dom of the Christ &ithin the soul9 about the po&er of faith9 about the secret of the resurrection of the dead9 about immortal life, and ho& the li"in' ma 'o forth and help the dead$ ()) And then the &ent into their boats, and came unto the northern coast of Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . / Galilee, and in Chora:in &here the kin of Thomas li"ed, the left their boats and @ourne ed on$ (,) The came to 6erom, &here the cr stal &aters seem to catch the ima'es of hea"en and to reflect the 'lor of the !ord of hosts$ 20) And here the tarried certain da s in silent thou'ht$ 2() And then the @ourne ed on, and came into the land of Caesarea+5hilippi$ 22) And as the &alked and talked amon' themsel"es, the master said, >hat do the people sa about the son of manE >ho do the think - amE 21) And 6atthe& said, .ome sa that ou are %a"id come a'ain9 some sa that ou are 3noch, .olomon, or .eth$ 2*) And Andre& said, - heard a ruler of the s na'o'ue eFclaim, This man is Jeremiah, for he speaks like Jeremiah &rote$ 2;) /athaniel said, The forei'n masters &ho &ere &ith us for a time, declared that Jesus is Gautama come a'ain$ 2<) James said, - think that most the master Je&s belie"e ou are the reappearance of 3li@ah on the earth$ 2=) And John spoke out and said, >hen &e &ere in Jerusalem - heard a seer eFclaim, This Jesus is none other than 6elchi:edek, the kin' of peace, &ho li"ed about t&o thousand ears a'o, and said that he &ould come a'ain$ 2)) And Thomas said, The Tetrarch #erod thinks that ou are John arisen from the dead9 2,) But then his conscience troubles him9 the spirit of the murdered John looms up before him in his dreams, and haunts him as a spectre of the ni'ht$ 10) And Jesus asked, >ho do ou think - amE 1() And 5eter said, Aou are the Christ, the lo"e of God made manifest to men$ 12) And Jesus said, Thrice blessed are ou, .imon, JonasD son$ Aou ha"e declared a truth that God has 'i"en ou$ 11) Aou are a rock, and ou shall be a pillar in the temple of the !ord of hosts$ 1*) And our confession is the cornerstone of faith, a rock of stren'th, and on this rock the Church of Christ is built$ 1;) A'ainst it all the po&ers of hades and of death cannot pre"ail$ 1<) Behold, - 'i"e to ou the ke s to open up the doors of safet for the sons of men$ 1=) The #ol Breath &ill come upon ou and the ten, and in Jerusalem ou shall stand before the nations of the earth, and there proclaim the co"enant of God &ith men$

1)) And ou shall speak the &ords of #ol Breath, and &hatsoe"er God requires of men as earnest of their faith in Christ, ou shall make kno&n$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . 0 1,) Then turnin' to the t&el"e he said, >hat ou ha"e heard this da tell not to an man$ *0) Then Jesus and the t&el"e &ent up and &ere .usannaDs 'uests for man da s$ C#A5T3R (2, Jes"s teaches the people. *e ta(es Peter, James and John and oes to a hi h mo"ntain and is transfi "red before them. T#3 ne&s soon spread that Jesus and the t&el"e &ere come, and man people came to see$ 2) And Jesus said, Behold, ou come to see, but that means nau'ht$ -f ou &ould ha"e the benedictions of the Christ, take up our cross and follo& me$ 1) -f ou &ould 'i"e our life for selfish self, then ou &ill lose our life$ *) -f ou &ill 'i"e our life in ser"ice of our fello& men, then ou &ill sa"e our life$ ;) This life is but a span, a bauble of toda $ There is a life that passes not$ <) >here is our profit if ou 'ain the &orld and lose our soulE >hat &ould ou take in pa ment for our soulE =) -f ou &ould find the spirit life, the life of man in God, then ou must &alk a narro& &a and enter throu'h a narro& 'ate$ )) The &a is Christ, the 'ate is Christ, and ou must come up b the &a of Christ$ /o man comes unto God but b the Christ$ ,) The kin'dom of the Christ &ill come9 ea, some of ou &ho hear me no& &ill not pass throu'h the 'ates of death until ou see the kin'dom come in po&er$ (0) Bor se"en da s the master and the t&el"e remained in Caesarea+5hilippi$ (() Then Jesus, takin' 5eter, James and John, &ent forth unto a mountain top to pra $ (2) And as he pra ed a brilliant li'ht appeared9 his form became as radiant as a precious stone9 (1) #is face shone like the sun9 his 'arments seemed as &hite as sno&9 the son of man became the son of God$ (*) #e &as transfi'ured that the men of earth mi'ht see the possibilities of man$ (;) >hen first the 'lor came the three disciples &ere asleep9 a master touched their e es and said, A&ake and see the 'lor of the !ord$ (<) And the a&oke, and sa& the 'lor of the !ord9 and more, the sa& the 'lor of the hea"enl &orld, for the beheld t&o men from thence stand forth beside the !ord$ (=) And 5eter asked the master &ho a&akened them, >ho are these men &ho stand beside the !ordE ()) The master said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . 1 These men are 6oses and 3li@ah, &ho are come that ou ma kno& that hea"en and earth are one9 that masters there and masters here are one$

(,) The "eil that separates the &orlds is but an ether "eil$ Bor those &ho purif their hearts b faith the "eil is rolled aside, and the can see and kno& that death is an illusi"e thin'$ 20) And 5eter said, 5raise GodC And then he called to Jesus and he said, 6 master and m !ord, this is the 'ate of hea"en, and it is &ell that &e remain$ 2() 6a &e 'o do&n and brin' three tents9 a tent for ou, a tent for 6oses, and for 3li@ah oneE But Jesus ans&ered not$ 22) And 6oses and 3li@ah talked &ith Jesus on the mount$ The talked about the comin' trial of the !ord9 21) About his death, his rest &ithin the tomb9 about the &onders of the resurrection morn9 the transmutation of his flesh, and his ascension on the clouds of li'ht9 2*) And all s mbolic of the path that e"er man must tread9 s mbolic of the &a the sons of men become the sons of God$ 2;) The three disciples &ere ama:ed, and suddenl the ethers &ere surchar'ed &ith son', and forms as li'ht as air mo"ed all about the mountain top$ 2<) And then from out the 'lor of the upper &orld the heard a "oice that said,

2=) This is the son of man, m chosen one to manifest the Christ to men$ !et all the earth hear him$
2)) >hen the disciples heard the "oice the &ere afraid9 the fell upon the 'round and pra ed$ 2,) And Jesus came9 he touched them and he said, Arise, fear not9 lo, - am here$ 10) Then the arose, and as the looked about the sa& no one9 the men had 'one$ The master onl stood &ith them$ 1() As Jesus and the three came from the mountain top the talked about the meanin' of the scene, and Jesus told them all9 and then he said, 12) Till - ha"e risen from the dead tell not to an one &hat ou ha"e seen$ 11) But the disciples could not comprehend the meanin' of the &ords, #ill I ha%e risen from the dead. 1*) And Jesus told them once a'ain about his death, and risin' from the 'ra"e9 about the kin'dom of the soul that &as to come in 'lor and in po&er$ 1;) But 5eter said, The scribes ha"e tau'ht that eDer the kin' shall come 3li@ah must appear$ 1<) And Jesus said, 3li@ah has alread come9 but scribes and 5harisees recei"ed him not9 1=) And men re"iled him, bound him, cast him in a prison cell, and shouted &ith a fiendDs deli'ht to see him die$ 1)) >hat men ha"e done to him, that the &ill do to me$ 1,) Then the disciples understood that Jesus spoke of John &hom #erod sle&$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . % C#A5T3R (10 Jes"s and the three disciples ret"rn to &aesarea,Philippi. #he nine had failed to c"re an epileptic child. Jes"s heals the child and reb"(es his disciples for their lac( of tr"st in !od. #he &hristines ret"rn to &aperna"m.

>#3/ Jesus, 5eter, James and John &ere come unto the cit Ds 'ates a multitude of people thron'ed the &a $ 2) The nine apostles &ho &ent not &ith Jesus to the mount, had tried to heal an epileptic child &ho &as obsessed, and the had failed9 the people &aited for the comin' of the !ord$ 1) >hen Jesus came the father of the child knelt do&n before him and implored his help$ *) #e said, 6 master, - beseech that ou &ill look in pit on m son, m onl child9 he is an epileptic child and suffers 'rie"ousl $ ;) .ometimes he falls into the fire and is burned9 a'ain he falls into the &ater and is like to dro&n9 and man times a da he falls, he 'rinds his teeth, the foam pours from his mouth$ <) - took m child to our disciples, and the failed to 'i"e relief$ =) And as he spoke a ser"ant brou'ht the child before the !ord (the child spoke not, for he &as dumb), and instantl he fell upon the 'round, he foamed, he &rithed in a'on $ )) And Jesus said, #o& lon' has he been troubled thusE ,) The father said, Brom infanc 9 and &e ha"e sou'ht in man lands for help, but found it not9 but - belie"e that ou can speak the >ord and heal m son$ (0) And Jesus said, Baith is the po&er of God$ All thin's are possible for him &ho in his heart belie"es$ (() The father cried, in tears, !ord, - belie"e9 help thou mine unbelief$ (2) And Jesus spoke the >ord of po&er9 the epileptic child la in a s&oon9 he did not breathe, and all the people said, The child is dead$ (1) But Jesus took him b the hand and said8 Arise9 and he arose and spoke$ (*) The people &ere ama:ed, and man said, This surel is a man of God, for no such po&er &as e"er 'i"en to man$ (;) Then Jesus and the t&el"e &ent to the house, and after the had taken food and been refreshed, the nine disciples said, (<) !ord, &h could &e not heal this childE >e spoke the >ord9 but e"en that &as po&erless$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . 2 (=) And Jesus said, Aour 'reat success in all our former &ork has made ou careless, and ou for'ot to reco'ni:e the po&er of God$ ()) >ithout the spirit of the >ord, the >ord is like an idle tale9 and ou for'ot to pra $ (,) There is no faith &ithout the pra er of faith$ Baith is the &in's of pra er9 but &in's alone fl not$ 20) B pra er and faith ou can brin' do&n the mountain peaks, and cast them in the sea9 the little hills &ill skip about like lambs at our command$

2() This failure ma be &ell for ou$ The 'reat lessons that are learned in life come throu'h the failures that are made$ 22) As the disciples sat in thou'htful meditation Jesus said, !et these &ords sink into our hearts8 21) The time has nearl come &hen ou must bear our load alone9 that is, &ithout m presence in the flesh$ 2*) Bor - &ill fall into the hands of &icked men, and the &ill sla me on a mount be ond Be:etha &all$ 2;) And men &ill la m bod in a tomb &here, b the sacred >ord, it &ill be 'uarded and preser"ed three da s9 then - &ill rise a'ain$ 2<) The t&el"e &ere sad9 the did not understand, and et the feared to ask him to re"eal the meanin' of his &ord$ 2=) /eFt da the Christine master and the t&el"e be'an their @ourne of return, and soon &ere in Capernaum$ C#A5T3R (1( Jes"s and Peter pay the half,she(el ta5. #he disciples contend for the s"premacy. Jes"s reb"(es them. #eaches them many practical lessons. #he parable of the ood shepherd. A. Jesus and the t&el"e &ere restin' in the house, the taF collector came to 5eter sa in', 6an, do Jesus and ourself pa this half+shekel taFE 2) And 5eter said, >e pa &hate"er is assessed$ 1) And Jesus said, Brom &hom do publicans collect this special taFE from stran'ers or from nati"e sonsE *) And 5eter said, The stran'ers onl are supposed to pa this taF$ ;) Then Jesus said, >e all are nati"e sons and &e are free9 but lest &e cause contention &e &ill pa the taF9 but neither had the shekel &here&ithal to pa $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . ! <) And Jesus said, Go to the sea9 cast in a hook and catch a fish and ou &ill find &ithin its inner parts a shekel, &hich take up and pa the taF for ou and me$ =) And 5eter did as Jesus said9 he found the shekel and he paid the taF$ )) /o& Jesus heard the t&el"e dispute amon' themsel"es$ The spirit of the carnal self &as mo"in' in their hearts, and the &ere questionin' amon' themsel"es &ho &as the 'reatest in the si'ht of God and man$ ,) And Jesus said, Aou men, for shameC The 'reatest is the ser"ant of the rest$ And then he called to him a little child9 he took it in his arms and said$ (0) The 'reatest is the little child, and if ou &ould be 'reat at all ou must become as is this child in innocence, in truth, in purit in life$ (() Great men scorn not the little thin's of earth9 he &ho re'ards and honors such a child, re'ards and honors me, and he &ho scorns a child, scorns me$ (2) -f ou &ould enter throu'h the kin'dom 'ate ou must be humble as this

little child$ (1) #ear me, ou men, This child, as e"er other child, has one to plead its cause before the throne of God$ (*) Aou scorn it at our peril, men, for lo, - sa , its counterpart beholds the face of God at e"er moment, e"er da $ (;) And hear me once a'ain, #e &ho shall cause a little one to stumble and to fall is marked, accursed9 and it &ere better far if he had dro&ned himself$ (<) Behold, offences e"er &hereC 6en find occasions for to sin and fall, and the 'ro& stron' b risin' &hen the fall9 (=) But &oe to him &ho causes other men to stumble and to fall$ ()) Be on our 'uard, ou men of God, lest ou constrain another man to fall9 be&are lest ou fall into sinful &a s oursel"es$ (,) /o&, if our hands cause ou to sin, ou better cut them off9 for it is better far to ha"e no hands and not be 'uilt in the si'ht of God and men, than to be perfect in our form and lose our soul$ 20) And if our feet should cause offence, ou better cut them off9 for it is better far to enter into life &ithout our feet than fall beneath the curse$ 2() And if our e es, or ears, cause ou to sin, ou better lose them all than lose our soul$ 22) Aour thou'hts and &ords and deeds &ill all be tried b fire$ 21) Remember that ou are the salt of earth9 but if ou lose the "irtues of the salt, ou are but refuse in the si'ht of God$ 2*) Retain the "irtues of the salt of life and be at peace amon' oursel"es$ 2;) The &orld is full of men &ho ha"e not in themsel"es the salt of life, and the are lost$ - come to seek and sa"e the lost$ 2<) #o& think ouE if a shepherd has a hundred sheep, and one of them has 'one astra , &ill he not lea"e the ninet and the nine, 2=) And 'o out in the desert &a s and mountain tops to seek the one that &ent astra E 2)) Aes, this ou kno&9 and if he finds the one that &ent astra , lo, he is 'lad, and he re@oices o"er it far more than o"er all the ninet and the nine that did not Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling . 9 'o astra $ 2,) And so there is re@oicin' in the courts of hea"en &hen one of human birth &ho has 'one forth into the &a s of sin is found and brou'ht back to the fold9 10) Aea, there is @o , more @o than o"er all the ri'hteous men &ho ne"er &ent astra $ 1() And John said, 6aster, &ho ma seek and sa"e the lostE and &ho ma heal the sick, and cast the demons out of those obsessedE 12) >hen &e &ere on the &a &e sa& a man &ho &as not one of us cast demons out and heal the sick$ 11) #e did it b the sacred >ord and in the name of ChristE but &e forbade him, for he did not &alk &ith us$ 1*) And Jesus said, Aou sons of men, do ou ima'ine that ou o&n the po&ers of GodE 1;) And do ou think that all the &orld must &ait for ou to do the &orks of GodE 1<) God is not man that he should ha"e a special care for an man, and 'i"e him

special 'ifts$ 1=) Borbid not an man to do the &orks of God$ 1)) There is no man &ho can pronounce the sacred >ord, and in the name of Christ restore the sick, and cast the unclean spirits out, &ho is not child of God$ 1,) The man of &hom ou speak is one &ith us$ >hoe"er 'athers in the 'rain of hea"en is one &ith us$ *0) >hoe"er 'i"es a cup of &ater in the name of Christ is one &ith us9 so God shall @ud'e$ C#A5T3R (12 Jes"s defends a man )ho has been con%icted of stealin bread. #he %erdict is re%ersed. #he man oes free, and the people s"pply the needs of his star%in family. A 67!T-T7%3 of people thron'ed the streets$ The officers &ere on the &a to court &ith one, a man accused of stealin' bread$ 2) And in a little &hile the man &as brou'ht before the @ud'e to ans&er to the char'e$ 1) And Jesus and the t&el"e &ere there$ The man sho&ed in his face and hands the hard dra&n lines of toil and &ant$ *) A &oman richl clad, the accuser of the man, stood forth and said, - cau'ht this man m self8 - kno& him &ell, for esterda he came to be' for bread$ ;) And &hen - dro"e him from m door, he should ha"e kno&n that - &ould harbor not a man like him9 and then toda he came and took the bread$ <) #e is a thief and - demand that he be sent to @ail$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1 =) The ser"ants also testified a'ainst the man9 he &as ad@ud'ed a thief, and officers &ere leadin' him a&a $ )) But Jesus standin' forth eFclaimed, Aou officers and @ud'e, be not in haste to lead this man a&a $ ,) -s this a land of @ustice and of ri'htE can ou accuse and sentence men to punishment for an crime until the testif themsel"esE (0) The Roman la& &ill not permit such tra"est on ri'ht, and - demand that ou permit this man to speak$ (() And then the @ud'e recalled the man and said, -f ou ha"e an tale to tell, sa on$ (2) -n tears the man stood forth and said, - ha"e a &ife and little ones and the are perishin' for bread, and - ha"e told m stor oft, and be''ed for bread9 but none &ould hear$ (1) This mornin' &hen - left our cheerless hut in search of &ork m children cried for bread, and - resol"ed to feed them or to die$ (*) - took the bread, and - appeal to God, >as it a crimeE (;) This &oman snatched the loaf a&a and thre& it to the do's, and called the officers and - am here$ (<) Good people, do &ith me &hateDer ou &ill, but sa"e m &ife and little ones from death$ (=) Then Jesus said, >ho is the culprit in this caseE ()) - char'e this &oman as a felon in the si'ht of God$

(,) - char'e this @ud'e as criminal before the bar of human ri'hts$ 20) - char'e these ser"ants and these officers as parties to the crime$ 2() - char'e the people of Capernaum &ith cruelt and theft, because the heeded not the cries of po"ert and &ant, and ha"e &ithheld from helpless ones that &hich is theirs b e"er la& of ri'ht9 22) And - appeal unto these people here, and ask, Are not m char'es based on ri'hteousness and truthE 21) And e"er man said, Aes$ 2*) The accused &oman blushed for shame9 the @ud'e shrank back in fear9 the officers thre& off the shackles from the man and ran a&a $ 2;) Then Jesus said, Gi"e this man &hat he needs and let him 'o and feed his &ife and little ones$ 2<) The people 'a"e abundantl 9 the man &ent on his &a $ 2=) And Jesus said, There is no standard la& to @ud'e of crime$ The facts must all be stated eDer a @ud'ment can be rendered in a case$ 2)) Aou men &ith hearts9 'o forth and stand &here stood this man and ans&er me, >hat &ould ou doE 2,) The thief thinks e"er other man a thief and @ud'es him accordin'l $ 10) The man &ho @ud'es harshl is the man &hose heart is full of crime$ 1() The courtesan &ho keeps her &ickedness concealed b &hat she calls respectabilit , has not a &ord of pit for the honest courtesan &ho claims to be Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .11 @ust &hat she is$ 12) - tell ou, men, if ou &ould censure not till ou are free from sin, the &orld &ould soon for'et the meanin' of the &ord, accused$ C#A5T3R (11 #he t)el%e o to the feast in Jer"salem, b"t Jes"s remains in &aperna"m. *e selects se%enty disciples, and sends them o"t to teach and heal. *e oes alone to the feast and on his )ay he heals ten lepers. *e teaches in the temple. T#3 har"est feast dre& near9 the t&el"e &ent to Jerusalem, but Jesus did not 'o &ith them9 he tarried in Capernaum$ 2) Amon' the multitudes that follo&ed him &ere man &ho &ent not up to the feast9 the &ere not Je&s$ 1) And Jesus called three+score+and +ten of these disciples unto him and said, The kin'dom of the Christ is not for Je&s alone9 it is for e"er man$ *) !o, - ha"e chosen t&el"e to preach the 'ospel, first unto the Je&s9 and the are Je&s$ ;) T&el"e is the number of the Je& and se"en the number of the all, includin' e"er man$ <) God is the ten, the hol Jod$ =) >hen God and man are multiplied &e ha"e three+score+and+ten, the number of the brotherhood of man$ )) And no& - send ou forth b t&os and t&os9 not to the Je&s alone, but unto e"er nation under hea"en9 to Greek and to Ass rian9 to the .amaritan9 to those be ond the seas9 to e"er man$

,) Aou need not 'o afar, for men of e"er land are here and in .amaria$ (0) Arise and 'o our &a 9 but 'o in faith9 and take no 'old nor sil"er in our purse9 no eFtra coat or shoes$ (() Go in the sacred name9 trust God and ou &ill ne"er come to &ant$ (2) And let this be our salutation e"er &here, 5eace be to all9 'ood &ill to all$ (1) And if the son of peace be in the house, the door &ill open &ide and ou &ill enter in9 and then the hol peace &ill rest upon that house$ (*) The se"ent in t&os &ent forth9 the &ent into .amaria, and as the &ent the said, 5eace be to all9 'ood &ill to allC (;) Repent and turn from sin, and set our house in order, for a son of man &ho bears the ima'e of the Christ, &ill come, and ou ma see his face$ (<) The entered e"er "illa'e of .amaria9 the preached in T re and in .idon b the sea$ .ome &ent to Crete, and others into Greece, and others &ent to Gilead and tau'ht$ (=) And Jesus, all alone, &ent to the feast b the .amaria &a 9 and as he &ent throu'h . char on the &a , the lepers sa& him and a compan of ten called Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1. from afar and said, ()) !ord Jesus, sta and speak the >ord for us that &e ma be made clean$ (,) And Jesus said, Go forth and sho& oursel"es unto the priests$ 20) The &ent, and as the &ent their lepros &as healed$ 4ne of the ten, a nati"e of .amaria, returned to thank the master and to praise the !ord$ 2() And Jesus said to him, !o, ten &ere cleansed9 &here are the nineE Arise, and 'o our &a 9 our faith has made ou &hole$ 22) Aou ha"e re"ealed our heart and sho&n that ou are &orth of the po&er9 behold the nine &ill find a'ain their leprous hands and feet$ 21) And Jesus &ent his &a , and &hile the feast &as on he came into Jerusalem, and &ent into the temple courts$ 2*) And he rebuked the scribes and 5harisees, the priests and doctors of the la& for their h pocris and selfishness$ 2;) The common people &ere ama:ed9 the said, Brom &hence has come the &isdom of this manE he speaks as speaks a sa'e$ 2<) And Jesus said, - did not learn the &isdom of the #ol 4ne &ithin the schools of men9 m teachin' is not mine9 - speak the &ords of him &ho sent me here to do his &ill$ 2=) -f an man &ould kno& &hereof - speak, lo, he must do the &ill of God$ /o man can kno& eFcept he enters into life and does the &ill of God$ 2)) /o&, 6oses 'a"e the la&9 but none of ou ha"e kept the la&9 ho& can ou @ud'e the &orthiness of an manE 2,) 4nce in these courts - healed a man upon a .abbath da , and in a ra'e ou sou'ht to take m life9 and no& because - tell the truth ou seek a'ain to take m life$ 10) A scribe spoke out and said, Aou foolish man, ou are obsessed9 &ho &ants to take our lifeE 1() The common people said, -s this not Jesus &hom the rulers lon' ha"e sou'ht to killE and no& he comes

and teaches in the temple courts$ 12) -f he is 'uilt of such monstrous crimes, &h do the not take him a&a in chainsE 11) And Jesus said, Aou all kno& me, and kno& from &hence - came9 but ou kno& not the God &ho sent me here, &hose &ords - speak$ 1*) The multitudes a'ain stood forth in his defense9 the said, if this is not the Christ &hom God has promised to re"eal to men, &ill he do 'reater &orks &hen he shall come than does this manE 1;) The 5harisees and rulin' priests &ere an'ered and the sent their officers to take him eDer he &ent a&a $ The officers &ere filled &ith fear9 the sei:ed him not$ 1<) And Jesus said, lo, - am here but for a little time and then - 'o m &a to him &ho sent me here to do his &ill$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1/ 1=) Aou seek me no& and ou can find me no&9 the time &ill come &hen ou &ill seek and &ill not find, for &here - 'o ou cannot come$ 1)) The people said, >here &ill he 'o that men can find him notE >ill he 'o forth to Greece and teach the GreeksE or &ill he 'o to 3' pt or Ass ria to teachE 1,) But Jesus ans&ered not9 unnoticed b the multitudes he left the temple courts and &ent his &a $ C#A5T3R (1* Jes"s teaches in the temple. *is )ords enra e the r"lers. /icodem"s defends him. *e spends the ni ht in prayer on Mo"nt 9li%es. /e5t day he a ain teaches in the temple. An ad"lteress is bro" ht before him for $"d ement. /4>, on the last da of the feast &hen multitudes &ere in the court&a s, Jesus said, 2) >hoe"er is athirst ma come to me and drink$ 1) #e &ho belie"es in me and in the Christ &hom God had sent, ma drink the cup of life, and from his inner parts shall streams of li"in' &aters flo&$ *) The #ol Breath &ill o"er+shado& him, and he &ill breathe the Breath, and speak the &ords, and li"e the life$ ;) The people &ere di"ided in their "ie&s concernin' him$ .ome said, This man is prophet of the li"in' God$ <) And others said, #e is 6essiah &hom our prophets said &ould come$ =) And others said, #e cannot be the Christ, for he came do&n from Galilee9 the Christ must come from Bethlehem &here %a"id li"ed$ )) A'ain the priests and 5harisees sent officers to brin' him into court to ans&er for his life9 but &hen the officers returned and brou'ht him not, ,) The rulers &ere enra'ed and said, >h did ou not arrest this man and hale him into courtE (0) The officers replied, >e ne"er heard a man speak like this man speaks$ (() -n ra'e the 5harisees stood forth and said,

#a"e ou 'one madE #a"e ou been led astra E Are ou disciples of this manE (2) #a"e an of the rulers, or the 5harisees belie"ed on himE The common peopleC es, the ma belie"e9 the are accursed9 the kno& not an thin'$ (1) But /icodemus came before the rulers and he said, Can Je&ish @ud'es @ud'e a man and sentence him until the hear his pleaE !et Jesus stand before this bar and testif himself$ (*) The rulers said, This Jesus is a &il man, and if &e suffer him to speak, he &ill rebuke us face to face, and then the multitudes &ill lau'h and stand in his defense$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .10 (;) And then ou kno&, as &ell as &e, that prophets do not come from Galilee$ (<) The rulers felt the force of &hat the officers and /icodemus said, and the said nothin' more$ (=) And then the people &ent their &a , each to his home9 but Jesus &ent unto 6ount 4li"es &here he spent the ni'ht in pra er$ ()) But in the mornin' &hen the sun had scarcel risen, Jesus came a'ain, and man people came to see him in the temple courts, and he sat do&n and tau'ht the multitudes$ (,) The 5harisees and scribes &ere still alert to find a cause &hereb the mi'ht condemn him b the &ords he spoke$ 20) The officers had taken in the "er act of crime, a courtesan$ As Jesus tau'ht, the brou'ht this &oman and set her in the midst and said, 2() Rabboni, this "ile &oman has been taken in adulter $ The la& of 6oses sa s that such as she shall die, be stoned to death9 &hat do ou sa should be her punishmentE 22) And Jesus stooped and made a fi'ure on the 'round and in it placed the number of a soul, and then he sat in silent thou'ht$ 21) And &hen the priests demanded that he speak, he said, !et him &ho has no sin stand forth and be the first to cast a stone at her$ 2*) And then he closed his e es, and not a &ord &as said$ >hen he arose and sa& the &oman all alone he said, 2;) >here are the men &ho brou'ht ou hereE the &ho accusedE 2<) The &oman said, The all are 'one9 no one &as here &ho could condemn$ 2=) And Jesus said, And - condemn ou not9 'o on our &a in peace, and sin no more$ C#A5T3R (1; Jes"s teaches in the temple. *e re%eals some of the deeper meanin s of the &hristine ministry. #he r"lers are reatly enra ed and attempt to stone him, b"t he disappears. T#3 feast &as done and Jesus, 5eter, James and John &ere sittin' in the temple treasur $ 2) The nine had 'one back to Capernaum$ 1) The people thron'ed the temple courts and Jesus said, *) - am the lamp9 Christ is the oil of life9 the #ol Breath the fire$ Behold the li'htC and he &ho follo&s me shall not &alk in the dark, but he shall ha"e the li'ht of life$ ;) A la& er said,

