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Product Presentation Atom AT-2200

Coilers Single Band Selective Portfolio Overview

(E)GSM900/ UMTS900
SH-900 O/P UL/DL: 10/0dBm Gain: 55dB

SH-1800 O/P UL/DL: 10/0dBm Gain: 55dB

SH-2200 O/P UL/DL: 10/0dBm Gain: 55dB AT-2200 O/P UL/DL: 7dBm Gain: 60dB


SB-900 O/P UL/DL: 10dBm Gain: 60dB

SB-1800 O/P UL/DL: 10dBm Gain: 60dB

SB-2200 O/P UL/DL: 13dBm Gain: 65dB VB-2200 O/P UL/DL: 18dBm Gain: 70dB

VB-900 O/P UL/DL: 18dBm Gain: 70dB


BR-900 O/P UL/DL: 20dBm Gain: 80dB

BR-1800 O/P UL/DL: 20dBm Gain: 80dB

BR-2200 O/P UL/DL: 20dBm Gain: 80dB CR-2200 O/P UL/DL: 23/37dBm Gain: 90dB AX-2200 O/P UL/DL: 23/43dBm Gain: 100dB




AT-2200 Product Overview

An extremely cost effective solution for 3G inbuilding coverage. A smart and compact equipment with simple installation guidelines. Flexible extension port to extend coverage even further. A stylish design to compliment the dcor of your key customers home or office.

AT-2200 Specification Highlights

Item Mobile System Coiler AT-2200 UMTS UL: 1920~1980MHz DL: 2110~2170MHz 15MHz +7dBm 40-60dB 2.0dB -12dB 20dB 6us 6dB 12.5%

Frequency Range Bandwidth Max. Output Power Gain (UL/DL Adjustable) Gain Flatness Return Loss AGC Range Group Delay Noise Figure EVM

Donor Antenna Signal Level Indication / Low Signal Indication. Alarm LED.

Product Features

Helps identify best location for donor antenna with no measuring equipment required. Makes sure that the repeater is properly installed with no interference to the network.

AID & Auto Shut Down/Auto Turn On Functions

Product Features

Ensures repeater is optimally positioned and safe guarded at all times.

Oscillation Bad Isolation

Automatically detects the isolation level and protects the system against oscillation.

Good Isolation

No Oscillation

Product Features
MS Extension Port

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Product Features
Complete Ready to Install Kit
- Only Main Unit with Power Supply Provided with Prototype.

Complete kit includes everything your customer needs to make an installation without any professional help. Each set includes: 1 Main Unit 2 Power Adaptor 3 15m RF Cable 4 Multifunctional Mount 5 Patch Antenna (2 dBi) 6 User Manual 7 Panel Antenna (9 dBi) Optional 3

Product Features
Multifunctional Mount

Wall Installation Table / Closet Placement 10O angle

Main Features and Benefits Summary

Main Product Features

UL/DL Gain of up to 60dB and UL/DL output power of +7dBm

Your Benefits
Optimized to improve coverage in office and residential areas up to 250 square meters of empty space

Auto Gain Control Auto Isolation Detection (AID) and Auto Turn On and Auto Shut Down Functions Adjustable Gain Function Donor Signal Level Indication Complete Ready to Install package with Donor Antenna and Coaxial Cable (Option) Stylish, compact design with integrated service antenna

Protect the system against oscillation and interference of base stations Ensure that the repeater is optimally positioned and safe guarded at all times Provide flexible adoption to various mobile environments and customer requirements Make installation and maintenance easy Provides easy, DIY installation Will compliment any dcor of your key customers home or office