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SUBMITTED BY SCRIBE12373 Course- GPCPM National Institute of Construction Management and Research School Of Distance Education, Pune


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- NCP 22 - Construction Personnel Management - One

Assignment- Construction Personnel Management You are a Project Manager on a Site where work for 3 k.m Long tunnel has been undertaken. The site is remote and takes about 2 days travel to nearest town .Supervisors, technicians and skilled workers are engaged in dangerous / hazardous work. Absenteeism due to sickness, quarrels, drinking are adding to less output of work and chances of accident on site are increasing. Management has urged to do something so that time target can be achieved. Discuss how will you tackle the problem and increase the output of work.

Introduction of Main Problem

1) Absenteeism due to Sickness 2) Absenteeism due to Quarrels and Drinking. 3) Accidents at Site.

4) Technical problems.

Reasons of Various Problems.

Lack of Manpower Management (or) Planning Un-Hygienic surrounding & Temporary Accommodation Lack of Medication. Consumption of Alcohol. Availability of Alcohol. Storage of Materials. Roof Spalling. Water Seepage.

Needs and Their Fulfillment on Site:

Lack of Manpower Management (or) Planning

Prepare a proper schedule of the Project and Assign Resources to each Task i.e each Activity, Assigning Resources means identify manpower required for each task and what is the availability of manpower and how much work has been done till date and how much work is to be done. Identify type of manpower required i.e Skilled (or) unskilled. If manpower is inadequate, try to get more manpower or try to use the available manpowerfully so that maximum amount of work is complete or

try to complete the urgent works such that it does not affect our project duration or reschedule the project, Update schedule to headoffice and inform themof weekly progress so that they can help you to overcome the manpower problem (or) try to motivate the available manpower by giving extra benefits if they complete the project on time (or) if manpower is very less than required the immediately inform headoffice so that they can sendsome more manpower so that project can run smoothly.

Suggestions & Recommendations to Management on Manpower Management (or) Planning

Manpower Planning involves some steps, if the management and project manager follows these steps there will be no problem due to manpower in the project, as the Tunnel project is a large project more number of manpower is involved in the project and they are at different levels and management has to monitor if all are working properly or not, if not they have to do some arrangement to try to motivate the manpower so that the project progress smoothly.

Understand the project in all respect and get all details of the project i.e Site condition, contract conditions, technical specifications, construction techniques and time fame.

Working out the labour components in various parameters of the project by using constants to work out lobour requirements

Classifying and categorizing labour requirements and various jobs by level of skill, responsibility, nature of work etc.

Determine the duration of each job or task at every stage of project. Estimate the number of manpower required in view of the anticipated absenteeism and lobour turnover and stability factor.

Manpower management has some principles to follow that should be known by the project manager and also the management of the company.

The principles are as follows . Care and skill should be exercised in the selection of employees. Introduction to the job should be friendly, skilful and adequate. Each employee should be made to feel that his efforts are really appreciated. Consideration should be given to the effect that each rule and instruction may have feeling on the employee. Employees should have part in planning those things that effect their working conditions. Management should be absolutely fair in every policy and every practice. Each employee should have a feeling of pride in the worthwhileness of his work and his company.

Based on the construction programmefor effective and various other norms, the administrative set up is worked out for completion of project. It is proposed to have two chief engineer(Level 1), one for the head works and other for the canal and canal structures headed by project manager. Under the chief Engineer(Head Works) four circle office will be proposed and under the Chief Engineer (Canal & Canal structures) three circle offices will be proposed. There will also be one Director (Administration), one Director (Finance), one Director (Quality Control) and one Director (Technical) under Project Manager.

There will also be attached Superintendent Engineer(mechanical) under each Chief Engineer. All these offices will be suitably located for effective monitoring and control over the execution of project.

Un-Hygienic Surrounding & Temporary Accommodation

Before starting of the project Management has to well plan because this project is a long duration so manpower involved will be more, it is one of the preliminary need of employees and workers.