Aou &itness for ourself, our &itness is not true$ <) And Jesus said, -f - do &itness for m self - speak that &hich is true, for - kno& &hence - came Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .11 and &here - 'o$ =) And no one else in flesh can testif for me, for none kno& &hence - came, nor &here - 'o$ )) 6 &orks bear &itness to the truth - speak$ As man - could not speak the &ords of #ol Breath9 and then m Bather testifies for me$ ,) The la& er said, >here does our father li"eE (0) And Jesus said, Aou kno& me not or ou &ould kno& m Bather, and if ou kne& the Bather ou &ould kno& the son, because the Bather and the son are one$ (() - 'o m &a and ou shall find me not9 for &here - 'o ou cannot come, because ou do not kno& the &a $ (2) Aou cannot find the &a because our hearts are 'ross, our ears are dull, our e es are closed$ (1) The li'ht of life cannot shine throu'h the murk "eil that ou ha"e dra&n about our hearts$ (*) Aou do not kno& the Christ and if the Christ be not &ithin the heart there is no li'ht$ (;) - come to manifest the Christ to men and ou recei"e me not, and ou &ill d&ell in darkness and in the shado& of the 'ra"e till ou belie"e the &ords speak$ (<) But ou &ill "ilif the son of man, and lift him up and lau'h to see him die$ (=) But then a little li'ht &ill come and ou &ill kno& that - am &hat - am$ ()) The people did not comprehend the meanin' of the &ords he spoke$ (,) And then he spoke unto the people &ho belie"ed in him and said, -f ou abide in Christ, and Christ abide in ou, and if ou keep m &ords &ithin our heart, 20) Aou are the &a , ou are disciples in the &a , and ou shall kno& &hat is the truth, and truth shall make ou free$ 2() And still the people did not understand9 the said, >e are the seed of Abraham and are alread free9 &e ne"er &ere the sla"es of an man9 &h do ou sa , >e shall be freeE 22) And Jesus said, %o ou not kno& that e"er one committin' sin is sla"e of sinE abides in bonda'e unto sinE 21) -f ou sin not then ou are free9 but if ou sin in thou'ht, or &ord, or deed, then ou are sla"es, and nau'ht but truth can set ou free9 if ou are free throu'h Christ, then ou are free indeed$ 2*) Aou are the seed of Abraham, and et ou seek to kill me @ust because speak the truth of Abraham$ 2;) Aou are the children of the flesh of Abraham9 but, lo, - sa , There is a spiritual Abraham &hom ou kno& not$ 2<) -n spirit ou are children of our father, and our father is %iabolos9 ou han' upon his &ords and do his &ill$ 2=) #e &as a murderer from the first9 he cannot tell the truth, and &hen he tells

a lie he speaks his o&n9 he is himself a lie, and he is father of himself$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1% 2)) -f ou &ere children of m Bather+God, then ou could hear the &ords of God9 - speak the &ords of God, but ou can hear them not$ 2,) A 5harisee stood forth and said, This fello& is not one of us he is a crust .amaritan and is obsessed$ 10) But Jesus heeded not the &ords of 5harisee or scribe9 he kne& that all the people kne& he &as a Je&$ 1() And then he said, >hoe"er keeps m &ords shall ne"er die$ 12) A la& er said, And no& &e kno& he is obsessed$ 4ur father Abraham is dead9 the prophets all are dead, and et this fello& sa s, >hoe"er keeps m &ords shall ne"er die$ 11) -s this man 'reater than our Bather AbrahamE -s he abo"e the prophetsE and all of them are dead$ 1*) And Jesus said, Aour father Abraham re@oiced to see m da 9 he sa& it and &as 'lad$ 1;) The la& er said, Aou simple man9 ou are not fift ears of a'e9 ha"e ou seen AbrahamE 1<) And Jesus said, Before the da s of Abraham - am$ 1=) A'ain the scribes and 5harisees &ere in a ra'e9 the took up stones to cast at him, but, like a phantom of the ni'ht, he disappeared9 the people kne& not &here he &ent$ C#A5T3R (1< Jes"s teaches in the temple. 0elates the parable of the ood 'amaritan. !oes to Bethany. #eaches in +azar"s' home. 0eb"(es Martha for her an5iety abo"t the thin s of this life. A/% Jesus stood a'ain &ithin the temple courts and tau'ht$ 2) A master of the la& &as sent to question him that he mi'ht find a cause to censure and accuse him of a crime$ 1) #e said, !ord, tell me &hat to do that - ma ha"e eternal lifeE *) And Jesus said, Aou kno& the la&9 &hat does it sa E ;) The la& er ans&ered, Aou shall lo"e the !ord our God &ith all our heart, &ith all our soul, &ith all our stren'th, &ith all our mind, and ou shall lo"e our nei'hbor as ourself$ <) And Jesus said, !o, ou ha"e ans&ered &ell9 this do and ou shall li"e$ =) The la& er said, 6 nei'hbor, &ho is heE )) And Jesus said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .12 A man &as 'oin' from Jerusalem to Jericho, and lo, he met &ith robbers on the &a , &ho beat him, robbed him of his 'oods, and left him bleedin' b the &a $ ,) A 5harisee &as 'oin' do&n that &a 9 he sa& the &ounded man9 but then he

had no time to lose9 he passed b on the other side$ (0) A !e"ite came and sa& the man9 but he &as loath to soil his sacerdotal robes, and he passed b $ (() A la& er on his &a to Jericho obser"ed the d in' man, and then he said, -f - could make a shekel - mi'ht help the man9 but he has nothin' left to 'i"e, ha"e no time for charit 9 and he passed on$ (2) And then a stran'er from .amaria came that &a 9 he sa& the &ounded man9 his heart &as touched &ith pit , and he stopped, dismounted from his horse, (1) Re"i"ed the man, and placed him on his horse and took him to an inn and char'ed the keeper of the inn to nurse him back to stren'th$ (*) #e 'a"e the keeper all the mone that he had and said, Aour char'es ma be more than this, but care for this unfortunate, and &hen - come a'ain - &ill pa all9 and then he &ent his &a $ (;) /o&, master of the la&, &hich of these four &as nei'hbor unto him &ho fell amon' the thie"esE (<) The la& er said, The man &ho sho&ed him merc 9 he &ho cared for him$ (=) And Jesus said, Go on our &a and like&ise do, and ou shall li"e$ ()) /o&, Jesus, 5eter, James and John &ent out to Bethan &here !a:arus li"ed$ (,) And 6ar sat at JesusD feet and heard him speak the &ords of life &hile 6artha ser"ed$ 20) And 6artha called, but 6ar &ould not lea"e the !ord to help her ser"e$ 2() And 6artha said to Jesus, %o ou not care that 6ar makes me bear the burdens of the ser"in' all the da E - be' that ou &ill bid her help$ 22) And Jesus said, Aou are too anFious, 6artha, for our 'uests9 ou need not trouble so about the thin's of life$ 21) Aou 'ro& a+&ear b our care for little thin's and sli'ht the one thin' needed most of all$ 2*) Aour sister here has chosen far the better part, a part that none can take a&a $ C#A5T3R (1= Jes"s and his disciples o into a retired place to pray. Jes"s teaches +azar"s ho) to pray. #he model prayer. #he %al"e of import"nate prayer. Parable of the import"nate ho"se)ife. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1! /4>, in the e"enin' Jesus, 5eter, James and John, &ith !a:arus, &ent out be ond the "illa'e 'ates to pra $ And !a:arus said, Teach me to pra $ 2) And Jesus said, The pra er - tau'ht the t&el"e to pra &hile &e &ere up in Galilee is one acceptable to God9 and &hen ou pra @ust sa ,

A< 9"r :ather,!od )ho art in hea%en. holy is thy name. thy (in dom come. they )ill be done on earth as it is done in hea%en. B< !i%e "s this day o"r needed bread.

C< *elp "s for et the debts that other people o)e to "s, that all o"r debts may be dischar ed. D< And shield "s from the tempter's snares that are too reat for "s to bear. E< And )hen they come, i%e "s the stren th to o%ercome.
)) And Jesus said, The ans&er to our pra er ma not appear in fullness in a little time$ ,) Be not discoura'ed9 pra a'ain and then a'ain, for God &ill hear$ (0) And then he spoke a parable9 he said, A house&ife &as alone at ni'ht and, lo, some 'uests arri"ed, and the &ere hun'r , ha"in' had no food for all the da $ (() The house&ife had no bread, and so at midni'ht she &ent forth and called a friend and said, !oan me three loa"es of bread, for 'uests ha"e come, and - ha"e nau'ht for them to eat$ (2) The friend replied, >h do ou trouble me at midni'ht hourE 6 door is shut9 m children are &ith me in bed9 - cannot rise to 'i"e ou bread9 tomorro& ou can be supplied$ (1) The house&ife asked a'ain, and then a'ain, and then because she pled, and &ould not be refused, the friend arose and 'a"e her bread$ (*) Behold, - sa to ou, Ask firml and ou shall recei"e9 seek trustin'l and ou shall find9 knock earnestl , the door &ill open up$ (;) All thin's are ours, and &hen ou ask, not as a be''in' man &ould ask, but as a child, ou shall be satisfied$ (<) A son ma ask his father for a loaf of bread9 the father &ill not 'i"e to him a stone9 (=) 4r he ma ask him for a fish9 he &ill not 'i"e a crab9 or he ma ask him for an e''9 the father &ill not 'i"e a pebble from the brook$ ()) Behold, if men of flesh kno& ho& to 'i"e abundantl to children of the flesh, &ill not our hea"enl Bather 'i"e abundantl to ou &hen ou shall pra E C#A5T3R (1) #he &hristines in Jer"salem. #hey meet a man blind from birth. Jes"s teaches a lesson on the ca"se of disease and disasters. *e heals the blind man. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .19 T#3 !ord &ith 5eter, James and John &ere in Jerusalem9 it &as the .abbath da $ 2) And as the &alked alon' the &a the sa& a man &ho could not see9 he had been blind from birth$ 1) And 5eter said, !ord, if disease and imperfections all are caused b sin, &ho &as the sinner in this caseE the parents or the man himselfE *) And Jesus said, Afflictions all are partial pa ments on a debt, or debts, that ha"e been made$ ;) There is a la& of recompense that ne"er fails, and it is summari:ed in that true rule of life8 <) >hatsoe"er man shall do to an other man some other man &ill do to him$ =) -n this &e find the meanin' of the Je&ish la&, eFpressed concisel in the &ords, Tooth for a tooth9 life for a life$

)) #e &ho shall in@ure an one in thou'ht, or &ord, or deed, is @ud'ed a debtor to the la&, and some one else shall, like&ise, in@ure him in thou'ht, or &ord or deed$ ,) And he &ho sheds the blood of an man &ill come upon the time &hen his blood shall be shed b man$ (0) Affliction is a prison cell in &hich a man must sta until he pa s his debts unless a master sets him free that he ma ha"e a better chance to pa his debts$ (() Affliction is a certain si'n that one has debts to pa $ (2) Behold this manC 4nce in another life he &as a cruel man, and in a cruel &a destro ed the e es of one, a fello& man$ (1) The parents of this man once turned their faces on a blind and helpless man, and dro"e him from their door$ (*) Then 5eter asked, %o &e pa off the debts of other men &hen b the >ord &e heal them, dri"e the unclean spirits out, or rescue them from an form of sore distressE (;) And Jesus said, >e cannot pa the debts of an man, but b the >ord &e ma release a man from his afflictions and distress, (<) And make him free, that he ma pa the debts he o&es, b 'i"in' up his life in &illin' sacrifice for men, or other li"in' thin's$ (=) Behold, &e ma make free this man that he ma better ser"e the race and pa his debts$ ()) Then Jesus called the man and said, >ould ou be freeE &ould ou recei"e our si'htE (,) The man replied, All that - ha"e &ould - most freel 'i"e if - could see$ 20) And Jesus took sali"a and a bit of cla and made a sal"e, and put it on the blind manDs e es$ 2() #e spoke the >ord and then he said, Go to .iloam and &ash, and as ou &ash sa , Jahhe%ahe$ This do for se"en times and ou shall see$ 22) The man &as led unto .iloam9 he &ashed his e es and spoke the &ord, and Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .. instantl his e es &ere opened and he sa&$ 21) The people &ho had seen the man for man ears sit b the &a and be', &ere much surprised to see him see$ 2*) The said, -s not this man the Job that &as born blind, &ho sat beside the &a and be''edE 2;) #e heard them talk amon' themsel"es9 he said, Aes - am he$ 2<) The people asked, #o& &ere ou healedE &ho opened up our e esE 2=) #e said, A man &hom men call Jesus, made a sal"e of cla and put it on m e es, and bade me sa a &ord and &ash in .iloam se"en times9 - did as he commanded me, and no& - see$ 2)) A certain scribe &as passin', and he sa& the man and heard him sa that Jesus, b the >ord, had opened up his e es$ 2,) #e therefore took the man up to the s na'o'ue, and told the stor to the

priests, &ho asked the man about the miracle$ 10) The man replied, - ne"er sa& the li'ht until toda , for - &as blind from birth$ 1() This mornin' as - sat beside .iloam, a man - ne"er kne& put on m e es a sal"e that people sa he made of cla 9 he bade me sa a &ord and bathe m e es in &ater se"en times9 - did as he commanded and - sa&$ 12) A la& er asked the man, >ho &as it opened up our e esE 11) The man replied, .ome people sa , #is name is Jesus and that he came from Galilee9 but others sa , #e is the son of God$ 1*) A 5harisee came up and said, This is the .abbath da 9 a man &ho does a &ork like this, re'ardin' not the .abbath da , is not from God$ 1;) .ome of the priests &ere much ama:ed and said, A &icked man could ne"er do a miracle like this9 he must possess the po&er of God$ And so the stro"e amon' themsel"es$ 1<) The asked the man, >hat do ou think about this man from GalileeE 1=) #e said, #e is a prophet sent from God$ 1)) /o&, man of the Je&s did not belie"e the man &as blind from birth9 the said, There is no po&er to open up the e es of one born blind$ 1,) And then the brou'ht the parents of the man before the 5harisees that the mi'ht testif $ *0) The said, This is our son &ho &as born blind9 &e do not kno& ho& he recei"ed his si'ht9 he is of a'e and he can tell9 ask him$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ..1 *() The &ere afraid to sa &hat the belie"ed, that Jesus is the Christ &ho came to manifest the po&er of God, lest the offend the priests and be cast from the s na'o'ue$ *2) A'ain the rulers said, This Jesus is a &icked man$ The man &ho had been healed stood forth a'ain and said, *1) This Jesus ma be sinner or be saint, - do not kno&9 but this one thin' kno&9 - once &as blind, but no& - see$ **) And then the scribes and 5harisees re"iled the man and said, Aou are a follo&er of this man from Galilee$ >e follo& 6oses, but this man, &e kno& him not, and kno& not &hence he is$ *;) The man replied, -t is a mar"el that ou kno& not &hence he is, and et he opened up m e es$ *<) Aou kno& that nothin' but the po&er of God can do such thin's$ *=) God hears not sinners pra , and ou must kno& that he is not a &icked man &ho can emplo the po&er of God$ *)) The 5harisees replied, Aou &retchC ou &ere be'otten and &ere born in sin, and no& ou tr to teach

the la& to us$ And then the cast him from the s na'o'ue$ C#A5T3R (1, Jes"s meets and instr"cts the man )ho )as blind. 6nfolds the mysteries of the (in dom. #he sheepfold. -eclares himself the shepherd. !oes to the home of Massalian, )here he abides ceratin days. >#3/ Jesus heard &hat had been done and ho& the priests had cast the man &hom he had healed, out of the s na'o'ue, he found the man and said to him, 2) %o ou belie"e in God and in the son of GodE 1) The man replied, - do belie"e in God9 but &ho is he, the son of God, of &hom ou speakE *) And Jesus said, The son of God is he &ho speaks to ou$ ;) The man inquired then, >h do ou sa , The son of GodE -s there but oneE <) And Jesus said, All men are sons of God b birth9 God is the Bather of the race9 but all are not the sons of God b faith$ =) #e &ho attains the "ictor o"er self is son of God b faith, and he &ho speaks to ou has o"ercome, and he is called son of God, because he is the pattern for the sons of men$ )) #e &ho belie"es and does the &ill of God is son of God b faith$ ,) The man in @o eFclaimed, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ... !ord, - belie"e in God, and in the son of God$ (0) And Jesus said, - came to open prison doors, to make the blind to see9 but, lo, the 5harisees are blind from birth$ (() And &hen - put the sal"e of truth upon their e es, and bid them 'o and &ash, and speak the sacred >ord the &ill not 'o9 the lo"e the dark$ (2) A multitude of people pressed about the !ord, and he stood forth and said, (1) Aou men of -srael, - sa to ou, The fold of God is lar'e9 its &alls are stron', it has a 'ate&a in the east, and he &ho does not enter b the 'ate into the fold, but climbs into the fold some other &a , is thief and comes to rob$ (*) The shepherd of the sheep stands b the 'ate9 he 'i"es the secret si'n9 he knocks9 the &atchman opens up the 'ate$ (;) And then the shepherd calls his sheep b name9 the hear his "oice and follo& him9 the enter throu'h the 'ate into the fold$ (<) The sheep kno& not a stran'erDs "oice9 the &ill not follo& him9 the flee a&a $ (=) The people did not understand the parable that Jesus spoke9 and then he said, ()) Christ is the 'ate&a of the fold9 - am the shepherd of the sheep, and he &ho follo&s me throu'h Christ shall come into the fold &here li"in' &aters flo&, and &here rich pastures are$ (,) Balse prophets come and 'o9 the claim to be the shepherds of the sheep9 the claim to kno& the &a 9 but the kno& not the &ord of po&er9 the &atchman opens not the 'ate9 the sheep heed not their call$

20) The shepherd of the sheep &ill 'i"e his life to sa"e the sheep$ 2() A hirelin' flees to sa"e his life &hen &ol"es infest the fold9 and then the tender lambs are snatched a&a , the sheep are scattered e"er &here$ 22) - am the shepherd of the sheep9 - kno& the sheep of God9 the kno& m "oice, as God kno&s me and - kno& him$ 21) The Bather lo"es me &ith a deathless lo"e, because - la m life do&n for the sheep$ 2*) - la m life do&n &hen - &ill, but - ma take it up a'ain9 for e"er son of God b faith has po&er to la his mortal flesh aside and take it up a'ain$ These &ords - ha"e recei"ed from God$ 2;) A'ain the people stro"e amon' themsel"es9 the &ere di"ided in their "ie&s concernin' Christ$ The could not comprehend the &ords that Jesus spoke$ 2<) .ome said a'ain, #e is obsessed, or he is mad9 &h listen to his &ordsE 2=) And others said, #is &ords are not the &ords of one obsessed$ Can unclean spirits open up the e es of one born blindE 2)) Then Jesus left Jerusalem and &ith 6assalian he tarried certain da s$ C#A5T3R (*0 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ../ Jes"s and the three disciples ret"rn to &aperna"m. Jes"s recei%es the report of the se%enty. 2ith his disciples he oes thro" h all !alilee enco"ra in the belie%ers. *e heals a )oman. 0elates the parable of the little seed and the reat tree. T#3 time had come for the return of the three score and ten &hom Jesus sent abroad to preach$ 2) And Jesus, 5eter, James and John be'an their @ourne back to Galilee$ 1) The &ent up throu'h .amaria9 the passed throu'h man "illa'es and to&ns, and e"er &here the people thron'ed the &a s to see the man the se"ent had told about9 and Jesus tau'ht and healed the sick$ *) And &hen the reached Capernaum the se"ent &ere there9 and the &ere filled &ith @o 9 the said, ;) The .pirit of the !ord of hosts &as &ith us all the &a , and &e &ere filled$ <) The po&er of the sacred >ord &as manifest in us9 &e healed the sick9 &e caused the lame to &alk, the deaf to hear, the blind to see$ =) The "er de"ils trembled &hen &e spoke the >ord, and the &ere sub@ect unto us$ )) And Jesus said, As ou &ere 'oin' on our &a , the hea"ens &ere bri'ht &ith li'ht, the earth &as bri'ht, the seemed to meet and be at one9 and - beheld, and .atan fell as li'htnin' from the hea"ens$ ,) Behold, for ou ha"e po&er to tread on serpents and on scorpions, and these are s mbols of the enemies of men$ Aou are protected in the &a of ri'ht, and nau'ht can harm$ (0) And as ou &ent - heard a master sa , >ell done$ (() But ou ma not re@oice because ou ha"e the po&er to heal the sick and make the de"ils tremble b the >ord9 for such re@oicin' is from carnal self$ (2) Aou ma re@oice because the nations of the earth ha"e ears to hear the >ord,

and e es to see the 'lor of the !ord, and hearts to feel the inner breathin' of the #ol Breath$ (1) And ou ma &ell be 'lad because our names are &ritten in the Book of !ife$ (*) Then Jesus looked to hea"en and said, - thank thee, Bather, !ord of hea"en and earth, because thou hast re"ealed th self to babes, and tau'ht them ho& to li'ht the path and lead the &ise to thee$ (;) >hat thou hast 'i"en to me, lo, - ha"e 'i"en to them, and throu'h the sacred >ord - ha"e besto&ed on them the understandin' heart, (<) That the mi'ht kno& and honor thee throu'h Christ, &ho &as, and is, and e"ermore shall be$ (=) And then he said aside, unto the se"ent and t&el"e, 6ost blessed are our e es because ou see the thin's ou see9 ()) And blessed are our ears because the hear the thin's the hear9 (,) And blessed are our hearts because ou understand$ 20) -n a'es that are 'one the &ise of earth, the prophets, seers and kin's, desired to hear and see and kno& &hat ou ha"e heard and seen and kno&n9 but the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ..0 had not attained and could not hear, and see and kno&$ 2() And Jesus said a'ain, !o, - ha"e 'one before ou man moons, and - ha"e 'i"en to ou the bread of hea"en and the cup of life9 22) #a"e been our buckler and our sta 9 but no& that ou ha"e learned the &a , and ha"e the stren'th to stand alone, behold, - la m bod do&n and 'o to him &ho is the All$ 21) -n fort da s then &e &ill turn our faces to&ard Jerusalem &here - &ill find the altar of the !ord and 'i"e m life in &illin' sacrifice for men$ 2*) !et us arise and 'o throu'h all the coasts of Galilee, and 'i"e a salutation of 'ood cheer to all the sons of God b faith$ 2;) And the arose and &ent9 the entered e"er to&n and "illa'e on the coast, and e"er &here the said, The benedictions of the Christ abide &ith ou for e"ermore$ 2<) /o&, in a certain to&n the &ent up to the s na'o'ue upon the .abbath da , and Jesus tau'ht$ 2=) And as he spoke, t&o men brou'ht on a cot a &oman bent near double &ith disease9 she had not risen from her bed for ei'hteen ears &ithout a helpin' hand$ 2)) And Jesus laid his hand upon the &oman, and he said, Arise, be free from our infirmit $ 2,) And as he spoke the >ord the &oman found that she &as strai'ht and stron', and she arose and &alked and said, 5raise God$ 10) The ruler of the s na'o'ue &as filled &ith &rath because the healer healed upon the .abbath da $ 1() #e did not censure Jesus face to face, but turnin' to the multitudes he said, 12) Aou men of Galilee, &h do ou break the la&s of GodE There are siF da s in e"er &eek &hen ou ma brin' the afflicted to be healed$ 11) This is the da that God has blessed, the .abbath da in &hich men ma not &ork$

1*) And Jesus said, Aou inconsistent scribes and 5hariseesC 7pon the .abbath da ou take our beasts of burden from their stalls, and lead them forth to eat and drink9 is this not &orkE 1;) This dau'hter of our father Abraham, &ho has been bound for ei'hteen ears, has come in faith to be made free$ 1<) /o&, tell me, men, is it a crime to break her bonds and set her free upon the .abbath da E 1=) The ruler said no more9 the people all re@oiced and said, Behold the ChristC 1)) And Jesus spoke a parable9 he said, The kin'dom of the Christ is like a little seed that one put in the 'round9 1,) -t 're& and after man ears became a mi'ht tree, and man people rested in its shade, and birds built nests and reared their oun' amon' its leaf bou'hs$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ..1 C#A5T3R (*( Jes"s spea(s )ords of enco"ra ement. 0eb"(es an officio"s Pharisee. Attends a )eddin feast. *eals a dropsical man. 0eb"(es "ests )ho see( chief seats. 0elates a parable of a )eddin feast. A/% Jesus &ent into another to&n upon the coast and spoke 'ood &ords of cheer to those &ho follo&ed him$ 2) And one stood forth and said, !ord, are there fe& that enter into lifeE 1) And Jesus said, The &a is rou'h that leads to life9 the 'ate is narro& and is 'uarded &ell9 but e"er one &ho seeks in faith shall find the &a , and the &ho kno& the >ord ma enter in$ *) But man seek the &a for selfish 'ain9 the pound upon the 'ate of life9 but it is fast$ ;) The &atchman from the turret sa s, - kno& ou not9 our speech is that of Ashdod, and our robes are those of sin9 depart and 'o our &a $ <) And the &ill 'o their &a &ith &eepin' and &ith 'nashin' of the teeth$ =) And the &ill be enra'ed &hen the see their father Abraham &ith -saac, Jacob and the prophets, restin' in the kin'dom of the Christ, and the themsel"es debarred$ )) And, lo, - sa that men &ill come from lands afar, from east, from &est, from north, from south and sit &ith me in consciousness of life$ ,) Behold, - sa , the last shall be the first, the first shall be the last$ (0) All men are called unto the kin'dom of the Christ9 but fe& are chosen, for the pure in heart alone can see the kin'$ (() And as he spoke a 5harisee came up and said, Aou man of Galilee, if ou &ould sa"e our life remain not here9 flee instantl , for #erod s&ears that he &ill take our life, and e"en no& his officers are seekin' ou$ (2) And Jesus said, >h is it that the 5harisees are so concerned about m lifeE And then he said unto the man &ho spoke,

(1) Go forth and sa to that sl foF, Behold, - heal the sick and cast the unclean spirits out toda , tomorro&, and the da s to come, and then - &ill attain$ (*) Go sa to him, - need not fear in Galilee, for - must meet the cruel &rath of men &ithin Jerusalem$ (;) And &hile the tarried in the place a man, a 5harisee, in"ited Jesus and a fe& of those &ho follo&ed him, to dine &ith him upon the .abbath da , to celebrate the marria'e of his son$ (<) Amon' the 'uests &as one afflicted &ith a dropsical disease$ (=) And Jesus said to those &ho had been sent to 'et from his o&n lips some Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ..% &ords b &hich the mi'ht accuse him of a crime, ()) Aou la& ers and ou 5harisees, &hat do ou sa about the la&lessness of healin' on the .abbath da E #ere is a man, one of our o&n, and he is sore distressed$ (,) .hall -, in GodDs o&n stren'th, sa out the healin' >ord and heal this manE 20) The la& ers and the 5harisees &ere dumb9 the ans&ered not$ 2() Then Jesus spoke the healin' >ord and healed the man and he, re@oicin', &ent his &a $ 22) Then Jesus said a'ain unto the la& ers and the 5harisees, >hich one of ou &ho has a horse or co&, if it &ould fall into a pit upon the .abbath da &ould not call in his friends to help to dra& it outE 21) And not a man could ans&er, #ere am -$ 2*) As Jesus looked upon the 'uests &ho had been bidden to the feast and sa& them cro&din' in to 'et the hi'hest seats, he said to them, 2;) Aou selfish men, &h do ou stri"e to take the hi'hest seats &hen ou are but in"ited 'uestsE Aou do not sho& our host the courtesies of life$ 2<) >hen men are bidden to a marria'e feast the should sit in the lo&er seats until the host shall place them &here he &ills$ 2=) Aou ma , unbidden, take the hi'hest seat9 but then a man more honorable ma come and &hen the host shall bid ou rise and take a lo&er seat that he ma honor his more &orth 'uest, ou cannot help but blush for "er shame in our humilit $ 2)) But if ou take the lo&est seat and then are honored b our host and asked to take a hi'her seat, ou are esteemed an honored 'uest$ 2,) -n this e"ent &e note a principle in life, That he &ho &ould eFalt himself shall be abased, and he &ho humbles lo& himself shall be eFalted in the si'ht of men$ 10) Then Jesus spoke to all the 'uests9 he said, >hen an one of ou &ould make a feast, it should not be for friends, or kindred, or the rich9 1() Bor the consider such a courtes loaned out, and the feel called upon to make a 'reater feast for ou, @ust in the pa ment of a debt$ 12) But &hen ou make a feast, in"ite the poor, the lame, the blind9 in this a blessin' &aits for ou, for &ell ou kno& that ou &ill 'et nau'ht in return9 but in the consciousness of helpin' those &ho need, ou &ill be recompensed$ 11) And then he spoke a parable9 he said, A &ealth man prepared a feast9 he sent his ser"ants forth to bid his chosen ones to come9 but the desired not to 'o, and the formed such eFcuses as the thou'ht &ould satisf the &ould+be host$

1*) 4ne said, - ha"e @ust bou'ht a piece of land, and - must 'o and pro"e m title to the land9 - pra to be eFcused$ 1;) Another said - must 'o do&n and pro"e m o&nership in sheep that - ha"e bou'ht9 - pra to be eFcused$ 1<) Another said, - ha"e been married but a little time and so - cannot 'o9 - be' to be eFcused$ 1=) /o&, &hen the ser"ants came and told the man &ho had prepared the feast Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ..2 that those he had in"ited &ould not come, 1)) The man &as 'rie"ed in heart9 and then he sent his ser"ants forth into the streets and alle s of the to&n to brin' up to the feast the poor, the lame, the blind$ 1,) The ser"ants &ent abroad and found the poor, the lame, the blind, and brou'ht them in9 but there &as room for more$ *0) The host then sent his men of arms to brin' b force the people to his feast9 and then the house &as full$ *() And God has made a feast for men$ !on' ears a'o he sent his ser"ants forth unto the fa"ored sons of men$ The &ould not hear his call9 the came not to the feast$ *2) #e then sent forth his ser"ants to the stran'ers and the multitudes9 the came, but there is room for more$ *1) Behold, for he &ill send his an'els forth &ith mi'ht trumpet blast, and men &ill be compelled to come up to the feast$ C#A5T3R (*2 #he path of discipleship, its diffic"lties. #he cross and its meanin . #he dan er of )ealth. #he yo"n man )ho lo%ed )ealth more than he lo%ed &hrist. Parable of the rich man and +azar"s. /4>, Jesus and the t&el"e &ent to another to&n, and as the entered it the said, 5eace be to all9 'ood &ill to all$ 2) A multitude of people follo&ed and the master said to them, Behold, for ou are follo&ers for selfish 'ain$ 1) -f ou &ould follo& me in lo"e, and be disciples of the #ol Breath, and 'ain at last the cro&n of life, ou must lea"e all there is of carnal life behind$ *) Be not decei"ed9 sta , men, and count the cost$ ;) -f one &ould build a to&er, or a home, he first sits do&n and counts the cost to be assured that he has 'old enou'h to finish it$ <) Bor &ell he kno&s that if he makes a failure of his enterprise he ma lose all his &ealth, and be the butt of ridicule$ =) And if a kin' desires to take the kin'dom of another kin', he calls his trusted men and the consider &ell their stren'th9 he &ill not measure arms &ith one of matchless po&er$ )) Count &ell the cost before ou start to follo& me9 it means the 'i"in' up of life, and all ou ha"e$ ,) -f ou lo"e father, mother, &ife, or child, more than lo"e the Christ, ou cannot follo& me$ (0) -f ou lo"e &ealth or honor more than ou lo"e the Christ, ou cannot follo&

me$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ..! (() The paths of carnal life do not run up the mountain side to&ards the top9 the run around the mount of life, and if ou 'o strai'ht to the upper 'ate of consciousness ou cross the paths of carnal life9 tread in them not$ (2) And this is ho& men bear the cross9 no man can bear anotherDs cross$ (1) Take up our cross and follo& me throu'h Christ into the path of true discipleship9 this is the path that leads to life$ (*) This &a of life is called the pearl of 'reatest price, and he &ho finds it must put all he has beneath his feet$ (;) Behold, a man found in a certain field the croppin's of a &ondrous mine of 'old, and he &ent forth and sold his home and all he had and bou'ht the field9 then he re@oiced in &ealth$ (<) /o&, there &ere present, scribes and 5harisees of &ealth &ho lo"ed their mone , and their bonds and lands, and the lau'hed loud to scorn &hat Jesus said$ (=) Then Jesus spoke to them and said, Aou are the men &ho @ustif oursel"es in si'ht of men9 God kno&s our &ickedness of heart9 ()) And ou must kno&, 4 men, that &hatsoe"er is re"ered and is eFalted b the carnal mind, is an abomination in the si'ht of God$ (,) And Jesus &ent his &a , and as he &ent a oun' man ran and knelt do&n at his feet and said, Good master, tell me &hat to do that - ma ha"e eternal life$ 20) And Jesus said, >h do ou call me 'oodE /o one is trul 'ood but God himself$ 2() And God has said, -f ou &ould enter into life, keep the Commandments of the la&$ 22) The oun' man asked, To &hich commands did he referE 21) And Jesus said, Aou shall not kill9 ou shall not steal9 ou shall not do adulterous thin's9 ou shall not falsel testif 9 2*) And ou shall lo"e our God &ith all our heart, and ou shall lo"e our nei'hbor as ourself$ 2;) The man replied, These thin's - ha"e obser"ed from outh9 &hat lack - etE 2<) And Jesus said, 4ne thin' ou lack9 our heart is fiFed on thin's of earth9 ou are not free$ 2=) Go forth and sell all that ou ha"e, and 'i"e our mone to the poor, and come follo& me, and ou shall ha"e eternal life$ 2)) The man &as 'rie"ed at &hat the master said9 for he &as rich9 he hid his face and &ent in sorro& on his &a $ 2,) And Jesus looked upon the sorro&in' man and said, -t is so hard for men &ith hoarded &ealth to enter throu'h the door into the kin'dom of the soul$ 10) And his disciples &ere ama:ed at &hat he said$ 1() #e ans&ered them and said,

