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AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction) standards[

CAD layer standards

Most common: BS-1192, which relies heavily on the Code of Procedure for the Construction Industry AIA Cad Layer Guidelines, 2nd edition (1997), has a great usage in the USA; ISO 13567-1/3, International standard, common in Northern Europe; AEC (UK), an adaptation of BS-1192 based on Uniclass. A/E/C CAD Standard, Tri-service (USACE/Air Force/NAVFAC) CAD standard created/maintained by [1] the CAD/BIM Technology Center for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment..] SIA 2014 (1996), Swiss standard for engineers and architects, based on ISO 13567. NORM A 6240-4 (2012), Austrian standard for digital documentation in technical drawings, based on ISO 13567.

Samples of standardised layers: A-B374--E- (ISO13567: agent Architect, element Roof window in SfB, presentation graphic element); A-37420-T2N01B113B23pro (ISO13567: agent Architect, element Roof Window in SfB, presentation Text#2, New part, floor 01, block B1, phase 1, projection 3D, scale 1:5(B), work package 23 and user definition "pro"); A-G25---D-R (ISO13567: agent Architect, element wall in Uniclass, presentation dimensions, status Existing to be removed); A-G251-G-WallExtl-Fwd (AEC(UK): agent Architect, element External Wall in Uniclass, presentation graphic element, user definition "WallExtl" and view Forward); A210_M_ExtWall (BS1192: agent Architect, element External Wall in SfB, presentation model, user definition "ExtWall"); A-E04---E- (ISO13567 SIA 2014: agent Architect, element Stair in SIA classification, presentation graphic element); A-WALL-FULL (AIA: agent Architect, element Wall, Full height).

Thickness for pens and plot: 0,13 mm Gray, 0,18 mm Red, 0,25 mm White, 0,35 mm Yellow, 0,50 mm Magenta, 0,70 mm Blue, 1,00 mm Green. In AutoCAD usually parts to be printed in black are drawn in 1 to 7 basic colors. Color layer: Green-Center, Magenta-Measure of length and BlueHidden.


Line thickness in

Color Codes


Out Line

0.20 or 0.25

White, Cyan, Yellow,Blue

Hidden Line

0.00 or 0.05

Blue, Gray, 241

Center Line

0.10 or 0.15

Green, Red


0.18 or 0.20

Cyan, Green, 41

Thin Line

0.00 or 0.05

Gray, 08, 111

Reference Line


Magenta, Gray

Hatch Line


Magenta, Green, Gray,red

Color-9 to 256


Dimension line

Leader Line with Arrows


Gray Color-9,or 8, Red


0.18 or 0.20

Cyan, Green,

Text and dimension[

Heights: 1,8 mm, 2,5 mm, 3,5 mm, 5,0 mm, 7,0 mm (relative thickness are 1/10 of the heights). Font styles: "Romans", "ISO CP". Exceptional use of true type fonts (arial, Times New Roman etc.).


1:1, 1:10, 1:100 .... 1:2, 1:20, 1:200 .... 1:5, 1:50, 1:500 ....

File naming standards[

BS 1192:

Discipline (1 char), Element (2 char, using SfB Table 1 or Uniclass), Drawing type (1 char, P=preliminary, X=special/xref, L=layout, C=component, S=schedules, A=assembly drawings, K=co-ordination drawing), Unique number (3 char), Revision (1 char, A=emission, B,C,D...= revisions). Samples: A22P012G.dwg (architect, internal walls in SfB, preliminary design, sheet 012, revision G). AIA AEC

Samples: ZE1G-124.dwg, XE1G-100.dwg AEC (UK)

Project (unlimited char), Discipline (2 char max, recommended mandatory), Zone (optional), View (1 char, rec.mand.), Level (2 char, rec.mand.), Content (rec.mand.), Sequential number (up to 3 char); Samples: 1234-AOff-P-M1-Furn-11c.dwg (project #1234, architect, office zone, plan, mezzanine 1, furnitures, version 1.1 revision c) , A-P-01-Part (architect, plan, 1st floor, partitions), 1234-A-S-055.dgn (project #1234, architect, section, sheet 055), A-S-xx-AA.dwg (architect, section, full building, section AA), A-P-x-Grid.dgn (architect, plan, all floor, grid), 1838-S-C-P-03 (project 1838, structures, building C, plan, 3rd floor). Other local:

Job number (4 char), Agent (1 char), Section (4 char), phase (1 char), sheet number (2 char), revision (2 char) Samples: 0512-A-00A_-1-0102.dwg Job number (3 char), View (2 char), section (2char), phase (1 char), revision (1 char) Samples: 123p0s2d0.dwg (job 1239, plan, 2nd floor, definitive drawing, emission), 459s0BBD0.dgn (job 123, section B, definitive drawing, emission).