Suggestions Method for Hygienic factor . Management has to well plan the temporary shelters taking in to account number of workers that will be involved in the project and how many shelters will be required, how many category of employees will be working at the site and different type of shelters to be constructed with different facilities, what all materials required for construction and how much time required to construct it so that all those things will be completed before starting of the project. Management should built temporary shelters for the workers who will be working at site as it is a remote location. A site office also be built with all necessary requirements, drinking water should also be good because most of the disease are spread by water so it is a important step to be taken care by managenment.

Lack Of Medication:-

Management should send a medical team to siteand they should

stay there till the completion of project. They should be supplied necessary equipments and medical kits so that they cam manage any hazardous or emergency situations i.e. any sudden accidents, any epidemic. By

this work will progress smoothly and number of workers absenteeism will be reduced. Worker who is sick will be taken care by medical team and he will recover quickly and can start doing work and hence manpower problem due to this issue is solved.

Consumption and Availability of Alcohol:-

This is a major problem with labor because they drink daily after work so that they get some relief from whole day work and body pain, but management should try to help them to get over the habit od drinking alcohol or try to get then to deduce the intake of alcohol so that there will not be absenteeism because of drinking and also after excess drinking there tend to be quarrelling between themselves, it is a big problem for project manager as quarrelling may lead to accidents or absenteeism, that will also indirectly effect the progress of the project. If quarrelling happens regularly then management has to take some precautionary steps to handle the problem, such as to prohibit drinking alcohol at accommodation area.

Storage of Materials:-

This is also a major problem for such a big project and at remote place materials will be at site well before start of project, so store rooms should be properly built well in advance so that it will not create problem while execution of work. Also manpower required for material handling should be accounted for as material

constitutes a major cost of the project.

Roof Spalling:-

The management should have complete knowledge of what all technical problems may occur while execution of project and it has to take proper precautions and it should be well planned before so that it would not effect the project duration. The cause of roof spalling is type of formation of rock, rock with excess of foliations, joint and poor rock mass leads to rock spalling

Suggestions & Methods to overcome Roof Spalling Problem:-

Tunnel should be properly scaled to remove loose rock mass & cement grouting should be done so that the rock will get some extra strength so that it can hold properly, it cannot fall down easily. Tunnel should be properly provisioned with steel ribs immediately so that it will be properly supported on steel ribs and work can progress smoothly and project manager should have all this materials well in advance because these materials are required suddenly.

Water Seepage:-

The management should have complete knowledge of what all technical problems may occur while execution of project and it has to take proper precautions and it should be well planned before so that it would not effect the project duration. The cause of water seepage is mainly due to the discontinuous rock formation, ground water table height.

Suggestion & Method to overcome Water Seepage:-

While designing the tunnel they should provide proper drainage system so that if the water is accumulating in the tunnel it will effect the progress of work, so drainage system should be such thatwater accumulated should be quickly drained from any working space so that it does not effect the work progress. Proper grouting should also be done so that the rock will get more strength so that it can stop the water seepage into the tunnel. This is the easy method to overcome the seepage problem, the other method to overcome the seepage problem is covering the tunnel section with water proofing membranes, it will also not allow the water to seep into the tunnel so that work can be progressed smoothly.

Recommendation to Management:-

Top management should be more responsible and it should have to properly monitor the progress of work and if any urgent requirement at site should be fulfilled as quickly as possible and it should see that the lower and middle management is working properly or not. If any accidents are hazardous situation then top

management has to urge to do some help to lower and middle management so that they can overcome the situation , they must send some team so that it will help them and work will progress smoothly.

Tunnel project is a very large project it will take a lot of time to complete the whole project so management has to be well prepared for all fore-coming situations i/e. labour proble, absenteeism etc.

Management has to determine the functions of each level of management, it should be clear to all employees and management has to monitor such that each employee is doing his duty properly or not.

Functions of Top Management Determine the objectives Framing policies & making plans to carryout the objectives and policies. Setting up organizational framework to conduct the operation as per plan. Gathering the resources needed to put the plan into effect. Controlling the operations through the organization.