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ..9 - tell ou, men, that the &ho trust in riches cannot trust in God and cannot come into the kin'dom of the soul8 12) Aea, it is easier for a camel to 'o throu'h a needleDs e e than for a man &ith hoarded &ealth to find the &a of life$ And his disciples said, >ho then can find the &a E >ho can be sa"edE 11) And Jesus said, The rich ma 'i"e his 'old a&a 9 the hi'h ma kiss the dust, and God &ill sa"e$ 1*) Then Jesus spoke this parable to them8 1;) A rich man li"ed in splendid state9 he &ore the finest 'arments men could make9 his boards &ere loaded &ith the costliest "iands of the land$ 1<) A be''ar, blind and lame, &hose name &as !a:arus, &as &ont to sit beside the &aste 'ate of this home that he mi'ht share &ith do's the refuse from the rich manDs board$ 1=) -t came to pass that !a:arus died, and an'els carried him a&a unto the bosom of our father Abraham$ 1)) The rich man also died, and he &as buried in a costl tomb9 but in the purif in' fires he opened up his e es dissatisfied$ 1,) #e looked and sa& the be''ar restin' peacefull in the bosom of his father Abraham, and in the bitterness of his soul he cried, *0) 6 father Abraham, look do&n in merc on our son9 - am tormented in these flames$ *() .end !a:arus, - beseech, that he ma 'i"e me @ust a sup of &ater to cool m parched ton'ue$ *2) But Abraham replied, 6 son, in mortal life, ou had the best thin's of the earth and !a:arus had the &orst, and ou &ould not 'i"e him a cup of &ater there, but dro"e him from our door$ *1) The la& must be fulfilled, and !a:arus no& is comforted, and ou are pa in' &hat ou o&e$ **) Besides, there is a 'reat 'ulf fiFed bet&een our :one and us, and if - &ould could not send !a:arus to ou, and ou cannot come up to us till ou ha"e paid our debts$ *;) A'ain the man in an'uish said, 4 father Abraham, - pra , send !a:arus back to earth, and to m fatherDs house, that he ma tell m brothers &ho are et in life, for - ha"e fi"e of them, about the horrors of this place, lest the come do&n to me and not to ou$ *<) And Abraham replied, The ha"e the &ords of 6oses and the seers, let them hear them$ *=) The man replied, The &ill not hearken to the &ritten &ord9 but if a man &ould 'o up from the 'ra"e the mi'ht belie"e$ *)) But Abraham replied, -f the hear not the &ords of 6oses and the seers the &ould not be persuaded e"en thou'h one from the dead stood in their midst$ *,) And 5eter said, !ord, &e ha"e left our all to follo& ou9 and &hat is our re&ardE ;0) And Jesus said, 6ost "eril - sa to ou, that ou &ho ha"e left all to follo& me shall come into a Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./ ne&ness of a life hid deep &ith Christ in God$

;() And ou shall sit &ith me upon the throne of po&er, and @ud'e &ith me the tribes of -srael$ ;2) And he &ho conquers carnal self, and follo&s me throu'h Christ shall ha"e a hundred fold of that &hich is the &ealth of life on earth, and in the &orld to come, eternal life$ C#A5T3R (*1 0i hteo"sness in re)ards. Jes"s relates the parable of the h"sbandman and the laborers. Ma(es (no)n the di%ine la) of di%orce. #he mystery of marria e. T#3 !ord &as standin' b the sea9 the multitudes &ere there and one stood forth and said, 2) %oes God besto& re&ards as men besto& re&ards, for &hat is doneE 1) And Jesus said, 6en ne"er kno& &hat other men ha"e done, this life is such a seemin' life$ *) 4ne man ma seem to do a mi'ht &ork, and be ad@ud'ed b men as &orth of a 'reat re&ard$ ;) Another man ma seem to be a failure in the har"est fields of life, and be dishonored in the face of men$ <) 6en do not kno& the hearts of men9 God onl kno&s the hearts of men, and &hen the da is done he ma re&ard &ith life the man &ho fell beneath the burdens of the da , and turn a&a the man &ho &as the idol of the hearts of men$ =) And then he spoke a parable9 he said, The kin'dom of the soul is like a man &ho had a "ast estate$ )) And in the mornin' time he &ent do&n to the market place to search for men to 'ather in his 'rain$ ,) #e found three men, and he a'reed to 'i"e to each a penn for his ser"ice for the da , and sent them to his field$ (0) A'ain he &ent do&n to the market place the third hour of the da and found fi"e men in &aitin', and he said, Go do&n into m field and ser"e, and - &ill pa ou &hat is ri'ht9 and the &ent do&n and ser"ed$ (() #e &ent a'ain9 it &as the siFth hour of the da , and se"en men &ere &aitin' at the stand9 he sent them to the field to ser"e$ (2) And at the ele"enth hour he &ent a'ain9 t&el"e men stood there in seemin' idleness9 he said to them, >h stand ou here in idleness all da E (1) The said, Because &e ha"e no &ork to do9 no man has hired us$ (*) And then he sent them to his field to ser"e$ (;) /o&, &hen the e"enin' came the man said to his ste&ard, Call the laborers from the field, and pa each for his ser"ices$ And all &ere paid, and each recei"ed a penn for his hire$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./1 (<) /o&, &hen the t&el"e, &ho ser"ed but from the ele"enth hour, recei"ed each one penn for his hire, the three &ere sore a''rie"ed9 the said, (=) These t&el"e ha"e ser"ed but one short hour, and no& the ha"e an equal share &ith us &ho ha"e toiled throu'h the scorchin' hours of da 9 should &e not ha"e at least t&o pennies for our hireE ()) The man replied, 6 friends, - do no &ron' to ou$ %id &e not ha"e a fast a'reement &hen ou &ent to &orkE #a"e - not paid in fullE

(,) >hat is it unto ou if - should pa these men a smaller or a lar'er sumE Take that &hich is our o&n and 'o our &a , for - &ill 'i"e unto the t&el"e &hat - &ill 'i"e unto the three, the fi"e, the se"en$ 20) The did their best and ou could do no more than do our best$ 2() The hire of man is based upon the intent of the heart$ 22) As Jesus tau'ht, a 5harisee came up and said, !ord, is it la&ful for a man to put a&a his &ifeE 21) And Jesus said, Aou ou'ht to kno&9 &hat sa s the la&E 2*) The 5harisee replied, The la& pro"ides that man ma be di"orced, ma put a&a his &ife$ 2;) And Jesus said, The hardness of the hearts of men induced the 'i"er of the la& to make pro"isions such as these9 but from the first it &as not so$ 2<) God made a &oman for a man, and the &ere one9 and after&ards he said, A man shall lea"e his father and his mother and shall clea"e unto his &ife9 the are no more di"ided9 the are one, one flesh$ 2=) >hat God has @oined no man can part$ 2)) /o&, &hen the &ent up to the house, a man made free to ask a'ain about this matter of di"orce$ 2,) And Jesus said a'ain &hat to the 5harisee he said9 and then he 'a"e the hi'her la& of marria'e life8 10) >hoe"er puts a&a his &ife, eFcept she be a courtesan, and then shall take another &ife, commits adulter $ 1() The &oman &ho shall lea"e a man, unless he be a libertine and an adulterer, and then becomes the &ife of an other man, commits adulter $ 12) And Thomas asked, >hat is adulter E 11) And Jesus said, The man &ho harbors lustful thou'hts, &ho co"ets an &oman not his &ife, is an adulterer$ 1*) The &ife &ho harbors lustful thou'hts, and co"ets an man &ho is not &ed to her, is not her husband, is a courtesan$ 1;) 6en cannot make a la& to bind t&o hearts$ 1<) >hen t&o are bound in lo"e the ha"e no thou'ht of lust$ The &oman cannot lea"e the man9 the man has no desire to send his &ife a&a $ 1=) >hen men and &omen harbor lustful thou'hts, and co"et an other flesh, the are not one, not @oined b God$ 1)) And 5hilip said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./. !ord, are there fe& that God has @oined in hol marria'e bondsE 1,) And Jesus said, God kno&s the pure in heart9 the lustful men and &omen are but creatures of the lustful self9 the cannot be at one9 nor can the be at one &ith God$ *0) /athaniel said, -s it not &ell that all men should refrain from takin' on themsel"es the marria'e "o&E *() And Jesus said, 6en are not pure because the are unmarried men$ The man &ho lusts is an

adulterer if he has &ife or not$ *2) And then he said to all, .ome thin's men kno& b bein' told, &hile other thin's the kno& not till the 'ate of consciousness shall open up for them$ *1) - speak a m ster that no& ou cannot understand9 but ou shall some da understand$ **) A eunuch is a man &ho does not lust9 some men are eunuchs born, some are eunuchs b the po&er of men, and some are eunuchs b the #ol Breath, &ho makes them free in God throu'h Christ$ *;) #e &ho is able to recei"e the truth - speak, let him recei"e$ C#A5T3R (** #he &hristines at #iberi"s. Jes"s spea(s on the inner life. 0elates the parable of the prodi al son. #he resentment of the elder brother. >#3/ the had @ourne ed throu'h the to&ns and cities of the land of Galilee, the !ord &ith his disciples came to Tiberius, and here the met a fe& &ho lo"ed the name of Christ$ 2) And Jesus told them man thin's about the inner life9 but &hen the multitudes came up, he spoke a parable9 he said, 1) A ceratin man &ith 'reat possessions had t&o sons$ The oun'est son 're& tired of life at home and said, *) 6 father, pra di"ide our &ealth and 'i"e the portion that is mine to me, and - &ill seek m fortune in another land$ ;) The father did as he desired, and &ith his &ealth the oun' man &ent into a forei'n land$ <) #e &as a profli'ate and soon had squandered all his &ealth in &a s of sin$ =) >hen nothin' else remained for him to do he found emplo ment in the fields to care for s&ine$ )) And he &as hun'r , and no one 'a"e him au'ht to eat, and so he ate the carob pods that he &as feedin' to the s&ine$ ,) And after man da s he found himself and said unto himself, 6 father is a man of &ealth9 he has a score of ser"ants &ho are bountifull fed &hile -, his son, am star"in' in the fields amon' the s&ine$ (0) - do not hope to be recei"ed a'ain as son, but - &ill rise and 'o strai'ht to m Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .// fatherDs house, and - &ill make confession of m &a &ardness9 (() And - &ill sa , 6 father, - am come a'ain9 - am profli'ate, and - ha"e lost m &ealth in &a s of sin9 - am not &orth to be called our son$ (2) - do not ask to be recei"ed a'ain as son, but let me ha"e a place amon' our ser"ants, &here - ma ha"e a shelter from the storms and ha"e enou'h to eat$ (1) And he arose and sou'ht his fatherDs house, and as he came his mother sa& him &hile et a 'reat &a off$ (*) (A motherDs heart can feel the first faint earnin' of a &anderin' child$) (;) The father came, and hand in hand the &alked a+do&n the &a to meet the bo , and there &as @o , 'reat @o $ (<) The bo tried hard to plead for merc and a ser"antDs place9 but lo"e &as all too 'reat to listen to the plea$ (=) The door &as opened &ide9 he found a &elcome in the motherDs heart, and in the fatherDs heart$ ()) The father called the ser"ants in, and bade them brin' the finest robe for

him9 the choicest sandals for his feet9 a rin' of purest 'old for him to &ear$ (,) And then the father said, 6 ser"ants, 'o and kill the fatted calf9 prepare a feast, for &e are 'lad9 20) 4ur son &e thou'ht &as dead is here ali"e9 a treasure that &e thou'ht &as lost is found$ 2() The feast &as soon prepared and all &ere merr , &hen the eldest son &ho had been ser"in' in a distant field and kne& not that his brother had returned, came home$ 22) And &hen he learned the cause of all the merriment he &as offended, and &ould not 'o into the house$ 21) #is father and his mother both besou'ht him tearfull to disre'ard the &a &ardness and foll of their son9 but he &ould not9 he said, 2*) !o, all these ears - ha"e remained at home, ha"e ser"ed ou e"er da , ha"e ne"er et trans'ressed our most se"ere commands9 2;) And et ou ne"er killed for me a kid, nor made for me a simple feast that mi'ht make merr &ith m friends9 2<) But &hen our son, this profli'ate, &ho has 'one forth and squandered half our &ealth in &a s of sin, comes home, because he could do nothin' else, ou kill for him the fatted calf and make a &ondrous feast$ 2=) #is father said, 6 son, all that - ha"e is ours and ou are e"er &ith us in our @o s9 2)) And it is &ell to sho& our 'ladness &hen our brother, &ho is near and dear to us, and &ho &e thou'ht &as dead, returns to us ali"e$ 2,) #e ma ha"e been a profli'ate9 ma ha"e consorted &ith 'a courtesans and thie"es, et he is still our brother and our son$ 10) Then Jesus said so all mi'ht hear9 #e &ho has ears to hear, and a heart to understand &ill comprehend the meanin' of this parable$ 1() Then Jesus and the t&el"e came to Capernaum$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./0 C#A5T3R (*; Jes"s spea(s on the establishment of the &hristine (in dom and the f"t"re comin of the +ord in po)er. E5horts to faithf"lness. Parable of the "n$"st $"d e. Parable of the Pharisee and the p"blican. A C465A/A of 5harisees came up to speak &ith Jesus and the said, Rabboni, &e ha"e heard ou sa , The kin'dom is at hand$ 2) >e read in %aniel that the God of hea"en &ill form a kin'dom, and &e ask, -s this the kin'dom of the God ou speak aboutE -f so, &hen &ill it comeE 1) And Jesus said, The prophets all ha"e told about this kin'dom of the God, and it is @ust at hand9 but men can ne"er see it come$ *) -t ne"er can be seen &ith carnal e es9 it is &ithin$ ;) !o, - ha"e said, and no& - sa a'ain, /one but the pure in heart can see the kin', and all the pure in heart are sub@ects of the kin'$ <) Reform, and turn a&a form sin9 prepare ou, 4 prepareC the kin'dom is at hand$ =) And then he spoke to his disciples and he said, The seasons of the son of man are past$

)) The time &ill come &hen ou &ill &ish abo"e all else to see a'ain one of these da s9 but ou can see it not$ ,) And man men &ill sa , !o, here is Christ9 lo, there is Christ$ Be not decei"ed9 'o not into their &a s$ (0) Bor &hen the son of man &ill come a'ain no man need point the &a 9 for as the li'htnin' li'hts the hea"ens, so &ill the son of man li'ht up the hea"ens and earth$ (() But, lo, - sa , that man 'enerations &ill ha"e come and 'one before the son of man shall come in po&er9 but &hen he comes no one &ill sa , !o, here is Christ9 lo, there$ (2) But as it &as before the flood in /oahDs da , so shall it be$ The people ate, the drank, &ere filled &ith merriment and san' for @o , (1) And did not kno& their doom until the ark &as done and /oah entered in9 but then the flood came on and s&ept them all a&a $ (*) .o, also, in the da s of !ot9 the people ate and drank9 the bou'ht, the sold, the planted and the reaped, the &ent their &a s in sin, and the cared not9 (;) But &hen the ri'hteous !ot &ent from their cit Ds 'ates the earth beneath the cit shook, and brimstone fires fell from hea"en9 (<) The 'appin' @a&s of earth fle& &ide, and s&allo&ed up their homes, their &ealth, and the &ent do&n to rise no more$ (=) .o shall it be &hen comes the son of man in po&er$ ()) - char'e ou men, as - &ill char'e men then, .eek not to sa"e our &ealth, or ou &ill lose our li"es$ Go forth, and look not back upon the crumblin' &alls of sin$ %o not for'et !otDs &ife$ (,) >hoe"er tries to sa"e his life &ill lose his life9 &hoe"er freel 'i"es his life in ser"in' life &ill sa"e his life$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./1 20) Then comes the siftin' time$ T&o men &ill be in bed9 one &ill be called, the other left9 t&o &omen &ill be &orkin' side b side9 one &ill be snatched a&a , the other left$ 2() And his disciples said, 3Fplain to us this parable9 or is it not a parableE 22) And Jesus said, The &ise &ill understand, for &here the bread of hea"en is, there ou &ill find the pure in heart9 and &here the carcass lies &ill 'ather all the birds of pre $ 21) But lo, - sa , before these da s &ill come, the son of man &ill be betra ed b one of ou into the hands of &icked men, and he &ill 'i"e his life for ou and all the &orld$ 2*) Aea, more9 the #ol Breath &ill come in po&er and fill ou &ith the &isdom of the @ust$ 2;) And ou &ill tell the &ondrous stor in Judea and in .amaria and in the farther lands of earth$ 2<) And then to teach that men should pra and ne"er faint, he told this parable8 2=) There &as a @ud'e &ho feared not God, nor et re'arded man$ 2)) There &as a &ido& &ho oft implored the @ud'e to ri'ht her &ron's and to a"en'e her foes$ 2,) At first the @ud'e &ould hear her not, but after man da s he said, 10) - fear not God, and - re'ard not man, et, lest this &ido& &ear me out b pleadin' e"er da - &ill a"en'e her on her foes$

1() >hen the disciples asked the meanin' of this parable, the !ord replied, The &ise can understand9 the foolish ha"e no need to kno&$ 12) And then to teach a lesson unto certain of his follo&ers &ho trusted in themsel"es and thou'ht that the &ere holier than other men, he told this parable8 11) T&o men &ent to the s na'o'ue to pra 9 one &as a 5harisee, the other &as a publican$ 1*) The 5harisee stood forth and pra ed thus &ith himself, 4 God, - thank thee that - am not like other men, &ho are eFtortioners, un@ust, adulterers9 1;) /ot e"en like this publican$ - fast t&o times a &eek, and - 'i"e tithes of all 'et$ 1<) The publican came not a+near9 he &ould not lift his e es to hea"en, but smote his breast and said, 1=) 4 lord, be merciful to me9 - am a sinner in th si'ht9 - am undone$ 1)) And no&, ou men, - sa to ou, The publican kne& ho& to pra , and he &as @ustified$ 1,) The 5harisee kne& ho& to talk, but still he &ent a&a condemned$ *0) !o, e"er one &ho lauds himself shall be abased, and he &ho does not praise himself shall be eFalted in the si'ht of God$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./% C#A5T3R (*< +ast meetin of Jes"s )ith his disciples in !alilee. Miriam sin s a son of praise. #he son . #he &hristines be in their $o"rney to Jer"salem. #hey rest at Enon 'prin s. #he selfish re1"est of the mother of James and John. #he &hristines reach Jer"salem. T#3 &ork of Jesus in the land of Galilee &as done, and he sent forth a messa'e, and the man came from man to&ns of Galilee9 came to recei"e a benediction from his hand$ 2) Amon' the multitudes &ho came &as !uke, a . rian from Antioch, a learned ph sician and a @ust and upri'ht man$ 1) Theophilus, a Grecian senator, a minister of CaesarDs court, &as also there9 and man other men of honor and reno&n$ *) And 6iriam san'8 All hail the -ay 'tar form on hi hF C< All hail the &hrist )ho e%er )as, and is and e%ermore shall beF D< All hail the dar(ness of the shado)landF All hail the da)n of peace on earth. ood )ill to menF E< All hail tri"mphant (in , )ho rapples )ith the tyrant -eath, )ho con1"ers in the fi ht, and brin s to li ht immortal life for menF ;< All hail the bro(en cross, the m"tilated spearF =< All hail the tri"mph of the so"lF All hail the empty tombF >?< All hail to him despised by men, re$ected by the m"ltit"des. for he is seated on the throne of po)erF >>< All hailF for he has called the p"re in heart of e%ery clime to sit )ith him "pon the throne of po)erF >@< All hail, the rendin %eilF #he )ay into the hi hest co"rts of !od is open for the sons of menF

>A< 0e$oice, 9 men of earth, re$oice, and be e5ceedin ladF >B< Brin forth the harp and to"ch its hi hest strin s. brin forth the l"te, and so"nd its s)eetest notesF >C< :or men )ho )ere made lo), are hi h e5alted no), and they )ho )al(ed in dar(ness and in the %ale of death, are risen "p and !od and man are one fore%ermore, >D< Allel"$ahF praise the +ord fore%ermore. Amen. (=) And Jesus lifted up his e es to hea"en and said, ()) 6 Bather+God, let no& the benediction of th lo"e, th merc and th truth rest on these men$ (,) The lamp is taken from their midst, and if the inner li'ht be not aflame, lo, the must tread the &a s of darkness and of death$ 20) And then he said to all, Bare&ell Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./2 2() Then Jesus and his mother, and the t&el"e, and 6iriam and 6ar , mother of the t&o disciples, James and John, 22) And man other lo al souls &ho lo"ed the Christ, &ent to Jerusalem, that the mi'ht celebrate the Je&ish feast$ 21) And as the @ourne ed on their &a the came to 3non .prin's, near unto .alim &here the harbin'er once tau'ht$ 2*) And as the rested b the fountain, 6ar , &ife of ?ebedee, and mother of the t&o disciples, James and John, came to the master and she said, 2;) 6 !ord, - kno& the kin'dom is about to come, and - &ould ask this boon8 Command that these m sons shall sit &ith ou upon the throne, the one upon the ri'ht, the other on the left$ 2<) And Jesus said to her, Aou kno& not &hat ou ask$ 2=) And then he turned to James and John and said, Are ou prepared and are ou stron' enou'h to drink the cup that - &ill drinkE 2)) The said, Aes, master, &e are stron' enou'h to follo& &here ou 'o$ 2,) Then Jesus said, Aou shall indeed drink of m cup9 but - am not the @ud'e of &ho &ill sit upon m ri'ht or m left$ 10) The men &ho li"e the life and keep the faith &ill sit upon the throne of po&er$ 1() /o&, &hen the apostles heard the pleadin's of the mother for her sons, and kne& that James and John &ere seekin' special fa"ors from the !ord, the &ere indi'nant and the said, 12) >e surel thou'ht that James and John had risen abo"e the selfish self$ >ho can &e trust amon' the sons of menE 11) And Jesus called the ten apart and said to them, #o& hard for men to comprehend the nature of the kin'dom of the soulC 1*) These t&o disciples do not seem to kno& that rulership in hea"en is not akin to rulership on earth$ 1;) -n all the kin'doms of the &orld, the men of po&er, the &ho eFalt themsel"es, sho& their authorit , and rule &ith iron rule9 1<) But ou must kno& that the &ho rule the sons of li'ht are the &ho seek no

earthl po&er, but 'i"e their li"es in &illin' sacrifice for men$ 1=) >hoe"er &ould be 'reat must be the minister of all$ The hi'hest seat in hea"en is at the feet of him &ho is the lo&est man of earth$ 1)) - had a 'lor &ith our Bather+God before the &orlds &ere made, and still come to ser"e the race of men9 to be the minister of men9 to 'i"e m life for men$ 1,) And then the Christines @ourne ed on and came unto Jerusalem$ C#A5T3R (*= Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./! Jes"s spea(s to the people in the temple re ardin the messiahship. 0eb"(es the Je)s for treachery. #he Je)s attempt to stone him, b"t are pre%ented by Joseph. #he &hristines o to Jericho, and later to Bethabara. /4>, man Je&s from Galilee, Judea and .amaria &ere in Jerusalem and at the feast$ 2) The porch of .olomon &as filled &ith scribes and 5harisees and doctors of the la&, and Jesus &alked &ith them$ 1) A scribe approachin' Jesus said, Rabboni, &h do ou keep the people &aitin' in suspenseE -f ou are the 6essiah that the prophets said &ould come, &ill ou not tell us no&E *) And Jesus said, !o, - ha"e told ou man times, but ou belie"ed me not$ ;) /o man can do the &ork that - ha"e done and brin' to men the truth as - ha"e brou'ht the truth &ho did not come from God$ <) >hat - ha"e done and said are &itnesses for me$ =) God calls, and the &hose ears ha"e been attuned to hear the hea"enl "oice ha"e heard the call and ha"e belie"ed in me9 because God testifies for me$ )) Aou cannot hear the "oice of God, because our ears are closed$ Aou cannot comprehend the &orks of God, because our hearts are full of self$ ,) And ou are bus bodies, mischief+makers, h pocrites$ Aou take these men &hom God has 'i"en me into our haunts and tr to poison them &ith sophistries and lies, and think that ou &ill snatch them from the fold of God$ (0) - tell ou, men, these men are tried and ou can snatch not one of them a&a $ (() 6 Bather &ho has 'i"en them to me is 'reater than ou all, and he and are one$ (2) And then the Je&s took stones to thro& at him and cried, /o& &e ha"e heard enou'h9 a&a &ith him9 let him be stoned$ (1) But Joseph, member of the 'reat .anhedrin of the Je&s, &as in the porch and he came forth and said, (*) Aou men of -srael, do nothin' rash9 thro& do&n those stones9 our reason is a better 'uide than passion in such times as these$ (;) Aou do not kno& our accusations to be true, and if this man should pro"e himself to be the Christ, and ou should take his life, the &rath of God &ould rest upon ou e"ermore$ (<) And Jesus said to them, !o, - ha"e healed our sick, ha"e caused our blind to see, our deaf to hear, our lame to &alk, and cast out unclean spirits from our friends9 (=) Bor &hich of these 'reat &orks &ould ou desire to take m lifeE ()) The Je&s replied,

>e &ould not stone ou for our &orks of 'race, but for our "ile, blasphemous &ords$ Aou are but man and still ou sa that ou are God$ (,) And Jesus said, A prophet of our o&n said to the sons of men, !o, ou are 'odsC 20) /o&, hark, ou men, if he could sa that to the men &ho simpl heard the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling ./9 &ord of God, &h should ou think that - blaspheme the name of God because sa , - am a son of GodE 2() -f ou belie"e not &hat - sa ou must ha"e faith in &hat - do, and ou should see the Bather in these &orks, and kno& that - d&ell in the Bather+God, and that the Bather d&ells in me$ 22) And then a'ain the Je&s took stones and &ould ha"e stoned him in the temple court9 but he &ithdre& himself from si'ht and left the porch and court and &ent his &a 9 21) And &ith the t&el"e he &ent to Jericho, and after certain da s the crossed the Jordan and in Bethabara abode for man da s$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .0 C#A5T3R (*) +azar"s dies and Jes"s and the t)el%e ret"rn to Bethany #he res"rrection of +azar"s, )hich reatly e5cites the r"lers in Jer"salem. #he &hristines o to the hills of Ephraim, and there abide. 4/3 da as Jesus and the t&el"e &ere in the silence in a home in Araba a messen'er came and said$ 2) !ord, Jesus, hearC our friend in Bethan is sick, ni'h unto death8 his sisters ur'e that ou arise and come in haste$ 1) Then turnin' to the t&el"e the master said, !o, !a:arus has 'one to sleep, and - must 'o and &aken him$ *) And his disciples said, >hat need to 'o of he has 'one to sleep9 he &ill a&aken b and b E ;) Then Jesus said, -t is the sleep of death9 for !a:arus is dead$ <) But Jesus did not haste to 'o9 he sta ed t&o da s in Araba9 and then he said, The hour has come and &e must 'o to Bethan $ =) But his disciples ur'ed him not to 'o9 the said, The Je&s are &aitin' our return that the ma take our life$ )) And Jesus said, 6en cannot take m life till - ha"e handed unto them m life$ ,) And &hen the time shall come - &ill m self la do&n m life9 that time is near, and God kno&s best9 - must arise and 'o$ (0) And Thomas said, Then &e &ill also 'o9 es, &e &ill offer up our li"es and die &ith him$ And the arose and &ent$ (() /o&, 6ar , 6artha, Ruth and man friends &ere &eepin' in their home &hen one approached and said, The !ord has come9 but 6ar did not hear the &ords$ (2) But Ruth and 6artha heard, and the arose and &ent to meet the !ord9 he &aited at the "illa'e 'ate$

(1 And &hen the met the master 6artha said, Aou are too late, for !a:arus is dead9 if ou had onl been &ith us - kno& that he &ould not ha"e died$ (*) But e"en no& - kno& that ou ha"e po&er o"er death9 that b the sacred >ord ou ma cause life to rise from death$ (;) And Jesus said, Behold, for !a:arus shall li"e a'ain$ (<) And 6artha said, - kno& that he &ill rise and li"e a'ain &hen all the dead shall rise$ (=) And Jesus said, - am the resurrection and the life9 he &ho has faith in me, thou'h he be dead, et shall he li"e9 ()) And he &ho is ali"e, and has a li"in' faith in me, shall ne"er die$ %o ou Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .01 belie"e &hat - ha"e saidE (,) And 6artha said, !ord, - belie"e that ou are come to manifest the Christ of God$ 20) The Jesus said, Go back and call aside our sister, and m mother and the prophetess and sa that - ha"e come9 and - &ill sta here b the 'ate till the ha"e come to me$ 2() And Ruth and 6artha did as Jesus bade them do, and in a little &hile the 6ar s and the prophetess had met the !ord$ 22) And 6ar said, >h did ou tarr thusE -f ou had been &ith us our brother, dear, &ould not ha"e died$ 21) Then Jesus &ent up to the house and &hen he sa& the hea" 'rief of all, he &as himself stirred up &ith 'rief, and said, >here is the tomb in &hich he liesE 2*) The said, !ord, come and see$ And Jesus &ept$ 2;) The people said, Behold ho& Jesus lo"ed this manC 2<) And others said, Could not this !ord, &ho opened up the e es of one born blind, ha"e sa"ed this man from deathE 2=) But soon the mourners stood beside the tomb, a sepulchre he&n out of solid rock9 a massi"e stone closed up the door$ 2)) And Jesus said, Take ou a&a the stone$ 2,) But 6artha said, !ord, is it &ellE Behold our brother has been dead four da s9 the bod must be in deca , and is it &ell that &e should see it no&E 10) The !ord replied, #a"e ou for'otten, 6artha, &hat - said &hile &e &ere at the "illa'e 'ateE %id not sa that ou should see the 'lor of the !ordE 1() And then the rolled the stone a&a 9 the flesh had not deca ed9 and Jesus lifted up his e es to hea"en and said, 12) 6 Bather+God, thou &ho hast e"er heard m pra ers, - thank thee no&,

and that these multitudes ma kno& that thou hast sent me forth, that - am thine and thou art mine, make stron' the >ord of po&er$ 11) And then he spoke the >ord, and in a "oice that souls can comprehend, he said, 4 !a:arus, a&akeC 1*) And !a:arus arose and came out of the tomb$ The 'ra"e clothes &ere about him fast, and Jesus said, 1;) !oose him and let him 'o$ 1<) The people &ere ama:ed and multitudes confessed their faith in him$ 1=) And some &ent to Jerusalem and told the 5harisees about this resurrection of the dead$ 1)) The chief priests &ere confounded, and the said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .0. >hat shall &e doE This man is doin' man mi'ht deeds, and if &e do not sta him in his &ork, all men &ill look on him as kin', and throu'h the Romans he ma take the throne, and &e &ill lose our place and po&er$ 1,) And then the chief priests and the 5harisees in council met and sou'ht a plan b &hich the mi'ht put him to death$ *0) Caiaphas &as the hi'h priest then, and he came forth and said, Aou men of -srael, do ou not kno& the la&E *() %o ou not kno& that in such times as these &e ma 'i"e up one life to sa"e our nation and our la&sE *2) Caiaphas did not kno& that he &as prophet, speakin' out the &ords of truth$ *1) #e did not kno& the time had come for Jesus to be offered up a sacrifice for e"er man, for Je& and Greek, and all the &orld$ **) Brom that da forth the Je&s conferred to'ether e"er da , maturin' plans to put the !ord to death$ *;) /o&, Jesus and the t&el"e did not remain in Bethan 9 but in the hills of 3phraim, upon the borders of .amaria, the found a home, and there abode for man da s$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .0/ C#A5T3R (*, #he Je)s ather in Jer"salem to attend the feast. #he &hristines o to Jericho. Jes"s dines )ith Zacche"s. *e relates the parable of the ten talents. T#3 'reat 5asso"er of the Je&s, the feast of .prin', &as callin' e"er lo al Je& up to Jerusalem$ 2) Ten da s before the feast the !ord and his disciples left the 3phraim hills and b the Jordan &a , &ent do&n to Jericho$ 1) And as the entered Jericho a &ealth publican came out to see the !ord9 but he &as small in stature and the thron' &as 'reat and he could see him not$ *) A tree, a s camore, stood b the &a and he climbed up the tree and found a seat amon' its bou'hs$ ;) >hen Jesus came, he sa& the man and said, 4 ?accheus, make haste, come do&n9 - &ould abide &ith ou toda $ <) And ?accheus came do&n and @o full recei"ed the !ord9 but man of the stricter sect called out and said, =) Bor shameC he 'oes to lod'e &ith ?accheus, the sinner and the publican$ )) But Jesus did not care for &hat the said9 he &ent his &a &ith ?accheus,

&ho &as a man of faith, and as the talked to'ether ?accheus said, ,) !ord, - ha"e e"er tried to do the ri'ht9 - 'i"e unto the poor half of m 'oods, and if b an means - &ron' a man, - ri'ht the &ron' b pa in' him four fold$ (0) And Jesus said to him, Aour life and faith are kno&n to God, and lo, the benedictions of the !ord of hosts abide &ith ou and all our house$ (() Then Jesus spoke a parable to all9 he said, A "assal of an emperor &as made a kin', and he &ent to the forei'n land to claim his ri'hts and take the kin'dom to himself$ (2) Before he &ent he called ten trusted ser"ants and to each he 'a"e a pound and said, (1) Go forth and use these pounds as ou ha"e opportunit , that ou ma 'ain for me more &ealth, And then he &ent his &a $ (*) And after man da s he came a'ain, and called the ten, demandin' a report$ (;) The first one came and said, !ord, - ha"e 'ained nine pounds9 ou 'a"e me one and here are ten$ (<) The kin' replied, >ell done, ou faithful man9 because ou ha"e been faithful in a little thin' - @ud'e that ou &ill be a faithful ser"ant in a 'reater thin'9 (=) Behold, - make ou ruler o"er nine important cities of m realm$ ()) The second came and said, !ord, - ha"e 'ained for ou four pounds9 ou 'a"e me one, and here are fi"e$ (,) The kin' replied, And ou ha"e pro"en up our faithfulness$ Behold, - make ou ruler o"er four important cities of m realm$ 20) Another came and said, !ord, - ha"e doubled &hat ou 'a"e to me$ Aou 'a"e one pound to me and here are t&o$ 2() The ruler said, And ou ha"e pro"ed our faithfulness9 Behold, - make ou Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .00 ruler o"er one important cit of m realm$ 22) Another came and said, !ord, here is &hat ou 'a"e to me$ - kne& ou &ere an austere man, oft reapin' &here ou did not so& and - &as sore afraid, and so - took the pound ou 'a"e to me and hid it in a secret place9 and here it is$ 21) The kin' eFclaimed, Aou slothful manC ou kne& &hat - required, that eFpected e"er man to do his best$ 2*) -f ou &ere timid and afraid to trust our @ud'ment in the marts of trade, &h did ou not 'o forth and put m mone out for 'ain, that - could ha"e m o&n &ith interestE 2;) Then turnin' to the ste&ard of his &ealth the ruler said, Take ou this pound and 'i"e it unto him &ho has b dili'ence earned nine$ 2<) Bor lo, - sa , that e"er one &ho uses &hat he has and 'ains, shall ha"e abundantl 9 but he &ho hides a&a his talent in the earth shall forfeit &hat he has$ C#A5T3R (;0 Jes"s heals blind Bartimae"s. 2ith the t)el%e he oes to Bethany. #he m"ltit"des come to )elcome him and to spea( )ith +azar"s. T#3 Christines started on their &a to Bethan , and as the &ent, &hile et in Jericho, the passed a be''ar sittin' b the &a 9 and he &as blind Bartimaeus$ 2) And &hen the be''ar heard the multitude pass b he said,

>hat is it that - hearE 1) The people said to him, Jesus of /a:areth is passin' b $ *) And instantl the man cried out, !ord Jesus, son of %a"id, sta C ha"e merc on poor blind BartimaeusC ;) The people said to him, Be quiet9 hold our peace$ <) But blind Bartimaeus called a'ain, Thou son of %a"id, hearC ha"e merc on poor blind BartimaeusC =) And Jesus stopped and said, Brin' him to me$ )) And then the people brou'ht the blind man to the !ord, and as the brou'ht him up the said, Be cheerful, no&, Bartimaeus, the !ord is callin' ou$ ,) And then he thre& his cloak aside, and ran to Jesus as he &aited b the &a $ (0) And Jesus said, >hat &ill ou ha"e, BartimaeusE (() The blind man said, Rabboni, open up mine e es that - ma see$ (2) And Jesus said, Bartimaeus, look up9 recei"e our si'ht9 our faith has made ou &hole$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .01 (1) And he at once recei"ed his si'ht, and from the fullness of his heart he said, 5raise God$ (*) And all the people said, 5raise God$ (;) Then Jesus and the t&el"e &ent on to Bethan $ -t &as siF da s before the feast$ (<) And &hen the people kne& that Jesus &as in Bethan the came from near and far to see him and to hear him speak$ (=) And the &ere anFious all to talk &ith !a:arus, &hom Jesus had a&akened form the dead$ ()) /o& in Jerusalem the priests and 5harisees &ere all alert9 the said, This Jesus &ill be at the feast, and &e must not permit that he shall slip a&a a'ain$ (,) And the commanded e"er man to be alert and help to apprehend the !ord that the mi'ht take his life$ C#A5T3R (;( Jes"s teaches in the syna o "e. Ma(es his tri"mphal entry into Jer"salem. #he m"ltit"des, )ith the children, sin his praises, and say, *osanna to the (in F #he &hristines ret"rn to Bethany. -T &as the da before the .abbath da , the ei'hth da of the Je&ish /asan month, that Jesus came to Bethan $ 2) And on the .abbath da he &ent up to the s na'o'ue and tau'ht$ 1) And on the mornin' of the first da of the &eek, the .unda of the &eek, he called his t&el"e apostles unto him and said, *) This da &e 'o up to Jerusalem9 be not afraid9 m time has not et come$ ;) /o&, t&o of ou ma 'o unto the "illa'e of Bethpha'e, and ou &ill find an

ass tied to a tree, and ou &ill see a little colt near b $ <) 7ntie the ass and brin' her here to me$ -f an one inquires &h ou take the ass, @ust sa , The master has a need of her9 and then the o&ner &ill come on &ith ou$ =) And the disciples &ent as Jesus bade them 'o9 the found the ass and colt a+ near an open door9 and &hen the &ould untie the ass the o&ner said >h &ould ou take the ass a&a E )) And the disciples said, The master has a need of her, and then the o&ner said, DTis &ell$ ,) And then the brou'ht the animal, and on her put their coats, and Jesus sat upon the ass and rode into Jerusalem$ (0) And multitudes of people came and filled the &a , and his disciples praised the !ord and said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .0% (() Thrice blessed is the kin' &ho in the name of God is comeC All 'lor be to God, and peace on earth9 'ood &ill to menC (2) And man spread their 'arments in the &a , and some tore branches from the trees and cast them in the &a $ (1) And man children came &ith 'arlands of s&eet flo&ers and placed them on the !ord, or stre&ed them in the &a , and said, All hail the kin'C !on' li"e the kin'C (*) The throne of %a"id shall be built a'ain$ #osanna to the !ord of hostsC (;) Amon' the thron' &ere 5harisees, &ho said to Jesus as he passed, Rebuke this nois thron'9 it is a shame for them to cr thus in the street$ (<) The !ord replied, - tell ou, men, if these should hold their peace the "er stones &ould cr aloud$ (=) And then the 5harisees conferred amon' themsel"es9 the said, 4ur threats are idle &ords$ Behold, for all the &orld is follo&in' him$ ()) As Jesus dre& a+near Jerusalem he paused and &ept, and said, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the hol cit of the Je&sC ours &as the 'lor of the !ord9 but ou ha"e cast the !ord a&a $ (,) Aour e es are closed, ou cannot see the Gin'9 the kin'dom of the !ord of hea"en and earth has come9 ou comprehend it not$ 20) Behold, the da &ill come &hen armies from afar &ill cast a bank about our &a 9 &ill compass ou about, and hem ou in on e"er side9 2() >ill dash ou to the 'round and sla ou and our children in the streets$ 22) And of our hol temple, and of our palaces and &alls, the &ill not lea"e a stone upon a stone, because toda ou spurn the offers of the God of hea"en$ 21) >hen Jesus and the multitude had come into Jerusalem, eFcitement rei'ned, and people asked, >ho is this manE 2*) The multitudes replied, This is the kin', the prophet, priest of God9 this is the man from Galilee$ 2;) But Jesus tarried not9 he &ent directl to the temple porch, and it &as filled &ith people pressin' hard to see the kin'$ 2<) The sick, the halt, the lame, the blind &ere there, and Jesus paused, and laid his hands on them and healed them b the sacred >ord$

2=) The temple and the temple courts &ere filled &ith children praisin' God$ The said, #osanna to the kin'C The son of %a"id is the kin'C All hail the kin'C 5raise GodC 2)) The 5harisees &ere filled &ith an'er &hen the heard the children sin'$ The said to Jesus, #ear ou &hat the children sa E 2,) And Jesus said, - hear, but ha"e ou ne"er read the &ords of our o&n bard &ho said, 10) 4ut of the mouths of babes and sucklin's thou hast perfected praiseC 1() And &hen the e"enin' came the !ord and his disciples &ent a'ain to Bethan $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .02 C#A5T3R (;2 Jes"s reb"(es a barren fi tree. -ri%es the merchants o"t of the temple. #eaches the people. 0et"rns to Bethany. /3JT da , the 6onda of the &eek, the master &ith the t&el"e, &ent to Jerusalem$ 2) And as the passed alon' the &a the sa& a fi' tree full of lea"es &ithout a si'n of fruit$ 1) And Jesus spoke unto the tree9 he said, Aou useless cumberer of the 'round9 ou fi' tree fair to look upon, but a delusi"e thin'$ *) Aou take from the earth and air the food that fruitful trees should ha"e$ ;) Go back to earth and be ourself the food for other trees to eat$ <) >hen Jesus had thus spoken to the tree he &ent his &a $ =) And &hen he reached the temple, lo, the rooms &ere filled &ith pett merchants sellin' do"es and animals, and other thin's, for sacrifice9 the temple &as a mart of trade$ )) And Jesus &as indi'nant at the si'ht, and said, Aou men of -srael, for shameC This is supposed to be the house of pra er9 but it is no& a den of thie"es$ Remo"e this plunder from this hol place$ ,) The merchants onl lau'hed and said, >e are protected in our trade b those &ho bear the rule9 &e &ill not 'o$ (0) Then Jesus made a scour'e of cords, as he did once before, and rushed amon' the merchantmen, thre& all their mone on the floor9 (() Thre& &ide the ca'es of the do"es, and cut the cords that held the bleatin' lambs and set them free$ (2) And then he dro"e the merchants from the place, and &ith a clean, ne& broom he s&ept the floors$ (1) Chief priests and scribes &ere filled &ith &rath, but feared to touch or e"en to rebuke the !ord, for all the people stood in his defense$ (*) And Jesus tau'ht the people all da lon' and healed a multitude of those diseased, (;) And &hen the e"enin' came he &ent a'ain to Bethan $ C#A5T3R (;1 #he &hristines o to Jer"salem. #hey note the )ithered fi tree. its symbolic meanin .

Jes"s teaches in the temple. Is cens"red by the priests. 0elates a parable of a rich man's feast. 4/ Tuesda , earl in the da , the master and the t&el"e &ent to Jerusalem$ 2) And as the &ent the t&el"e obser"ed the tree to &hich the !ord had talked Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .0! the da before, and lo, the lea"es &ere &ithered, @ust as if the had been scorched &ith fire$ 1) And 5eter said, !ord, see the treeC -ts lea"es are &ithered and the tree seems dead$ *) And Jesus said, .o shall it be &ith those &ho bear no fruit$ >hen God shall call them up to 'i"e account, lo, he &ill breathe upon them, and their lea"es, their empt &ords, &ill &ither and deca $ ;) God &ill not let the fruitless trees of life encumber 'round, and he &ill pluck them up and cast them all a&a $ <) /o&, ou can demonstrate the po&er of God$ #a"e faith in God, and ou can bid the mountains to depart, and the &ill crumble at our feet9 =) And ou ma talk to &ind and &a"e, and the &ill hear, and &ill obe &hat ou command$ )) God hears the pra er of faith and &hen ou ask in faith ou shall recei"e$ ,) Aou ma not ask amiss9 God &ill not hear the pra er of an man &ho comes to him &ith blood of other men upon his hands$ (0) And he &ho harbors en"ious thou'hts, and does not lo"e his fello& men, ma pra fore"er unto God, and he &ill hear him not$ (() God can do nothin' more for men than the &ould do for other men$ (2) And Jesus &alked a'ain &ithin the temple courts$ (1) The priests and scribes &ere much emboldened b the council of Caiaphas and the other men in po&er, and so the came to Jesus and the said, (*) >ho 'a"e ou the authorit to do as ou ha"e doneE >h did ou dri"e the merchants from the temple esterda E (;) And Jesus ans&ered them and said, -f ou &ill ans&er &hat - ask, then - &ill ans&er ou9 >as John, the harbin'er, a man of God, or &as he a seditious manE (<) The scribes and 5harisees &ere loath to ans&er him9 the reasoned thus amon' themsel"es8 (=) -f &e shall sa , John &as a prophet sent from God, then he &ill sa , ()) John testified for me, that - am son of God, &h do ou not belie"e his &ordsE (,) -f &e should sa , John &as a bold, seditious man, the people &ill be an'ered, for the think he &as a prophet of the li"in' God$ 20) And so the ans&ered Jesus and the said, >e do not kno&9 &e cannot tell$ 2() Then Jesus said, -f ou &ill tell me not, then - &ill tell ou not &ho 'a"e me po&er to dri"e the robbers from the house of God$ 22) And then he spoke a parable to them9 he said, A man once made a feast in"itin' all the rich and honored people of the land$ 21) But &hen the came, the found the door into the banquet hall &as lo&, and the could enter not eFcept the bo&ed their heads and fell do&n on their knees$

2*) These people &ould not bo& their heads and fall do&n on their knees, and so the &ent a&a 9 the &ent not to the feast$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .09 2;) And then the man sent forth his messen'ers to bid the common folks, and those of lo& estate, to come and feast &ith him$ 2<) These people 'ladl came9 the bo&ed their heads and fell do&n on their knees, and came into the banquet hall and it &as full, and e"er one re@oiced$ 2=) And then the master said, Behold, ou priests and scribes, and 5hariseesC the !ord of hea"en and earth has spread a sumptuous feast, and ou &ere bidden first of all9 2)) But ou ha"e found the door into the banquet hall so lo& that ou must bo& our heads and fall do&n on our knees to enter in, and ou ha"e scorned the kin' &ho made the feast, refused to bo& our heads and fall do&n on our knees, and ou ha"e 'one our &a 9 2,) But no& God calls a'ain9 the common folks and those of lo& estate ha"e come in multitudes, ha"e entered in unto the feast and all re@oice$ 10) - tell ou, men, that publicans and courtesans 'o throu'h the 'ates into the kin'dom of the God of hea"en, and ou are left &ithout$ 1() John came to ou in ri'hteousness9 he brou'ht the truth, but ou belie"ed him not$ 12) But publicans and courtesans belie"ed, and &ere bapti:ed and no& ha"e entered in unto the feast$ 11) - tell ou no&, as - ha"e told ou man times, The man ha"e been called, but chosen are the fe&$ C#A5T3R (;* Jes"s teaches in the temple co"rt. #he parable of the ho"seholder and )ic(ed h"sbandmen. Parable of the marria e feast and the "est )itho"t a )eddin robe. T#3 multitudes &ould hear &hat Jesus had to sa , and so the built a platform in the temple court, and Jesus stood upon the place and tau'ht$ #e spoke in parables9 he said, 2) A man possessed a "ast estate9 he planted out a "ine ard, placed a hed'e about it, built a to&er, installed the press for makin' &ine$ 1) #e placed his "ine ard in the hands of husbandmen and then he @ourne ed to a distant land$ *) /o&, in the "inta'e time the man sent forth a ser"ant to recei"e and brin' to him his portion of the fruita'e of the "ines$ ;) The husbandmen came forth and beat the man9 laid fort lashes on his back and cast him out be ond the "ine ard 'ate$ <) And then the o&ner sent another man to brin' to him his o&n$ The husbandmen laid hold of him and sorel &ounded him and cast him from the "ine ard, lea"in' him half dead beside the &a $ =) The o&ner sent another man to brin' to him his o&n$ The husbandmen sei:ed hold of him and &ith a @a"elin the pierced his heart9 then buried him be ond Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1 the hed'e$ )) The o&ner &as a''rie"ed$ #e thou'ht &ithin himself, >hat shall - doE and

then he said, This &ill - do$ 6 onl son is here, and - &ill send him to the husbandmen, ,) The surel &ill respect m son and send me &hat is mine$ (0) #e sent his son9 the husbandmen took counsel &ith themsel"es9 the said, This is the onl heir to all this &ealth, and if &e take his life the "ast inheritance is ours$ (() The took his life and cast him out be ond the "ine ard hed'e$ (2) The da &ill come9 the o&ner &ill return to reckon &ith the husbandmen, and he &ill sei:e them e"er one, and cast them into scorchin' fires &here the shall sta until the pa the debts the o&e$ (1) And he &ill place his "ine ard in the care of honest men$ (*) Then turnin' to the priests and scribes he said, %id not our prophets sa , (;) The stone the builders cast a&a became the capstone of the archE (<) Aou men &ho pose as men of God, as husbandmen, lo, ou ha"e stoned and killed the messen'ers of God, his prophets and his seers, and no& ou seek to sla his son$ (=) - tell ou men, the kin'dom shall be snatched a&a from ou, and shall be 'i"en unto people &ho are not a people no&, and to a nation that is not a nation no&$ ()) And men &hose speech ou cannot understand, &ill stand bet&een the li"in' and the dead, and sho& the &a to life$ (,) The chief priests and the 5harisees &ere deepl mo"ed &ith an'er &hen the heard this parable and &ould ha"e sei:ed the !ord and done him harm, but the &ere sore afraid9 the feared the multitude$ 20) And Jesus spoke another parable9 he said, The kin'dom is a+like a ceratin kin' &ho made a feast in honor of the marria'e of his son$ 2() #e sent his ser"ants forth to call the people &ho had been in"ited to the feast$ 22) The ser"ants called9 but then the people &ould not come$ 21) And then the kin' sent other messen'ers abroad to sa , Behold, m tables no& are spread9 m oFen and m fatlin's are prepared$ 2*) The choicest "iands and the richest &ines are on m boards9 come to the marria'e feast$ 2;) The people lau'hed and treated &ith disdain his call, and &ent their &a 9 one to his farm, another to his merchandise9 2<) And others sei:ed the ser"ants of the kin'9 abused them shamefull 9 and some of them the killed$ 2=) And then the kin' sent forth his soldier &ho sle& the murderers and burned their to&ns$ 2)) And then the kin' sent other ser"ants forth9 to them he said, Go to the corners of the streets, the partin's of the &a s, and to the marts of trade and sa , 2,) >hoe"er &ill ma come up to the marria'e feast$ 10) The ser"ants &ent their &a and called9 and lo, the banquet hall &as filled Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .11 &ith 'uests$ 1() But &hen the kin' came in to see the 'uests, he sa& a man &ho had not on a &eddin' robe9 he called to him and said, 12) Briend, &h are ou here &ithout a &eddin' robeE >ould ou dishonor thus

m sonE 11) The man &as dumb9 he ans&ered not$ 1*) And then the kin' said to his 'uards, Take ou this man and bind him hand and foot and cast him out into the darkness of the ni'ht$ 1;) The man ha"e been called, but none are chosen to be 'uests &ho ha"e not clad themsel"es in &eddin' robes$ C#A5T3R (;; Jes"s reco nizes the $"stice of payin sec"lar ta5es. *e teaches a lesson on family relationships in the life beyond. #he reatest of the commandments is comprised in lo%e. *e )arns his disciples a ainst the hypocrisy of scribes and Pharisees. A. Jesus spoke, the 5harisees came up to question him9 the thou'ht to criminate him b &hat he said, 2) A strict #erodian spoke and said, 6 !ord, ou are a man of truth9 ou sho& the &a to God, and ou do not re'ard the personalit of men9 1) Tell us, &hat do ou think9 should &e, &ho are the seed of Abraham, pa tribute unto CaesarE or should &e notE *) And Jesus kne& his &ickedness of heart and said, >h do ou come to tempt me thusE .ho& me the tribute mone that ou speak about$ ;) The man brou'ht forth a piece of coin on &hich an ima'e &as en'ra"ed$ <) And Jesus said, >hose ima'e and &hose name is on this coinE =) The man replied, DTis CaesarDs ima'e and his name$ )) And Jesus said, Gi"e unto Caesar that &hich is CaesarDs o&n9 but 'i"e to God the thin's of God$ ,) And the &ho heard him said, #e ans&ers &ell$ (0) And then a .adducee, &ho thinks there is no resurrection of the dead, came up and said, Rabboni, 6oses &rote that if a married man shall die, and ha"e no child, his &ido& shall become his brotherDs &ife$ (() /o&, there &ere se"en brothers and the eldest had a &ife9 he died and had no child9 a brother took his &ido& for his &ife, and then he died9 (2) And e"er brother had this &oman for his &ife9 in course of time the &oman Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1. died9 (1) /o& &hich &ill ha"e this &oman for a &ife in the resurrection da E (*) And Jesus said, #ere in this plane of life men marr @ust to 'ratif their selfish selfs, or to perpetuate the race9 but in the &orld to come, and in the resurrection da , men do not take upon themsel"es the marria'e "o&s$ (;) But, like the an'els and the other sons of God, the form not unions for the pleasure of the self, nor to perpetuate the race$ (<) %eath does not mean the end of life$ The 'ra"e is not the 'oal of men, no more than is the earth the 'oal of seeds$

(=) !ife is the consequence of death$ The seed ma seem to die, but from its 'ra"e the tree arises into life$ ()) .o man ma seem to die, but he li"es on, and from the 'ra"e he sprin's up into life$ (,) -f ou could comprehend the &ord that 6oses spoke about the burnin' bush that burned and still &as not consumed, then ou &ould kno& that death cannot destro the life$ 20) And 6oses said that God is God of Abraham, of -saac, and of -srael$ 2() God is not God of dead menDs bones, but the li"in' man$ 22) - tell ou, men, man 'oes do&n to the 'ra"e, but he &ill rise a'ain and manifest the life9 21) Bor e"er life is hid &ith Christ in God, and man shall li"e &hile God shall li"e$ 2*) The 5harisees and scribes &ho heard the !ord, eFclaimed, #e speaks the truth9 and the &ere 'lad to ha"e the .adducees discomfited$ 2;) And then an honest scribe came forth and said to Jesus, !ord, ou speak as one &hom God has sent, and ma - ask, 2<) >hich is the 'reatest and the first of the Commandments of the !a&E 2=) And Jesus said, The first is #ear 4 -srael, the !ord our God is one9 and ou shall lo"e the !ord our God &ith all our heart, &ith all our mind, &ith all our soul, &ith all our stren'th9 2)) And ou shall lo"e our nei'hbor as ourself$ 2,) These are the 'reatest of the ten, and on them han' the !a&, the 5rophets and the 5salms$ 10) The scribe replied, 6 soul 'i"es &itness that ou speak the truth, for lo"e fulfils the la&, and far transcends burnt offerin's and sacrifice$ 1() And Jesus said to him, !o, ou ha"e sol"ed a m ster 9 ou are &ithin the kin'dom and the kin'dom is in ou$ 12) To his disciples Jesus spoke, and all the people heard9 he said, Be&are ou of the scribes and 5harisees &ho pride themsel"es in &earin' lon' and richl decorated robes, 11) And !o"e to be saluted in the market place, and seek the hi'hest seats at Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1/ feasts, and take the hard+earned &a'es of the poor to satisf their carnal sel"es, and pra in public, lon' and loud$ 1*) These are the &ol"es &ho clothe themsel"es to look like sheep$ 1;) And then he said to all, The scribes and 5harisees are placed b la& in 6osesD seat, and b the la& the ma interpret la&9 1<) .o &hat the bid ou do, that do9 but do not imitate their deeds$ 1=) The sa the thin's that 6oses tau'ht9 the do the thin's of Beel:ebub$ 1)) The talk of merc , et the bind on human shoulders burdens 'rie"ous to bear$ 1,) The talk of helpfulness, and et the put not forth the sli'htest helpful efforts for their brother man$

*0) The make a sho& of doin' thin's, and et the do not an thin' but sho& their 'aud robes, and broad ph lacteries, and smile &hen people call them honored masters of the la&$ *() The strut about and sho& their pride &hen people call them father, so and so$ *2) #ear, no&, ou men, Call no man father here$ The God of hea"en and earth, and he alone, is Bather of the race of men$ *1) Christ is the hierarch, the hi'h, eFalted master of the sons of men$ **) -f ou &ould be eFalted, sit do&n at the masterDs feet and ser"e$ #e is the 'reatest man &ho ser"es the best$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .10 C#A5T3R (;< #he scribes and Pharisees are an ered. Jes"s reb"(es them for their hypocrisy. *e laments o%er Jer"salem. #he )ido)s's mite. Jes"s deli%ers his fare)ell address to the people in the temple. T#3 scribes and 5harisees &ere &ild &ith ra'e9 and Jesus said, 2) >oe unto ou, ou scribes and 5harisees, ou h pocritesC ou stand &ithin the &a 9 ou block the door9 ou &ill not 'o into the kin'dom and ou turn aside the pure in heart &ho are about to enter in$ 1) >oe unto ou, ou scribes and 5harisees, ou h pocritesC ou compass sea and land to make one prosel te, and &hen he has been made he is a son of hell, @ust like oursel"es$ *) >oe unto ou &ho call oursel"es the 'uides of menC and ou are 'uides, blind 'uides9 ;) Bor ou pa tithes of cummin, mint and dill, and lea"e undone the &ei'htier matters of the la&9 of @ud'ment, @ustice, faith$ <) Aou filter out the 'nats before ou drink9 but then ou s&allo& camels and the like$ =) >oe unto ou, ou scribes and 5harisees, ou h pocritesC ou clean and scour the outside of the cup, &hile it is full of filth, eFtortion and eFcess$ )) Go to and clean the inside of the cup, and then the poisonous fumes &ill not defile the outside of the cup$ ,) >oe unto ou, ou scribes and 5harisees, ou h pocritesC ou are oursel"es like &hite&ashed sepulchres9 our outer 'arbs are beautiful, but ou are full of dead menDs bones$ (0) Aou seem to men to be di"ine9 but in our hearts ou nourish lust, h pocrisies and "ile iniquities$ (() >oe unto ou, ou scribes and 5harisees, ou h pocritesC ou build and then adorn the tombs of hol men of old and sa , (2) -f &e had li"ed &hen these men li"ed, &e &ould ha"e 'uarded them, &ould not ha"e acted as our fathers did, &hen the maltreated them and put them to the s&ord$ (1) But ou are sons of them &ho sle& the hol men, and ou are not a &hit more @ust than the $ (*) Go forth and fill the measure of our fathers &ho &ere steeped in crime$ (;) Aou are offsprin's of the "ipers, and ho& can ou be but serpents of the dustE (<) God no& has sent a'ain to ou his prophets and his seers, his &ise men and

his hol men, and ou &ill scour'e them in our s na'o'ues, and stone them in the streets, and nail them to the cross$ (=) >oe unto ouC for on our heads &ill come the blood of all the hol men &ho ha"e been slain upon the earth$ ()) Brom ri'hteous Abel do&n to ?acharias, son of Barachias, &ho &as slain &ithin the #ol 5lace before the altar of the !ord$ (,) Behold, - sa that these thin's all shall come upon this nation and the people Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .11 of Jerusalem$ 20) And Jesus looked about and said, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou cruel cit of Jerusalem, that sla s the prophets in the streets and kills the hol men &hom God has sent to ouC 2() !o, - &ould oft ha"e 'athered ou as children to the fold of God9 but ou &ould not$ 22) Aou ha"e re@ected God, and no& our house is desolate, and ou shall see me not a'ain till ou can sa , 21) Thrice blessed is the son of man &ho comes as son of God$ 2*) Then Jesus &ent and sat beside the treasur and &atched the people as the paid their tithes$ 2;) The rich men came and 'a"e of their abundance9 and then he sa& a poor but lo al &ido& come and put a farthin' in the treasure boF$ 2<) And then he said to his disciples &ho &ere standin' b , Behold, for this poor &ido& &ho has put a farthin' in the treasur has done more than the all9 2=) Bor she has 'i"en all she had9 the rich ha"e 'i"en @ust a little share of &hat the ha"e$ 2)) A compan of Grecian Je&s &ere at the feast, and the met 5hilip, &ho could talk &ith them, and said, .ir, &e &ould see the !ord, this Jesus, &ho is called the Christ$ 2,) And 5hilip led the &a , and brou'ht them to the Christ$ 10) And Jesus said, The hour has come9 the son of man is read to be 'lorified, and it cannot be other&ise$ 1() 3Fcept a 'rain of &heat fall into earth and die it can be nothin' but a 'rain of &heat9 but if it die it li"es a'ain, and from its 'ra"e a hundred 'rains of &heat arise$ 12) 6 soul is troubled no&9 >hat shall - sa E And then he cast his e es to hea"en and said, 11) 6 Bather+God, - &ould not ask to be relie"ed of all the burdens - must bear9 - onl ask for 'race and stren'th to bear the burdens &hatsoeDer the be, 1*) This is the hour for &hich - came to earth$ 4 Bather, 'lorif th nameC 1;) And then the place &as li'hted &ith a li'ht more brilliant than the noonda sun9 the people stood a+back9 the &ere afraid$ 1<) And then a "oice that seemed to come from hea"en said,