Middle managenment is concerned with the task of implementing the policies and plans chalked out by the top management. Middle management consist of departmental heads who exercise the usual function of management in their own respective departments. They have to plan the oparations, issue instruction to their assistants, collect the

resources required and control the work of the men under them.

Functions of Middle Management Understanding the policies framed by top management. Preparing the organizational set-up in their department. Finding out the suitable operative and supervisory personnel and fixing duties & responsibilities to them. Arranging and issuing instructions to the assistants & operatives. Motivating the personnel for higher productivity. Co-operating with other departments for smooth functioning of organizations. Collecting reports, statistical information & other records about the work turned out in the respective deparments & forwarding the same to top management. Recommending to the top management new or revised policies for their department to obtain better performance.

Lower Level Management

It is the lowest level in the administrative framework & actual operations are performed here. Foreman, Supervisors assisted by a number of workers and clerks carryout the actual operations as per schedule. Their authority and responsibility is limited and they have to follow the lines drawn by the higher levels of management. The foremen or supervisors are responsible for carrying out work order allotted to their respective departments. They pass on the instructions of the middle management to the workers. The quality of the workmanship & quality of output will depend upon the hard labor discipline & loyalty of the operating personnel.

Motivation of Employees in Construction Project:-

Motivation is the driving force within individuals that drive them physiologically and psychologically to purse one or more goals to fulfill their needs or expectations. Motivators may be intrinsic or extrinsic. An example of an intrinsic motivator is the self-fulfillment of a worker as a result of performing a task well.

Motivation of labor in Construction Project:-

Construction labor can be motivated. This is important because dwindling productivity is a major problem confronting constructing today. Productivity has decreased every year for the past decade, in part because of increasing design complexity, more rigorous federal and state regulations and socio-economic changes affecting the work force. Our findings indicate that a highly motivated workforce enhances productivity and project effectiveness. In construction, the work itself- that is, the building of a structure for all to behold is a key motivator for all levels of management and the workforce. Therefore, a well-planned project seems to be the first and most important step to achieve productivity. Unfortunately, on large industrial projects, craftsmen often only minimal amounts of information about their work. Duplication of effort, numerous modifications to plans, and schedules that consistently slip makes it difficult a motivated workforce.

On large power plant projects, changes in design and problems with material availability are considered the major demotivating factors. With effective pre-planning, the availability of materials will be checked before workers are assigned to an area so workers do not start in one location only to have to be shifted to another location. Care in this respect should improve worker motivation and productivity and help promote a high level of accomplishment. Most foremen and craftsmen take considerable pride in the work they do. Having to rip out their work and redoing parts of a project may be the worst demotivator of all. Craftsmen view overcrowded conditions and crew interference due to extensive rework as demotivating. Worse such problems can create hostile feelings as a result of the frustration. Design standardization can help to minimize rework and improve morale.

Motivational Programs:-

Although some unique motivational programs were found, the vast majority can be grouped into five primary categories: goal setting, positive reinforcement (i.e, recognition for a job well done), worker participation, and work facilitation. The following presents a dissertation on each of the five categories discussing first their use in other industries and then their application to construction.

Absenteeism and Turnover:-

The Department of Energy study indicated that the absenteeism and turnover are a relatively minor concern to workmen. Still, they can have a major impact on total project productivity. High rates of

absenteeism are a concern, however, to individuals who had to carry extra workloads to compensate for missing crewmembers. The low job satisfaction resulted in high absence from and high turnover. Thus absenteeism and turnover can be viewed as effects of motivational activities or de-motivational concerns. The cost of motivational programs is often justified by the reduced absenteeism and turnover. For example, the cost of M2 group Engineering Pvt Ltd. Big Designing & Construction Company on eight projects has been more tha paid for by the reduction in absenteeism and the reduced costs associated with fewer workmen. Director indicated that it required some amount per employee to process paper work plus two to three weeks of each new employees time to learn the job. Again the figures on attendance and turnover measure the motivational effort that is financially justified. Moreover, awards for good records are perhaps the most effective method to decrease absenteeism.

Bibliography:Management in organization by Koontz and Odoneal, MacGraw Hill Publication.