1=) - ha"e both 'lorified m name and ours, and - &ill honor them a'ain$
1)) The people heard the "oice, and some eFclaimed, Behold, a distant thunderC 4thers said, An an'el spoke to him$ 1,) But Jesus said,

This "oice &as not for me9 it &as for ou, that ou mi'ht kno& that - am come from God$ *0) /o& is the @ud'ment of the &orld at hand9 the prince of darkness shall be manifest and 'o unto his o&n$ *() The son of man &ill no& be lifted up from earth, and he &ill dra& all men Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1% unto himself$ *2) The people said, The la& declares that Christ abides fore"er more$ #o& can ou sa , The son of man &ill no& be lifted upE >ho is the son of manE *1) And Jesus said to them, The li'ht is shinin' no&9 &alk in the li'ht &hile ou still ha"e the li'ht$ **) The darkness comes9 but he &ho &alks in darkness cannot find the &a $ *;) A'ain - sa , >alk in the li'ht &hile ou still ha"e the li'ht, that men ma kno& that ou are sons of li'ht$ *<) And Jesus stood out in the temple porch, and made his last appeal unto the multitudes9 he said, *=) #e &ho belie"es in me, belie"es in God &ho sent me forth to do his &ill, and he &ho sees me no& beholds m Bather+God$ *)) Behold, - came a li'ht unto the &orld9 he &ho belie"es in me shall &alk in li'ht, the li'ht of life$ *,) Aou men &ho hear me no&, -f ou belie"e me not, - @ud'e ou not$ ;0) - am not come to @ud'e the &orld, but - am come to sa"e the &orld$ ;() God is the onl @ud'e of men9 but &hat - speak &ill stand a'ainst ou in the da &hen God &ill @ud'e the &orld9 ;2) Bor from m self - do not speak9 - speak the &ords that God has 'i"en me to speak$ ;1) And then he said, Jerusalem, &ith all our 'lor and our crimes, Bare&ell$ C#A5T3R (;= #he &hristines "pon Mo"nt 9li%es. Jes"s prophesies the destr"ction of Jer"salem, and of terrible disasters that )ill mar( the concl"sion of the a e. *e e5horts his disciples to faithf"lness. T#3/ Jesus &ith the t&el"e &ent forth and sat upon 6ount 4li"es, @ust be ond the cit Ds 'ate$ 2) And his disciples said, Behold the &ondrous cit of JerusalemC its homes are all so beautifulC its temples and its shrines are clothed in such ma'nificenceC 1) And Jesus said, The cit is the 'lor of m people, -srael, but, lo, the time &ill come &hen e"er stone &ill be cast do&n, and it &ill be a hiss and b &ord for the nations of the earth$ *) And the disciples asked, >hen &ill this desolation comeE ;) And Jesus said, This round of human life &ill not be full until the armies of the conqueror &ill thunder at her 'ates, and the &ill enter in, and blood &ill flo& like &ater

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .12 throu'h the streets$ <) And all the precious furnishin's of the temple, court and palaces &ill be destro ed, or carried off to deck the palaces and courts of kin's$ =) Behold, these da s are not at hand$ Before the come, lo, ou shall be maltreated b the scribes and 5harisees, the hi'h priests and the doctors of the la&$ )) >ithout a cause ou &ill be haled into courts9 ou &ill be stoned9 ou &ill be beaten in the s na'o'ues9 &ill stand condemned before the rulers of this &orld, and 'o"ernors and kin's &ill sentence ou to death$ ,) But ou &ill falter not, and ou &ill testif for truth and ri'hteousness$ (0) And in these hours be anFious not about our speech9 ou need not think of &hat to sa 9 (() Bor, lo, the #ol Breath &ill o"ershado& ou and 'i"e ou &ords to sa $ (2) But then the carna'e &ill 'o on, and men &ill think that the are pleasin' God b killin' ou, and nations far and near &ill hate ou for the sake of Christ$ (1) And men &ill stir up e"il thou'ht amon' our kin, and the &ill hate ou and &ill 'i"e ou up to die$ (*) And brothers &ill be false to brothers9 fathers &ill stand forth and testif a'ainst their o&n, and children &ill dri"e parents to the funeral pile$ (;) >hen ou shall hear the Roman ea'le screamin' in the air, and see his le'ions streamin' oDer the plain, then kno& the desolation of Jerusalem is near$ (<) Then let the &ise &ait not, but flee$ !et him &ho is upon his house &ait not to enter in the house to 'ather up his &ealth, but let him flee$ (=) And he &ho labors in the field must not return, but lea"e his all to sa"e his life$ ()) And &oe to mothers &ith their little children in that da 9 none shall escape the s&ord$ (,) The tribulation of these da s cannot be told in &ords, for such has ne"er been since God created man upon the earth$ 20) The conqueror &ill carr man of the sons of Abraham a&a as capti"es into forei'n lands, and the &ho kno& not -sraelDs God &ill tread the hi'h&a s of Jerusalem until the anti+Je&ish times ha"e been fulfilled$ 2() But &hen the people ha"e been punished for their crimes, the tribulation da s &ill end9 but lo, the time &ill come &hen all the &orld &ill rise, like 'ladiators in a rin', and fi'ht @ust for the sake of sheddin' blood$ 22) And men &ill reason not9 the &ill not see, nor care to see a cause for carna'e, desolation, thefts9 for the &ill &ar &ith friend or foe$ 21) The "er air &ill seem surchar'ed &ith smoke of death9 and pestilence &ill follo& close upon the s&ord$ 2*) And si'ns that men ha"e ne"er seen &ill appear in hea"en and earth9 in sun, and moon, and stars$ 2;) The seas &ill roar, and sounds &ill come from hea"en that men can ne"er comprehend, and these &ill brin' distress of nations &ith perpleFit $ 2<) #earts of the stron'est men &ill faint in fear, in eFpectation of the comin' of more fri'htful thin's upon the earth$ 2=) But &hile the conflicts ra'e on land and sea, the 5rince of 5eace &ill stand Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .1! abo"e the clouds of hea"en and sa a'ain8

2)) 5eace, peace on earth9 'ood &ill to men9 and e"er man &ill thro& a&a his s&ord, and nations &ill learn &ar no more$ 2,) And then the man &ho bears the pitcher &ill &alk forth across an arc of hea"en9 the si'n and si'net of the son of man &ill stand forth in the eastern sk $ 10) The &ise &ill then lift up their heads and kno& that the redemption of the earth is near$ 1() Before these da s shall come, behold, false Christs and poor deluded prophets &ill arise in man lands$ 12) And the &ill sho& forth si'ns, and do a multitude of mi'ht &orks9 and the &ill lead astra the man &ho are not &ise9 and man of the &ise &ill be decei"ed$ 11) And no& - tell ou once a'ain, >hen men shall sa , The Christ is in the &ilderness, 'o ou not forth$ 1*) And if the sa , The Christ is in the secret place, belie"e it not9 for &hen he comes the &orld &ill kno& that he has come$ 1;) Bor as the mornin' li'ht comes from the east and shines unto the &est9 so shall be the comin' of the a'e and son of man$ 1<) The &icked of the earth &ill &eep &hen the shall see the son of man come do&n upon the clouds of hea"en, in po&er$ 1=) Take heed ou, 4 take heed, for ou kno& not the hour nor the da &hen comes the son of man$ 1)) !et not our hearts be o"erchar'ed &ith sensuous thin's, nor &ith the cares of life, lest that da come and find ou unprepared$ 1,) Geep &atch at e"er season of the ear9 and pra that ou ma meet the !ord &ith @o and not &ith 'rief$ *0) Before these da s shall come our Bather+God &ill send his messen'ers abroad, ea, to the corners of the earth, and the &ill sa $ *() 5repare ou, 4 prepare9 the 5rince of 5eace shall come, and no& is comin' on the clouds of hea"en$ *2) >hen Jesus had thus said, he &ent &ith his disciples back to Bethan $ C#A5T3R (;) Jes"s and the t)el%e at prayer in 9li%et. Jes"s re%eals to his disciples the deeper meanin s of secret doctrines. *e tells them )hat to teach the people. 0elates a n"mber of parables. #hey ret"rn to Bethany. T#3 mornin' of the >ednesda of the &eek &as come, and Jesus &ith the t&el"e &ent out to 4li"et to pra 9 and the &ere lost in pra er for se"en hours$ 2) Then Jesus called the t&el"e close to his side and said, This da the curtain parts and &e &ill step be ond the "eil into the secret courts of God$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .19 1) And Jesus opened up to them the meanin' of the hidden &a , and of the #ol Breath, and of the li'ht that cannot fail$ *) #e told them all about the Book of !ife, the Rolls of Graphael, the Book of GodDs Remembrance &here all the thou'hts and &ords of men are &ritten do&n$ ;) #e did not speak aloud to them9 he told the secrets of the masters in an undertone, and &hen he spoke the name of God there &as a silence in the courts of hea"en for half an hour, for an'els spoke &ith bated breath$

<) And Jesus said, These thin's ma not be spoken out aloud9 the ne"er ma be &ritten do&n9 the are the messa'es of .ilenceland9 the are the Breathin's of the inner heart of God$ =) And then the master tau'ht the t&el"e the lessons the should teach to other men$ #e sometimes tau'ht in parables9 he said, )) Aou call to mind the &ords of esterda about the comin' of the son of man$ /o&, ou shall teach to other men &hat - ha"e spoken and am speakin' unto ou9 ,) Teach them to pra and not to faint9 to be prepared at e"er moment of the da , for &hen the least eFpect him, then the !ord &ill come$ (0) A man &ent to a distant land and left his house and all his &ealth in care of ser"ants9 fi"e to 'uard his house and fi"e to 'uard his barns and herds$ (() The ser"ants &aited lon' for his return, but he came not, and the 're& careless in their &ork9 some spent their time in re"ellin's and drunkenness, and some slept at their posts$ (2) And ni'ht b ni'ht the robbers came and carried off the &ealth from house and barn, and dro"e a&a the choicest of the herds$ (1) And &hen the kne& that much of all the &ealth that the &ere left to 'uard had been purloined, the said, (*) >e cannot be to blame9 if &e had kno&n the da and hour &hen our lord &ould come a'ain &e &ould ha"e 'uarded &ell his &ealth, and suffered not the thie"es to carr it a&a 9 he surel is at fault because he told us not$ (;) But after man da s the lord returned, and &hen he kne& that thie"es had robbed him of his &ealth, he called his ser"ants and he said to them, (<) Because ou ha"e ne'lected &hat &as 'i"en ou to do, ha"e spent our time in re"ellin's and sleep, behold ou all are debtors unto me$ (=) >hat - ha"e lost b our ne'lect, ou o&e to me$ And then he 'a"e them hea" tasks to do, and bound them to their posts &ith chains, &here the remained till the had paid for all the 'oods their lord had lost throu'h their ne'lect$ ()) Another man locked up his &ealth and &ent to sleep, and in the ni'ht time robbers came, unlocked his doors, and &hen the sa& no 'uard, the entered in and carried off his &ealth$ (,) And &hen the man a&oke and found his doors a@ar and all his treasures 'one, he said, -f - had kno&n the hour &hen the thie"es &ould come - &ould ha"e been on 'uard$ 20) Be&are, m friends, be&areC and be prepared at e"er hour, and if our !ord shall come at midni'ht or at da&n, it matters not, for he &ill find ou Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .% read to recei"e$ 2() And then, behold, a marria'e &as announced, and "ir'ins, ten of them, &ere set apart to meet the bride'room &hen he came$ 22) The "ir'ins clothed themsel"es in proper 'arbs, and took their lamps and sat in &aitin' for the &atch to sa , Behold, the bride'room comesC 21) /o&, fi"e &ere &ise9 the filled their lamps &ith oil9 and fi"e &ere foolish, for the carried empt lamps$ 2*) The 'room came not at the eFpected time9 the "ir'ins &ere a+&ear &ith their &atch and slept$

2;) At midni'ht came the cr , Behold, the bride'room comesC 2<) The "ir'ins rose9 the &ise ones quickl trimmed their lamps and &ent forth read to recei"e the 'room$ 2=) The foolish "ir'ins said, >e ha"e no oil, our lamps burn not$ 2)) The sou'ht to borro& from the &ise, &ho said, >e ha"e no oil to spare9 Go to the merchant men and bu and fill our lamps and then come forth to meet the 'room$ 2,) But &hile the &ent to purchase oil, the bride'room came9 the "ir'ins &ho &ere read &ith their lamps all trimmed &ent &ith him to the marria'e feast$ 10) And &hen the foolish "ir'ins came the door &as shut, and thou'h the knocked and called aloud, the door &as opened not$ 1() The master of the feast eFclaimed, - kno& ou notC and in dis'race the "ir'ins &ent their &a $ 12) A'ain - sa to ou, and ou shall sa to them &ho follo& ou, 11) Be read e"er moment of the da and ni'ht, because &hen ou eFpect him not, the !ord &ill come$ 1*) Behold, &hen he &ill come &ith all his messen'ers of li'ht, the Book of !ife, and that of Records, shall be opened up + the books in &hich the thou'hts and &ords and deeds are &ritten do&n$ 1;) And e"er one can read the records he has &ritten for himself, and he &ill kno& his doom before the @ud'e shall speak, and this &ill be the siftin' time$ 1<) Accordin' to their records men &ill find their o&n$ 1=) The @ud'e is Ri'hteousness, the kin' of all the earth, and he &ill separate the multitudes as shepherds separate the sheep and 'oats$ 1)) The sheep &ill find their places on the ri'ht, the 'oats upon the left, and e"er man &ill kno& his place$ 1,) And then the @ud'e &ill sa , to those upon the ri'ht, Aou blessed of the Bather+God, come unto our inheritance, &hich &as prepared for ou from times of old$ *0) Aou ha"e been ser"ants of the race9 and - &as hun'r and ou 'a"e me bread9 &as thirst and ou 'a"e me drink9 &as naked and ou 'a"e me clothes9 *() >as sick, ou ministered to me9 and &as in prison and ou came to me &ith &ords of cheer9 - &as a stran'er and in our homes - found a home$ *2) Then &ill the ri'hteous sa , >hen did &e see ou hun'r , thirst , sick, imprisoned or a stran'er at our 'ates and ministered to ouE *1) And then the @ud'e &ill sa , Aou ser"ed the sons of men, and &hatsoe"er ou ha"e done for these, that ou ha"e done for me$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%1 **) The @ud'e &ill sa to those upon the left, %epart from me9 ou ha"e not ser"ed the sons of men$ *;) - &as hun'r and ou 'a"e me nau'ht to eat9 &as thirst and ou 'a"e me nau'ht to drink9 - &as a stran'er and ou dro"e me from our door9 - &as imprisoned and &as sick, ou did not minister to me$ *<) Then these &ill sa , >hen did &e thus ne'lect to care for ouE >hen did &e see ou hun'r , thirst , sick, a stran'er or in prison and did not minister to ouE *=) And then the @ud'e &ill sa , Aour life &as full of self9 ou ser"ed the self and not our fello& man, and &hen ou sli'hted one of these, ou sli'hted and ne'lected me$ *)) Then &ill the ri'hteous ha"e the kin'dom and the po&er, and the &ho are

unri'hteous shall 'o forth to pa their debts, to suffer all that men ha"e suffered at their hands$ *,) The &ho ha"e ears to hear and hearts to understand &ill comprehend these parables$ ;0) >hen he had finished all these parables he said, Aou kno& that in t&o da s the 'reat 5asso"er feast &ill come, and lo, the son of man &ill be betra ed into the hands of &icked men$ ;() And he &ill 'i"e his life upon the cross, and men &ill kno& that he, the son of man, is son of God$ ;2) Then Jesus and the t&el"e returned to Bethan $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%. .3CT-4/ JI--T?A%%The Betra al and Arrest of Jesus C#A5T3R (;, #he &hristines attend a feast in 'imon's ho"se. Mary anoints the master )ith a costly balm, and J"das and others reb"(e her for profli acy. Jes"s defends her. #he r"lers of the Je)s employ Ananias to arrest Jes"s. Ananias bribes J"das to aid him. BAR+.-64/, &ho &as once a leper and &as cleansed b Jesus b the sacred >ord, abode in Bethan $ 2) -n honor of the Christine !ord he 'a"e a feast, and !a:arus &as amon' the 'uests, and Ruth and 6artha ser"ed$ 1) And as the 'uests reclined about the table, 6ar took a cruse of rich perfume and poured it out on JesusD head and feet$ *) And then she knelt and &ith her hair she &iped his feet9 the odor of the rich perfume filled all the room$ ;) /o&, Judas, al&a s lookin' at the selfish side of life, eFclaimed, Bor shameC &h did ou &aste that costl perfume thusE <) >e mi'ht ha"e sold it for three hundred pence, and had the mone to suppl our &ants and feed the poor$ =) (/o&, Judas &as the treasurer, and carried all the mone of the Christine band$) )) And others said, >h , 6ar , &hat a profli'ate ou areC Aou should not thro& such &ealth a&a $ ,) But Jesus said, Aou men, be still9 let her alone9 ou kno& not &hat ou sa $ (0) The poor are &ith ou constantl 9 at an time ou can administer to them9 but - &ill not be &ith ou lon'$ (() And 6ar kno&s the sadness of the comin' da s9 she has anointed me beforehand for m burial$ (2) The 'ospel of the Christ &ill e"er &here be preached, and he &ho tells the stor of the Christ &ill tell about this da 9 and &hat &as done b 6ar at this hour &ill be a s&eet memorial to her &here"er men abide$ (1) And &hen the feast &as o"er Jesus &ent &ith !a:arus to his home$ (*) /o&, in Jerusalem the priests and 5harisees &ere bus &ith their plans to sei:e the !ord and take his life$

(;) The hi'h priest called in counsel all the &isest men and said, This deed must be accomplished in a secret &a $ (<) #e must be taken &hen the multitudes are not a+near, else &e ma cause a Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%/ &ar9 the common people ma stand forth in his defense and thus pollute this sacred place &ith human blood$ (=) And &hat &e do, that &e must do before the 'reat da of the feast$ ()) And Ananias said, - ha"e a plan that &ill succeed$ The t&el"e &ith Jesus e"er da 'o forth alone to pra 9 (,) And &e &ill find their tr stin' place9 then &e can sei:e the man and brin' him here &ithout the kno&led'e of the multitudes$ 20) - kno& one of the t&el"e, a man &ho &orships &ealth, and for a sum - think that he &ill lead the &a to &here the man is &ont to pra $ 2() And then Caiaphas said, -f ou &ill lead the &a and bribe the man of &hom ou speak, to aid in sei:in' Jesus in a secret place, then &e &ill 'i"e to ou a hundred sil"er pieces for our hire$ 22) And Ananias said, DTis &ell$ 21) And then he &ent to Bethan and found the t&el"e at .imonDs house and, callin' Judas to the side he said, 2*) -f ou &ould care to make a sum of mone for ourself, hear me8 2;) The hi'h priest and other rulers in Jerusalem &ould like to talk &ith Jesus &hen alone, that the ma kno& about his claims9 2<) And if he pro"es himself to be the Christ, lo, the &ill stand in his defense$ 2=) /o&, if ou &ill but lead the &a to &here our master is tomorro& ni'ht that the ma send a priest to talk &ith him alone, there is a sum of sil"er, thirt pieces, that the priests &ill 'i"e to ou8 2)) And Judas reasoned &ith himself9 he said, -t surel ma be &ell to 'i"e the !ord a chance to tell the priests about his claims &hen he is all alone$ 2,) And if the priests &ould do him harm he has the po&er to disappear and 'o his &a as he has done before9 and thirt pieces is a 'oodl sum$ 10) And so he said to Ananias, - &ill lead the &a , and b a kiss make kno&n &hich person is the !ord$ C#A5T3R (<0 Jes"s and the t)el%e eat the Passo%er alone in /icodem"s' ho"se. Jes"s )ashes the disciples' feet. J"das lea%es the table and oes forth to betray the +ord. Jes"s teaches the ele%en. *e instit"tes the +ord's s"pper. 4/ Thursda mornin' Jesus called to him the t&el"e disciples, and he said to them, This is GodDs remembrance da , and &e &ill eat the paschal supper all alone$ 2) And then he said to 5eter, James and John, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%0 Go no& into Jerusalem and there prepare the pasch$

1) And the disciples said, >here &ould ou ha"e us 'o to find the place &here &e ma ha"e the feast preparedE *) And Jesus said, Go b the fountain 'ate and ou &ill see a man &ho has a pitcher in his hand$ .peak unto him and sa 8 This is the first da of unlea"ened bread9 ;) The !ord &ould ha"e ou set apart our banquet hall &here he ma eat his last 5asso"er &ith the t&el"e, <) Bear not to speak9 the man &hom ou &ill see is /icodemus, ruler of the Je&s, and et a man of God$ =) And the disciples &ent and found the man as Jesus said, and /icodemus hastened to his home9 the banquet hall, an upper room, &as set apart, the supper &as prepared$ )) /o&, in the afternoon the !ord and his disciples &ent up to Jerusalem and found the feast in readiness$ ,) And &hen the hour had come to eat the feast, the t&el"e be'an to stri"e amon' themsel"es, each anFious to secure the honored seats$ (0) And Jesus said, 6 friends, &ould ou contend for self @ust as the shado& of this ni'ht of 'loom comes onE (() There is no honored seat at hea"enDs feast eFcept for him &ho humbl takes the lo&est seat$ (2) And then the !ord arose and took a basin full of &ater and a to&el, and bo&in' do&n, he &ashed the feet of all the t&el"e and dried them &ith the to&el$ (1) #e breathed upon them and he said, And ma these feet &alk in the &a s of ri'hteousness fore"ermore$ (*) #e came to 5eter and &as about to &ash his feet, and 5eter said, !ord, &ould ou &ash m feetE (;) And Jesus said, Aou do not comprehend the meanin' of the thin' - do, but ou &ill comprehend$ (<) And 5eter said, 6 master, no, ou shall not stoop to &ash m feet$ (=) And Jesus said, 6 friend, if - &ash not our feet ou ha"e no part &ith me$ ()) And 5eter said, Then, 4 m !ord, &ash both m feet, m hands, m head$ (,) And Jesus said to him, #e &ho has taken first his bath is clean, and has no need to &ash, eFcept his feet$ 20) The feet are trul s mbols of the understandin' of the man, and he &ho &ould be clean must, in the li"in' stream of life, &ash &ell his understandin' e"er da $ 2() Then Jesus sat &ith his disciples at the table of the feast and said, Behold the lesson of the hour8 22) Aou call me master9 such - am$ -f, then, our !ord and master kneel and &ash our feet, should ou not &ash each otherDs feet and thus sho& forth our Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%1 &illin'ness to ser"eE 21) Aou kno& these thin's, and if ou do them, blessed thrice are ou$ 2*) And then he said,

This is an hour &hen - can trul praise the name of God, for - ha"e 'reatl &ished to eat &ith ou this feast before - pass the "eil9 2;) Bor - &ill eat it not a'ain until ane& - eat it &ith ou in the kin'dom of our Bather+God$ 2<) And then the sun' the #ebre& son' of praise that Je&s &ere &ont to sin' before the feast$ 2=) And then the ate the pasch and as the ate, the master said, Behold, for one of ou &ill turn a&a this ni'ht and &ill betra me into &icked hands$ 2)) And the disciples &ere ama:ed at &hat he said9 the looked into each otherDs face in &onderment9 the all eFclaimed, !ord, is it -E 2,) And 5eter said to John, &ho sat beside the !ord, To &hom does he referE 10) And John put forth his hand and touched the masterDs hand and said, >hich one of us is so depra"ed as to betra his !ordE 1() And Judas said, !ord, is it -E 12) And Jesus said, #e is the one &ho no& has put his hand &ith mine into the dish$ The looked, and JudasD hand &as &ith the hand of Jesus in the dish$ 11) And Jesus said, The 5rophets cannot fail9 the son of man must be betra ed, but &oe to him &ho shall betra his !ord$ 1*) And from the table Judas rose at once9 his hour had come$ 1;) And Jesus said to him, %o quickl &hat ou are to do$ And Judas &ent his &a $ 1<) And &hen the pasch &as done the !ord &ith the ele"en sat a &hile in silent thou'ht$ 1=) Then Jesus took a loaf of bread that had been broken not and said, This loaf is s mbol of m bod , and the bread is s mbol of the bread of life9 1)) And as - break this loaf, so shall m flesh be broken as a pattern for the sons of men9 for men must freel 'i"e their bodies up in &illin' sacrifice for other men$ 1,) And as ou eat this bread, so shall ou eat the bread of life, and ne"er die$ And then he 'a"e to each a piece of bread to eat$ *0) And then he took a cup of &ine and said, Blood is the life, this is the life+blood of the 'rape9 it is the s mbol of the life of him &ho 'i"es his life for men$ *() And as ou drink this &ine, if ou shall drink in faith, ou drink the life of Christ$ *2) And then he supped and passed the cup, and the disciples supped9 and Jesus Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%% said, This is the feast of life, the 'reat 5asso"er of the son of man, the .upper of the !ord, and ou shall often eat the bread and drink the &ine$ *1) Brom henceforth shall this bread be called Remembrance bread9 this &ine shall be Remembrance &ine9 and &hen ou eat this bread and drink this &ine

remember me$ C#A5T3R (<( Jes"s teaches the ele%en. #ells them that they )ill all be estran ed from him, and that Peter )ill deny him thrice before the mornin . *e spea(s final )ords of enco"ra ement. Promises the &omforter /4>, after Judas had 'one forth to meet the emissaries of the priests and to betra his !ord, 2) The master said, The hour has come, the son of man &ill no& be 'lorified$ 1) 6 little children, - am &ith ou et a little &hile9 soon ou &ill seek me and &ill find me not, for &here - 'o ou cannot come$ *) - 'i"e to ou a ne& command8 As - lo"e ou and 'i"e m life for ou, so shall ou lo"e the &orld, and 'i"e our life to sa"e the &orld$ ;) !o"e one another as ou lo"e oursel"es, and then the &orld &ill kno& that ou are sons of God, disciples of the son of man &hom God has 'lorified$ <) And 5eter said, !ord, &here ou 'o there - &ill 'o, for - &ould la m life do&n for m !ord$ =) And Jesus said, Boast not of bra"er , m friend9 ou are not stron' enou'h toni'ht to follo& me$ )) /o&, 5eter, hearC ou &ill den me thrice before the cock shall cro& tomorro& morn$ ,) And then he looked upon the ele"en and said, Aou all &ill be estran'ed from me this ni'ht$ (0) The prophet said, !o, he &ill smite the shepherd of the sheep9 the sheep &ill flee and hide a&a $ (() But after - am risen from the dead, lo, ou &ill come a'ain, and - &ill 'o before ou into Galilee$ (2) And 5eter said, 6 !ord, thou'h e"er other man forsake ou - &ill not$ (1) And Jesus said, 4 .imon 5eter, lo, our :eal is 'reater than our fortitudeC Behold, for .atan cometh up to sift ou as a pan of &heat, but - ha"e pra ed that in our faith ou shall not fail9 that after trial ou ma stand a to&er of stren'th$ (*) And the disciples all eFclaimed, There is no po&er on earth that can estran'e, or cause us to den our !ord$ (;) And Jesus said, !et not our hearts be sad9 ou all belie"e in God9 belie"e in me$ (<) Behold, for there are man mansions in m Batherland$ -f there &ere not Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%2 &ould not ha"e told ou so$ (=) - &ill 'o unto m Batherland, and - &ill prepare a place for ou that &here am there ou ma be$ But no& ou do not kno& the &a unto m Batherland$ ()) And Thomas said, >e do not kno& &here ou intend to 'o9 ho& could &e kno& the &a E (,) And Jesus said, - am the &a , the truth, the life9 - manifest the Christ of God$ /o man can reach m Batherland eFcept he comes &ith me throu'h Christ$ 20) -f ou had kno&n and comprehended me, then ou &ould kno& m Bather+ God$

2() And 5hilip said, .ho& us the Bather and &e &ill be satisfied$ 22) And Jesus said, #a"e - been &ith ou all these ears and still ou kno& me notE 21) #e &ho has seen the son has seen the Bather, for in the son the Bather has re"ealed himself$ 2*) !o, - ha"e told ou man times that &hat - speak and &hat - do are not the &ords and &orks of man9 2;) The are the &ords of God, &ho li"es in me and - in him$ 2<) #ear me, ou faithful men8 #e &ho belie"es in me and in m Bather+God shall sa and do &hat - ha"e said and done$ 2=) Aea, more, he shall do 'reater &orks than - ha"e e"er done, because - 'o to him &hose &orks &e do, and then - can reach forth m hand in helpfulness$ 2)) And in m name, throu'h Christ, ou ma petition God and he &ill 'rant ou our request$ 2,) %o ou belie"e &hat - ha"e saidE Aes, ou belie"e, and if ou lo"e the Christ and follo& me then ou &ill keep m &ords$ 10) - am the "ine9 ou are the branches of the "ine9 m Bather is the husbandmen$ 1() The branches that are &orthless, bearin' nau'ht but lea"es, the husbandmen &ill cut a&a and cast into the fire to be burned$ 12) And he &ill prune the branches that bear fruit that the ma ield abundantl $ 11) The branch cannot bear fruit if separated from the "ine9 and ou cannot bear fruit &hen separate from me$ 1*) Abide in me, and do the &orks that God, throu'h me, has tau'ht ou ho& to do, and ou &ill bear much fruit, and God &ill honor ou as he has honored me$ 1;) And no& - 'o m &a , but - &ill pra m Bather+God and he &ill send another Comforter to ou, &ho &ill abide &ith ou$ 1<) Behold, this Comforter of God, the #ol Breath, is one &ith God, but she is one the &orld cannot recei"e because it sees her not9 it kno&s her not$ 1=) But ou kno& her, and &ill kno& her, because she &ill abide &ithin our soul$ 1)) - &ill not lea"e ou desolate, but in the Christ, &hich is the lo"e of God made manifest to men, - &ill be &ith ou all the &a $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%! C#A5T3R (<2 Jes"s re%eals more f"lly the mission of the *oly Breath. #ells his disciples plainly that he is abo"t to die, and they are sad. *e prays for them and all the )orld of belie%ers. #hey lea%e the ban1"et hall. /4>, John &as deepl 'rie"ed because the master said, I o a)ay, and )here I o yo" cannot come. 2) #e &ept and said, !ord, - &ould 'o &ith ou throu'h e"er trial and to death$ 1) And Jesus said, And ou shall follo& me throu'h trials and throu'h death9 but no& ou cannot 'o &here - &ill 'o9 but ou shall come$ *) And Jesus spoke a'ain unto the ele"en and said,

Grie"e not because - 'o a&a , for it is best that - should 'o a&a $ -f - 'o not the Comforter &ill not come to ou$ ;) These thin's - speak &hile &ith ou in the flesh, but &hen the #ol Breath shall come in po&er, lo, she &ill teach ou more and more, and brin' to our remembrance all the &ords that - ha"e said to ou$ <) There are a multitude of thin's et to be said9 thin's that this a'e cannot recei"e, because it cannot comprehend$ =) But, lo, - sa , Before the 'reat da of the !ord shall come, the #ol Breath &ill make all m steries kno&n + )) The m steries of the soul, of life, of death, of immortalit 9 the oneness of a man &ith e"er other man and &ith his God$ ,) Then &ill the &orld be led to truth, and man &ill be the truth$ (0) >hen she has come, the Comforter, she &ill con"ince the &orld of sin, and of the truth of &hat - speak, and of the @ud'ement of the @ust9 and then the prince of carnal life &ill be cast out$ (() And &hen the Comforter shall come - need not intercede for ou9 for ou &ill stand appro"ed, and God &ill kno& ou then as he kno&s me$ (2) The hour has come &hen ou &ill &eep9 the &icked &ill re@oice, because - 'o a&a 9 but - &ill come a'ain, and all our sorro&s shall be turned to @o 9 (1) Aea, "eril , ou &ill re@oice as one &ho &elcomes back a brother from the dead$ (*) And the disciples said, 4ur !ord, speak not in pro"erbs an more9 speak plainl unto us9 &e kno& that ou are &ise and kno& all thin's$ (;) >hat is the meanin' of our &ords, - 'o a&a , but - &ill come a'ainE (<) And Jesus said, The hour is come &hen ou &ill all be scattered forth, and e"er man &ill be afraid9 (=) >ill flee to sa"e his life and lea"e me alone9 et - &ill not be all alone9 m Bather+God is &ith me all the &a $ ()) And &icked men &ill take me to the @ud'ment seat of &icked men and in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .%9 presence of the multitudes - &ill 'i"e up m life, a pattern for the sons of men$ (,) But - &ill rise a'ain and come to ou$ 20) These thin's - speak that ou ma be established in the faith &hen the shall come to pass$ 2() And ou shall bear the buffetin's of men, and follo& in the thorn path tread$ 22) Be not disma ed9 be of 'ood cheer, !o, - ha"e o"ercome the &orld, and ou shall o"ercome the &orld$ 21) Then Jesus lifted up his e es to hea"en and said, 6 Bather+God, the hour has come9 2*) The son of man must no& be lifted from the earth, and ma he falter not, that all the &orld ma kno& the po&er of sacrifice9 2;) Bor as - 'i"e m life for men, lo, men must 'i"e their li"es for other men$ 2<) - came to do th &ill, 4 God, and in the sacred name, the Christ is 'lorified, that men ma see the Christ as life, as li'ht, as lo"e, as truth$ 2=) And throu'h the Christ become themsel"es the life, the li'ht, the lo"e, the truth$

2)) - praise th name because of these &hom thou hast 'i"en me, for the ha"e honored thee and the &ill honor thee9 2,) And none of them are lost, and none are 'one a&a , eFcept the blinded son of carnal life, &ho hath 'one forth to sell his !ord$ 10) 4 God, for'i"e this man because he kno&s not &hat he does$ 1() And no&, 4 God, - come to thee, and am no more in mortal life9 keep thou these men to &hom - ha"e made kno&n th &isdom and th lo"e$ 12) As the belie"e in me, and in the &ords - speak, ma all the &orld belie"e in them and in the &ords the speak$ 11) As thou hast sent me forth into the &orld, so - ha"e sent them forth$ - pra that thou &ouldst honor them as thou hast honored me$ 1*) - do not pra that thou &ouldst take them from the &orld, but that the ma be 'uarded from the e"il of the &orld, and not be sub@ect to temptations that are too 'reat for them to bear$ 1;) The once &ere of the &orld, but no& are of the &orld no more, as - am of the &orld no more$ 1<) Th &ord is truth, 4 God, and b th &ord let them be sanctified$ 1=) - do not pra for these alone, 4 God9 - also pra for all &ho &ill belie"e on me, and &ill accept the Christ because of &hat the do and sa , that the ma all be one$ 1)) As - am one &ith thee, and thou art one &ith me, ma the be one &ith us, 1,) That all the &orld ma kno& that thou hast sent me forth to do th &ill, and that thou lo"est them as thou hast e"er lo"ed me$ *0) >hen Jesus had thus said, the sun' the Je&ish son' of praise, and then arose and &ent their &a $ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .2 C#A5T3R (<1 Jes"s %isits Pilate, )ho "r es him to flee from the co"ntry to sa%e his life. Jes"s ref"ses to do so. *e meets his disciples in Massalian's orchard. #he scene in !ethsemane. #he Je)ish mob led by J"das is near. A. Jesus and the ele"en &ent out, a Roman 'uard approached and said, All hailC -s one of ou the man from GalileeE 2) And 5eter said, >e all are men from Galilee9 &hom do ou seekE 1) The 'uard replied, - seek for Jesus, &ho is called the Christ$ *) And Jesus ans&ered, #ere am -$ ;) The 'uard spoke out and said, - do not come in an official &a 9 - bear to ou a messa'e from the 'o"ernor$ <) Jerusalem is all ali"e &ith "en'eful Je&s &ho s&ear that the &ill take our life, and 5ilate &ould confer &ith ou, and he &ould ha"e ou come to him &ithout dela $ =) And Jesus said to 5eter and the rest, Go to the "ale, and b the Gidron &ait for me, and - &ill 'o alone and see the 'o"ernor$ )) And Jesus &ent up &ith the 'uard, and &hen he reached the palace, 5ilate met him at the 'ate and said,

,) Aoun' man, - ha"e a &ord to sa that ma be &ell for ou$ - ha"e obser"ed our &orks and &ords three ears and more9 (0) And - ha"e often stood in our defense &hen our o&n countr men &ould fain ha"e stoned ou as a criminal$ (() But no& the priests, the scribes and 5harisees ha"e stirred the common people to a sta'e of fren:ied &antonness and cruelt , and the intend to take our life$ (2) Because, the sa , that ou ha"e s&orn to tear their temple do&n9 to cha'e the la&s that 6oses 'a"e9 to eFile 5harisee and priest and seat ourself upon a throne$ (1) And the a"er that ou are full in lea'ue &ith Rome$ (*) The streets of all Jerusalem are filled this moment &ith a horde of madmen all intent to shed our blood$ (;) There is no safet for ou but in fli'ht9 &ait not until the mornin' sun$ Aou kno& the &a to reach the border of this cursed land$ (<) - ha"e a little band of 'uards, &ell horsed and armed, and the &ill take ou out be ond the reach of harm$ (=) Aou must not tarr here, oun' man, ou must arise and 'o$ ()) And Jesus said, A noble prince has Caesar in his 5ilate 5ontius, and from the point of carnal man our &ords are seasoned &ith the &ise manDs salt9 but from the point of Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .21 Christ our &ords are foolishness$ (,) The co&ard flees &hen dan'er comes9 but he &ho comes to seek and sa"e the lost must 'i"e his life in &illin' sacrifice for those he comes to seek and sa"e$ 20) Before the pasch has been consumed, lo, all this nation &ill be cursed b sheddin' blood of innocence9 and e"en no& the murderers are at the door$ 2() And 5ilate said, -t shall not be9 the s&ord of Rome &ill be unsheathed to sa"e our life$ 22) And Jesus said, /a , 5ilate, na 9 there are no armies lar'e enou'h in all the &orld to sa"e m life$ 21) And Jesus bade the 'o"ernor fare&ell, and &ent his &a 9 but 5ilate sent a double 'uard &ith him lest he should fall into the hands of those &ho &ere alert to take his life$ 2*) But in a moment Jesus disappeared9 the 'uards sa& him no more, and in a little &hile he reached the brook of Gidron &here the ele"en &ere$ 2;) /o&, @ust be ond the brook there &as an orchard and a home &here one, 6assalian, li"ed, &here Jesus oft had been$ 2<) 6assalian &as his friend, and he belie"ed that Jesus &as the Christ that Je&ish prophets lon' a'o had said &ould come$ 2=) /o&, in the orchard &as a sacred knoll9 6assalian called the place Gethsemane$ 2)) The ni'ht &as dark, but in the orchard it &as doubl dark and Jesus bade the ei'ht disciples tarr b the brook, 2,) >hile he, &ith 5eter, James and John &ent to Gethsemane to pra $ 10) The sat beneath an oli"e tree, and Jesus opened up the m steries of life to 5eter, James and John$ #e said, 1() The .pirit of eternit is 4ne unmanifest9 and this is God the Bather, God the

6other, God the .on in 4ne$ 12) -n life of manifests the 4ne became the Three, and God the Bather is the God of mi'ht9 and God the 6other is omniscient God, and God the .on is lo"e$ 11) And God the Bather is the po&er of hea"en and earth9 and God the 6other is the #ol Breath, the thou'ht of hea"en and earth9 and God the .on, the onl son, is Christ, and Christ is lo"e$ 1*) - came as man to manifest this lo"e to men, 1;) As man - ha"e been sub@ect unto all the trials and temptations of the human race9 but - ha"e o"ercome the flesh, &ith all its passions and its appetites$ 1<) >hat - ha"e done all men can do$ 1=) And - am no& about to demonstrate the po&er of man to conquer death9 for e"er man is God made flesh$ 1)) - &ill la do&n m life, and - &ill take it up a'ain, that ou ma kno& the m steries of life, of death, and of the resurrection of the dead$ 1,) - la me do&n in flesh, but - &ill rise in spirit form &ith po&er to manifest m self so mortal e es can see$ *0) .o in a trinit of da s - &ill sho& forth the all of life, the all of death, the meanin' of the resurrection of the dead$ *() And &hat - do all men can do$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .2. *2) And ou, m three, &ho constitute the inner circle of the Church of Christ, &ill sho& to men the attributes of all the Gods$ *1) And 5eter shall make kno&n the 5o&er of God9 and James shall sho& the Thou'ht of God9 and John shall demonstrate the !o"e of God$ **) Be not afraid of men, for ou ha"e been sent forth to do the mi'ht &orks of God the Bather, God the 6other, God the .on$ *;) And all the po&ers of carnal life cannot destro our life until our &ork is done$ *<) - lea"e ou no&, and - &ill 'o out in the darkness all alone and talk &ith God$ *=) B sorro& - am o"er&helmed, - lea"e ou here to &atch &ith me$ *)) Then Jesus &ent three hundred cubits to&ard the east, and fell upon his face and pra ed9 he said, *,) 6 GodC m GodC is there a &a b &hich - ma escape the horrors of the comin' hoursE 6 human flesh shrinks back9 m soul is firm9 so not m &ill, but thine, 4 God, be done$ ;0) -n a'on he pra ed9 the strain upon the human form &as 'reat9 his "eins &ere burst asunder, and his bro& &as bathed in blood$ ;() And then he &ent back to the three, and found them all asleep9 he said, ;2) 4 .imon, .imon, do ou sleepC Could ou not &atch &ith me a sin'le hourE Be "i'ilant, and &atch and pra that our temptations be not too 'reat for ou to bear$ ;1) - kno& the spirit is alert and &illin'9 but the flesh is &eak$ ;*) And then he &ent a'ain and pra ed, 4 Bather, GodC if - must drink this bitter cup, 'i"e me the stren'th of soul9 for not m &ill, but thine be done$ ;;) And then he &ent a'ain to his disciples9 lo, he found them still asleep$ #e &akened them and said to James, ;<) #a"e ou been sleepin' &hile our master has been &restlin' &ith the

'reatest foe of menE Could ou not &atch &ith me a sin'le hourE ;=) And then he &ent a'ain and pra ed$ 4 God, - ield to thee9 th &ill be done$ ;)) And then a'ain he &ent back to the three, and still the slept$ #e said to John, ;,) >ith all the lo"e ou ha"e for me, could ou not &atch &ith me a sin'le hourE <0) And then he said, -t is enou'h9 the hour has come, and m betra er is at hand9 arise and let us 'o$ <() And &hen the came a'ain to Gidron, lo, the ei'ht disciples &ere asleep, and Jesus said, Aou men, a&ake9 behold, for the betra er of the son of man is come$ C#A5T3R (<* Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .2/ J"das betrays his +ord )ith a (iss. Jes"s is seized by the mob and the disciples flee to sa%e their li%es. Jes"s is ta(en "nto Jer"salem. Peter and John follo) the mob. T#3 !ord &ith the ele"en &ere in the orchard of 6assalian, and as the talked the sa& a band of men &ith lanterns and &ith s&ords and clubs approachin' them$ 2) And Jesus said, Behold the emissaries of the e"il oneC and Judas leads the &a $ 1) And the disciples said, !ord, let us flee to sa"e our li"es$ *) But Jesus said, >h should &e flee to sa"e our li"es &hen this is the fulfillment of the &ords of prophets and of seersE ;) And Jesus &ent alone to meet the men9 and as the came he said, >h are ou here, ou menE &hom do ou seekE <) And the replied, >e seek the man from Galilee$ >e seek for Jesus, one &ho calls himself the Christ$ =) And Jesus ans&ered, #ere am -$ )) And then he raised his hands and &ith a mi'ht thou'ht he brou'ht the ethers to the state of li'ht9 and all the orchard &as a'lo& &ith li'ht$ ,) The fren:ied men &ere dri"en back and man fled and tarried not until the reached Jerusalem9 and others fell upon their faces on the 'round$ (0) The bra"est men, and the &ith hardest hearts, remained, and &hen the li'ht had paled, the !ord a'ain inquired, >hom do ou seekE (() And Ananias said, >e seek the man from Galilee9 &e seek for Jesus, he &ho calls himself the Christ$ (2) And Jesus ans&ered him and said, - told ou once before9 but no& - tell ou once a'ain that - am he$ (1) B Ananias, Judas stood9 but in a moment he had 'one and comin' up behind the !ord he said,

6 !ord9 and then he kissed him as a si'n that he &as Jesus &hom the sou'ht$ (*) And Jesus said, %o ou, -scariot, come and thus betra our master &ith a kissE (;) This thin' must need be done9 but &oe to him &ho does betra his !ord$ (<) Aour carnal 'reed has seared our conscience and ou kno& not &hat ou do9 but in a little time our conscience &ill assert itself, and in remorse, lo, ou &ill close our span and take our life$ (=) Then the ele"en came, laid hold of Judas and &ould ha"e done him harm9 but Jesus said, ()) Aou must not harm this man9 ou ha"e no ri'ht to @ud'e this man9 his Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .20 conscience is his @ud'e, &ill sentence him and he &ill eFecute himself$ (,) And then the mob led on b 6alchus, ser"ant of Caiaphas, laid hold of Jesus, and &as bindin' him &ith chains$ 20) And Jesus said, >h do ou come in dead of ni'ht &ith s&ords and clubs to take me in this sacred placeE 2() #a"e - not spoken in the public places of JerusalemE #a"e - not healed our sick, and opened up our blinded e es, and made our lame to &alk, our deaf to hearE Aou could ha"e found me an da $ 22) And no& ou tr to bind me do&n &ith chains, &hat are these chains but links of reedsE And then he raised his hands9 the chains &ere broken and the fell to earth$ 21) And 6alchus thou'ht the !ord &ould flee to sa"e his life, and &ith a club he fain &ould smite him in the face$ 2*) But 5eter had a s&ord, and rushin' up he smote the man and &ounded him$ 2;) But Jesus said, .ta , 5eter, sta 9 put up our s&ord9 ou are not called to fi'ht &ith s&ords and clubs$ >hoe"er &ields the s&ord shall perish b the s&ord$ 2<) - do not need protection b the sons of men, for - could call this moment and a le'ion, ea, t&el"e le'ions of the messen'ers of God, &ould come and stand in m defense9 but then it is not &ell$ 2=) And then he said to 6alchus, 6an, - &ould not ha"e ou harmed$ And then he laid his hand upon the &ound that 5eter made, and it &as healed$ 2)) Then Jesus said, Be not concerned lest - should tear m self a&a from ou and flee to sa"e m life$ - ha"e no &ish to sa"e m life9 do &ith me as ou &ish$ 2,) And then the mob rushed up to sei:e the ele"en to take them back to stand for trial as the aids of Jesus in his crimes$ 10) But the disciples, e"er one of them, deserted Jesus, and the fled to sa"e their li"es$ 1() /o&, John &as last to flee9 the mob laid hold of him and tore his 'arments all to shreds9 but he escaped in nakedness$ 12) 6assalian sa& the man, and took him to his home and 'a"e him other clothes9 and then he follo&ed after them &ho led the !ord a&a $ 11) And 5eter &as ashamed because of his &eak co&ardice, and &hen he &as himself a'ain he @oined &ith John and follo&ed close behind the mob, and came

into Jerusalem$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .21 .3CT-4/ J-J G45# The Trial and 3Fecution of Jesus C#A5T3R (<; Jes"s before &aiaphas. Peter denies his +ord thrice. #he indictment, si ned by se%en r"lin Je)s. A h"ndred per$"red )itnesses testify to the tr"th of the char es. CA-A5#A. &as the hi'h priest of the Je&s9 the mob led Jesus to his palace hall$ 2) The court had been con"ened, and all the 'alleries &ere packed &ith scribes and 5harisees alread s&orn as &itnesses a'ainst the !ord$ 1) The maid &ho kept the palace door kne& John and this disciple asked that he and 5eter be admitted to the hall$ *) The maid permitted them to enter in, and John &ent in9 but 5eter &as afraid and tarried in the outer court$ ;) The &oman said to 5eter, as he stood beside the door, Are ou a follo&er of this man from GalileeE <) And 5eter said, /o, - am not$ =) The men &ho had brou'ht Jesus to the hall sat b a fire in the outer court, because the ni'ht &as cool, and 5eter sat &ith them$ )) Another maid &ho &aited in the place sa& 5eter and she said to him, Aou surel are from Galilee9 our speech is that of Galilee9 ou are a follo&er of this man$ ,) And 5eter said, - kno& not &hat ou mean9 - do not e"en kno& this man$ (0) And then a ser"ant of Caiaphas, one of those &ho sei:ed the !ord and brou'ht him to the court, sa& 5eter and he said to him, (() %id - not see ou in the orchard of 6assalian &ith this seditious /a:areneE -Dm sure - did, and ou are one of those &ho follo&ed him$ (2) Then 5eter rose and stamped upon the floor, and s&ore b e"er sacred thin', that he kne& not the criminal$ (1) /o&, John &as standin' near and &hen he heard the &ords and kne& that 5eter had denied his !ord, he looked at him in sheer astonishment$ (*) Just then a cock cre& loud beneath the court, and 5eter called to mind the &ords the !ord had said, >C< Before the coc( shall cro) tomorro) morn yo" )ill deny me thrice. (<) And 5eterDs conscience smote him hea"il , and he &ent out into the ni'ht and &ept$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .2% (=) Caiaphas sat in state9 before him stood the man from Galilee$ ()) Caiaphas said, Aou people of Jerusalem, &ho is the man that ou accuseE (,) The ans&ered8 -n the name of e"er lo al Je& &e do accuse this man from Galilee, this Jesus,

&ho assumes to be our kin', as enem of God and man$ 20) Caiaphas said to Jesus, 6an, ou are permitted no& to speak and tell about our doctrines and our claims$ 2() And Jesus said, Aou priest of carnal man, &h do ou ask about m &ords and &orksE 22) !o, - ha"e tau'ht the multitudes in e"er public place9 - ha"e restored our sick to health9 ha"e caused our deaf to hear, our lame to &alk, and - ha"e brou'ht our dead to life a'ain$ 21) 6 &orks ha"e not been done in secret place but in our public halls and thorou'hfares$ 2*) Go ask the people, &ho ha"e not been bou'ht &ith 'old or 'litterin' promises, to tell about m &ords and &orks$ 2;) >hen Jesus had thus said a Je&ish 'uard came up and smote him in the face and said, #o& dare ou speak thus unto him, the hi'h priest of the Je&sE 2<) And Jesus said, -f - ha"e spoken falsel bear &itness unto &hat - sa 9 -f - ha"e told the truth &h did ou smite me thusE 2=) And then Caiaphas said, >hatDer ou do, do in a le'al &a , for &e must ans&er to a hi'her court for e"er thin' &e do or sa $ 2)) !et the accusers of this man present their char'es in a le'al form$ 2,) And then CaiaphasD scribe stood forth and said, - ha"e the accusations here in le'al form9 the char'es made and si'ned b scribes and priests and 5harisees$ 10) Caiaphas said, Be still, ou men, and hear the char'es read$ The scribe took up a roll and read8 1() To the .anhedrin of the Je&s and to Caiaphas the hi'h priest, most honored men8 12) The hi'hest dut man can render is to his nation and his o&n is to protect them from their foes$ 11) The people of Jerusalem are conscious that a mi'ht foe is in their "er midst$ 1*) A man named Jesus has come forth and claims to be heir to %a"idDs throne$ 1;) As an imposter he is foe, and in the name of e"er lo al Je& &e here submit these char'es &hich &e are competent to pro"e9 1<) At first, he blasphemes God9 he sa s he is son of God9 that he and God are one9 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .22 1=) And he profanes our hol da s b healin', and doin' other &ork upon the .abbath da s9 1)) And he proclaims himself the kin', successor of our %a"id and our .olomon9 1,) And he declares that he &ill tear our temple do&n and build it up a'ain in form more 'lorious in three da s9 *0) And he declares that he &ill dri"e the people from Jerusalem, as he dro"e out the merchants from the temple court9 and brin' to occup our sacred hills a tribe of men that kno& not God9

*() And he a"ers that e"er doctor, scribe and 5harisee and .adducee, shall 'o in eFile, and shall ne"er more return9 *2) And to these char'es &e do set our hands and seals$ Annas$ .imon$ Abinadab$ Annanias$ Joash$ A:aniah$ #e:ekiah$ *1) /o&, &hen the scribe had read the char'es, all the people called for blood9 the said, !et such a &retch be stoned9 let him be crucified$ **) Caiaphas said, Aou men of -srael, do ou sustain the char'es of these menE *;) A hundred men &ho had been bribed, stood forth to testif 9 the s&ore that e"er char'e &as true$ *<) Caiaphas said to Jesus, 6an, ha"e ou a &ord to sa E are ou the son of GodE *=) And Jesus said, .o ou ha"e said9 and then he said no more$ C#A5T3R (<< Jes"s before the 'anhedrin. /icodem"s pleads for $"stice. he sho)s the incompetency of the )itnesses. #he co"ncil fails to declare Jes"s "ilty, b"t &aiaphas, the presidin $"d e, declares him "ilty. #he mob maltreats Jes"s. *e is ta(en to Pilate's co"rt. >#3/ Jesus &ould not speak, Caiaphas stood before the Je&ish mob and said, 2) Bind fast the prisoner, for he must 'o before the 'reat .anhedrin of the Je&s to ans&er for his life$ 1) >e cannot eFecute a criminal until our findin's ha"e been "erified b this, the hi'hest council of the Je&s$ *) As soon as it &as da the hi'hest council of the people met9 the !ord and his accusers stood before the bar$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .2! ;) Caiaphas &as the chief9 he rose and said, !et the accusers of this man from Galilee brin' forth their char'es and their e"idence$ <) CaiaphasD scribe stood forth and read the char'es and the names of those &ho had accused the man from Galilee$ =) And all the &itnesses &ere made to stand and testif before the council of the Je&s$ )) And then the la& ers &ei'hed the e"idence, and /icodemus stood amon' the men &ho plead$ ,) #e raised his hands and said, !et @ustice no& be done, thou'h e"er scribe and 5harisee and priest and .adducee, as &ell as Jesus, the accused, be @ud'ed a liar$ (0) -f &e can pro"e this Jesus to be foe and traitor to our la&s and land, let him be @ud'ed a criminal and suffer for his crimes$ (() -f it be pro"ed that these &ho testif are per@urers in the si'ht of God and

man, then let the man from Galilee 'o free$ (2) And then he brou'ht the testimonies of the &itnesses before the @ud'es of the la&9 no t&o of them a'reed$ -n heat of passion, or for 'ain, the men had testified$ (1) The council &ould ha"e 'ladl @ud'ed that Jesus &as a criminal and sentenced him to death9 but in the face of all the e"idence the &ere afraid$ (*) And then Caiaphas said, Aou man from Galilee, Before the li"in' God, - no& command that ou shall ans&er me, Are ou the Christ, the son of GodE (;) And Jesus said, -f - &ould ans&er, Aes, ou &ould not hear, nor et belie"e, (<) -f - &ould ans&er, /o, - &ould be like our &itnesses, and stand a liar in the si'ht of man and God$ But this - sa , (=) The time &ill come &hen ou &ill see the son of man upon the throne of po&er and comin' in the clouds of hea"en$ ()) And then Caiaphas rent his clothes and said, #a"e ou not heard enou'hE %id ou not hear his "ile blasphemous &ordsE >hat further need ha"e &e of &itnessesE >hat shall &e do &ith himE (,) The people said, 5ut him to death$ And then the mob rushed up and spit into his face, and struck him &ith their hands$ 20) And then the bound a cloth about his e es and smote him in the face and said, Aou are a prophet9 tell us &ho it &as &ho smote ou in the face$ 2() And Jesus ans&ered not and like a lamb before his shearer he, the man from Galilee, resisted not$ 22) Caiaphas said, >e cannot put a man to death until the Roman ruler shall confirm the sentence of this court9 21) .o take this criminal a&a and 5ilate &ill endorse &hat &e ha"e done$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .29 2*) And then &as Jesus dra''ed alon' the &a up to the palace of the Roman 'o"ernor$ C#A5T3R (<= Jes"s before Pilate. Is prono"nced not "ilty. Jes"s before *erod and is tort"red and ret"rned to Pilate, )ho a ain declares him innocent. #he Je)s demand his death. Pilate's )ife "r es her h"sband to ha%e nothin to do )ith the p"nishment of Jes"s. Pilate )eeps. -/T4 the palace of the Roman 'o"ernor the Je&s &ould enter not lest the become defiled and be un&orth to attend the feast9 but the led Jesus to the palace court, and 5ilate met them there$ 2) And 5ilate said, >h this commotion in the earl da E >hat is our pra erE 1) The Je&s replied, >e brin' before ou one, an e"il and seditious man$ *) #e has been tried before the hi'hest council of the Je&s and has been pro"en traitor to our la&s, our state and to the 'o"ernment of Rome$

;) >e pra that ou &ill sentence him to death upon the cross$ <) And 5ilate said, >h do ou brin' him unto meE Go to, and @ud'e him oursel"es$ =) Aou ha"e a la&, and b the sanction of the Roman la&, ou ha"e a ri'ht to @ud'e and ri'ht to eFecute$ )) The Je&s replied, >e ha"e no ri'ht to eFecute a man upon the cross, and since this man is traitor to Tiberius, our counsellors belie"e that he should meet the most humiliatin' death + the death upon the cross$ ,) But 5ilate said, /o man can be found 'uilt of a crime b Roman la& until the testimon all is in, and the accused has been permitted to defend himself9 (0) .o - &ill take our bill of char'es, &ith the e"idence ou ha"e, and @ud'e b Roman la&$ (() The Je&s had made a cop of the accusations in the lan'ua'e of the Roman court, and the had added to the bill8 (2) >e char'e that Jesus is an enem of Rome9 that he demands that men shall pa no tribute to Tiberius$ (1) And 5ilate took the bill9 his 'uards led Jesus up the steps into the palace hall$ (*) And Jesus stood before the Roman 'o"ernor, and 5ilate read to him the char'es of the Je&s, and said, (;) >hat is our ans&er to this billE These char'es, are the true or falseE (<) And Jesus said, >h should - plead before an earthl courtE The char'es ha"e been "erified b Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .! per@ured men9 &hat need - sa E (=) Aes, - am kin'9 but carnal men cannot behold the kin', nor see the kin'dom of the God9 it is &ithin$ ()) -f - had been kin' as carnal man is kin', m ser"ants &ould ha"e stood in m defense, and - &ould not ha"e &illin'l surrendered to the minions of the Je&ish la&$ (,) - ha"e no testimon from the sons of men$ God is m &itness, and m &ords and deeds bear &itness to the truth9 20) And e"er man &ho comprehends the truth &ill hearken to m &ords, and in his soul 'i"e &itness unto me$ 2() And 5ilate said, >hat is the truthE 22) And Jesus said, Truth is the God &ho kno&s$ -t is the chan'eless one$ The #ol Breath is truth9 she chan'es not and cannot pass a&a $ 21) And 5ilate &ent a'ain unto the Je&s and said, This man is 'uilt of no crime9 - cannot sentence him to death$ 2*) And then the Je&s 're& boisterous9 the cried aloud and said, 4ur council surel kno&s$ The &isest men of all the land ha"e found him 'uilt of a score of crimes$ 2;) #e &ould per"ert the nation of the Je&s9 &ould o"erthro& the Roman rule and make himself the kin'$ #e is a culprit come from Galilee9 he must be crucified$ 2<) And 5ilate said,

-f Jesus is from Galilee he is a sub@ect of the 'o"ernor of Galilee, &ho should be @ud'e$ 2=) /o&, #erod had come do&n from Galilee and &ith his suite &as in Jerusalem$ 2)) And 5ilate sent to him the !ord in chains9 he also sent a cop of the char'es, and of the testimonies of the Je&s and asked that he &ould pass in @ud'ment on the case$ 2,) And #erod said, - ha"e heard much about this man and - am pleased to see him in m court$ 10) And then he asked the !ord about his claims, about his doctrines and his aims$ 1() And Jesus ans&ered not a &ord9 and #erod &as enra'ed9 he said, %o ou insult the ruler of the land b ans&erin' notE 12) And then he called his 'uards and said, Take ou this man and torture him until he ans&ers me$ 11) The 'uards took Jesus and the smote him9 mocked him9 &rapped him in a ro al robe9 the made a cro&n of thorns and put it on his head9 the put a broken reed into his hands9 1*) And then the said deridin'l , All hail, thou ro al kin'C >here are our sub@ects and our friendsE 1;) But Jesus ans&ered not a &ord$ Then #erod sent him back to 5ilate &ith this note of courtes 8 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!1 AD< Most )orthy co"nsellor of 0ome, I ha%e e5amined all the char es and the testimonies that yo" sent to me re ardin this seditio"s man from !alilee, and )hile I mi ht ad$"d e him "ilty of the crimes as char ed, AE< I yield to yo" my ri hts as $"d e, beca"se yo" are s"perior to me in po)er. I )ill appro%e of any $"d ment yo" may render in this case. 1)) /o&, 5ilate and the tetrarch had been foes, but the eFperience of this hour destro ed their enmit and the &ere friends in after da s$ 1,) >hen Jesus had been brou'ht a'ain to 5ilateDs court, the Roman Go"ernor stood forth before the accusers of the !ord and said, *0) - cannot find this /a:arene to be a criminal as char'ed9 there is no e"idence that he should suffer death9 so - &ill scour'e him &ell and let him 'o$ *() The Je&s cried an'ril , -t is not meet that such a dan'erous man should li"e9 he must be crucified$ *2) Then 5ilate said, - bid ou &ait a little time$ And then he &ent into an inner room and sat in silent thou'ht$ *1) And as he mused his &ife, a 'odl &oman, chosen from amon' the Gauls, came in and said, **) - pra ou, 5ilate, hearken unto me8 Be&are of &hat ou do this hour$ Touch not this man from Galilee9 he is a hol man$ *;) -f ou should scour'e this man ou scour'e the son of God$ !ast ni'ht - sa& it all in "ision far too "i"id to be set aside as idle dream$ *<) - sa& this man &alk on the &aters of the sea9 - heard him speak and calm an an'r storm9 - sa& him fl in' &ith the &in's of li'ht9 *=) - sa& Jerusalem in blood9 - sa& the statues of the Caesars fall9 - sa& a "eil before the sun, and da &as dark as ni'ht$

*)) The earth on &hich - stood &as shaken like a reed before the &ind$ - tell ou, 5ilate, if ou bathe our hands in this manDs blood then ou ma dread the fro&ns of 'reat Tiberius, and the curses of the senators of Rome$ *,) And then she left, and 5ilate &ept$ C#A5T3R (<) Pilate's final effort to release Jes"s fails. *e )ashes his hands in fei ned innocence. -eli%ers Jes"s to the Je)s for e5ec"tion. #he Je)ish soldiers dri%e him to &al%ary. A .753R.T-T-47. people are the Je&s$ The ha"e a faith that the ha"e borro&ed from the idol &orshippers of other lands, that at the end of e"er ear, 2) The ma heap all their sins upon the head of some man set apart to bear their sins$ 1) The man becomes a scrpe'oat for the multitudes9 and the belie"e that &hen the dri"e him forth into the &ilds, or into forei'n lands, the are released from sin$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!. *) .o e"er .prin' before the feast the chose a prisoner from the prisons of the land, and b a form their o&n, the fain &ould make him bear their sins a&a $ ;) Amon' the Je&ish prisoners in Jerusalem &ere three &ho &ere the leaders of a "ile, seditious band, &ho had en'a'ed in thefts and murders and rapine, and had been sentenced to be crucified$ <) Barabbas bar Je:ia &as amon' the men &ho &ere to die9 but he &as rich and he had bou'ht of priests the boon to be the scape'oat for the people at the comin' feast, and he &as anFiousl in &aitin' for his hour to come$ =) /o&, 5ilate thou'ht to turn this superstition to account to sa"e the !ord, and so he &ent a'ain before the Je&s and said, )) Aou men of -srael, accordin' to m custom - &ill release to ou toda a prisoner &ho shall bear our sins a&a $ ,) This man ou dri"e into the &ilds or into forei'n lands, and ou ha"e asked me to release Barabbas, &ho has been pro"en 'uilt of the murder of a score of men$ (0) /o&, hear me men, !et Jesus be released and let Barabbas pa his debt upon the cross9 then ou can send this Jesus to the &ilds and hear no more of him$ (() At &hat the ruler said the people &ere enra'ed, and the be'an to plot to tear the Roman palace do&n and dri"e in eFile 5ilate, and his household and his 'uards$ (2) >hen 5ilate &as assured that ci"il &ar &ould follo& if he heeded not the &ishes of the mob, he took a bo&l of &ater, and in the presence of the multitude, he &ashed his hands and said, (1) This man &hom ou accuse is son of the most hol Gods, and - proclaim m innocence$ (*) -f ou &ould shed his blood, his blood is on our hands and not on mine$ (;) And then the Je&s eFclaimed, And let his blood be on our hands and on our childrenDs hands$ (<) And 5ilate trembled like a leaf, in fear$ Barabbas, he released, and as the !ord stood forth before the mob, the ruler said, Behold our kin'C And &ould ou put to death our kin'E (=) The Je&s replied,

#e is no kin'9 &e ha"e no kin' but 'reat Tiberius$ ()) /o&, 5ilate &ould not 'i"e consent that Roman soldiers should imbue their hands in blood of innocence, and so the chief priests and the 5harisees took counsel &hat to do &ith Jesus, &ho &as called the Christ$ (,) Caiaphas said, >e cannot crucif this man9 he must be stoned to death and nothin' more$ 20) And then the rabble said, 6ake hasteC let him be stoned$ And then the led him forth to&ard the hill be ond the cit Ds 'ates, &here criminals &ere put to death$ 2() The rabble could not &ait until the reached the place of skulls$ As soon as the had passed the cit Ds 'ate, the rushed upon him, smote him &ith their hands, the spit upon him, stoned him, and he fell upon the 'round$ 22) And one, a man of God, stood forth and said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!/ -saiah said, *e shall be br"ised for o"r trans ressions and by his stripes )e shall be healed. 21) As Jesus la all bruised and man'led on the 'round a 5harisee called out, .ta , sta ou menC behold, the 'uards of #erod come and the &ill crucif this man$ 2*) And there beside the cit Ds 'ate the found BarabbasDs cross9 and then the fren:ied mob cried out, !et him be crucified$ 2;) Caiaphas and the other rulin' Je&s came forth and 'a"e consent$ 2<) And then the lifted Jesus from the 'round, and at the point of s&ords the dro"e him on$ 2=) A man named .imon, a friend of Jesus, &as a+near the scene, and since the bruised and &ounded Jesus could not bear his cross, the laid it on the shoulders of this man, and made him bear it on to Cal"ar $ C#A5T3R (<, J"das is filled )ith remorse. *"rries to the temple and thro)s the thirty pieces of sil%er at the feet of the priests, )ho ta(e it and b"y a potter's field. J"das han s himself. *is body is b"ried in the potter's field. /4>, Judas &ho betra ed his !ord, &as &ith the mob9 but all the time he thou'ht that Jesus &ould assert his po&er and demonstrate the stren'th of God that he possessed, and strike to earth the fiendish multitudes and free himself9 2) But &hen he sa& his master on the 'round and bleedin' from a score of &ounds, he said, 1) 4 God, &hat ha"e - doneE - ha"e betra ed the son of God9 the curse of God &ill rest upon m soul$ *) And then he turned and ran &ith haste until he reached the temple door9 he found the priests, &ho 'a"e to him the thirt sil"er pieces to betra the !ord, and said, ;) Take back our bribe9 it is the cost price of m soul9 - ha"e betra ed the son of God$ <) The priests replied, That matters not to us$

=) Then Judas thre& the sil"er on the floor, and, bo&ed &ith 'rief, he &ent a&a , and on a led'e be ond the cit Ds &alls he han'ed himself and died$ )) -n time the fastenin's 'a"e &a , his bod fell into the #innon "ale and after man da s the found it there a shapeless mass$ ,) The rulers could not put the price of blood into the treasur , and so the took the thirt sil"er pieces &ith &hich the bou'ht a potterDs field, (0) >here the mi'ht bur those &ho had no ri'hts to lie &ithin their sacred Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!0 'rounds$ (() And there the put the bod of the man &ho sold his !ord$ C#A5T3R (=0 #he cr"cifi5ion. Jes"s prays for his m"rderers. Pilate p"ts an inscription abo%e the cross. Jes"s spea(s )ords of enco"ra ement to the penitent thief. &ommits to John the care of his mother and Miriam. #he soldiers di%ide his arments amon themsel%es. The Je&ish mob pushed on to&ard Cal"ar and as the &ent the 6ar s, 6iriam, and other &omen not a fe&, &ere close beside the !ord$ 2) The &ept aloud$ >hen Jesus sa& them &eepin' and lamentin' thus he said, 1) >eep not for me, for thou'h - 'o a&a , 'o throu'h the 'ate&a of the cross, et on the neFt da of the sun, lift up our hearts, for - &ill meet ou at the sepulchre$ *) The 'reat procession came to Cal"ar $ The Roman soldiers had alread bound the t&o state prisoners to the cross$ ;) (The &ere not nailed, but simpl bound$) <) Bour soldiers of the Roman 'uard that #erod brou'ht from Galilee &ere called to eFecute the orders of the court$ =) These &ere the men &ho had been set apart to torture Jesus and secure from him confession of his 'uilt$ )) These &ere the men &ho scour'ed him, put a cro&n of thorns upon his head, a broken reed into his hands, and &rapped him in a ro al robe, and bo&ed in mocker , before him as a kin'$ ,) These soldiers took the !ord and stripped him, laid him on the cross and &ould ha"e bound him there &ith cords9 but this &ould not suffice$ (0) The cruel Je&s &ere near &ith hammer and &ith nails9 the cried, /ot cords, but nails9 dri"e fast the nails and hold him to the cross$ (() And then the soldiers took the nails and dro"e them throu'h his feet and hands$ (2) The offered him a sedati"e to drink, a drau'ht of "ine'ar and m rrh9 but he refused to drink the drau'ht$ (1) The soldiers had prepared a place in &hich to plant BarabbasD cross bet&een the other criminals9 and here the raised the cross of Jesus, &ho &as called the Christ9 (*) And then the soldiers and the mob sat do&n to &atch him die$ (;) And Jesus said, 6 Bather+God, for'i"e these men9 the kno& not &hat the do$ (<) /o&, 5ilate had prepared a tablet to be placed upon the cross on &hich &as &ritten in the ton'ues of #ebre&, !atin and Greek these &ords of truth8 J3.7. T#3 C#R-.T, G-/G 4B T#3 J3>.$

(=) And this &as placed upon the cross$ The priests &ere an'ered &hen the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!1 read these &ords upon the tablet of the cross$ ()) And then the pra ed that 5ilate &ould not sa , *e is the &hrist, (in of the Je)s. but sa , *e claims to be the &hrist, (in of the Je)s. (,) But 5ilate said, >hat - ha"e &ritten, - ha"e &ritten9 let it stand$ 20) The Je&ish multitudes &ho sa& the !ord upon the cross &ere &ild &ith @o 9 the said, All hail, fake kin'C 2() Aou &ho &ould tear the temple do&n and in three da s &ould build it up a'ain, &h donDt ou sa"e ourselfE 22) -f ou are Christ, the son of God, come from the cross9 then all men &ill belie"e$ 21) The priests and scribes and 5harisees looked on the scene and scoffed9 the said, #e rescued others from the 'ra"e9 &h doesnDt he sa"e himselfE 2*) The Je&ish soldiers and the Roman 'uards &ho came from Galilee &ere loud in mockin' and deridin' him$ 2;) 4ne of the other men upon the cross @oined in the mocker 9 he said, -f ou are Christ, ou ha"e the po&er9 @ust speak the >ord, and sa"e ourself and me$ 2<) The other man upon the cross rebuked the man9 he said, Aou &retchC ha"e ou no fear of GodE 2=) This man is innocent of an crime &hile ou and - are 'uilt and are pa in' up the debts &e o&e$ 2)) And then he said to Jesus, !ord, - kno& th kin'dom comes, the kin'dom that the &orld can ne"er comprehend9 2,) And &hen thou comest on the clouds of hea"en, remember me$ 10) And Jesus said, Behold, for - &ill meet ou in the realm of souls this da $ 1() /o&, standin' near unto the cross &ere man &omen from Judea and from Galilee$ Amon' them &ere the mother of the !ord and 6iriam, 12) And 6ar , mother of the t&o apostles, James and John, and 6ar 6a'dalene, and 6artha, Ruth and 6ar , and .alome$ 11) >hen Jesus sa& his mother and the sin'er 6iriam standin' close beside the cross and John a+near, he said to John, 1*) -n our most tender care - lea"e m mother and m sister 6iriam$ 1;) And John replied, >hile the shall li"e m home shall be the home of our thrice blessed mother and our sister 6iriam$ 1<) Accordin' to a custom of the Je&s, to those &ho &ere the eFecutioners of la& and took the li"es of criminals, belon'ed the 'arments of the criminals$ 1=) .o &hen the !ord &as crucified, the Roman 'uards di"ided up amon' themsel"es the 'arments of the !ord$ 1)) But &hen the found his coat it &as a seamless coat and hi'hl pri:ed$

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!% 1,) Bor it the 'uards cast lots, and thus determined &ho should ha"e the pri:e$ *0) And thus the scripture &as fulfilled, &hich said, And the di"ided all m robes amon' themsel"es, and for m "esture the cast lots$ C#A5T3R (=( &oncl"din scenes of the cr"cifi5ion. Joseph and /icodem"s, by consent of Pilate, ta(e the body of Jes"s from the cross and lay it in Joseph's tomb. A "ard of one h"ndred Je)ish soldiers are placed abo"t the sep"lchre. 345, at the siDth hour of the day, although the sun was at its height, the day be,a(e as dark as night8 .6 And (en sought lanterns and they built fires upon the hills that they (ight see# /6 And when the sun refused to shine and darkness ,a(e, the "ord eD,lai(ed, <eloi: <eloi: la(a saba,hthani HThou sun: thou sun: why hast thou forsaken (e;6 06 The people did not understand the words he spoke8 they thought he spoke the na(e =liBah and they said, 16 <e ,alls upon =liBah in his hour of need8 now we will see if he will ,o(e# %6 And Jesus said, $ thirst# A Eo(an soldier dipped a sponge in &inegar and (yrrh, and pla,ed it to his lips# 26 3ow, at the ninth hour of the day the earth began to quake, and in the darkness of that sunless day, a flood of golden light appeared abo&e the ,ross8 !6 And fro( the light a &oi,e was heard whi,h said,

"o, it is done#
96 And Jesus said, >y Aather-God, into thy hands $ gi&e (y soul# 1 6 A Eo(an soldier in ,o(passion said, This agony is all too great8 relief shall ,o(e# And with a spear he pier,ed his heart and it was done8 the son of (an was dead# 116 And then the earth was sho,ked again8 the ,ity of Jerusale( ro,ked to and fro8 the hills were rent and to(bs were opened up8 1.6 And people thought they saw the dead arise and walk the streets# 1/6 The te(ple qui&ered and the &eil between the san,tuary and the <oly )la,e was rent in twain, and ,onsternation reigned through all the pla,e# 106 The Eo(an guard who wat,hed the body on the ,ross eD,lai(ed, This surely was the son of God who died# 116 And then the people hurried down fro( Cal&ary# The priests, the )harisees and s,ribes were filled with fear# 1%6 They sought the ,o&er of their synagogues and ho(es and said, 9ehold, the wrath of God: 126 The great day of the Jewish pas,h was near, and Jews ,ould not by law per(it a ,ri(inal to hang upon the ,ross upon the 7abbath day# Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!2 1!6 And so they prayed that )ilate would re(o&e the bodies of the (en that had been ,ru,ified# 196 And )ilate sent his guards to Cal&ary to note if all the (en were dead# . 6 And when the guards were gone, two aged Jews ,a(e to the pala,e door to see the go&ernor, and they were (e(bers of the highest ,oun,il of the Jews8

.16 @et they belie&ed that Jesus was a prophet sent fro( God# ..6 The one was Eabbi Joseph, the Ari(athean ,ounsellor, and he was Bust and lo&ed the law of God# ./6 And 3i,ode(us was the other one who ,a(e# .06 These (en fell down at )ilateCs feet and prayed that they (ight take the body of the 3a?arene and lay it in a to(b# .16 And )ilate ga&e ,onsent# .%6 3ow, Joseph had prepared a ,ostly (iDture to e(bal( the body of the "ord, about a hundred pounds of aloes and of (yrrh, and this they took and hastened out to Cal&ary# .26 And when the guards returned they said, The 3a?arene is dead8 the (alefa,tors are ali&e# .!6 And )ilate told the guards to go and s(ite the li&ing (en so they would die, and then to gi&e their bodies to the fla(es8 but gi&e the body of the 3a?arene to rabbis who would ,all for it# .96 The soldiers did as )ilate said# / 6 The rabbis ,a(e and took away the body of the "ord and when they had prepared it with the spi,es they had bought, /16 They laid it in the new-(ade to(b that had been (ade for Joseph in a solid ro,k# /.6 And then they rolled a stone up to the sepul,hre# //6 The priests were fearful lest the friends of Jesus would go forth at night and take away the body of the 3a?arene, and then report that he had risen fro( the dead, as he had said8 /06 And they requested that the go&ernor would send his soldiers to the to(b to guard the body of the dead# /16 9ut )ilate said, $ will not send a Eo(an guard8 but you ha&e Jewish soldiers and (ay send a hundred (en with a ,enturion to guard the to(b# /%6 And then they sent a hundred soldiers out to guard the to(b# Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!! 7=CT$43 FF R3.# The Resurrection of Jesus C#A5T3R (=2 Pilate places the 0oman seal "pon the stone door of the tomb. At mid,ni ht a company of the silent brothers march abo"t the tomb. #he soldiers are alarmed. Jes"s preaches to the spirits in prison. Early '"nday mornin he rises from the tomb. #he soldiers are bribed by the priests to say that the disciples had stolen the body. T#3 tomb in &hich the laid the bod of the !ord &as in a 'arden, rich &ith flo&ers, the 'arden of .iloam, and JosephDs home &as near$ 2) Before the &atch be'an Caiaphas sent a compan of priests out to the 'arden of .iloam that the mi'ht be assured that JesusD bod &as &ithin the tomb$ 1) The rolled a&a the stone9 the sa& the bod there, and then the placed the stone a'ain before the door$ *) And 5ilate sent his scribe &ho placed upon the stone the seal of Rome, in such a &a that he &ho mo"ed the stone &ould break the seal$ ;) To break this Roman seal meant death to him &ho broke the seal$

<) The Je&ish soldiers all &ere s&orn to faithfulness9 and then the &atch be'an$ =) At midni'ht all &as &ell, but suddenl the tomb became a bla:e of li'ht, and do&n the 'arden &alk a troupe of &hite+clad soldiers marched in sin'le file$ )) The came up to the tomb and marched and countermarched before the door$ ,) The Je&ish soldiers &ere alert9 the thou'ht that friends had come to steal the bod of the /a:arene$ The captain of the 'uard cried out to char'e$ (0) The char'ed9 but not a &hite+clad soldier fell$ The did not e"en stop9 the marched and countermarched amon' the fri'htened men$ (() The stood upon the Roman seal9 the did not speak 9 the unsheathed not their s&ords9 it &as the .ilent Brotherhood$ (2) The Je&ish soldiers fled in fear9 the fell upon the 'round$ (1) The stood apart until the &hite+clad soldiers marched a&a , and then the li'ht about the tomb 're& dim$ (*) Then the returned9 the stone &as in its place9 the seal &as not disturbed, and the resumed their &atch$ (;) /o&, Jesus did not sleep &ithin the tomb$ The bod is the manifest of soul9 but soul is soul &ithout its manifest$ (<) And in the realm of souls, unmanifest, the !ord &ent forth and tau'ht$ (=) #e opened up the prison doors and set the prisoners free9 ()) #e broke the chains of capti"e souls, and led the capti"es to the li'ht9 (,) #e sat in council &ith the patriarchs and prophets of the olden times9 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .!9 20) The masters of all times and climes he met, and in the 'reat assemblies he stood forth and told the stor of his life on earth, and of his death in sacrifice for man, 2() And of his promises to clothe himself a'ain in 'arb of flesh and &alk &ith his disciples, @ust to pro"e the possibilities of man9 22) To 'i"e to them the ke of life, of death, and of the resurrection of the dead$ 21) -n council all the masters sat and talked about the re"elations of the comin' a'e, 2*) >hen she, the #ol Breath, shall fill the earth and air &ith hol breath, and open up the &a of man to perfectness and endless life$ 2;) The 'arden of .iloam &as silent on the .abbath da 9 the Je&ish soldiers &atched and no one else approached the tomb9 but on the follo&in' ni'ht the scene &as chan'ed$ 2<) At midni'ht e"er Je&ish soldier heard a "oice &hich said, Adon 6ashich Cumi, &hich meant, !ord Christ arise$ 2=) And the supposed a'ain that friends of Jesus &ere alert, &ere comin' up to take the bod of their !ord a&a $ 2)) The soldiers &ere alert &ith s&ords unsheathed and dra&n, and then the heard the &ords a'ain$ 2,) -t seemed as thou'h the "oice &as e"er &here, and et the sa& no man$ 10) The soldiers blanched &ith fear, and still to flee meant death for co&ardice, and so the stood and &atched$ 1() A'ain, and this &as @ust before the sun arose, the hea"ens bla:ed &ith li'ht, a distant thunder seemed to herald forth a comin' storm9 12) And then the earth be'an to quake and in the ra s of li'ht the sa& a form descend from hea"en$ The said, Behold an an'el comes$ 11) And then the heard a'ain,

Adon 6ashich Cumi$

1*) And then the &hite+robed form tramped on the Roman seal and then he tore it into shreds9 he took the mi'ht stone in hand as thou'h it &ere a pebble from the brook, and cast it to the side$ 1;) And Jesus opened up his e es and said, All hail the risin' sun9 the comin' of the da of ri'hteousnessC 1<) And then he folded up his burial 'o&n, his head bands and his co"erin's and laid them all aside$ 1=) #e rose, and for a moment stood beside the &hite+robed form$ 1)) The &eaker soldiers fell upon the 'round, and hid their faces in their hands9 the stron'er stood and &atched$ 1,) The sa& the bod of the /a:arene transmute9 the sa& it cha'e from mortal to immortal form, and then it disappeared$ *0) The soldiers heard a "oice from some&here9 ea, from e"er &here, it said, *() 5eace, peace on earth9 'ood &ill to men$ *2) The looked, the tomb &as empt and the !ord had risen as he said$ *1) The soldiers hastened to Jerusalem, and to the priests, and said, **) Behold, the /a:arene has risen as he said9 the tomb is empt and the bod of the man is 'one9 &e kno& not &here it is$ And then the told about the &onders Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .9 of the ni'ht$ *;) Caiaphas called a council of the Je&s9 he said, the ne&s must not 'o forth that Jesus has arisen from the dead9 *<) Bor if it does all men &ill sa , #e is the son of God, and all our testimonies &ill be pro"en false$ *=) And then the called the hundred soldiers in and said to them, *)) Aou kno& not &here the bod of the /a:arene is restin' no&, so if ou &ill 'o forth and sa that his disciples came and stole the bod &hile ou slept, *,) 3ach one of ou shall ha"e a sil"er piece, and &e &ill make it ri'ht &ith 5ilate for the breakin' of the Roman seal$ ;0 The soldiers did as the &ere paid to do$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .91 .3CT-4/ JJ.C#-/ 6ateriali:ation of the .piritual Bod of Jesus C#A5T3R (=1 Jes"s appears, f"lly materialized, to his mother, Miriam, Mary of Ma dala and to Peter, James and John. /4>, &hen the rabbis took the bod of the !ord and laid it in the tomb$ The mother of the !ord, and 6ar 6a'dalene, and 6iriam &ere there$ 2) And &hen the bod &as entombed the &ent to JosephDs home and there abode$ 1) The did not kno& that Je&ish soldiers had been sent to 'uard the tomb, nor that the Roman seal &as placed upon the stone9 *) .o in the mornin' of the first da of the &eek the hastened to the tomb &ith spices to further embalm the !ord$

;) But &hen the reached the tomb the found the terror+stricken soldiers runnin' franticall about$ <) The &omen did not kno& the cause9 but &hen the found an empt tomb the &ere eFcited and a''rie"ed$ =) The soldiers did not kno& &hat had transpired9 the could not tell &ho took the bod of the !ord a&a $ )) And 6ar 6a'dalene ran &ith haste to&ard Jerusalem to tell the ne&s to 5eter and the rest$ ,) .he met, @ust b the 'ate&a , 5eter, James and John9 she said, .ome one has rolled a&a the stone and carried off the bod of the !ord$ (0) And then the three disciples ran to&ard the tomb9 but John &as fleet of foot and &as the first to reach the tomb9 he found it empt 9 the bod of his !ord &as 'one$ (() >hen 5eter came he &ent into the tomb, and found the 'ra"e clothes neatl folded up and laid aside$ (2) /o&, the disciples did not comprehend the scene$ The did not kno& the meanin' of their !ord &hen he informed them @ust before his death that he &ould rise from death upon the first da of the &eek$ (1) The three disciples &ent back to Jerusalem9 the mother of the !ord and 6iriam &ent not a&a $ (*) And 6ar looked &ithin the tomb, and sa& t&o masters sittin' there9 the said, >h do ou &eepE (;) And 6ar said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .9. Because m !ord is 'one9 some one has carried off the bod of m !ord9 - kno& not &here it is$ (<) Then she arose and looked around9 a man stood near and said, >h do ou &eepE &hom do ou seekE (=) And 6ar thou'ht it &as the 'ardener and said, -f ou ha"e borne a&a the bod of m !ord, 4 tell me &here it is that - ma la it in a sacred tomb$ ()) And then the man came near and said, 6 6otherC and 6ar said, 6 !ordC (,) The e es of 6iriam &ere opened up and she beheld the !ord$ 20) And Jesus said, Behold, - told ou as &e &alked alon' the &a up to the cross that - &ould meet ou at the sepulchre upon the first da of the &eek$ 2() /o&, 6ar 6a'dalene &as sittin' not a 'reat &a off, and Jesus &ent to her and said, 22) >h seek the li"in' Dmon' the deadE Aour !ord has risen as he said, /o&, 6ar , lookC Behold m faceC 21) Then 6ar kne& it &as the !ord9 that he had risen from the dead$ 2*) And then .alome, and 6ar (mother of the t&o disciples, James and John), Joanna, and the other &omen &ho had come out to the tomb, sa& Jesus, and the talked &ith him$ 2;) And 6ar 6a'dalene &as filled &ith @o $ .he sou'ht a'ain for 5eter, James

and John9 she found them and she said, 2<) !o, - ha"e seen the !ord9 and 6iriam has seen the !ord9 the mother of the !ord has seen the !ord9 and man more ha"e seen his face9 for he has risen from the dead$ 2=) But the disciples thou'ht that she had simpl seen a "ision of the !ord$ The did not think that he had risen from the dead$ 2)) Then 6ar found the other members of the compan and told them all about the risen !ord9 but none of them belie"ed$ 2,) /o&, 5eter, James and John &ere in the 'arden of .iloam9 &ere talkin' &ith the 'ardener about the happenin's of the da &hen John beheld a stran'er comin' up the &alk$ 10) The stran'er lifted up his hands and said, - am$ Then the disciples kne& it &as the !ord$ 1() And Jesus said, Behold, for human flesh can be transmuted into hi'her form, and then that hi'her form is master of thin's manifest, and can, at &ill, take an form$ 12) And so - come to ou in form familiar unto ou$ 11) Go speak to Thomas, and the other men &hom - ha"e called to be apostles unto men, and sa to them, 1*) That he &hom Je&s and Romans thou'ht &as dead is &alkin' in the 'arden of .iloam9 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .9/ 1;) >ill stand a'ain before the priests and 5harisees &ithin the temple in Jerusalem9 1<) And &ill appear unto the sa'es of the &orld$ 1=) Tell them that - &ill 'o before them into Galilee$ 1)) Then 5eter, James and John &ent forth and found their brethren and said, Behold, the !ord is risen from the dead, and &e ha"e seen him face to face$ 1,) The brethren &ere ama:ed at &hat the three disciples said9 but still the looked upon their &ords as idle talk and the belie"ed them not$ C#A5T3R (=* Jes"s appears, f"lly materialized, to Zach"s and &leophas as they $o"rney to Emma"s, b"t they (no) him not. *e tells them many thin s abo"t &hrist. *e eats the e%enin meal )ith them, and re%eals himself to them. #hey o to Jer"salem and tell the ne)s. T4>AR%. the e"enin' of the resurrection da , t&o friends of Jesus, ?achus and Cleophas of 3mmaus, se"en miles a&a , &ere 'oin' to their home$ 2) And as the &alked and talked about the thin's that had occurred a stran'er @oined their compan $ 1) #e said, 6 friends, ou seem discoura'ed and are sad$ #as some 'reat 'rief upon ou comeE *) Cleophas said, Are ou a stran'er in Judea, and kno& not of the thrillin' thin's that ha"e transpired hereE ;) The stran'er said, >hat thin'sE To &hat do ou referE

<) Cleophas said, #a"e ou not heard about the man from Galilee &ho &as a prophet mi'ht in both &ord and deedE =) A man &hom man thou'ht had come to found a'ain the kin'dom of the Je&s, and dri"e the Romans from the cit of Jerusalem and be himself the kin'E )) The stran'er said, Tell me about this man$ ,) Cleophas said, #is name &as Jesus9 he &as born in Bethlehem9 his home &as up in Galilee$ #e lo"ed the people as he lo"ed himself$ (0) #e &as, in truth, a master sent from God, for he had matchless po&er$ #e healed the sick and made the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the lame to &alk, and e"en raised the dead$ (() The Je&ish scribes and 5harisees &ere @ealous of his fame and po&er, and the arrested him9 b per@ured &itnesses the pro"ed him 'uilt of a score of crimes, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .90 (2) And on last Brida he &as taken to the place of skulls and crucified$ (1) #e died and he &as buried in a rich manDs tomb, out in the 'arden of .iloam$ (*) This "er mornin' &hen his friends &ent to the tomb the found it empt 9 the bod of the !ord &as 'one$ (;) And no& the ne&s has spread abroad that he has risen from the dead$ (<) The stran'er said, Aes, - ha"e heard about this man9 but it seems stran'e that after all the thin's that Je&ish prophets lon' a'o foretold concernin' him that &hen he came men kne& him not$ (=) This man &as born to demonstrate the Christ to men, and it is @ust to sa that Jesus is the Christ$ ()) Accordin' to the &ord, this Jesus came to suffer at the hands of men, to 'i"e his life as pattern for the sons of men9 (,) To rise from death that men mi'ht kno& the &a to rise from death$ 20) And then the stran'er told the t&o disciples all about the !a&, the 5rophets and the 5salms, and read to them a multitude of thin's that had been &ritten of this man from Galilee$ 2() And no& the men had reached their home, and as the ni'ht &as near the importuned the stran'er to abide &ith them$ 22) And he &ent in &ith them and as the sat about the table at the e"enin' meal, he took a piece of bread, and blessed it in the name of Christ$ 21) And instantl their e es &ere opened up, and the percei"ed that he, the stran'er, &as the !ord, the man from Galilee9 that he had risen from the dead9 and then the form of Jesus disappeared$ 2*) >hen he had 'one, the t&o disciples &ere ama:ed$ The said, %id not our hearts burn &ith deli'ht &hile he &as talkin' to us b the &a and openin' up the testimonies of the !a&, the 5rophets and the 5salmsE 2;) Then ?achus and Cleophas &ent back to Jerusalem, and e"er &here the &ent the said, !o, &e ha"e seen the !ord9 2<) #e &alked &ith us to 3mmaus9 he ate &ith us the e"enin' meal, and broke for us the bread of life$

C#A5T3R (=; Jes"s appears, f"lly materialized to the ten apostles in 'imon's ho"se, and to +azar"s and his sisters. T#3 e"enin' of the resurrection da had come9 the ten apostles &ere in .imonDs house in Bethan $ The la& er, Thomas, &as not there$ 2) The doors &ere closed and barred, because the Je&s had said that the &ould dri"e the Galileans from the land$ 1) And as the talked, lo, Jesus came and stood in their midst, and said, 5eaceC peaceC Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .91 *) And the disciples shrank in fear9 the thou'ht it &as a phantom that the sa&$ ;) And Jesus said, >h are ou troubled thusE >h do ou fearE - am no phantom form$ - am our !ord, and - ha"e risen from the dead$ <) - often said, - &ill arise9 but ou belie"ed me not9 and no& come here and see$ A phantom has not flesh and bones and bra&n, like - possess$ =) Come no&, and clasp m hands, and touch m feet, and la our hands upon m head$ )) And e"er one came up and clasped his hands, and touched his feet, and laid his hands upon his head$ ,) And Jesus said, #a"e ou here an thin' to eat$ (0) And the brou'ht out a fra'ment of a fish9 he ate it in the presence of them all and then the ten belie"ed$ (() /athaniel said, And no& &e kno& that he has risen from the dead9 he stands a suret of the resurrection of the dead$ And Jesus disappeared$ (2) /o&, 6ar , 6artha, Ruth and !a:arus &ere in their home, and the had heard the rumor that their !ord had risen from the dead, and 6artha said, (1) -t cannot be, for such a thin' has ne"er happened since the &orld be'an$ (*) But 6ar said, %id not the !ord brin' back our brother from the deadE and he could surel brin' himself to life a'ain$ (;) And as the talked, the !ord stood in their midst and said, (<) All hailC Bor - am risen from the dead, first fruita'e of the 'ra"eC (=) And 6artha ran and brou'ht the chair in &hich the !ord had e"er lo"ed to sit, and Jesus sat do&n on the chair$ ()) And for a lon', lon' time the talked about the trial, and the scenes of Cal"ar and of the 'arden of .iloam$ (,) Then Jesus said, Bear not, for - &ill be our boon companion all the &a 9 and then he disappeared$ C#A5T3R (=< Jes"s appears, f"lly materialized, to the eastern sa es in the palace of Prince 0a%anna in India. to the ma ian priests in Persia. #he three )ise men spea(

in praise of the personality of the /azarene. RAIA//A, prince of -ndia, 'a"e a feast$ #is palace in 4rissa &as the place &here men of thou'ht from all the farther 3ast &ere &ont to meet$ 2) Ra"anna &as the prince &ith &hom child Jesus &ent to -ndia man ears a'o$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .9% 1) The feast &as made in honor of the &ise men of the 3ast$ *) Amon' the 'uests &ere 6en'+tse, Iid apati and !amaas$ ;) The &ise men sat about the table talkin' of the needs of -ndia and the &orld$ <) The door unto the banquet hall &as in the east9 a "acant chair &as at the table to the east$ =) And as the &ise men talked a stran'er entered, unannouced, and raisin' up his hands in benediction said, All hailC )) A halo rested on his head, and li'ht, unlike the li'ht of sun, filled all the room$ , The &ise men rose and bo&ed their heads and said, All hailC (0) And Jesus sat do&n in the "acant chair9 and then the &ise men kne& it &as the #ebre& prophet &ho had come$ (() And Jesus said, Behold, for - am risen from the dead$ !ook at m hands, m feet, m side$ (2) The Roman soldiers pierced m hands and feet &ith nails9 and then one pierced m heart$ (1) The put me in a tomb, and then - &restled &ith the conqueror of men$ conquered death, - stamped upon him and arose9 (*) Brou'ht immortalit to li'ht and painted on the &alls of time a rainbo& for the sons of men9 and &hat - did all men shall do$ (;) This 'ospel of the resurrection of the dead is not confined to Je& and Greek9 it is the herita'e of e"er man of e"er time and clime9 and - am here a demonstration of the po&er of man$ (<) Then he arose and pressed the hand of e"er man and of the ro al host, and said, (=) Behold, - am not m th made of the fleetin' &inds, for - am flesh and bone and bra&n9 but - can cross the borderland at &ill$ ()) And then the talked to'ether there a lon', lon' time$ Then Jesus said, (,) - 'o m &a , but ou shall 'o to all the &orld and preach the 'ospel of the omnipotence of men, the po&er of truth, the resurrection of the dead9 20) #e &ho belie"es this 'ospel of the son of man shall ne"er die9 the dead shall li"e a'ain$ 2() Then Jesus disappeared, but he had so&n the seed$ The &ords of life &ere spoken in 4rissa, and all of -ndia heard$ 22) The ma'ian priests &ere in the silence in 5ersepolis, and Gaspar, and the ma'ian masters &ho &ere first to 'reet the child of promise in the shepherdDs home in Bethlehem, &ere &ith the priests$ 21) And Jesus came and sat &ith them9 a cro&n of li'ht &as on his head$ 2*) And &hen the silence ended Gaspar said, A master from the ro al council of the .ilent Brotherhood is here9 let us 'i"e praise$ 2;) And all the priests and masters stood and said, All hailC >hat messa'e from the ro al council do ou brin'E

2<) And Jesus said, 6 brothers of the .ilent Brotherhood, peace, peace on earth9 'ood&ill to menC Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .92 2=) The problem of the a'es has been sol"ed9 a son of man has risen from the dead9 has sho&n that human flesh can be transmuted into flesh di"ine$ 2)) Before the e es of men this flesh in &hich - come to ou &as chan'ed &ith speed of li'ht from human flesh$ And so - am the messa'e that - brin' to ou$ 2,) To ou - come, the first of all the race to be transmuted to the ima'e of the A6$ 10) >hat - ha"e done, all men &ill do9 and &hat - am, all men &ill be$ 1() But Jesus said no more$ -n one short breath he told the stor of his mission to the sons of men, and then he disappeared$ 12) The ma'i said, .ome time a'o &e read this promise, no& fulfilled, upon the dial plate of hea"en$ 11) And then &e sa& this man &ho has @ust demonstrated unto us the po&er of man to rise from carnal flesh and blood to flesh of God, a babe in Bethlehem$ 1*) And after man ears he came and sat &ith us in these same 'ro"es9 1;) #e told the stor of his human life, of trials, sore temptations, buffetin's and &oes$ 1<) #e pressed alon' the thorn &a of life til he had risen and oerthro&n the stron'est foes of God and man9 and he is no& the onl master of the human race &hose flesh has been transmuted into flesh di"ine$ 1=) #e is the God+man of toda 9 but e"er one of earth shall o"ercome and be like him, a son of God$ C#A5T3R (== Jes"s appears, f"lly materialized, in the temple in Jer"salem. 0eb"(es the r"lers of the Je)s for their hypocrisy. 0e%eals himself to them and they fall bac( in fear. *e appears to the apostles in 'imon's ho"se. #homas is con%inced. -T &as the .abbath da and man priests and scribes and 5harisees &ere in the temple in Jerusalem$ Caiaphas, Annas and some other rulin' Je&s &ere there$ 2) A stran'er came in 'arb of fisherman and asked, >hat has become of Jesus &ho is called the ChristE -s he not teachin' in the temple no&E 1) The Je&s replied, That man from Galilee &as crucified a &eek a'o, because he &as a dan'erous man, a "ile, seditious man$ *) The stran'er asked, >here did ou put the bod of this man from GalileeE >here is his tombE ;) The Je&s replied, >e do not kno&$ #is follo&ers came at ni'ht and stole the bod from the tomb in &hich it la and carried it a&a , and then declared that he had risen from the dead$ <) The stran'er asked, #o& do ou kno& that his disciples stole the bod from the tombE &as an one a Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .9! &itness of the theftE =) The Je&s replied,

>e had a hundred soldiers at the place, and e"er one of them declares that his disciples stole the bod from the tomb$ )) The stran'er asked, >ill an one of all our hundred men stand forth and sa , - sa& the bod stolen from the tombE ,) The Je&s replied, >e do not kno&9 these men are men of truth9 &e cannot doubt their &ord$ (0) The stran'er said, Aou priests and scribes and 5harisees hear me8 - &as a &itness of the facts, &as in the 'arden of .iloam, and stood amon' our hundred men$ (() And this - kno& that not a man amon' our hundred men &ill sa , - sa& the bod stolen from the tomb$ (2) And - &ill testif before the God of hea"en and earth, The bod &as not stolen from the tomb9 the man from Galilee is risen from the dead$ (1) And then the priests and scribes and 5harisees rushed up to sei:e the man and cast him out$ (*) But instantl the fisherman became a radiant form of li'ht, and priests and scribes and 5harisees fell back in deadl fear9 the sa& the man from Galilee$ (;) And Jesus looked upon the fri'htened men and said, This is the bod that ou stoned be ond the cit Ds 'ates and crucified on Cal"ar $ (<) Behold m hands, m feet, m side and see the &ounds the soldiers made$ (=) -f ou belie"e that - am phantom made of air, come forth and handle me9 'hosts do not carr flesh and bones$ ()) - came to earth to demonstrate the resurrection of the dead, the transmutation of the flesh of carnal man to flesh of man di"ine$ (,) Then Jesus raised his hands and said, 5eace be to e"er one of ou9 'ood&ill to all mankind$ And then he disappeared$ 20) /o&, Thomas, had not seen the !ord since he had risen from the dead, and &hen the ten a"erred that the had seen and talked &ith him he said, 2() 7ntil - see the nail prints in his hands and feet, the spear &ound in his side, and talk &ith him as - ha"e talked &ith him before, - cannot ha"e a reason to belie"e that he is risen from the dead$ 22) At .imonDs house in Bethan the men from Galilee had met$ -t &as the e"enin' of the first da of the &eek, and on the morro& all &ould turn their faces to&ard their homes$ 21) The ele"en apostles all &ere there8 the doors &ere closed and barred, and Jesus came and said, 5eace be to allC 2*) And then he said to Thomas, Briend, ou do not kno& that - ha"e risen from the dead9 the time has come for ou to kno&$ 2;) Come here and see the nail prints in m hands, the spear &ound in m side, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling .99 and talk &ith me as ou ha"e often talked &ith me$ 2<) And Thomas came and sa& and then eFclaimed, 6 master, and m !ordC - do not no& belie"e, - kno& that ou are risen from the dead$

2=) And Jesus said, Because ou see me ou belie"e, and blessed are our e es9 2)) But blessed thrice are the &ho see me not and et belie"e$ 2,) Then Jesus "anished from their si'ht, but the disciples &ere established in their faith$ C#A5T3R (=) Jes"s appears, f"lly materialized, before Apollo and the 'ilent Brotherhood in !reece. Appears to &la"dia and J"liet on the #iber near 0ome. Appears to the priests in the E yptian temple at *eliopolis. A54!!4, &ith the .ilent Brotherhood of Greece, &as sittin' in a %elphian 'ro"e$ The 4racle had spoken loud and lon'$ 2) The priests &ere in the sanctuar and as the looked the 4racle became a bla:e of li'ht9 it seemed to be on fire, and all consumed$ 1) The priests &ere filled &ith fear$ The said, A 'reat disaster is to come9 our 'ods are mad9 the ha"e destro ed our 4racle$ *) But &hen the flames had spent themsel"es, a man stood on the orac pedestal and said, ;) God speaks to man, not b an oracle of &ood and 'old, but b the "oice of man$ <) The 'ods ha"e spoken to the Greeks, and kindred ton'ues, throu'h ima'es made b man, but God, the 4ne, no& speaks to man throu'h Christ the onl son, &ho &as, and is and e"ermore &ill be$ =) This 4racle shall fail9 the !i"in' 4racle of God, the 4ne, &ill ne"er fail$ )) Apollo kne& the man &ho spoke9 he kne& it &as the /a:arene &ho once had tau'ht the &ise men in the Acropolis and had rebuked the idol &orshippers upon the AthensD beach9 ,) And in a moment Jesus stood before Apollo and the .ilent Brotherhood, and said, (0) Behold, for - ha"e risen from the dead &ith 'ifts for men$ - brin' to ou the title of our "ast estate$ (() All po&er in hea"en and earth is mine9 to ou - 'i"e all po&er in hea"en and earth$ (2) Go forth and teach the nations of the earth the 'ospel of the resurrection of the dead and of eternal life throu'h Christ, the lo"e of God made manifest to men$ (1) And then he clasped ApolloDs hand and said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / 6 human flesh &as chan'ed to hi'her form b lo"e di"ine and - can manifest in flesh, or in the hi'her planes of life, at &ill$ (*) >hat - can do all men can do$ Go preach the 'ospel of the omnipotence of man$ (;) Then Jesus disappeared9 but Greece and Crete and all the nations heard$ (<) Claudas and Juliet, his &ife, li"ed on the 5alatine in Rome and the &ere ser"ants of Tiberius9 but the had been in Galilee9 (=) #ad &alked &ith Jesus b the sea, had heard his &ords and seen his po&er9 and the belie"ed that he &as Christ made manifest$ ()) /o& Claudas and his &ife &ere on the Tiber in a little boat9 a storm s&ept

from the sea, the boat &as &recked and Claudas and his &ife &ere sinkin' do&n to death$ (,) And Jesus came and took them b the hands and said, Claudas and Juiet, arise and &alk &ith me upon the &a"es$ 20) And the arose and &alked &ith him upon the &a"es$ 2() A thousand people sa& the three &alk on the &a"es, and sa& them reach the land, and the &ere all ama:ed$ 22) And Jesus said, Aou men of Rome, - am the resurrection and the life$ The that are dead shall li"e, and man that shall li"e &ill ne"er die$ 21) B mouth of 'ods and demi+'ods God spoke unto our fathers lon' a'o9 but no& he speaks to ou throu'h perfect man$ 2*) #e sent his son, the Christ, in human flesh, to sa"e the &orld, and as - lifted from the &ater 'ra"e and sa"ed these ser"ants of Tiberius, 2;) .o Christ &ill lift the sons and dau'hters of the human race, ea, e"er one of them, from darkness and from 'ra"es of carnal thin's, to li'ht and e"erlastin' life$ 2<) - am the manifest of lo"e raised from the dead9 Behold m hands, m feet, m side &hich carnal men ha"e pierced$ 2=) Claudas and Juliet &hom - ha"e sa"ed from death, are m ambassadors to Rome$ 2)) And the &ill point the &a and preach the 'ospel of the #ol Breath and of the resurrection of the dead$ 2,) And that &as all he said, but Rome and all of -tal heard$ 10) The priests of #eliopolis &ere in their temple, met to celebrate the resurrection of their brother /a:arite9 the kne& that he had risen from the dead$ 1() The /a:arite appeared and stood upon a sacred pedestal on &hich no man had e"er stood$ 12) This &as an honor that had been reser"ed for him &ho first &ould demonstrate the resurrection of the dead$ 11) And Jesus &as the first of all the human race to demonstrate the resurrection of the dead$ 1*) >hen Jesus stood upon the sacred pedestal the masters stood and said, All hailC The 'reat bells of the temple ran' and all the temple &as abla:e &ith li'ht$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / 1 1;) And Jesus said, All honor to the masters of this Temple of the .un$ 1<) -n flesh of man there is the essence of the resurrection of the dead$ This essence, quickened b the #ol Breath, &ill raise the substance of the bod to a hi'her tone, 1=) And make it like the substance of the bodies of the planes abo"e, &hich human e es cannot behold$ 1)) There is a hol ministr in death$ The essence of the bod cannot be quickened b the #ol Breath until the fiFed is sol"ed9 the bod must disinte'rate, and this is death$ 1,) And then upon these pliant substances God breathes, @ust as he breathed upon the chaos of the deep &hen &orlds &ere formed,

*0) And life sprin's forth from death9 the carnal form is chan'ed to form di"ine$ *() The &ill of man makes possible the action of the #ol Breath$ >hen &ill of man and &ill of God are one, the resurrection is a fact$ *2) -n this &e ha"e the chemistr of mortal life, the ministr of death, the m ster of deific life$ *1) 6 human life &as &holl 'i"en to brin' m &ill to tune &ith the deific &ill9 &hen this &as done m earth+tasks all &ere done$ **) And ou, m brothers, kno& full &ell the foes - had to meet9 ou kno& about m "ictories in Gethsemane9 m trials in the courts of men9 m death upon the cross$ *;) Aou kno& that all m life &as one 'reat drama for the sons of men9 a pattern for the sons of men$ - li"ed to sho& the possibilities of man$ *<) >hat - ha"e done all men can do, and &hat - am all men shall be$ *=) The masters looked9 the form upon the sacred pedestal had 'one, but e"er temple priest, and e"er li"in' creature said,

5raise God$
C#A5T3R (=, Jes"s appears, f"lly materialized, to the apostles at the sea of !alilee. Appears to a m"ltit"de of people. #ells his apostles to o a ain to Jer"salem and he )o"ld meet them there. /4>, the apostles &ere at home in Galilee9 the &omen tarried in Judea until the 5entecost$ 2) And 5eter, James and John, and Andre&, 5hilip and /athaniel &ere in Capernaum$ The @oined &ith Jonah and &ith ?ebedee, and in their boats &ent out to fish, 1) The toiled all ni'ht and &hen the mornin' came the had no fish$ *) And as the neared the shore a man stood on the shore and said, #o& man fish ha"e ouE ;) And 5eter ans&ered, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / . /one$ <) A'ain the man called out and said, A school of fish is passin' no& upon the ri'ht side of our boat9 cast out our net$ =) The cast their net, and it &as filled9 and John eFclaimed, -t is the !ord &ho stands upon the shore$ )) And 5eter plun'ed into the sea and s&am to shore$ The other men brou'ht in the net, and it contained a hundred fift and three fish and et it did not break$ ,) And Jesus said, 6 children, let us break our fast to'ether here$ (0) The found some li"in' coals upon the beach and 5eter brou'ht and dressed the fish9 the had some bread$ (() And &hen the meal had been prepared the broke their fast, and Jesus ate of both the fish and bread$ (2) /o&, after breakfast all the men &ere sittin' on the beach, and Jesus said to 5eter, %o ou lo"e the !ord our God &ith all our heart, and do ou lo"e our nei'hbor as ou lo"e ourselfE

(1) And 5eter said, Aea, !ord, - lo"e the !ord m God &ith all m heart9 - lo"e m nei'hbor as lo"e m self$ (*) And Jesus said, Then feed m sheep$ (;) And then he said to James, %o ou lo"e her, the #ol Breath, &ith all our heart, and do ou lo"e our nei'hbor as ou lo"e ourselfE (<) And James replied, Aea, !ord, - lo"e the #ol Breath &ith all m heart9 - lo"e m nei'hbor as - lo"e m self$ (=) Then Jesus said, 5rotect m sheep$ ()) And then he said to John, %o ou lo"e Christ, the lo"e di"ine made manifest, &ith all our heart, and do ou lo"e our nei'hbor as ou lo"e ourselfE (,) And John replied, Aea, !ord, - lo"e the Christ &ith all m heart9 - lo"e m nei'hbor as - lo"e m self$ 20) And Jesus said, Then feed m lambs$ 2() Then Jesus rose and said to 5eter, Bollo& me$ And 5eter follo&ed him$ 22) >hen 5eter sa& that John &as follo&in' him he said to Jesus, !ord, behold, John follo&s ouC >hat shall he doE 21) /o& 5eter did not hear the master &hen he said to John, #hen feed my lambs. Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / / 2*) And Jesus spoke to 5eter and he said, -t matters not to ou &hat John shall do9 not e"en thou'h - &ill that he remain until - come a'ain$ 2;) Just do our dut 9 follo& me$ 2<) And Jesus passed, the kne& not &here he &ent$ 2=) The ne&s soon spread throu'h all Capernaum that Jesus had risen from the dead, that he had &alked &ith his disciples b the sea and ate &ith them the mornin' meal$ The multitudes came forth to see$ 2)) /o& 5eter, James and John, to'ether &ith the other men &ho had been called to be apostles of the !ord, &ent to the mountains near Capernaum to pra $ 2,) And as the pra ed the master came9 the sa& him and the talked &ith him$ 10) #e said to them, The 5entecost is near at hand9 'o to Jerusalem and - &ill meet ou there$ 1() And as he talked, a multitude of people came9 the sa& the !ord9 the said, 12) Behold, for no& &e kno& that he, the /a:arene, has risen from the dead for &e ha"e seen him face to face$ C#A5T3R ()0

Jes"s appears, f"lly materialized, to the apostles in Jer"salem. !i%es them his instr"ctions. Promises them a special endo)ment for their )or( on Pentecost. !oes to Mo"nt 9li%es and in f"ll %ie) of many disciples ascends to hea%en. #he disciples ret"rn to Jer"salem. T#3 ele"en apostles of the !ord &ere in Jerusalem and in a spacious room that the had chosen b the !ordDs command$ 2) And as the pra ed the !ord appeared to them and said, 1) 5eace be to all9 'ood &ill to e"er li"in' thin'$ And then he talked &ith them a lon', lon' time$ *) And the disciples asked, >ill ou restore the kin'dom unto -srael no&E ;) And Jesus said, Be not concerned about the 'o"ernments of men9 the masters &ill direct$ <) %o that &hich has been 'i"en ou to do, and &ait and murmur not$ =) All po&er in hea"en and earth is 'i"en unto me, and no& - bid ou 'o to all the &orld and preach the 'ospel of the Christ, the unit of God and man, the resurrection of the dead, and of eternal life$ )) And as ou 'o and preach, bapti:e the people in the name of Christ$ ,) The &ho belie"e and are bapti:ed shall rise up in the ne&ness of the life of Christ, and the &ho disbelie"e shall rise not in the ne&ness of the life of Christ$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / 0 (0) And ou shall 'i"e to men the po&er - 'i"e to ou$ (() The &ho belie"e and are bapti:ed shall heal the sick9 shall cause the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to &alk9 (2) .hall cast the unclean spirits out of those obsessed9 shall tread on deadl serpents and be not harmed9 shall pass throu'h flames and not be burned9 and if the drink a poisonous drau'ht it shall not kill$ (1) Aou kno& the sacred >ord, &hich is the &ord of po&er$ (*) The secret thin's that - ha"e told to ou that ma not no& be told to all the &orld, ou shall make kno&n to faithful men &ho shall in turn re"eal them unto other faithful men$ (;) 7ntil the time shall come &hen all the &orld ma hear and comprehend the &ords of truth and po&er$ (<) And no& - &ill ascend to God, as ou and all the &orld &ill rise to God$ (=) Behold, upon the da of 5entecost ou all shall be endo&ed &ith po&er from on hi'h$ ()) But here ou shall remain till then in hol thou'ht and pra er$ (,) Then Jesus &ent to 4li"et, and his disciples follo&ed him, and in a place not far remo"ed from Bethan , he met the 6ar s and .alome9 20) 6et 6artha, Ruth and 6iriam9 met !a:arus and a host of others &ho had come from Galilee$ 2() And Jesus stood apart and raised his hands and said, 22) The benedictions of the #ol 4nes, of the Almi'ht God, and of the #ol Breath, of Christ the lo"e of God made manifest, 21) >ill rest upon ou all the &a till ou shall rise and sit &ith me upon the throne of po&er$ 2*) And then the sa& him rise upon the &in's of li'ht9 a &reath encircled him

about9 and then the sa& his form no more$ 2;) But as the 'a:ed up into hea"en t&o men, in robes of &hite, appeared and said, 2<) Aou men of Galilee, &h 'a:e ou thus so anFiousl upon the ascendin' !ordE !o, he &ill come a'ain from hea"en as ou ha"e seen him 'o to hea"en$ 2=) Then the ele"en and !a:arus, and other men from Galilee to'ether &ith the faithful &omen, not a fe&, returned unto Jerusalem and there abode$ 2)) And the &ere constantl in pra er and #ol thou'ht$ The &aited for the #ol Breath, and for the comin' of the promised po&er from on hi'h$ Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / 1 .3CT-4/ JJ-TA7 3stablishment of the Christine Church C#A5T3R ()( #he ele%en apostles ma(e choice of Matthias to fill the place made %acant by the defection of J"das. #he &hristines are lad. Miriam sin s a son of praise. Apostolic roster. T#3 fact that Jesus had arisen from the dead &as not denied b man of the rulers of the Je&s$ 2) And 5ilate 'a"e an order that the follo&ers of the /a:arene be not molested in their &orship an place in his domain$ 1) The da of 5entecost &as near at hand and e"er one &as lookin' for a manifest of .pirit po&er$ *) /o&, in Jerusalem the ele"en had met to choose a man to fill the place of Judas &ho betra ed his !ord$ ;) And 5eter said, the !ord called to this ministr t&el"e men as t&el"e foundation stones on &hich the Christine temple should be built$ <) This Judas &ho betra ed his !ord, has 'one to his o&n place be ond the "eil$ =) 4f him the prophet &rote8 *is habitation shall be desolate. no man shall d)ell therein. his office let another ta(e. )) Brom those &ho ha"e accompanied us from Gi'al, &here the harbin'er bapti:ed, until this da , shall one be chosen to complete the number t&el"e, to fill the place from &hich our brother b trans'ression fell$ ,) And then the ele"en spent a lon', lon' time in pra er, and &hen the cast their lots, 6atthias, from the "alle of the /ile, &as chosen for the place$ (0) 6atthias &as an -sraelite indeed9 but he &as learned in all the &isdom of 3' ptian schools, and he had tau'ht the m steries of 6i:raim in Jericho$ (() #e &as amon' the first to 'reet the harbin'er9 amon' the first to reco'ni:e the /a:arene as Christ, the son of God9 (2) #e had been &ith the Christine band in all their @ourne s in the land of Galilee, Judea and .amaria$ (1) A messen'er &as sent &ho found 6atthias, and he came and @oined the ele"en, and for a time the t&el"e &ere lost in silent pra er$ (*) The Christines &ho had come from Galilee and places in Judea, about siF score, &ere there, and 5eter told them of 6atthias, and ho&, b lot, he had been

chosen an apostle of the !ord$ (;) The Christines all &ere 'lad and praised the name of God9 and 6iriam sun' Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / % a son' of praise$ (<) These are the names of the apostles of the !ord9 5eter, John and James9 5hilip, Andre& and /athaniel9 (=) Thomas, James the son of Alpheus and .imon ?elotes9 6atthe&, Jude, the son of Alpheus and 6atthias$ C#A5T3R ()2 E%ents of the day of Pentecost. Endo)ment of the apostles. #he &hristine &h"rch is established. Peter preaches the introd"ctory sermon. #he sermon. #hree tho"sand people are baptized and become members of the ch"rch. /4>, &hen the da of 5entecost had come Jerusalem &as filled &ith pious Je&s and prosel tes from man lands$ 2) The Christines all &ere met and &ere in perfect harmon $ 1) And as the sat in silent pra er the heard a sound a+like the distant murmur of a comin' storm$ *) The sound 're& louder still, until, like thunder peals, it filled the room &here the apostles sat$ ;) A brilliant li'ht appeared, and man thou'ht, The buildin' is afire$ <) T&el"e balls, that seemed like balls of fire, fell from hea"en + a ball from e"er si'n of all the circle of the hea"ens, and on the head of each apostle there appeared a flamin' ball of fire$ =) And e"er ball sent se"en ton'ues of fire to&ard hea"en, and each apostle spoke in se"en dialects of earth$ )) The i'norant rabble treated li'htl &hat the heard and sa&9 the said, These men are drunk, and kno& not &hat the sa $ ,) But men of learnin' &ere ama:ed9 the said, Are not these men &ho speak all Je&sE ho& is it that the speak in all the lan'ua'es of earthE (0) And 5eter said,

Aou people of Jerusalem, and ou &ho li"e be ond the cit Ds 'ates9 5eace be to ou, and all mankind$ (() This is the time that hol men of old desired to see, b faith the sa& this hour, and no& the stand &ith us in ecstas $ (2) The prophet Joel in olden times told of the thin's ou see and hear$ The #ol Breath spoke &ith his ton'ue and said, >A< And it shall come to pass in latter days, that I )ill breathe "pon the sons of men, and fill them )ith the blessedness of holiness. >B< 4o"r sons and da" hters )ill stand forth and prophesy. yo"r yo"n men )ill be seers. yo"r old men )ill dream dreams. >C< And I )ill sho) )onders in the hea%ens abo%e, and mar%elo"s si ns
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / 2

in earth.

>D< 'o"nds )ill proceed from hea%en and %oices )ill be heard that men )ill fail to comprehend. >E< #he s"n )ill fail to shine. the moon )ill )ade in blood before the comin of the reat day of the +ord. >;< And it )ill come to pass that they )ho call "pon the name of !od in faith shall be redeemed. (,) This is the da of Christine po&er9 the da that he, the man from Galilee, is 'lorified$ 20) #e came as a babe in Bethlehem and from his da of birth the kin's of earth &ent forth intent to take his life$ 2() God held him in the hollo& of his hand$ 22) 6en called him Jesus, and the called him &ell, for he &as sent to seek and sa"e the lost$ 21) And Jesus 're& to manhood and &as sub@ect unto all trials and temptations of the sons of men, that he mi'ht kno& the loads that men must bear, and kno& the &a to succour them$ 2*) -n distant lands he li"ed and b the sacred >ord he healed the sick, thre& prison doors a@ar, and set the prisoners free, and e"er &here he &as proclaimed, -mmanuel$ 2;) But &icked men despised him and re@ected him, and b bribed men the pro"ed him 'uilt of a score of crimes9 2<) And in the presence of a multitude of men &ho hear me no&, the nailed him to a cross9 2=) The sealed him &ith the seal of death9 but death &as all too &eak to hold him in the tomb and &hen immortal master said, Adon mashich c"mi, he burst the bands of death, and rose a'ain to life$ 2)) #e sho&ed himself ali"e, not onl to the rulers in Jerusalem, but to the man in the distant parts of earth9 2,) And then, before the &onderin' e es of man &ho no& hear me speak, attended b a retinue of courtiers of the an'el &orld, he ascended to the throne of God$ 10) And bein' no& eFalted hi'h, and ha"in' breathed to full the #ol Breath, he breathes a'ain on us, and thus sheds forth &hat ou no& see and hear$ 1() Aou men of -srael, Gno& that God has made this man from Galilee &hom ou abused and crucified, both !ord and Christ$
12) And then the people said, >hat shall &e doE 11) And 5eter said, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling / ! This Christine !ord has sent us forth to open up the 'ates of da&n$ Throu'h Christ all men ma enter into li'ht and life$ 1*) The Christine Church stands on the postulates that Jesus is the lo"e of God

made manifest9 that lo"e is sa"iour of the sons of men$ 1;) This Christine Church is but the kin'dom of the #ol 4ne &ithin the soul, made manifest$ 1<) This da the Christine Church is opened up, and &hosoe"er &ill ma enter in, and, b the boundless 'race of Christ, be sa"ed$ 1=) A'ain the people said, #o& ma &e enter in that &e ma share the boundless 'race of ChristE 1)) And 5eter said, Reform and be bapti:ed, and turn a&a from sin and lead the life deep hid &ith Christ in God, and ou shall enter in and be redeemed$ 1,) Three thousand people turned a&a from sin and &ere bapti:ed and sou'ht to lead the life deep hid &ith Christ in God$ *0) And in one da the Christine Church became a mi'ht po&er9 and Christ became a mi'ht &ord that thrilled the multitudes in man lands$ The end